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We're asking for $250,000 from you, the big people, to produce more and better journalism and commentary supporting Free Minds and Free Markets!


#NeverForget ||| United Artists
United Artists

Has it really been 354 days since we brought out our best tin cup, banged it on a trusty woodchipper, and reminded you that #GivingTuesday, not unlike perestroika, begins in the comments section? Yes, even if you're already lost in a haze of imagined Lobster Girl references (but especially if you're not), it's that time of year again—when Reason threatens harasses asks you, our very favorite and most loyal readers, to donate a QUARTER MILLION DOLLARS to make the world safe for libertarian journalism.

From now until December 6, we will be listing a series of reasons for the season why you should donate your hard-earned, tax-deductible dollars, bitcoin, and untraceable scrip to the Reason Foundation—the 501(c)(3) nonprofit that publishes our award-winning journalism in video, audio, pixelated or (newly redesigned) print form. You can and should scroll down to see giving levels and argumentation and such, but just this once why don't you just click on the link immediately below this paragraph, and….


Last year, 1,682 of you generous, possibly immortal souls coughed up $246,000 to defend civil and economic liberties, attack authoritarianism, and pour some rational tonic onto an increasingly hysterical world. This year we're not just asking to round those digits up, or to lock in our COLA increase, but rather for you to reaffirm that, dammit, we lived up to our end of the bargain, and are even more likely to spin your delicious straw into glorious gold in 2017.

Looks even better on the inside! ||| Reason

How can I predict that so bigly? Well, viddy this, my brothers:

* Web traffic at Reason.com has shattered all-time highs this very month.

* Views for Reason TV views over the past fiscal year have doubled.

* We've gone from near-zero to at least 55 with our new podcasting activities, both in-house and outhouse.

* Have I mentioned our fancy new magazine redesign, the first in 15 years, which is already in subscribers' mailboxes?

* And ohhhhhh, do we have some secret new sauce planned for you next year!

You're going to be hearing more about all of this in the coming days from a cast of Reason characters, including in a live Webathon Telethon that will surely produce more maimed bodies than a Flying Wallendas performance. But for now, let's list the goody-goody gumdrops that you'll get from donating right the hell now at various levels:

* $100–You'll get a Reason magazine subscription (includes print and/or digital, with digital opening the Pandora's Box of Reason's five-decade-old archives). You'll also receive invitations to any and all Reason events in your area.

* $250—The above, plus a custom Reason T-shirt custom DESIGNED SPECIAL-LIKE FOR THIS WEBATHON by Reason Magazine Art Director Joanna Andreasson. You'll also get some books by Reason authors.

* $500—That plus a copy of the funny and important documentary Can We Take a Joke? directed by former Reason TV producer Ted Balaker and co-produced/co-written by Reason TV's own Zach Weissmueller.

* $1,000—Throw in a private lunch in Washington, D.C., with a senior Reason editor, and an invite to our super-exclusive and very rewarding Reason Weekend.

What up, Fred? ||| Reason

* $5,000—Did someone say a 1-ounce silver Bastiat Coin, plus two tickets to the swanky Reason Media Awards in New York City, with VIP seating and a reception with Nick Gillespie, Matt Welch, and Katherine Mangu-Ward?

* $10,000—What the hell, let's just add two tickets to Reason Weekend for first-time attendees.

Not bad, right? But listen, we need to hit the ground running here; last year we started out a bit slow, and the haters came out with all their hate-mutterings: Libertarians are FINISHED, man! It's all trade wars and war-wars and smart surveillance and stadium subsidies and entitlement expansion from here on out. Well, maybe. But we have a hunch the statists are playing the shorter deck, and we—meaning you—are not just keeping the flame lit, but tossing entire couches on the raging bonfire of freedom, and sending out joyous wolf-howls in the night. Or at least that's what I think Gary Johnson has been doing these past three weeks….

We are here to amplify your voice, to challenge even our own assumptions, and hopefully produce a chuckle or two along the way. Help make us make you want to make them sad about making things bad!


