Leftist Students Shouted 'F*ck You B*itch' at the Gay Director of a Pro-Trans Movie, Boys Don't Cry

Reed College dean chides students for heckling, interrupting speaker Kimberly Peirce


Screenshot via Boys Don't Cry

There was a time not so long ago when the people shouting "fuck you bitch" at a gender-fluid gay filmmaker would have been bigoted right-wing conservatives. But because we currently live in the year 2016, the people who heckled Kimberly Peirce—director of Boys Don't Cry, a groundbreaking film about a transgender man—during her recent appearance at Reed College were far-left students.

The students hurled a litany of insults at Peirce, putting up posters that read "fuck your transphobia" and "you don't fucking get it" among other things. Worse, when Peirce ascended to her podium, students had placed a sign there. It read "fuck this cis white bitch." That Peirce is actually gender-fluid is quite beside the point.

The students' unbelievable rudeness crossed the line into a kind of censorship when Peirce tried to speak: the students simply shouted over her. Eventually they let her talk, but some students continued to yell things like "fuck your respectability politics" and "fuck you scared bitch."

You're probably wondering why the social justice left hates Peirce so much. Bear with me. She had come to campus to do a Q and A following the screening of her 1999 film, Boys Don't Cry. The film is an adaptation of the true story of Brandon Teena, who was born a woman but chose to identify and present as a man, and was murdered because of it. It's a heartbreaking love story that undoubtedly introduced countless Americans to the reality of anti-trans violence.

You're probably still wondering why the social justice left hates Peirce so much. Well, the film was ahead of its time in 1999, but in 2016 it's problematic. That's because the main character, Brandon, was played by Hilary Swank, a non-trans person. Students were also incensed at the idea of Peirce having profited from violence against trans people, which isn't a remotely accurate way to characterize things, but there it is.

Jack Halberstam, a University of Southern California professor who writes about queer issues and is friendly with Peirce, blogged about the uproar for Bully Bloggers, publishing pictures of the posters. Halberstam also made note of the students' criticisms of the film, but suggested that at the time Boys Don't Cry was released, trans people were often portrayed as "monsters, killers, sociopaths, or isolated misfits." It was revolutionary for audiences to see a trans person who was otherwise a typical twenty-something. Halberstam also pointed out that it would have been much harder to cast a trans person to play Brandon in 1999 than it is today.

But whether the criticisms of Peirce are legitimate is a separate matter. Her movie is important, and was worth screening on campus.

A spokesperson for Reed College confirmed the posters and the heckling, which he attributed to a handful of students.

"It has sparked a lot of debate on campus," the spokesperson told Reason.

Dean of Faculty Nigel Nicholson, to his credit, penned a strongly-worded statement in the campus paper:

The actions that I saw were not animated by the spirit of inquiry or the desire to learn that usually animates Reed audiences. The students had already decided what they thought, and came to the Question-and-Answer session to make their judgments known, not to listen and engage. Some brought posters bearing judgments and accusations. Others asked questions, that, while grammatically questions (that is, they ended with question marks), were not animated by a genuine desire to explore a question, but rather sought to indict the speaker. It felt like a courtroom, not a college.

Some students sought to dominate the space, and to take control of the space away from the speaker.

I was deeply embarrassed and ashamed of our conduct, and I hope that as a community we can reflect on what happened and make a determination not to repeat it.

Would anyone deny that the students' actions amounted to harassment, at least under the current Title IX understanding of the term? Was this not, at the very least, a bias incident? For a group of students who were ostensibly concerned about hatred directed at trans people, their own language was remarkably hateful.

Reed College, by the way charges, $50,000 a year for tuition. The opportunity to scream insults at a queer film director whose perspective is mildly different from today's leftist students is certainly an expensive privilege.

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  1. Annnndddd….this is why Trump won

    1. Annnndddd….this is why Trump won

      Therefore, in an earlier era, they would have been called, by some, “objectively fascist.”

  2. Christ, can these people EVER be satisfied?!?! Starting to think that find a reason to be aggrieved is THE end in itself with these precious little fags….

    1. Hammer, meet nail head

    2. How else can they enliven their pointless, hollow existence except by finding people to caricature and hate?

      1. Exactly! They have very little to worry about, so they instead choose to worry over others. They have too much free time on their hands.

    3. and i thought libertarians didn’t get along!

        1. I’m not your buddy, guy!

          1. He’s not your guy, pal!

            1. He’s not your pal, buddy!

    4. Would there be a heckler-denouncing e-mail like that one sent out had the speaker been right-of-center?

      The only thing they feel bad about here is that they attacked one of their tribe unwittingly.

      1. I am an alum and know the administration well. The answer, honestly, is probably yes, as hard is that is to believe. The administration is very big on decorum and free inquiry and (at least before this year) would regularly bring right-of-center folks to campus – not Milo types, but certainly right-of-center professors and the like.

    5. Cult 101. In order to act this way you have to be miserable – or at least feel completely unfulfilled – yourself as an individual. So you seek common cause in groups. Misery loves company they say, no?

      I’m no social behavioural expert but this is just cult like behaviour.

      1. I agree — no “social justice” in their behavior whatsoever. To characterize these students as representing the “Social Justice Left” is flattering them and insulting those who for years have worked on issues of social justice from a liberal or progressive viewpoint while collaborating and respecting others working on the same issues from a right or conservative viewpoint. The behavior of these students nauseates me. I was a young, impulsive liberal arts student and Queer activist, too, and recall my own zealousness with wry humor and mild embarrassment, but never did I, nor any of my peers ( with one hoodlum-y exception) attack others with these kind of hateful, baseless, silencing, and even threatening, statements. Even as young impetuous college students, we knew that there was, and is, a difference between being provocative to raise visibility and push at the edges of the status quo and insulting and attacking those who paved the way for us, or to anyone, whether we agreed with them or not. Those Reed students might have some legitimate perspectives to share, but smacking people around with hateful and silencing language and actions is not sharing, which implies an openness to respectful dialogue. I hope their peers will let them know how much they shamed their school by their behavior. I sound just like the middle-aged grandma I am. Sigh.

        1. Summary: They eat their own.

    6. I’m pretty sure it ends with deathcamps, execution squads, and all wrong-thinkers being “removed” from society.

      1. Kinda hard to do when we both out-man and out-gun the idiots.

    7. Christ, can these people EVER be satisfied?!?!

      Only in the same why any other bully can be satisfied, with a punch in the mouth. I’m not advocating such. But, let’s stop pretending they’re people with some sort of valid complaint that reasonable people can address. They’re not. Their complaints are a pretext for attacking you and forcing you to act at their command. It’s not justice, social or personal, that they want. It’s obedience. For obedience’s sake.

