Election 2016

Liberal Celebrity Videos Failed to Stop Donald Trump, But Trump's Victory Has Failed to Stop Liberal Celebrity Videos

Martin Sheen, Moby, and others beg "Hamilton Electors" to stop Trump from taking the White House in earnest, incoherent video.


Playing the president too many times has gone to Martin Sheen's head.
Unite for America

The 2016 presidential election featured no shortage of celebrity-studded viral videos, including Joss Whedon's overwrought haranguing of third party voters, the cast of The Avengers getting all sincere, and Lena Dunham pulling her pants off in solidarity with Hillary Clinton.

Just because that strategy failed miserably in stopping the election of Donald Trump hasn't prevented a rag-tag group of performers (including alumni of The West Wing, M*A*S*H*, and 1990s pop electronica) from making one last attempt at a viral video directed at the 538 Electoral College electors.

Led by Martin Sheen under the banner Unite for America, the cast of semi-recognizable celebrities cites Alexander Hamilton's edict that electors should vote for someone who is "to an eminent degree, endowed with the requisite qualifications" to be president. They urge electors to "vote their conscience" and "change the course of history," promising that they will be "American heroes."

The copy-readers make very clear that they're not asking Republican electors to vote for Hillary Clinton, just anyone who is not Trump. But even if 37 electors were so moved by this video that they deny Trump the 270 votes he needs to clinch the presidency, such a move does nothing to stop him from taking office.

As I reported for Reason, there are a number of roadblocks to prevent an electoral college coup from taking place. Each state's secretary of state could simply refuse to certify his/her state's electoral votes, which will hold up the vote in Congress, but only for a certain amount of time. Eventually, the vote will go to Congress, where the GOP-dominated body will elect Trump.

Whoever wrote the text for this video doesn't appear to understand the process, or they would be asking all Republican electors to vote for a supposed "good Republican" candidate (John Kasich's name, inexplicably, is the one most bandied about).

Instead, the message of this video is that if only 37 Republican electors refuse to vote Trump, the nightmare is over. That's simply not the case. As early as July's Republican National Convention, the anti-Trump forces of the GOP began to fall in line behind the party's nominee, and now that Trump is president-elect, there's nothing to indicate a Republican congressional revolt is being hatched to keep Trump from assuming the office of the presidency.

At the very least, perhaps this is the last of the earnest 2016 election videos. Feel the incoherent sincerity below:

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    1. Just the tip.

    2. I don’t think the commentariat has ever gotten credit for providing Reason with its juiciest links.

  1. If I thought it would have stopped celebrity political adds I would have voted for Trump. The world could burn under his watch but if he accomplished that he’d be a legendary hero.

  2. This sort of thing almost makes me wish I were a GOP Elector. I’d offer them a deal. I’ll flip my vote to Hillary if you are each willing to leave the country, renounce your citizenship, and sign a confession admitting to treason. Since this is a matter of the life and death of the republic and not just a bunch of spoiled elitists trying to subvert an election result they don’t like, surely leaving the country and never returning would be a minuscule price for them to pay for saving our very republic…

    1. I like the way you think, sir!

    2. They’re progressives. You need to have them do it first.

    3. I’d be more explicit: Shoot yourself in the mouth in front of me, and I will change my vote.

    4. Observe that “eligible” is the new code for “non-libertarian.” The thing these cowardly pukes fear is conscientious Democratic electors cutting their losses by handing electoral votes to Gary. A regular LP spoiler vote is worth 6 to 36 votes wasted on looters (by simple division). So our 4 million votes (same as Virginia) ought to be worth 13 electoral votes, each worth… 308,000 sucker votes. Five electoral votes (same as NM) would give us the law-changing clout of at least nine million sucker votes wasted on the kleptocrats, and at most as many as 55 million votes.
      The Dems would still lose their gubmint paychecks, and hand in the till, but women’s self-ownership would be secure, and prohibitionist wars shooting kids over hemp would be history in a hurry. The Millerite “Great Disappointment” of the global warming fraud will still occur, but that prophesy of doom is the reason they lost. Superstition is expendable, but freedom ain’t.

  3. 1990s pop electronica

    Ace of Base or gtfo.

    John Kasich’s name, inexplicably, is the one most bandied about).

    Remember, The Roots were too vulgar for him.

