Election 2016

Against Shaming 'White Women' and 'Female Misogynists' for 2016 Election Results

Who, exactly, are these impassioned social-media screeds supposed to sway?


White women have "sold out … the world by voting Trump," Slate proclaimed Thursday, in what's quickly become popular post-election wisdom. "White Women Need to Admit That We Are Part of the Problem" and "White Women…Failed Other Women." read headlines at Bustle.com. "Let's get off the floor and get busy," comedian Samantha Bee advised on her Wednesday night show. "Especially you white women. We've got some karma to work off."

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According to CNN exit polls, the majority of black and Hispanic women voted for Hillary Clinton, by overwhelming margins. Sixty-eight percent of Hispanic female voters and 94 percent of black female voters were with her. But just 43 percent of white female voters supported Clinton, while 53 percent cast a ballot for Donald Trump. His support among white women was only slightly down from Mitt Romney's in 2012, when Barack Obama got 42 percent of the white female vote and Romney got 56 percent.

Trump fared best with white women without a college degree, earning an almost 30-point lead over Clinton among this cohort. "Trump is president largely because white working-class women gave him double-digit margins in key states," as Ronald Brownstein put it at The Atlantic. Some 62 percent of white women without a college education chose Trump, with just 34 percent of this group choosing Clinton. Among white women with a college degree, the gap was much smaller: 51 percent for Clinton, 45 percent for Trump.

White female Trump fans were also more likely than their Clinton-supporting demographic counterparts to live outside of urban areas. And, overall, Trump fans tended to skew older than Clinton voters, with just 37 percent of voters between 18- and 29-years-old voting Trump, according to exit poll data.

All of this makes Trump's female fan base one of the least likely groups to be active on Twitter. Older, conservative, non-urban women without college educations also seem unlikely candidates to be reading progressive, feminist-focused, millennial publications like Bustle, Mic, or Jezebel—all publications that have seen fit to publish posts by white women calling out white women and pleading with them to rethink their priorities. (Mic called Trump's win a sign that a majority of Americans "don't believe anyone who isn't a cisgender, heterosexual white man deserves full personhood.") And even if Trump's female fan base was reading these websites, what makes it seem that women willing to vote for Trump—whether because of his more unsavory tendencies or in spite of them—are likely to see the error in their ways after a good scolding by liberal, white, feminist strangers? What makes this group of women seem likely to feel suddenly moved by Muslim-American women or Latina immigrants who feel threatened by a Trump presidency?

Who, exactly, are these impassioned public screeds aimed at white "female misogynists" supposed to sway?

And, at the risk of imputing this post with a little too much of the dreaded "choice feminism," isn't a bit weird to scold women for being bad feminists because they exercised their own judgments and consciences in picking a presidential candidate? As a collection of myriad individuals and not some immutable hivemind, women will never be a monolithic voting block, and that's a good thing. I disagree with women who find it reasonable to vote for Trump, but hey, I didn't vote, and others find that a moral calamity. In any event, I don't presume to know precisely why women who voted for Trump did so, and I don't think it's fair to assume they all acted with callous disregard to the plights of non-white, cis, straight, Christian people. And I think a lot of people who do make a lot of incorrect assumptions about Trump voters.

For one thing, most of these denunciations are made by people who may not be a part of the professional press or political machine but are still among a rareified American class that's deeply invested in online media and social media. Which leads to making assumptions about all or most voters that just don't hold true.

For those who've been acutely aware of Trump's every alarming proposal, online sentiment, and public gaffe for more than a year, voting for Trump might seem like a clear affront to liberal, feminist, and multicultural ideas. But most of the white women who helped drive Trump to victory probably aren't following him on Twitter or reading ever Daily Beast accusation against him. (To paraphrase some Simon and Garfunkel sarcasm, 'they're so unhip, when you say Pepe, they think you're talking about Pepé Le Pew, whoever he was.') They're not necessarily aware of all of his alleged transgressions, or that he's got oodles of (at least performatively) anti-Semitic fans on social media, or what the alt-right is, or what social justice warriors are, or thinking that a vote for Trump is a primarily a vote for white supremacy. You or I might find it unconvincing that Trump's more outrageous statements are just him being an entertainer or speaking metaphorically, but that doesn't mean everyone's unconvinced, or that—given the truths we do hold dear about reality TV and politics—it's a completely out-there belief. And if someone can rationalize away Trump's downsides while genuinely believing in his skills and plans, or in Republican policies more generally, or that for whatever reason stopping Clinton's agenda is of primary importance… well, why not Trump?

This isn't to say that worried feminists shouldn't even try to change people's minds about Trump's proposals or fitness as president. But assuming—and agressively stating—that any women who voted for Trump did so out of "internalized misogyny" and conscious animosity to diversity probably isn't the best way to get anyone on your side. It reads more like temper tantrums and performative wokeness than a sincere attempt to understand or overcome the force that drove Trump's female support.

And ditto for the women cursing out women who voted for Gary Johnson, Jill Stein, or any non-Clinton candidate. Clinton isn't only far from a perfect liberal candidate generally but also an incredibly messy feminist, and some people—including many women, and even many ardent feminists—will never be convinced that voting for someone they find morally abhorrent just to heighten the chances of defeating someone else morally abhorrent is a defensible position.

I know people are angry/shocked/disappointed, and it's tempting to lay all the blame at a cartoonishly evil cohort of racist and women-hating women, but if Clinton had been a different candidate, she could have won this thing (not necessarily by winning the Trump fans over, but by inspiring more independents and disillusioned Democrats to get out and vote). That she wasn't shouldn't serve as an excuse for elite white feminists to lash out—and especially not under the guise of intersectionality—at the diverse group of women who weren't on board with a Clinton presidency at all costs.

NEXT: Snowden on Trump: Privacy Bigger than a Single Election or Government

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  1. The things people do to get laid.

    1. It’s what motivates half of human behavior. The other half is motivated by fear of death.

    2. Fifty Shades of Trump: White women fantasize about being grabbed in the pussy by a billionaire.

  2. Sexism and Racism are ok… as long as it goes with the mainstream progressive ideology.


      And also, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner and John Edwards would like some titty pix plz, pref teenies & bbws .

      1. Lol, just realized in context, they do sound like porn names.

  3. And, at the risk of imputing this post with a little too much of the dreaded “choice feminism,” isn’t a bit weird to scold women for being bad feminists because they exercised their own judgments and consciences in picking a presidential candidate?

    Something something Margaret Thatcher, Condie Rice, Sarah Palin, Lauren Southern…

    Just how many tries it takes for the same result to stop being weird?

    1. Thomas Sowell is still black? He is isn’t he?

      1. Not where it counts. Unlike Bill Clinton.

        1. He has a small penis? How would you know?

          1. *taps nose*

            (And I’m glad it wasn’t a pitch into nothingness)

          2. I thought he meant saxophone skills, how naive am I?

      2. I saw one of his Hoover Institution videos recently. He’s not looking too great. I don’t think he has more than 2 or 3 years left. It’s too bad… he’s one of the great economic minds of the last 40 years.

        1. I don’t think he has more than 2 or 3 years left.

          Don’t worry, he will write at least five books in his last three years.

        2. OMG he’s 86?! I had no idea.

      3. Thomas Sowell is a Marine and it is still the B-day of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, so as one Marine to another, Happy B-Day Tom!

    2. It worked for Palin. And convinced Rice to never run for any kind of office.

      1. Rice never ran for office because it’s not a complete meal without Beans.

    3. It worked for Palin. And convinced Rice to never run for any kind of office.

    4. I remember back in ’08 some feminist leader stated that she wouldn’t back Sarah Palin because “She is more of a man than a woman”.
      It’s interesting how political affiliation seems to TRUMP any other group or allegiance. Black people who aren’t progressive zombies are hated and vilified by the left and we are seeing another example of the hate the left has for women who make their own decisions and don’t fall in line.
      i guess what i’m trying to say, in my own way, is that reason should poll millennials to see what they think.

      1. reason should poll millennials to see what they think

        They are still too traumatized.