      Ignoring them long enough might get them to calm down. After a while. And only after they got even more aggressive (probably violent) in trying to assert their dominance. On the other hand, if they actually were to ever encounter the kind of thugs they’re all too happy to portray everyone else as being, it would be amazing how quickly they submitted with their tails between their legs.

      1. “Only in the same why any other bully can be satisfied, with a punch in the mouth. I’m not advocating such.”

        I will! Line these tyrants up! They may reconsider shouting down anything they don’t deem ‘ok’ if they had their marbles rattled a few times for their tyranny.

    8. Christ, can these people EVER be satisfied?!?!

      Of course not. This isn’t about the movie, or the director, or anything else but the snowflakes craving for attention despite being utterly devoid of any value to offer for that attention.


  3. Reed College, by the way charges, $50,000 a year for tuition.

    And their graduates are worth every penny and more to employers.

  4. The film is an adaptation of the true story of Brandon Teena, who was born a woman but chose to identify and present as a man, and was murdered because of it. It’s a heartbreaking love story

    The love between a woman and her penis?

    1. Oh I see now, Wikipedia does a much better plot summary than Robby.

    2. now that’s a hell of a breakup!

  5. Campus sjws heckle people they don’t like. Shocking.

    Btw what the hell does “gender-fluid” mean? Whichever one she(?) feels like at any given moment?

    1. It means I’m whatever you want me to be.

      1. I’m getting strangely aroused…

        1. “Strangely” is the ONLY way to be aroused, if Crusty is involved.

      2. “You are an obsession
        You’re my obsession
        Who do you want me to be
        To make you sleep with me
        You are an obsession
        You’re my obsession
        Who do you want me to be
        To make you sleep with me”

        1. I want you to be my Precious Pet Snoogy-Woogums Politically Correct Puppet-Slave, and validate my every thought and feeling! Else you are a NAZI Kochster-monster!!!

    2. what the hell does “gender-fluid” mean?

      I identify as Balvenie 21 Year Old PortWood Finish Scotch, and I refuse to be judged.

      1. It’s times like this that I wish Reason had a better commenting system so that you could reap your deserved upvotes.

      2. I identify as an A-10 Warthog because sometimes you’ve got to BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT!

    3. I think it’s a nicer sounding term for splooge.

    4. Pretty much. But that’s not really relevant to the story.

      1. Randy: Excuse me sir, there’s been a little problem in the cockpit?
        Striker: The cockpit?what is it?
        Randy: It’s the little room in the front of the plane where the pilots sit, but that’s not important right now.

    5. It means I’m an extra special snowflake. Usually, it means I’ll be a woman when I want to tell women what’s what and listen to them pee and perve on them in gym changing rooms and I’ll be a man when I want to be paid a higher rate for the job.

      1. The fluidity is quite convenient when you’re looking for a reason to be offended.

    6. every time I hear gender-fluid, I think of delicious jello-y slimegirls!…..4qnrx5.png…..2h97im.jpg

      1. Filed under: Fuck, What the Actual

  6. I’m beginning to think running colleges as training camps for activists could have negative consequences.

    I’m not convinced that colleges are even useful. Even in STEM I’m forced to rehearse the shallow leftist victimology narratives.

  7. “fuck your respectability politics” and “fuck you scared bitch.”

    I dunno, the scared bitch adhering to respectability politics probably achieves far more than the protestors who scream things like “fuck your respectability politics” and “fuck you scared bitch.”

    1. By creating a bit of film that showed a trans person as an actual person Kimberly Pierce did more to improve the lives of trans people than all those students at Reed College ever will.

      1. Infinity this. The way activists have attacked the director of “Paris is Burning” is also shameful.

        1. These same “activists” who waste their college years with this type of nonsense then have the nerve to complain that they can’t afford a house, can only make minimum wage, can’t move out of their parents’ basement. Nope, no pity.

  8. They will eat their own until just one Uber Prog remains. That person will spend their days in an empty room, shouting obscenities at xerself.

    1. So that’s how highlander really ends.

    2. There can only be xone?

    3. They will eat their own until just one Uber Prog remains.

      This is (pretty much) what I came here to say. Also, it can’t start soon enough.

  9. She was so hot in that movie.

    1. Einhorn in Ace Ventura: would or would not?

      1. Hey, scared bitch, that question is so stupid it doesn’t deserve an answer.

        1. I guess the same question could be asked of Ms. Hyde in Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde. She technically, sorta has a dick, doesn’t she?

          1. The same question could also be asked of Terry Griffith in the wonderful film Just One Of The Guys, or of Martha in the film that sparked my interest in girl’s soccer, Ladybugs.

            1. Too Wong Foo: Patrick, Wesley, or John?

          2. I prefer Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde, myself.

            Martine Beswick. Yummy.

  10. Ridiculous. The Dean of Students should be embarrassed, though I can only assume his resignation will be forced any day now based on the inmates of his asylum.

    As for the movie, it’s a very good one and worth checking out. There are a number of scenes that are tough to watch but it’s very effective because (IMO anyway) it is not overtly political, is not manipulative, and tells a story involving believable people whose emotions and actions the audience can understand even if they disagree/disapprove. Come to think of it, that’s probably why these kids disliked it.

    1. i will watch this weekend.

    2. This is a very good movie, and very good story. My wife is from Lincoln Nebraska, and I think about that movie when I drive past Pius X, where Brandon went to school, on my way into town. Nebraska is a special kind of place, where they like to fancy themselves as conservative, which to them means sticking you nose into everyone’s business and telling them how they should live their lives. Pretty much like Trump, and most of his cabinet picks.

  11. The film is an adaptation of the true story of Brandon Teena, who was born a woman but chose to identify and present as a man, and was murdered because of it.

    *clears throat*

    Probably not, Robby, probably not. There’s good evidence that the premise of Boys Don’t Cry was fake news.

    1. Yeah, Wikipedia has filled me in on this part as well.

      Come on Robbo.

      1. I believe most evidence points to her killing being over something mundane like drugs or some such thing. That the ‘trans/gay’ part of it had nothing to do with it. But that doesn’t make for as good a movie.

