Chuck Schumer

Hey Dejected Dems: Stop Crying Over Hillary's Loss and Block Chuck Schumer's Ascent

If you worry about Wall Street influence and hawkish foreign policy, the senior New York senator is very bad news.


Sen. Schumer official photo

Writing in The Hill, former Democratic National Committee press secretary, Gary Johnson media advisor, self-styled libertarian Democrat, and Reason contributor Terry Michael has some tough words for Donkey Party progs such as Elizabeth Warren:

Dumb? Democrats nominating one of the most disliked politicians in America as their presidential candidate, perhaps the only opponent Donald Trump could have beaten. Dumber? The Senate Democratic caucus cluelessly anointing "I'd walk a mile for a camera" Charles Schumer as its public voice.

Chuck Schumer, the senator from Wall Street. Chuck Schumer, who joins Trump and the right wing leadership of Israel and its American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in opposing President Obama's Iran nuclear deal.

What. Were. Senate. Democrats. Thinking?

Where were Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, avowed enemies of the Wall Street billionaires, who apparently thought they were atoning for their absence-without-leave by joining Schumer in playing identity politics, by endorsing left-liberal, African American, Catholic-converted-to-Muslim U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison for chairman of the Democratic National Committee?

In what used to be called the greatest deliberative body in the world, were Democrats doing any serious reflection at all on the results of the recent election? Was the exclusive club of forty-eight men and women just hell-bent on ignoring the toxic crony capitalism that Sanders excoriated during his race for the 2016 nomination against Hillary Clinton?

Read the whole thing.

Sure, give the Democrats a moment or three or grief over the surprise election of Donald Trump and the increasing Republican domination of statehouses around the country. But if the party of Jefferson, Jackson, and Ted Kennedy ever wants to update its agenda for the 21st century, it might start by cutting loose terrible, terrible buttinskies like Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer, who is so backwards, trivial, and bought-off that he once tried to regulate the price of breakfast cereal and led a successful charge to decaffeinate Four Loko. And note that when it comes to Wall Street bailouts, Schumer couldn't do enough to make sure that his fat-cat pals were made whole. As Michael notes, he's also generally terrible on foreign policy as well as economic policy and basic lifestyle issues too. From virtually any perspective (certainly from a libertarian one but also from a progressive one, too), Schumer's policies on just about everything are objectionable.

For progressive Dems such as Warren and progressive kinda-sorta Dems such as Bernie Sanders to have no problem with Schumer is a massive tell that such commitments are a distant second (at best) to party unity and tribal loyalty.

If the rancid 2016 election proved anything, it's that both the Republican and Democratic parties are stuck in various decades of the 20th century, with each group looking back fondly on different versions of elite control. And that the American people, who turned out in smaller percentages than in 2012 and couldn't decide cleanly between the two-most-hated candidates in U.S. history, are ready for something different. At this point, the Dems should be trying to chart a new direction, one that might actually put individuals and autonomy first. With the Republicans controlling the White House and Congress, the odds are fair-to-great that the Party of Lincoln will once again go on a massive, ruinous spending spree, just like they did the last time they had such power. If Democrats were smart, they would tack libertarian and pursue targeted spending that actually helped people in need while also going after crony capitalism and military buildups and wars that have failed to make the world a safer place.

Instead…Chuck Schumer.

Good luck with that, Dems, because if he's your idea of a party leader for a 21st century America that's still angry over bank bailouts and attempts to crush the sharing economy and get in the way of people creating new ways of living without government approval, you're going nowhere fast. Even if the Republicans—who have lost the popular vote in four of the last five presidential races and even less-liked than your party—are your opponents.

Watch Buzz Bowl I: Four Loko vs. Joose, featuring Sen. Schumer, now!

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  1. Nothing will win back the Rust Belt like Schmuck talking down to them.

    1. That’s what I don’t get about the Dems the past week. Surely the way to win back the Rust Belt whites isn’t to continually call them racist idiots. But sure enough, there the Dems are, telling them exactly that.

