President Obama: Perception of Democrats as 'Latte Sipping, Politically Correct' Hurt Them

'People feel as if they're not being heard.'



In his final press conference as commander-in-chief, President Obama talked about how his administration handled Russia's alleged hacking of DNC emails and whether it cost Hillary Clinton the election.

He declined to speculate on the latter. He did, however, note that the perception of Democrats as out of touch—as "politically correct"—damaged the party's chances.

On the hack, Obama noted that the available intelligence indicates "the Russians were responsible." He was not prepared to state unequivocally that the Russian government was involved, however.

"My hope is that the president-elect is going to be similarly concerned with making sure we don't have foreign influence in our election process," he said.

The president said that it was up to the pundits to determine whether the hack had an impact on the election. The president defended the actions taken by his administration. He thought making a bigger issue of the hack during the campaign would have cast doubt on the outcome of the election—a bad thing for our democracy.

While Obama spent most of the press conference talking about Russia and Syria, he did take a minute to reflect on the fact that negative perceptions of out-of-touch Democrats worked against them in the election.

"People feel as if they're not being heard," he said. "Democrats are characterized as coastal liberal latte-sipping politically-correct out-of-touch folks."

The president said that Democrats "have to be in those communities" where voters felt like the party was too coastal, too elitist, too politically correct. "When we are in those communities, it makes a difference," he said. "It's how I became president."

Sen. Bernie Sanders understands that political-correctness-run-amok pushed people into the Trump camp. President Obama appears to understand that, too. When will the rest of the party admit it?

You can watch the rest of the press conference live here.

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  1. If we’re going to position our country’s President as “Leader of the free world”, then we’d probably better start accepting that the world’s going to want a say.

    1. Also, Russophobia is racist. Why give a racist a platform to spew his racist agenda?

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  2. Love this from Nick Gillespie this morning, The Five Stages of Losing an Election:”

    “Well, unless the Russians transformed Hillary Clinton into an unlikable, ideologically malleable, corrupt, inveterate fabricator over the past 30 years, the claims that the Russians stole an election should, like all other panics this season, be received with a giant dose of skepticism.”

    1. I think that The Jacket may be attempting to expel the fear and poison that has been in Gillespie’s veins since the election. If it succeeds, he’ll start sounding like a libertarian again. It’s a good thing, too. Some of us have missed him.

      1. Well, he finally got his FB name corrected, maybe that’ll help get him to normal.

      2. Still, it’s a good quote, be it from a heterodox libertarian or a heretic.

        1. Sure is.

    2. Wasn’t Gillespie. Was Harsanyi. I first read it on National Review Online.

      1. Yeah. Gillespie would have followed it up with a line about how both sides suck equally. He needs them both to suck equally or there is less of a case for a guy like Gary Johnson.

  3. “People feel as if they’re not being heard,” he said. “Democrats are characterized as coastal liberal latte-sipping politically-correct out-of-touch folks.”

    And since the election Democrats have been working overtime to prove that characterization true. They don’t really give a fuck if those people don’t feel heard. Those people are just supposed to STFU and do what they’re told by the enlightened and anointed. So the “solution” they are applying: do the same thing as before, but harder.

    1. When the Useful Idiots stop being idiots, they stop being useful. The DNC found that the painful way

    2. At least anecdotally I see no evidence to believe Progs (and that’s basically all of the Democratic party nowadays) intend to do anything other than double down. That the blue-collar, privileged, racist whites failed to elect the right person is just evidence that they’re totally correct in regarding them with scorn, contempt, and condescension.

  4. Hey, what’s wrong with sipping a latte?

    Those arugula eaters, on the other hand…

    1. And the kale. FSM help us all, the kale.

        1. I can handle kale (think ribollita), arugula, lattes, etc. But drinking the byproduct of a slime mold?

          That’s fucked up.

      1. Kale has it’s uses. It’s good in the right kind of soup. Or sauteed with garlic and olive oil until limp and splashed with soy sauce. But kale chips, or using it as a salad green are stupid ideas.
        I always grow way too much of it.

    2. wut? Arugula is the shit, yo. Especially when served under some sliced rare flank steak.

      1. Yeah, that was entirely a joke. I got no problem with arugula. But I remember a few years ago “arugula eating, latte sipping” was a popular description of the out of touch liberal elite.