        1. The “love story” part seems fabricated as well. From what I am reading, the person dating Brandon at the time promptly ended the relationship after finding out that Brandon was trans.

        2. most evidence points to her killing being over something mundane like drugs

          Wasn’t that the story w/ Matthew Shepherd?

          Are you confusing the two? i browsed the wiki for the movie and saw no clarifying explanation.

          1. You’re right, I am confusing the Shepard case– they were kind of close together.

            So ok, scratch that. This is Brandon Teena. Yes, it was the Matt Shepard case that was broadly mischaracterized in the media… this one looks to be fairly straightforward, and to my surprise, this was a death penalty case.

            I guess there are “questions” about whether Teena was “trans” or just a lesbian, but I guess there’s some evidence that Teena had planned reassignment surgery.

    2. I use Wikipedia for information, too, but anything that states that transphobia was not a primary factor in Brandon Teena’s killing is uninformed. Lincoln, NE is my hometown, and being Queer, especially trans, back in 1992 or 1993 when the actual murders took place, was a dangerous thing. Being LGB was seen as a bizarre aberration by most people, even in relatively liberal Lincoln, and FTM transgenderism was not heard of nor understood by most people in the United States, let alone in places like Nebraska. The community in which Brandon was killed, and the killers who knew him, were especially dangerous and backwards.
      Although I never knew Brandon personally — he was not a part of the local Queer community and was isolated as a pre-transition transperson– My family knew his mother and I knew one of the uninformed and unsupportive professionals in the community to whom he turned for help and guidance. Even within the local LGB “Queer” community, trans people were not out and not considered or supported at that time. Brandon really was in a relationship with a cisgender young woman through whom he met his eventual killers. All that was real and true. There may or may not have been drugs, certainly there was plenty of alcohol, but Brandon was not targeted and killed over a bad drug deal.

      1. Oops, just read your follow-up comment, Diane Reynolds (Paul), before I posted my tome of a comment. Well, I hope what I wrote was in some way useful to the conversation, even though the question of whether or not Brandon’s killing was transphobic-related had just been resolved by you and GilmoreTM. Growing up Queer in NE in the 1980s and 90s was no fun. Still not a great place to be Queer, but better than it was.

  12. So do people like this expect anyone else to take their concerns seriously when they can’t even be bothered to show the least bit of respect for slightly different perspectives?

    1. Fuck this cosmo white cuck faggot.

      1. If you’d added “cis”, then you would have hit a SJW insult triple word score.

    2. Referring to the hecklers as “people like this” is othering to those who identify as non-persons, you cis-speciesist shitlord!

      1. I wouldn’t exactly call them “people”.
        -uncle ruckus

    3. Same with every lunatic ideology. If you won’t kneel, you will be knelt.

      1. I just found THE perfect image…. to “Bring them to heel!”…..actnh3.png

    4. do people like this expect anyone else to take their concerns seriously

      Yes, and generally people do because they’re scared not to.

      which was my point below. People who don’t show any respect for common courtesy don’t deserve any. Yet you have ta school spokesperson claiming their juvenile tantrums “provoked a lot of debate”, as though they’d submitted an eloquent statement of their position, rather than hurling obscenities. IMO people need to stop granting them the heckler’s veto, and instead – like Milo does – point fingers at them and laugh at their idiocy.

  13. Why is it a problem that Pierce is white? Is being trans race-specific now?

    1. It’s becoming a derogatory term, “white” is. Generations from now, white people will be referred to as palefaces to avoid reference to barbaric racial labels of the past.

      1. I believe the proper term is a “Pecker of Wood”.

        1. Technically, that only applies to redheads in Walter Lantz cartoons.


  14. A few months into college, I was fortunate enough to watch an early screening of Brokeback Mountain and then be part of a Q&A with Ang Lee. It was a cool experience, but now I wonder what kind of fucked up spectacle that would have been if it took place ten years later. I may prefer to have seen that.

    1. Both the actors were actually gay so it would be ok.

      1. Really, I didn’t think they were gay and that generated some interesting discussion about how brave they were to make such a film.

        It was a good movie, in my opinion.

        1. It was a joke. I’m pretty sure they’re not gay. But I don’t know.

          1. Well that’s embarrassing. I almost put in a disclaimer saying it could be a joke. Anyway, sarcasm meter adjustment needed.

            Also, Heath Ledger died which sucks.

            1. It was all downhill for him after “ten things I hate about you”.

          2. Right. Gay characters were played by non-gay actors. Unacceptable.

            Also, neither of the actors were actually cowboys. Again, completely unacceptable.

            Also, I just learned that Mark Hamill, who played a Jedi Knight, is in real life, NOT a Jedi Knight.

            When are we going to stop this insanity of letting actors act like characters who are different than they are?

            1. So? Rock Hudson played straight cis gendered guys.

              1. And Leonard Nimoy played a Vulcan. Couldn’t they f ind a real Vulcan?

        2. Very good movie, understated and Heath Ledger’s best acting job (I know he was The Joker). It’s amazing how movies that focus on the people involved while keeping whatever issues are at hand as a backdrop to the story are just so much better than the movies that focus on sending a message about an issue, as they almost always end up being clumsy, blunt, and not entertaining. I’m looking at you, Chastain. In more ways than one.

          1. It reminds me of “Elysium”, which I was conned into thinking was a cool science fiction movie with a thoughtful premise and some action. In the end it was a blatant commentary on immigration and healthcare with zero subtlety, and the movie ended with everyone in the world getting free healthcare to make them all effectively immortal without even slightly considering the implications. There was almost zero attempt to actually flesh out the world beyond a narrow allegory.

  15. There was a time not so long ago entirely within the fantasies of Robby’s mind when the people shouting “fuck you bitch” at a gender-fluid gay filmmaker would have been bigoted right-wing conservatives.


    1. Exactly my thought as well. That sentence assumes that there is a record of right-wing bigots engaging in this behavior. As far as I know, this is on the list of Things That Never Happened. But it is assumed that it did. And this is what drives me nuts about Robby – he has a head full of unexamined assumptions that are alarmingly similar to the unexamined assumptions of SJWs.

      1. He also has a head full of the most glorious hair, though.

        1. And that will excuse much – but not all things.

        2. The hair is blocking the transmission signals! The price one pays…

    2. Yeah, I can’t recall ever hearing of something similar happening from the right because they’d be expelled.

      1. Insofar as some kind of heckling by right-wingers of gay/trans people exists, the Westboro people are some nasty folks, but they’re a) a tiny group, b) not students, and c) they like to shout “God hates fags” not “fuck you, bitch”.

