Why Tuition Should Not Be Free and Stupid Policy Experiments Should Be Small, Local, and Temporary

Robby Soave and Matt Welch knee 'em in the freedom on tonight's Kennedy


You'll want to stay for the part where they talk about the benefits of white teeth. ||| Matt Welch
Matt Welch

Tonight's Kennedy (Fox Business Network 8 p.m. ET, with a repeat at midnight) is a very funny and informative television program, full of side-lisps and brain holograms and policy experiments and celebrity ISIS poetry, not necessarily in that order (though pretty close).

Reason will be represented in three segments. I'm on the Party Panel, along with funny-talkers Anthony Cumia and Ben Kissel, yakking about the fraught politics of replacing or revising Obamacare, the political optics of Donald Trump's inauguration, Lindsay Lohan's plan to combat ISIS, and the virtues of making dunderheaded economic policy experiments temporary, and on as micro a level as possible.

And shampoo model Robby Soave (pictured) will be on to explain why giving free college to Buffalo residents whose families make twice the state's median income isn't necessarily the most Phi Beta Kappa of plans. A fun time is guaranteed for all!

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  1. Soave looks like Milo Yianppolis’ slightly straighter or at least less flamboyant American cousin. NTTAWWT

    1. In fact, everything is right about that.

    2. Have you ever seen them in the same place at the same time?

    3. Looking forward to Robby’s book deal.

  2. giving free college to Buffalo residents whose families make twice the state’s median income isn’t necessarily the most Phi Beta Kappa of plans.

    Well, if you interpret “Phi Beta Kappa” as “Greek” ….

  3. Yeah, about that “free education’- you get what you pay for.

  4. Screw free college. I want mandatory college. HS diplomas are worthless, so we need more college grads. Then mandatory graduate school. Then mandatory Ph. Ds. Think of the jobs created!

    1. Were you more frequently than not “ahead of your time”, Sir?

      1. Are you asking me if I’m a premature ejaculater? Because I am.

        1. Praedicere.

          1. Latin? Evidently you’re an educated man. Now I’m sure I hate you.

            1. It took you long enough.

            1. Not.

            2. What do you think I am? A God cursed sodomite!
              /anjin san

              1. That’s one of my favorite books. It really shined a light on how the feudal history of Japan prestige the hyper nationalist Japan of the 20th century.

                1. prestaged not prestige, damn autocorrect.

                  1. I’ve only seen the movie.

                    *hangs head*

                    I think I’ll pick up the book.

                    1. It’s really really good. In my top 10. Long, but it keeps you interested and is historically accurate enough to provide some insight in Japanese culture.

                  2. prestaged not prestige, damn autocorrect.

                    I think you mean presaged?

        2. Visualize Hillary sticking her clitoris in The Hair of The Donald…

          If’n THAT does not delay yer ejaculations, I have no idea WHAT will do the trick!

          1. I wasn’t complaining. It’s winston’s mom’s problem, not mine.

    2. Another way to approach this is pop quizzes by the authorities.

      The, um, “Central Scrutinizers” would randomly stop people over the age of 18 and ask them a high-school-level question. Fail, and be fined.

      “Excuse me, Comrade — Please derive the quadratic formula. It should take only a minute, and you’ll be on your way.”

      1. Then summary execution? “We have ways of making you learn geometry proofs!”

        1. No. Just a fine. But if you fail a question from each of the core areas — *Re-Education Camp*!

          1. At least I’ll be able to concentrate there…

      2. Yeah, nothing could go wrong there:

        Excuse me comrade, please explain how global warming will destroy the planet in a generation if massive government programs aren’t implemented immediately.

        1. You won’t have to worry, sarcasm detection won’t be a part of the standard curriculum.

        2. “I’d like to invoke my religious exemption now, please.”

    3. Screw free college. I want mandatory college. HS diplomas are worthless, so we need more college grads. Then mandatory graduate school. Then mandatory Ph. Ds. Think of the jobs created!

      Florida Hipster,

      I attributed prescient thoughts to you.

    4. Let’s just force people to go to school forever.

      We’ll call it prison.