    1. And Fargo needed to come down off the Blockbuster shelves because Kasich found it upsetting.


    2. If the rumors are true, Ace of Base is probably pro-Trump

      1. Doubt it, his daughter’s a Joo.

        1. Doesn’t seem to bother a lot of the alt-right.

  4. Vote for Paul Ryan! Then America will finally be united!

    1. Who? Izzis another ku-klux christianofascist?

  5. I said it in the morning linx, but I wonder if they would start supporting Trump if 37 electors voted for Rand Paul.

    1. It wouldnt matter. No one gets majority of the whole, the House votes. And the GOP controls the House. They wont vote for Rand.

    2. The looter specification clearly said “electable.” That means NO LIBERTARIANS, not even fakes or impostors cross-dressing like rights-supporters.

  6. I do feel a little sorry for people who are surrounded by so many fawning enablers in their bubbles of wealth that they actually start thinking everybody cares what they think.

    They’re still annoying, but in a sad way.

    1. The “fawning enablers” is Maria, their middle aged maid who is happy to sit on the sofa (and get off her feet) for hours and listen to them expound about climate change and evil Kochs and other bullshit in a language she learned from watching ‘The Apprentice’.

      Maria gets paid $25 an hour.

    2. The problem is millions of sheep DO care. Thats why they get paid millions to endorse stuff.

    1. Putting Charlie in this would have greatly improved it, as he would have likely been snorting rails off a hooker’s ass in between his lines.

  7. …electors should vote for someone who is “to an eminent degree, endowed with the requisite qualifications” to be president.

    Wait, I thought they wanted Hillary Clinton.

    1. haha

      1. That’s how you zing someone.

        1. There’s an article on Bloomberg View from Jonathan Bernstein lamenting Trump’s many conflicts of interest and how awful it is no one can do anything about it. The same Bernstein who supported Clinton Foundation Taking money From Foreign Government Hillary Clinton.

          Hillary taking money from every fucking country in the Middle East wasn’t a problem. Trump slow-rolling unwinding himself from a lease he signed in 2014 is the end of the republic.

      2. The Dems who wrote their platform want an altruist looter dictatorship, like in Edward Bellamy books. Hillary is just the actress playing the role to sell men with guns shooting kids, asset-forfeiture, and econazis shutting down power plants. To them, those and more taxes are the main attraction.

  8. I’m Mr. Meeseeks. Look at me!!!

    Meeseeks were not born into this world fumbling for meaning.

    We are created to serve a singular purpose, for which we will go to any lengths to fulfill!

    Now vote against Trump, damn it!

    1. Can you help me take two stokes of my golf game?

      1. You’ve got to choke-up on the club.

    2. +1 Stickler Meeseeks

  9. Lets say they manage to flip enough electors to flip the election ro Hillary. What do these stupid fucks think is going to happen? That the 80+? geographical portion of the country is just going to accept that? Maybe all them scmucks in flyover country should shut down interstates 40 and 70.

  10. “You have my respect.” – Way to torpedo your own message.

    Anyway, will be more fun to watch him crash and burn. The only question is how many nukes will Trump & the Generals unleash before then.

    1. “Trump & the Generals”. Not a bad band name.

    2. *The only question is how many nukes will Trump & the Generals unleash before then.*

      Hyperbolic bed-wetters like you said that Reagan LITERALLY wanted to start a nuclear war.

      He ended up winning the Cold War without firing a shot.


  11. “Trump’s Victory Has Failed to Stop Liberal Celebrity Videos”

    You mean Trump hasn’t stopped those? I thought the whole point of this election was to tell these librul elitists off. You mean it isn’t going to shut them up? FUUUCCCKKK MEE!

    1. Silly AmSoc, he can’t line you and the rest of your fellow Marxists up against the wall for the “Hillary Treatment” until AFTER he takes over!

      1. Well, and he has t build a really big wall for that too.

      2. Pshaw. Like I’d support that counter-revolutionary warmonger. Bernie 2020!

        1. Not sure there is enough formaldehyde in all the world to preserve him that long.

            1. Bernie could make a comback by promising free Depends for everyone upset by Trump’s victory.

            2. One size fits all most.

    2. This is an ignoramus who shows up at a libertarian site and is AMAZED that no one here supports his murderous ideology.
      I mean there’s dumb, stupid, imbecilic and then we get asswipe here.

      1. Dude, it’s libertarians who are stupid. Libertarians are so stupid that they don’t understand they are really social conservatives. Everyone knows this except libertarians. amsoc is only doing a public service by telling libertarians what they really believe.

