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MTV's "White Guy Resolutions 2017" Might Just Earn Trump a Second Term

We've gone beyond virtue-signaling to toxic brew of all-you-people-need-to-shut-up-and-listen-to-why-you're-the-problem ranting.


MTV, Reason

MTV—which famously took years to feature black musicians on its regular programming—has come full circle since its launch in 1981.

It has released a short video titled "2017 Resolutions for White Guys." Among the suggestions, some of which were articulated by white folks who seemed plucked from the junior versions of Prairie Home Companion and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: "Try to recognize that America was never 'great' for anyone who wasn't a white guy"; "Blue Lives Matter isn't a thing"; "stop bragging about being 'woke'; "feel free to take Kanye West…(you know what you did, Kanye)"; "learn what 'mansplaining' is, then stop doing it"; "just because you have black friends doesn't mean you're not racist"; and more.

Take a look below. It's just over a minute long, though in fairness, it seems longer.

This is a remarkable document not so much because of the individual "resolutions" but of the source—one of those nefarious multinational corporations that specifically tries to sell fake coolness and hipness to youngsters that progressives are always railing about—and the tin-ear quality of its overall effect.

Whole swaths of corporate America—especially in the entertainment industry—seem utterly convinced that their audiences are irredeemably stupid, racist, homophobic, and beneath contempt. All this, despite massive strides toward equality under the law and growing comfort with all sorts of ethnic, racial, sexual, and lifestyle diversity. For god's sake, Donald Trump, whose surprising election is underwriting virtually all of this sort of thing, got a smaller share of the white vote than Mitt Romney did four years ago! He didn't win the presidency because he was popular. He won it because the alternative was disliked by more people. That's progress, of a sort.

The MTV vid goes beyond mere virtue-signaling into uncharted territory of contempt and spite that works to undermine all feelings of common cause that might actually make for an even more-open and tolerant United States. In this, it rivals the sort of remonstrations emanating from the pages of another hugely powerful corporate entity, The New York Times.

Here for instance is a recent tweet from Paul Krugman, who lays out all the reasons his preferred candidate lost:

Krugman, like Hillary Clinton, can blame everyone except the candidate herself. That's no way to learn, move on, and create a better world, but it does help to create an impenetrable bubble of smugness from which one never need exit (especially when you're as rich and priviliged—and white!—as Krugman and Clinton). And there's this sort of thing too:

Who's we, kemo sabe? Welcome to my world, in which my preferred presidential candidate has never won a single state, let alone an election, even to a lowly seat in Congress. Mine is a world in which when my policy preferences (marriage equality, say, or pot legalization, deregulation of business, and the like) actually get implemented, people immediately incorporate them into the status quo and then keep working to maintain whatever other repressive laws they prefer. It's a world in which Democrats who just yesterday were lauding Barack Obama's robust (read: unconstitutional) expansion of executive power are now shitting their pants, even as Republicans are putting on fresh diapers and getting excited about Donald Trump's ability to use his "pen and a phone" to get stuff done.

In today's America, I know that am unforgiveably white and rich and I have enough education for a family of six. Yet I come from people who 100 years ago were not considered white when they showed up here and my parents grew up in not-totally-sure-if-and-where-the-next-meal-was-coming-from poverty. I paid for my own education at every stage and remain motivated largely by a fear of sliding below the barely lower-middle-class status in which I was raised. I know what it is like to be down to the last dollar in a bank account without any plausible way to cover this month's nut. Far more importantly, I share many of the goals of the insufferable douchebags appearing in the MTV video: I want to live in a world that's even more devoid of racism, sexism, and xenophobia. I work for criminal justice reform, educational opportunity for all, open borders, drug legalization, and many other goals upon which I suspect we agree.

But as Reason columnist Andrea O'Sullivan (nee Castillo) put it, "Are the Trump people behind this?" The MTV video bespeaks a mind-set that is less interested in real change than it is in distancing itself from any sort of critical examination of why progressive ideas are so incredibly unpopular. As an old MTV star used to sing, even the losers get lucky sometime. We should start by recognizing that the 2016 election, in dethroning two dynasties (the Clintons and the Bushes) that have smothered American politics for the past 30 years like a smallpox blanket are done and there are new and wild possiblities for a 21st century based on individualism, personalization, and permissionless everything. There's plenty of work to do and realizing that Trump is the end of something, not the start of anything new is the key. And that kicking off this libertarian moment by telling so many potential allies to shut the fuck up isn't the best foot forward.

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  1. Grasping for relevance in the youtube/facebook age. Almost as pathetic as Rolling Stone.

    1. That’s a terrible thing to say about Breakdancing Grampa.

      1. I don’t know, is any thing even remotely as pathetic as Rolling Stone? Even the swollen, excreting putrescence that is MTV?

        1. It comes close. It’s even more telling that in Breakdancing Grampa’s screed of “Hey guys! Don’t hate me; I’m just like you!” (ironically neglecting to call out the blatant racism whilst complaining about why they don’t like him), he FAILed to point out that MTV, the swollen, sickly, gall bladder that it is, produced the oft promoted, hailed, and otherwise regaled, Kennedy.

          Yep, forgot the twat that destroyed, “Alternative Nation,” didn’t ya, Gillespie? Or is the irony of bitching about racial demographics at MTV whilst neglecting hers during her tenure there lost upon you?

        2. “excreting putrescence” I love that, it has me in hysterics!!

  2. I was hoping Kurt Loder wrote this.

  3. Hey, remember when MTV showed music videos? I barely do.

      1. I lot of guys did.

      2. Ewww.

      3. These euphemisms are totally TRL.

    1. I remember the day we got cable sometime around 1987 (my parents were certainly not early adopters of anything). The first time I turned MTV on there was Whitney Houston in all her youthful glory singing, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody.”

      1. Not shown: The mounds of blow on set during the video shoot.

        1. She was exceptionally perky.

        2. Didn’t they just put her on one of those nose breathers for people who need oxygen, but mix it so she had a steady influx of coke?

      2. I think we got it a year or 2 before that. If nothing else was on, mu brother and I would just watch music videos. Good times.

      3. I remember seeing her too. Had a schoolboy crush on her almost immediately. She gave my 8 year old self very strange feelings.

    2. Pepperidge Farms doesn’t even remember.

    3. I seriously couldn’t find MTV on my cable now without consulting the channel guide. More importantly, I don’t think my teenage son could either.

      1. We just got cable after a ten year break from it. If and when I can reliably watch the Giants, Warriors, and Raiders I will happily break from it again. It sucks. And I have yet to figure out which channel MTV is on, not that I would care to watch.

        1. *fist bump for Raiders Nation*

          1. *fist bump*

            I loved them when I was a kid (Jim Plunkett era) and then migrated over to the Niners shortly after they left town for LA (although it was nice to see them kick the Redskins ass in the Super Bowl). After the Niners ditched SF for Santa Clara I decided to go back to black.

          2. Do you live in the Bay Area?

            1. Nope, I’m in Dallas. But I grew up in western Kentucky, the Cardinals left St. Louis when I was a kid, and I had no NFL team. So I picked the Raiders. I like being the bad guy : )

              1. Nice. If you have never read Kenny Stabler’s autobiography I recommend it. My uncle gave it to me when I was about 12. A pretty inappropriate book for a 12 year old. “What is a barbiturate?”

                1. I read “They Call Me Assassin” when I was a kid. Also inappropriate and pretty funny.

                  1. My throwback jersey is of Tatum.

                2. Suell-

                  One of my favorite childhood memories is when I was 8 (1973), and my 13 yr old cousin recommended Jim Bouton’s “Ball Four” to me. So, I was at the library two weeks later and tried to “check out” with it and the librarian said it was “inappropriate for me”- while my mom was standing there…

                  It was glorious! Mom proceded to totally rip the library lady’s ass up one side and down the other- without profanity or even raising her voice above a “library whisper”- and I went home with an excellent book.

                  Can somebody find that mom for me? The one I have now is prone to saying things such as “You know who I like? That Elizabeth Warren…”

        2. Give it 5 years. MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA will have to start on-line streaming. I think you can purchase NFL on-line.