NEXT: Castro's 'Accomplishments' in Cuba a Load of Nonsense

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  1. The problem is, the quality of the articles ebbed noticably, and the popup that interrupts browsing is damned annoying. You post content from whole swaths of people which inspire the core readership to skip to the comments because of the disingenuous, self-contradictory narritves based upon unshared assumptions about the world. If these people were to support their presuppositions and argue the case for that, then perhaps there is a discussion worth having. Instead the content is degenerating into the same sort of “I must be right therefore Y” nonsense that killed the credibility of a lot of other sources.

    1. This. TDS was particularly rough and has generally allowed unprofessionalism to flourish for no good reason. Yes, I get that you don’t like Trump, argue the case, don’t post articles like “DUR HUR TRUMP LOGO IS A PENIS” and constantly use that “loud-mouthed Trump” and “baby Trump” images. It’s just hackish, and not something you do for anyone else. I mean, it’s not like they’re using this image for every Castro article.

      We’ve got Dalmia claiming Pamela Geller is alt-right, Soave claiming that Trump admitted to sexual assaults (and the article was not corrected, which is the editors’ responsibility) and I don’t even know why they publish Chapman articles. Improve the quality of your writers Reason.

      1. Reason is a big tent. And we’re all free to refute them in the comments. They allow us that.

        For instance, I singlehandedly got Shackelford to use “legally recognized same-sex marriage” instead of “legalized same-sex marriage” by doggedly bitching and moaning in the comments. ADMIT IT, SHACKLEFROD. YOU’RE AN APPEASER.

        1. Hence my comment below. But it’s bad form to go “hey, enable us to make good libertarian content!” and end up with “lol, our libertarian content is actually getting worse and worse, but at least the comments are still good.”

        2. Jesus. Caving to Eugene makes me want to support Reason even less.

        3. Shacklefraud?

      2. You could add to the $10000 level the banning of articles by Chapman and Dahlmia….

        1. I routinely ignore their articles. Why don’t you? It’s easy.

          1. I like to suffer, it’s why I stopped taking my meds. That and they won’t give them to me anymore.

      3. I would like to see a real article on this shadowy ‘alt-right’. A few days ago one of the lefty sites claimed ‘200 white supremacists had a meeting next to Trump’s house without listing a single name. Who the hell are these people? What is the evidence of their being white supremacists? Where are the quotes? The rallies? The photos?

        Hint to Reason: Stop trying to stay off of the left’s list of fake news sites. Being on it is a badge of honor.

    2. So… we’ll put you down for a thousand?

    3. Spot on Uncivil. May you find the wood free alcohol you are looking for.

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  2. I don’t see ‘fire Shikha Dalmia’ anywhere on that list of rewards, so no money for you. Eh, maybe some money because at least your threads are a free speech platform.

    1. She’s #3 on the list, with Richman and Chapman taking win and place. Robby is right behind her.

      Get Michael Young back for writing about the Middle East. Then maybe we can talk an infusion of Jewgold.

      1. Leave Robby alone you old fart.

        1. He’s bucking for a sweet gig at Slate, don’t interfere.

      2. Richman is at least kooky uncle left-libertarian, and Chapman doesn’t directly write for Reason. Dalmia is actually their employee.

        1. See my comment in the Brickbat on left-leaning libertarians.

      3. Also Soave is the perfect commentariat punching bag: Millennial, effeminate, moderately shallow thinker who willingly uses gender neutral pronouns cause feelz. They’d be stupid to get rid of him/his hair.

        1. I’ll let this be my last “defense” of poor Robby. Most people really have a problem not with what he’s saying but with the way he says it. Well guess what, that’s the way younger people converse these days. I have two kids who are fairly close to his age and my house sounds like a Robby convention when they talk. If you don’t like the way he articulates his thoughts, it’s because you’re old and he’s young. You could choose to stop being a raggedy old cunt about it, or not if you’d prefer to just stay bitchy.

          (All yous are general you not you you)

          1. it’s because you’re old and he’s young.

            I’m Robby’s age and I don’t speak or write like him. Mostly. But I was raised in the noble Canadian wilderness by bearmen. And had decent English teachers.

