Bill Weld

Bill Weld on Rachel Maddow: 'I'm Here Vouching for Mrs. Clinton'

Libertarian vice presidential nominee disagrees with his own campaign's statement on Clinton's emails, and calls her "a person of high moral character"


What do vice presidential nominees usually do one week before Election Day? Well let's see, Democrat Tim Kaine was in Wisconsin calling Donald Trump a misogynist who opposes equal rights, Republican Mike Pence was in Valley Forge talking up the GOP's Obamacare replacement program, the Green Party's Ajamu Baraka was busy rejecting the "lesser evil" formulation…and Libertarian William Weld was on MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show announcing that "I'm here vouching for Mrs. Clinton."

I am not making this up.

Weld, who one week ago took the unusual-for-a-third-party-candidate step of delivering a campaign statement and press conference urging Republicans to vote against Trump, went considerably further off the reservation today, not only in choosing an iconic progressive prime-time cable news program to call Clinton "a reliable person and an honest person," but in actively throwing his own campaign's statement about the FBI email investigation under the bus.

"It sounds like you do not agree with this statement from your own campaign," said Maddow, referencing Weld's prior comments in the interview that FBI Director James Comey's recent actions were "incomprehensible," because "there's nothing there."

"That's correct. That's correct," Weld said, adding that, "You know, in fairness, Gary and I have not agreed on a number of substantive issues in this campaign."

Watch the exchange below:

Maddow, smelling blood, mused that "The Libertarian Party hasn't treated you great if they're putting out statements that you disagree with under your own name….I can't imagine that your loyalty to them is stronger than your fear of Trump as a president," and asked Weld what he would really counsel voters in swing states to do. His response?

"Well, I'm here vouching for Mrs. Clinton, and I think it's high time somebody did. I'm doing it based on my personal experience with her, and I think that she deserves to have people vouch for her other than members of the Democratic National Committee." Watch it here:

Weld isn't throwing in the towel physically—he's got campaign events this week in Memphis, Kansas City, Providence, and Boston. But expending valuable time and energy on defending his running-mate's chief opponent one week before Election Day will likely be the final straw among Libertarians and libertarians who never trusted the former Massachusetts governor in the first place. He was supposed to bring media credibility, fundraising panache, and a path to 15 percent (let alone 5). But what he brought from his first main television appearance as an L.P. standard-bearer was the distinct impression, requiring constant walkback, that he was actively fond of his unlikable opponent, and in this race for himself. Plenty of libertarians wanted to wring his neck long before watching him smirk through sentences tonight such as, "I talk with Gary every other day; we're on different coasts, usually. But we keep in touch."

In a Facebook Live interview with Nick Gillespie at the Democratic National Convention this July, Weld was asked whether he would vote for Hillary Clinton. His answer, in part: "No, I'm a lifetime member of the Libertarian Party." It will be interesting to see whether that feeling will be mutual.

UPDATE: You can now watch the whole interview here.

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    1. I use to like Gary, I really did. But the Libertarian Party need to distance themselves from him and this debacle. This year presented a great opportunity and these two shit all over it.

      1. Libertarians can choose to align with the conservative right (true conservatives like Mike Lee and Justin Arma) or with the left. The left stands against everything libertarian. They hate free speech and Constitutional restrictions on big government.

        Gary Johnson chose the left when he chose Weld.

        1. Weld governed Massachusetts as a libertarian-leaning Republican in 1991-1996, a decent credential for a Presidential run. Since then, his reputation has been, not a Leftist, but rather a flake who can’t or won’t hold a steady job. Johnson bet on the ex-governor, but got the flake instead.

          1. Weld has been a flake his whole life , a trust fund egotistical flake, whose flakiness is blatantly obvious . Sometimes his goofy idiocy seemed sort of amusing but he has never ever been a serious political entity . He has always been , at best , comic relief . That Johnson insisted upon him as the libertarian vice presidential candidate , while amusing , demonstrates that Johnson too is not a serious political personage . The 2016 libertarian ticket and campaign just rienforces the mainstream view that libertarians are a bunch of drug addled morons . The sooner johnson slinks away to an ignominious retirement the better.

          2. Weld governed Massachusetts as a liberal pretending to be a Republican in 1991-1996


        2. They did choose to go after the left, which I’ll never understand. The right was full of people unhappy with Trump and GaJo/Weld decided that religious liberty was something that must die, thereby alienating libertarians and any unhappy Republicans. Look what it got them- 3% and falling.

          Hell, if they did go after Republican voters, they may have helped defeat Trump which seems to be their only goal. Fuck them both.

          1. Cocktail parties. It was always about the cocktail parties.

          2. Fuck, at this point in time it’s clear Mcaffe would have been a better choice.

            1. ^^^This

            2. That was clear at every point in time.

            3. Hell even Trump knows that talking up your opponent is a bad political strategy. Only 1 of two things are possible.

              1.Weld is a moron who is dumber than Trump
              2. The LP members that helped nominate him are morons who are dumber than Trump.

                1. AMEN!!!

            4. At this point, the average Bowery drunk screaming with the DT’s would be a better choice. Weld has fallen below even the worst expectations. He has done more to discredit libertarians than both major party scumbags combined.

            5. …Dwayne Johnson could have won. Or Terry Crews.
              you gotta know your audience.

            6. Not if Gringo is true. I am all for people eating feces if that’s their thing, but do we need that stain in the white house?

        3. The commentariat here had this guy pegged months ago.

          1. Yes. We did.

          2. It’s enough to make me want to tear up my not yet mailed in ballot.

        4. “Gary Johnson chose the left when he chose Weld.”

          Gary Johnson chose the state when he chose Weld.

          There are people on the left not committed to proggtopia. Yes they are few and far between, but Weld is most certainly not among their number.

        5. They hate free speech and Constitutional restrictions on big government.

          As if the right doesn’t? If you wanted to argue that one is worse, you shouldn’t just done so.

      2. I donated a total of $25 to GJ. Can I get it back?

      3. They are both a$$holes and set the movement backwards with their incompetence.

    2. During one of the open town halls, when the discussion was about marijuana, I recall Weld calling it ‘dope.’

      Well, you’d have to be a dope to think Clinton is honest.

    3. Hard to imagine a worse choice for the Libertarian ticket.

      1. No, it’s easy. Either major party candidate would be worse.

      2. Bob Barr?

        1. Wayne Allen Root?

      3. With a VP candidate like Weld, who needs enemies?

    4. My first election was 96 when I was eighteen. I voted for Dole because he was the better of the two candidates but I wasn’t excited about it. Then in college I read about libertarianism and realized that’s what I was. I’ve voted for the LP candidate in every election since, but I can’t vote for them this year. I might stay home or vote Trump, just to enjoy the taste of prog tears if we wins. Sad it’s come to that, but maybe we’ll get a better candidate in 2020.

      1. I would encourage you to continue to help the Libertarian Party. We’ve been doing this for 45 years and the real work starts on November 9.

        1. Maybe the real work on 11/9 starts with the jackasses who nominated Weld publicly apologizing for their gullibility, starting with GayJay. It. ain’t complicated — both parts of the LP prez ticket need to be actual libertarians.

          1. I promise you this. Neither Gary nor Weld will be anywhere near an LP nomination in 2020.

        2. Any way you guys could get Kurt Russell to run next time?

        3. Fuck you asshole. You and your people put this fuck stick and GayJay on the top of the ballot. You deserve ridicule and derision. You people are either corrupt, stupid or incompetent. Which of these deserves my support? None. You have done more in this cycle to set back Libertarianism than either or both of the two major party candidates possibly could. I am ashamed to call myself a libertarian and wont anymore since you people have totally fucked up what is stands for. Fuck You, Fuck Gary Johnson, Fuck Bill Weld and Fuck the Libertarian Party.

        4. Nick, The Libertarians have demonstrated in this campaign that they have no real desire for political relevance. Anyone who donated to this camoaign was defrauded, and any future donors are fools or (my bet) Progs seeding a phony “opposition” candidate.

    5. I wonder if Matt Welch is in the doghouse now . . . I worry for him.

  1. Sarwack must be infuriated.

    1. Sarwark’s a good cat. And quite good at spin.

      Good luck with this, dude.

      1. Nicholas Sarwark, Libertarian party chairman. And yes, he reads the H&R blog here at Reason.

        I made a comment that he needs to be the LP party’s nominee & he responded back.

