Brickbat: Shattered Glass


broken glass
Dmitrii Fadeev |

The New York Police Department has stripped Sgt. Eliezer Pabon of five vacation days after an administrative trial found him guilty of using excessive force. Pabon shoved a handcuffed 14-year-old boy through a store window after the boy mouthed off at him. The boy suffered a punctured lung and had to have glass removed from his heart.

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  1. So they sentenced the community to five extra days with this asshole?

    1. They were going to stamp his meal card “no dessert”, but without a fatality they could only take vacation.

  2. Then-Bronx District Attorney Robert Johnson decided not to present the case to a grand jury after finding the window already had a crack in it

    Totality of circumstances.

    1. I thought the term “presentment” was limited to those times when the grand jury, on its own initiative, calls the court’s attention to an alleged crime. Not when the prosecutors takes a case to the grand jurors.

    2. That could be a winner for “most ridiculous and callous statement of the year”.

      It is almost as if the DA was evaluating charging the officer for breaking the window. “Well, the window already had a crack in it, so they were going to have to replace it anyway.”

      Now, if the kid had already had a bit of glass in his heart…. then maybe he’d have a better argument.

      If shoving a guy through a plate glass window because he gave you some lip isn’t assault (or battery), I don’t really know what would move the needle for this guy…

      1. An assault and battery committed by a non-cop?

      2. Pretty soon we’re going to see Westboro Church-style protests at cop funerals.

        And I will only say that they have it coming.

  3. The Daily News and their wonderful editors.

    The Bronx NYPD sergeant who shoved a handcuffed teen into a store window ? shattering the glass and critically injuring the youth ? was docked five vacation days, a penalty his lawyer called an “outrage” in light of a Daily News report about another cop punished more harshly for criticizing the mayor on video.

    1. All part of ‘the war on cops’.

      1. Sounds like it, doesn’t it?

  4. “What’s the public to think ? that it’s worse for a cop to complain about his bosses than it is to lay his hands on people and use excessive force?” he added.


    1. To be fair, neither were really punished. They both most likely spend their vacation days doing the same thing they do at work i.e. being bullies.

  5. Those monsters! How dare they interfere with this brave officer’s carefully laid plans to pad his pension?!?!!??

  6. And the taxpayers will pick up the bill for the lawsuit that’s sure to come. Maybe a mill or so?

  7. Police officers everywhere were outraged by this slap on the wrist and threatened to strike until a stronger punishment was meted out which is why cops are so beloved by citizens. Oh wait, I meant the opposite of that.

  8. Good bleeding grief. Docked vacation days for aggravated assault on a kid in handcuffs. Remind me again about how important it is that we Back the Blue? (I have two teenaged sons who have been known occasionally to lip off to adults. This is the kind of story that keeps me awake at 3 am)

    1. You can only hope you taught them the difference between “adults” and “rabid animals”.

  9. At least the officer made it home safely that night. I hear broken glass can be quite dangerous.

  10. So, justice would be being thrown through a window and having glass embedded in his heart.

    And they doc his vacation.

    What can you expect from the Government’s Dept of “Justice”?

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