Free State Project

Free State Project Supporter Shot in Fight That Began Over Its Porcupine Flag

Victim Jarrod Ean-Dixon said by family to be "healing" despite "grave injuries." Shooting suspect Michael Sirois was arrested.


A bizarre and disconcerting bit of politically motivated violence, which happened on November 5 pre-election but just came to my attention today: Jarrod Ean-Dixon, a participant in supporter of** New Hampshire's Free State Project (FSP), was shot multiple times during a conflict that began over a group of people including Michael Sirois, who allegedly shot Ean-Dixon, objecting to the Project's Porcupine flag (pictured below).

Ean-Dixon's family, in a web site dedicated to the incident, says that the 36-year-old father of three is "healing well considering his grave injuries." (One of his sons witnessed the shooting.)

Free State Project

The FSP is an effort to get the libertarian-minded to move en masse to New Hampshire to influence its politics and culture in a libertarian direction in a more concentrated and hopefully effective manner than they could achieve nationally. I profiled FSP for Reason at its beginnings in 2004, and Garrett Quinn checked in on their progress for us in 2013.

Their symbol is the porcupine, an animal allegedly peaceful when left alone but potentially dangerous when harassed.

The New Hampshire Union Leader reports on Ean-Dixon's long involvement with the FSP, including quotes from past FSP leaders on his involvement with the cause, and states:

Police have said the dispute was over the use of a porcupine on a yellow "Don't Tread on Me" flag, rather than the traditional curled snake. Police have said Sirois believed the porcupine was a desecration of the flag.

A woman, Kasondra Williams, who fled with the accused shooter and his other violent friend, Jason Gerry, who had allegedly punched Ean-Dixon, was also shot in the incident, apparently accidentally.

Other local media reports on the shooting from WMUR-9 and

The police report on the incident and arrest.

**Correction: The Free State Project does not have "members" despite what the earlier headline read, just "supporters" or "participants." Since Ean-Dixon lived in New Hampshire prior to FSP's existence, he is properly just a "supporter."

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  1. So Are Don’t Tread on Me Flags now no longer racist or are libertarians not off the hook?

    1. No, see, this only proves that they’re racist.

      1. It’s a white porcupine. Of course it’s a racist flag.

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    2. It’s a halfass don’t-tread-on-me-flag that removed the snake to try and appease SJW’s. Which should succeed in pissing off both sides.

      1. Huh? I do believe you are talking out-yer ass..

        1. Porcupine, not ass.

          1. “Fuck you, buddy. Fuck you, right in the porcupine.”

            1. As if the urban legend of vagina dentata wasn’t enough, now there will be anus spicatus

  2. “Police have said the dispute was over the use of a porcupine on a yellow “Don’t Tread on Me” flag, rather than the traditional curled snake. Police have said Sirois believed the porcupine was a desecration of the flag.”

    Libertarian fight!

    I bet they were all high. How many pots did they shoot up?

    1. A libertarian that believes in desecration of a flag? Not to mention one that isn’t from a formal nation/state? And, will violate the NAP over that form of speech?

      O K…..

      1. The Gadsden flag is popular among conservatives in addition to libertarians. And they seem to get a lot more hung up on flags.

        1. I had a conservotard at WaPo tell me that he’s pro-liberty and that everyone is welcome in the new political party he’s going to start up, except for potheads and people with tattoos. And it wasn’t sarcasm, he was dead serious.

          1. 5 will get you 10 if the tattoo is of an American Flag, an eagle, the name of the ship you served on, or the phrase “Made with Pride in the USA” he’ll give you a pass.

            1. Doubt it, think the guy was your typical SoCon, squeaky clean, never drank alcohol or fucked anyone out of wedlock, shows up for church twice every Sunday type guy. IOW, I’m super pro-liberty, buy my sky god frowns on your sins, so I can’t put up with it.

              1. Maybe, maybe not, but the article and police report are silent on these points.

              2. Heck, you just described me to a T, except I apparently have a different switch flipped in my brain that says government and sky god’s commands should be kept as far apart as humanly possible.

                1. ^This.

        2. Cali, that may be the best interpretation around. I was under the impression that Sirois was also part of the FSP, but that’s not mentioned in the article.

        3. That was the most insightful comment yet. In Moral Foundations Theory, the Sanctity/disgust foundation is primarily a conservative thing, as moral psychologist Jonathan Haidt described at a talk that Reason hosted:
          It’s Hard to Gross out a Libertarian

          To libertarians and progressives, a flag is just “a rag on a stick”. To conservatives, it’s something to die for.

          BTW, I had a small hand in designing the Gadsden Porcupine, and a large hand in producing the full-size flags (and frisbees, and refrigerator magnets, and T-shirts, and….). We’ve sold over a thousand frisbees, including 10 to someone in Japan. Must be the Hello Kitty-like Kawaii….

          1. +1 Righteous Mind

      2. Perhaps the guy tread on the shooter. Despite being warned not to.

  3. Ya’ll know the obvious answer. We have to ban flags.

    1. You mean British cigarettes ? Oh,FLAGS. Sorry,carry on.

      1. They did say that Trump is going to ban fags, and Mexicans. So there you go.

        1. Now if he’d just ban British food.

          1. Didn’t we just ban that by popular choice?

          2. wouldn’t that be like banning cholera?

            1. And yet people STILL shit where they drink.

          3. Who would notice?

          4. -1 Beef Wellington

  4. Gosh. I wonder how he would have reacted if they put a guy with a gun on the flag.

  5. Nobody needs to own assault flags with more than seven pointy symbols on them.

    1. I’m particularly impressed with the humor of your comment. This is so obviously an assault flag, yet you’re the only one who picked up on it. It’s also a fully automatic assault flag! Want to know how I’m able to discern this?