  5. As I’ve said before, people should not be insulated from their good or bad decisions. I have two friends:
    – Electrical Engineer, works at Tesla,good job, paid off loans
    – BS Arts Degree, can’t find a job, wants government to pay for him to go back to college because it would be a ‘benefit to society’

    Why the fuck should the government pay for anything but a STEM degree. Pay so that you can ‘find yourself’ or take ‘studies’ classes’…..

    1. Why the fuck should the government pay for anything but a STEM degree.

      Hey! Lawyers and social workers *run society*, that’s why!

    2. Why should I pay for someone else’s education? You want an education? You pay for it.

    3. Agreed, but if the implicature is that government SHOULD pay for a STEM degree, no. Fuck you, cut spending.

      1. I agree, but if government is going to pay for anything, it should pay for a useful degree. Not “History” or “Art” or “_____ Studies” when you just get a run of the mill office job after that has nothing to do with your degree.

        1. Government already pays for a mostly useless company like Tesla.

          So basically the EE at Tesla is a welfare queen. Note sure why the OP thinks his two friends are any different.

          1. meh, he could easily get an engineering job somewhere else if not for Tesla.

            The point is, people who go to school and get serious degrees and marketable skills, vs. those that don’t. Why should we keep paying those who refuse to learn anything productive? I

            And no, an art degree so you can paint as a hobby, or a history degree because you like history, or a Gender Studies degree because you want to learn more about feminism and tear down the patriarchy (all of those 3 were real examples). is not worthy of any fucking subsidy whatsoever.

            1. Take away government backed loans and that shit would dry up, except for trust fund kids.

              1. ^ This

                Mr Loan Officer: What are your goals for education with this loan?
                SJW Girl: I hope to pursue a degree in Feminist studies and make the world better!!
                Mr Loan Officer: Well, then we can’t help you, I’m sorry.

                1. That undoubtedly would be the case in a private market.

                  But, the question is what programs might the government fund. And you can bet it wouldn’t be STEM or even management. Remember, education policy is run by Education majors and the PC degree majors. A degree that would have a payoff is precisely what wouldn’t get financed.

                  1. A degree that would have a payoff is precisely what wouldn’t get financed.

                    Well of course not. Government doesn’t need to finance those. Since they have a private sector payoff, the (yuck) private sector can deal with those lesser beings.

                    We only want REAL thinkers beholden to Uncle Sugar. We’ll hire them once they finish, too. The ruling class always needs more bureaucrats.

        2. Trade school subsidies, then? A 4-year degree to learn a trade is an extreme luxury, so that’d be gone.

          At that point, I don’t get why it should be subsidized. No need anymore. You’d be out of work just long enough to learn the trade or just learn on the job, and then why need government funding? My point stands.

          1. There will always be people willing to lend money for education. But if there is no taxpayer backstop, those lenders will only loan money for working toward a degree with reasonable expectation of the graduate earning enough money to pay the loan back in ten years or less. So that flushes most of the useless degrees or at least the lesser students seeking useless degrees.

            I know kids in high school being pressured into taking AP courses because of the college credit. But the kids are so stressed out by the difficulty of the work and the weakness of the instruction – these are smart kids but many are being pushed to their limits and it makes them miserable. These kids would do much better in honors courses with a better pace of instruction – they’d get A’s and could pass the entrance exam at any university – and any lender would know the kid isn’t a fuck up and would do A-level college work. But the pressure to save a few thousand dollars pushes these kids into high school courses designed for the best of the best.

            A better approach would be to allow some of the brighter, harder-working kids to take community college courses for high school credit. But you’d have to adjust the kid’s high school schedule and arrange transportation of some kind so as not to appear discriminatory. Of course the teacher’s union and the arrogant high school administrators are dead set against anything that reduces the number of coerced customers they get.

            1. AP courses, best of the best? Heh.

            2. I took AP courses at my HS. It turned out to be a waste of time. Not only did my college not accept AP credits it hurt my chances to get into college. My HS gave people a bonus GPA point for for AP credits, so that A=5, B=4, etc., rather than the usual A=4,B=3, etc., but the colleges I applied to didn’t accept the bonus GPA point so their calculated GPA wasn’t as good as my HS’s calculated GPA school and I got less in scholarships and wasn’t refused admission in a couple schools I applied to for low GPA.