          2. TBF first article I read from Reason was a Robby article that had made it to the front page of Yahoo (my old stomping trolling grounds) and by some serendipity from on high I read the article, checked out the comments and was like, “I don’t understand, what is this? Where is the derp?” Needless to say I got hooked. And I’m close to Robby’s age so maybe shit works, maybe the millennial writer reached out to millennial readers. I’ll say it does feel a bit sheepish when market strategies work like, ‘We’ll do X to reach out to this key demographic’ but whatever — I still choose which sites I visit on the internet.

      4. I JEW YOU HAD GOLD!

    2. Agreed. Reason is the best American free speech platform, maybe the best on the internet. They did stand up strongly for free speech somewhat at their own peril. I will give some, but grudgingly because the complaints listed here are warranted.

  3. Dalmia, Chapman, Richman. Enough said.

    1. I was being a bit more circumspect and trying to enumerate the symptoms, but you put it succinctly.

  4. Oh, and hire SugarFree for a weekly installment. Besides the direct entertainment value, we’ll all enjoy imagining Postrel’s conniptions.

    1. Why taint that which is pure?

  5. God, Reason are like hobos. Constantly shoo-shooing them away while throwing a quarter at them.

    1. Be grateful you’re throwing Canadian quarters. If you threw real money, it’d draw more.

      1. +1 piece of “money” with pictures of animals drawn on it

        1. -1 vending machine

        2. +1 “subway token” with pictures of animals drawn on it

    2. Do you take Canadian quarters?

  6. not just keeping the flame lit, but tossing entire couches on the raging bonfire of freedom, and sending out joyous wolf-howls in the night

    Well, it IS Tuesday.

  7. Web traffic at Reason.com has shattered all-time highs this very month.

    It’s probably from duly registered, official commenters trying to leave tidbits of insight while the commenting system continually effs them in the eh. I hereby designate all of the donations to upgrading Reason’s infrastructure. And by infrastructure I don’t mean swanky new ivory tower offices in Liberalville USA or wherever you people HQ.

    1. They really need to widen some of their Internet tubes.

    2. Easier said than done. When the squirrels have taken over the server room, you need more than Robbie or ENB to sort things out.

  8. Having made a modest donation, I would like to reiterate three things I would like to see:
    1. Jello wrestling.
    2. twerking
    3. More pictures of Ron Bailey looking like Rick Steves.

    1. I can’t speak to #1, but #2 is Heroic Mulatto’s bailiwick so you’ll just have to wait until he’s free and Google’s got your back for #3.

      1. I would be fine with Reason hiring Heroic and making him official editor of twerktasticness.

        As for pictures of Bailey: new content, baby. New content.

        1. 3. More pictures of Ron Bailey looking like Rick Steves

          I don’t know what a “Rick Steves” is but Ron looks like this guy

    2. +1 Clark shoes.

    3. 4. Blackjack.
      5. Hookers.

      1. Put a one and two zeroes in front of that and you’ve got yourself a deal.

  9. I let my printed subscription drop because of the declining quality of print and online articles. Less clickbait and less “outraged” journalism, and more policy-orientated writing, please!

    Ideas: a libertarian approach to replacing Obamacare, solving inner-city crime and poverty, more on private schooling, the pros and cons on immigration (not just happy talk), Cuba – effects (good and bad) of opening trade with a country with a despotic leader, a path forward to reducing the national debt, effects of the current drug war and what is the best way forward, more on the effects of MJ legalization, libertarian approach to reducing pollution, etc etc

    There are a wealth of interesting ideas to explore but instead we get a steady stream of TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP and SJW shenanigans.

    1. ^This. And some actual serious pieces on foreign policy.

    2. addendum: the commentators here (minus the trolls) are the best. I may not agree with everyone on everything but I’ve had more “a-ha” moments on Hit ‘n’ Run than anywhere else. Some of the discussions on libertarianism, anarchism, capitalism, socialism, communism, immigration, and many others have been real eye openers, and made me question my own beliefs. Also the historical knowledge here is very deep and broad.

      1. ^ seconded.

        1. *slides into circle jerk formation*

    3. Also, focus less on the damn president. Our system is suppose to limit his power. Focus more on promoting libertarian solutions and less bitching about what the president thinks and says.