        1. Those bastards have appropropriated muh arugula!

      2. Everything is the shit when it’s under a sliced rare flank steak. I’d eat tempeh under a sliced rare flank steak.

    3. Hey, what’s wrong with sipping a latte?

      It’s the mischaracterization that’s a the problem.

      The prefer hot chocolate.

      1. Heh.

        There had better be some whiskey in there.

  5. President Obama appears to understand that, too

    It is so inspiring.

  6. “He thought making a bigger issue of the hack during the campaign would have cast doubt on the outcome of the election?a bad thing for our democracy.”

    So, it’s a bad thing for our democracy to cast doubt on the outcome when you win, but not when you loose? Cause, that’s the only variable that seems to have changed.

    1. Maybe an underhanded swipe at Comey.

  7. President Obama appears to understand that, too.

    No he doesn’t. He just wants to blame everyone else for his complete ineptitude and idiocy. Most of the counties in the U.S. are being bled dry by regulations, and taxes. Obamacare and Dodd Frank are also destroying employment opportunities.

    Naturally he doesn’t want to bring that up. Because, being a narcissist, he will prefer death to admitting publicly that he fucked up, no matter how laughable his claims otherwise are. So he just blames everyone else for not “being there” in those communities, as if the counties that Hillary didn’t win were full of people who just wanted to see a politician in the flesh to know they cared rather than people suffering.

    1. This! One hundred percent! They could’ve trotted out Bill “I feel yore pain” Clinton himself in coal country, and it wouldn’t have made a bit of difference. Impudent peasants that they are.

      1. Yeah, I’m getting tired of Democrats saying they didn’t “do enough for the people in flyover country.” We don’t want you to do anything for us other than get the hell out of our lives. That’s a bridge too far for the hard left, which dominates the Democrat party these days.

  8. Even after 8 years, whenever I hear what he says, I usually end up thinking, “that is a weird guy with a weird view of the world.”

    It seems that the media and a lot of the electorate disagree, but whenever this guy gets down to pontificating, I can’t believe the stuff that comes out of his mouth.

    1. Obama is not the worst president in history (Wilson), and he’s not the worst person ever to become president (Clinton).

      But there’s no doubt that he is indeed the weirdest president in history with the weirdest background and the weirdest view of the world. That assessment has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is African American. That’s a first, of course, and a good thing ceteris paribus, but it isn’t weird per se.

      The second weirdest was probably Buchanan. However, the only bachelor president may not be as weird as his history seems since he wanted to be a one-term president and was delighted to see his last day in office.

      1. I could probably be convinced on Wilson being the worst president. Clinton is sketchy as fuck, but I think he’s got a lot of competition. If you are looking at personal life, he does seem like he probably deserves it, but who really knows what presidents got up to before such things were widely reported on?

        There have been a lot of major assholes as president. And terrible or evil in such a variety of ways. It’s tough to really rank them.

        1. Yeah, any pres in the J Edgar Hoover era probably had their personal foibles hidden from the public and used as blackmail material.

          Clinton is the sketchiest in the post-Nixon era, but that’s only a subset.

        2. I’ve always been a fan of FDR or maybe LBJ for that singular honor, with Wilson and Lincoln being close runners up.

      2. But there’s no doubt that he is indeed the weirdest president in history…

        At least for the next 35 days.

      3. However, the only bachelor president may not be as weird as his history seems since he wanted to be a one-term president and was delighted to see his last day in office.

        Wouldn’t this fact alone make him the weirdest president in US history? I mean, what president doesn’t want to serve a second term? That’s just unnatural for a politician.

      4. Obama is the first to weaponize whole agencies against his political opponents. Presidents have used IRS audits to harass other politicians in the past, but Obama is the first to use an agency against regular citizens.

        In my opinion, that puts him up there with Wilson as one of the worst.

    2. It’s all the sycophants he has around him. I think it’s a genuinely big problem that presidents are almost always surrounded with people who worship them, kiss their asses, or in the case of Clinton, suck them off. They end up with a distorted view of the world, themselves, and their opponents. Obama has had that problem more perhaps than any of his immediate predecessors.

      1. Agreed. Obama visited one of my company’s facilities a couple of years ago and we set up what basically amounted to a storefront for him. We make semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which involves huge, complex machines. So the production lines are often imperfect and messy. We made a fake production line for Obama, which was all streamlined and beautiful.