          1. The NBA has streaming, but they block out your regional team, so it is useless to me as I have no desire to watch the Magic play the Jazz. I hope major league sports can get their act together on streaming. I will happily ditch cable again.

            1. Only because you are willing to pay for what you don’t use! In my home, other than the local big 5 (FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CW), local Mandarin Chinese channel, Satellite channels primarily (Fox News, AMC, and INSP) and Subscription Chinese Pac for my Wife and Sis that costs $30 extra. ( All the Chinese channels in the package I used to watch, including the Chinese equivalent of PAX, Tsu Qi were cancelled) I’d be quit with Dish which where I live, which gives the most reliable service and best channels. Wish I could get a better deal. Some content would go up, some content would go down, and my bill would still be less. I surely wouldn’t be paying to subsidize satellite Spanish stations. No one in my home speaks Spanish. We speak English, Taiwanese, Mandarin, and Japanese. (California’s minorities non-Spanish speakers paying subsidies for “Everything you can possibly imagine! in Spanish) I’m all for diversity of pricing; it will save me a bundle!

        3. I remember 30 years ago MTV’s supposed documentary of “History of Rap” What a crock! No mention of walking blues, Woody Guthrie or Leadbelly both are awesome. (Representing the first 2 branches of rap’s, origins, including country-western, soul, and their continuing to cross-pollinate) Currently there are many different styles of rap. Decent, devoid of misogyny, police, gender and race hatred. Gansta, promoting misogyny, police, gender and race hatred, and foreign adaptations of both.

    4. Hey, remember when MTV showed music videos? I barely do.

      The funnier part, personally, is that I can remember 2 things from my youth being strictly associated with MTV;

      1) Midnight Premiere of Uncensored ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ music video.
      2) ‘Puck’ from Season 1 of The Real World.

      I’m pretty sure both would probably get MTV shamed out of existence today.

      1. Maybe “youth” would be more accurate, I had a driver’s license before The Real World aired.

        1. Hey, Puck taught me that it was rude to stick your fingers in a gay guy’s peanut butter.

          1. Now you’re just phoning in the euphemisms.

      2. Wasn’t Puck from season 3 or 4? Damn… I’m getting long in the tooth.

        1. You’re probably right. That was the only season of The Real World I remember watching.

      3. I used to stay up and watch ‘120 minutes’ back in the day.

        1. I learned how long two hours was from that show…

          1. That’s what that was? Well fuck, you learn something new every day……….unless you’re one of the retards in video this article is about.

      4. Puck was Season 3, San Francisco.

      5. The crowning glory of MTV was Beevis and Butthead.
        Everything else was drivel.

    5. hey, remember when someone gave a rats ass what was on tv, m or otherwise?

      1. well before the youtube or wmv era, it was cool to see your favorite music video come on. I have no idea what MTV is up to these days, my kid is watching minecraft videos with annoying commentators, when he wants to play some music he puts on spotify, I really don’t know why MTV still exists.

    6. hey, remember when Paul Krugman didn’t have his head so far up his ass he thought the sun was brown? oh yeah, that never happened…

      1. Actually, he used to be a fairly middle-of-the-road economist who demonstrated an understanding that economic policies have trade-offs. But at some point, he became a Democrat Party ass-kisser, and that’s the Krugman that most people are familiar with.

        It’s funny because he wrote numerous times that a minimum wage might increase wages for some, but puts others out of work. Nowadays, he claims that the minimum wage is pure economic magic, and anyone who opposes or questions it is a racist moron.

    7. I was 18 when it debuted. Max Headroom was a better idea.

      Have not watched MTV for many decades.

    8. Hell, I remember The Monkees and Ron Kirchner’s Rock Concert.

      1. You mean Don Kirchner.

  4. Who’s we, kemo sabe?

    Racist cultural appropriation! You have NO RIGHT to say those words!

    Lizzie Warren, on the other hand, has every right.

    1. Who’s you, Pocahantas?

    2. Fauxcahontas isn’t Japanese. Duh.

      1. liawatha?

        1. Sheaworthless is more like it.

    3. So, would you say that the owners of that culturally derived phrase are…

      …wait for it…

      …Indian givers?

      1. My white heritage laughed at that. My Cherokee heritage….

        Laughed too.

  5. Who’s we, kemo sabe?

    Racist cultural appropriation! You have NO RIGHT to say those words!

    Lizzie Warren, on the other hand, has every right.

    1. ^^wasn’t squirrels – I freely admit to having twitched and clicked twice.

      1. Put that coffee cup down and step away!

      2. I freely admit to having twitched and clicked twice.

        That’s impressive at your age.

      3. We don’t value honesty around here.

        1. Yes we do, trust me!

  6. While I certainly subscribe to the second rule of holes (“when your enemy is digging themselves a hole, give them a bigger shovel”), I think these idiots already have the biggest shovel in inventory.

    1. Part of their consternation may be that even with the biggest possible shovel they still can’t dig fast enough.

    2. They’re using heavy power equipment and extra crews at this point.

    3. The biggest shovel is still in Germany. These guys can have it after Merkel is done with it though, she shouldn’t be needing it much longer.

  7. My family immigrated from Eastern Europe in the 1900s and 1910s. Poor Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe weren’t exactly considered “white” back then either. Now we’re probably the most evil of all whites, according to the “we’re just anti-Zionist, not anti-Jewish!” progressive caucus.

    (fun fact: One of the ways my family finally got a leg up was when my great grandfather started running for Meyer Lansky during prohibition)

    1. My wife’s Italian great grandparents were so poor they used to walk the train tracks to pick up coal that fell off the steam engines to be able to heat their house, in Boston. None of these assclowns know what real poverty and real problems look like. So, they just make up problems.

      1. An nervous neighbor of ours in 1980’s shitty Toledo off horrible Hawley St. would do this. Fucking heat hunter almost lost a entire foot to Norfolk Southern.

        1. Trains and train tracks are dangerous as hell. I can’t imagine being that desperate and am glad I have never experienced it.

          1. We just had a great wakeup call in my town:

            Mother Injured, Children Unharmed After Commuter Rail Hits Car In Belmont

            I live very near the crossing, and every day the road is stop and go. Some people wait until there is room for their vehicle on the other side of the tracks. Most people do not.

            The only heroes in this whole mess is the train crew that managed to slow down enough that the kid trapped in the car wasn’t obliterated and when the car was flung into the mother the injuries inflicted on her were survivable. The driver, on the other hand, made a bunch of really, really bad decisions.

            1. People who try and risk train crossings really do have a death wish. You can’t stop a train. I cannot understand why people do that.

              1. YOU CAN’T STOP A TRANE EITHER


                1. Harder to start a Trane….if they Break (pricey)

                2. YOU CAN’T STOP A TRANE EITHER

                  Dad had a kingsnake try. Fell into the unit through the grate and got pummeled by the fan. THWAP THWAP THWAP THWAP THWAP.

                  1. We had that happen with an indigo when I was a teen. Came home from making groceries and the outside unit was making a racket and the whole house smelled like dead snake cooked in the South Florida sun.

                    1. Luckily he was hosting a family get together so we were able to ferret mongoose it out before it stunk the place up. My five-y/o niece was convinced we could save it. Nah brah, that thing was dead after the first hit.

                    2. mmmm, good eatin?

                  2. Ain’t gonna crawl no more.

              2. I know a guy who was killed by a train a couple years back. Older brother of a good friend was walking home drunk and crossed the tracks. They figured it wasn’t suicide because he was laying only partially on the tracks and the train just took off his leg. He actually survived it for about 6 hours.

              3. You know who else had a Death Wish?

                1. Charles Bronson?

                2. Charles Bronson?

                3. Squirrels?

            2. The only heroes in this whole mess is the train crew that managed to slow down enough that the kid trapped in the car wasn’t obliterated and when the car was flung into the mother the injuries inflicted on her were survivable.

              This is almost always the case. We have a few intersections and stops where this sort of thing occurs every few years because people are such morons. Dipshits don’t have the foresight not to stop on the train tracks. Meanwhile the engineering crew is working to bring the train to a halt and contact EMS before the collision has even occurred.