        1. Maybe Friday, when they have another “cry-in” at the Universities.

      2. Feminist leader….. “She is more of a man than a woman”.

        Project much?

    5. “As a woman it is your duty to vote for the women candidate!!!”

      Where were you girls when Carly was still in the running? Oh yeah, fawning over that old dude with the white hair…

  4. Keep collectivizing and spewing hate. That’ll win hearts and minds for sure.

  5. It’s not meant to sway anyone. It’s meant to send the message that if you step off the Dem plantation, they will destroy you. Publicly and viciously.

    1. They can try, but it’s just spitting into the wind…

  6. It reads more like temper tantrums and performative wokeness than a sincere attempt to understand or overcome the force that drove Trump’s female support.

    Of course you can’t say that because then you’re just being mean and not giving them space to heal from this trauma.

    /actual things said to me when I characterized the reaction as a temper tantrum

    1. Even stipulating their position, it’s still a temper tantrum.

  7. Oh man, I made the mistake of answering one of those people who said “I’m genuinely curious about women who voted third-party” Facebook. Turns out the only thing they’re genuinely interested in is a whipping post.

    1. Turns out the only thing they’re genuinely interested in is a whipping post.

      Go on…

      1. *walks into room nude*
        Please, do go on…

        1. [sees naked Florida Hipster, pulls down pants.]

          1. “Why not? This party’s just getting started!”

            /Can I Borrow a Feeling

  8. “(Mic called Trump’s win a sign that a majority of Americans “don’t believe anyone who isn’t a cisgender, heterosexual white man deserves full personhood.”)”

    Yes, I agree, all human beings are entitled to full personhood rights under the Constitution!


    Fucking awesome.

    1. Oh, but Lenny Cohen died. 🙁

      1. RIP Leonard Cohen. Better lyricist than Dylan.

      2. Enh, I’ll take it.


  10. Well, they managed to change my immigrant mixed race wife into a big time Trump supporter. Keep it up, retards.

    1. My wife is from Asia, and I pretty much knew she would be a Trump supporter.

  11. OT but important: Leonard Cohen just died.

    That sucks.

    1. He had a full and complete life. He will be celebrated for another 20-30 years to come, until everyone that enjoyed his music dies and he is lost to the dustbin of history.

          1. Thanks. Outstanding. I didn’t know he wrote that.

            1. Oddly, that’s the only Cohen song I could name off the top of my head.

  12. I know some people are angry/shocked/disappointed, while the majority of voters are pleased

    1. ENB: I can’t believe Trump won, I don’t know anybody who voted for him!

    2. Except Trump didn’t win the popular vote, so…

      1. Assuming most of the people who didn’t vote for Clinton didn’t want her to win, I’ma stick with “the majority of voters are pleased husky didn’t win.”

        1. Yes, happy that Hillary lost and disappointed that Trump won. It can be both! Of course that’s just voters though, a lot of people stayed home. Trump won’t be president till January, I’m going to stick to being happy Hillary lost and the LP got a record number of votes for now.

          1. That where I’m at. In three months, I’ma be all over Trump’s bullshit. But the fact that Hillary Clinton will never be president makes me smile all the way to my soul.

          2. There was no possible good outcome for this election. Trump sucks, Hillary sucks worse, Gary Johnson’s rapidly advancing Alzheimer’s made him the worst LP candidate since, well, since Bob Barr, and Jill Stein was like the love child of Hillary and Bernie and a retarded goat. No possible result would’ve made me say “yep, we’re on the right track.” I’m just glad Trump didn’t spike the ball.

            1. Although I couldn’t bring myself to vote for him, I now think Trump might be the best possible outcome of a very long and shitty election. Until a couple of weeks ago, I fully expected that Hillary was going to win it and we would have another 4 years of proggies taunting those who opposed her highness as she combined nanny stateism with hawkishness. I have no idea what Trump will be like, but I don’t think he would be worse.

              1. What could be worse than staying WWWIII by trying to impose a no fly zone over Syria? And, you know, all that stuff that Ken talks about, the corruption and banana republic and what not.

                1. WWWIII= World Wide War III

        2. Hmm, just noticed auto spell decided i really meant husky instead of Hillary. Stoopit auto spell

          1. Those odd towns who elect dogs as mayor always seem to get by fine. Perhaps we should vote for a husky for President?

          2. Strangely, it still made sense…

      2. Except Democrat party bigwigs were caught on tape bragging about arranging electoral fraud, so we can safely assume a good 100k-500k minimum Dem overrepresentation.

        Since Shrill supposedly won the popular by about 300k it is safe to assume she very well might have lost the actual popular vote, i.e actual legitimate votes cast by real people.

        1. This is what I have been assuming.

          1. Yep. Just because Trump won doesn’t mean there wasn’t a bunch of voter fraud and attempted rigging.

    3. Didn’t the majority vote for Clinton?

      1. No. 47.7 percent is not a majority.

        1. 47.7 percent of the people who voted, who were only something like 51% of the actual registered voters, and who knows what percentage of eligible voters are registered voters.

          So something less than 25% of registered voters voted for Hillary. Not even close to a real “majority” of the country.

          1. Exactly.

  13. I don’t think it’s fair to assume they all acted with callous disregard to the plights of non-white, cis, straight, Christian people

    Oh they sure did. They are intensely jealous of their slightly more affluent college-educated counterparts. They thought Trump would give their family the opportunity to plunder the lower classes and get an advantage. It’s despicable, and this apologia helps no one. They will be ashamed. Of course, that is the nature of temptation. Go ahead, bite the big apple. Let me know how it works out for you.

    1. Bitter much, shreek?

      1. Defending anti-Semites again, hype?

        1. No, I never defend progs. Do you have an actual point? I live in a 60% Jewish community. Have you ever even seen a Jew before? I doubt it.

          1. Adam Sandler is Jewish, right? I saw him at DIA once. He was nice.

            1. Adam Sandler is a crime against film, but he was amusing in his youth!

        2. I truly appreciate your posts. They are a persistent reminder that I must continually challenge those in life I meet why the State is of any significant use in our daily lives.

          Keep up the good work in driving my passion to remind others they do have a brain that functions outside of the hive mind.

    2. Do something useful and go get “Buh-bye Republitards 2016” tattooed backwards on that dumb ass forehead of yers, so you see it every time you look in the mirror.

    3. Dafuk?

  14. Wow, posted at exactly the same time as MJG. Wild.

  15. They don’t write to convince anyone — they probably think the Trump voters can’t even read. It’s virtue signaling among the choir all the way down.

  16. Good job, ENB.

    Social media has warped their simple minds to the point that they deal with the embarrassment of being a loser by lashing out against pathetic, villainous stereotypes. It’s like they have never dealt with adversity before, and God forbid that have to do with any real pain in life.

    Its so annoying that I don’t even want to press my pickle in protest.

    1. I have it on good authority it’s okay to be an asshole if it’s true!

  17. Curious why these media outlets are obsessed with college education? For me, from the age of 18-35. I’ve either worked as a Systems Analyst or a Code Auditor. Working at then Chrysler corp and Ford, in Detroit. Never finished freshman level of college. I even earned upper middle-class yearly salaries.

    I’m starting to think these journalists/bloggers are really, outsourced individuals in India using pseudonyms. Where caste, fair skin and education is everything.

    1. Exactly! In much the same field as you, I am always surprised at the number of educated idiots I come across without having that glorified degree myself. I am derided for using “big words” and having been more well read on several subjects. Because I was able to learn for myself it doesn’t mean as much as having been told what to know.

      1. Not to use the cliche that education does not equal intelligence but seriously, college for a lot of these twits is pretty much a long party without having to worry about the parents showing up and not having to worry about ever getting less than an A- if you’re a humanities major, which most of them presumably are.

        1. Higher Ed has become operant conditioning for deference to authority.

          The main takeaway for most graduates is that experts are much smarter than themselves and should always be followed & celebrated. Doesn’t matter how the expert came to their expertise or what their track record is. Nope, all that matters is that everyone else acknowledges that they are experts.

    2. Because they found a pattern in the data that reinforces their narrative, and they’re going to push it till the cows come home.