        1. Oh. Wow, a pol who reads the h & r comments. He must be in a very dark place.

          1. We’re smart and clever and we’re his peeps. We ARE the Libertarian Party.

            And Nick knows it.

            1. “We ARE the libertarian party.” That no doubt is a source of tremendous motivation to drink. I suppose I should commend his courage to wade through the filthy and bile and deliciously sordid pit that this place is, this wanton, glorious bacchanalia of vulgarity.

              1. Yes and we do it all for free!

              2. I am honored to play a part, however small, in such an enterprise.

    2. Pro tip: Sarwark does not have a “c” in it.

      1. We (sometimes) intentionally misspell names. It’s an inside joke. He may have been calling you wack.

        Which would be worse, I guess.

        1. If it was intentional it wasn’t very good. Should’ve gone with Sorrywacker. Or Sarwart. Or Sadwart. Just brainstorming here. My side job is coming up with nicknames for high school bullies to use.

          1. To be clear, I’m thinking more of the very subtle Shackleford misspellings, not the deranged works of Mike M.

      2. Pro tip: Evan McMullin was right. There are no libertarians running on the LP ticket.

        1. That’s Mr. Egg McMuffin to you.

          And yeah, he was pretty much right.

          1. Nah, GayJay is a libertarian, with a very small “l”. Weld is an “ibertarian” — no “l”.

      3. Fuck You Asshole. I hope your happy. You have turned the LP into Prog lite.

        1. Conquest’s law in action.

  2. Do I vote LP in hopes of getting the five percent? Or do I stand by my Libertarian values and write in an actual Libertarian?

    1. Considering he’s telling people not to vote LP isn’t the right FU to vote LP anyway? Or vote for Trump I suppose.

      1. I’d say vote for Castle, or Stein, or TRUMP. It’s up to you but personally, I’d advise against voting for Johnson/Weld. Fuck those guys. Vote LP on down-ballot races but they have to learn not to foist these shit presidential candidates on us. The only way they will is not to vote for them.

        1. they have to learn not to foist these shit presidential candidates on us

          lol, shady insiders foisting the dopey stoner on us, blackballing the radio douche, the person of interest in a Belizean expat murder investigation, the rapping jew surgeon, and Screamin’ Daryl Perry. The field was crap, and McAfee was my favourite of the batch. Foisting wasn’t necessary, broheim.

        2. This, Weld can suck my dick and so can the LP. I might even just say fuck them on the down ticket people as well. If they can’t even be bothered to TRY to get some actual libertarians on the national level why should I believe the downticket are any better. After all, aren’t they the ass hats that gave these douche nozzles the nomination? It seems the lefty infection of reason has spread to the whole fucking LP. Again, FUCK those assholes with a rusty woodchipper.

          1. The problem is, we can’t get any libertarians elected at state and federal levels. That’s your pool for presidential candidates.

            So absent a pool of experienced candidates, you either have to take ex-Republicans or Democrats, or you end up with some journalist, pundit or college professor. Best case would be a businessman like a Koch brother. But Trump is showing us how well that can go.

            It really is tough if we can’t break through at lower levels and get taken seriously as a party.

            1. Why should the LP be taken seriously as a party? Look at what they put up on the national level. Their VP pick just bent them over and butt fucked them on national TV. And since the down ticket nominees were involved in nominating these ass hats, what does that say about the LP in general? Nothing good.

            2. ^^^This X1000. I’ve voted for the LP for almost twenty years and I’ve said that until the LP funnels money to places where they can get elected locally and in state elections, they will never be a player in the presidential race.

              1. “they will never be a player in the presidential race.”

                This is an important point, and really it has nothing to do with the LP as such and everything to do with how the US voting system is structured. In 220+ years a third party has never taken the Presidency. In the same time period there has been an incredibly limited number of changes in parties and they have either taken place through a gradual decades long process of a party slowly drifting toward other values and new demographics. in yesteryear the Democrat party faithful were racist Southerners and today they are a coalition of socialists, trade unionists, feminists, Malthusian environmental lunatics & abortionists; in yesteryear Republicans were insurgent radical abolitionists and today they are a coalition of corporatists, religious extremists, fascists and bigots. This shifting process is incredibly long-term and is a product of demographic horse-trading rather than a deliberate attempt at unity through a shared set of principles. I suspect that there is no set of principles that a large enough coalition of Americans agree on that could serve as the backbone of such a party … at least not given the winner take all voting structure, the ever-present de-legitimizing force put on those outside Team Blue & Team Red, and the ridiculous process of magical & tribal thinking that voters use to decide which way to cast their ballot.

                1. There have been a small number of tectonic shifts where US parties have collapsed and were immediately replaced (remember the Whigs?). However, it is unclear if these circumstances can be replicated again and IME much more likely that a party collapse would result in a name change and musical chairs reshuffle of chair people, and not an emergence of a party with a coherent set of principles (and certainly not principles that resemble the philosophical/ethical/judicial/economic movement known as libertarianism)

                  There are a few things that libertarians can gain from a presidential election but its prudent & realistic to assume that the presidency is not one of them. Building a “brand” that can be internationally recognized, gaining momentum to capture key local elections and perhaps the internal apparatus of Team Red (or Team Blue), etc. Furthermore its relevant to note the firm & constant distinction between libertarianism and the LP. The LP has for years nominated buffoons to the presidential race. Ron Paul was the best the LP ever had anything to do with.

                  1. Up to this election I liked Johnson but Ive been just as upset as anyone else here as to his buffoonery. Given the certainty of an LP loss it may have been better for there to not have been an lp candidate this year. Hundreds of thousands of Americans will now see the image of a stoned Johnson incoherently mumbling while biting his tongue when they think of libertarianism when they should be thinking of giants like Hayek. But we should also bear in mind that the prior nominations of hucksters like Barr were at least as damaging, and nominating a fucking lunatic like McAffee would have cemented the relationship between libertarianism & derangement, Quixotism, violence & extremism. This election was a somewhat unique opportunity to perform better than normal; an opportunity that has failed due to Gary Johnson’s appointment of Weld & repeatedly looking like an idiot on television. The best outcome would have been GJ scoring similarly to Perot in the 90’s. 20 years later, Perots impact on American politics (if it ever existed) is completely unidentifiable. If you are frustrated by Welds defection & the impotence of the lp in the face of the Republicrats, I’d think long and hard about voting for a Team Red/Blue candidate to “send a message”. Whatever the intentions, ultimately you are the only one who cares who you vote for, & voting for either Trump or Hillary is not going to be something thats easy to live with for a principled libertarian.

                    1. Geez, if people start associating libertarianis with gayjay they might not like us. I cant. Even.

            3. Actually Trump is showing us how well that can go. The guy had possibly the worst personality in this country and he’s got a shot of winning. If he were a remotely normal person his campaign would be a resounding success.

              You are right that it would help to build up a base of elected officials, but I think nominating a Koch would be a pretty good idea compared with the strategy employed thus far. Trump’s wealth has led people to think he is economically brilliant. Well, thr Kochs and Bezos each are worth a lot more than him.

        3. “I’d say vote for Castle, or Stein, or TRUMP. It’s up to you but personally, I’d advise against voting for Johnson/Weld. Fuck those guys. Vote LP on down-ballot races but they have to learn not to foist these shit presidential candidates on us. The only way they will is not to vote for them.”

          I get it. We are made because Weld told people to vote for another candidate so we should tell people to vote for another candidate.

          Wait …

    2. I’m going to vote LP, same as I have since I turned 18, but man this is one epic bungle. An observer gets the impression that Johnson gets led around by Weld, who has him on a leash attached to a Prince Albert piercing.

      1. CUCK

        Vote for THE MAN, not the party

        1. Thanks for the tip, Gramma SIV. Rocky De La Fuente it is. And by the way, how does The Hairpiece, ostensibly a “real ousider” choice, figure into this THE MAN decision matrix? At least I could respect the idea of “burn it all down.”

          1. You’re not going to BTFSTTG voting for Johnson/Weld. If nothing else, TRUMP will explode leftist’s heads. Like in Scanners. Only for reals.

            1. I’ve got 3 flavours of popcorn lined up for election evening on the odd chance that Trump does win and I can bathe in salty ham tears, but pulling the lever for that douche ain’t my bag. I’d rather waste my vote on a dopey tool like Johnson.