              My HS did do joint enrollment (where you take community college courses and get HS/college credits) but it was hard to get in it? your counselor basically had to support the program for you to be able to get in and you had to have a car to drive yourself to class.

        3. Not “History” or “Art” or “_____ Studies” when you just get a run of the mill office job after that has nothing to do with your degree.

          Why do I hear so many History, art and ___ studies people being interviewed on NPR.

          1. why do people think college is to do what you like? That is complete bullshit. It is to learn a marketable skill that employers will pay you for, or that will allow you to make money yourself.

            I’ve talked with progs who have literally fuckin said “well I shouldn’t be forced to choose between a job I don’t like and something that won’t pay me the money I need”, and “I shouldn’t be forced to take a major I don’t like just because it’s what *society* values”

            Jesus fucking christ. I really don’t know where to begin with these illiterates

            1. why do people think college is to do what you like? That is complete bullshit. It is to learn a marketable skill that employers will pay you for, or that will allow you to make money yourself.

              That’s not college, that’s vocational training.

              Vocational training shouldn’t be subsidized either.

              1. Was going to call in HM, but he’s here on his own.

                esteve7 wants vo-tech subsidized, and, well, that’s a different argument. One to which I still object, of course.

                1. It doesn’t look like he’s saying he wants vo-tech subsidized. It looks as if he’s saying we’re not just subsidizing, but we’re doing it stupidly to boot. Insult to injury, style of thing.

            2. why do people think college is to do what you like? That is complete bullshit. It is to learn a marketable skill that employers will pay you for, or that will allow you to make money yourself.

              Or, people can make their own decisions – even if they turn out to be poor ones – as long as they are prepared to carry the weight of the decision on their own.

              1. no, they want to make whatever (bad) decisions they want, and have society bail them out for it.

                Snowflakes getting free college is no different than people getting bailed out of their mortgage 8 years ago.

              2. no, they want to make whatever (bad) decisions they want, and have society bail them out for it.

                Snowflakes getting free college is no different than people getting bailed out of their mortgage 8 years ago.

            3. I’ve talked with progs who have literally fuckin said “well I shouldn’t be forced to choose between a job I don’t like and something that won’t pay me the money I need”, and “I shouldn’t be forced to take a major I don’t like just because it’s what *society* values”

              I have a couple of things to say about this.

              1. None of us are promoting the use of force. It’s you. You are wanting to force us to pay for your education, even though it’s not ‘what society values’. (society means US)

              2. If you want to get that $100,000 degree in Puerto Rican Queer Basket Weaving Studies, you are more than welcome to do so on your own dime.

              Hell, maybe you have a way to make Puerto Rican Queer Baskets into a multi-billion dollar industry (without multi-billion dollar government subsidies). If so, more power to you and congratulations. There are a lot of highly successful people who were told ‘you can’t make that work’ by the powers that be.

              Prove me wrong, just don’t expect me to pay for it (and don’t expect me to pay $10 for a cup of coffee to allow you the salary you think you ‘deserve’.

              1. Oh, this comment is directed at the lefty ‘studies’ person, not esteve.

          2. Why do I hear so many History, art and ___ studies people being interviewed on NPR.

            This is funny because just last night I heard an NPR host rather literally state that educated employees are a University’s product. It was very much a Charles Babbage-style “I can’t rightly apprehend the confusion of ideas that produced this thought.” moment.

          3. History is Ann important subject, and everybody should know some of it. History majors can teach history, write books, and get right answers on trivial pursuit. All of those things are useful to society.

      2. If you take the logic of paying for university is for the ‘benefit of society’, than obviously you should fund the actual fields that provide important societal infrastructure, and oddly have a good employment rate. As opposed to say, supporting liberal arts degrees that can’t support themselves and don’t provide the same material benefits. Sorry, gender studies majors, but more doctors is probably a better deal.