              Fucktarded state government, rather than making it illegal(er) to stop your car on the tracks, or just letting the people who put their car on the tracks simply be at fault, placed a moratorium on building stoplights within a linear road-mile of any railroad tracks. So, now, rather than idiots getting hit by trains, you have pedestrians and other cars jumbled up in the mix of traffic on either side of the junction.

            3. Lots of respectable people have been hit by trains. Judge Hobbie over in Cookville was hit by a train.

              1. +1 ring in a lake

        2. That you lived in Toledo explains so much about you, AC.

      2. My great grandparents came to the US in 1903 from Poland, settled in Baltimore, and busted their asses to start farms and sold meat and produce to get by. My grandfather entered in to MD politics in 1983 and remained in the House until 1994. My whole family has worked so hard to get where we are now, and these shits today just dont get it. They probably have never had to work for a damn thing, so John is right, they just make problems up. I mentioned at work the other day that I worked full time to get through college and the young girls around me looked at me like I just came back from war or something.

        1. John is right

          Oh my God…

          1. The horrors have just begun.

            1. Have to give credit where its due. Dont expect it to happen too often 🙂

        2. What’s amazing is the shared stories and experiences of immigrants regardless of race or religion in the golden age of immigration.

          They came, they kicked ass and they left a legacy.

        3. My grandparents came here some time in the 1910s from Japan, and my father and his sister were born in the early 40s. During WWII, they all got interned on the basis of their race by FDR, the canonized saint of the Democrat religion. After the war, they were poor as shit due to the loss of their homes and most of their possessions. My dad spent some time in the US Marines, then worked his way up to a high administrative position at American Honda (without a college degree, no less). Today, he’s enjoying a very comfortable retirement.

      3. Lucky that I live in the woods cause when there was no money for gas there was always the trees in the yard. had to cut a few over the year hopefully never again

      4. My parents both grew up during the Depression. Nothing today sets my Mom (88 years old) off like someone whining about “poverty in America.”

        A few years back I remember her, angry about one of those whining news stories, saying that when she was a gilr “…people were starving to death in the United States! Starving! To death!”

        Poverty today apparently means having to wait a year for prices to drop before buying the latest iPhone.

    2. My parents emigrated here during the Nixon administration. My father started working full time in manufacturing when he was 17 and taking night classes (two days for English classes and three days to learn a trade). He loved Ronald Reagan (the president that he judges every other president against), supported Clinton, and when he finally became a citizen voted for John Kerry (he didn’t care for the Bush administration). But now, he’d rather gouge his eyes out than vote for a Democrat. Something terribly wrong happened to that party.

      1. “I was born a poor black child…”

    3. I like it when people imply that my ancestors owned slaves because I’m white. During slavery my ancestors were Prussian serfs. I.e., slaves.

      1. Most whites in the United States, even restricting it to the Confederate states, did not own slaves.

        1. You two, stop wrecking the narrative!

          Report to Obergruppenf?hrer Krugman for disciplinary action immediately!

        2. Many blacks did own slaves.

          1. I read somewhere that the number of slave owning blacks in the South was around 5000.

          2. And a lot of white people WERE slaves, usually indentured servants.

        3. On my dad’s side we totally owned the shit out of some slaves. This came back to haunt us in modern times when his now ex-wife went to visit him in the hospital after a car accident. She was shown to the room of a person with the same first and last name and rather than seeing the late 30’s brown-haired white guy she was expecting she saw a 50-ish black dude. Turns out that when slaves were freed a lot of them took their master’s surname. Awkward, but I like to think of it as having lots of ethnic cousins.

        4. You mean, you mean Django Unchained wasn’t historically accurate?

  8. I think maybe my favorite post election Prog meltdown has been Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald. He claimed to be writing a blockbuster piece about how Trump had a nervous breakdown and was in a mental hospital in the early 90s, pretty big news if true. Then he want on Tucker Carlson’s show. Carlson asked him the simple question “do you have any proof this is true?” and hilarity then ensued as Eichenwald turned into Joe for Lowell explaining the subtle nuances of truth and proof without ever actually answering the question. After that he had a complete meltdown on Twitter which he later deleted. Now there is this.…..ce-report/

    The guy seriously needs in patient treatment.

    1. I saw that show. I’m thinking that Eichenwald isn’t overburdened with an abundance of self-awareness. He was a gibbering fool.

      1. It is amazing how arrogant these people are. Eichenwald seems to have actually thought he could make an accusation like that and no one would ever ask him for his proof. He was offended that Carlson even asked him what proof he had. And then completely melted down when Carlson didn’t let him dodge the question.

        1. Good to see people being called out on making stuff up about people. It’s called the mortal sin of bearing false witness. It’s very repugnant, but seems to be standard operating procedure for liberals these days.

      2. During Eichenwald’s stay at the Creedmoor Sanitarium he had visions of Trump floating over his bed. He also saw Elvis arm wrestling JFK. Amazing what a cocktail of Thorazine and diazepam can do.

    2. The guy clearly has some sort of personality disorder.

      1. and if I’m not mistaken a rather serious skin condition…

    3. These people are fucking certifiable. They are also counting ont he fact that most Americans have little to no interactions with the cops.

      Here’s how it works:
      1) Someone commits a criminal act against you, and you want the state to remedy it.
      2) If you call the cops in your home town, they will send someone to your home to take down a report.
      3) If you call any other law enforcement organization, they will tell you to call the cops in your home town.
      4) The report will be a narrative of what you said happened, who did it, and when. That report will be stored in their files, and will be shown to anyone who requests it who has a legitimate reason to review it. Some reports are closely held. Others anyone can look at.
      5) If the report is deemed worthy of investigation, the police department will assign investigators to investigate. They may even call in the FBI, if it’s appopriate.
      6) The investigation will be slow, but if well resourced, thorough.

      In some cases, you can start the process off with the FBI directly. Be warned though, the FBI generally doesn’t give a shit. They’ll only take a report if there is an obvious Federal jurisdiction and immediate need. They’ll likely tell you to report it to your local PD to get rid of you.

      1. Unless you know someone or have some political juice, the police are not going to subpoena twitter to figure out who it is. If you know who the person threatening you is, the police will call and tell them to knock it off if you call. But they are not going to do any investigation. They are too lazy.

        1. No, we have to triage the shit we deal with and internet bullshit is mostly internet bullshit

          that being said, any individual can file suit (cost you a few hundred dollars usually) if any number of civilly actionable shit is done to you by somebody anonymously on the intertoobs, and you can then use the power of subpoena (which will be granted with a showing of cause) causing Twitter etc to reveal the IP etc. of the account

          learn to fucking law

          I’ve won THREE civil law suits, including one against the police and two against private citizens

          for quite a tidy sum I might add.

          quit yer bitchin’ and take some personal responsibility

          we aren’t your fucking mama!

          1. No I can’t use the power of Subpoena. Only a member of the bar can do that. I can I guess but that is because I am a lawyer. Most people have to hire a lawyer. And I can’t just file suit without knowing who I am suing who half wit. Sorry but courts don’t accept lawsuits marked “John Doe v. Some anonymous asshole on Twitter. ” You hire a lawyer, they subpeona Twitter, get the person’s name and then you sue.

            I have forgotten more about the law than you will ever know. So do me a favor and stop annoying me with your primitive legal understanding.

            I’ve won THREE civil law suits, including one against the police and two against private citizens

            I really don’t think “i have been involved in a lot of personal civil litigation” is really something I would brag about. And if you did win those suits, you must have hired a lawyer.

            1. you don’t have to hire a lawyer

              I’ve filed three suits and one I did without a lawyer

              it’s not rocket science

              and you are WRONG. I only hired a lawyer once

              I won one without any lawyer

              learn to fucking law

              you don’t have to be a lawyer to file a suit

              in one case I did it on my own

              and won

              and I WILL brag about being involved in litigation when it comes to defending my rights from rogue cops, fraudsters and etc.

              if you don’t exercise your rights they atrophy

              stop waiting for big brother to fight your battles for you.