              1. ” I’d rather waste my vote on a dopey tool like Johnson.”

                I can see not voting for the guy who doesn’t give a shit about you or your opinions. But you’d rather vote for the guy who fucked up and misrepresented your interests so badly???

                That’s just warped.

            2. Only one person’s head exploded in SCANNERS. It was called “the exploding-heads movie” but only one head exploded.

              1. +1 Moving In Stereo


      He’s an actual libertarian who is likely either on your ballot or a registered write-in in your state.


      1. If your idea of libertarianism is a Christian theocracy, anyways.

        1. I’d find a minarchist constitutionally-limited “Christian theocracy” preferable to anything else running this election. I’m not even close to being a Christian or a theocrat.

          1. Of course you would. You’re not one of the people who’s gonna get dragged out of your home in the middle of the night.

            1. You’re not one of the people who’s gonna get dragged out of your home in the middle of the night.

              This explains so much.

              1. To be fair, Stormy lives in a cardboard box behind the public library.

                1. We used to dream a’ livin’ in a cardboard box.

                  1. “There were 120 of us living in a shoebox…”

            2. Actually, Hillary is likely more liable to do that to some of us than Castle is.

              1. From Castle’s Campaign site:

                Over time, people had problems, like Mrs. Jones’ cow gets loose and gets into Mr. Smith’s field. Who pays for that? They had these problems.

                They would take these problems to the wise and respected leaders of the town, the village, the tribe, etc. Usually, these leaders were clergymen. Over time, these common sense rulings evolved into a system of law known as Common Law.

                This system contained the common beliefs of the people and was passed down with reverence by each generation over the centuries. Common law reflected the belief that the laws were handed down from God. Law was at least loosely based on God’s law.

                It’s primarily law that could be traced back to the ancient “Book of Deuteronomy.” The question of who’s law is law was answered in favor of the god that most people accepted as God. Today that has all changed. All we have left is statutory law, which is law made up by politicians on the spur of the moment, which can be changed on the spur of the moment.

                Forget those evil “jury trials” and “written laws” that people “voted” for. Real freedom is your local priest arbitrarily handing out punishments based on what he thinks the Bible says.

                1. Yep, nailed it, that’s exactly what he’s saying.

                2. As opposed to unelected bureaucrats, or elected priests? Due process is on its way out in this country for the male half of the species anyway, so I’m verging on not giving a shit. The thing I’m bothered with is the possibility of him outlawing prostitution. Oh wait…

          2. If you thought it was bad before?

            There will be no living with SIV now.

          3. Mormon, in other words

      2. Nah sorry, I won’t be voting for a religious nutjob.

        1. I prefer religious nutjob capitalists to atheist socialists.

          What Obama believes about how the economy works is far dumber than creationism.

          1. +1 rib

          2. How about atheist nutjob capitalists? (I can think of two right now: Ayn Rand and Penn Jillette).

            1. I’m not putting them forward as candidates, just pointing out the type exists (although President Penn would be hysterical to watch, especially if Teller was Veep.)

          3. Mormon

    4. I’d like to see the LP get automatic ballot access, but not if it encourages them to continue nominating non-libertarians.

      Probably still gonna go for Johnson, but I’m strongly considering writing in Rand/Amash


        Make your write-in count. I’d support Rand/Amash or Massie/anybody but you may as well be voting for Daffy Duck.
        Only “official” candidates count and Castle is an official write-in if he’s not already on your ballot.

        1. What should I do if Darrel isn’t on my ballot???? After all, his LOSER bible-banger party can’t even manage to get on my state’s ballot. I kid, I kid, it’s fucking shame. I’m tired as fuck of that NAFTA Superhighway.

        2. Remember, you’ll probably be the only one in your precinct, or possibly your state to vote for him, so your one vote will count! Right down there under “Other.”

    5. 5% has been unreachable for several months now.

    6. I use to think ‘if I voted at all it would be for Johnson.’ Now in beginning to wonder if I should care if they get 5%. It’s beginning to seem like a mainstreamed LP would basically just be the moderate wing of the dem party and would maybe caucus with the Dems if they ever got into congress like Sanders.

    7. The Egg McMuffin is more libertarian that Bill Weld.

    8. Vote your conscience.

    9. Right. Vote only for “true” libertarians. That has worked out so well for conservatives. Smart people learn from the mistakes of others.

    10. Get the 5%, then make it clear to the LP leadership that Gary/Weld are no-go for future LP noms.

  3. I was never enamored with him to begin with but God damn, fuck this guy. No integrity at all. If you were that fucking afraid of Trump then why run you pussy?

    1. f you were that fucking afraid of Trump

      It seems to me that Weld is afraid of Clinton.

  4. “Trump is just a Democrat. Trojan horse for Hillary. You should vote Libertarian.”


  5. Wow just minutes ago I was thinking about how since I’m in a blue state I’ll stick to my principles and vote for Johnson, even though I hate hillary enough, and want shit blown up enough, to be pulling for trump.
    And sure enough I come onto reason and there’s that asshole weld again doing his best to push me to vote for trump.
    Fuck you weld. And fuck you to whoever it was who called me out the other day for saying weld was shilling for hillary.

    1. TRUMP’s good

      CASTLE’s better

      STEIN is better than GayJay/Weld at this point.

      1. Trump’s a clown with ADHD who ought to pay his debts.

        Castle’s just a theocratic version of Hillary / Trump, eg, he keeps his real goals quiet.

        Stein is economically and morally illiterate.

        Johnson is the most honest of the bunch, except for thinking Weld was a good choice. He’s about as much a Libertarian as Trump is a Republican.

        Fact is that no true libertarian would ever run for political office. As long as we have a coercive government, Johnson is about the best libertarians can hope for.

        1. This is why we need to find someone worthy of higher office but who doesn’t want it, kidnap their family, and demand that they run. Sound like a plan?

          Note NSA/FBI/Preet: I am of course kidding

          1. This is true, anyone that wants the job should be automatically excluded.

    2. Weld’s not shilling for Hillary. This is their “brilliant” strategy to not chase away the leftitarians, thereby forcing Hillary to pursue their interests, thereby pulling the Democrats in the desired direction.

      Yeah, I know hair-brained, absurd, illogical, unhinged, farcical, etc.

      You did say Johnson/Weld didn’t you?

  6. Regardless of whether anyone agrees or disagrees with what Weld is saying, this is absolutely ridiculous by him as by all rights his focus should be supporting the ticket he’s on and not the one he’s theoretically running against.

    I mean it’s not like he has to do this because there’s no one else out there who will come to her defense. Why not do his job until the election and then make these comments after?

    1. I reckon for the same reason as his statement one week ago — to protect the post-election Weld brand.

      1. For what though? He’s ancient. No political future anyway and he just killed his brand as far as anyone expecting loyalty out of him.

      2. Yeah, but any political insider would be able to then do the calculus: if he’ll do this to them, he’d just as soon do it to me as well.

        Why would one anyone now stick their neck out for this guy (like Johnson clearly did) when it’s clear he won’t reciprocate?

      3. the post-election Weld brand.

        A card that says, “give this man whatever he needs”, redeemable at bars anywhere within the beltway?

        1. More likely Hillary’s campaign just won’t release the Bill Weld sex tape. For now.

          Best thing they’ve done for the public yet actually.

      4. “I reckon for the same reason as his statement one week ago — to protect the post-election Weld brand.”

        It would be insulting to Bill Weld to think that he traded a valuable endorsement at this point in the election for nothing.

        If Weld doesn’t get an appointment from the Hillary Clinton campaign, his reputation doesn’t matter much–because his only future is on a golf course somewhere.

        1. I think my “top-shelf open-bar” theory is actually more plausible than that.

          1. You think horsetrading is implausible?!


            Can’t remember when there was an election without it.

            Weld had something to trade, and Hillary offered him something for it.

            There isn’t anything implausible about it.

            Implausible is that a veteran politician would trade away something valuable for nothing.

            1. i just don’t think he’s going to get even a make-work job. Maybe some meaningless chair on some ‘committee’ for renewal of … who knows, some democrat money thrown at something, and he’ll get to pretend to decide how its spent.

              but not any real-job in an actual administration or agency. his usefulness to anyone just ended.

              1. Hillary was nothing and nobody when she became the Secretary of State.

                It was just horsetrading.

                Weld was a governor. He won’t be Secretary of State or Defense or Treasury or the Attorney General, but he’d have no problem running Housing and Urban Development or something like that. Big bureaucracies mostly run themselves anyway.

