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Hillary Clinton's Call for Congress to Do Something About Fake News 'Epidemic' Is a Reminder of How Bad Her Presidency Would Have Been on Free Speech

'It's a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly,' she says for the umpteenth time.


Hillary Clinton has not been seen much since the election, except up in the woods near Chappaqua in her favorite hiking sweater. Sadly, that streak ended yesterday, when she used an appearance at the retirement ceremony for Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nev.) to rail hyperbolically against "The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year."

"It's now clear the so-called fake news can have real-world consequences," Clinton warned, referencing the gunman who arrived at Comet Pizza to investigate a nonsensical conspiracy theory. "Lives are at risk—lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days, to do their jobs, contribute to their communities….It's imperative that leaders in both the private sector and the public sector step up to protect our democracy and innocent lives."

Watch a snippet of the alarmist sanctimony here:

This is the classic Hillary Clinton progression toward the (often unconstitutional) government restriction of speech.

Step 1: Declare something that is not remotely an epidemic is, in fact, an "epidemic." As in this hysterical speech Clinton gave in front of the Kaiser Family Foundation in March 2005:

[T]he evidence is conclusive that on balance the exposure to this much media and particularly to the violent content of it is not good for children and teenagers. And so what I'm hoping is that all we can come together. If there were an epidemic sweeping through our children of some kind of SARS of some other kind of infectious disease, we would all band together and figure out what to do to protect our children.

Well, this is a silent epidemic.

Let's hear more from you people about how we were soft on Clinton. ||| Reason

Step 2: While the headline-making incident is still fresh in everyone's minds, insist that the epidemic (which, remember, isn't remotely an epidemic) must be confronted "urgently" by both the federal government and California-based media companies. Here she was just after the December 2015 San Bernardino terrorist attack:

I know that Americans are anxious and fearful, and we have reason to be. The threat is real. The need for action is urgent….We're seeing the results of radicalization not just in far off lands, but right here at home fueled by the internet. It's the nexus of terrorism and technology, and we have a lot of work to do to end it….They are using websites, social media, chat rooms, and other platforms to celebrate beheadings, recruit future terrorists, and call for attacks. We should work with host companies to shut them down. It's time for an urgent dialogue between the government, and not just our government, government and the high tech community to confront this problem together. […]

[W]e're going to have to ask our technology companies…to help us on this. You know, the government is good in some respects, but nowhere near as good as those of you who are in this field. Right now the terrorists communicate on very ubiquitous sites: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. The woman jihadist in San Bernardino posted her allegiance to Baghdadi and ISIS on Facebook. According to the timing we know so far, she did it either shortly before or shortly after the attack, I'm not sure which. We're going to have to have more support from our friends in the technology world to deny online space. Just as we have to destroy their would-be caliphate, we have to deny them online space. And this is complicated. You're going to hear all of the usual complaints, you know, freedom of speech, et cetera. But if we truly are in a war against terrorism and we are truly looking for ways to shut off their funding, shut off the flow of foreign fighters, then we've got to shut off their means of communicating.

If you are not familiar with the startling words in that passage above, it's probably because Donald Trump said something similarly awful about free speech and terrorism the very next day, and journalists tend to have aneurysms about Trump's First Amendment–related commentary while giving Clinton an exaggerated benefit of the doubt.

Step 3: Make a specific awful proposal, such—just spitballing here!—criminalizing the burning of American flags. Thankfully, after a long and terrible career of backing such proposals, Clinton no longer has much power in that regard.

"Fake news," by whatever definition, does not require a new legislative response from government. Americans and their political leaders have been trafficking in conspiracy from the founding to the present day. Including the conspiracy that there's a fake news epidemic in the first place.

NEXT: The PizzaGate Gunman's Paranoid Rescue Fantasy Comes from a Long American Tradition

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  1. It’s now clear the so-called fake news can have real-world consequences … Lives are at risk?lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days, to do their jobs, contribute to their communities

    Lives like Nakoula Basseley Nakoula…

    1. Now, now….MJG. NBN’s crime here was just as much poor production values as it was alleged “fake news”. It’s the really crappy D-listers and flimsy stage props that made all those Islamo-Mohammedans riot and eventually kill those 4 Americans.

      Content veracity matters, but how one delivers the news, like say with a buxom reporterette sporting a plunging neckline, makes the difference b’twixt legitimate news stories, and “fake news”.

