Letter to the Editor


Dear Mr. Friedlander: In reply to your recent note "Hope you enjoy our article on your operation", I didn't enjoy it. I rarely do enjoy badly written, illogical, unfair, irresponsible articles.

I thought it might be of some interest to you to know that the "T" you have on your cover is a copy-righted insignia; copyrighted by the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority. A word to the wise may be sufficient.

Now, getting away from the MBTA article and its logo; good luck on your enterprise. Though I cannot agree with your logic, I certainly can applaud your energy and ambition to put out a periodical, and, I hope as you mature the content will improve.

Joseph F. Malone
Director of Public Information, MBTA

In logic, sir, an institution supported by forcible extraction of tax money from innocent citizens has no right to copyright status. Copyrights are an expression of the sacredness of individual rights. As long as it is government-owned, the MBTA will be a denial of those rights. The MBTA's copyright is merely another of the many Alice-in-Wonderland contradictions-in-terms inherent in the welfare state.—ED.