      When I saw that, I knew the Dems had unwittingly guaranteed Donald Trump a second term. Those Rust Belt whites aren’t coming back to the D column—not now.

      1. I think the Rust Belt Whites are more concerned with the D’s attacks on coal, mining, and heavy industry, plus the destructive consequences of EPA regulations, minimum wage, and new employer mandates.

  2. The Democrats need a true statesman like Chuck Schumer to heal them in their hour of darkness.

  3. Chuck Schumer, the senator from Wall Street. Chuck Schumer, who joins Trump and the right wing leadership of Israel and its American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in opposing President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

    OK, he gets it right once in a while. It was a terrible deal, stupid, unnecessary, and sold under the false pretense of “it’s either this deal or we have to start bombing.”

    1. Once in a while? The man seems to lead a charmed life, somehow.

  4. “Gary Johnson media advisor”

    I don’t think I’d be putting that on my resume.

  5. Challenge match-up of the day: Who is the bigger sociopath, Charles Schumer or Elizabeth Warren?

    1. I’m probably only saying this because he’s “my” senator, but Schumer.

      Fucker is eager to get on camera and exploit every tragedy.

    2. Warren might be a true believer, something far more dangerous.

      1. ^This.

        I was going to say same thing: Schumer’s a sociopath who knows better, Warren’s just a sociopath.

      2. SugarFree is correct. And Yakub willing, coming up with a Warren/Schumer story as we type.

      3. Warren voted reliably Republican until 1995, when she abandoned the Republicans and embraced the Democrats: “Warren voted as a Republican for many years, saying, “I was a Republican because I thought that those were the people who best supported markets”. According to Warren, she began to vote Democratic in 1995 because she no longer believed that to be true, but she states that she has voted for both parties because she believed that neither party should dominate”

        Call me skeptical of her credentials as a “true believer” in the Progressive Cause. She’s as much a “Noble-Lying Neo-Liberal” as Clinton.

        1. The idea that Democrats support marketrs is a ludicrous contention, much like Warrens contention that she’s an Indian when she belongs to zero tribes.

          Although, I suppose I should say that Democrats support markets that were literally created out of thin air due to interference in the free market.

          1. Democrats support markets to the extent they think they will generate more revenue for the government.

        2. Yeah, she apparently jumped ship when the last Democrat Messiah appeared to forever vanquish the GOP, back in the mid-1990’s.

          Right before it was discovered that he used human humidors, ironically.

          1. Maybe she wanted to be a cigar store Indian.

        3. They don’t call her Fauxcahontas for nothing.

    3. Depends whether you prefer really evil and sort of stupid, or really stupid and sort of evil.

    4. Are you fucking kidding me? This is a harder question than Trump v. Clinton.

      He’s more polished and is the known enemy. She’s batshit crazy and should never be allowed to own a gun.

  6. MOOBZ! The Dems continue their flight into self destruction! It’s lovely.

    1. I just heard one on the tv denying that this is a historic loss for his party. They aren’t in trouble at all he claims. I guess they just need to double down on the prog bullshit and they can pull out of this nosedive.

      1. Before the 2010 midterms, the Democrats were predicting a 100 seat pickup in Congress. They got demolished. In 2008 they were predicting a 1000 year super majority. IOW, you can’t take them seriously.

        1. Well, they might have been onto something with the “1000-year supermajority” thing…but maybe not in the way they were imagining.

          1. That depends on how was doing the predicting. There are always crackpots who predict that some situation will continue indefinitely. This isn’t just politics, either.

      2. “Next year The Great Pumpkin WILL appear! I’ll have a REALLY sincere pumpkin patch!”

  7. Is there a slimier Democrat left now that Hillary is gone?

    1. Seen the CA Congressional delegation? Some real stand-outs there.

    2. Is Harry Reid still around?

      1. Harry’s on the way out but his anointed successor is coming in, a former AG who had some issues with misplaced rape kits. That person is also a woman.

    3. Elijah Cummings? Sheila Jackson Lee? Keith Ellison? Al Franken? Elizabeth Warren? Bernie Sanders? Oh wait, he’s not a D anymore, is he?