        But apart from getting every essential detail wrong, Robby has the gist of the situation down pat.

        1. I also don’t know that they would be “right-wingers” since Fred Phelps was a Democrat.

        2. and (d) Fred PHelps was totally right wing:

          “Phelps was honored three times for his civil rights work. In 1986 he received the Omaha Mayor’s Special Recognition Award and an award from the Greater Kansas City Chapter of Blacks in Government. In 1987 he received an award from a branch of the NAACP for his “steely determination for justice during his tenure as a civil rights attorney.””

          1. Whatever. He was a nutjob. Whether he was right or left is rather immaterial both to his craziness and my point.

    3. I hope to teach my children that if they ever find themselves shouting “fuck you bitch” at somebody, anybody, regardless of who that person is, they need to stop what they’re doing, take a deep breath, and apologize.

      1. The last time I yelled that my dog had just lost in the Westminster Kennel Club dog show. I hated that Pomeranian but I regret my indiscretion.

        1. You know who else had a dog?

    4. He does it. But had he toned it down, I think there is a point in there.

  16. A modest proposal:

    Let’s not let leftists have a monopoly on altering speech to suit their desires. Disagreement is now “harassment”; legitimate criticism is now “misogyny”; a differing political philosophy is now “racism”, etc etc.

    From now on, I’m going to replace the word “student” in my lexicon with “fucking autistic titty-baby”. Not as economical, but much more descriptive.

    1. So glad I graduated last week.

  17. The youngsters need to be beaten with a stick.

    1. “Spare the rod and spoil the child.”

    2. When they are insolent, they should be placed in a burlap sack and beaten with reeds.

    3. I always found the beatings more therapeutic for me than as a form of discipline.

  18. Meanwhile, at OSU, students gather in solidarity with those injured during the recent terrorist attack to decry police violence inflicted against non-white suspects like OSU stabber Abdul Razak Ali Artan.

    “In some cases, the deceased may have committed acts of violence against others before they were killed,” gender studies student Maryam Abidi said at the event, according to The Lantern. “Perhaps they were domestic abusers, perhaps they threatened or killed others. This possibility is not something to shy away from. The protest against police brutality extends to the innocent and the guilty alike, because we know that no matter the crime, justice and due process don’t come from a cop’s bullet.”

    That’s cute, sweetheart, but sussing out those niggling details is a job for after putting down Stabby McJihad.

    1. gender studies student Maryam Abidi said at the event

      That must be a fun set of classes. I take comfort in knowing I’ll be forgiving her loan debt in a few years.

    2. SJWs talking about due process. That’s fucking rich.

      1. And she has a point buried deep in the identity grievance horseshit, but of course mere reform is never palatable to these people. They’d much rather paint the walls with their shit.

      2. It makes you think The Somali guy had a point. I am not condoning it, but I could understand how someone would want to stab these people.

        1. So he was secretly on the extreme right?

          Someone needs to bring this to the attention of HuffPo.

          1. We here are the “alt-right” donchaknow. Which means “really scary” or smth.

    3. the deceased may have committed acts of violence against others before they were killed,” ….

      “Perhaps they were domestic abusers, perhaps they threatened or killed others. This possibility is not something to shy away from.

      Wait, what the fuck?

      I had to go find the source of this…. its clearer in context that what they’re referring to is not JUST the Ohio State guy, but a longer list of people – some of whom were clearly violent criminal suspects, and others who may not have been.

      but even so… its still a pretty ridiculous exercise in equivocation, pretending that “innocent people shot by trigger happy cops” and “criminals shot in the midst of violent attacks” are all one and the same because “brown skin”.

    4. Yeah, we should wait till Stabby tires himself out hacking people’s heads off and turns himself in. I mean we dont know he’s guilty, so remanding him without bail violates due process, so we should also make sure to leave his cell door unlocked, or better yet put him up in a holiday inn while awaiting trial.

  19. If i were the dean, i would tell these students the same thing Michael Hihn told me: “Your parents didn’t do a good job of raising you.”

    1. no way hihn said that. did he call your parents cato?

      1. Not that time. That may not be the exact quote, but i don’t feel like looking for it and it’s close enough.

        1. thinking back, i do recall something like that

    2. I would tell them something that Michael Hihn once (well…) told me ; 59% of Americans are libertarians but 50% of Americans reject the label.

      1. “I’m not listening to you!”

  20. Students were also incensed at the idea of Peirce having profited from violence against trans people

    So their parent-paid college isn’t profit from their violence against a trans person? I use violence as they do, not in the cis form of actual, you know, violence.

    Yea a stretch, but their sheer hypocrisy and bigotry deserves all the scorn it can get.

    1. The only thing these animals understand is power and violence. They are truly vile and disgusting people.

  21. The movie is based on a true story and is as far as I know accurate So these people are objecting to the truthful portrayal of an actual trans person. So much for the myth that this about acceptance or anything other than their will to control everything and everyone around them.

    1. To be honest, I didn’t know the person was trans until today.

      I recall (possibly wrongly) that the person was merely gay woman who passed herself off as a man more for acceptance in a group, not because she “identified” as a man. But I’m also guilty of laboring under old trans-definitions myself.

      1. Whatever you call her, the movie told her story as it was. These people hate it because it doesn’t fit into what they think life should be. They are fucking nuts.

      2. I’m pretty sure that Brandon Teena identified as a male and wanted to have gender reassignment surgery. Whether he had been accepted for it seems to be in question.

    2. As I said above, John, the issues for these assholes are nothing but a pretext. No matter what you do to appease them it’s never going to work. Attacking people and forcing their acquiescence is what drives them.

  22. You’re probably wondering why the social justice left hates Peirce so much.

    You’d think? but no. In my experience, paying attention to them just makes them shriek and curse louder.

    1. I wish someone confronted by one of them would just slap the shit out of one of them At least give them something to cry about.

      1. No. That just plays into it. Let them initiate violence…

        1. I think this incident proves that for all intents and purposes, everything you do plays into it.

        2. And they will. The violence always comes from the left.

        3. They’ll claim you looking at them was violence and they were reacting to being threatened.

          These people will move the goalposts to the moon without a drop of hesitation.