                And if Weld ends up the ambassador to the UK or somewhere ceremonial like that, he’d love that. He’d have something to do, people in the UK would treat him like he’s important, etc. It’s a good gig. People fight over getting that job. Ambassador to Spain or Italy or Ireland.

                And Hillary’s all about handing favors and jobs out to cronies.

                And all Weld has to do is break the ticket. One percent one way or the other could turn Pennsylvania or Florida or Ohio. Hillary would be foolish not to offer him something.

                1. I mean, if her campaign was paying people to instigate violence at Trump events, there’s no reason to think she wouldn’t stoop to offering Governor Weld something to do for the next four or eight years.

                2. you’re digging for someone else’s ponies bro

                3. Hillary was a woman, a senator, a wife to a fairly popular president, and runner up in the last primary.

                  Weld was a governor a long time ago and unlike Romney never even demonstrated remote success in electoral politics. I’d be surprised to see him appointed assistant warden of Buttfuck County Women’s Prison in Idaho, which I believe was the position Mike Hihn held briefly.

                  1. Hillary had no experience relevant to being Secretary of State.

                    She was unqualified.

                    She git the position through horsetrading.

                    Not only did she have no relevant experience before she became a Senator, she wasn’t even from New York.

                    She got that nomination through horsetrading, too.

                    That was my point.

                    William Weld, as governor of Massachusetts is probably more qualified to be President than Hillary, and that’s ignoring everything he did before he became Governor.

                    Selling him as a cabinet secretary in a lesser department would be easy.

                    Selling him as an ambassador would be easier still.

                    1. Being unqualified and being nobody aren’t the same. Hillary, as of 2009, was unqualified, but wasn’t nobody; just having a vagina and having come in 2nd in a major party primary made her a somebody ; Weld, at this point, is basically nobody.

                      If qualification mattered almost every cabinet appointment would come from within the department, the Secretary of State would be some foreign service guy no one ever heard of, and in order to be an ambassador to a country you would have to at least know its language. What a crazy world that would be.

                4. Hillary was nothing and nobody when she became the Secretary of State.

                  Errr, no. She was the inheritor of the most powerful political machine in the country. She had the ability to go back to the Senate and be a perpetual thorn in the administration’s side.

                  Weld doesn’t have that. Weld has pissed away any constituency he may have once had. And without that, he’s nothing and nobody.

                  I wouldn’t discount the possibility that someone from the Clinton camp may have made Weld some vague promises to inflate his ego. But, when the dust settles, the Clinton’s aren’t going to allow still another scandal (of a quid pro quo) for a guy who really has nothing left to offer them. Weld’s going to be left out in the cold with his dick in his hand. And, really, at this point, that’s all he deserves.

                  1. “Errr, no. She was the inheritor of the most powerful political machine in the country.”

                    As far as the country was concerned, she was a spokesmodel.

                    She finagled her positions by finagling backroom deals.

                    The idea that Weld couldn’t get a deal like that because he doesn’t have experience is ludicrous.

                    1) He has experience–more than Hillary did.

                    2) You don’t need experience–as Hillary demonstrated.

                    That was my point.

                    1. You keep forgetting that Hillary was the highest profile female politician in the country and got closer to the White House than any woman before, and was generally believed to have the best shot in the future. For that reason alone a lot if Dems were on her side or at least saw her as Obama’s logical successor even more so than Biden. Arguably the admin had to give her something.

                      Also, almost winning the Dem primary demonstrates a lot more support from the electorate than winning the LP nod. If Obama spurned Hillary, a lot of important people would’ve been pissed. No one important (other than Johnson, who isn’t that important) has their wagon hitched to Bill Weld’s political career.

                    2. Hillary got SecState for being the single biggest threat to Obama’s re-election. Period.

                5. The irony of course, is that he seems to be giving that one percent to Trump based on the comments here and elsewhere online.

                  1. The one percent the LP usually gets isn’t the concern.

                    It’s the other 4%+ the LP doesn’t usually get.

                    They’re disproportionately minority, female, and millennial, and they probably break disproportionately for Hillary.

                6. So vote for Donald Trump.

            2. I think Weld was a has-been who suddenly saw one more chance to be in the public spotlight. He can’t have had any misconceptions about his chance at actually being vice-President, so it must have been just for the public spotlight.

              And once in that spotlight, having hoodwinked Johnson and the LP, he had nothing further to accomplish, so he’s just dilly-dallied around, and praising Hillary is just another lackadaisical loose mouth. No way he’s stupid enough to expect any political reward from Hillary after the election, even if he came right out and repudiated the LP and told people to vote for Hillary.

              1. No way he’s stupid enough to expect any political reward from Hillary after the election.

                I fail to see why thinking he might get an ambassadorship or something out of throwing Hillary a percentage point or two is stupid.

                This is the way things have been done since the founding of this nation.

                “According to a Scholars & Rogues examination of records at the Office of the Historian of the Department of State, George W. Bush has made 370 ambassadorial nominations ? of which 133 have been non-career appointees rather than career Foreign Service officers. President Clinton’s 431 nominations included 127 non-career appointees. The first President Bush made 272 nominations, of which 85 were non-career appointees.”

       bushs-patronage-appointments-to-ambassador- exceed-fathers-clintons/

                What I’m proposing isn’t novel. This is normal–and always has been.

                1. This is from the 1980s:

                  “Every President reserves choice ambassadorial posts like Paris, London and Rome for friends and patrons, and George Bush’s defenders say that he is simply carrying on a time-honored tradition.

                  . . .

                  In defending the Bush approach, the White House personnel director, Charles G. Untermeyer, said:

                  ”The historic role of the ambassador, going back to 18th century Europe, is to be the personal representative of the sovereign. The degree to which George Bush has confidence in the person is more important than anything else. When he was – as people have crassly put it – rewarding people, he was rewarding those who served him well and faithfully.”

                  But Senator Paul S. Sarbanes, Democrat of Maryland, who opposed a number of the political appointees as incompetent, calls them ”ticking time bombs moving all over the world.”

                  Of 87 ambassadors selected by Mr. Bush in the first nine and a half months of his Administration, 48 are friends or supporters – a higher portion of nondiplomatic appointments than had been made by Presidents Carter and Reagan at the same point.

                  Mr. Bush’s aides say that he decided to reward many of his supporters quickly, and that this accounts for the disproportionate number of political appointments.”


                  1. “Recently, a colleague of mine from the Foreign Service told me about a former U.S. ambassador to Sweden who, some years ago, had passed out in the snow, too drunk to get up. He had been partying hard during an outing in the countryside. Fortunately, an embassy officer found him in time to save his life. America’s boozy man in Stockholm was a non-career political appointee?no surprise. The fellow who saved him was a professional diplomat. And the roles the two men played that night is emblematic of a familiar routine.

                    That was the thought I had earlier this week when word came that the Senate Foreign Relations Committee had approved nominations of President Barack Obama’s latest batch of ambassadorial picks?including a couple of first-time diplomats whose cringeworthy performances during their testimony suggested they’ll need to rely heavily on their Foreign Service staff to keep from embarrassing the United States. Of course, we have little reason to worry about longtime Montana Senator Max Baucus, whose appointment to serve in China the Senate passed unanimously on Thursday. But some wealthy campaign donors with backgrounds a bit further afield from public service should give us concern. They’ve already embarrassed themselves.


                    1. “No way he’s stupid enough to expect any political reward from Hillary after the election.”

                      If Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t call up Bill Weld and offer him an ambassadorship or something in exchange for an endorsement, then Hillary Clinton is a retard.

                      If William Weld made this endorsement without getting assurances from the Hillary Clinton campaign beforehand that they would take care of him somehow, then he’s the dumbest politician in American history.

                      This is how elections are won.

                      This is how they’ve always been won.

                      Thomas Jefferson and James Madison and Abraham Lincoln and every other President all won elections by finagling timely endorsements this way.

                      Weld may be in a position to hand Ohio and Florida over to the Clinton campaign. Why would a career politician give that away for nothing?

                2. Again, though, you offer appointments out of fear or interest for the future, not on the past. If Clinton double crosses Weld, what’s he going to do? Tell everyone he sold out and isn’t getting payment? Embarrass himself in a failed political run?