              1. and to clarify

                one suit I did on my own

                no biggie

                one I did with a lawyer (although I still did a lot of the work on my own to keep costs down and profits up)

                and one I got representation from a union lawyer, so I didn’t have to hire the lawyer since my dues mean I get that representation when warranted.

                I’m 3 for 3

                somebody tried to sue me once.

                and lost .

                in fact, got bitch slapped by the judge.

            2. Sorry but courts don’t accept lawsuits marked “John Doe v. Some anonymous asshole on Twitter. “

              So, what, 5 years before this is no longer true?

        2. How much of it is actual laziness and how much of it is a sane conversation of resources? How many times do you think a large city’s police department fields reports of “So and So threatened me online!” and how many of those reports actually result in someone doing something to harm the person making the report? If the person making the threat is some random screen name from halfway across the country the odds of them actually doing anything have got to be infinitesimal.

          For example, remember the blistering stupidity that was GamerGate? An entire movement that, if you believe the reporting, consisted of nothing but people whose only reason for being was to threaten women online. Of all the taunts, threats, warnings, did any of them actually result in anyone anywhere being physically hurt? I know a bunch of the threats were investigated, did any of them result police identifying anyone who was even a remote true treat?

          1. Yes, this

            you would be ASTOUNDED how many bullshit calls we get in patrol that we have to tell people “no, it’s not a crime and I can mediate if the other guy is amenable but that’s it and I’m not taking a police report because we don’t do (most) civil stuff”

            and how many bullshit cases as detective we have to deal with that turn out unfounded and waste immense amounts of time

            and how many REAL crimes we have to deal with, not SJW’s whining about “harassment” because somebody called them a “poopyhead”

            You’d be astounded the case load the average detective (and in some cases patrol) cop carries.

            they are prioritized

            in custody comes first, especially if it needs to be rush filed
            then the more serious crimes and the crimes with higher solvability and/or with less effort are going to take precedence

            in a busy agency there are tons of crimes we COULD solve but we simply don’t have the resources, and if petty and/or loss covered by insurance it’s not likely to get pursued with the other shit we have to handle

            you do NOT become a detective in my agency if you are lazy because most detective divisions, the supvrs keep a very close eye on the caseload and expect you to handle a substantial # of cases per week

            you have to prioritize and shitcan the bullshit

            1. You would be ASTOUNDED at how many real cases the police are too Goddamned lazy to investigate. Including a case of fraud fraud & forgery where in I pretty much gift wrapped both physical and eyewitness evidence for the idiot detective I spoke with. Couldn’t be bothered.

              Police are shit, and just get in the way of me dealing with problems on my own.

              1. I submitted an online report to the FBI about getting scammed. I didn’t expect much to be done about it, but I got absolutely no response, not even a “fuck off” (much more tactfully phrased, of course) form letter.

    4. Eichenwald is the guy who made up the lie that Russia had put forgeries on Wikileaks. He’s the king of fake news.

      1. I heard he was the king of fake turds…or something like that…

  9. The narrative is everything; they cannot abandon the narrative [of a world of everyone but “them” are raciist, misogynist homophobes where civilization will fall without Title IX and expanded OCR overreach]; to abandon the narrative would mean having to completely reinvent themselves and assume responsibility for their lives without blaming someone else for everything that goes wrong.

    1. It is the wages of getting your self esteem from your politics. If you admit the other side isn’t evil and worse may have a point about a few things, then you have to admit that politics isn’t everything and you are not engaged in an epic struggle with evil. And doing that takes away all the self esteem benefits that come with your political beliefs. These people don’t want to face that.

      1. And you have finally explained the meaning of their mantra, “The personal is political”, by reversing it. Just as “Freedom is Slavery” can be reversed.

  10. Finally I can use the Blazing Saddles joke, “Hey, where the minority women at?”

    1. Close, but that’s not *quite* what he said 😀

  11. Souls are hunted in dark valleys bloated with ghosts.

    I understand media culture writes about media culture because the circularity of these feedings provide an honest, though clinically dubious at times, income… with that in mind, I wager generations that follow certain stark times wrestle with genetic vibrations of guilt wound through old familial shadows so maybe some of these fucking tendril children need some pits to clutch collective gut within?

    No bright mind can sustain the fever of its own morbidity before it decides to strike a new trail and soon the turgid vortexes will spin and dance lonely across the stony prairie.

  12. Now it’s just pathetic. It’s harder to laugh at these people when I think they need help.

    1. Said by a white guy libertarian.

    2. You are helping them by laughing that them. Anything else just enables them.


    In other news, who the fuck cares what MTV thinks about *anything* these days?
    Nick, you’re spot on, but these people (and the equally insipid tween dolts they’re speaking to) have their heads so far up their asses, they’re never gonna hear it.

    1. I’m surprised MTV produces new content. I thought it was just reruns of ‘The Real World’ and other shitty reality programming.

    2. how about we just whack the fuck out of them like the intellectual pi?atas that they are? OOOOOO Cultural Appropriation there, did you see it, it’s right there…

  14. Liberals have no sense of principle. They said they were against the priviliged rich, big banks, big corporations, but then voted for Clinton.

    They can’t even stay true to the teachings of MLK. They are attacking people just because of the color of their skin.

    I will stay true to MLK and judge them by the content of their character.

    1. They’re not liberals. They’re progressive ignoramuses.

      People like Krugman are educated but a disingenuous brand of progressive. I can’t follow that guy’s line of reasoning because he has no principles. He just sprouts crap as long as it fits his narrative.

      1. Progressives should be run out of the country through aggressive use of sedition laws.

        1. Shit it’s what they believe we want to do to them so why not go for it.

      2. “They’re not liberals. They’re progressive ignoramuses.”

        And “progressive” is not really an accurate term, either. It’s not progress to engineer a societal backslide to a state of despotism (under which humans lived for most of history), even if they’ve cloaked it in professions of good intention.

        The story of human progress is one of reducing the influence of “rulers” in the individual’s life.

    2. They are all for corporations and “the rich” as long as they make the right noises.

      1. Even if a movement expresses extreme hatred for a certain group, exceptions can be granted if a few members of said group prove to be useful in some way.

        Even Nazi Germany had half- and quarter-Jews in their military and government.

  15. Try to recognize that America was never ‘great’ for anyone who wasn’t a white guy

    If a white guy claims to speak for millions of non-white people, is that whitesplaining?

    Regardless, I think I’ll let people speak for themselves as individuals instead of assuming that people all share common characteristics and thoughts based on the color of their skin.

    1. America was never ‘great’ for anyone who wasn’t a white guy

      Probably pretty OK for these folks:…..s-of-2015/

      1. It may very well be. Money isn’t everything, though, and some of those people may still not believe that America is “great”.

        But some of the poorest Americans may still believe that, in spite of history, America’s founding principles and many of the people who have espoused and fought for those principles are great.

      2. I know some Iranians, er Persians who are doing pretty fucking well. And not the Kardashians.

        1. I thought they were Armenian?

          1. They are.

      3. They would have been even richer in Zimbabwe or Nigeria. They just couldn’t make more because of the systemic oppression.

    2. the real question is is there any place they could be that was better. based on immigration in vs out I’d say no.

      1. So, in truth, America was pretty great for everyone who stayed.

    3. This–

      Try to recognize that America was never ‘great’ for anyone who wasn’t a white guy

      Can be stated as this–

      Try to recognize that America was never ‘great’ for anyone who was on the other side

      Which can lead to this–

      Try to recognize that one side was never ‘great’ for anyone who was on the other side

      It’s actually a pretty generic sentiment.

      People act as if the US engaged in some anti-enlightenment spree of evil and conquest against the good, brown people of the world when it is the opposite that is more true.

      The US, and the West, seeded the enlightened attitudes that are now being used as indictments against them–because they do not conform perfectly to them.

    4. Your individualism is so unwoke…

  16. Breaking: white guy libertarian is triggered by being called out on his privilege

    1. White guy libertarian privilege would be a terrible band name, Alissa.

      1. Dammit. [tears up record contract]

      2. I checked my privilege, it was right where I left it and in good working order, thank you very much.

    2. Breaking: troll hoping for some attention

    3. Breaking:

      There is probably no group of people more privileged in history than American college students today, regardless of color or sex. And guess what? White guys are a distinct minority in college these days.