          1. I am literally shaking right now.

        4. No. That just plays into it.

          Only if anyone else continues to give a shit. And I can’t speak for others, but my supply of give a fuck about these assholes is pretty much exhausted. If I’d heard a speaker just lost it and cracked one of these kids’ head open with a chair, I’d be more sad for the speaker.

        5. Let them initiate violence…

          Yeah, that doesn’t work either.


          Pre election Trump rallies where hired provocateurs instigated violent acts – reported as violent Trump people even when you could clearly see on video that the anti-Trump person initiated the conflict – and even after we heard from the horse’s mouth that these incidents were paid for.

          post election anti-trump graffiti labeling Trump as Hitler and his supporters as Nazi’s is reported as “White Nationalist hate crimes”.

          Or let’s get extreme: Gabriel Giffords is shot by an obsessed left-wing democrat admirer – and it is still reported as a right-wing extremist hate crime inspired by hateful rhetoric from Sarah Palin.

          You cannot win with these people. They are unhindered by an adherence to reality and are fully supported by a willing set of media accomplices.

        6. Actually, considering how incompetent they are, encourage them to ESCALATE the violence.

          The problems will solve themselves afterwards shortly!

      2. I think laughing at them is better. Bitch-slapping them may be satisfying, but it would feed their martyr complex and reinforce their ridiculous self-image as some sort of Civil Rights Heroes. But you know they can’t stand being laughed at.

        1. No it wouldn’t. Do they pull this shit with Muslims? No way. They understand violence and can be deterred.

          1. I admit I’m not prepared to go as far as the Muslims do. These SJWs irritate me but I’m not looking to behead them.

          2. Do they pull this shit with Muslims?

            They don’t pull this shit with muslims because they’re a brown skinned religious minority. Protected Classes get a pass.

            Which you’d think Pierce’s own sexual preferences and gender fluidity would give her a pass, but apparently her whiteness trumps her sexual/ gender preferences.

          3. That’s also why they’re willing enough to turn a blind eye when their beloved president drones Muslims in the Middle East.

            Also, the reason Muslims get a pass is because they’re ‘oppressed.’ They won’t give a crazy white guy the same slack.

            They have more friends among those who command all the men with guns than you do; and even if they purport to loathe said men with guns they’d happily watch them mow you down for lifting a finger against them.

            1. Castro and Che’s treatment of gays was horrendous – doesn’t stop the SJWs from rockin’ the Che shirts.

        2. I think laughing at them is better.

          I agree, and said so above. The 2 wrong things to do are

          1 – take them seriously, as some in the administration do
          2 – fight them

          the combination of ignore/laugh at them is the best because it refuses to accept that “speech” – no matter how vile – “is violence” … which is what they want to assert.

          If their own speech is treated as violence, and responded to with violence, then they’re effectively being validated. Instead show them that stupid arguments don’t deserve to be taken seriously. They should be treated like children who cry too much = ignored until they find a new tactic.

        3. I agree – – to twist what Joe Pesci said in Good Fellas: “You’re a clown, you amuse me, you make me laugh.”

          1. And then tell them to go get their shine box.

  23. I am one sentence in – “There was a time not so long ago when the people shouting “fuck you bitch” at a gender-fluid gay filmmaker would have been bigoted right-wing conservatives.”

    Do tell, when was this time? In the real world I grew up in, or the cartoon version of it the left loves to paint?

    1. Cut Robby some slack. He is a fucking moron I hav not doubt he believes that. He is just too stupid to know any better

      1. Just because there’s no evidence that it happened doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen, because it very well could’ve happened.

        1. False but accurate?

        2. It could have happened if only right-wingers acted just like these lefties.

          Projection – is there anything it can’t do?

    2. It happens all the time, well it did in the early ’60s. His timeline’s a bit off is all.

      1. There were “out” gender fluid gay producers in the early ’60s?

        1. I guess technically no but I suspect John Waters and Divine would have caught hell.

        2. I don’t remember Liberace doing much to hide it.

          1. For that matter neither did Johnny Weissmueller.

            1. Well he was married to 5 women, so if he was gay, he was doing something to hide it.

              1. That dude was fruitier than a fruitcake and everyone around him knew it. Five beards, really?

              2. Plot twist: He married them to literally get INTO their panties.

          2. That was a time when decorum dictated a certain way of doing things.

            If you never explicitly put your sexuality on display, everyone could pretend that it didn’t exist if they wanted to.

            So even campy gay guys like Lind and Liberace could be major stars and beloved by housewives everywhere. They just never said things like “my boyfriend told me…” and they didn’t bring a date to the Emmys. It was kind of a quid pro quo. We’ll leave you alone if you give us the tiniest fig leaf to hide behind.

            It certainly wasn’t a healthy way to do things, particularly for young people struggling with their identity.
            But it wasn’t as barbaric as you might suspect.

            Even in conservative small towns, spinsters had “roommates” for decades and nobody burned them at the stake. In public people just pretended that they didn’t know what that meant.

            For the most part, people are decent to each other. But it only takes a couple of twisted assholes to make life miserable for someone who is different.

            1. Supposedly the Mafia was quite tolerant of gays and transvestites, just not in their ranks. They loved them as entertainers.

      2. I recall a lot of people snickering about that sort of thing, but rarely to someone’s face. There were jokes and such but I don’t remember the kind of unhinged hatred we see here.

        One of the core values of christianity is that every person is of equal worth as a person. Whatever prejudice there was in the deep south as far back as the early 1900’s was greatly tempered by that core belief. My parents and grandparents told me stories about gays and cross dressers etc and I never heard of anyone being castigated in public or violence against them. I knew them when I grew up and so did my son.

        The notion of rural America being hyper-intolerant, especially the south, is a fevered dream of the proggies who need to create an other to hate, you know, to not tolerate.

        1. I’m from SC and I haven’t seen it either. Sure we have our assholes but so does everyone else. It’s more of an if they leave me alone I’ll leave them alone attitude.

          1. Growing up in North Carolina, we never had any overt anti-gay activity.

            One of my best friends finally figured out that he was gay shortly after graduation. The reaction ranged from “holy shit, really?” to “dang, what took you so long?” Nobody reacted with hate, anger, fear or revulsion. (although he did go through a really weird phase when he first started dating guys. Feathers in your hair is weird, whatever your gender and whatever your orientation. Dude looked like a multicolored toy goose there for a while.)

            Per the “spinster” anecdote above, the organist at our conservative church and one of the middle school teachers lived together all of their adult lives. Anyone who knew them knew they were a couple. But nobody demanded the teacher be fired, and nobody bothered the minister about getting rid of the organist.