      1. It has the shoulder thing that goes up?

        /CA Donkey Senator

      2. By your feelings? Am I right?

  6. It sounds like they were resolving their disputes without government involvement? What’s more libertarian than that?

    1. NAP violation. Also, extreme stupid.

      1. See this is why you libertarians never get anywhere: your absurd obsession with naps. Maybe if you just slept at night like normal people you’d get something done during the daytime.

        1. The doctor won’t prescribe what I need. Or it’s illegal in my state.

  7. Reminds me of the stabbing incident that occurred over my Jack-in-the- Box car antenna head in Temecula.

    Best not to say no more ’bout that though. Still an open case.

    1. You got some balls if you stabbed a Mexican, no matter what the fight was about.

      1. I got kicked off a bus in Mexico once and I wasn’t doing anything. I have no idea what happened since I could barely understand Spanish at all. The driver just stopped and asked me in broken English ‘where you going? You, you, American! Get off the bus!’. I started to argue with him but that’s when I noticed everyone was staring at me and I was the only gringo on the bus. I got off and took the next bus back to my hotel room. That was fucked up. I was meeting some guys I met there at a bar at a place in the middle of nowhere I’d never been to. I was crazy as fuck back then.

            1. Every time I was up to something seriously shady, I wore a suit and a tie. It’s the uniform of the true criminal class.

          1. NEEDZ MOAR lawyers, guns, and money.

        1. Impossible. Only white people can be racist. Maybe you were just too pasty and were hurting their eyes?

          1. One? I stab seven every day before breakfast!

            Also-how did Mexicans enter into the conversation? I said Temecula, guys. That’s in AMERICA.

            Mexicans in Temecula. Now I’ve heard it all!

            1. So, it was a Filipino?

  8. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  9. Alt text – “Live free until I kill you.”

    1. I don’t see a problem with that. By the way, what’s your address?

  10. Now see, this is why I’m not a Libertarian.

    Jill Stein approves this message.

    1. No, you’re not a libertarian because you’re a proggie douchebag.

      1. That reminds me,I’ll have to watch the new South Park tonight.

        1. I think that’s just what I need, a new Southpark episode. I might watch.

    2. Now see, this is why I’m not a Libertarian.

      Because you’re a coward?

  11. This is what’s wrong with us. This is why the Libertarian party will never be a thing.

    “You can’t put a porcupine on the Gasden flag. That’s wrong. It gets a coiled snake. The Gasden flag gets a – hold on, I’ll Google it. See? The Gasden flag gets a coiled snake. A porcupine is wrong. No, no – you’re not listening to me! That’s wrong, a porcupine is- YOU ARE NOT LISTENING.” *shots fired*

    We can’t bang a fifteen year old hooker and embezzle three million from the nearest charity fund, oh no. It’s gotta be weird shit, stripping down on stage and licking journalists and all weird shit. Who does that? We do.

      1. clap clap clap.

    1. Assumes facts not in evidence: namely, that the shooter was a libertarian. As mentioned up thread, libertarians aren’t the only ones who like the Gadsden flag; it’s pretty popular among socons too.

      1. *presents Exhibit A for the jury*

    2. With audience approval and applause. Trump makes out with transvestites. In public. On video.

  12. “Live Free (just not free enough to change a flag)”

  13. Porcupines are not only non violent if left alone. They are some of the bravest animals in the world. Think about it,they have sex with each other.

    1. Dude, this is fucking nuts. But I was just on the phone with someone I know back in the midwest. Who just told me that someone else I knew there was just arrested for beastiality. I was just silent for a moment trying to decode what I had just heard. Then I said ‘Get the fuck out of here! No one gets arrested for that’. Turns out it’s true, holy fucking bat shit. I mean the guy was always a weird fucking loser, but wow.

      1. He had sex with Lena Dunham?

        1. I don’t know what he had sex with, but holy shit, WTF? Did he do it in the street?

          1. I assume he did it doggie style Da Da Dum, I’ll be here all wee

      2. Seriously though,I have seen things like that in the news before. Why would any one even think of doing that?

        1. I’ve seriously never heard of anyone being arrested for that before, ever, in all my life.

          1. My father is a parole officer and he will tell you that lots of people get arrested for that. In fact he has lots of funny stories about that shit.

            One of his fellow PO’s (and a hunting/fishing friend of mine) was called by the police one night about one of his parolees. The cops picked up the PO, drove to a field on a full moon and watched his very short deviant chase a horse around a paddock with a step stool. Every time he got the stool positioned and climbed it the horse would spook and wander off.

            They cops and my buddy were in tears watching. They finally got tired of waiting for him to do the deed successfully and went down and rousted him.

              1. Why the fuck did I click on that….

            1. Was it a male or female horse? Makes a big legal difference in West Virginia.

      3. Its the midwest. What else are they going to do?

        1. Cow tipping and tractor pulls? I mean come one, there’s lots to do!

          1. +1 Heather

      4. holy fucking bat shit

        He fucked a bat??? That’s disturbing!

        1. ‘GAG’

          1. “Don’t judge me, old chum.”

        2. And it was anal too. Can’t even fuck the bat in the pussy like a normal person would.

          1. I’d fuck that bat right in the pussy.

        3. Hold its head. Bat or snake, it doesn’t matter, though I’d prefer a mammal. Prefer humans.

    2. and they’re super cute!

  14. The shooter lives near the Merrimack, which is the main waterway in the area. Thus he is known as Sirosis of the River.