      1. The real fake news, of course, is the blather constantly emitted by the libtard “mainstream” media. What these people are doing should be criminalized, along with the trolls of the Net and the “satirists.” Surely no one here would dare to defend the outrageous “First Amendment dissent” of a single, isolated judge in America’s leading criminal “parody” case? See the documentation at:


  2. The voters already “did something” about fake news; they elected someone else.

    1. The way Hillary supporters still continue to blame anyone and anything for her loss is incredible.

      1. Sorry, anyone and anything except for Hillary herself, that is.

      2. The local rag went on about how the Russkis were using ‘sophisticated software’ to develop propaganda so all the mouth-breathers would be convinced to vote Trump.
        Anything but admit she was a disaster so bad, she lost to Trump, for pete’s sake!

        1. That’s the rub – she lost to the most hated man in the country. A fitting end for her career.

          1. She must be seething inside. Woe to her poor servants – more so than usual.

            1. What?!? They should have nothing to worry about, I hear that Hillary is wonderful and lovely behind the scenes. Oh, wait, or is that ….. fake news???

              1. No, that’s one step above. It’s the vast right wing conspiracy.

            2. If someone could have gotten 5 minutes of uninterrupted footage of her ranting and swearing at her underlings after Trump was announced, there’d be a lot less of this bullshit. If people had seen her like this, all but the true bleevers would have to toss in the towel.

        2. This Russian?US-election conspiracy theorizing (and more-than-theorizing) among the core movers of the Democratic party as well as the general prog left is some watershed jump-the-shark moment to me. They’ve completely lost their minds and I hold them in absolute contempt now.

          Who’s the Stupid Party, again?

          1. The Stupid Party and the Evil Party switch roles every few cycles. We may be in one of those transition periods right now. Regardless, the Evil Party is always also pretty stupid and the Stupid Party is always also pretty evil.

            1. The Venn diagram looks like oscillating concentric circles. If you stare at it for more than a few seconds you’ll get a bodacious migraine.

          2. Republicans are the Stupid Party, Democrats the Stupid & Evil Party.

      3. it really is incredible.

    2. The only ones hanging on are Republicans pretending to be libertarians rejoicing at dodging a bullet

      1. Fuck off Slaver

  3. Hillary has spent her entire life avoiding real-world consequences. She has relentlessly put lives at risk. The closest she comes to ‘ordinary people’ is scamming them or dropping bombs on them.
    She should hang for war crimes.

    1. Member when she dodged sniper fire?

    1. As I said last night, it’s hilarious that Clinton is back howling about another fake ‘epidemic’ a month after losing the election to Donald Trump.

      You’re done, Hillary. It’s not 1993 or 2003 or 2012. Please, try to be content with your millions and fade away.

      1. It was especially delicious reading about speeches being canceled left and lefter as soon as it was clear she had nothing left to offer, and she and Bill have no White House dishes to steal this time to ease their dire poverty.

        Worse still, Bill won’t get any more free jaunts to pedo-island, and will have to stay home. Good thing Chelsea is too old.

        1. It was especially delicious reading about speeches being canceled left and lefter as soon as it was clear she had nothing left to offer, and she and Bill have no White House dishes to steal this time to ease their dire poverty

          One of the more obnoxious emails from the Wikileaks dump was a revelation that she stole furniture from the State Department to decorate her house in DC. What a fucking sociopath.

      2. She has nothing else to live for.

        This isn’t someone content to live with simple pleasures. She needs to have power over others, needs to feel like she matters on a grand cosmic scale.

      3. She’s not going to fade away.

        My prediction is she runs for office again. Her old senate seat comes up for election in 2018.

      4. power is a greater aphrodisiac than money ever will be. With power comes the ability to force people do as you please without paying them

    2. -1 Harry something

      1. -1 Hairy Whatever

  4. She really is a nasty piece of work. Trump was right about that – even if it was the only thing. I’m glad he won – so much more fun ridiculing the Trumpkins and making them cry.

  5. What is it about getting married at a young age and having a daughter (or 2) that makes people want to go on a shooting spree?

    1. Weird way to combine a strawman and rhetorical question.

      1. Hits close to home? Sowwy – don’t cry.

        1. Fuck off, Betty….

          1. Don’t cry, little anarcho-frankentrumpkenstein. It’ll be ok I promise. 🙂

            1. *You* promise something? That’s useful.