        He used to love our company, because one of our semiconductor products was thin films for solar panels. But we lost so much money on that dud, that our current CEO dropped our investment from 22% of revenue to just under 3% (thank god). That, plus the fact that we tried to merge with a Japanese company and incorporate in the Netherlands (a “corporate inversion” as the Obama administration calls it), and now Obama hates us.

        I guess we betrayed him after he was kind enough to grace us with his kingly presence.

  9. “Democrats are characterized as coastal liberal latte-sipping politically-correct out-of-touch folks.”


    1. *yes, that included lots of GOPublicans. its still funny for the patronizing giggles. This one provides a liberals-only version

      As for the latte-sipping, out-of-touchness…. Freddie DeBoer’s twitter provides a pretty comprehensive source of “perpetually bemoaning the epic-retardedness of his fellow liberals who care more about “feelings” than politics

      1. A montage =


        Beware of people talking about “solidarity” that’s linked to no specific constructive action.


        This is the state of Syria debate in America: the only thing that matters is Really Caring.


        It’s just incredible to me how basic lessons of hubris, the poverty of good intentions, and unintended consequences are already forgotten.


        Imagine if our media class had any priority at all other than “appearing cool and clever to other members of the media class.”

        Freddie @freddiedeboer

        Smart liberal: no one is saying she ONLY lost because of Russia
        Thousands of lunatic Dems: she ONLY lost because of Russia!


        9 AM: Our message is so good, we couldn’t have lost, must be Russkies
        12 PM: People in swing states should die of preventable disease

        Freddie ?@freddiedeboer

        Markos Moulitsas made his money writing “Bush? More Like Shrub” every day for 6 years and thinks coal miners don’t deserve health insurance

        1. Even though he’s not completely susceptible to groupthink, I can’t take this guy seriously.

          1. There is a inherent disclaimer regarding everything FdB says – which is “He also happens to be an unqualified commie”

            That said, being a *principled* commie means he’s constantly harping about the behaviors of the rest of the Left, which is predominantly unprincipled, intellectually dishonest, obsessed with social-signaling over actually policy-success, and convinced that their point-of-view somehow represents the Majority Opinion because they keep hearing their own terrible ideas echoed back to them by the media-class

            IOW, he might be wrong about politics, but he’s right as fuck about his peers.

      2. And Michele Obama says we are entering the Time of Hopelessness.

        Welcome to my world sister.

        1. Yeah, she can sit next to me and I’ll share my insights on how best to gag down the gruel we are served.

          What? You mean she isn’t being cast out to live with us little people?

    2. The amount of crow eaten by the talking heads IS immensely satisfying.

    3. FACT CHECK: NONE OF THOSE LIBERALS ARE DRINKING LATTES! Gilmore is a liar! Gilmore lies!

      1. Binders full of lies! Full. Of. Them.

  10. Listened to some of that.

    What an articulate, polished orator. The man is one glib motherfucker.

    “Errr, uhhh, ummm, errrr, ummmm….”

    Get that man a teleprompter.

    1. I’ve always thought that his qualifications for the job began and ended with, “pretty good at reading out loud.”

      1. I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.

        1. And, according to Clinton and Kennedy “A few years ago, Obama would be getting us coffee.”

      2. Jesus… no really, you should hear my eight-year-old! Puts that man to shame!

    2. Next year he’ll be sitting in for Lester Holt. No one will notice.

  11. He also tossed out the progressives’ pet whine about “Why does Wyoming get two Senators? That’s just as many as California or New York. THAT’S NOT FAAAAAIIIRRRRR!”

    1. Harvard doesn’t teach Con Law, then?

    2. Whenever he goes off script he ends up making points that most of us considered and discarded in high school.

  12. I don’t care about how they take their coffee, I care about their desire to use my money for it.


    1. …or to require that we must drink the same concoction…

  13. I’m sure that Obama’s speechwriters tested the phrase “coastal liberal latte-sipping politically-correct out-of-touch folks” with a flyover state focus group. It sounds about right, and it’s a sop to Trump Democrats and independents.

    But, he knows that, in reality, they didn’t vote for Hillary because they’re really bitter clingers.