    4. …..Privilege to be *AWESOME*!!! (jumping hi-five)

      1. This isn’t the 90s Gilmore.

        1. Catch you on the flipside, dudemeister! PSYCHE

    5. Wait, so “privilege” actually means “ability to recognize stupidity”? Thanks for clearing that up, Alissa!

    6. I’m still not clear on why privilege is something we should be calling out. I’m sad that some people aren’t as lucky as I am, and it makes me angry that some people might be denied that because of superficial things like race. But I don’t want to destroy privilege, I want to expand it to more people! Attack the forces that hold some people back, not the forces that raise some people up.

      1. Because collectivists are obsessed with leveling, and they’d prefer to plane everything down to the same level rather than build up the lower parts. Of course, from the point of view of the person holding the plane it doesn’t make much difference.

        1. I get the feeling that a lot of privilege-obsessed proggies actually deep-down believe the same things about minorities that the John Derbyshires and Steve Sailers of the world do and privilege theory and levelling are their ways of coping with the cognitive dissonance in their heads.

        2. Uniform affluence is much too hard. Uniform poverty is the goal the progressives always aspire to instead.

      2. Yeah. And “privilege” isn’t really the right word. It’s how everyone should be treated. The problem isn’t that white dudes have some special secret club where they get to do stuff that other people can’t. The problem is that certain classes of people have been historically mistreated and had their rights trampled.

        But the people going on about “privilege” all seem to want white guys knocked down a peg, rather than just working towards treating everyone fairly as individuals.

        1. Yeah there’s a word for that, starts with an R

    7. Breaking: Regardless of your race or sex, you live better than most European monarchs from throughout history. So feel bad about it once and awhile.

      1. “Once and awhile”? Feel bad about *that*.

    8. Check your snivelage.

  17. The video is satire – they are poking fun at PC. It’s not bad. They have a point with Blue Lives Matter – you chose to be a police officer and run around shooting black people all day. Don’t like it? Go back to community college and find a new career.

    1. This nonsense again

      you are as fact averse as an SJW

      FIVE studies in the last 18 months proving there is no bias against blacks in police shootings and for fucks sake, a black male is over THIRTY times more likely to be shot by another black male than a cop and of course almost all of the former are murder and almost all of the latter are justified.

      42% of officers killed by known suspects 2004-2013 were killed by black males
      27% of those killed by cops were black males

      but suuuuuuuuuure…. cops are biased against black males in police shootings?

      ignore the FACT that the studies say the opposite including one by a black liberal Harvard professor who found no bias against blacks (in fact the opposite ) in shootings “the most amazing result of my career”

      keep up the SJW nonsense

    2. If it is satire, I’ve got to hand it to them for fooling me.

  18. what a coincidence. I was just writing new year’s resolutions for fat chicks. I only have one so far.

    1. Is it John’s phone number?

      1. Everyone has a vice. Stop othering me.

        1. Dude, i’m trying to hook you up with some plus-sized ladies. You’re welcome.

          1. Well, banging a 250 lb. chick is like having a threesome, rolled into one.


        2. do you want your number on the list or not John? cuz it’s all I have so far.

    2. I only have one so far.

      “Deep Fried Snickers NOM NOM NOM”

  19. “Try to recognize that America was never ‘great’ for anyone who wasn’t a white guy”

    Aaaaaand done.

    1. It’s been pretty great for Jesse Jackson. He flies first class, yo.

    2. America sure has sucked for Oprah!

      1. Wait, Beyonce is black???

    3. I’m still missing out on where, exactly, was better. Most *anywhere* was generally a shitty place to live for the vast majority of the population. That doesn’t excuse anything, but it’s just asinine to say e.g. Jim Crow was way worse than warlords and feudalism.

      1. but it’s just asinine to say e.g. Jim Crow was way worse than warlords and feudalism serfdom.

        Feudalism was simply a system of contracts between landholders for mutual protection and governance. It gets a bad rap because it’s often confused with serfdom and manorialism.

        1. What would you say are the distinguishing characteristics between feudalism and manorialism? What makes feudal peasants not serfs per se, as you see it?

          1. What would you say are the distinguishing characteristics between feudalism and manorialism?

            I don’t say this flippantly but it’s a non-sequitur. Feudalism is a political arrangement of sorts, while manorialism was a sort of economic arrangement. As for serfdom and feudalism… the existence of serfs or their relative rights and privileges have nothing to do with feudalism. Serfdom describes the relationship between common people in some geographic region to the ruler of that region. Feudalism is only about contracts and agreements between landholders, aka titleholders. Feudalism and serfdom have both existed at the same times and places, but they’ve also both existed entirely independent of one another at different times and places. Where you see one, you don’t necessarily see the other.

            Manorialism meanwhile, was more of an economic system rather than a political one. It was a sort of primitive tax system of paying dues to one’s lord or liege in exchange for something else, usually the holding of land by the peasantry. But manorialism was no monolith, it’s practices and conditions varied at different times and places. Unlike serfdom, manorial systems were usually set up in parallel with feudal orders. But regardless, feudalism and manorialism gave us much in terms of laying the ground work for modern property rights, i.e. landowners being thought to “own” or have rights to what was produced from their estates, like private businesses nowadays.

  20. “For god’s sake, Donald Trump, whose surprising election in underwriting virtually all of this sort of thing, got a smaller share of the white vote than Mitt Romney did four years ago! He didn’t win the presidency because he was popular. He won it because the alternative was disliked by more people.”

    That was my initial thought as well, but the more I look at the election data, its not necessarily true. Certainly this was the case in much of America. In rich cosmopolitan high population areas Trump did much worse than Romney. That has a large percentage of the US population, so overall Trump did poorly. Unfortunately for Hillary Clinton’s electoral hopes, most of that population is in states like California and New York which were already hers. There were some other heavily African American areas in which Trump did a little poorer, but there Clinton did much worse than Obama.
    In most of the rest of the country Trump beat Romney. And not just because of population growth, he actually got a larger percentage of the population. Its those counties that gave him states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, and Florida.
    In short, “white people” is too generic of a term to mean anything.

    1. In short, “white people” is too generic of a term to mean anything.

      Wait, so you’re telling me that there is more to a person than the color of their skin? I dunno, that sounds pretty racist to me.

      1. Said the white guy who is so privileged that he cannot comprehend how much his privilege impacts others.

        1. I’ve had that very same sentiment progsplained at me though – individualism is privilege! Triggered!

          1. thanks for the mansplaining…

    2. Hillary lost in part because black people didn’t turn out to vote for her in anything like the numbers they did for Obama. The black vote returned to its historical norms in turnout and GOP support. Oddly, the Democrats never mention this fact. Trump is the new Hitler and the most racist nominee EVER!!! yet the actual black community wasn’t concerned enough about that to show up and vote.

      I had an email exchange with a right wing never Trump journalists who claims Trump is a white nationalist. I pointed to the black voting numbers and he said ‘well that is just because Obama wasn’t running”. To that I responded, “you mean a white nationalist running for President wouldn’t drive black turnout as well?” He didn’t like that point but had nothing much to say about it.

      1. The democrats CAN’T mention that black turnout for Trump hurt them. That would be like bringing up that CA’s prop. 8 (Banning gay marriage) had huge support from blacks. The progs didn’t make a peep about that. Instead, they attacked the Mormons for getting it passed. Since of course, CA has a huge Mormon voting block that dominates everything.

      2. But they were White Blacks …. or something.

      3. I heard many Democrats mention lower black turnout. They blamed it on voter suppression though.

        1. Well yeah. Hillary suppressed the shit out of the black vote…

  21. “I know what it is like to be down to the last dollar in a bank account without any plausible way to cover this month’s nut.”

    If you were really that poor maybe you shouldn’t have been so focused on buying a prostitute each month.

    1. Strippers gotta eat, too.

      1. Just hire midgets at half price.

  22. “And that kicking off this libertarian moment by telling so many allies to shut the fuck up isn’t the best foot forward.”