            Both the southern and christian cultures are much less about judging others and much more about trying to live your own life right.

        2. Whatever prejudice there was in the deep south as far back as the early 1900’s was greatly tempered by that core belief.

          My experience is that it’s almost a point of pride of Southern Culture and/or Baptist upbringing that you can be mocked and/or ridiculed to your face and you’ll thank them for it, more attention paid to the facade or killing them with kindness. As opposed to Northerners who would take their time to welcome you in as part of the family, tell you not to mess with family, and then stab their family members in the back.

          Not saying that one or the other is right/wrong/preferred, just that the article’s asserted stereotype isn’t consistent the with general stereotype.

    3. There was a time not so long ago when the people allegeldy shouting “fuck you bitch” at a gender-fluid gay filmmaker would have been bigoted right-wing caricature conservatives invented by progressive.”


      1. You even got the typo right. Nice.

      2. I knew that miserable insurance company was up to no good.

    4. There was that time Colonel Flagg said it to Klinger with his eyes.

      1. Flagg was the most deeply closeted queer in all of TV history. (Except that everyone could tell that the “l” in his name was just a fig leaf for the network censors.)


    5. And they’re always being assaulted and murdered by the same group too

  24. I have to admit when I see a statement like this, “groundbreaking film about a transgender man”, I still have to go through logic exercises to remember if that means a guy who looks like a lady or a woman presenting a man.

    There is no way to actually derive the meaning from first principles, so you just have to know the definition: that is a woman presenting as a man. You’d think I’d remember that by now.

    1. that is a woman presenting as a man

      Which is exactly what Hillary Swank was doing in that role. Hard to see an objection to that.

  25. Leftist Students Shouted ‘F*ck You B*itch’

    Well, I’m impressed. How did they manage to pronounce the asterisk while raging?

    1. Its that African clicking language thing.

      1. That’s r*cist!

      1. Benjamin? You mean that quack who wrote a book that all the boomers’ parents read and then screwed up their kids?


  26. Some students sought to dominate the space, and to take control of the space away from the speaker.

    Serious question: When did “the space” become a thing?

    1. He was writing in the soi pissant dialect.

    2. I’m pretty sure that lecture halls and auditoriums have always been spaces. I think you might be looking a little too hard for nefarious newspeak here.

    3. What are you, a spacist?

  27. Yeah, there’s all this stuff about SJWs, identity politics, and free speech.

    But what it is to me, finally, is just raw, inexcusable rudeness. That troubles me almost as much the actual issues at hand. Those kids are completely unmoored from the basic tenets of a polite society. And they are the ones talking about not hurting other people’s feelings. The doublethink in their minds is, well, mind boggling.

  28. Man, Swank sure fits the role perfectly.

  29. “There was a time not so long ago when the people shouting “fuck you bitch” at a gender-fluid gay filmmaker would have been bigoted right-wing conservatives”

    To be sure, Robby, to be sure.

    1. Lol, yeah that happens all the time in the left’s imagination.

  30. “The students’ unbelievable rudeness…”
    I don’t know about anyone else, but I have no problem believing their rudeness. It’s their default setting.

  31. I can’t believe that Robby managed to type 17 paragraphs concerning this non-event.

  32. Students were also incensed at the idea of Peirce having profited from violence against trans people

    I’m guessing these shitheads would have been pissed about her profiting no matter what. Remember, making money is TEH EVULZ to them.

    The students had already decided what they thought, and came to the Question-and-Answer session to make their judgments known, not to listen and engage.

    This pretty much sums up the mindset of SJWs perfectly. They’re not even interested in listening to and understanding someone who’s largely on the “same side” as them but has a slightly different perspective, so why would anyone think these cocksmokers have any interest in understanding the viewpoints of people who aren’t on the “same side?” And some people wonder why I suspect them of wanting to put every non-progtard in the country up against a wall? This is how they treat someone who shares most of their views.

    1. What’s the betting that they don’t characterise the making of Schindler’s List as Stephen Spielberg “profiting” from the holocaust by making a film about it, or Quentin Tarantino profiting from slavery by making Django Unchained. No, it’s only when a woman makes a film about trans issues that they get incensed.

      Their incoherence and intellectual dishonesty is staggering.

  33. The students hurled a litany of insults at Peirce, putting up posters that read “fuck your transphobia” and “you don’t fucking get it” among other things. Worse, when Peirce ascended to her podium, students had placed a sign there. It read “fuck this cis white bitch.” That Peirce is actually gender-fluid is quite beside the point.

    And these are the intellectual giants to whom the rest of us should bow down to. Jesus Crackers. Aside from the unforgivable rudeness, they make Elmer Fudd look like a deep thinker.

    1. Unless they voted for Trump and/or don’t attend Reed. Then it’s almost diabolically brilliant.

  34. SWJ eating their own.
    The dirty secret, in the gay and lesbian community is intolerance of transgender. I think especially in the lesbian mix with radical feminism side; who I get the feeling female to male and male to female transgenderism is scandalous. Here in Portland Oregon, Willamette week had a report “Who Crushed the Lesbian Bars? A New Minefield of Identity Politics” The [problem is the dearth of events exclusively for Women seeking Women (without some XY person ruining things).

    1. The dirty secret, in the gay and lesbian community is intolerance of transgender.

      I thought it was girl-on-girl domestic violence? You know for a people/culture/ethos that’s just like the rest of us, it sure seems to have come along with a lot of ‘dirty secret’ baggage.

      1. There’s also gay/lesbian denial of and hostility towards bisexuality.

        1. I remember hearing about that when I was living in the Village back in the early 90s. Apparently, the really vicious slur that bi people had to endure from gays was “tourist!”


    2. SWJ eating their own.

      I’m willing to provide barbecue sauce if it helps.

      1. How do we convince Rosie O’donnell to start? Cuz you know once she does….

    3. Men who believe they are women are not lesbian women’s “own”. They’re nothing to do with them, they are a sub-set of men.

  35. Students were also incensed at the idea of Peirce having profited from violence against trans people, which isn’t a remotely accurate way to characterize things, but there it is.

    If there was ever any doubt that modern identity politics is a proxy for socialism, let this be a nail in that coffin, which isn’t to say that gay and trans-people don’t have legitimate grievances or occasionally suffer from PTSD or whatever.

    1. Modern identity politics bears no relationship whatsoever to socialism. It’s liberalism.

      And er, liberalism and socialism are two different things.