        For the greater good and all that. You know, actual collectivist mantra, not the “fuck you, gimme gimme” rhetoric that masquerades as collectivist mantra.

        1. see we have different concepts of what is valuable than the progs do. Do them, nothing is more valuable than gender studies or learning about Marxism or whatever. Those pesky engineering classes are only valuable to CORPORATIONS, whereas proggy classes are valuable to *society*

          1. Yeah. A friend once bemoaned to me that I was making so much more running a restaurant than he did three months into his first certified nurse’s assistant job.

            “You’re just feeding Phillies and fried rice to gamblers. I’m helping the elderly! It’s a sick world we live in.”

            1. pretty much all that can be boiled down to progs being angry people don’t choose the way they do, and them trying to force others into what they believe in.

              Can’t give people freedom of choice, because then they will choose wrong.

              / every fucking prog ever

            2. You actually made money running a restaurant? 🙂

          2. Those pesky engineering classes are only valuable to CORPORATIONS, whereas proggy classes are valuable to *society*

            When the Soviet Union is better at determining the societal value of educational fields than you, give up.

    4. I might make an exception to the STEM majors and add teaching. Maybe if we had better teachers, or attracted better talent, we wouldn’t have such a piss-poor education system that focuses only on test grades to measure intelligence or leaves high school graduates with two years of alegra and trigonometry, and no basic finance course. More people buy houses, cars and invest for their retirement than use trigonometry.

      1. Exiling 1/6 of our population is no way to run an education system, but if you think we should try…!

    5. Why the fuck should government pay for a STEM degree? It will pay for itself.

    6. Works a Tesla, a company supported by government subsidies.

      1. Tesla would be in business with or without government subsidies. The waiting list for their vehicles is very long. It might be a little shorter without subsidies, but they would still have no problem selling every vehicle they manufacture months or years before it comes off the assembly line.

    7. Why the fuck should the government pay for anything but a STEM degree.

      The government’s going to have to start paying for medical degrees to make Obamacare work?

      1. Are you talking about the shortage of primary care physicians? If so, that has nothing to do with how many people earn MDs. There are two major factors responsible for the shortage of primary care physicians. The first is that most specialties pay more due to how insurance companies reimburse physicians, so there is an economic incentive to skip primary care. Because of this, a shortage of primary care physicians does not result in an increase in primary care physician salaries as it would in most other sectors of the economy. The second factor is that the total number of doctors is constrained, not by how many people have MDs, but by how many people have completed a residency training program in the US.

        If you want to increase the number of physicians in the US, you need to either create more residency positions or eliminate the residency training requirement.


    MY EYES!

    THE H A I R!!!

  7. Stupid Policy Experiments Should Be Small, Local, and Temporary

    What’s “Safe, Legal and Rare”? Chopped liver?

    1. I’m sorry, but chopped liver is ***NOT*** very safe for those who are forced to donate their livers!

  8. Robby Soave (pictured)

    something’s wrong. he looks like he’s been assaulted by a comb

    1. Its Milo’s American cousin, only with better hair. Milo would give up sodomy with black men to have hair like that.

      1. That’s a bold claim, John.



      1. Perry…parry…

        fuck it!

        /pulls gun

  10. Also had a friend pay $160k over 4 years to go to an expensive private school. He *chose* to go to a private school, he *chose* to not live at home, he *chose* not to work at all during school, and he *chose* not to take a high paying job after because it was from an evil big corporation.

    So why should government or anyone else pay off his loans. His entire situation is one of his own making.

    1. People just don’t understand the pressures of a $160,000 education!

      Oh, by the way, on a serious side, when I read shit like this, THIS is when I start nodding and getting on board with white privilege.

    2. I don’t think anyone ever suggested that Harvard should be free. Industries should fund large-scale retraining/reeducation programs to some displaced workers whose jobs will be replaced by automation. Automation will create new jobs, but they will require trade school or advanced education like mechanical engineers, IT, etc.

      1. “Industries should fund large-scale retraining/reeducation programs ”

        why should they ?

        I though that’s why we pay taxes to public education so the Gov will educate the young’uns.