      1. If he was, then I’d prefer an octopus.

    1. I was so waiting for this. Or, some facsimile thereof.

        1. I thought it was by Warren, ftw.

    2. The joke that needed to be made. But we didn’t know it until it was made.


    [gets shot]

    1. Don’t shoot him,it’ll only make him made.

      1. Besides, he’s only the piano player.

    1. The Ferrero clan seems to be over-compensating.

    2. A city is making it difficult for you to open or run your business and you immediately think it’s racism? It very well could be, but since their default position is to deny you a livelihood, I would immediately think it was racism.

      1. *not – fuck what is with me today?

        1. I didn’t have no problem understanding you.

    3. Perfect fucking comment:

      Virgene Thomas Cox ? Kinman Business University

      So what benefit to the community did the 200 issued licenses bring?

    4. “They’ve approved over 200 liquor licenses since 2000 and I’m the only one they deny.”

      It’s cuz you’re black. We know this because none of the other 200 approvals were for black people.

      *He is probably in a bad location near a church or school or he doesnt know the right palms to grease


  17. “A woman, Kasondra Williams, who fled with the accused shooter and his other violent friend, Jason Gerry, who had allegedly punched Ean-Dixon, was also shot in the incident, apparently accidentally.”

    This sentence has too many people and too much violence to be comprehensible.

  18. We freaking love science!

    “AMSTERDAM?Sorry guys?this time it’s women only. That’s the message the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) here has for male researchers during two special elections. In order to reduce its perpetual gender imbalance?87% of its 556 members are men?the academy seeks to recruit 10 new members in 2017 and six more in 2018, all with two X chromosomes.”

    1. What about those who identify as female?

    2. Will they have classes on how to ‘make me a samwich?”

    3. BTW,where will they find all the women that want to take these classes? It seems most are not interested.

      1. You think? Never mind that, we’ll force them to! And if they suck at science, then who cares, equality!

      2. Abolishing the gender studies department might free up some female students.

  19. How is that free state project working out, anyway? I know Hillary won NH, but how did Johnson do there? Is there a libertarian governor? Mayor? Dog catcher? Why in the fuck would they pick a lefty stronghold in the NE? Maybe Alaska would have been a wiser choice.

    1. Johnson got 4.2%, almost a point higher than his national average. NH is a pretty swingy state, I wouldn’t say it’s a lefty stronghold though it probably leans blue a little. But yeah, it doesn’t seem like the FSP has had much effect so far.

      1. It’s all those fucking Massholes who moved north.

        1. “Free shit state? Sounds good!”

      2. Johnson got 4.2%, almost a point higher than his national average

        Not sure what your point is, 4.2% is far below his performance in several states where there is no FSP, and are at a glance, more friendly to libertarians.

      3. I voted for Wyoming.

    2. John Babiarz – Grafton Fire Chief; Past Grafton Cemetery Trustee; Justice of the Peace
      Rosalie Babiarz – Chair of the Grafton Planning Board; Past Grafton Supervisor of the Checklist; Justice of the Peace; Past Grafton Town Auditor, Past School District Clerk
      Dawn Lincoln – Winchester School Board Clerk
      Rich Tomasso – Vice Chair, Nashua Conservation Committee
      Steve Bacon – Greenland Town Town Budget Committee
      Charles Carroll – Planning Commission, Rindge
      Stephen G. Davis – Wentworth Town Moderator
      Stephen G. Davis – Wentworth School District Moderator
      William Discipio – Sandown Budget Committee
      Eugene J. Donohue – Marlboro Town & School Budget Committee
      John Drabinowicz – Vice Chair, Hudson Town Budget Committee
      Jeffrey Emery – Wentworth Supervisor of the Checklist
      Mary Gere – Unity Selectman
      Donald Gorman – Trustee of the Trust Fund, Deerfield
      Donald Gorman – Deerfield School Board
      Donald Gorman – Chair, Deerfield Zoning Board of Adjustment
      David Marshall – Wilmot Supervisor of the Checklist
      Jim McIntosh – Assistant Chairman, Lisbon Regional School Board

      1. Richard Meyers – Merrimack Zoning Board of Adjustment
        Susan M. Newell – Winchester Town Budget Committee
        Paul Pinette – Kingston Library Board of Trustees
        Regan Pride – Lisbon Selectman
        Boyd Quackenbush – Vice Chair, Antrim Zoning Board of Adjustment
        Finlay Rothhaus – Merrimack Budget Committee
        Daniel John Stafford – Canaan Planning Board
        Robert C. Stock – Stafford Regional Planning Commissioner, Barrington Planning Board, Chair of the Barrington Board Of Selectmen the Chair of the Barrington Advisory Budget Committee.
        David K. Sullivan – North Conway Town Budget Committee
        George P. Tyler – Laconia Airport Authority
        James K. Wallack – Londonderry Economic Development Committee
        Howard Wilson – Trustee of Trust Funds, Andover, NH

        1. Those are just LP. There would be a lot more if you included NH Liberty Alliance endorsed/affiliated Republicans.

          Jus’ sayin’

          1. “Jeffrey Emery – Wentworth Supervisor of the Checklist”

            This is the one I’m most impressed with. What sort of magical powers does ”Supervisor of the Checklist” give one?

            BTW, how’s Tyranny? I’m on the fence about it.

            1. What sort of magical powers does ”Supervisor of the Checklist” give one?

              He or she determines if you’re eligible to be registered vote.

              BTW, how’s Tyranny? I’m on the fence about it.