              1. OK I’ll start: it’s an evolutionary ‘glitch’ where the fathers think they can scare off suitors by acting crazy. A mid maladaptive in the modern world. OK your turn, and feel free to include personal anecdote:

                1. it’s an evolutionary ‘glitch’ where the fathers think they can scare off suitors by acting crazy.

                  Look, just because you didn’t have the balls to defend yourself from Mary Jane Rottencrotch’s daddy, don’t project that weakness and resentment onto everyone else.


                1. It’s a parrot!

                  1. Its vermin.

            3. Your word means nothing, dajjal.

              As useful idiots go, you’re not very useful.

  6. BTW, is she speaking from the “Office of the President Reject”?

    1. consider this stolen.

    2. *does the we’re-not-worthy bow at Sevo*

  7. Something about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia?

    1. Or being named after Sir Edmund Hillary.

      1. She’s always been a New Yawkah, right? And she ain’t in no ways tarred!

  8. I assume she means fake news like how she was a shoo-in to get elected?

    1. Well, she sure fell for it.

    2. She’s probably still way ahead in the polls.

    3. I hear she was ahead 50 points at one time….

  9. retirement ceremony for Sen. Harry Reid

    Dafuq? So the hired help get “retirement ceremonies” like they’re abdicating the throne? This politician worship has got to stop. We need a targeted, relentless campaign to remind our countrymen that these people are not “elites”, they do not “rule” us, they don’t “lead” us, they are corrupt, pathetic power hungry fools whose ambition is to impose their wills on other (mostly) free people and become rich off being a detriment to everyday life.

    1. you should just get a speech. like this

    2. His speech was pretty entertaining, heres an excerpt-
      “Coal. I have no problem with coal. I’ve helped fund clean coal technology. One of my spending was Tracy Power Plant outside of Reno that was a clean coal plant. Except it didn’t work, so they had to go to another type of fuel. So I have nothing against coal.
      So when I learned by reading the papers that we were going to have power companies come to Nevada, one of the most pristine areas, and they were going to build three or four power plants. I said no. My staff said, you can’t do that. You’re up for reelection. They’ll destroy you. Well, they tried. But I won. They lost. There are going to be no coal-fired plants in Nevada. There’s two left. One of them is going out of business in a matter of two weeks. And the other is on its way out, probably within a year.
      We’re not going to have coal-fired plants in Nevada, but we do have lots and lots of renewable energy. I’ve worked especially with John Ensign when he was here, on major land bills and we were able to do a lot of good things. Because of him ? he was a real conservative guy ? I had to make deals to make some of Nevada’s 87 percent of public land private. I was able to do that. And he was able to, with me, to create more wilderness. We worked together to get that done.

      I created the first national park in Nevada…”

      What an asshole.

      1. I’ve lived in Nevada. “Empty” is a far more accurate description than pristine for most of it.

        1. Hey well the same thing applies to Dingy Harry….

  10. I swear to God you could wake Hillary up suddenly from a deep sleep and the first thing out of her mouth would be “GET RID OF THE FIRST AMENDMENT!!!!”

    Has this woman EVER encountered an issue for which abridging the first amendment WASN’T the preferred policy prescription?!?!

    1. Well, in all fairness there have been times where she went after the 2A…

    2. Anything to do with guns. Then she just increments by 1.

  11. Check out Chump Schumer waiting in the wings, watching the proceedings making sure they go off without a hitch.

  12. What about the Old News epidemic, can’t we do something about that?


    Jill Stein approves this message.

  14. what a loon. see you guys at the vwrc meeting tonight.

    1. vwrc

      The Vast White Racist Conspiracy?

  15. “The epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year.”

    But enough about Hillary’s campaign.

    1. To be fair, I don’t think the campaign had to whip their bitches into shape. The lefty organs were happy to anticipate its needs (presumed needs) and oblige.

  16. This is obviously a fake story. Hillary Clinton is a classy woman and would never do anything like this. I’m shocked Reason was taken in by this.

  17. The real ‘fake news’ is that ‘fake news incites violence’. The real ‘fake news’ is that people are too stupid to realize it’s fake.

    The trial of Dylan Storm Roof will be a good demonstration of how people search out only the news they need to spice up their manifesto.

    1. people are too stupid to realize it’s fake

      Now, now. Let’s not project too hard.

      1. Hey how’s that manifesto coming along? Google is your friend – use it now before they ban all the truth.


  19. Hillary is completely insane for crying about fake news. She is handing the powers of censorship directly into the hands of her enemies. She can’t be that dumb – I wonder if she is Trump’s pawn. But then – there’s Chump Schumer quietly laughing to himself.