        1. Because he just KNOWS man. He just KNOWS. It’s good he’s here to tell us these things.

    3. See? There is the sort of looter that stands to gain by calling communists and nationalsocialists liberals.

  12. The same oracles that told us to “rock the vote” and that “every vote counts” and “your vote matters” are back again, this time with “fuck your vote!”

  13. If Trump had gotten the Democrat nomination on the wave of his protectionist policies instead, and had won in November that way, would we be having this conversation?

    1. Could Trump have overcome the rigged primary by playing 13D chess?

  14. Since nobody has said it yet, I will: Nice alt-text, Anthony.

  15. Whoever wrote the text for this video doesn’t appear to understand the process, or they would be asking all Republican electors to vote for a supposed “good Republican” candidate (John Kasich’s name, inexplicably, is the one most bandied about).

    Remember that Mitt Romney – moderate enough to get elected in Massachusetts, father of Romneycare, a RINO so liberal the GOP base wouldn’t support him – was literally Hitler. So was “Maverick” McCain, the guy applauded for his bipartisanship and willingness to reach across the aisle and work with his Democrat brethren, again a RINO the base wouldn’t support. And we won’t even go into Chimpy McBushitler, that guy was literally Hitler’s more evil retarded brother. So who’s a “good Republican” to these folks? Besides Abraham Lincoln. All the other dead Republicans?

    1. The “good Republicans” are only good until they run for president.

    2. So who’s a “good Republican” to these folks? Besides Abraham Lincoln. All the other dead Republicans?

      Winner. Winner. Chicken Dinner.

      Precisely. Dead Republicans are perfect for these guys because they can safely be co-opted. They won’t even contradict the narrative.

      1. MLK is the perfect dead Republican.

        1. It’s so sad how in a decade progs have just shit all over everything he stood for. So much for judging people on the content of their character

    3. Sure. Look at how they all love to say nice things about Reagan now that he’s long dead. When he was in office, he was the Antichrist.

      1. Liberals had a fit when Reagan put a wreath on a dead enemy’s grave in Bitburg, but they swooned when Obama bowed before a real life enemy.

        1. Liberals are not the same as communists. Ask a Brit, Canook or Aussie. Them folks speak real English, not the gross slang Bert Hoover’s pallbearers picked up from Hitler. Now, calling communists liberals sure says a lot about the speaker’s lack of wits.

  16. Hillary eats a sidewalk sandwich on her daily stroll, but The Donald is the one who lacks stability.

    1. The hag treats classified documents like her grocery list and Trump can’t be trusted.

      1. They sure we’re quick to defend the security of her yoga emails when push came to shove.

        Actions speak louder than words.

    2. Hillary eats a sidewalk sandwich on her daily stroll, but The Donald is the one who lacks stability.

      Pick a third candidate who belongs to the winning party but who lost so that the second biggest loser, not of the same party, can win. Also, rather than taking a risk setting a long stick on top of a plate where it might roll off, hold the stick vertically at the base and spin the plate on top of it. Stability achieved!

      1. Pick Gary Johnson as the only one with a party able to parlay spoiler votes into repeal and regime change, and hand him a mess of electoral votes instead of wasting them. Handing those votes to the revealed faith of Global Warming Millerites is the very essence of wasting votes. Their platform committee wanted men with guns to shut down out electric power and shoot and jail our kids over hemp seeds. The Dems could wake up, realize they’ve been had, hand Gary the votes and git a rope!

  17. They urge electors to “vote their conscience” and “change the course of history,” promising that they will be “American heroes.”

    Nothing says “heroic” like a bunch of party hacks and establishmentarian insiders getting together to serve up a heaping helping of “fuck you” to the American people.

    KNEEL BEFORE ZOD would at least be honest.

    1. “They urge electors to “vote their conscience” and “change the course of history,” promising that they will be “American heroes.””

      Don’t you like the assumption that Sheen’s choice in politicos is some how related to a general “conscience”?

    2. What are you talking about? Hillary won the popular vote. The EC has thwarted the will of The People. Duh.

      1. You mean, like when it elected Hillary’s Slick Willie?

    3. *KNEEL BEFORE ZOD would at least be honest.*

      More like Kneel before ZOG.

  18. “Trump on Russian hacking: ‘Why did they only complain after Hillary lost?'”
    Trump criticized the White House for waiting so long to address the issue and said the Democrats now care because their candidate lost.
    The CIA announced earlier this month that Russian hackers accessed the private email accounts of members of the Democratic National Committee and other notable Democrats, and leaked information to benefit Trump’s candidacy.”