      1. Oh, and how could I forget DiFi, who is not only slimy, but the single most evil presence in our current government.

      2. my favorite move is Progressive Caucus member Keith Ellison as the odds-on favorite to be the new DNC Chair. The nation rejects going leftward and the party reaches as far left as it can. And these people are supposed to be smart.

        1. There’s no way back for them. Every move from now on will be move further left. The Democrats have been completely taken over by the left and the left never admit they’re wrong, they just conclude that they need to go further left.

          1. Further left and into the realm of paranoia.

          2. Was Stalin ever wrong? In his own mind at least.

        2. The nation rejects going leftward

          Don’t make the same mistake that the parties always make. Rejecting Hillary is not the same as rejecting leftism.

          And Trump’s populism is leftism in Republican drag.

          1. And Trump’s populism is leftism in Republican drag.

            Insert Giuliani picture here.

          2. Welcome to France with bad bread. We now have the socialist party and the democrats. We just call the latter by a different name these days.

        3. More than that, he has an embarrassing history of antisemitic associations and writings under pseudonyms. Oops.

      3. Barbara Boxer doesn’t get nearly enough hate.

        1. She’s too stupid to really matter. Absolutely the dumbest person in the Senate, and there’s some real competition.

          1. She was supposed to write the Climate legislation during Obama’s first term – when the Dems had both houses of Congress. She just couldn’t do it.

        2. ‘Ma’am’ will forever be tied to her little entitled tantrum when a military man didn’t refer to her as ‘Senator’ in a hearing. It’s a shame that the person testifying wasn’t a Sergeant, because I would have paid money to hear his response.

          ‘I can address you by the title you’ve earned, but you’re not gonna like it.’

          1. Well, maybe this reenactment will help a little:


        3. Fortunately she’s on her way out. Unfortunately, she’s being replaced by Kamala Harris.

  8. So the Democrats have someone who is more unlikable and dishonest then Hillary and they are going to double down. Are they trying to take over the Republican brand, The Stupid Party?

    1. Yes. The parties do flip brands every so often, you know.

      1. Hey, you got stupid in my evil!
        And you got evil in my stupid!

    2. Don’t get ahead of yourself here. The Stupid Party are now in complete control, so the amount of stupid they can achieve at this point is practically limitless.

    3. In no way is the party leader in the senate anywhere near the figurehead for the party that a presidential candidate is. His job is to set legislative priorities and enforce party unity – that he’s nationally despised matters not one bit. Everybody hated Harry Reid too, but he was remarkably effective at his job.

      The only people who care what a Senate Minority Leader has to say are the senators in that leader’s party. Schumer’s ascent will do little for the election prospects of any other candidates.

    4. Nah, they’re trying to become the John Birch Society of the left.

  9. Terry Michael, huh? I guess a guy who hates Episiarch as much as he does can’t be ALL bad.

    1. Reason contributor Terry Michael has some tough words for Donkey Party progs

      I’m guessing those “tough words” were ‘You can’t get AIDS at one of those Tijuana donkey parties as AIDS doesn’t exist.’

      1. Watch out, you’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’. And by “bruisin'” i mean a sternly-worded email from Terry Michael in which he tells you that you’re a dick.

  10. Two articles in the paper-paper this morning:
    1) Obo in Greece, explaining the rise of Trump: The rejection of the elite, rust belt jobs, etc, and then even AP admits he totally avoided mentioning HIS performance as POTUS. They might have added that the D’s had a horrible product to sell.
    2) Local political writer says the D’s have pushed back the vote on Pelosi, since some are beginning to suspect she might be part of the problem.
    Naaah! Ms. ‘we have to pass it to know what’s in it’? Ms. ‘we’ll jam this mess up your butt if it takes calling out the national guard’? SHE might be part of the problem?

    1. I don’t see any way out for the Dems, I really don’t. Their best strategy would be to do absolutely nothing and let the GOP stupid their way to being nearly as bad as Dems. But they can’t. They are now stuck with socialism and identity politics. They’ve convinced almost their entire base into adopting these idiotic positions and now they have no other voter base outside of that. They’re going to double down on those things because they have nothing else left. They’re going to be shouting racism and every other ism they can think up, at Americans for the next 4 years and chasing impossible climate change accords.

