Election 2016

Trump Voters Were Four Times Less Likely To Be 'Enthusiastic' About Federal Government

Trump voters were also drastically less likely than Clinton voters to say the government should do more.


Here's an interesting tidbit about Donald Trump voters that I just noticed in CNN exit-polling data: Trump voters make up just 20 percent of those who described themselves as "enthusiastic" about the federal government, while 78 percent of voters who said this were Hillary Clinton supporters. Trump voters also accounted for just one-fifth of those who are "satisfied" with the federal government.

But when it comes to those "dissatisfied" with the federal government, Trump voters slightly edged out Clinton voters (49 percent to 45 percent). And Trump voters made up more than three-quarters of those who said they were "angry" at the federal government, with Clinton voters accounting for just 18 percent of this group.

People who cast a ballot for Trump were also drastically less like than Clinton voters to say the federal government should do more. Among this big-gov promoting group, 74 percent were Clinton voters and 22 percent were Trump voters. Those who said the government was doing too much included 21 percent Clinton voters and 73 percent Trump voters.