              I’d only get it if you liked old-school 3rd person isometric RPGs back in the day, like Fallout 1. The combat is terrible, imo. The story is confusing, but in a good way, as you’re thrown right into the setting and no one clear path to the “best” ending is signaled for you. I look forward to really digging into it over Thanksgiving.

              1. Well, I liked POE a lot, but my favorite RPG in the isometric party based genre is DOS. I have the 2nd one,which is in early access still, but there’s not much content and I’ve sort of did all I can do for now.

                So, yeah I enjoy that type of game as long as there’s pausable combat. If you’ve played POE, how would you compare?


                  1. Pillars of Eternity

                  2. Pist of Etiquette?

                    As it’s called in the Philippines.

                1. I haven’t played POE, but the combat is pausable. And if it matters to you, the voice-acting in Tyranny is terri-bad.

                  1. POE’s combat is pretty much the same but less refined, at least that’s what Obsidian was saying before Tyranny’s release.

                    Voice acting in low-budget Obsidian games bad? Never!

                    If they still had the Bethesda money they’d probably just do what they did with New Vegas and hire every damn anime voice actor besides Steve Blum.

                    1. Also I stopped playing POE after I cruised my way through the stronghold dungeon and then got TPKed by the dragon thing in one shot. The balancing of that dungeon is just stupid. I should get back to that but is there really any point of maining any class but Cipher? Because cipher is awesome.

                    2. I finished POE, it’s not really that difficult if you consider DOS, which is brutal, but rewarding.

                    3. The way I understand it is that you basically get to play a pawn in the hypothetical Hillary administration. Now that it didn’t happen, maybe there will be a patch that allows you to unleash the Trumputin hordes and grab it by the pussy.

                    4. Tyranny, that is.

                    5. You’re thinking of “beholder” or “papers please”.

                    6. Tony Poe’s?

              2. There is a lot of reading and much information buried in there. I’d say the game has a great story but the combat can be like herding cats.

    3. Because American liberals are our natural allies, Hyp. They’re against police abuse – see Black Lives Matter – they’re against wars, which is why they voted for Hillary; they’re for gay marriage, just like Hillary always was. It’s SO obvious.

      1. And they have agreed that the government should let us keep a little bit of the our money, which actually belongs to the government.

        It’s sort of funny how much they hate us with us being closest allies. Maybe it’s the whole love/hate thing?

        1. It’s your typical abusive relationship. They don’t really mean it; we drive them to it.

        2. Hate Fuck thing.

    4. NH did well enough that ballot access for Libertarians in the the Granite State in 2018 is almost certain.…

      And I might be able to actually register as a Libertarian if I want to.

    5. I signed up before they chose NH. Then I reneged when they chose NH. I’m sure it’s a lovely place with great people. But, it sounds a little too cold for me, and too far from my people.

      1. It’s significantly colder than CO for winters due to the relatively higher humidity.

        1. Also, Colorado has more days of sunshine than Florida. Also, remember when you were a kid and ride in the back of a pickup truck? You put your back against the cab, and no wind. It called being in the lee. Now, the western slope gets cold. I went to college in Gunnison. Cold.
          The front range, OTOH, is in the lee, and quite pleasant for most of the year.
          This is November 16th, and it reached 78 degrees today in Denver.

      2. Doesn’t make sense anyways, we’ve learned from this very site that immigrating to a place could not possibly change its political culture. A libertarian that moves there will instantly become a leftist at the border. Or whatever NH people are.

    6. Somehow on election night the state of NH managed to make what might be its final mistake… it elected a friend of mine as governor.

      It doesn’t seem like Chris Sununu is too bad on the issues but I can obviously understand any fear given the “GOP establishment” last name. I hope it goes well though.

  20. Good ol’ ManchVegas.

    Now I know how Florida Man feels.

    1. +1 Adaptation

  21. This is poor conduct for libertarians. Everyone knows that violent disputes should be solved with dueling, or even better, orphan knife fights.

    1. Not too many people know how to make knives out of orphans anymore. It’s a dying art.

      1. With the problems in Syria it is tough to get Damascus Orphan blades too.

        1. Damascus Orphan blades take real skill. It is almost impossible to fold an Orphan the requisite 7 times, unless you know the ancient ways.

  22. I want this guy to capture the vibe in NH.…..-fens.html

    1. I would pay good money for that. Like 14.99 a month premium porn site subscription money.

    2. Sounds like he’s taking a dump on his native city for the amusement of outsiders.

    3. Is you town on the list?

      Great editing.

    4. For a second, I thought he was dissing Ely, Minnesoda and I thought we were gonna have another shooting.

  23. So we don’t forget the debt we all owe to government-school teachers:

    “San Francisco teachers union offers Trump lesson plan”
    “San Francisco’s public schools have been offered a classroom lesson plan that calls President-elect Donald Trump a racist, sexist man who became president “by pandering to a huge racist and sexist base.”
    “”Educators are entrusted to create lessons that reflect the California standards, support students’ social and emotional well-being and foster inclusive and safe school communities,”…..618747.php

    Well, “inclusive” of everyone who agrees with the teachers’ union. You can count me out.

  24. An Iowa legislators wants to cut funds to universities which paid for counseling students for their supposed post-election trauma. I think this has been covered.

    But here is some criticism of the legislator, and defense of the universities, from The Daily Iowan, the student newspaper.

    “For Kaufmann, it seems his personal annoyance warrants the continued disenfranchisement, alienation, and marginalization of LGBTQ individuals, Muslims, and people of color, whom are disproportionately affected by the election results….

