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The March 10, 1969 issue of U.S. News contains an article about student groups in opposition to the New Left at the Madison campus of the University of Wisconsin. Prominently quoted are leaders of the Objectivist-oriented Committee to Defend Individual Rights at that campus. Readers wishing to contact the group can write; CDIR, P.O. Box 807, Madison, Wisconsin, 53703. Phone: 251-0424.

Late note; Congressional efforts to end the draft appear to be floundering. Howard Katz, of the Association for a Volunteer Army, suggests a letter-writing campaign to Senator Hatfield (c/o Capitol Hill, Wash., D.C.), sponsor of the volunteer army bill. Student groups desiring details of how to launch a campus campaign can write AVA, c/o Howard Katz, 85-4th Ave., Apt 6m, NYC 10003.