  36. I remember when that film came out. I was in high school. We were just starting the school’s first gay-straight alliance, after administration resistance. People were starting to come out. Those who saw the film were very glad to have seen it. Amazing how times change. Progress is not linear.

    1. Sometimes it doesn’t even self-identify OR present as “progress”:

  37. identify and present

    I don’t know that I’ve ever seen this statement clarified. I assume there are examples of people identifying without presenting? If so, are there people presenting without identifying and isn’t that a problem?

    1. People who present without identifying are often called “drag queens” and I know from watching 8 seasons of “Ru-Paul’s Drag Race” that almost none of them are actually transgender. It was a big deal when one of them “came out” as a transgender MTF instead of what the rest of them are… gay male.

      1. People who present without identifying are often called “drag queens”

        So the fact that I outwardly present as a male, but don’t introduce myself as ‘mad.casual, human male’ *isn’t* presenting without identifying?

  38. Sad throwback to the struggle session.

  39. That’s because the main character, Brandon, was played by Hilary Swank, a non-trans person.

    Are you fucking kidding me? Are then unaware that the people in movies aren’t generally actually the characters they portray? Have they ever heard of acting?

    1. I don’t know, I was pretty furious when I learned Bruno Ganz wasn’t really a Nazi.

    2. How do they know that Swank didn’t identify as a man while playing the role? It’s all fluid at a moment’s notice, right?

      1. Good point. Apparently she identifies as “gender fluid”, so there’s a good possibility that she identified as a man at the time she was making the film.

        Funny how they identified her as a woman though. Because that’s how identity works, she’s just found that she can’t identify out of being abused by entitled misogynists. I have a feeling they wouldn’t have been so angry with her, if she was really a man.

  40. If it is only acceptable for a transgendered actor to portray a transgendered character why would it be acceptable for a transgendered actor to portray a non transgendered role?
    I ask this as a 61 year old Fat Middle Aged White Guy so I am handicapped to follow the ruckus. Not only do I not understand why a good actor cannot practice his craft irrespective of the character’s race, creed, color, nation of origin or sexual identity, I do not understand why each comnent must be precluded with that commentators’ sexual identity.

  41. Is global warming or what gender people identify as the most important issue of our time? I can’t remember.

    1. I thought it was the impending Nazi takeover of the US.

      1. Wait, I thought that happened already. Didn’t racist fascist commieNazis elect Trumpitler?

        1. Yeah, but the leftards can’t decide whether to be more outraged over him talking about grabbing pussies or getting help from the Evil ROOSKIES.


  42. “There was a time not so long ago when the people shouting “fuck you bitch” at a gender-fluid gay filmmaker would have been bigoted right-wing conservatives.”

    Really? What time did that happen.

    This was a great article, if not for the nauseating virtue signaling. Why do reason writers insist on commiserating with the far left in every article that’s meant to be critical of them?

  43. Is this piece for free speech?

    Against it?

    Is the point supposed to be that social justice warriors aren’t being intellectually consistent?

    Are we supposed to be against the free speech rights of social justice warriors?


    1. Have you not noticed that part of Robby’s beat is general coverage of college PC/SJW intolerance?

      1. PC/SJW intolerance? Just about that . . . generally . . . with no rhyme or reason?

        Yeah, I did notice!

        Did you notice they didn’t trot out any of this crap during pledge week?

    2. I think the gist is that the SJWs are assholes, not that they should be thrown in jail.

      I would also add though that they should be denied public funding from those of us taxpayers who prefer not to pay assholes to shit all over everything.

      1. I don’t think there is a point.

        We’re not supposed to draw any conclusions, really. If we’re supposed to get anywhere with this, we don’t.

        And it isn’t about the journey either.

    3. I think it’s more that people are interested in who, by the manner and content of their ‘free expression’, are shown to be complete morons and assholes. That’s the downside of awarding yourself unrestrained freedom to say whatever you want, to whomever you want, however you want. They may learn more about you than you’re comfortable with.

      If someone were to start loudly ranting and raving about their political views in a crowded movie theater, and the ushers bum-rushed them out of the place, that wouldn’t exactly be “Congress passing a law abridging the freedom of speech” would it? If you respond negatively to me regaling you via bullhorn from the public street in front of your house at 3AM, don’t think I’d have a First Amendment defense.

      Nor, if the hate-filled SJWs had been removed by security from that venue, would that action represent oppression by The State. And support of their removal isn’t really inconsistent with support of free speech rights. Or are you just being deliberately dense?

    4. The point is that the SJWs are actually against free speech, refusing to listen to someone who is one of them with a very , very slightly different point of view. Shouting her down and asking questions that are self-baiting and not intellectual is a refusal to listen to someone else who’s been provided with a platform.

  44. I just don’t even want to live in the same world with these people. I need hard liquor or a gun like ASAP. This place wasn’t meant for me and I want to check out.

    1. you can check out any time you like…

    2. you can check out any time you like…

    3. you can check out any time you like…

    4. you can check out any time you like…

      1. But the squirrels won’t let you leave!

  45. There is a glimmer of hope: The Guardian recently yammered on about how “Poor Little Snowflake” is the defining insult of the year. I believe they ran another similar article about the growing irritation with the perpetually offended. It seems that it’s starting to upset them, so it looks like the only proper response is to make fun of them. The solution is clear: double down on the derision. Ridicule them. Laugh at them. Zero in on the soft spot (and it’s often so obvious where it is) and pummel it without mercy. Since they have proven unwilling to engage in honest debate, there is no way to engage them. They will slander, vilify, and change definitions to suit themselves. So let loose with all the cruelty you can muster. They have already decided that you’re a monster. Revel in it. Trust me, it’s fun.

    1. That’s my New Year’s resolution for 2017, right there.

    2. haha yeah remember reading that article. a lot of the guardian is very wet stuff, but occasionally john harris will come out with something hard-hitting and down to earth, rather than most of the columnists that spout insane opinions. tea being imperialist is a memorable one

  46. Such language. Those students are real fucking classy.

  47. Swank won a fucking Academy Award for her work and these folks think there was a casting mistake?

  48. I’m sad to admit that I went to Reed College in Portland Oregon.
    During during Renn Fayre 1979..I sold t-shirts that said.

    Weed College
    Potland OR

    My buddy Fennimore mixed up some MDMA in the chem lab to pass out.

