Syria's Secret Crematorium, Another Travel Ban Court Hearing, N.C. Voter ID Law Is Dead: P.M. Links


  • Bashar al-Assad

    The United States government believes that Syria has a large crematorium to conceal mass atrocities. The State Department is calling on Russia to do something about it.

  • President Donald Trump's call for a ban on Muslim immigrants on the campaign trail came back to haunt the administration yet again today in a federal appeals court hearing in Seattle on his executive order barring travel from several countries.
  • The Supreme Court declined to hear a North Carolina voter ID law case, which effectively kills the law. A lower court had determined that it deliberately discriminated against black voters and poor minorities by allowing use of some government-issued identification methods (driver's licenses) but not others (public assistance cards).
  • President Trump will have the White House lit up in blue tonight in honor of police officers killed in action last year. He also complained that police are subject to "unfair defamation and vilification."
  • Meanwhile, an unarmed, erratically behaving man died in Las Vegas after being Tasered, punched several times, and put in a "neck restraint" hold by police there.
  • I was on vacation last week and wasn't around to blog the Kentucky T-shirt shop that won a court case after refusing to print shirts with pro-gay messages. Read more about the case here and why it's legally distinct from wedding cake cases (mind you, whether it should be distinct is a whole different question). The Supreme Court is still considering whether to take on a case over whether it's legal for a baker to refuse to make cakes for same-sex weddings. They punted again this morning on making a decision.
  • Speaking of which, support for legal gay marriage recognition among Americans has reached a new high—64 percent, according to a new Gallup poll.
  • BREAKING! Sources told the Washington Post that President Trump revealed classified intel about the fight against the Islamic State to the Russian foreign minister and ambassador who visited him at the White House last week.

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