      1. That will work just fine for them with maturity challenged millenials. In 15-20 years probably not so much again.

    2. At some point, Dems are going to notice the electoral map and its mostly red nature. Then again, the party is ready to make Keith Ellison, Progressive Caucus stalwart, its new chairman. This is why Dems are the evil party.

      1. And their conclusion will be? Move further left. Call everyone who isn’t that far left, right wing extermists, racist, Islamaphobes, homophobes, sexists, etc, etc.

  11. “Who has two thumbs and giant breasts?”

    “This guy.”

    1. Alternate caption: “Guess where these have been?”

      Alternate alternate caption: “There was a plum on each thumb but i eated them.”

    2. Sonofabitch. Glad I actually scrolled through the comments first.

  12. Was the exclusive club of forty-eight men and women just hell-bent on ignoring the toxic crony capitalism that Sanders excoriated during his race for the 2016 nomination against Hillary Clinton?

    The question answers itself. This club whose fortunes are largely owed to cronyism are not going to bite that hand, are you serious? Meanwhile, I saw this point yesterday: if Dems lose control of one more state legislature, GOPers will have numeric advantage in 3/4 of state houses.

    I believe 3/4 has some constitutional significance. So what do Dems do? Apparently move ahead with making a guy from the Progressive Caucus the new DNC Chair. Tone deaf does not even begin to describe this.

    1. It was a tweet by a moron who doesn’t understand math. The Republicans are one state away from 2/3 of states not 3/4. They also don’t have super majorities in both houses of Congress. They actually need to flip like 8 states and 14 .

      1. And if the world doesn’t end during the next four years of Trump, not to mention if things in America improve even slightly, then what happens?

        Aside from millions more young people, once drunk on campus progressivism, coming to the realization that the Democrats are absolutely full of shit and then going the way of all flesh, i.e. house, kids, job, taxes, and voting for the Party That Dare Not Speaketh Its Name on Network television?

        Just many Obamatons eventually did.

  13. IT WAS CHUCK SCHUMER’S TURN. Just wait until the day that it’s Amy Schumer’s turn.

  14. But crying is what they do best. I mean, any normal person would have stopped by now. If nothing else, to take a breath. But these guys are marathon mopers! They’ll still be at it when the band has quit and carried all their gear back to the van, and the janitor is putting the chairs up on the tables so he can mop the floor.

  15. Does this mean more of Amy Schumer?

    No wonder she likes to borrow other people’s humour. She’s too busy acting like her uncle.

    1. Her uncle doesn’t suck people’s dicks. He gets other people to suck *his* dick.

  16. I thought it was up for debate whether Jefferson falls under the Democrats. Personally, I think it’s an obvious no.

  17. multiple commenters at calling Terry Michael’s piece anti-semitic for naming Schumer “AIPAC’s senator”. maybe Google will drop it from searches for being fake news hate speech.

  18. If Democrats were smart, they would tack libertarian and pursue targeted spending that actually helped people in need while also going after crony capitalism and military buildups and wars that have failed to make the world a safer place.

    The problem with this is that we’re talking about Democrats. Their entire careers are based on opposition to libertarian principles, the use of people in need as political pawns, and the promotion of THEIR crony capitalism and military buildups in order to enrich their selected cronies and campaign contributors.

    You may as well ask a vulture to quit eating roadkill. It’s not gonna happen. They are just going to Prog harder, it’s who they are.

  19. If my FB feed is any indication, the Dems will spend four years trashing anyone who didn’t vote Hillary. The party will not change course, because they are incapable of admitting fault.

  20. Good one Nick.

    Balko seems to think Reason should pivot to being “Allies” with Team Blue now.

    (because apparently we should fear Trump’s exercise of power more than any previous executive)

    No. They deserve continued lumps for their spoiled post-election behavior, and mockery for continuing to triple-down on the same politics that brought about their loss to a boorish reality-TV star.