    Is Nick suggesting that it is possible for progressives to be allies to libertarians. They are not allies to people who value liberty. That is not to say some cannot be won over, but progressivism is about as far removed from libertarianism as you can get. You want some allies, look towards conservatives, they at least claim to share some affinity for economic liberty, which really is the key issue. While I am enjoying the meltdown as much as anybody it should reveal the true nature of progressives. They ain’t our allies that is for sure.

    1. Nick heard an awful lot of libertarianism up on that DNC debate stage… UBI really is a basic human right.

    2. Just keep pushing that strategy Nick. It’s worked so well for you guys. Meanwhile, real libertarians continue to win elections without selling-out as much (Rand Paul, Justin Amash, Massie). But, hey, you’ll always have cocktail parties.

    3. When Nick says “allies” he really means looters. Someone ought to sit him down and explain why crabs can’t escape from a bucket because of their allies. One individual tried to teach humanity that the supply of wealth was not static, and even proposed a constitutional amendment to protect freedom of production and trade. Nick bravely waited till she was dead then tried to drag her down into his bucket.

  23. My ancestors were wealthy landowners, merchants, and politicians who shaped colonial America. So take that, plebs.

      1. (secret Freemason handshake)


    It is pretty bad when Maureen Dowd has become the voice of reason on the left.

    The country had signaled strongly in the last two midterms that they were not happy. The Dems’ answer was to give them more of the same from a person they did not like or trust.

    Preaching ? and pandering ? with a message of inclusion, the Democrats have instead become a party where incivility and bad manners are taken for granted, rudeness is routine, religion is mocked and there is absolutely no respect for a differing opinion. This did not go down well in the Midwest, where Trump flipped three blue states and 44 electoral votes.

    1. She continues

      Here is a short primer for the young protesters. If your preferred candidate loses, there is no need for mass hysteria, canceled midterms, safe spaces, crying rooms or group primal screams. You might understand this better if you had not received participation trophies, undeserved grades to protect your feelings or even if you had a proper understanding of civics. The Democrats are now crying that Hillary had more popular votes. That can be her participation trophy.

      If any of my sons had told me they were too distraught over a national election to take an exam, I would have brought them home the next day, fearful of the instruction they were receiving. Not one of the top 50 colleges mandate one semester of Western Civilization. Maybe they should rethink that.

      Mr. Trump received over 62 million votes, not all of them cast by homophobes, Islamaphobes, racists, sexists, misogynists or any other “ists.” I would caution Trump deniers that all of the crying and whining is not good preparation for the coming storm. The liberal media, both print and electronic, has lost all credibility. I am reasonably sure that none of the mainstream print media had stories prepared for a Trump victory. I watched the networks and cable stations in their midnight meltdown.

      1. The Democrats are now crying that Hillary had more popular votes. That can be her participation trophy.


      2. Wait… Not one of the top 50 colleges mandates a semester of Western Civ? Even my little podunk junior college mandated 1 semester of Western Civ. Although this was in the 1980s.

        1. My high school required a few years of it explicitly. But my college only required gen eds, of which Western Civ was a popular choice. I personally avoided it though.

    2. And she concludes

      Here is a final word to my Democratic friends. The election is over. There will not be a do-over. So let me bid farewell to Al Sharpton, Ben Rhodes and the Clintons. Note to Cher, Barbra, Amy Schumer and Lena Dunham: Your plane is waiting. And to Jon Stewart, who talked about moving to another planet: Your spaceship is waiting. To Bruce Springsteen, Jay Z, Beyonc? and Katy Perry, thanks for the free concerts. And finally, to all the foreign countries that contributed to the Clinton Foundation, there will not be a payoff or a rebate.

      As Eddie Murphy so eloquently stated in the movie “48 Hrs.”: “There’s a new sheriff in town.” And he is going to be here for 1,461 days. Merry Christmas.

      What on earth got into Dowd? Where did all of this good sense come from?

      1. Possibly the shock of defeat resulted in genuine introspection, unlike many of her comrades in arms.

      2. Whoa. Maybe her experience in Colorado actually did expand her mind?

        1. I was gonna say.

      3. If you read her often enough, she was never enamored with the Clintons, especially Hillary.

        1. No she never was. And she was always one of the few relatively sane NYT writers. This shouldn’t surprise me given her history. But, the left leaning media has gone so nuts over this, you can’t help but be amazed something like this ever got printed in the NYT.

          1. Dowd is only attempting to reestablish some credibility for the left. While she may have despised the Clintons it was only because their obvious corruption was just that…obvious.

            But at least she did announce the political funerals of the Clinton, Sharpton and the rest. No “conservative” announced the end of the Bushes or Romneys after their humiliations. Even after a crushing defeat by an economic, constitutional and historical illiterate the Republicans act as if nothing has happened. They rush to embrace an authoritarian bozo who, as Rand Paul noted, can express everything he knows on any subject in 140 characters.

            1. Trump may be a bozo, but he was the guy who finally killed the political careers of the Bushes and Romney. And that is more than you can say for the rest of the GOP. Who exactly is the bozo here?

      4. Trump made her feel like a woman again. And she likes it.

      5. If you read her full column this was actually written by her non-progressive brother. But the fact she put it into her column probably means that she believes some of what he says.

      6. She’s been eating a lot of pot candy bars lately. Woke up the next morning and realized she had written an article.

      7. Her conservative cousin Kevin who actually wrote the column?

        1. +1 and very funny.
          Otherwise, Dowd had a lobotomy. At the core she’s an unapologetic dufus on the left who toddles behind Daddy Government’s footsteps and cries to him if things don’t go thew way of her left-wing wet dream.
          Give it a day or two when she’s back from the spa and “Kevin” is asked to go home.

      8. When did Maureen Dowd become such a misogynist?

  25. Neg more?

  26. “stop bragging about being ‘woke’

    Can’t say I disagree with that one.

    1. I *thought* the definition of “woke” was roughly “checking one’s privilege”. Isn’t that the kind of thing we are supposed to be proud of?

      1. I guess we shouldn’t be proud of anything. It’s probably just another way of showing off your privilege.

      2. As you can clearly see from the video and in the immortal words of Ackbar “it’s a trap!!”

  27. “learn what ‘mansplaining’ is, then stop doing it”

    In other words, just go with my feelz.

    You might want to think twice (or at least once) before telling me to do that. You might like my feelz even less than you like my mansplaining.

      1. I appreciated her insight and willingness to stand on principles.

    1. And stop wearing manpris.

  28. Aww, this is perfect because all the name calling, virtue signaling, and social shaming has worked well so far.

  29. I work for criminal justice reform, educational opportunity for all, open borders, drug legalization, and many other goals upon which I suspect we agree.

    Like welfare, I’m sure you agree about the righteousness of that, Nick.

    1. Nick thinks progressives are honest when they say those things are their goal, rather than the means to an end. It’s cute.

      1. Those goals are in constant motion, so it’s a little understandable to be confused on this point.

        1. Right. So focus on the goals that don’t move and start understanding that any other stated goal is just a means to that end.

          Nick assumes that when someone states their goals are X and Y they are being truthful. When in reality X is just a means to get to Y, and X can be replaced by Z when/if it becomes convenient. Unless you share goal Y, using X as a way to find common ground will obviously fail.

      2. You lost me on the second word, the verb.

  30. I think the bottom line for these little snowflakes was illustrated by that Clintonista that melted down during the Electoral College vote in Wisconsin, shouting “This is MY America!” Yeah, that’s exactly what they think: America and everybody in it belongs to them. And we should all just kowtow and be grateful that our betters are eager to run our lives.

  31. I love that it’s the SJWs, also known as the Taliban of the Progressive movement, who just can’t stop stoking the funeral pyre of their parent movement. And they just don’t get it, and never will, and will fall to the wayside of history to join other irrelevant, faddish political movements.

    1. I think there’s a case to be made that SJWism is a logical result of progressivism. Over my past 30+ years of life, I’ve seen the left get more and more bold about their anti-white bigotry. I always thought it would lead to at least this point, perhaps the worst is yet to come though, I won’t consider them out of the running just yet. Electoral results have never deterred them in the past.