                  Bill Weld is a stupid old man who failed to deliver anything his selection promised. Remember that vaunted fundraising ability? How’s that turned out? Or political legitimacy? Johnson’s been having to waste his time apologizing for him to people who he should be able to take for granted.

                  1. Exactly my point. Weld was a has-been before the nomination, he will remain a has-been after the election. No need to waste political rewards on him.

              2. Weld hoodwinked LPNY some years ago already.

                Hillary not wanting to risk 1 more scandal? Bwahahaha!

      5. Weld’s flakiness has destroyed his brand with me, a Massachusetts voter who used to have a favorable view of him. But maybe Hillary’s people will reward him with something.

      6. Weld’s flakiness has destroyed his brand with this Massachusetts voter who used to favor him. But presumably Hillary’s people will reward him with something.

        1. You know who never flakes?

          The squirrels.

      7. to protect the post-election Weld brand

        Care to clarify? It strikes me that he destroyed any brand value he had with GOP voters by switching to LP. And now he’s pretty much destroyed any brand value he’s had with libertarians. And he’s pretty well established himself as disloyal. And it’s not like the Dems are in dire need of useful idiots.

      8. By pissing on the LP . . .

      9. He has a brand? I doubt Judas had many job offers after he collected his 30 pieces of silver.

        1. No job offers because Judas did the honorable thing and hung himself.

  7. Welp, unless Johnson can spin this – somehow – favorably, I’m done.

    I’m still casting a ballot this election – there’s full marijuana legalization and a ‘fiddle-fuck the minimum wage some more’ bills to support/oppose (respectively) on the ballot but I’m not dropping a vote for President this cycle.

    While I would certainly prefer Johnson in the WH, he’s not going to win, and has made too many missteps this time around. Time to send a message to the LP.

    Johnson – I appreciate the hard-work you’ve done legitimizing third parties over the years, but this time around you’ve done as much harm as good. Get serious or go home.

    1. He has totally fucked himself and the LP by picking this shit stain. I live in a blue state and I will probably not even vote downticket LP now. Fuck them all for nominating these two progtard fucks and expecting me to swallow that they are libertarian. It’s Trump in hopes of salty years and govt gridlock. I will write in Herschel Krustofsky for pres if they let me.

    2. There’s not a favorable spin, but there’s no reason to let one person’s ill-advised comments stop you from supporting the long-term growth of the Libertarian Party.

      Voting well is the best revenge.

      1. Nope. Not with Weld. ABW, Nick.

      2. Fuck You Asshole. He isn’t just one fucking person. He is the official VP candidate of your fucking party. And your fucking moron Pres candidate comes off as a fucking dipshit. Fuck You. You should kill yourself for what you have done to the LP.

        1. Haha take it easy Tim.

      3. Ah yes, the anti-team team, which is totally not a team, so it’s ok to be on the team.

        This is your candidate, reason. Why do I think that suddenly you get to claim that any disavowal of gayjay or weld is totes different from #nevertrump or #neverhillary?

        Oh the hypocrisy and butthurt is delicious.

      4. I’m a (l)ibertarian, not a (L)ibertarian. The LP gets my vote because its been, IMO, the best of the available parties supporting individual freedom and reigning in government privilege. I don’t vote for a team. I could give a fuck about the future growth of the LP if the rest of them can’t get their act together.

        Voting for the LP because its the LP and the LP is ‘my’ party would lead to the status quo *except* this time there’d be three pro-government parties instead of two.

        1. Personally I agree with you. However I also think this attitude is the primary reason the LP remains mired in single digit support land.

          Libertarians, by nature, are far too a la carte in their approach to politics to represent a cohesive block worthy of much attention.

    1. Just when I think you couldn’t be any dumber, you go and do something like this….. and totally redeem yourself.

  8. Fuck this guy

  9. What a fucking tool. FOAD Weld.

  10. Hmm. Believe I’ll just wander on into the bathroom and appoint Bob Barr.

  11. I came here to pile on.

    1. Same. I already voted and I’m pretty pissed about it.

  12. I disliked Bill weld from the start. How could a gun grabber really be running on the LP ticket. I would have liked to have seen him change his tune and go Libertarian. This did not happen. Now, as the Vice Presidential LP nominee he is literally schilling for that bitch Hillary.

    Libertarian vice presidential nominee disagrees with his own campaign’s statement on Clinton’s emails, and calls her “a person of high moral character”

    Hillary!?! A person of high moral character!?! Are you shitting me!?!

    1. If you are a libertarian, he is shitting on you!

      1. Weld on the LP ticket makes as much sense as a Tenther appearing on the Democrat ticket.

        Brand identity has been set back a decade.

  13. “That’s correct. That’s correct,” Weld said, adding that, “You know, in fairness, Gary and I have not agreed on a number of substantive issues in this campaign.”

    Like that whole “liberty thing”? Oh no, they agree, both Gary Johnson and Bill weld are “agin it”


  14. In the northeast, being libertarian isn’t as embarrassing as it used to be before the former Governor of Massachusetts was willing to cal himself one in public.

    He used us, but we used him, too.

    If he weren’t doing this, he’d be playing golf somewhere.

    Also, . . .

    Hillary is famous for horsetrading. She horse-traded herself into the Secretary of State position by offering to drop out–so Obama could move to the middle in public instead of fighting Hillary off in the primaries from his left. What does that have to do with William Weld?

    Hillary’s suddenly found herself in a competitive race, and Johnson was drawing more supporters away from Hillary rather than Trump–especially millennials. Weld probably doesn’t even need to persuade independents to vote for Hillary–he just has to turn them off of the Johnson / Libertarian ticket. If that gives Hillary a 1% advantage in swing states, that might make the difference for her.

    If Weld blew his leverage like this without getting something in exchange, then he’s an idiot. He doesn’t want to go back to being retired and playing golf. Maybe Hillary promised him a low level cabinet position. Maybe she promised to make him the U.S. Ambassador to the UK or something.

    Both Weld and Hillary are too smart for this to be a mere coincidence. Weld must have gotten something for this. We’ll never know if Hillary loses.

    If she wins, watch for Weld to get something.

    1. Here’s hoping Bill Weld’s e-mail gets hacked and exposes the quid pro quo then.

      1. I don’t think horsetrading like that is illegal. That’s the way sausage and laws are made. That’s the way elections are won.

        Te best we can hope for is to expose it as something like a dirty tricks campaign. Make it backfire ahead of the election.

        1. Yeah I don’t mean for him to get charged, just to totally undermine the message.

        2. They tried to pretend it was illegal with Blagojevich, just to get him for something. Plenty of other stuff they couldn’t pin on him, so “honest services fraud”.

    2. In the northeast, being libertarian isn’t as embarrassing as it used to be before the former Governor of Massachusetts was willing to cal himself one in public.

      It’s going to be really embarrassing now, dude. Everywhere.

      1. Nah, the name brand is still better with people who skew honest liberal.

        They used to think we were all militia movement people.

        Now, the Libertarian candidate for Vice President may end up being the next Secretary for the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

        1. I’m not sure that’s a plus. At best, this will convince some progs that libertarians are just progs who say ‘come on guys’ to progs’ more extreme socialist propositions before going along with them anyway. So it’s less embarrassing only because it leads them to misunderstand that libertarians are basically just prog lite.

          Now, when you actually express specific libertarian beliefs, prepare to hear progressives say “you’re not a real libertarian like Bill Weld; you’re a right wing militia type pretending to be one.”

          1. Nobody’s about to confuse us with progs.

            1. Yeah, Maybe not “US” but the LP party. Yeah they will. I think Mark has hit it on the head. These people have totally fucked the brand.

            2. Not us right wing Reasonoids, certainly. We’re not the ‘real’ libertarians, we’re extremists; like how anyone right of Kasich isn’t a real republican, but rather a ‘right wing lunatic who’s gone off the reservation.’ And it’s up to people like Kasich to bring the party ‘back to sanity.’

              Maybe Bill Weld wants to be out Kasich. Progs will happily decide he is the True Scotsman of libertarianism when they need to. Of course when it’s in the way they’ll decide Alex Jones is the real article, but the great thing about being a major party is you get to have it both ways.

          2. Who among us doesn’t have a weird hobby or belief that we wish had better cachet? Most libertarian activists aren’t really serious about advancing liberty, they just want to be more respected (by their families or whomever) as not-crazy, and wouldn’t mind being compared to a Bill Weld.