    1. The thing is other than a few things like trade, infrastructure spending, maternity leave/daycare and cracking down on the press…wouldn’t trump be more libertarian?

      2 to 3 of those things above are team blue things

      – Taxes/regs
      – Obamacare repeal
      – Getting rid of climate agreement
      – Seems more isolationist
      – guns

      Why would libertarians align with team blue?

      1. You got me, but there seems to be a lot of it going around.

    2. Correct. Libertarians can work with the left, but the left doesn’t get to set the destination.

      As Obama once said, “they can’t have the keys back. They don’t know how to drive! They can ride with us if they want, but they got to get in the back seat.”

    3. Balko’s crap was unbelievable. People are scared? People are feeling stuff? He was trying to shame Reason because he doesnt think they are signaling hard enough. No acknowledgement that those feelings are completely irrational and unwarranted or just plain histrionics.

      Fuck their feelings and fuck off Balko. It’s our job to give the Reason staff shit.

    1. progressives already have a majority and they just need to get the people who make it up to the polls.

      “”YES! Stop any form of political outreach! We already own enough blacks and college kids to swamp old-people and rednecks! THE FUTURE IS OURS!!”

      …the traditional strategy is a persuasion strategy. It involves targeting people who vote on a regular basis ? even if they don’t always vote for your party.

      It involves choosing candidates and platforms that come as close to the median of the electorate ? including the undecided middle ? as possible

      But what if Democrats stopped thinking about winning as many of the available, likely voters as possible, and started thinking about changing the pool of who was a likely voter? What if they focused less on persuasion and more on voter mobilization?

      “We’ve already won,” says Abrams ? “we just forgot to pick up our prize.”

      1. The worst part of the article was that Trump did better than Romney in every state sans california, Utah, and washington lol. And the GOP is going to have 52 congress critters…they almost had 53 in NH.

        1. The greatest weakness of progressives is their inability to accept that they have always been, and always will be, a political minority.

          Libertarians aren’t very good at coalition-building either, but its more because we’re aware of our stubborn-minority status, and *prefer* it.

          1. Yep. It is amazing to me how delusional they are.

          2. The libertarians who do care about coalition building are not in the Libertarian Party. They are in the Republican or Democratic party depending on what their flavor of libertarianism consists of.

      2. In four years a large percentage of the college kids that were with her in 2016 are going to be paying mortgages, working jobs and cursing at the withholdings from their paychecks. They are at that age that is the on the cusp of changing parties.

  21. Nick,
    Good article. Serious question: how many Reason contributors cried on election night?

    1. That depends. When you mean cried, do you mean crying from actually being crushed, or do you mean crying from laughing so hard at the Proglodytes?

      If it’s B), I claim guilty as charged.

      1. B for me too. But I meant the Reason writers.

        1. OK, but since I spend more time with the comments than the articles, I consider the commentariat contributors also.

  22. Thanks for reposting Joos Bowl. Just the sight of the still frame has me laughing again over that great line I’ve kept thinking about & laughing at for years: “Here’s the kickoff…and it’s a highball.”

  23. The dems are just setting themselves up to lose big in the midterm elections giving even more power to the GOP. The dems just can’t help themselves, their leadership are so blindly narcissistic that they don’t even understand why they lost. Then they pile on. They have made Trump out to be such a racist, woman hating boob that he will look like a hero when he is average. I doubt the GOP will behave properly, but if they can be productive and not go too far right they could have power for some time. The elite left clearly don’t give a crap about the average blue collar worker unless they are transgender or an illegal immigrant and people have figured that out. They can’t rearrange the room and expect to have influence they need to change their ways and the leadership. So Nick is exactly correct.

    My prediction, the dems spend all their time fighting Trump, he pushes through positive ACA changes, a compromised immigration deal, tax cuts tied to inner city investment and a few other things. Many changes work out well and because the dems fought so hard against changes that help the common person then end up sparking major Congress wins in 2018. I’m saying this as someone VERY cynical about Trump, but the democrat party is a mess and it seem that the power structure thinks the answer it to tack left. Big, big mistake.