    Last I hear, the CIA did nothing of the sort. Some anonymous D *claims* the CIA told people that.

    1. This is no time to report the truth! There’s a narrative to build. “STOLEN ELEKSHUN,.. RUSHAN HACKERZ… TRUMP IZ PUTIN’S BUTT BOY…”

      You get the picture.

  19. The tears were real.

    As the lights flickered off, Moby just sat, contemplative, considering the stage’s white-sheet backdrop, taking solace in the knowledge that here, at least, was one set of linens not destined to have eye-holes hacked into them with a pair of rusty Fiskars.

    Or might they? It was surely fate he’d had that Thule roof rack installed on the Cayenne. He felt for the tube of Blistex in his pocket as he rose from the floor.

    “I really think we’ve done it!”

    Martin’s tone was surprisingly matter-of-fact, given that this was the the day they’d saved The Republic. It really need not have been said; it was what they were all thinking: she’s really got a chance; we’ve brought her back.

    The security door swung open; it was the intern.

    “Should I pop the cork, or would one of you like to do the honors?”

    1. Are you a writer for House of Cards?

  20. For all the ills that can be attributed to social and mass media, one of the enormous benefits of it is that it has raised the curtain on celebrities. Gone is the star power and intrigue that existed in years past. You only need to follow a celebrity on Instagram/whatever else or watch one of those insipid gossip shows to see that the only thing that separates them from the people you interact with everyday is the fact that they get paid a lot of money to play pretend. Many of them are actually just plain boring. As such, their opinion and authority is on par with the annoying person who never shuts up about their opinions every time you see them. They’ve been entirely stripped of whatever influence they once possessed.

    1. Depends on the celebrity. Many still guard that privacy. Harrison Ford immediately comes to mind. Or Tom Hanks. But yeah. As far as the loser generations go, you’re right.

  21. Jeezuz… Hotlips looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet.

    Hot chicks in tight army pants was a thing in my junior high school.

    1. THAT’S who that is.
      Jesus, that is just horrifically botched. Leave that footage on the cutting-room floor.

      Where it can horrify and destroy all rodents and pests that trundle across it.

    2. *Hotlips looks like she was ridden hard and put away wet.*

      TBH she looked like that in 1978. There’s a reason only Frank Burns wanted it.

      1. Yeah but she did’t look like Frankenstein’s monster back then…

  22. These historically illiterate pinkos are imploring electors to forsake the results of the vote under one of the most fraudulent pretexts possible for individuals of their ideological ilk – observance of Constitutional doctrine.

    If they so thoroughly cherish the supreme law of the Republic that they would urge the invocation of a Constitutional safeguard, why did these miscreants openly advocate for the election of a proven traitor whose entire worldview is the antithesis of American republicanism and the texts which comprise its foundation?

    Anybody who can’t smell the bullshit is a fucking moron.

    1. And sadly there is no shortage of those.

    2. Well said, Thymirus.

  23. Even if these pinheads got their wish and 37+ electors did decide to vote for Kasich, and then the House elected Kasich over Trump, they would still bitch and moan because these fuckwits think that ALL RETHUGLIKKKANZ are literally Hitler. Oh sure, they may feign acceptance of Kasich for a couple of days, but it wouldn’t take them long at all to turn on him too. Because… HITLER…

    1. The GO–Pee platform is the nearest thing out there to Mein Kampf and the NSDAP 25 Points from the 1920s. But you have to actually read some of all three documents for the realization to become impossible to evade or blank out. If the Dems want to undo the loss their pandering to New Left econazis and fascist prohibitionists earned them, they could vote for Gary like Roger MacBride did in 1972. Nixon still got the bully pulpit, practiced genocide abroad and replayed Herbert Hoover at home. That one electoral spoiler vote was the death knell of the Prohibition Party/Go-Pee party coalition of superstitious hatred.

  24. Lena Dunham just didn’t get naked enough.

    1. Again.

      I propose a new rule: The words “Lena Dunham” and “naked” must be at least 5 words apart in any sentence…

      Goddammit, I just did it to myself…

      Seriously, I’m gonna get dehydrated.

      1. You need to replenish your electrolytes after all that ejaculating.

          1. It’s got what plants crave!

        1. Vomiting, not ejaculating. In fact, in addition to uncontrollable vomiting the thought of that hideous beast naked has also made my balls and my dick retract all the way up into my abdomen in terror.