        2. Nah, the name brand is still better with people who skew honest liberal.

          Except, you’re forgetting that wide swaths of people in the Northeast who identify as conservative are probably closer to libertarian. Sorry, but you’ve now pretty much blown libertarians’ opportunity to line them up. At this point, for them, “libertarian” isn’t something they’re going to be on board to support because it’s defined them as the left’s JV team

          1. Which is exactly what I said in the e-mail I sent to my state party dropping my membership and letting them know they have lost my votes along with changing my party affiliation.

          2. Northeastern Republicans are not remotely libertarian.

            Unless you are foolish enough to think fiscal moderate and social liberal somehow equates to libertarian…

  15. The fact that Carl Bernstein was calling this over a month ago just makes it worse.

    1. I did not know that. More proof of the blind hog finds acorn theory.

    2. To be fair he said Weld would fully drop out and endorse, not this half ass thing.

      1. Still 6 days left.

  16. I’m watching the Gary J / Kennedy interview on her show’s 12pm re-run at the moment

    her interview concludes with her saying = “I like you, but please keep bill weld away from the libertarian party”, and gary makes an AW NO YOU DIHINT!?-face.

    Someone else mentioned this in previous thread, and i waited to see it myself, but it was nothing more than exactly that. I figured maybe there was more in their Q&A that would be noteworthy. She mostly just kicks him like a stinky dog and goes, “Why your poll numbers so low! why you such a loser!”

    1. I’m not a big Kennedy fan but she’s dead on about how Johnson blew any chance of influencing the public regarding libertarianism by choosing Weld. She also destroyed Weld in her interview of him. A VP choice is supposed to be the firebrand who mercilessly goes after the competition’s policies. Weld has virtually endorsed the competition. He deserves to have his name be a curse for the rest of his life.

      1. If I remember correctly, the rank and file LP convention goers nominate the VP candidate separately. Maybe I don’t remember correctly. But whatever.

    1. Hey do you still have that Hyundai??

    2. Which one were you? the 1% guy, or the not-quite 1% guy?

    3. Well it’s good to be king, after all.

    4. Fleet of foot?

      No drivers licenses as a lead off issue?

      Nah, don’t miss you yet.

  17. Here’s the thing =

    This could be an opportunity.

    Gary should dump weld like a bad habit and go on a tear about slimy-insider dealings in politics, and use the media-coverage he’s going to be given (e.g. “SO YOU’RE SUCH A LOSER YOUR OWN VP HAS ENDORSED HILLARY = WOULD YOU CARE TO MAKE WHIMPERING NOISES FOR US OR SHOULD WE JUST RUN A PICTURE OF YOU LOOKING LOST WITH YOUR FLY OPEN WHILE WE PLAY SAD-TROMBONE SOUNDS?”) to go on the attack and talk about some of the few principles he actually *does* care about… use the brief few days of “HA HA” he’s going to be given as a last ditch to sell the only protest vote people actually have….

    Based on the interview with K mentioned above, however…

    …that aint gonna happen. He’s already half asleep and wanting this all to be over.

    1. Dump Weld and put that Al Leppo guy in there. He’s the only dumb sonovabitch in this party that seems to know what he’s doing.

      1. He could pick his dog as a replacement (*”AT LEAST ITS LOYAL, AND SHITS ON OTHER PEOPLE’S LAWNS”) and it would have as much significance. the important thing is not to roll over and throw his hands up and be like, “Well I tried” and look like exactly the impotent moron that everyone already projects him as.

        …which, of course, is exactly what he’ll do.

        1. That is what he will do because that is apparently what he is. Fuck him, Fuck Bill Weld, Fuck the LP. They won’t get my vote for fucking dog catcher now. Maybe, just maybe if they learn from this and actually, you know, put up a fucking libertarian candidate next time they will get my vote again. Fuck Them all with a rusty woodchipper.

        2. @Gilmore
          Love your bumper sticker!

  18. Matt Welch,

    Please ask Bill Weld if he was promised anything by the Hillary Clinton campaign in exchange for vouching for Hillary.

    Ask him if he’s been offered preferred consideration for any appointment by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    Ask Bill Weld if he will promise not to accept any position or appointment offered by the Hillary Clinton Administration if she wins.

    Get some definite answers to those questions, and Reason may find themselves in the center of the news cycle because of it.

    If he confesses to having received any kind of offer from the Hillary Clinton campaign, that would be huge national news right now.

    If Weld denies having received an offer like that or promises to refuse one, but suddenly accepts an offer after Hillary wins, that will be big news then, too.

    But please get answers to those questions on the record.

    P.S. Now would be a good time to link that video of Kennedy barbecuing Weld on her show, too. Maybe Kennedy should invite Weld onto her show again.

    1. And suppose his answers are no and no – that there was definitely no explicit quid pro quo, but that he won’t rule out the possibility of serving in some capacity in HRC’s administration?

      Anyway, I’m still voting for the LP, because I want them to achieve that 5% threshold. I think that would be helpful in moving the country away from the lock of the two-party system. Little steps, though this would be a pretty big one. It’s a shame it won’t be with the kind of enthusiasm I felt for the Johnson/Weld ticket earlier in the year, but as GJ likes to say, it is what it is.

      1. It’s not his answers that would be interesting, it would be his equivocation and if on video his body language that would be what to watch…

        1. The answers would be less interesting than his actions after the election.

          If Hillary makes him the ambassador to Italy, then his answers will be interesting.

      2. There won’t be a HRC administration. She is down over 5 points in the LA times poll. All the swing states are trending Trump. Even some of the democratic leaning states are no longer safe for her.

        The renewed FBI investigations will sink her. No one cares that Bill Weld thinks she’s trustworthy. The electorate as a whole knows she’s not.

  19. I’m now seeing the scene in the mid 1990s where Bill wakes up in the casino hotel room with the dead male-prostitute, and Sydney Blumenthal is there with some coffee and kind words, saying, “we’ll take care of all of this, now, don’t you worry, just remember your friends when the time comes”

    1. Or maybe he’s just an asshole. I think the latter theory is probably just as good.

      1. He could be a true believer (in progressivism). He may well spend enough time around northeaster prog elites desperately trying to win their approval that he has effectively been converted by osmosis.

        1. That conversion is called cosmosis.

          1. Consider that one stolen, Tom.-)

            1. Someone put it on urbandictionary quick.

        2. thats the usual crowd u hang with to get an LP nomination

        3. He’s a Rockefeller Republican in style. Trump is uncouth and therefore unacceptable to the order of things.

  20. Something about this feels so perfectly libertarian. Reading about the nomination process especially, I get the impression that organizing the libertarian ranks is like herding cats. The potentially libertarian VP doing something off the wall like this at the 11th hour is the best expression of the soul of the party.

  21. The turd was a NE Republican (aka Democrat). Why was this unexpected? He probably ran as a VP deluded into thinking they could gather the anyone but Trump crowd around them. Fuck Weld. Fuck GayJay for pricing this turd. Fuck the national LP as unprincipled as my state’s LP, which is just a hangout spot for ex/future Republicans, and not very libertarianish Republicans at that.

  22. If William Weld didn’t get something important or valuable from the Hillary Clinton campaign in exchange for endorsing Hilary Clinton at this point in the election, then he’s the dumbest politician in American history.

  23. Where’s the Jacket? Libertarian moment! It’s happening!

  24. So Gary Johnson is an incompetent goofball and Bill Weld is a disloyal sack of crap….Libertarian Moment!

    1. I hate it when the Egg McMuffin is proved right.

  25. When was the last time the LP had a decent presidential candidate? Harry Browne?

    1. Pretty much. I wonder how he would’ve done this year.

    2. Browne said that the 3000 people who died in the World Trade Center got what they deserved. Sorry, believing in collective guilt is unforgivable. The same man who said that bombing Iraqi civilians was a war crime can’t argue that killing American civilians is justifiable.

      1. I just skimmed the article he wrote essentially blaming 9/11 entirely on the US… on September 12, 2001.

        Holy shit, buddy. Even Chomsky would have the good sense to wait a few weeks.

  26. And please people…. despite the red-hair connection? Judas-jokes, totally not cool.

    Also, its sort of giving Gary way too much credit.

    1. True, he may not even get his pieces of silver.

  27. You know who else shat on their early core group of support to springboard to greater power?

      1. *also a redhead, or so i’m told.

      2. ^^^LOL!

