The Fifth Column

Weld's Bells and Other Late Campaign Hits: The New Fifth Column

Kmele talks race politics from Eastern Island, while Moynihan and Welch try to figure out what William Weld wrought


Our fan art is just better. ||| Thomas Libertee
Thomas Libertee

Such is Kmele Foster's dedication to the craft of podcasting that the would-be 2020 candidate called into this week's edition of The Fifth Column via cell phone from Easter freaking Island, where he engaged in (surprise!) apologetics for Donald Trump's handling of David Duke's enthusiasm for his campaign. (In fairness, this was recorded before Trump's crappier son Eric said that Duke "deserves a bullet.")

Other topics of conversation in this, the last Sedition before the Sweet Meteor of Death delivers us all eternal release: Bill Weld's defense of the statist president-to-probably-be, whether any other Libertarian Party configuration could have produced better results, the human SJW centipede devouring Amy Schumer, and the preponderance in broadcast media of people who pretend to know subjects they are utterly unfamiliar with. Listen up here:

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