    He’s just doing the “community organizing” thing. He has no respect for these people as individuals and only values them as a means to political ends.

    1. I want my guns and religion, and my cafe’ noir.

      1. You’re saying you like your presidents like you like your coffee, black and bitter?

    2. The progs are sipping soy lattes. Those are full of estrogen. That’s why prog men are such effeminate pussies. It leads to stuff like this:

      Obama: Look here Putin, I’m drawin this here red line. I dare you to cross it!

      Putin: *crosses line, looks at Obama with whimsical grin*

      Obama: Ugh… ummm, well… you better not do that again!

      Obama: There’s going to be serious consequences for that hacking, Putin!

      Putin: *silence*

      Obama: I mean it! You better cut it out!

      1. Of course, the Russians are hacking. And, maybe, just maybe, they hacked the DNC and leaked e-mails to WikiLeaks. And, if they did that, maybe (just maybe) they did it because they really, really don’t like Hillary.

        But, so what?

        But does anybody really think that the CIA doesn’t hack Russian, Chinese, German, British, Israeli, Botswanan, Bahraini, and Malawi communications? All state intelligence agencies attempt to hack each other’s communications.

        And, does anybody really think that the US government doesn’t use information gleened from CIA hacking to influence foreign elections. Two absolutely undeniable cases demonstrate US interference in foreign elections: 1) Obama actively tried to get Netanyahu unseated in Israel; and 2) Obama actively tried to defeat Brexit. He was quite public interfering in those elections. Then, there’s the widely reported US covert interference in Ukraine and Egyptian politics, and all the US-sponsored, trouble-making NGOs. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I reckon that the US interferes in more foreign elections than Russia does.

        This whole story about Russian hacking US elections is just silly. There is absolutely no evidence of hacking the election. There is merely suspicion that, perhaps, at worst, the Russians publicized information that their state intelligence operatives obtained in their normal course of operations to influence US voters. Are we supposed to believe that voters vote best when they vote uniformed?

        1. Are you suggesting the Obama Administration interfered with Ukranian politics?

        2. I agree. I think that the administration is jealous because they seem to lose when they do it.

        3. I think it was WaPo but in one article I read the constant refrain in the comments was “why are you a traitor to the Russians?” I kid you not.

      2. Obama foreign policy: “Speak loudly and carry a little stick.”

        Really though, if he didn’t ‘talk tough’ so much and dabble in regime change, he might actually have ended up looking like a committed non-interventionist and, at worst, someone quixotically devoted to preventing dangerous conflict. Instead he made himself look like highfalutin perpetually bluffing coward.

  14. Why is it for the Pundits to decide? Who elected them to be high priests of Knowing Stuff?

    1. The pundits anointed themselves, of course, They anoint themselves nightly, in fact.

      1. Euphemisms, how I do love thee.

        1. But how do I love me is a better question. And maybe the frequency.

  15. Look, Obama. Every single thing that you and your leftist buddies do, hurts you. You movement has never had any success in changing things for the better. This crap has been going on more than 100 years now and it’s just been one disaster after another. Progsplaining this to the rednecks is going to make it worse. And don’t pretend you’re going to stop doing it. You’re going to double down, it’s who you are.

    1. … like Gollum and the ring.

  16. On the hack, Obama noted that the available intelligence indicates “the Russians were responsible.” He was not prepared to state unequivocally that the Russian government was involved, however.

    Just like the “Chinese were responsible” for hacking Selina Meyer’s twitter account?

    1. That show really is the closest thing to reality in political fiction, I think.

      I have no idea where the plot goes from here, but I’m keen to find out.

  17. “In his final press conference as commander-in-chief,”

    Is this a promise?

    1. I really hate presidents being referred to as “commander-in-chief” in non-military contexts, by non-military people (like, pundits and news anchors referring to the president as “our” commander-in-chief”). The Republicans really started pushing this with Bush II – I remember Sean Hannity (who I used to like) saying it A LOT. Maybe I’m just yelling at kids to get off my lawn, but it just rubs me the wrong way.

      I guess I should note that I’m a Republican and a retired Marine.

      1. That’s actually a great point. I think it speaks to the current thinking that the executive branch is far above all others.

        As I tell the kiddo all the time, every word in a sentence matters. So when you use language stronger than necessary it is telling a story, and everyone should pay attention to those specific unwarranted words.