      2. Automation creates fewer (peripheral) jobs than it replaces. If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be economically viable. The jobs automation creates always requires significantly more education than the jobs automation eliminates. Among the people whose jobs are eliminated, very few have the aptitude to be retrained to work in the peripheral industries that spring up due to the automation. Younger workers are more likely to be retrainable than older workers. Older workers, by and large, end up working at places like Walmart or Waffle House, taking jobs that used to be reserved for teenagers.

  11. Kennedy? Psh, I want more reruns of Strange Inheritance.

    1. That is a Crusty sock-worthy statement.

  12. The 30-year-old actress ? who has begun doing advocacy work for Syrian refugees, including providing free energy drinks to some refugee camps

    Wait, what?

    Do people in refugee camps want or need ‘energy drinks’?

    1. They need to hydrate. Plus, according to the link (from Breitbart? Welch is aligning with the white nationalists? Where my Reason gone?), the energy drink company is being sold at her nightclub. My solution: let the refugees live in the night club! Energy drinks and groovy tunes will turn their emaciated frowns upside down.

      1. *insert electrolyte joke*

        1. Brawndo has electrolytes

      2. Or, just the energy drink is being sold at her nightclub, not the company.

    2. You need that caffeine to start your day of sitting around waiting for the next food truck. Need to be sharp, out you won’t get yours

  13. I said it before and I’ll say it again: I would bury my dick so far inside of Lindsay Lohan that whoever could pull it out would be crowned King Arthur.

    1. I say this as someone with known exquistite taste in women: ew and no.

        1. Lindsay Lohan spends every night in the sewer underneath my home, hoping to catch a single reproduction-capable cell (for cloning or otherwise), as is cast off of my bodily detritus… At Chippendale’s, you know, they call me by my stage name, which is Bodily Detritus Delight-us, Excite-us, and Bite-us, you know…

          So y’all slobs ain’t got a bat’s chance in HELL of scoring w/her; Ah haz gots her ALL tied up! STOP yer unseemly fighting, then!

        2. How long you been googling pictures of my girl? Admit it Crusty, you would.

          1. I mean, she can be stunning, but she is…not that now.

            1. The sad thing is it looks like she’s moving headlong into the desperate ‘beauty-preserving’ techniques that most stars kick into high gear in their 50s– and she’s doing it at 30.

              1. Yes. And Ace and SQRLSY are into her. We are so much better than them, Paul.

                1. Lacy charbert was the hot one in mean girls.

                  1. Lacy Charbert is the hot one in any room she occupies.

                    1. “Lacy Charbert” wood, a thousand times wood

                2. More for us then!

                3. Fer all of ye breathlessly awaiting paparazzi?

                  Lindsay Lohan is STILL in the sewer underneath my home, awaiting any available, viable randomly passing-by somatic cell or gamete, from Yours Truly! I have caught on to her, and so I incinerate ALL of my stray bodily cells! BEFORE flushing! She will NOT body-snatch ANY tiny bit of reproductively capable snippet of My Sacred Bodily Essence or fluids! NO child support, from MEEE!!!!

                  One of these days I suppose I should get a restraining order? If one wants to expel the lurkers in one’s underground sewer, is that actually called a “restraining odor”?

        3. Cucks, cosmos, and catty homos…


          (In checking my blog archive I noticed that tumblr has taken quite a few of the best ones down)

            1. Maybe, but that was also 5 years and 8 plastic surgeries ago.

  14. I wrote on someone’s status about this saying that the government shouldn’t subsidize people going to college or forgiving their loans. One of his friends then asked, “Did you take out loans for college?”

    I do have college debt and I still don’t think that the government should pay those loans for me. I made the decision to go to a private university when I could have went to community college or went to the plethora of state schools in Illinois. I went on to explain how the government through subsidizing/guaranteeing loans and their grants have inflated the costs of college but they didn’t want to hear that shit.

    1. Of course, student loans existed before the government got involved and private student loans still exist, although the market is heavily distorted by the government programs and regulations. One can be opposed to the Stafford etc. programs without being opposed to the existence of student loans.