      1. Even assuming that “demographics is destiny”, there will be a period in that destiny where it will be very benefical for the declining white population to band together and vote en mass like most minority groups do. If white males were to vote for a candidate at the same rate as blacks do for Democrats (90ish percent) That’s something like 60 million people. That won’t happen, but if a candidate can get 50 million from the White Male slice of the population they don’t need a whole lot more from everyone else.

        It was always a matter of time before race-based voting would bite progressives in the ass, Trump might just have been their warning shot.

        1. I think identity politics is inevitable when you add together democratic control of resources+multicultural society. Wishful thinking may say otherwise, but people flock together with their own kind and genuinely care more for their own kind, starting with family, to extended family, to tribe.

          I think the best way to look at identity politics is this; you may find identity politics to be crass and wrongheaded, but you don’t need to care about identity politics for identity politics to care about you, and they do.

      2. I’m not so sure that “progressivism” really means anything beyond “more government involved in more aspects of people’s lives” and as such, it could result in all sorts of different ends.
        The original progressives were a pretty nasty bunch with all kinds of racist, eugenecist ideas.

        The SJWs are a result of progressivism taking a particular path. But I think that it could have gone in many different ways. “Progress” is a bit of a nebulous concept. Progress towards what? There are a lot of ways that the progressive movement could have answered that question. And as far as I can tell, they still aren’t quite sure what exactly the answer is.

        1. Progress towards what?

          Egalitarianism egalitarianism egalitarianism. That’s what our current crop of progressives are all about. For the record, not all “progressive” movements have been identical. I don’t think Teddy Roosevelt has much in common with Trigglypuff, for example.

          The only real surviving group of progs, not counting the LaRouche weirdos, are the egalitarians. For them, full blown SJW idiocy is indeed an inevitable. Their desired conclusion is of course some sort of identity and equality uber alles hellscape of a society that I hope we’ll never see.

          1. I don’t think Teddy Roosevelt has much in common with Trigglypuff, for example.

            Didn’t they both have mustaches?

          2. Egalitarianism egalitarianism egalitarianism.

            I suppose that is their stated goal. Too bad their approach is to knock those perceived to be “privileged” down a peg rather than trying to make everyone more equal in social and legal ways.

            “Egalitarianism” can also mean different things. If it is about equal opportunity and equality under the law, it seems like a fine goal. If it’s about ensuring equal outcomes for all classes of people, which seems to be the SJW thing, it’s bound to be pretty evil.

            1. Eventually they make piles of equally dead bodies.

          3. We’ve seen it already in Russia, Germany, China, Cambodia, Cuba, Angola, Venezuela… follow the stench of death and you’ll find all the equality of outcome there is.

    2. I agree they are a net burden on the political aspirations of their party, but I worry where they will all go. We are graduating them in job lots from the university farms and they exist in an entirely self-sustaining social landscape both online and off that will prevent them from actually figuring out that maybe all that’s wrong with the world isn’t just society oppressing them.

  32. My wish for the new year; that all the writers, producers, cast & crew of this POS come to full knowledge of the serious case of head up the ass that they are afflicted with.

  33. MTV?which famously took years to feature black musicians on its regular programming?has come full circle since its launch in 1981.

    Uhm, I’m sorry but MTV featured black artists (and artists of other ethnicities) from the very beginning.

    “During MTV’s first few years on the air, very few black artists were included in rotation on the channel. The select few who were in MTV’s rotation were Michael Jackson, Prince, Eddy Grant, Donna Summer, Musical Youth, and Herbie Hancock. ”

    “The very first people of color to perform on MTV was the British band The Specials, which featured an integrated line-up of white and black musicians and vocalists. The Specials’ video “Rat Race” was played as the 58th video on the station’s first day of broadcasting.”

    From the very first day of broadcasting. Keep in mind that MTV from the outset was conceived as a *rock and roll/pop* thing and there were few black artists at the time that had both the audience size and were performing the the R & R genre.

    Not featuring as many as you think they should =/= not featuring them.

    5 minutes with Google man. 5 minutes.

    1. Jesus, though. How old is Yo MTV Raps? That must have started late 80s and run for 10 years. Its not like there wasn’t a targetted platform.

      1. Brett,

        It ended twelve years ago , having been first shown on MTV in 1998.

  34. MTV has two of the most virulently racist, PC, SJW fucktards on the face of the earth prominently displayed in Laci Green and Francesca Ramsey… and now this?

    THANK you!!!

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant, and in this case sunlight (SJW’s doubling down on the idiocy that drove many people to Trump) is only going to help this nation disinfect us from these culturally Marxist twats!!!

    THANK you MTV for continuing to push people away from the SJW left and towards sanity.

    These people are the fucking enemy…

    check out the vids on youtube of the guy getting harassed in his apartment complex common area for daring to sit on a couch using his laptop and wearing a #buildthewall t-shirt.

    it’s fucking amazing. 10 mins straight of harassment by a male/female couple (she has now apologized after facing massive backlash)…

  35. One should start calling “allies” “survivors”. Or “morons”.

    1. Or “collaborators”

  36. This would never happen if Kennedy was still around.

  37. MTV, PRK, NYT – GFY.

  38. Let’s do one for every race!

  39. Now MTV, too?

    Is everyone Godfrey Elfwick now?

    1. Did Reason cover that Guardian article where he trolled them as an anonymous dude seduced by the alt-right?

      that was fucking awesome

  40. individualism, personalization, and permissionless everything.

    That doesn’t sound a bit like Donald Trump, unfortunately.

    1. Trump is Bertrand fucking Russell in comparison to SJWs.

      Look at this nonsense in Canada where refusing to use the proper pronouns (out of dozens including Peterson’s favorite “wormfell” for otherkin dragons) is now a HATE CRIME

      and where a professor is warned he is committing a crime by advocating he won’t obey the law BEFORE it is even passed!

      Trump sucks but he is definitely an antidote to this fucking nonsense

  41. This video should be re-broadcast by the Trump 2020 campaign. It’s truly ironic that the more progressives try to stop Trump, the more they hurt their own cause.

  42. When you’ve lost Nick Gillespie, you’ve lost America.

  43. So “white guys” get to “have” Kanye West? I’m not sure what that means, but it has the cadence of a joke. The joke being that viral video talking people dislike a particular black man so “white guys” get to have him. This seems like the type of humor that the left would shame out of existence.

    My conclusion is that the left is starting to loosen up and won’t clutch their pearls over every attempt at humor.

    1. The last statement also had the cadence of a joke, by the way.

  44. So, MTV has decided to tell us that being a straight white male is square. They know that because they heard as much from a middle aged college professor. And everyone knows that middle aged college professors are truly hep cats. They know where it’s at. And if you don’t agree, you’re just a jive turkey.


  45. Everyone is reminiscing about the early days of MTV.

    This is what I remember – (random choice in music) MTV wasn’t even a glimmer in John Lack’s eye.

    When I think of MTV this is who comes to mind:

    On Topic – They aint called useful idiots for no reason

    1. Can’t see the Martha Quinn reference without being reminded of…

      1. Don’t remember hearing that one, but I must say, the bright acoustic guitar didn’t really match the vocal intro… with his voice, it really needed something a little more George Thorogood and the Destroyers.

    2. You talk about the golden age of MTV and you don’t mention Kennedy?

      1. I liked Kennedy just fine and still do but ty the time she came along I was worn out on MTV and didn’t watch much. Martha was my first love.

      2. I never liked Kennedy much on MTV. Never found her look appealing and she just seemed kind of bitchy.

        1. She was nerdy before nerdy was cool.

        2. Back then, I’d agree – now, she’s looks fine to me (she’s on Fox News Channel).

        3. Back then, I’d agree – now, she’s looks fine to me (she’s on Fox News Channel).

      3. I was a young whippersnapper during the golden age of MTV. Kennedy, grunge music, and Beavis and Butthead. Good times.

    3. “Wrapped up like a douche, another rubber in the nite.”