    1. If they tack much further left they are gonna fall off of the western edge of the earth.



    1. I’m sorry. That was over the line. “OVER THE LINE!” As Walter Sobchak would say.

      It’s not like there is a perfect storm brewing in the Democratic party. They really owe a debt of gratitude to the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s, the Anthony Weiner’s, the Bernie Sanderses, the Joe Lieberman’s, the Rahm Emanuel’s, and all the secular, progressive Americans in the media and entertainment industry.

      It’s not like millions of nihilistic, disaffected, unemployed millennial who feel utterly betrayed by progressive Democrats could easily be turned against institutions such as the media and the academy any day now. And it’s not like any particular demographics are over-represented there. It’s not like competing identity politics will eventually cause other Democrats to eventually begin openly scapegoating identity groups. History gives no indication that any such thing could happen. It certainly couldn’t happen here. Nopers.

      It’s not like a popular, charismatic leader could employ these people to really fuck shit up if he or she so chose. It’s not like the active-duty military would let that happen and even join in, because they totally don’t feel exploited and betrayed by politicians and other American civilians for the last forty years.

      Nope, no perfect storm clouds on the horizon, no sirree.

      1. Well, the Democrats have adopted more than half of the 25 point program already.

  25. RE: Hey Dejected Dems: Stop Crying Over Hillary’s Loss and Block Chuck Schumer’s Ascent
    If you worry about Wall Street influence and hawkish foreign policy, the senior New York senator is very bad news.

    Actually its old news.
    Republicans embrace Wall Street influence and a hawkish foreign police and have for decades.
    Not that the democrats would’ve done this any differently.

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  27. Republicans have lost the popular vote six out of the last seven presidential elections, by my count.


    1. What really matters is that Libertarians have *really* lost the popular vote, badly.

      The popular vote doesn’t matter, for a very special reason: the popular vote doesn’t matter. If it mattered, then politicians would only campaign in the two or three most populous states, and fuck the rest of them, because they wouldn’t matter. Personally, I don’t want my president elected by New York and California.

    2. Count again. Cigar Bill did not win a majority of the popular vote in ’92.

    3. Republicans have lost the popular vote six out of the last seven presidential elections, by my count.

      Your point being… what?

  28. What’s the most dangerous place in New York State? Anywhere between Chuck Schumer and a microphone or camera.

  29. The point this article completely misses is that for any given policy A expounded by a Republican Congress or President, the Democrats will scream to the skies how awful it is, then when the same policy is expounded by a Democratic Congress or President, suddenly there are ….. crickets.

    What happened to Occupy Wall Street or the antiwar protestors once Obama was in office and did the exact same thing except worse? Why did ‘Liz and Bernie suddenly go silent and support Hillary, who supported policies 100% in contravention of their endless talking points?

    The Republicans are only slightly less bad, in that they support bad policies whether expounded by a Republican or a Democrat. Odious civil liberties violations or aggressive war, for example. In that case the Democratic hypocrisy is marginally more tolerable than the atrocious Republican “principles”…..

  30. Team Stupid takes a look at a potential Bolton SoS nomination by Team Dumb and ups the ante.

  31. “…. if the party of Jefferson, Jackson, and Ted Kennedy….”

    Too many levels to explain the divergent flaws, core hypocrisy, lazy construction, and historical ignorance in this conditional statement.
    And somewhat off topic, I’m still holding out hope that Reason’s editorial positions and institutional zeitgeist becomes libertarian once again. Its observations and remedies are fast becoming part of the problem, what with its contortions borrowed from New Democrat empathy, moderation or willful ignorance of liberty fundamentals, a smattering of conservative ideology, a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and another of the billion ideas on how to “fix” the system — reminds one of the vulgar metaphor regarding “opinions.”
    Gimme Mises any day of the week.

  32. I’m rooting for Warren/Schumer 2020. Or maybe Warrent/Pelosi 2020. Or even better, Warren/Boxer 2020.

    Please, PLEASE, Democrats, give us one of these “winning” combinations. You know you want to!

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  37. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


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