      1. People are confusing “lending” with “bailout”.

    2. Loans aren’t a fucking surprise. You want the education? Pay for it. The ROI isn’t worth it? Pick another major.

      1. well it’s not my fault *society* doesn’t value my degree

        / Prog friend I know

        1. I’ll give you a crisp $20 if you dick slap that fool. I’ll need pics, that goes without saying.

    3. I’ve had that same argument thrown at me too…

      Well I went to a community college for 2 years, got a grant to go to a private school for 2 years, lived at home, took 22-23 units a semester, and worked 32 hours a week. Got a good job and paid off all my debt.

      Others I knew didn’t work, slacked off at school, didn’t get a useful degree, chose to spend all 4 years at a private school with no job, no grant, or no scholarships, and are now Bernie Sanders supporters asking for more free college (them going back is a ‘benefit to society’). Fuck.You. The same people partying like crazy while I was working my ass off now bitch about my ‘white male privilege’.

      Again – Fuck.You.

      1. *got a useless degree

      2. Up here I always like to point out that I know a way they can get a university education completely free…and then I hand them the number of the nearest recruitment center.

    4. the government shouldn’t subsidize people going to college or forgiving their loans.

      One of his friends then asked, “Did you take out loans for college?”

      Isn’t the correct answer to this, “Yes, and that’s why I don’t want other people’s write-offs making loans for others more expensive”?

      meaning – credit is priced appropriately to risk when there’s no intermediary (like govt) fucking up the underwriting.

      See = subprime mortgage crisis, 2008

      1. If they don’t understand basics like supply and demand, they aren’t going to understand credit risk.

          1. How am I suppose to raise my eight kids without a living wage?!? I’m not responsible for my life choices!

        1. And if they don’t go to college, they won’t take economics and learn about supply and demand. Oh shit.

          Fedgov still has no business subsidizing college.

          1. The fact that kids come away from 13 years of mandatory state education without basic life skills is all the evidence you need that state sponsidered college is a bad idea.

      2. See = subprime mortgage crisis, 2008

        I was told that was all Ben Bernanke’s fault.

  15. The Hair should not be permitted to be on television until after 10. Think of the children.

    1. What would happen if The Jacket started wearing The Hair?

        1. The sausage purveyor?

          1. No, not the porn star, you creep – this guy!

  16. And shampoo model Robby Soave (pictured)


    Is he keeping the sides shorter, or is that just me? Whatever, it looks better this way.

    1. NO! if you tame a lion, you get a housecat

      his hair is the only thing he has that isn’t diluted and neutered

    2. Are you familiar with the story of Sampson and Delilah?

  17. The only reason tuition isn’t free is because of Russian hacking.

    1. Asshole Russians

  18. Stupid Policy Experiments Should Be Small, Local, and Temporary

    As well as being a cash transaction, like a good relationship.

    1. Getting cold over on the good side of the Rockies. It must be pretty bad over there.

      1. A balmy 35 at the moment. The snow they keep talking about seems to be just thinking about it.

  19. Shut Down America’s Refugee Programs Before They Turn Us Into Germany

    A few of the many depressing or frightening facts:

    A September 2016 DHS Inspector General report found that 1,982 aliens from countries known for immigration fraud or terror-links who were scheduled for deportation were instead granted citizenship using false identities because fingerprint records were missing.

    Muslim refugees use welfare at higher rates than average. […] Cumulatively for the years 2009 through 2015, this cohort alone has cost U.S. taxpayers a staggering $48 billion.

    VOLAGs receive a total of about $1 billion per year from taxpayers and are paid by the head, receiving anywhere from $2,025 to more than $5,000 per refugee. The Government Accountability Office has noted that this creates a strong incentive for VOLAGs to constantly resettle more refugees, regardless of whether it is in the interest of the refugee or the target community.

    The Refugee Act of 1980 dictates benefits that refugees must receive. They go to the front of the line for welfare and public housing, jumping ahead of all Americans, including veterans and the disabled.

  20. I thought Ryan was against the ethics changes, as well.

  21. Is this wheezing creature related to Lucy?

    oh, sorry, ‘steirwalt’

    1. noted = the grey suit/pink shirt/orange-red striped tie?

      that’s something that you’d never guess worked until you saw it. it helps he’s got a tan, and sandy hair. it would probably fail with some paleface like me.