    4. Here’s a simple, cost-free experiment. 1. Turn of the teevee. After your mind kicks in you will notice that everyone around you is still stuck in a Three Stooges episode–except the ones that have turned theirs off too.
      Step 2 is to open a book…

  46. “Try to recognize that America was never ‘great’ for anyone who wasn’t a white guy”

    I’m ~sure~ there’s some Amerindian out there who thinks at some point in time in their tribe’s history America was “great”.

    1. What was the average lifespan of pre-columbian injuns? What were their chances of ending up on a spit over some other tribes fire? If we had a time machine and could send today’s indians back I am pretty sure they would agree that today’s America is pretty great.

      1. As long as they don’t have to live on one of the shittier reservations.

        1. Only 22% of the American Indian population live on reservations. The vast majority have integrated into the wider society at large.

  47. Maybe (((Viacom))) is in the tank for Trump.

  48. “..I know that am unforgiveably white and rich…”

    Just how much does this gig pay?

  49. The MTV thing is just more proof they lack intellectual and moral principles.

    It’s just straight up racism rooted in ignorance masking as ‘enlightened social justice’.

  50. Yet I come from people who 100 years ago were not considered white …

    It seems there are many on both the Left and Right that want to take us back there.

  51. Are they defending cop-killing with their attacks on Blue Lives Matter? I understand that blue is not a race so it is not exactly analogous, but their lives do matter. Both BLMs are a mixed bag.

  52. just because you have black friends doesn’t mean you’re not racist

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

  53. I think this video was primarily made for people who already agree with them because those that disagree will not respond positively to the condescending tone.

    1. The “woke” comment is definitely addressed at the people trying to agree with them. The left targets its own all the time for not being sufficiently progressive

  54. This article (I meant, unreadable mumbling) by Nick Gillespie is a shining proof that Reason needs a new editor. Currently, Reason does not deserve its name. The stuff that gets posted here is pathetically stupid and boring. John Stossel, please save us!

    1. Reason has a new editor. Though I guess nick is still online editor or something like that.

  55. I hate NYC Nazis.

  56. MTV doesn’t think their audience is irredeemably racist. MTV’s audience likes to think that everyone else in society is irredeemably racist except them: the good guy. These are the same people who think they’re better than everyone else because they voted for a black guy last time.

  57. Nick. you see the nonsense of the Progressives but on other points you are wrong. Trump won because he saw some things clearly and because Clinton refused to see them at all. Take the recent terrorist attack in Berlin for example. Trump correctly said that it was part of a worldwide Jihad. Clinton would never have said that.

  58. This was bad, but not as bad as Francesca Ramsay’s videos on white privilege that were done on MTV. I love the one were she very condescendingly explains that black people can’t be racist. I’m pretty sure she disproves her own theory via personal example.

  59. Being lectured to by racists about being more inclusive, how ironic.

  60. This is what happens when we don’t teach history and when we do much of it is biased. A generations of imbeciles.

  61. One Youtube user decided to post a politically incorrect parody.

    1. Oops, wrong clip, here the correct one…I hope.

  62. Eh, nothing to see here, except the pimple remedy commercials.

  63. Whole swaths of corporate America?especially in the entertainment industry?seem utterly convinced that their audiences are irredeemably stupid, racist, homophobic, and beneath contempt.

    Actually, the opposite. They’re convinced that their target demographic will respond favorably to SJW contempt of whites. And I wouldn’t be so sure they are wrong.

    I don’t think most of us are their target demographic. The Geezer Jacket sure isn’t. He’s their uncouth, unwoke uncle.

    Although there is growing pushback to SJW claptrap, all the numbers I see tell me that younguns lap this shit up with a spoon. Generation Snowflake appears to be Hate Whitey Maoists.

    Now get offa my lawn!

  64. The NYT really tweeted this?

    Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Md., this month.
    Dear America, Why Did You Let Us Down?
    To the rest of the world, the election of Donald Trump feels like a sudden plunge after a gradual decline.

    They referred to the Obama regime as a “gradual decline.” PROGRESS!

  65. Lol, this isn’t new. Gamergate was caused by people doing that with the gamers are dead articles. 2 years of this bull

  66. Who the f@#k still watches MTV? That channel sucked even back in the 90s. F@#king retards. Oh I’m sorry, did I trigger you? Hahahaha! F@#k all race hustlers.

  67. Well, the overwhelming response to this ‘video’ on their twitter feed is extremely negative. Which is a good thing.

    I was even pleasantly surprised to see a number a few known actors (from shows I watch) and musicians who were staunchly against this video (with comments such as “This is incredibly racist.” and “Good job MTV. Make the racial divide even worse.”

  68. Great article, and super on point! I have to just disagree with the open boarders part, I’m all for for easy movment among our north and south american neighbors, we just have to stop meddling in the middle east first, then, lighten up the borders.

    1. Another religious fanatic who can’t spell borders hasn’t read the LP platform. Our platform says: “…we support control over the entry into our country of foreign nationals who pose a credible threat to security, health or property. ”
      When not bullying pregnant women, Ron Paul’s party says: “That is why we support building a wall along our southern border and protecting all ports of entry. The border wall must cover the entirety of the southern border and must be sufficient to stop both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. ”
      Ask yourself: which plank sounds more like Christian National Socialist Germany?

  69. This is why I cut the cord and don’t read newspapers. Not out of political protest, but because newspapers and channels like MTV suck.

    I’ve not seen MTV in years (decades?). I remember when they were cool. Instead of giving these clueless fart-clowns a platform, don’t they have something better to do like show A-Team and Greatest American Hero reruns?

  70. I have fond memories of early MTV in all its sexy, big-haired, jump-cut, bizarrely-animated, cheerfully surreal glory.

    Music videos didn’t have to make sense. You could turn it on any time and see something you’d never seen before.

    Remote Control. Liquid Television and its spinoffs. And of course having a massive nerd-crush on Kennedy.

    Obviously, today MTV pretty much exists in name only, but it was fun while it lasted, and I’m just happy it happened.

  71. Loosers are FBI and obama,what are they going to do about it.He is still the president ?!
    get a real job thumb sucking babys

  72. It’s a ridiculous video, but the only thing that’s going to get Trump re-elected is his performance in office. Oh, and Republicans? Knock it off with the victory dances. The country is split down the middle. You need to recognize it just as much as the idiot Democrats do.

  73. The sort of thing from liberals that has produced this:

    “Republicans don’t have near as big a woman problem as Democrats have a man problem.” WSJ

  74. And predictably, the left doubles down on stupid.

    I’m good with that.

  75. The libertarian moment was never a thing.

  76. I had to go to college to learn that the Mexicans and the Arabs that I grew up with in my blue collar town weren’t “white.” They didn’t seem to know otherwise, either. The idea was particular confusing to my Italian-American father, whose skin was darker than theirs. Education, people!!

  77. Glad to see Groovus here! hope all is well. I haven’t posted in so long, I see I need to update my handle.

    Hope everyone has an Agile Cyborg Christmas and White Indian New Year!

    #Also_FriedChicken #ImNotQuiteDeadYet

    1. +1 incoherent gamboling

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  79. “And that kicking off this libertarian moment by telling so many potential allies to shut the fuck up isn’t the best foot forward.”
    But the above quote is all that the dhimmiKKKrats have. If you are white , your a racist; if a veteran, you’re a baby killer; if a small business owner, an oppressor of the working man. Normal people are just tired of being vilified by pointy headed progtards.

  80. “And that kicking off this libertarian moment by telling so many potential allies to shut the fuck up isn’t the best foot forward.”

    Great article Mr. Gillespie! I look forward to more of these jerks (as others have already noted in the comments) digging their hole deeper. I hope they soon lose their audiences. Krugman and the NYT especially.

    I think the real battles will be Trump calling out RINOs for not voting as they promised, which has had a lot of great results by Cruz and Paul. Ryan and McConnell have reverted to being the tax collectors for the welfare/warfare state. Trump has been surprisingly libertarian so far, it seems almost as if he lied about it to get elected. But maybe I’m Hoping for Change. It won’t take long I think to see how he’ll be as president. I’m wary, but hopeful.

  81. The comment section has overdosed on member berries. Member old days MTV? Yeah, I member….

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