      Of course, correlation isn’t causation. Especially when you consider:

      – Older people are less likely to have college degrees than younger people, regardless of intelligence;
      – Govt workers are more likely to have post-college degrees since the govt pays for them and they get automatic raises, and govt workers tend to support Dems for reasons unrelated to their intelligence;
      – Lawyers, doctors, and academia support Dems and have to have postgrad degrees.

      Somebody on the radio had a good point: why doesn’t the media break down the black and Hispanic vote into college-educated and non-college-educated when reporting their votes? It’s likely Hillary did better among the non-college-educated parts of those groups.

  18. Gentlemen and non-existing ladies of Reason.

    I’m sitting in traffic, watching about 100 Dump The Trump protesters. In the downtown of Vancouver, BC, Canada.

    I thought it a myth but behold: the elusive Peak Derp!

    1. Oh honey. You ain’t seen peak. Not even close.

    2. Can you just run over them?

      1. Yes.

        1. “I didn’t even know there was a law against that.”

    3. And then they’re all gonna go flip cars and commit acts of vandalism after the Canucks lose. Woooo! Fuck Trump! Bring back Harold Snepts!

    4. You really shouldn’t be posting while driving. You might hit a bump and double post.

      1. I was on a bus. It gave me a commanding view!

    5. Wait a minute, Canadians are protesting Trump winning the US election? WTF? We didn’t protest when you all chose… uh… um… whoever the Grand Pubah of Canada is. Or is it Archduke? Vicar?

      1. One day after he was elected, yes. And not protesting. Demanding removal. All white of course.

        That is why this is peak derp. I won.

        1. C’mon the election was just two days ago. We will reach depths of derp previously unfathomable!

          1. No, see, the longer it goes, the more sense it’ll make.

            Like, say, he bombs all abortion clinics in France. Yeah, I can understand protests.
            Or, he teabags PM Zoolander.

            But literally a day after? COME ON! Wait till he says something stupid at least?! How hard can that be?

      2. Not their President!!! Oh wait, yeah he not….

    6. Dude, you’re in Vancouver, that’s not Peak Derp, that’s Tuesday.

      1. Trust me, this is fresh new level I never expected.

        I was pleasantly surprised, don’t get me wrong, but yeah. That was just so… OMG!

        We didn’t have that in 2004 when Bush won second term, ffs.

  19. The entire racism, white privilege, PC freak out is a fabrication by leftists in the Democrat party to divide Americans and make them hate each other, for political gain. Congratulations, retards. But it’s not going to turn out the way you thought it would. May you be the first to feel the pain.

    1. This^

      It’s not a happy thing, but people can only go so far being demonized for all of society’s ills before they decide to live up to their caricature. Usually this ends in violence.

    2. Probably not something new but maybe this entire racism, white privilege, PC freak out has confused poor Barry so his black side hates his white side and vice versa.

      For example, one side likes to smoke the reefer but the other side supports the drug war. Same with the peace prize and then the warmongering .

    3. What actually bothers me more is this idea that America had never been more divided. Of course, you have to either deny or be ignorant of previous elections to believe this, but that doesn’t fit the narrative.

      1. +1 Ruther*fraud* B. Hayes

        1. +1 massive “Lincoln is not my President” protest in N. VA

          1. 40% of the vote! MANDATE!

          2. +1 massive “Lincoln is not my President” protest in N. VA

            +1 general that a tank is named after makin’ Jawja howl

            1. +1 general that a tank is named after makin’ Jawja howl

              It’s no T-34…but it’ll do.

      2. Minnesota Constitution 1858

        In accordance with the enabling act of February 26, 1857, an election was held on June 1, 1857, at which Republican and Democratic delegates were elected to the constitutional convention. When these delegates assembled in St. Paul on July 13, 1857, to draft the Minnesota constitution, bitterness between the two parties was so intense that Republican delegates and Democratic delegates refused to meet in the same convention. As a result each party held separate sessions in different rooms of the first capitol building.


        The political cleavage was so great that the two bodies never acted in joint meeting during the entire constitutional convention: July 13 to Aug. 29. The final work was done through a conference committee composed of five conferees from each of the conventions. The conferees, by reporting to and receiving advice from their respective conventions, were able to draft a constitution that would be acceptable to both bodies. On August 28, 1857, in spite of numerous protests by delegates, the report of the conference committee was adopted without amendment by both the Republican and Democratic conventions.


        1. However, when it came time to sign the constitution, the bitter feeling was still so intense that Democrats would not sign an instrument which bore Republican signatures, and the Republicans objected to signing an instrument that bore the signatures of Democrats. The solution to this impasse: two constitutions. One constitution was written on white paper and signed only by Republicans. The other constitution was written on blue-tinted paper and signed only by Democrats.

          Thus, on the 29th day of August, after seven weeks of political dispute and disagreement, the two conventions adjourned when as many members as could bring themselves to do so signed the copy of the constitution enrolled for their particular convention.

          And, a nice touch:

          The schedule to the constitution provided for an election to be held on October 13, 1857. At this election the voters were to accept or reject the constitution. The ballots used for this purpose were printed to provide only for affirmative votes. A voter who wished to reject the constitution had to alter his ballot and write in a negative vote. The result: 30,055 for acceptance and 571 for rejection.

          The more things change…

  20. Hopefully the younger generation will realize they are about to get plundered by their frustrated elder selves.

    1. It’s like you’re obsessed, or even fanatical, always looking to get your Reason fix.

    2. Fuck those Time Paradox Pirates!!!

      Except Jimmy, he’s cool.

        1. I finally clicked the link in your handle because I wasn’t at work.

          Yup, cool as fuck.

      1. I made a time travel joke in another thread, but that thread is dead. Or nobody likes my joke. *Sips whiskey contemplatively

    3. Oh, yes, shreekytard, it’s so bad that we didn’t get saved by the most honest and dedicated public servant of all time.


    4. Hopefully the younger generation will realize they are about to get plundered by their frustrated elder selves.

      But Pajama Boy said Obamacare was awesome. And Pajama Boys around the land are going to be a real drag this Christmas.

  21. Viscerally reactivate hatred against your perceived political rivals(especially the splitters) is par for the course.

    I wouldn’t read too much into it during the first few weeks after defeat. A lot of otherwise good people are extremely butthurt at the moment.

    As an aside: I’ve every intention of visiting Reasons’ HQ in D.C within the next year or two, high on Peyote.

    If she’s on-the-clock, I’d like to meet ENB…I find her rather fetching. As as incentive I plan on handing out shirts with the phrase: WE DON’T TALK ABOUT LUCY!!! embedded upon the shirt.

    1. I’ve every intention of visiting Reasons’ HQ in D.C within the next year or two, high on Peyote.
      Please do! But after 4 pm is better. Before 6 if you want to catch most of us.

      1. (or make special arrangements in advance and share your peyote.)

        1. I visited the DC offices last month and got a quick tour, logo beanie and tote bag!

          It was worth the effort. Everyone was very cool and I even got to meet The Editor and see her purple hair up close.

        2. You can be plied with drugs?

      2. Note to self: get a peyote guy.

        1. Cucking for ENB?

          1. Or, I want to do peyote again, but this time ill do it cuck-style.

          2. We all are. Even Johnny Longtorso.

        2. My Peyote guy was Don Juan Matus but my friend Carlos said he’s not in the biz anymore.

        3. Agile cyborg….duh.

    2. Where can you even get peyote anymore?

      I always ask indians when i meet them, but they just get weirded out and just tell me that “this is the $10 craps table, sir” and the information booth is in the casino lobby.

      1. The Shawangunk Mountain area. Or so I’ve heard.

        1. ?

          New Paltz? because there are a lot of hippies there?

          I always thought the “real deal” (as in actual cactus) was a ‘you have to live near the desert’ thing.

          Only close thing i’ve ever come across was synthesized mescaline. like sugar. quite potent, visually, but comparatively short-lived (compared to psilocybin or acid).

          1. I didn’t say “true” peyote. Gosh.

          2. New Paltz is the reason my fair county is turning increasingly blue. 🙁

      2. Make some contacts at Rainbow Gatherings. Buttons are no problem.

      3. I don’t know. Back in my ‘experimental’ days, my college roommate was from Albuquerque, so I had a pretty easy supply.