    “The fear and anxiety that surrounds this election is well-founded. The racist rhetoric used to enflame and mobilize the far right to vote has also emboldened them. And to deny counseling to those individuals who are frequently targeted by bigots is simply irresponsible….

    “The Daily Iowan Editorial Board believes Kauffman’s prospective bill would only further threaten the mental health of college students in Iowa. Whether consciously or not, he is perpetuating the negative stigma that surrounds mental health. What’s worse, Kauffman’s bill would specifically target those minority communities that are most likely to be mentally affected by Trump’s victory.”

    1. An Iowa legislator, singular

    2. They live in Iowa. That’s enough of a threat to their mental health.

      1. Iowa is a strange place. Some of the nicest people though. Have you ever been there during a really bad thunderstorm?

        1. There are no topless bars in Omaha. There are topless bars in Council Bluffs.

          Just sayin’.

          … Hobbit

    3. I spent a couple winters on the Iowa side of the Iowa-Minnesota border some years back.
      It was the place where i first ran into true white guys hate black guys racism. Actually shocked me.
      Of course, was well used to black guys hate white guys racism.
      Also, damn it’s cold up there. Fuel injection would flood engine long before it would start: every morning I’d end up taking sparkplugs inside and holding them over the stove. You have to put a piece of cardboard between your grill and the radiator block the cold air, or your heater will just blow cold air. Can’t lock your car doors, they won’t unlock.
      Excellent fishing.

      1. If I lived up there I’d hate everyone. Human beings weren’t meant to live north of the Mason-Dixon Line.

        1. I’m not the most well traveled on these forums, but I’ve done a little wandering. IMHO, the further south and the further west you go, the friendlier and happier people get. Sunshine cures all.

    4. Or they can go home and post on Facebook or Twitter.

  25. file under: good riddance
    Oregon official who bullied Christian bakery owners loses election

    They faced boycotts and picket lines and other wedding vendors were threatened with similar action if they did business with Sweet Cakes.

    The family’s young children received death threats and the store’s social networking platforms were overrun by militant LGBT activists posting obscene and profane messages.

    Fuck all these modern day pharisees in the ass, mouth, and eye.

    1. I wouldn’t want to fuck them anywhere, but I *will* call them a new kind of Pharisee – the postmodern kind of Pharisee who says “I thank thee, Lord, that I am not as other men are, bigoted, intolerant, like those bakers there whom I will crush under my heel for being bigots.”

    2. in the ass, mouth, and eye

      I think that is called “the Specialist”.

  26. IT is incidents like this that make me hesitant every-time I become active in the LP again. I have been on/off with the LP since I petitioned for Ed Clark way back when.

    It seems to be a problem of many small organizations, they attract unstable nut cases which in turn gives the group a bad reputation. The LP and various state affiliates really need to police it’s membership more closely.

    1. Does anyone actually know if the alleged gunman is a libertarian or not?

      1. Well, since he initiated force technically he fails the litmus test.

    2. Yes, because nothing says “libertarian” like purity tests.

      1. Nope.

        I said small organizations “attract unstable nut cases”. That has nothing to do with whether they actually align with that small organizations ideals or purposes.

  27. No fight, no party.

  28. Here’s what you should be angry about, Snowflakes.

    “You should be angry about the fact that you have not been adequately prepared for life.

    “You should be angry about the fact that you are now paralyzed with “fear” because society has made you this way.

    “You should be angry about the fact that no one has ever taught you coping mechanisms.

    “Life is not fair. We don’t always get a sticker. Sometimes, we actually lose a game.

    “Losing an election is not a threat to your existence ? it is how life goes for a percentage of America every four years. [a majority actually – editorial note]

    “The fact that there are no consequences for your current bad behavior is not helping you. It’s perpetuating your unhealthy cycle of poor coping mechanisms. It’s providing positive reinforcement.”

    1. Goddamned squirrels may or may not have ate my comment. Gist was: my boy is in the national guard, points out my logical fallacies, and has a job. When he gets into the real world and is competing for jobs and women, these are the people he will be competing against. I’m optimistic about his chances.

    2. Perfect

  29. The proposed First Amendment Defense Act, if it passes Congress, “will be the worst thing to happen to women and LGBT people in a generation.”

    The terrorist massacre of people at a gay night club? The AIDS plague? Chickenfeed. Not nearly as awful as this bill.

    “Like state “religious freedom restoration acts,” FADA’s basic principle is that it’s not discrimination when businesses discriminate against LGBT people if they have a religious reason for doing so….

    “…The more important cases are ones like hospitals refusing to treat LGBT people (or their children), pharmacies refusing to fill birth control prescriptions, businesses refusing to offer health benefits to a same-sex partner, and state-funded adoption agencies refusing to place kids with gay families….

    “If a national pharmacy chain wants to refuse to fill prescriptions for the “morning after pill,” if a company wants to fire someone for being pregnant out of wedlock or becoming HIV positive, if a public school wants to stop teaching sex ed ? all covered.

    “And finally, since “moral conviction” is added in there, it doesn’t matter that Jesus never mentioned health insurance coverage. No actual religious grounds are necessary; just some moral conviction that the only allowable sex is sex within a heterosexual marriage.”

    1. Um… why do gay people need the morning after pill?

    2. Where the hell do these hacks come from? I know fuckin’ well this guy cant pass a journalism class. Every single bit of that is horse shit.

      I bet Jay has no idea why they lost.

  30. After the Grubhub CEO told his Trump supporting employees to quit, I figured America would rally around his company, so I poured my life savings into the stock.

    So, uh, can anyone spare a few bucks for your old pal Crusty?