      2. That bugs me too, but not quite as much as that “leader of the free world” canard.


        1. If you don’t acknowledge him as your leader, you’re not free, which means he’s not violating your freedom when he comes over to make you free, whether you like it or not.

  18. President Obama appears to understand that, too.

    The only thing that nitwit understands is that his “legacy” is on the fast track to the shithouse.

    1. This. I don’t know what the ACA will look like in three years, if there’s anything remaining of it, but Obama is doing an excellent job of making Jimmy Carter look like Pericles.

  19. Sen. Bernie Sanders understands that political-correctness-run-amok pushed people into the Trump camp. President Obama appears to understand that, too. When will the rest of the party admit it?

    I’m guessing it’s easy for Obama to admit this because everything I hear on the street, the Obamas don’t think highly of the Clintons. You know, just what I hear over at the water cooler and all.

    1. i’ve been hearing rumblings that the administration knew of alleged Russian interference and hacking well before the election…is it possible that the real reason he did nothing wasn’t because he suspected Clinton would win and didn’t think it mattered, but because he figured she might lose as a result, and wanted her defeat to be the ultimate screw you to someone he has never liked in the first place?

      1. I’ve heard it speculated (maybe here, I forget) that he didn’t want to mention the Russians because doing so might piss them off and put his Iran deal (and any arrangement that might be made about Syria) in jeopardy.

        Now that Obama’s successor has lost and his legacy is on the way out, he doesn’t have any reason to care about US relations with Russia going forward. Not his problem anymore.

    2. No, Obama himself said that Hillary is “likeable enough”.

    3. The difference is…

      President Obama is a flaming progressive trying to masquerade as a moderate.

      Hillary Clinton was a moderate trying to masquerade as a flaming progressive (and lying through her teeth to do it).

      1. In fairness, she’s just a flaming progressive that is past her prime. In the last 30 years the party moved so far left that she was left as a moderate.

        1. I don’t think Hillary has held sincere beliefs in the last 30 years. She would’ve tried to pretend to be Margret Thatcher if she thought it’d get her into the White House.

  20. “Democrats are characterized as coastal liberal latte-sipping politically-correct out-of-touch folks.”


  21. “Democrats are characterized as coastal liberal latte-sipping politically-correct out-of-touch folks.”

    Well, no – it’s the leftists who’ve taken over the Democrat party who are characterized as free-range, fair-trade, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, non-cisgendered latte-sipping politically-correct mom’s-basement-dwelling unemployed over-educated-in-meaningless-bullshit smug condescending self-righteous entitled little shits who’re presuming to tell older, wiser, self-supporting adults who actually have experience in the real world what’s what.

    Like, for example, Barack Obama. You ever had a real job in your whole life, you smarmy prick? One where you had to do real work and at the end of the week sit down with your paycheck and try to figure out which bills were getting paid and which ones were going to have to slide and whether your kids were getting new sneakers or a winter coat because there damn sure wasn’t enough money for both? You ever shopped at the Food Outlet or a dollar store, scrounged change out of the couch cushions for gas money, ate a ketchup sandwich because that’s all there was, had to write a bad check to the electric company to keep the lights from getting cut off?

    Then don’t sit there and lecture me about what we as a society “need” to do, I’ve had “needs”, buddy, and your bullshit’s waaay down the list, somewhere between “a hole in my head” and “the new Justin Beiber album”.

    1. No Shit. Up until about the point where he became a US senator I know dozens of people – myself included – who’s resumes would have stacked higher than anything Obama had done until that point in time. There’s nothing remarkable about Barack Obama before the Daley Machine picked him as one of their products.

  22. isn’t the left screaming its the Russians fault without proof just as bad or worse then Trump talking to the leader of tawian

  23. So, what does it mean to be ‘responsible,’ but not involved? And how you can publicly threaten retaliation if you aren’t sure they were involved?

    1. Bush did it.

      Funny how everything was Bush’s fault but then Obama went ahead and doubled down on all of Bush’s policies anyway.

      1. Remember when Obama repealed the Patriot Act? lol

        1. Yeah, right before he closed Gitmo!

  24. “negative perceptions of out-of-touch Democrats”

    Perceptions? How about observations.