      4. I know where some grows naturally. My understanding is that it takes seven years to flower. I assume the buttons that people take are the buds pre flowering. So, my theory is that if you walk this valley at the same altitude, you should find the area where they are “ripe(?)”.
        Hint: discovered it while hitching home from college decades ago.
        Full disclosure: I have never taken peyote, nor have I seen the part people eat in a baggie, so this is mostly speculation, but peyote does grow there.

    3. I think part of the reason that the freakout seems exceptionally silly this year is that the result was such a shock. NO ONE thought that Mr. Trump was going to actually win at any time before about 10PM Eastern on Tuesday night. I can’t think of any election in which the result was so unexpected (we’ve had close elections, but if you know it’s close, you know you could lose).

      Plus the media had been pushing the inevitability of Madame Felony so hard, that most people who live in the urban prog-bubbles never considered the possibility that Trump would win.

      Those emotions need to burn off in tears and recriminations and name-calling and baying at the moon. Once this is finished, we just may be able to have a constructive conversation. Until then, you just need to send them to their rooms without dinner (metaphorically).

      1. No! Not metaphorically. A little hunger is exactly what these people need!

      2. NO ONE, is a big much.

        I figured it a 50/50 toss up going in, and that turned out to be pretty accurate.

        For the Hillary fanatics, living in a bubble has its risks.

      3. “Madame Felony” is fantastic, BTW.

    4. “A lot of otherwise good people are extremely butthurt at the moment”

      Respectfully disagree, no one who is good people is butthurt about any of this.

    5. Wait, Reason has a D.C. HQ? Shit I need to visit someday!

  22. The letter from Leslie Knope seems like it was written by a pedophile pretending to be a teenage girl.

      1. That’s for the best. I think the authors of that letter went out for pizza with John Podesta, if you catch my drift

        1. These masturbation euphemisms…

          1. Pawnee Ping Pong

  23. The progs backed a deeply flawed candidate; a colossal liar, a warmonger, and supporter of the racist and un Constitutional war on drugs. In addition, an all around enemy of individual liberty.
    These jackasses are the problem.
    Go fuck yourselves.

    1. sorry, got too worked up and took a toke of the reefer to calm down.

      edit = These jackasses are part the problem.

    2. No, no. I want proof of Hillary’s crookedness. I was told this by an unhinged prog who during his screed kicked it up a notch and claimed they got nothing on her.

      Hey man. They had nothing on Capone too; doesn’t mean he wasn’t a killer though.

      1. Yeah, proggy girlfriend (no, i still haven’t dumped her), said the same thing, then turns around and accepts face value every accusation of sexual impropriety ever leveled against Trump.
        I may dump her over this election, lol, or rather her insane overreaction to it. Cause I can’t really laugh in her face or go off on random proggies in the bar when she is around.
        *Sips whiskey contemplatively

        1. Cause I can’t really laugh in her face or go off on random proggies in the bar when she is around.

          $20 says you can.

          Should is a different issue.

          1. Fair point. And, if I’m going to dump her anyways…

        2. I recently dumped a girl because she was a hardcore actual honest-to-goodness socialist. As soon as I found out I really lost attraction for her. Perfectly nice girl, doesn’t know a thing about economics or policy.

          I asked her how she thinks jobs are created, she said “the government creates the jobs!” I tried to educate her, thinking that she might listen since I graduated magna cum laude in the top 20 of my college while studying economics. Nope. Totally killed all sexual attraction for me.

  24. Samantha Bee advised on her Wednesday night show. “Especially you white women. We’ve got some karma to work off.”

    So, Sam, you think these women are in danger of punishment for doing something wrong? Well, then, you can rest assured that your ugly ass is going to Hell.

    Be careful what you wish for, Bee*.

    *a venomous insect, whose shit some people eat

    1. The final backlash will be when celebrities meet a similar fate to Clinton. I don’t know how but I look forward to that day. They can’t keep doing shit like this.

      Very small and myopic pea brains.

      1. Well, it’s rather simple, if not so easy: Don’t do business with them, or the companies that sponsor their programs.

        I’ve read the arguments around here for NOT “voting with your dollars”, and I agree with it on some level. But I end up rejecting it when I realize that I’m not happy with paying people for the privilege of insulting me. Through entertainment, of all things.

        I definitely don’t want to politicize all aspects of my life. And, there are always situations where it’s just disagreement in views. That said, most of these situations are driven by the overbearing proggie shitheads, and my refusal to give them my $ is my response to them, not me trying to start shit.

        1. I keep debating not buying cable when we move next year. I did the whole “no cable” thing for about two years, and I didn’t really miss it. Not only that, but I noticed that my buying habits were significantly more frugal when I didn’t have cable. Generally, the entertainment industry isn’t putting out good enough product to offset the way they consistently shove their repugnant views down viewers’ throats.

        2. Ah, I call this The Double Fine rule. Luckily Tim Schafer hasn’t made a good game since Grim Fandango.

          1. *faints*


            1. Psychonauts was amazing. The Godzilla bit still makes me laugh.

          2. Ah, I call this The Double Fine rule. Luckily Tim Schafer hasn’t made a good game since Grim Fandango.

            I found Br?tal Legend to be most awesome.
            Shit, the music alone is the best music in any video game. Evar.

        3. Exactly. If the product is good then the person making it is going to have to be pretty bad for me to boycott. But if they fuck up the product by politicizing it….

          I read and listen to political sites/podcasts to get my fill of politics. I tune in to sports and entertainment to get away from that.

        4. Know what? Where comedians are concerned, if they directly take a shot at me for a stance I may hold, fuck them. I never listen no matter how funny. E.g Patton Oswalt can go fuck himself. Same with Azari and Marc Maron – I forget the details of that joke but it was basically ‘you flat out are a dangerous ignorant hick if you don’t believe in climate change’. You too, go suck swallow a load of elephant cum.

          I always find the use of ‘believe’ interesting with climate change.

        5. Well, libertarian economics should be about maximizing happiness. In your case, part of maximizing happiness is NOT enriching progressive shitbirds who spend all of their free time insulting you.

          Again, we agree that the libertarians (and most of the conservatives) are in no way responsible for the politicization of everything. We don’t care enough about government to make it that important. Of course, that could be part of the reason why we lose elections (that we don’t care enough about government to really go through the shit required to hold high office)

        6. I actually don’t have any form of broadcast television because I refuse to pay networks like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, Fox News, etc. to essentially talk down and make fun of me just because I disagree with them.

          Fuck them, have fun becoming totally irrelevant over the next decade.

        1. And on a related note, funniest comedy bit ever?

          1. “And on a related note, funniest comedy bit ever?”

            I didn’t make it all the way through but it appeared to be a 5 minute rape fantasy satire.
            Didn’t strike me as funny, but to each his own.

            However, I heard a number of (I guess) females shrieking with laughter.

            I was under the impression that rape comedy was verboten.

            1. I was under the impression that rape comedy was verboten.

              Not if it’s a dude.

            2. To be fair, I think this clip cuts off too much of the lead in to the over-the-top rape fantasy. The graphic rape fantasy is the reaction to excessive NFL political correctness. That’s the joke. Sigh.

              1. Like I said. Didn’t strike me as funny. Shock humor in a different wrapping. I get the “joke”.


                1. YMMV


        2. I can’t believe how inconsistent the officiating is. Two blatant roughing the kicker calls were not made for Philadelphia and Buffalo. Calls that are ALWAYS ALWAYS made.

          Man are the Seahawks not likeable. How many calls do they get? And they still whine! I would have loved to see Rex Ryan belly-thump that punk Sherman.

        3. LOL it would be amusing to see them just cut some of the more boring bits of action in order to trim the total length, like they do with re-runs.

          1. Arm refs with cattle prods.

            *fweet* “Dragging ass and being boring, three zaps penalty!”

            1. On second thought, if you add paddling to the list of penalties, I bet female (and certain gentlemen) audience will tick up noticeably. The skin-tight pants and butt-slapping are already part of the game, we just kick it up a notch.