    1. As soon as that Nigerian prince sends me the money, I’ll share it with you.

    2. I figured America would rally around his company

      Do numerous angry missives count?

    3. Before the election the CEO of Pepsi, who is apparently some dirt-dumb mouthy broad of an affirmative action hire, actually said this on the record to an interviewer from the Atlantic:

      “Forget the Pepsi brand, how dare [he] talk about women that way?” Referring to Literal Hitler of course.

      “Forget the Pepsi brand.” CEO of Pepsi. National publication.

      1. Coke has better focus.

        My nephew used to work for Coke. He had to fire people for eating Frito Lay products in the breakroom.

        Frito Lay is owned by Pepsi.

  31. There are sights sweeter than sullen, grey faced progs, but not many.

    1. All this proggy freaking-out…over the election of a New Deal Democrat who is less racist and less xenophobic than Saint FDR!

    2. “Who wants to start with trying to talk me off the ledge”

      No one, retard, jump now.

      1. *crowd chants* jump jump jump

    3. What the fuck is it with leftists thinking that gun control and cannabis legalization are progress in the same way? Cognitive dissonance, it’s a thing.

  32. Democats urge Trump to get rid of Bannon

    Urge? Oh wait:

    “President-elect Donald Trump should rescind Steve Bannon’s appointment as chief strategist and senior counselor, a group of 169 House Democrats demanded Wednesday, The Hill reported.”

    Demanded! That’s hilarious. Hey, clueless dipshits, you have no power. This guy must be way better than I could have possibly hoped for.

    1. Usually those advisors come from the fund raising world. They’re basically lobbyists.

      It isn’t just what he’s said in the past; I think it’s also that he’s from far outside the Beltway world.

      Karl Rove was from the polling and fundraising world. People understood that.

      Bannon is from new media. Trump did it without a major fundraising effort.

      The Democrats would be happier, apparently, if Trump had raised the kind of money they’re supposedly against people raising a la Citizens United.

      1. “The Democrats would be happier, apparently, if Trump had raised the kind of money they’re supposedly against people raising a la Citizens United.” in a nutshell.

  33. Sirois believed the porcupine was a desecration of the flag.

    That’s the weirdest thing I’ve read all day.

    1. As someone with a Gadsden it’s…nice to…know that….some people take….it…….seriously??

  34. Doherty has a strange definition of disconcerting.

    1. +1 The Statue of Liberty is Kaput.

  35. Sirois believed the porcupine was a desecration of the flag

    christ, what an asshole

  36. Why haven’t I heard of Maj Toure until today?

    1. Your biased against those who wear skinny dreads?

        1. Tuff dread pon yuh head na mek ya Rastamon.

          1. I and I agree.

    2. He is the picture of every urban elite’s worst nightmare – and therefore awesome.

    3. “Gun control is a sham. It’s not about gun control. It’s about people control,” he said. “It’s about trying to convince people that somehow the government is going to be responsible for your safety. That’s the equivalent of saying, ‘Hey, we have fires. Take all of the fire extinguishers out of your home because if there’s a fire, the firemen will just come.’ No, we’re not doing it.”

      This cannot be shouted loudly enough. I absolutely want to subscribe to his newsletter*.

      /not a euphemism.

      1. I absolutely want to subscribe to his newsletter*.

        Here you go.

        That realization led directly to the formation of Black Guns Matter, although Toure says the biggest driving force behind his outreach actually came from reading the Constitution. “In reading the Constitution, I’m like ‘Yo, this is actually really clear!’ And then seeing things from a ‘hood perspective and going other places ? seeing that this is not being applied, especially in my neighborhood, in my demographic. This isn’t a privilege, this is a right. This is a human right. Self-preservation is a human right.”

        This is my favorite part

        With Toure’s growing popularity and the increased media attention, the opportunities to explore the United States and interact with a diverse group of gun-owning Americans has only strengthened his belief that some Americans are being shortchanged of their rights.

        “When I’m around my really, really rich rap friends, and I see how they live in Beverly Hills, I’m like, ‘Oh!'” he says. “When I’m with [Sean] Hannity, and he has a carry permit in New York, and I’m like, ‘How’d you get that?’ and he’s like, ‘Well, I kind of have this show, you know. ?'”

        1. That settles it: Maj Toure is a great American.

          He is also 100% spot on.

          1. As soon as he gets popular enough, he can look forward to the left’s unending attacks ‘not a real black guy, GOP token, etc, etc’.

            1. I would love to see Pajama Boy call him Uncle Tom to his face.

            2. Colion Noir can coach him through that.

                1. Reason would be doing itself a service if it interviewed him. They do tend to drop the ball by not covering more 2A issues.

                  1. The conniption fit it would cause among some would be worth the price of admission alone.

        2. The early abolitionists, and civil rights activists, were very pro second amendment. It’s a lot harder to lynch a man who has a gun.

      2. My neighbor’s house burned down because he insisted on waiting for the fire department instead of turning on the garden hose and going in and spraying his kitchen.

    4. i’ve heard of that group (bgm) Weren’t some of the guys in dallas who were suspected of the cop shooting connected with that?

      Also – i was reminded of this dude

      also, that i dislike that MSNBC guy

      1. Lots of “also” ‘s. That’s my schtick.

      2. Not that I know of. As far as I know, the Dallas shooters were like Black Panthers and shit. BGM from reading their Twitter feed for the past half-hour takes the view that the government exacerbates poor race relations to distract from their misdoings. Basically, everything I’ve read of Maj so far makes me think of him like the black James Yeager.

