Why Tuition Should Not Be Free and Stupid Policy Experiments Should Be Small, Local, and Temporary

Robby Soave and Matt Welch knee 'em in the freedom on tonight's Kennedy


You'll want to stay for the part where they talk about the benefits of white teeth. ||| Matt Welch
Matt Welch

Tonight's Kennedy (Fox Business Network 8 p.m. ET, with a repeat at midnight) is a very funny and informative television program, full of side-lisps and brain holograms and policy experiments and celebrity ISIS poetry, not necessarily in that order (though pretty close).

Reason will be represented in three segments. I'm on the Party Panel, along with funny-talkers Anthony Cumia and Ben Kissel, yakking about the fraught politics of replacing or revising Obamacare, the political optics of Donald Trump's inauguration, Lindsay Lohan's plan to combat ISIS, and the virtues of making dunderheaded economic policy experiments temporary, and on as micro a level as possible.

And shampoo model Robby Soave (pictured) will be on to explain why giving free college to Buffalo residents whose families make twice the state's median income isn't necessarily the most Phi Beta Kappa of plans. A fun time is guaranteed for all!