    2. “whose shit some people eat”

      Gross, I prefer their honey which is definitely not shit of any kind.

  25. Who, exactly, are these impassioned public screeds aimed at white “female misogynists” supposed to sway?

    They’re not intended to ‘sway’ anyone. They’re to give the writer and her audience a sense of moral superiority

    Its been the point Freddie has been making for the last 3 days. You don’t win elections by spitting on your perceived “enemies”

    The politics of the left isn’t even about politics anymore (as in, “public policy”). Its all about proclaiming de-facto moral superiority

    They seem to think that by announcing themselves the most popular kids in school, all the losers and nerds should obviously admire and worship them and desire their favor.

    When they discover that they’re roundly despised, its because all those other people are hateful and jealous.

    1. Fucking socons.

  26. 1716: BURN THE WITCHES!
    1960: BURN YOUR BRAS!

    History apparently really is cyclical.

    1. Does that mean we have to wait another 244 years for Free Love again?

      1. We need another bra burning phase. Badly.

  27. White Women…Failed Other Women.

    They’re talking about Clinton, right?

  28. Again, in addition to Hillary Clinton being disadvantaged by her own corruption problems, she also had to contend with the Democratic party leadership and their fans in the media–hating on the very people whose support the Democrats needed in order to win a national election.

    Progressives and social justice warriors are chasing average Americans out of the Democratic Party with their contempt.

    Usually the elitists are too smart to let their masks slip, but not so with progressives. They’re proud of their hate for average people! I suppose it’s because progressives genuinely imagine themselves to be the champions of the people they despise.

    Earth to progressives: The people you claim to champion are entirely aware that progressives hold them in contempt–because you broadcast your contempt with pride.

    And that’s exactly where the progressives are today: they hate non-college educated white people, but, at the same time, they imagine they’re the champions of the lower middle class.

    We hate white people so much! They’re so racist and misogynist and . . . why won’t they vote for us?!


    1. Agreed. They sneeringly turned the ‘White Blue Collar Worker’ vote in the Rust Belt into the ‘Uneducated White Racist Hick’ vote, and were just shocked when Hillary lost Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan.


      1. My guess is that white, or any women, with out college degrees have real life problems to deal with, like falling behind on the rent, bailing the boyfriend out of jail, and arranging childcare while they work several jobs. Mommy and daddy probably aren’t even still alive, and if they are, they certainly don’t have the means to pay off their credit cards so their daughter can sulk all day on Jezebel.

        1. My guess is that white women indeed voted for Trump, at least in part, because they KNOW diversity, per se, sucks. They regard freedom of association as more important than being coerced into celebrating the rainbow coalition.

    2. Ken,

      I think you’re correct unfortunately.

      I just experienced it with a friend from Mass. The pride he had for the contempt and sneering arrogance he displayed was shocking.

      He then hurled a bigoted attack at me. In the end, progressives are just envious little pieces of authoritarian shits.

      1. A bigoted attack on you? Did he insult your Canadian-Ness? Because only we’re allowed to do that.

    3. Well, I agree somewhat, but I think that Mrs. Clinton was a significant driving force behind the Dem Party’s hatefest. In an interview, she claimed that she was proud to have made enemies of the Republicans (not rivals, not opponents). Also, she didn’t pull her ‘basket of deplorables’ line out of thin air. That was deliberately made, and practiced. She wouldn’t have made that statement if she didn’t believe it.

      Hillary’s problem wasn’t because the donkey establishment hated their opponents. The donkey party’s problem was that Hillary hated her opponents.

      1. Yeah, she’s part of the Democratic party leadership, and she has the same problem as the rest of them.

        She despises the people she wanted to vote for her, as well. She suffered from the progressive mindset, and she’s a perpetrator of that mindset.

        But now that she’s gone, the Democrats still have the same problem with progressives and social justice warriors having taken over the Democratic party.

        You can’t run on hating white people and win when you’re depending on the their votes to win.

        And it isn’t just hating white people for being racists.

        They hate Christians for being homophobes.

        They hate blue collar workers for being stupid on climate change.

        You can’t demonize the people you need to vote for you for eight years and then turn around and expect them to vote for you, and, maybe it needs to be said, too, a lot of that demonization stuff is inaccurate!

        A majority of Christians support gay marriage.

        Racism is wildly unpopular among white people.

        It never even seems to occur to them that spewing hatred towards the white, blue collar, middle class might be off-putting to the white, blue collar, middle class.

        Point out that they’re being hateful, and many of them will say “those people” deserve it.

        1. Actually, from what I’ve heard the voters who gave Trump the edge in places like WI, MI, and Ohio tended not to vote at all before this election because they knew that neither dems or GOP really cared about them, then Trump came to town and could speak their language and seemed sincerely interested in helping improve their lives (not helping them with handouts).

        2. Ken, agree on the whole, but “those people” do not, by and large, want any part of diversity or multiculturalism. In fact, “those people” indeed voted for Trump “out of…..a conscious animosity to diversity.”

          Its just not the progressives, to the contrary, its also far too many Reason staffers, bleeding heart libertarians, and thick libertarians, who just do not grok that “those people” are no longer buying the “white shaming” the chattering classes have been selling to them for decades.

      2. The feeling I get from urban progressives in Los Angeles towards white, middle America is in some ways like the kind of racism you’d see from white people in the ’60s and ’70s directed at blacks.

        Remember when Archie Bunker would say racist things–and he thought that it wasn’t racist because it was true? That was really typical in the white flight era.

        That’s the feeling I get from progressives I deal with in Los Angeles today when they’re talking about average people in middle America. Yeah, we say terrible things about “those people”–because they’re true!

        1. Even Norman Lear’s cartoon working class high school educated racist conception was far more self aware, civilized, and polite than the typical contemporary progressive.

        2. Nice insight. I get that exact vibe all the time.

        3. Nice insight. I get that exact vibe all the time.

    4. “I suppose it’s because progressives genuinely imagine themselves to be the champions of the people they despise.”

      No! Proggies are shamelessly selfish – they want the free shit like childcare, birth control, and college tuition for themselves.

    5. “I suppose it’s because progressives genuinely imagine themselves to be the champions of the people they despise.”

      No! Proggies are shamelessly selfish – they want the free shit like childcare, birth control, and college tuition for themselves.

    6. All the Dems are going on TV saying that the thing they learned from this defeat is that they need MOAR Socialism!!

      1. Well, they had their chance with Bernie. Polls during the primaries suggested that he could beat Trump.

        1. If polls during the primaries meant anything, we’d have wall-to-wall Cytotoxic to deal with right now.

  29. It reads more like temper tantrums and performative wokeness than a sincere attempt to understand or overcome the force that drove Trump’s female support.

    That’s a good line.

    Nice work, ENB.

    1. performative wokeness

      Yes, that’s good stuff.

      I’ve noticed like half a dozen people making “Woke-jokes” in the last 2 days. It seems like people suddenly feel like its OK to criticize their own team now that the battles are over.

    2. That’s a great sentence. I remain an ENB fan.

  30. When they say “white women,” they don’t mean “white women.”

    They mean “white women different from us.”

    1. No, they see themselves as multicultural open-hearted people of the world, sisters with the universe, not white women.

      They just happen to be white, and all their friends are white, but the word ‘diversity’ proudly comes out of their mouths every other minute or so, almost as often as they exhale C02.

  31. As I said fashionably late in the AM Links, I wonder who these people think they’re talking to. They speak as if women throughout America are reading their garbage blogs, watching their sarc af youtube video explainers, following their twitter feeds, and generally give a shit about political feminism. Have they really deluded themselves into thinking they are reaching out to more than, maybe, 1% of American women, most of whom already share their political priors? Do they really buy into some shared general philosophy among half of the population?

    “White Women Need to Admit That We Are Part of the Problem”? I’m guessing not one person who reads Bustle voted for Trump. I’m guessing few or no women who consider themselves woke genderqueer intersectional feminists voted for Trump. And everything else ENB said, I don’t even need to bother with this post. But it will be posted 3-4 times nonetheless.