  20. See, this is Trump in action: He makes a ridiculous tweet about punishing flag-burners, his enemies on the left go all in on “1A FTW, ya moron”, and then when they break cover on their own burning desire to punish wrongthink, welp, what happened to “1A FTW”?

    I don’t think that’s an accident. He made the flag-burning tweet as the “fake news” thing was gathering steam. I think he put a landmine in their path, and they stepped on it.

    1. As deliciously ironic as this turned out, I don’t know if Trump is capable of the forethought to do something like that. He comes off much more as reactive not proactive.

    2. Troll level: President Elect…..

    3. My favorite part of that Trump episode was the reminder that, as a Senator, Clinton co-sponsored actual legislation to criminalize flag burning. Just delightful.

      1. I find it hard to believe it was a coincidence that part of his tweet included the very same jail term that Hillary proposed in her bill. And then, of course, left-wingers oblige him by burning American flags and making themselves look like childish asses in the process, because they’re emotionally hard-wired to hyper-react to anything said by someone who’s not on their team.

  21. Oh by the way I feel compelled to fix an error in this article.

    Hillary Clinton’s Call for Congress to Do Something About Fake News ‘Epidemic’ Is: a Reminder of How Bad Her Presidency Would Have Been on Free Speech

    There, that’s better.

  22. Of course Chuckles Schumer is behind this. He supports Keith Ellison for DNC chair because Ellison now supports anti-BDS ‘hate speech’ legislation which proves he has seen the error of his ways.

    1. Oh, Keith “I flew to Saudi Arabia on the Muslim Brotherhoods Dime” Ellison? Or is he still going by Keith X? Im sure putting him in charge of the DNC will help them immensely. Democrats already don’t care for Israel, this should turn that up to 11.

    2. Ellison flipped on supporting the Junior Hamassholes? Got a source on that?


  23. Welch said Hitlery was better than Trump.

    1. Trust me, SIV, I don’t. You were right all along.

  24. Hillary Clinton’s Call for Congress to Do Something About…

    One of her orderlies needs to remind her that she lost.

  25. We really dodged a bullet when Hillary lost, and whether you know it or not Matt, you more than I. Literally.

  26. Hahaha. And Trump’s banana-republic media staff threatening a Senator with legal action for calling Trump a “sexual predator.” Haha. These thin-skinned politicians better get used to being called every name in the book, and being ridiculed by every fake news story imaginable. It’s part of the job, and no president can sue for such libel or slander (though people can still be arrested for making threats, obviously).

  27. NBC’s Fake News King Brian Williams Launches Crusade Against “Fake News”


  28. Yup, it’s time to do something about fake news. Shut down those Stephen Colbert and John Oliver clowns! Too many of the brain-dead youths out there think they’re good sources for news.

  29. You’re going to hear all of the usual complaints, you know, freedom of speech, et cetera.

    She speaks of this basic liberty as if it were just an annoying bad habit.

  30. Yeah, because without Hillary asking that something be done is like unprecedented.

    As in Thune demanding Facebook cough up its algorithms to show why conservative news is being sidetracked.
    Or Drumpf opening up libel laws because he does not like criticism.

    Seriously, which is a greater threat, reason liberatarians (LOL)? A has-been loser in the POTUS stakes because OMG LOOK WHAT SHE WOULD HAVE ASKED FOR, or a Drumpf in charge with minions already on their path to doing the things you fear?

    What is this? A stepping stone to Breitbartdom?

    At least use fonts to alarm the right thing

    referencing the gunman who arrived at Comet Pizza to investigate a nonsensical conspiracy theory.
    Forget the gumna, take the theory

    1. Stop punishing the rest of society for your daddy issues.

  31. You know who else had a 3 step process.

    1. Dexter?

  32. Just STFU and go away now, already.

  33. The woman who claimed her scum bag rapist husband was a victim of a ‘vast right-wing conspiracy’ as he purged himself is talking about ‘fake news’? Huh. That’s rich.

    And why is she still in the public eye yapping?

  34. I’m starting to be convinced that Hillary is even more batshit crazy than Pelosi, who should have been locked up in a mental institution decades ago…

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  36. I am sure that Lois Learner would be happy to serve in the Hillary Clinton administration as the Secretary of Truth.

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  38. So, who else remembers a couple of years back when that bitch decided that she had to “do something” about talk radio?


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