        1. Not that I know of. As far as I know, the Dallas shooters were like Black Panthers and shit

          No i didn’t mean that BGM was connected to the shooters… just that when the shooting happened, some 2nd amendment guys were initially suspected…. you know, those dudes who were carrying AR15s and had their pics circulated by CNN.

          this guy

          He had displayed the rifle at the march in Dallas because, as an attorney would later say on his behalf, Hughes is a staunch believer in Second Amendment rights. His brother, a social activist and Black Lives Matter protest organizer, had planned to give a speech, according to Hughes’s Instagram account.

          i think some of those dudes carrying @ the event might have had connections to Maj Toure… i recall they interviewed somebody associated w/ them and they had a BGM T-shirt on.

          Can’t find any video, but NPR mentioned him in that context

  37. Horrigacious Gargs wander the oil fields of melting valleys and the fucking odd bullets.

    May Jesus save CNN sins.

    fist bump leaves limping down from all the tall skyscrapers with bark for windows.

    yesterday I breathed and today i breathed slightly different because today i drank a million bottles of freedom
    and yesterday I drank a million bottles of freedom but the pirate ship floating above my woods imported all
    my fucking mind altering chemicals because I guess that FUCKINg space pirate ship is about to go antiNASA
    and ANTIspace science and shit

    today I whispered casual capes to small dogs and then noticed all sorts of wands projecting from that very large oddity of a moon and his girlfriend glow got all anal all over this world. how fucking svelte

  38. faceplates on the wall flick up or down like MSnbc-fox-or CNN
    faceplates on the wall also become the alleys where sunshine dreams burst into
    where gangs drip and coalesce
    and faceplates on the rims of alleys
    are also where goddamn ignorant fucking morons need lions to teach
    freedom to young losers

    not nearly enough lions out in the Trump savannas teaching goddamn ignorant pups how this shit works becuase the motherfucking Marxists in the National education seem to have been so fucking prime..

    bring out the LIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! teach the new cubs to respect, love, and then make spaceships….

  39. Wait a sec… gun nut shoots other gun nut in a dispute to determine who is the bigger nut? Justice is sometimes cosmic.

    1. gun nut shoots other gun nut

      You know this, how?

      Oh, right! Assumptions are your bag.

  40. Gunshots are cheap as the belts
    Harvard elites wear which are lined with

    Never fucking let this shit murder world
    get you down

    CNN and FOX and YALE and top schools where all your rich friends go to
    be educated…

    They all are part of an approved genocide path originated on fast food table napkins because this is
    where all those fucking lost skins die by the thousands….

    think about that shitty horrible painting dummy that shows up now…. that retarded shit eater painting horrible crap sent a multitude of thousands into a fucking military war hero shit fuck to get all their limbs shat off by islamic alligators..

    Please debate me, military heroes, on why you should die for this SHIT…. any callers?

    1. Could you be more specific?

  41. STOP fucking serving on wars that are shit stables built on promises of old boys who don’t know jack shit about goddamn anything.

    NEVER FUCKING serve under a fucking political ad.
    NEVER FUCKING serve your nation.
    NEVER FUCKING serve unless YOUR nation is melting under attacks you can visualize with your fucking eyeballs……….anything else is a clever recreation of curtains and madness spent on forcing your mind to give up

  42. NEVER EVER serve this country….

    Be free boys and girls….

    go into maker villages and thought towns

    NEVER EVER serve your country

    Your country is managed by fucking morons and high jackers and outsiders….

    NEVER EVER listen to your fucking moron parents when they whisper stupid shit in your ear
    about serving

    NEVER EVER serve a country— no matter how its shitty flag flies

    a powerful country remains powerful inside and never living the rainbow shift where the constructs of exertions striate the graph tangles….

    1. ^This. Libertarianism should be about doing acid. Lots of acid. That and telling the government to go straight to hell when it sends you to fight in Indochina/Korea/Iraq/Central America/Grenada/Panama so that mega corporations can profit. Fuck that. Because that same government will assuredly tell you when it gets through spitting you out of the war machine that it doesn’t have any money to help you when you get sick and/or old because it’s better for macroeconomic indicators if we not inconvenience billionaires with the duty to pay taxes like the rest of us.

      1. You’ve convinced me AmSoc.

        We should have elected Hillary so as to end that kind of shit.

        /definate sarc just in case anyone was unsure

        1. In other news, a shortage of sarcasmometers is expected this winter as the entire stock of them just exploded in warehouses and store shelves around the planet.

    2. However- Join the Navy and See the World, and a lot of the ocean.

  43. Your country is not your dreams
    but they teach this
    Your country is your death
    when you race into a village
    Your country is your house
    so only die
    when the outsiders they sell you on
    actually come knocking

  44. The military of tall foreheads and thick jaws
    is a muscle village of stories where
    fantasies are perpetuated on the will
    and imaginations of young or distracted.

    Agile simply requests that the young be
    careful with their lives

  45. all the cripples of fucking Bush
    can crawl to any slow monument
    any time he raises a flag to
    the military altar calls

  46. Bush paints the injured in
    Texas because his shit fucking
    brain was used by the spear
    establishment to Rove war Boltons
    onto shitty feldspar graves
    Bush paints cripples and monuments
    because Rove and Bolton bent his
    moronic stupid asshole over
    their shitty strategies and now
    the little creepy old runaway president
    no one gives a single FUCK about
    paints horribly injured people Rove
    and Bolton pretend don’t haunt their
    fucking stupid faces.

    Trump, please smash face into Hellswamp Lost Bolton and goddamn alienhead Rove
    into forever lost spinning rivers

    1. we know the hub of our fear is probably super chinese in the tall cock of the pretend cock of finding out

      1. I do not fear a Chinese cock, friend. I fear my own cock’s power being used against me.

        1. Is fear really the correct word?

          1. here comes the rooster….yeah?