    1. Does ENB understand that white women, by the millions, indeed voted for Trump, at least in part, “out of….a conscious animosity to diversity?”

  32. They’re not trying to convince any one. Self hating women gonna hate (themselves).

  33. Good article! Unfortunately, how many women, especially third wave feminist types, check out Reason anyway? It always seems to be a sausage fest here. Judging from the lack of feces throwing comments, I would guess that zero Jezebelistas have seen this.

    1. Just because they don’t comment doesn’t mean they aren’t there…watching and waiting.

    2. We read but we don’t want to interrupt the flow. It’s too entertaining.

  34. Good article, but I don’t think it’s fair to refer to women who voted for Trump as “Trump fans.” Some of them doubtless pulled the lever for him because they thought he was 1% less loathsome than his Democratic opponent. That doesn’t make them fans.

    1. Lots of them too care more about putting food on their table than advancing the feminist cause. Hillary can promise them all the free shit they want, but they know that she and her types look down on them.
      As far as Trump’s apparent mysogyny, many of these women I suspect just don’t think this behavior is that abnormal, some might even be turned on by his alpha-maleness.

      1. No matter what they might say, most women are very attracted to confident men.

        1. Then why do I always stumble out of the bar in agony from the pepper spray in my eyes?

          1. Sounds like you’re at the wrong bar, or your name isn’t Donald Trump.

            1. And the Sapphic Chick looked like such a classy bar, you wouldn’t think they’d be offended so easily.

          2. this video explains it all. One of the few funny things on SNL in decades.
            (ft. Tom Brady)


            1. They say it’s unavailable in the U.S.

              1. “They say it’s unavailable in the U.S.”

                Really? That’s wild, weird stuff.
                Actually, I’m not in the U.S. at the moment but my local internet usually blocks me from content that I could normally access in the States, not the other way around.

    2. I have a friend (female) who is not politically engaged, claims she would rather see a person murdered than a cute animal, likes to mention the gay friend she had in high school who was unjustly given a hard time, would banish you from her life if you uttered a racist word to her, voted twice for Obama, thinks Michelle is wonderful, vaguely characterizes Trump along the lines of being a blowhard jerk, and… displays an inexplicably visceral and palpable hatred for Hillary. Not, perhaps, the picture of rationality. One guess who she voted for…

      1. But does she have nice tits?

  35. So the way to change the minds of people who at least think they use logic to make decisions – is to scream your crazy feelings at them.

  36. Chinese-American rove rump?

  37. Seriously what’s with this “Woke” shit ?
    All I see is a bunch of women, and girly men crying, curled up in fetal positions on concrete.
    Is this what womanhood has become ?
    My Female Calico/Maine coon cat is tougher.

    1. this is a direct consequence of the ever-extending period of childhood. We have 28 year olds who haven’t worked a day in their life, have never dealt with adversity, and are used to throwing a tantrum whenever they don’t get their way. It’s not surprising that they’re more fragile than a quail egg in a blender.

    2. Those are really tough cats though.

      I had one get in a fight with a bear. She lost, but she fought it.

    3. “My Female Calico/Maine coon cat is tougher.”

      That’s no comparison. We got our cat spayed and she was running around and trying to jump on stuff as soon as we got her home.

      Meanwhile, around the same time my wife had surgery to remove a few uterine fibroids and she was totally wiped out. Had to stay in the hospital an extra day and was still recovering weeks later.

    1. GI was one of those shows I’d stare at like a retard when too sick to change the channel.

    2. No neck !!!!
      Where’s your neck !!!

      Sorry wrong show…

  38. Samantha Bee advised on her Wednesday night show. “Especially you white women. We’ve got some karma to work off.”

    The funniest comedians are those who trash everything I hate and treat all my beliefs with kid gloves.

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  40. What does it mean to progressives when even one person from an “identity group” votes the “wrong way?” What does it mean to progressives that black individuals, Latino individuals, women individuals, and even LBGTQ individuals voted for Trump or Johnson?

    It’s almost like people are individuals!

    1. “It’s almost like people are individuals!”

      Posted earlier, but needs a repeat.
      I’m driving across the Mission district in SF this morning and an intersection is closed to cross traffic by what is obviously HS kids crossing against the light. I’m hoping for a teacher/supervisor/whatever to show up and tell them to stop for the signal.
      I finally see what I presume to be a teacher telling them to go right ahead and block traffic.

      “Students from multiple high schools around the Bay Area walk out in protest of election”
      “The San Francisco Unified Deputy Superintendent tells a San Francisco Chronicle reporter that at least 10 schools are participating in Thursday’s demonstration.”

      The schools, paid for by the taxpayers, are “participating” in a protest regarding the election of a R president. Now, the group (mob) I saw was clearly directed by that slimy POS whom I presume to be what is known to equally slimy lefties as a “teacher”.
      So she “taught” her class that if a R is elected to office, it’s just fine to leave school, block traffic, and (BTW) if you don’t agree, what do you think might happen if you make that clear to the pathetic excuse for a “teacher”?

        1. What a petty person that teacher is.

  41. Did someone bury a dead skwerl in the pet cemetery? About ready to give up on this site forever.

      1. I sent some notes to those in the ‘contact’ tab below, and I encourage everyone to do so. Dunno if that was a help, but I pointed out that:
        1) Ignoring the problem was a bit less than professional. More than ‘a bit’; amateurish.
        2) My contribution for 2016 has already been cut by half from 2015, and it can easily drop beyond that.
        #2 has not changed; when that check gets written in December it is at best 1/2 of what Reason got in 2015. Hit ’em in the wallet; it gets their attention.

        1. Yep. It’s just crazy incompetence and disregard for the readership.

  42. OK, serious question for those who have paid closer attention than I have. A common theme on FB (I know, I know) is that anyone who is non-white/non-male/non-straight/non-Christian is in actual danger following Tuesday.

    I know what Trump has said that might make Muslims, women, and Mexicans/Latinos feel threatened. This question isn’t about those statements, so leave that out of it for now.

    What exactly has he said about other religions, racial/ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ that would lead them to feel similarly?

    1. Dude, it’s 11:20. We stopped taking questions at 11.

      1. I’m naturally inquisitive. I can’t just turn it off.

    2. Fear is the greatest persuader. They believe it. Assholes don’t realize I haven’t had my candidate win EVER and yet they lose one and go full idiot. Fuck these people.

    3. The LGBTQ “fear” gives away the lie that the left’s fears are not entirely self-created. Trump has many gay supporters and has been openly welcoming of gays.

    4. He re-tweeted an image of Hillary, piles of cash and a 6-pointed star! That’s a Belsen plus couple of Treblinka’s right there.

    5. “anyone who is non-white/non-male/non-straight/non-Christian is in actual danger following Tuesday.”

      Post election violence reports are showing that to be 180* wrong.

    6. What exactly has he said about other religions, racial/ethnic minorities, and LGBTQ that would lead them to feel similarly?

      When I asked a similar question, I got called a meanie face. See, people feelings are true and unassailable. You cannot criticize them because that makes you a bigoted hateful person.

    7. IIRC, he said he wanted to suspend Muslim immigration “until we figure out what’s going on” and why some of the immigrants are terrorists. Then he walked that back and said he wanted to limit immigration from problem countries where there’s Islamic terrorism.

      He says he wants to enforce the immigration laws against illegals because of his concern that Mexican criminals are slipping across the border. He is particularly interested in building a wall to make it harder for illegals to come in, and apparently a wall is a Bad Thing, apparently because it symbolizes immigration enforcement.

      He once said he groped attractive women who were involved in some of his businesses, but it’s OK because they liked it.

      There are some women he doesn’t like, such as Rosie O’Donnell, whom he described in unflattering terms. This is summarized as “he calls women fat.”

      For me, the actual Really Bad Thing he said was about torturing terror suspects and killing their families – he seems to have walked that back when some officials and soldiers suggested they’d disobey orders if they were commanded to commit such crimes. Of course, to provide context, Bush tortured, and I think Obama outsources the torture, plus he kills American citizens with drones. But Trump’s stance is worse because he doesn’t have a Nobel.