      3. Oh god I am laughing so hard, well done GILMORE.

    1. David Weigel?

    2. Miley Cyrus?

  28. I am a little upset i already filled out my ballot.
    Nicholas, if you’re reading this know people are serious about the anger. As a party, we have to pull this together. We gave gary his choice, and that barely happened. I cant imagine what the delegates who flipped are thinking.

    1. Yeah Nicholas, I am totally serious about the anger. And I WILL NOT vote LP at all this election. You DO NOT deserve my vote. You have totally reneged on every fucking thing it mean to be libertarian by putting these two assholes up. I will be changing my party affiliation immediately after this election. I will no longer self-identify as a libertarian since what it now seems to mean is simpering progtard. Fuck You and the entire party.

      1. The delegates choose the nominees.

        The commentariat second-guesses their choices.

        So it has been, so it is, and so it will always be.

        On November 9, the nominees put down the standard and my work for the Libertarian Party continues.

        Thanks for your feedback, Tim, and best of luck in your future endeavors.

        1. So can I write you in?

          1. I’m writing in Calvin Coolidge. He’s dead and cannot hurt you.

        2. Fuck You Asshole. You and the other assholes have ruined libertarianism. Do the honorable thing and go into a room alone with a Luger.

        3. Player ckokes and misses a lay up, crowd boos, player philosophically reflects that the crowd is always booing the players, and returns to the game unmoved.

  29. Days like these make me glad I’m still registered non-affiliated. Total embarrassment.

    1. Yeah, I will definately be changing my affiliation after this fucking fiasco. Jesus Jumping Christ the LP totally fucked the dog on this. I hope they get less than 1% after this shit show. Fuck them.

  30. I should have recognized early on that Weld’s droll, blase manner meant that he didn’t really care. At least not as much as he cares about keeping the establishment humming along. I don’t assume he’s extracted any sort of promise from the Clinton campaign, just that he wants “the right sort of people” running things. I still respect Gary about as well as I ever have, and I’m still voting LP at the top, as I have since 1992. Despite his incuriousity, his muddled policy positions, and his unwillingness to cultivate anything remotely like a presidential public persona, Gary shows up every day to the job he was hired for: earnestly trying to convince the public to consider (his version of) libertarian policies, and taking loads of shit from journalists, commentators and internet randos for it. He’s not a great candidate — despite being less flawed than the rest of the LP field, not to mention Clinton, Trump and the rest — but he is a good, loyal guy. Weld, on the other hand…

    1. Good post.

      I would only add that Weld has been blase’ for twenty years now, ever since he walked away in the niddle of his second term as Massachusetts Governor.

      1. Thanks. I’ve been reading Reason for twenty-odd years but only started commenting this week. I’m sure that was a good idea.

        1. I guess it’s safe to say that of the twenty odd years, this was the oddest.

  31. So, not to true Scotsman, but TRUE SCOTSMAN.

  32. I’m looking at the polls and the maps, and the thing is that if we all abandon the Libertarian ticket at this point, it’ll probably just give the election to Hillary.

    Johnson is covering the spread in the swing states. And Johnson has been pulling more support away from Hillary than Trump all along.

    Before we get all emotional and punish Gary and the LP for what Weld (and probably Hillary) did, let’s make sure we’ve thought this through.

    Two points:

    1) Doesn’t scoring 5% or higher give the LP the opportunity to take matching funds next time?

    2) Why should Hillary benefit from this?

    If we’re not willing to stand behind Johnson despite Weld’s betrayal, then how can we expect erstwhile Democrats to continue supporting Johnson instead of Hillary?

    1. Fuck the LP Ken. Johnson is barely a libertarian. Cake baking and all. And everyone and their mother complained about Weld from the get go. As we have seen with Reason lately and now apparently the entire LP, libertarian means mewling progtard now. Why would I gie them anything but contempt and shit? Just like they gave me? Perhaps if the fuck stains lose every bit of support that they had over this they will learn a lesson and actually put up some libertarians next time. They have been doing everything they could, along with Reason, to see that Clinton gets elected. They have lost all credibility and will have to work long and hard to earn that back. Fuck them with a rusty woodchipper.

      1. That’s a bunch of crap.

        If Johnson hadn’t bailed on association rights, he would have been skewered for it like Goldwater was. He was simply avoiding Goldwater’s mistake.

        And Johnson/Weld scored higher poll numbers than the LP has ever seen before because of it.

        It would be one thing if Johnson/Weld had never broken above 1%, but they were wildly successful.

        And they were never going to win the Presidency amid single member districts anyway.

        The purpose of the LP is not to seize the levers of government through elections and force libertarianism down Americans’ throats against their will anyway. The purpose of the LP is to preach the libertarian gospel to Americans during elections when Americans are thinking about politics–and Johnson/Weld got our brand out there better than anyone ever has before.

        And like I said, because you think Johnson was bad on association rights is no reason to hand the White House to Hillary and the progressives–and if everyone abandons the Johnson ticket, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

        1. That’s a good point (and a haunting one at that). Goldwater is remembered by many as a vile racist scum despite the fact that he was more liberal on race than Johnson but just didn’t believe in federal government coercion. Taking a stand on freedom of association means being remembered in history as a raging bigoted nazi klansman. That may be one egg that had to be broken to make the omelette.

          1. Yeah, good thing the LP ticket sold out, right, it worked so well!

            1. I’d like to see them take a stand, I’m just saying that if It were me up there, I wouldn’t want to get nailed to that cross.

          2. I seriously doubt the LP’s numbers were so high because of this position. Its because Trump and Hillary are so hated. If that premise was true, why didn’t GJ poll so high in the ’12 election?

        2. Crap it may be to you Ken, but the LP gets nothing from me anymore. I have voted LP in every election for the last 20+ years and then they hand me this shit show and expect that I am just gonna take it? No thanks. This election was their best chance in my lifetime to make some real headway and they totally fucked it all up. It has become very apparent that they are, as someone else pointed out, prog light. Fuck them. I hope they lose all of their support and poll less than 1%. They definately lost my vote, and not just at the top of the ticket, all the way down.

        3. So the purpose is to preach the libertarian gospel… Which is best done by abandoning libertarian principles.

          Pretty good rationalization that first amendment support equates to vile racist. At least today that certainly isn’t the case. Plenty of successful politicians manage to hold that position and office.

        4. A couple of points:

          It would be one thing if Johnson/Weld had never broken above 1%, but they were wildly successful.

          Pretty much any reasonable candidate was likely to do well this time. Both major party candidates are execrable.

          And like I said, because you think Johnson was bad on association rights is no reason to hand the White House to Hillary and the progressives–and if everyone abandons the Johnson ticket, that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

          Isn’t that more of a reason to vote for Trump? I mean, the best way to avoid Clinton getting the White House is to back her strongest opponent.

          1. “Pretty much any reasonable candidate was likely to do well this time. Both major party candidates are execrable.”

            Then why is Stein sucking air?

            “Isn’t that more of a reason to vote for Trump? I mean, the best way to avoid Clinton getting the White House is to back her strongest opponent.”

            Johnson has been drawing support away from Hillary more than Trump.

            If those voters abandon the LP, they’ll go to Hillary.

        5. He could’ve conceded on ass’n rights re respected or official minorities, but then said, “Well, no, not to make them bake Nazi cakes…let’s not get crazy.” That would’ve painted him as a reasonable non-Goldwater?someone who doesn’t take principles to ridiculous extremes.

        6. Goldwater didn’t make a mistake. He was right about the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The public accommodations section was immoral and worse, it made the federal government the final arbiter of all private economic activities. If a libertarian doesn’t have the balls to attack that section then he should take an oath of chastity so as to avoid ever spawning more cowardly scum.

          1. “Goldwater didn’t make a mistake. He was right about the 1964 Civil Rights Act.”

            So what?

            He lost the election.

            He lost it over a principled stand that didn’t make a difference. The CRA passed anyway.

            He needlessly jumped on his own sword.

            Committing political suicide over battles that can’t be won anyway is a stupid thing for a politician to do.

            If Goldwater had been elected instead of branding himself a racist for a generation, he could have done a lot more good than he did by standing on that principle.

            If standing on that particular principle makes American voters sick to their stomach, why not stand on dozens of other principles they like instead and doing good in office?

            Elections aren’t won by standing on principle. They’re won by getting the most votes. That’s why honest people have no business being politicians.