          2. Hey wiseguy, I have the thick and long cock of skateboarding crippers and trippers. That is a gosh darn fact, and you can bet your sweet bippy that I fear it. Good gracious.

        2. Crusty Juggler
          the rancid beast of dreams peeling
          back sidewalk brains
          Crusty Juggler the
          goddamn veiny long penis of symbols
          fucking the violins of vagina clouds
          swimming in the underpants of
          super10 blondes
          Crusty juggler the cock killer and cutter
          Crusty Juggler
          the winning swimmer of dream punkers
          the thick long cock of skateboarding
          cripplers and trippers
          Crusty Juggler
          the fat white cock of super vagina fuckings

          1. Time to update the eharmony profile. Thanks, AC!

  47. I would eat a wrap of strong greens over a bleeding Rove brain
    and agile would not save him because Rove is a horrible shitty crap stain
    I would save Bolton but I would punch him in the neck and buy him an unconscious
    canoe into Palins vagina

    words are strong and I would actually save both of these horrible human beings if agile
    was faced with such a choice

    poetically I would kill both of them by smashing their heads in

  48. eventually unless the fucking Dnald equation gets this shit equalized
    life in America is going to burn dreams
    and buses transporting poltergeists
    will build old existing skyscrapers with green nightmares
    and cemeteries of the jizzle mind…

    eventually the head has to be given wings and FUCK your goddamn country
    no matter where it is on this FUCKING earth




      1. That dudes “swashbuckling pirate” did it for me. I’m outtie 5000 with the gold package.

        1. It’s Audi 500

          1. Meka Leka Hi Meka Hiney Ho!

  50. This election seemed like it lasted forever

    1. Butty Wiggler, eat some ham vaginas…. the election
      was esoteric and filled with volcanics spit from the hood
      of your car and sweeper…

      fuck elections- peace out to ham vaginas and angel boogers. also, old stone grave markers with names of the dead that read like cultures about to crush us…. perhaps the connection is lost or not ? what the fuck does this vessel of living realize

      1. Hot capicola and sacred geometry replenish this soul.

  51. No one can fix a planet
    because this is the first shit
    project marble

    None one can fix a planet
    because we don’t understand
    anything the fuck past this ancient
    shit marble we pretend to want
    to escape from

    We cannot fix this spinning project hell
    of our malaise because Marxists are shitty
    horribly cunts and environmentalists are musty
    closet brains…. uninterested in real fucking issues

    because don’t think for a single goddamn
    second agile cyborg thinks you should dump
    your shitty chemicals next to my earth.

    NON-marxian saviours will likely rise up in the
    great new NON-communist safety industries….

    the knowledge I have of many refineries across
    America with weak protections would shock many

    mark my words-
    The gulf of mexico?

    Can happen in the midwest

    but with the killing of masses of people…

    There is no great IQ being practiced here… I know stories.
    The great killing will take many lives unless someone outside the state, county, corporate culture steps in…

    mark this post… if shit goes down I lost love ones…

    I understand how gulf of mexicos are killed….

    they do not fix things because corporate overlords teach ‘system shutdown’ but that doesn’t work

    please journalists, i cannot give my source…. investigate your local refineries like those found in lima, ohio and beyound….

    everything seems normal?

    You should become a comedian

    1. A sleight of hand
      to the left or the right
      takes the life
      of a man

  52. Krugman does a 180?

    Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016, is a date that will live in fame (the opposite of infamy) forever. If the election of our first Celebrity-Apprentice president didn’t stir you, if it didn’t leave you teary-eyed and proud of your country, there’s something wrong with you.

    But will the election also mark a turning point in the actual substance of policy? Can Donald Trump really usher in a new era of great policies? Yes, he can.

    Right now, many commentators are urging Mr. Trump to think small. Some make the case on political grounds: America, they say, is still a progressive country, and voters will punish Republicans if they move to the right. Others say that the financial and economic crisis leaves no room for action on, say, health care reform.

    Let’s hope that Mr. Trump has the good sense to ignore this advice.

    About the political argument: Anyone who doubts that we’ve had a major political realignment should look at what’s happened to Congress. After the 2008 election, there were many declarations that we’d entered a long-term, perhaps permanent era of Democratic dominance. Since then, Republicans have won back-to-back victories, picking up at least 13 Senate seats and more than 60 House seats. They now have bigger majorities in both houses than the Democrats ever achieved in their 8-year reign.

    1. Bear in mind, also, that this year’s presidential election was a clear referendum on political philosophies ? and the conservative philosophy won.


      The bottom line, then, is that Donald Trump shouldn’t listen to the people trying to scare him into being a do-nothing president. He has the political mandate; he has good economics on his side. You might say that the only thing he has to fear is fear itself.

      1. Haha. This is precious. I’m sure the NYT commenters are fuming.

        Did he release a public statement saying ‘by the way, everything I said the last eight months, I was just shilling for a job in the Clinton admin.”

  53. I better not let that guy see my “Come And Wank It” cannon-shaped cock ‘n balls flag.

  54. Stealing Trump signs is so last year. The latest trend is to hassle anybody wearing a Trump hat.

    Or beating up kids for voting the wrong way in mock elections

  55. File under: you gotta be shitting me

    Sweden launches hotline to report “mansplaining” incidents.…..index.html

    1. Gender Equality Snow-Plowing. Sweden in a nutshell.

  56. Sequel to the Big Lebowski?

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