      1. So with black people, he said that black neighborhoods need law law and order.

        That’s racist because black neighborhoods *really* need more riots.

        With LGBTs, he waved a rainbow flag and had Thiel tell the Republican convention he (Thiel) is a proud gay guy. This is the first time an out gay man addressed a Republican convention since Earl Warren. Ha ha, just kidding about Warren. I assume.

        Anyway, I think Trump said he didn’t want to bring a bunch of people here from Muslim countries where they like to kill gays.

        And his daughter converted to Judaism, presumably as a protest against her dad being so anti-Semitic. /sarc

        1. Trump isn’t for giving people special privileges and has said he might sign federal religious freedom acts, so he is clearly anti-gay. Without forcing people to make wedding cakes for gay weddings, homosexuals will literall be strung up and burned alive. /s

          I don’t like the guy but the slander is a bit ridiculous.

    8. Rhetoric by Trump-supporting assholes(a extreme minority of regular people, aka Skankhunt42) on Twitter is the equivalent of physical violence against minorities. Therefore, suckerpunch white people in the back of the head, and burn down businesses(because, all businesses are all bad). Make sure to wear bandannas covering your face(even though you are morally right), and run away before you can get caught or confronted.

      1. From the post above:
        “The schools, paid for by the taxpayers, are “participating” in a protest regarding the election of a R president. Now, the group (mob) I saw was clearly directed by that slimy POS whom I presume to be what is known to equally slimy lefties as a “teacher”.
        So she “taught” her class that if a R is elected to office, it’s just fine to leave school, block traffic, and (BTW) if you don’t agree, what do you think might happen if you make that clear to the pathetic excuse for a “teacher”?”
        Pretty sure we’re on the same page here…

    9. he ran as a republican. all republicans want to build extermination camps for all non cisgender shit lord fundamentalist Christians
      didn’t you read the patry platfom?

    10. Yeah, I really don’t get it. Van Jones got hysterical on CNN about how all these minorities are going to be afraid.

      But the only thing he’s every said were about Mexicans and muslims and in both cases, he walked things back somewhat.

      I mean, FFS, he held up a rainbow flag with LGBTQ For Trump on it at a rally. He let Bruce Jenner use the lady’s room in his tower.

      I can see being worried if you are here illegaly or want to get in, but the hysterical reaction is crazy.

    11. I’ve been digging in regards to the LGBT thing, and here’s what I’ve come up with:

      As far as I can tell, they’re freaking out because Trump has made numerous statements supporting ‘traditional marriage’. Which is true, but they tend to be very vague statements where you can’t tell if he’s more just talking from a personal perspective or as a state policy (especially comments made before he was running). And he’s also openly said that he was on the fence about civil unions previously and didn’t really have an opinion on it.

      In 2011 he said “First of all, I live in New York. I know many, many gay people. Tremendous people. And to be honest with you, as far as civil unions are concerned, I haven’t totally formed my opinion. But there can be no discrimination against gays.”

      In “The America We Deserve” he says his dream of an America free of “racism, discrimination against women, or discrimination against people based on sexual orientation.” And this is from freaking MSNBC.

      So if the argument is “he’s against gay marriage” fair enough, he’s never voiced support of it. If the argument is “he’s going to march us to the ovens” you’re goddamn insane.

  43. “Disenfranchised” White Working-Class Men Concern-Trolling: Day 3 of 1,460

    Exhibit 3

    Exhibit 4

    1. Yeesh, what’s up with the Coontz pic. She looks like Trump is grabbing her pussy.

    2. “Dems need to figure out how to talk to white men”


      As an aside, Jones is quite the nutter. Democrats and its liberal allies? Try ILLIBERAL allies.


    3. HM, you could really help make your point if you were to use a pull-quote or something to help us figger-out what part of that word salad was your focus.
      I know Van Jones is a lefty ‘truther’, but is that what you meant?

    4. As for Republican legislators, it is time for any of them sane enough to believe the scientific evidence of climate change to become brave enough to help protect their working-class constituencies from its effects.

      Yeah, take away those rednecks’ pickup trucks!

      1. “Dear Republicans, we committed electoral suicide. Pls follow us twice as hard.”

    5. I’m sure plenty of Trump voters have fears and anxieties, but next to those SJW freakout Dems, they look as calm as James Bond ordering his drink shaken not stirred.

  44. I don’t blame the guy:


    1. Wanna bet his sponsor was close to pulling the trigger?

      1. To be fair to him, that is as fine an example of shooting their own foot as I know.

        1. Robby Gordon, interviewed after falling out of the Indy 500 probably 20 years ago, said ‘those damn Ford engines aren’t worth crap’ or some such (on national TV).
          The interviewer said nothing; the announcer commented that the crackling sounds you hear in the background are bridges being burnt.
          Robby may have driven something with Ford power thereafter, but not if the Ford factory knew about it.

          1. I meant the company carefully loaded gun, took aim at the foot, fired and was shocked it hit.

            Like, that wasn’t a simple tweet – that thing is so stupid it took crafting. The whole ‘casual racism’ thing aside, do you want to be a face of company THAT stupid?!

            Though your story was also cool. He should have been more like Reason Robby and hedged.

            1. “I meant the company carefully loaded gun, took aim at the foot, fired and was shocked it hit.”

              Went back to the link, and yeah, it was a tin-ear joke.
              Still, there are more drivers than sponsors and the guy could have taken a ‘I’m speaking with my sponsors regarding a bad joke’ tack. Now his agent is stuck trying to convince other sponsors that he won’t bolt if they do something he doesn’t like.
              He, like most all the “we won’t tolerate Trump” crew, is convinced his opinions are so correct, the world must fall in behind.

    2. They’re a sunglasses company, they have a Mexican driver they’re sponsoring who wears their sunglasses, and they make a joke about Mexicans wearing sunglasses and they’re gazing at Trump’s wall?

      Who jokes about their own product and customers/sponsored drivers in this way?

      1. Those guys are ruining ethnic jokes for everyone.

  45. The only thing about Leonard Cohen I know.

    Hey, he outlived Rick Mayall, so he kinda had the last laugh!

    1. I was thinking it was the movie critic that died.

  46. What losers do:

    “As Trump met with Obama, Hillary Clinton went for a hike in New York”

    Unfortunately, she didn’t step on an old cover and fall into a septic tank.

    1. What did C.H.U.D.s ever do to you that’d you’d wish that upon them? 🙁

  47. I have yet to hear a lefty come to terms with the fact that the Good Guys outspend the Bad Guys by 2:1 and still lost.

    I guess that “big money” we always hear about isn’t very good at buying elections?

    1. Dark money. They know Trump outspent them.

      Want fun? Ask them about Koch funding for Trump.

        1. The instant way for Hilary Clinton to redeem herself in my eyes.

          Call press conference, step to the podium and scream “I’LL HAVE MY REVENGE, PEPE!!!”

          Then leave.

          1. “I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little frog, too!”

  48. In the real world where I live, classic American racism (white on black) has been trending down for decades and is the lowest I’ve ever seen.

    This is terrifying to progressives.

  49. It’s been vicious. I can’t speak openly about voting 3rd party without getting shut down immediately and verbally violently. My one (apparently magic) vote could have saved the world from WW III and saved woman and minorities from constant sexual and physical abuse but I WASTED it on NOT HILLARY.

    1. Do what I did – tell them Trump is basically a New Dealer, kind of like FDR but not as racist (since Trump has yet to lock citizens in camps without trial on account of the race) and not as xenophobic (since FDR enforced immigration laws which are stricter than the laws we have today which aren’t always enforced).

      That should soothe them.

      1. I don’t think they want to be soothed.

    2. Good thing you’ve never influenced anyone else to do likewise. And good thing that those people you’ve not influenced are not currently having everything you didn’t say to them confirmed by precisely those about whom you didn’t say it.

  50. “”Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!” Trump’s tweet read on Thursday night.

    “Trump’s assertion that the demonstrators were professionals “incited by the media” was seen as a dismissal of concerns of many of the protesters.”