      1. A better look, but I know casual wear is not your thing.

        1. Fact: the leisure suit/ribbed turtleneck combo allows one the mobility to do this.

        2. I’m all about Lone Wolf McQuade. when on a vengeance kill-spree, the no-shirt/utility vest w/ red headband is the ideal men’s outing.

  22. I never realized just how stupid those congressdipshits look when they’re all standing together behind Schumer for these statements.

  23. Gandalf in a hobbit ‘house’? HOLE MOTHERFUCKER.

    If you have to explain it, it failed.

  24. Welch = goes with unexpected grey-tie with sky blue shirt/navy suit.

    We like very much. the least favorite thing he does is that royal shirt/tie combo. this is contrasteriffic. grey tie is a big winner with the dark blue suit. would work w/ white too.

    but for the love of Miss Covington’s, Welch, you don’t keep your jacket buttoned when you’re seated. smdh

    1. …you don’t keep your jacket buttoned when you’re seated.

      I disagree. But you do have to be careful to sit on the tail to keep your jacket from riding up.

        1. In the olden days of the 3-button jacket, keeping it buttoned was de rigueur.

          1. yes, and we used leeches for migraines in the Dark Ages.

    2. Here’s the problem. When the camera is framing you from the sternum up — that’s 90% of the time on cable TV, give or take — the buttoning is CRUCIAL, especially with lines like mine. It looks more suspect on the wider shots, though I reckon not bad enough to be worth the open-jacket on the close-up.

      The double-button on the debate-night GarJo interview was really a one-off based on conditions/judgment, and shouldn’t be used as a baseline.

      Re: ties, I had some flameouts on my 2 or 3 best blue-related ties, and have been searching for alternatives (with your guidance). Glad to see this worked; was worried about it.

      1. You should wear a top hat and cutaway coat (for perfect fit).

      2. Here’s the problem

        I accept your rationale. “TV rules”. As long as it bothers *you*, i’m satisfied.

  25. Is he saying Hillary is in love with Trump?

  26. Ben Kissel keeps explaining his jokes. sigh.

    re: the party panel attire? welch has no competition. Sad!

  27. Hopefully stage managers are breaking out the tranq gun during this commercial break. Kennedy is overstimulated.

  28. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssssssssssssup!

  29. Is Sex Buckton five feet tall?

    1. Anybody named Sex Buckton is properly measured in hands.

  30. Buck Sexton, you should know better as well. Then again, you still look you’re in junior high. #Clip-on

  31. Omg, I’m gone for 2 weeks and reason mobile sucks even harder than it did before. Whip those interns, the holidays are over.

  32. Is Soave trying to seduce Kennedy with that look? Or did they market test his hair from this particular degree of his head tilt?

  33. What planet is Soave on right now? Did he pick his dress shirt to match the sky in the world he currently inhabits?

  34. Look who’s in the pocket of Big Community College.

  35. Two questions:

    (1) How can I watch Kennedy without a cable connection?

    (2) Is Kennedy still so afflicted with Hospes Interruptus that her program isn’t worth watching anyway?

    1. I can say that no. 2 still occurs.

    2. I know of no way to stream it unless you have a cable or Sat provider. I listen on Sirius/XM. Audio, combined with the commentariat works. I am taking fashion notes in case I ever have the need to wear a jacket for anything other than keeping warm.

      1. Thanks to both of you. Maybe I’ll visit somebody who has cable and see what the fuss is about.

  36. What rhymes with beheading?

    1. No fretting, about the beheading, cuz the infedel done deserve, what he be getting?

    2. A heading, no matter the direction of said heading.

  37. And with that, Kennedy pulls the lever on the trap doors under the party panel.

    1. “Sink holes… nature’s trap door!”

  38. The thing is, this idea isn’t about educating anybody, per se. It’s about continuing to provide comfortable employment for thousands of hard core Liberal Progresive Intellectual Academics.