      1. To be fair, the system doesn’t always limit him the way it should, so the President is more powerful than the Constitution warrants, and a news site should deal with that fact.

        1. And beyond the actual power the President wields, there’s a ton of symbolic power that comes from being the highest ranked official of the major political parties. Presidential platforms end up being handed out as mandates to Congress. It’s why they can run on platforms that involve establishing policies that they legally can’t, like redesigning the healthcare system or immigration reform (legally, rather than in terms of enforcement).

  10. $1,000?Throw in a private lunch in Washington, D.C., with a senior Reason editor, and an invite to our super-exclusive and very rewarding Reason Weekend.

    Who picks up the lunch tab?

    1. /Matt slowly and coyly pushes bill towards Rufus.

      1. +2 alligator arms

      2. Rufus (sipping gin enjoying the women walking by the table with wide grin. Looks down): What’s this?
        Matt (looks away quickly): Nothing.
        Rufus: $600? For omelette?
        Matt: D.C., bro.
        Rufus: But it wasn’t even Western?!
        Matt (smiling nervously): YOLO….?
        Rufus: I already paid $1000 just to sit with you and watch you stare at your watch all morning.
        Matt: That reminds me, I’m late for my manicure….(pounds chest)…love you, take care, Ruf, you goof!

        /Matt literally runs out. An empty plastic bag gently and lazily falls onto Rufus’s head.

        1. That was awful.

  11. I reported all the above commenters as spam and nothing happened. I will donate when the spam button works. Seriously though, I donated because I like the commentariat and want a place to bullshit about guns, booze and food, while I drink my coffee.

    1. I already saw your handle on the donations ticker.

      Either you’ve alreayd shelled out cash, or someone donated in your name

      1. Seriously though, I donated

    2. ^reported as spam

        1. It’ll. Also edit button!

          1. You were right the first time.

      1. Reported this as spam.

  12. Oh yeah, and how could I forget: fix your damn website so the comments don’t shit themselves constantly when traffic is up. Or when traffic isn’t up at all. Just fix it.

  13. How much to touch Soave’s hair?

    How much for access to ENB’s prosty friends?

    How much to get Nick to eat a hamburger again?

    How much to cobble together a roast for Bill Weld?

    How much to become anointed as the one true libertarian?

    1. How much to become anointed as the one true libertarian?

      That’s free, anyone can just do it at any time.

      1. The problem is the anointing oil.

        It’s toxic and more like a paste, with lots of foreign materials.

  14. UK reader here and I’ve signed up just to donate. Reason cuts a path through partisan fluff, fuzzy thinking, and cheerleader reporting that feels increasingly pervasive. I find myself pleasantly challenged by it regularly which to me is a sign that I’m engaging with ideas and thoughts outside of my echo chamber. Unquestionably a good thing.

    1. Hi Matt!

  15. $50 donation for firing Petet McCuckerman

    1. Keep Shikha Dalmia !

      1. In a box, in the attic.

        1. Not in a box. Have her walk around the attic at night to scare the tenants.

          “No, nobody lives up there, it’s just the floor settling.”

  16. Man, the t-shirt is pricey this year.

    Like the new design of the mag so far, but for the love of god please change the logo – Trebuchet is so played.

  17. Money raising pop-up, pops up. Heads over to comments, this is going to be good.

  18. What donation amount gets me a Trump hat?

  19. i will be donating, and im still on the hook for an extra 20 if Obama does reclassify pot.

  20. What if we’re still annoyed that you had your collective(yes, ‘collective’) heads so far up Hillary’s cloaca this elections season that you could (still collectively) see out her breathing vesicles?

    Should we send you a couple of bent quarters and some old gum and pocket lint?

    And–did Penn break down and finally buy himself a suit that actually fits him now?!!?!

  21. How much to be my friend?

  22. Unless you’re out in the country like you ought to be when having a good bonfire party, tossing couches on the bonfire of freedom might could break the NAP with all the PM put in your neighbor’s air–and HAPs depending on the upholstery. But I am otherwise convinced!

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