    These concerns are:

    “Many of those demonstrators say they are afraid of what the Trump administration will do after he ran a campaign that leaned heavily on what they call racist, xenophobic, and sexist bombast. The protesters have also said they are troubled by white-supremacist groups emboldened by Trump’s victory.

    “Trump was endorsed by both the Ku Klux Klan and former KKK leader David Duke. Though the real-estate mogul has disavowed those endorsements, both the KKK and Duke have doubled down on their adulation.”

  51. Scores of protestors have taken over the major interstate through my town. Local news outlets are with them, on the fucking interstate, describing the scene as “mostly peaceful.” Taking over the interstate is not a peaceful act.

    1. Would you say they’re “incited by the media”?

    2. Protesting civil rights abuses, denial of voter access, police brutality, etc are all valid protests.
      Protesting that your slimy side lost in an election is promoting mob rule.

    3. And anyone wonders why such people tend toward being anti-2A? And why they advocate for an all-powerful state?

      They’re not afraid of others, they’re afraid that everybody else is like they are. And sometimes, they show us all just why they’re right to be so, and why in certain circumstances, others would do well to be so, too.

    4. Local news outlets are with them, on the fucking interstate, describing the scene as “mostly peaceful.”

      These protests should uncover interesting edge-case defects in AI software for impending autonomous tractor-trailers.

  52. Lefty protesters are always peaceful!

    “More anti-Trump rallies under way, clashes with police in Oakland”
    “Large crowds from a peaceful rally at Frank H. Ogawa Plaza that ended around 8 p.m. tried to make their way down Broadway, where on Wednesday some protesters lit street fires, smashed windows and sprayed graffiti.”

    Well, they were ‘peaceful’ until they thought they could get away with it!

  53. Don’t you see… those white women are just Uncle Toms. Everyone is an Uncle Tom who isn’t a progressive. Making it that simple, simply makes it that simple.

  54. “Matlock says the march’s focus isn’t to bash Trump, but offer a safe space for people to express their frustrations with the election results.

    “”I think we might all have anti-trump sentiments but really the goal is to just remind people that are upset inside that they have friends and that people are willing to support them.”

    “”I can’t think of a better day than veterans day to practice our right to protest – my dad is a veteran, my step-dad – a veteran. So we’re kind of using their sacrifices they gave us to protest i think is important.,” says Evans.”

  55. “Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, a Democrat, condemned what he called a “very, very small group of people” that damaged property or blocked traffic in a Wednesday night demonstration but said he was proud of the thousands more that peacefully protested.”

  56. Trump Voter Beaten By Black Mob: “You Voted Trump. You Gonna Pay For That Sh*t”

    As the article comments, imagine the roles reversed with white Trump supporters kicking the shit out of a black Democrat…and how this would be getting 24/7 coverage on the news networks.

    1. I really need to start carrying

      1. I’m sure this can totes end well.

  57. Campuses confront hostile acts against minorities after Trump’s election

    “The fliers depicting men in camouflage, wielding guns and an American flag, appeared in men’s restrooms throughout Texas State University: “Now that our man Trump is elected,” they said. “Time to organize tar and feather vigilante squads and go arrest and torture those deviant university leaders spouting off that diversity garbage.”

    “A year after students at campuses nationwide pushed for greater sensitivity toward cultural differences, the distribution of the Texas State fliers was just one of several episodes this week suggesting that the surprise election of Donald Trump is provoking a round of backlash on campuses.”

    1. That sounds like what a leftist would think a Trump supporter would write. Fails the Turing test.

      1. Yeah, saw on on facebook about a Trump supporter post election walking up to a woman and grabbing her pussy and calling her a liberal cunt. Yeah, that never happened.

      2. If you’re going to false flag a group, it probably helps to do your homework and find out what they actually think and how they actually talk so that it’s a convincing act.

  58. “WASHINGTON ? Protesters spent the night camped out in front of the U.S Department of Veteran Affairs to bring awareness to the 22 veterans who die by suicide a day ? and the possibility that pot could help.

    “The protesters want the VA to recognize cannabis as a safe alternative to the pharmaceutical drugs that are regularly prescribed to veterans.”

    A leader of the demonstrators deplored the small, unrepresentative minority which blocked highways, destroyed cars, and vandalized buildings…

    Wait, the article doesn’t mention any destruction and vandalism, my mistake.

    1. I know that Trump isn’t a racist and disavowed white supremacist support, and you know Trump isn’t a racist and disavowed white supremacist support, but the racists and white supremacists didn’t get the message.

      1. …and not all of Hillary’s supporters have been getting her concession speech.

  59. Fight Erupts at Milwaukee Trump Protest

    “And while the night was mostly peaceful, a fight did break out at Red Arrow Park, pushing right into our photojournalist and reporter. We saw a man yelling and waving a flag in the crowd. A few seconds later, a protestor sprayed him in the face, multiple times, with pepper spray. Police were nearby the entire night and while that disturbance happened, we still have heard no reports of any arrests.”

  60. “San Diego Police Lt. Scott Wahl said officers declared an unlawful assembly at the downtown protest after some of the demonstrators “became assaultive toward officers and others and began vandalizing public property.” He said 18 arrests were made for charges including battery, vandalism and remaining in an area of an unlawful assembly.

    “”The San Diego Police Department supports every person’s First Amendment Right to Freedom of Speech and the right to assemble,” Wahl said in an email, noting that the protest was largely peaceful.”

  61. “In Pittsburgh, protests have remained mostly peaceful, though police hit protesters in East Liberty Wednesday night with smoke bombs to drive them out of the street.”

  62. The only people who deserve any shame over Hillary’s defeat are the idiots who nominated her.


  63. “Tens of thousands of demonstrators took to the streets in cities across the country Wednesday to protest Donald Trump’s election victory, in mostly peaceful gatherings that nonetheless resulted in at least 124 arrests and reports of damage, vandalism and injuries in several locations.”

  64. “The mostly peaceful protest winded its way around campus and through the hallways while students chanted slogans and waved signs.

    “The alleged assault took place when one teacher was confronted by two or more protesters. It appears the teacher was punched and shoved, and when another teacher came to his aid, that teacher was also attacked, [Pleasant Hill Police Sgt. David] Downs said.”

  65. From the New Yorker


    “By Greg Tannen , OCTOBER 19, 2016

    “Oh, no! It’s the end of the Republic. The death of democracy. It’s Armageddon and Judgment Day and Black Friday all rolled up into one.

    “Hillary Clinton will be the forty-fifth President of these United States.

    “So, for all those Republicans who are now preparing to flee the Land of the Formerly Free, we’d like to offer a few ideas for potential new homes:”

    1. That was hysterical. Leftists are so good at humorization. HA ha Republicans are dumb fuck socialist-hating gun-loving swine!

      /Snooty East Coat Prog

  66. Libtards, please continue this for the next 4 years.

  67. Oh, and I found a couple of articles describing US/China relations in the South China Sea as…”mostly peaceful.”

    Sweet dreams.

  68. I went to a Trump victory party and the women LET ME grab their pussies.

  69. Potentially 4-8 more years of this. I can’t tell you how glad I am that I deleted Facebook.

  70. “performative wokeness”

    This neologism is attributable to ENB? Never saw it before. It is more awkward than virtue signalling, but still serviceable, and it evokes the clunky slang, stay woke. Performance art, performance wokeness? Something like that. Has potential.

  71. Can anyone explain why the hell Samantha Bee is popular?

    Why do people want to watch a screedy demagogue soapboax endlessly about how and what all their other likeminded people should hate?

  72. As a collection of myriad individuals and not some immutable hivemind, women will never be a monolithic voting block, and that’s a good thing.

    Except for like, you know, 94% of black women. They seem to be hiveminding real good like.

  73. Who, exactly, are these impassioned social-media screeds supposed to sway?

  74. “Female misogynists”

    Oh, like, I don’t know, someone who uses the phrase “bimbo eruptions”??

  75. How many marketers successfully shame their customers into buying their product?

  76. Yes, what brave, independent, badass women! And my grandmother, who says that “women just aren’t meant for leadership, espeically not the President!”: clearly just displaying her independent intellect, uninfluenced by misogynistic ideas floating in her world since the 1930s.


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