    1. And, don’t forget, a chance to inject hard core liberal progressive nostrums at hydraulic fracking pressure into the crania of impressionable young people

  39. Ooooooooh, when the State Supreme Court ruled that the state schools were underfunded, I thought they meant it would go to the schools, programs, books, classroom stuff. I didn’t realize they meant just a big payraise for the teachers.

    Democrats seek $1.6 billion to pay teachers, settle McCleary school-funding case

    The Democrats on a state task force on school funding want to spend $1.6 billion during the next two years to provide competitive wages for teachers and settle the landmark McCleary case.

    Their proposal, released Wednesday, would increase teacher average pay to nearly $71,000 across the state, and aims to provide relief for school districts that rely on local property taxes to recruit and retain educators and other school workers.

    $71,000… average… Jesus H. Christ.

    1. Note how they’re turning a new ChrisCraft for a teacher into a ‘civil rights issue’ for your kids.

      1. The Democrats’ proposal did not specifically address how the Legislature will pay for the $1.6 billion over the next two years, but cited changes to the state property tax, a capital-gains tax and carbon pricing as potential revenue sources.

        Because “carbon pricing” is not a revenue generation tool. It will be used to stop climate change.

        It is in the WA constitution that all kids are guaranteed an education by the state? One would think that would be the responsibility of the parents.

    2. Not bad for a part time gig.

    3. Nothing ‘middle-class’ about teacher’s salary. I tell my wife that all the time. She makes serious coin and remind her she’s not middle-class even though the union and media drills it into their heads that they are.…

    4. “…to provide competitive wages…”

      I’ll bet the amounts are also related to “living wages”.

      1. Who are they competing with?

        1. When they let me post on the Chron e-version, it was fairly common where I’d suggest in ANY pub-sec wage discussion that the determinant was easy:
          Cut the offer 10%. Still over-subscribed? Cut another 10% and so on until no one applied. Add 5%.
          You’re not paying for highly skilled people here. As taxpayers, we’d love to get them, but as a pub-sec hiring body, you’re hiring based on credentials, seniority, ‘people skills’; anything besides a metric that shows the applicant can do the job better than someone else.
          Pay rock-bottom wages for rock-bottom labor.
          Pretty sure that’s why I can’t post there anymore.

  40. A relative who belongs to an association of apartment owners – the apartment basement flooded so the bill that month was extra high. Another member of the apartment association got a letter from the plumber certifying what had happened and asked my relative to handle it in hopes of getting a refund (apparently that’s a thing), and I volunteered to deliver the paperwork to the Water Department.

    Apparently the paperwork was confusing – at least to the Department clerk – what with having the names of two of the owners but not the name of the association. As I tried to clear up the confusion, the clerk got madder and madder, saying only the apt assn could ask about its bill. I tried to get the point across that the apt assn’s members asking about the bill. The clerk called in a supervisor, pointed to the screen where the association’s account was there just like I said it was, and appeared to tell the supervisor (it was hard to tell through the fog of resentment), that we were tenants and not owners, shut me up when I tried to correct her, and refused to accept the plumber’s letter even for their files. Then she took the plumber’s letter somewhere, came back and gave the letter back to me, and said something which might or might not have meant that she’d made a copy for the files, but by this time I dared not ask what was going on since she rose from her chair and said the meeting was over, so I just thanked her profusely and got out.

    1. Wow, thanks for letting me describe my ordeal, I notice that while I was posting it there was an video up seeming to show a sadistic crime of violence.

      OK, I’m feeling some perspective now. Maybe the clerk was rude, but at least she didn’t tie me up and try to light me on fire, etc. So I guess I’m fine.

    2. You should have brought Agile with you.

      1. That would either be too punitive or too much of a reward, I’m not sure which.

        1. Or perhaps you’re calling me incoherent?

          I wasn’t fully sure what was going on, myself.

          1. No. I meant you should have brought Agile. Because. Woulda likely made for a great moment with the woman.

            1. Much as I would like to have seen her in a mellower mood, I wouldn’t want to endanger even *her* health with the bucketfuls of LSD 4.0 Agile likes to gobble.

  41. At least Robby didn’t go on TV with blue hair.

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