      2. Lena Duhman, or so I am given to understand, got naked.

        1. You see, that’s much better. I can actually read that sentence and not get an involuntary mental image.

          1. You just have to leave at least five words between the terms.

            Eg, Lena Dunham, while whispering “you know you want some of this,” got naked.

        2. I’m under the impression that she masturbated furiously to get out the vote.

  25. There is no way in Hell that Congressional Republicans would vote for someone else other than Trump if the election went to the House. If you think the pitchfork crowd is angry now, then apoplectic wouldn’t come close to describing how angry they’d be if Trump lost the election after the fact.

    1. They might engage in some of that violence the left has been having an orgy of since Trump won.

      Only these people may actually have guns, and know how to use them.

  26. I wonder if these celebritards can articulate a distinction between “uniting for American” and “doing what we want.”

    1. I’ll never be able to listen to that lovely, classic song again without that image appearing in my brain. YOU BASTARD!


    So to recap:
    When we’re in charge – “The GOP are neanderthal, racist, trigger-happy nazis. Get behind us or GTFO.”
    When we’re assessing the election – “Why did all these neanderthal, racist, trigger-happy nazis vote for Hitler 2016?”
    When we are scrambling to overturn the vote – “We love and respect you, and think you’re the best. Howzabout you just revolt like we think you should and overturn the election results on a fucking technicality? Pretty please?”

    These fucking jackoffs really need to stop appearing on this visual sewage and stop giving me reasons to hate them. Odenkirk…really?

    Don’t stand with the electors, go stand in fucking traffic and put an end to all our anguish.

  28. Instead, the message of this video is that if only 37 Republican electors refuse to vote Trump, the nightmare is over. That’s simply not the case.

    It would be more ammo for the Narrative. It would be “proof” that Trump “stole” the election. So these ridiculous authoritarian pricks can spend the next four (or eight) years pretending that they’re not authoritarian pricks.

    1. Democrats failing to steal the election means a stolen election. Is this the 2000 version or 2016 version

  29. Martin Sheen starting to resemble Larry Bud Melman.


      if anything, Martin Sheen is making Joe Estevez look like the rational member of his siblings….

  30. Martin Sheen is just an errand boy sent by grocery clerks.

    1. Bill to be paid in diamonds shot through his forehead.

    2. And fake stockbrokers… in movies pretending asset-forfeiture looting had nothing to do with the Reagan/Bush/Waffen financial collapses and depressions…

  31. These people are sad and desperate. And Sheen seems downright twitchy.

  32. Lol Kasich, my proggie friend was all for him and then turned because he ‘hates women’.

    See anyone to the right of the far left will eventually be disregarded because they are sexist, racist, phobic blah blah blah

  33. Half of me thinks this is just him acting out all his regrets for not simply running for president after having played one on TV for so many years. He’d have probably won if he’d changed his name.

  34. Et Tu Saul Goodman?

  35. Whoever Loretta Switt’s plastic surgeon was, she should sue for malpractice…yikes!

    1. she’s now all lips and no hot.

  36. Oh Hot Lips, how the mighty have fallen!!!

    And as for you, Moby, you say, “I’m not asking you to vote for Hillary,” yet it takes all of a two second visit to your FB page to realize that you are lying.

  37. The Dems could still win in the electoral college, but it would require honesty. Five of their own electors could vote for Gary–like Roger MacBride in 1972. MacBride’s single vote for the Hospers-Nathan ticket of the Ayn Rand, Objectivist, repeal-victimless-nonsense laws, uninfiltrated by refugee Republicans, pro-choice LP forced the Nixon Suprema Corte to so decide Roe v. Wade as to stop the lynching of Planned Parenthood doctors. That single electoral spoiler vote changed history and enforced women’s individual rights. (See Eugene Register-Guard 12/30/73 Google News archives)
    The Dems got handed five electoral votes by Gary’s New Mexico alone. The LP turned the Dems’ fatal defenestration into a mere rout. So if women’s rights and stopping cops from killing youngsters as drug war fodder matter at all, the Dems can now make those statements by spitting on their prohibitionist econazi platform writers and handing the LP some electoral votes per the Penn Jillette vote-swapping barter system. Our 4 million votes are actually worth the 13 Virginia will cast, and Roger MacBride was the conscientious Virginia elector who changed history with a single vote in 1972, month before Roe v. Wade. THAT’s winning!

  38. I wish someone will do a parody of that video.

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