  25. “Democrats “have to be in those communities””

    Oh they’re there (another example of how out of touch Obama is that if doesn’t know that), we ignore them in our communities as well because they’re idiots.

  26. “People feel as if they’re not being heard,”

    Oh we hear you. We just wish you would STFU.

  27. Russia’s alleged hacking of DNC emails

    If you wanted to play journalist, you might have mentioned what Assange said about his source
    Assange: Our Source is not the Russian Government

    1. Oddly enough, the Washington Post and the New York Times are not reporting this. I wonder why…

      1. This will be the second time in two months both of those august defenders of truth and justice have lied either through omission or implication, at least that I’ve noticed.

  28. My hope is that the president-elect is going to be similarly concerned with making sure we don’t have foreign influence in our election process,

    The most obvious Russian “influence” on the election is Putin handing Obama and Clinton their asses in Syria.

    Shown to be incompetent in front of the entire world.

    1. Could be worse. Could be in denial when your own intelligence agencies are telling you in meetings you do not attend.

  29. Trump didn’t storm the stage and grab the mike at Obama’s final press conference? What a cuck.

  30. To answer your question about when the Democrats will understand that is hopefully never. The Democrat party for the last 150 years is exactly what is wrong with this country. From taking the education system from #1 in the industrial world to almost last. From destroying almost every major city that they control. From major voter fraud across this country for the last 100 years. From the KKK and Jim Crow laws to all the rioting throughout the US the Democrat Party is little more than a cancer that needs to be eradicated.

    1. the Democrat Party is little more than a cancer that needs to be eradicated.

      You can’t deal with statist, racist, or cronyist political beliefs by eradicating parties; that just drives them underground. The case against these policies needs to be made every election. Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

      1. Which is why libertarians prefer the Republicans. Debt and deficits shall cease to matter once again on Jan 20, 2017. Eight years of faux outrage is a bit much anyway for libertarians.

        Out goes tax and spend.
        In comes borrow and spend.

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  32. The president said that Democrats “have to be in those communities” where voters felt like the party was too coastal, too elitist, too politically correct. “When we are in those communities, it makes a difference,” he said. “It’s how I became president.”

    You became President because you had NO background to hide. Because you said the right things, and because of white guilt.

  33. Hmmm, so Obama figured out that disliking “political correctness” motivated people to vote for a candidate who very specifically opposes it? That’s some ivy league level detective work.

  34. Perception or reality? A perception is hard to cover up when people see it everyday.

  35. The democratic party is not wholly the latte sipping, triggered, etc. pussy progressive, but the democrats have let the progressives run the show

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  38. At about the point when the freaking supreme court of the country had to waste its time helping a sexually confused 17-year-old decide which bathroom he should use was when a majority of Americans figured that your politically correctness machine had clearly jumped the shark.

    Living in Japan, I was glad that issue was so impossible to translate, and thus was never seen in the press here, that I never had to explain WTF was going on to any Japanese in my social circle.

  39. Perception?

  40. Sen. Bernie Sanders understands that political-correctness-run-amok pushed people into the Drumpf camp. President Obama appears to understand that, too. When will the rest of the party admit it?Hopefully when they realize it to be true, and not merely be politically correct when they utter it.

    Someone peddles the nonsense that unemployed for decades Drumpf supporters were insulted by the political correctness and instead preferred the pussy grabber, and not because he promised that they’ll be working their butts off.

    Political correctness is simply an appropriation by the violators of incivility to be bigoted and not face consequences.

    1. Grbl, grbl, blah, blarg….piss off troll.

    2. Grbl, grbl, blah, blarg….piss off troll.

    3. “violators of incivility”
      What? I mean, I can gather the meaning behind ‘violate civility’, even though it’s a stupid sentence, but how does one violate incivility? Is that like being the only person on Pirate Island who refuses to steal?

      1. ^Comments like this are why I keep coming back to read them. Bravo sir, bravo.

  41. I suppose that it would be expecting too much self-awareness and candor for him to have said that the perception of Democrats as racist, elitist, arogant, lying, criminal mofos hurt them……

  42. Ok, so he gets it, but too little, too late. And, even if he had gotten it seven years ago, would it have changed his agenda? (No)

  43. 31 more days and this braggart, narcissistic individual will be out there selling his speeches to the liberal latte sipping dimmowatts.

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