    I recall Andrea Dworkin giving a speech during my time there, but she would only allow ‘womyn’ to come hear her, so I wore a dress but my beard gave me away and I wasn’t allowed to enter.

  49. It seems most people are missing the point. Social Justice Warriors are not like other liberals. SJW’s are the shock troops and the military vanguard of the post modern Marxist Revolutionary Movement. Their job is not to be reasonable, but to agitate and push and prod and subvert and do everything they can to cause chaos and instigate division and pointless controversy. They don’t want to convince you, they want to destroy your civil society and subdue you and subjugate you, and if you resist they will destroy you and by that I mean eventually they will kill you.

    1. Well, we know from history how best to resist “shock troops”.

    2. That is ridiculous. These people are not marxists, marxism is rooted in a sense of material reality. This liberal nonsense is not rooted in reality. Please do the reading and learn the difference between radicalism and liberalism.

      1. Dialectical materialism hasn’t been “rooted in a sense of material reality” for a long time now, except in the rhetorical sense.

    3. . SJW’s are the shock troops and the military vanguard

      In their wildest dreams, perhaps. In reality, they’re a pack of sniveling toddlers trying to see how long they can pitch a fit before the rest of us tell them to fuck off.


  50. “There was a time not so long ago when the people shouting “fuck you bitch” at a gender-fluid gay filmmaker would have been bigoted right-wing conservatives.”

    Did that ever happen?

    These university administrators better right their ship quickly if they want a future. I have a feeling that episodes like this will hasten college alternatives, which would be a good thing.

  51. “Fascist Students shouted …. ”

  52. I actually saw that movie. It completely boggles my mind that liberal college students would react as they did.

    1. They’re not liberals. They’re misogynists who have been given a means to present as liberal while spouting standard misogyny and sexism.

  53. These retarded “protesters” (they are actually tantrum-throwing children who need discipline) should be clubbed like baby seals.

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  55. There was a time not so long ago when the people shouting “fuck you bitch” at a gender-fluid gay filmmaker would have been bigoted right-wing conservatives.

    You keep telling yourself that.

  56. The film is an adaptation of the true story of Brandon Teena, who was born a woman but chose to identify and present as a man, and was murdered because of it. It’s a heartbreaking love story that undoubtedly introduced countless Americans to the reality of anti-trans violence.

    Keep in mind that the population of all women in U.S. history who have been murdered because they “present as a man” would probably not crowd a typical elevator.

    1. Whereas the population of women just in the last year who have been murdered just because they really are women, present as women and are identified by their murderers as women, would fill a building. A large one.

  57. These leftists eating each other over invisible ideological differences is the ultimate endgame of their worldview. I just didn’t think it would happen so quickly.

  58. “Some students sought to dominate the space, and to take control of the space away from the speaker.”

    Hmm. Let me guess the sex of those students. Not the gender identity, the sex. The sex in which they were socialised and brought up to expect themselves to be listened to and to feel they have the right to talk over the other sex.

    They are bog standard misogynists and transactivism has given misogynists like this carte blanche to attack real women while pretending to be progressive. There is nothing progressive about abusive men telling women what it is to be a woman and gaslighting us demanding we accept an Alice in Wonderland reality.

    1. If your theory was correct, this kind of thing would only happen to female speakers, it isn’t the case.

      I realise that radical feminists really don’t want to own this mess, but these people share most of your ideology, they just define victim hierarchies differently than you do.

      And they share the same reductionist mindset towards opponents:

      – They accuse the filmmaker of transphobia (because that’s the only reason the filmmaker would ever hire a cis-gendered actor to play the role, rather than simple pragmatism).
      – You accuse the protesters in turn of misogyny (because that’s the only reason someone would ever criticise a woman, not the fact that they’ve had this “harass anyone and everyone who disagrees with you” behaviour constantly reinforced in college).

  59. Just further evidence of the need to ditch the terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ to describe the ideological devides of the 21st century. I don’t recognize anything vaguely leftist in such reactionary, intolerant, hate-filled fundamentalist positions. What stands for the ‘left’ today is anathema to the values, ideals and aspirations of the leftist tradition. The terms ‘neo-reactionary’ and ‘neo-progressive might provide a more accurate and useful ideological distinction. As society continues to move beyond the old left-right binary and new alliances are formed, we need a new vocabulary to describe our ideological differences and visions.

    1. Except “neo-reactionaries” is already taken by people who a King in charge of England, a group whose craziness is distinctly separate from the one on display by these protesters.

  60. I know I shouldn’t advocate violence but I’d love to see these wimp ass, faggot, cry babies get their heads kicked in but maybe that is just me.

  61. Gods above, who moved the rock?

  62. I blame Trump for this….somehow…..give me a minute………. Oh fuck it!

    The Left eat their own.

  63. Earnest non-violent suggestion:

    When leftists attack a speaker(s) at a campus event:

    1) Students who invited the speaker or simply want to hear the speaker talk
    should invite the speaker to walk out and walk off the campus;
    2) The group that wants to listen should find a space at a restaurant or bar;
    3) The speaker should resume;
    4) If leftists persist in yelling in these private venues, refer them to the bouncers or to the police.

    Other suggestion is for speakers to boycott Reed College and other similar venues.

    It would be best if the college could be economically punished somehow when the
    harassers are supported in any way by college administration.

    1. The administration should have taken stronger action at the time, but they were very not-supportive, after-the-fact.…..ponse.html

  64. “Reed College, by the way charges, $50,000 a year for tuition.”

    That I fear we will be on the hook for very soon when these social justice warriors find that their $300,000 degrees in social justice won’t pay the bills.

  65. These “students” are nothing more than the product of a horrid education system perpetuated by the hippie generation which had no respect for anything other than emotions. This system in America has become a system of communist re-education and social justice indoctrination. The SJWs are given a pass for their ill, vile, disgusting, and often violent behavior because they stand for “social justice” while others who have traditional values and just want to be left alone are targeted as racist, sexist, homophobic, and fascist. Something seriously wrong with this pictures with the inmates running the asylum.

  66. Please do not lump all “leftists” in with these people. Just like all republicans aren’t racist and sexist, all leftists are not raged-out SJWs. I’m a trans person and I’m disgusted by this. It’s out of control.

  67. Pretty hard to believe things are getting changed so quickly and dramatically. As early as a year ago, I was encouraged by the progress we made recently decades. I thought gay was widely accepted, and we were heading to a new era. But look around now, Trump is president, things, for better or worse, is just getting started.

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