        7. I completely agree.

          Johnson was never a perfect candidate, but he’s a hell of a lot less authoritarian than any of the others. The point is not to try to convince the public that its not racist to logically apply freedom of association (it’s not), the point is to show them there’s more than just the duopoly of fascism in their choice of two great flavors.

          I early-voted Johnson, and I don’t regret it. The only alternative would have been to not vote.

          That said, Weld is terrible. When has any running mate ever endorsed the opposition? Johnson could squeeze another percentage point or two on election day if he made the move now to repudiate Weld and name a replacement. Too late to change it on ballots, but he should still cut ties with Weld.

          He could legitimately claim that Weld deliberately deceived him. Sure, his critics would seize upon it as an admission of bad judgement. So what? He’s not going to win anyway. And I’d rather have a guy who can actually own up to making mistakes and working to fix them than someone who would never admit to any wrongdoing no matter how blatant the evidence is.

          One major advantage libertarians have is that we stand on principle. Johnson should do the principled thing and dump the deceitful Weld’s, consequences be damned. I think he’d actually gain more respect, in some quarters, and it would thrust him back into the media spotlight. That certainly couldn’t hurt.

          1. Being the toughest guy in the chess club does not make you, you know, tough.

            Likewise that Gayjay is not as authoritarian as Hillary or Trump does not make him an avatar of, you knoe, actual libertarianism.

    2. I’m looking at the polls and the maps, and the thing is that if we all abandon the Libertarian ticket at this point, it’ll probably just give the election to Hillary.

      I don’t follow. If I decide not to vote for johnson, I’m defiantly not going to vote hillary, nor do I think many potential johnson voters would. I’m more likely to stay home or vote trump in that scenario. I would think if johnson was no longer viable, his voters would probably break fairly evenly amongst hillary, donald, and home.

      1. That’s you. You’re one person.

        Polls in the past have repeatedly shown Johnson drawing more support from Hillary rather than Trump.

        Johnson supporters are disproportionately younger than Trump supporters, they’re disproportionately minorities, and they’re disproportionately female relative to Trump supporters,

        It shouldn’t be surprising then that if that constituency breaks up, the Johnson supporters are likely to break more for Hillary rather than for Trump.

        In some important swing states, Johnson supporters are dwarfing the margin between Hillary and Trump.

        So if people abandon Johnson in droves, it will probably hand the White House to Hillary–which probably isn’t what we want if we’re upset about Weld endorsing Hillary.

        1. But the people unhappy with Weld for supporting Hillary aren’t voting Hillary. The audience in this thread isn’t voting for Hillary.

          1. And I think Ken is not taking into account the shear savage anger of long time libertarian voters, like me, that their VP pick is shilling for Hillary. I think that many of them, like me, will vote Trump out of pure spite. And because we KNOW that Trump is mostly an unknown. Was not given fair treatment from the MSM and the Hillary is just pure fucking corruption in a pantsuit.

            1. Long time Libertarian voters like us make up less than 1% of the vote–which is what we usually score.

              What about the other 4+% of the vote that was supporting Johnson Weld?

              They’re not long time Libertarian voters like us.

              1. Yes…and Johnson would still be running.

                If he loses our votes, Hillary won’t be picking them up — they’ll go to Trump, Castle, McMullin, or Harambe.

                The progtards that disliked Hillary enough to support Johnson may or may not be affected by Weldgate — maybe a few would be as angry as we are and vote Stein, but I think a lot of people might also have the attitude that Hillary, though corrupt, is being “bullied” and thus approve of Weld’s defense.

                I don’t know how much Hillary benefits from this statement or a bunch of people walking away from the Johnson ticket. Who it will hurt is the LP, who need those matching funds — and maybe they deserve that for fucking up their best chances. I haven’t decided how to vote yet, but Trump has become an option again.

                1. Yeah, the people who are really upset about Weld defending clinton are not the ones who are going to break with Johnson to vote Hillary.

                  That just doesn’t make any logical sense. They either aren’t going to vote, which means they’re potential vote is a wash in deciding the final outcome (I guess like voting Johnson in the first place), or they’re going to vote Trump, which will up Trumps chance of victory and thus reduce Hillary’s.

                  Which will hurt Hillary’s chance of victory far more than continuing to park your vote on Johnson. And that’s the truth of the current situation: if you absolutely do not want Hillary, the most impactful vote you can make is for Trump. That’s how our polling works.

    3. Yes, there are legitimate reasons for the future to try and get Johnson to 5%.

      He was never going to win. It was never about winning. The stage just isn’t set for a 3rd party right now. But getting that 5% could set things up for a future election. At the very least, it would force the media to treat the Libertarian candidate in 2020 as a person who actually exists.

      1. Johnson was like John the Baptist. He was preparing the way.

        Because we have single member districts, the messiah has to come from within one of the two big parties.

        The messiah may be a Senator from Kentucky.

        Four years from now, maybe we’ll all stand with Aqua Buddha!

        Hope he sells out on whatever principles need to be sold out in order to get elected. He can only do us so much good as 1/100 of one half of one third of the government.

        1. I miss Rand Paul

          1. Me too, but we’re better off with him in the Senate slowing the statists down to the extent that he’s able.

    4. I agree with you on this, Ken. It’s not right to punish Johnson for Weld’s douchery. He is, after all, the person most undermined (at least immediately) by Weld’s behavior. So, yeah, I’ll still vote LP next Tuesday, even with asshat on the ticket.


      It’s clear that picking Weld was a huge error in judgement. And not only did he pick the guy. He campaigned hard for the guy within the LP. And Johnson should have to take responsibility for that. Among a number of other things in this election.

      This is the second time around the LP has run Gary Johnson. And this should have been the LP’s big opportunity. Johnson blew it. If you’re not comfortable with that, let’s just say that, well, he’s unlucky. After next Tuesday, it’s time for him to step aside. The LP needs to start building a broader network than this guy seems able to build and libertarians need to move on from putting their faith in the hope that, this time maybe the LP will get its act together.

      1. It is entirely appropriate to punish Johnson for Weld’s douchery. As you yourself point out he campaigned hard for the guy within the LP. The brand is totally fucked as prog lite and it is HIS fault. It is also appropriate to punish the rest of the LP candidates for letting things get to this state.

        1. Let’s put it this way: If I think someone’s done something foolish, I can give them a lot of room for forgiveness. Certainly, more than I could if I thought someone was guilty of a conscious betrayal. And I think Johnson was guilty of the former, rather than the latter. And I’m certainly not going to bite off my nose (not getting more libertarians elected) to spite my face (punishing Gary Johnson for being foolish).

          Nonetheless, I think it’s fair to say, no more Gary Johnson. He’s had his chance. Now it’s time to move on.

          1. I get what you are saying, but for me, and I bet a lot of other voters, this was just too much. Johnson was not really very libertarian and Weld is a statist fuck. I am incensed beyond reason (drink) at this point. This was, without doubt, the best chance the LP has had in my lifetime to actually make a difference on the national level as well as get more of their local people elected, and they gave us this shit show. Libertarian will now be considered, and rightly so I think, prog lite. We are supposed to be the party of principles, not principals. And this is what they have given us. No, I will punish them in any way that I can. No more money, no votes, no support, nothing. I will not even ID as a libertarian anymore because I would like a fool. Instead of the “Libertarian Moment” they have set us back decades. Fuck them.

      2. Gary already said he’s not running for anything ever again, so you don’t need to worry about him stepping aside or not.

  33. Well, Weld is now certainly in the running for worst LP veep pick ever, but I’m still not sure he tops Wayne Allyn Root. But, DAMN!

    1. What was so bad about WAR?

      1. Neocon

  34. Well this makes me feel great for not voting on the 8th. Weld was an infiltrator it’s clear now. This year was such a wasted opportunity we had John McAfee dammit and this what we settled on? Fuck you Bill Weld.

    If Johnson has any intestinal fortitude(BALLS) he will apologize disavow Weld and tell him to get lost and spend the next 6 days being as passionate as he can about freedom. I doubt it though.

    1. I don’t think McAfee would have gotten even as many votes as Johnson, BUT I would have voted for him.

      Johnson, as an ex governor, had gravitas and seemed level-headed to non-libertarians and could have pulled in 5 to 10 percent of the vote (though I was very skeptical of this in the summer, the shenanigans of Hillary and Trump helped him immeasurably.) The magnitude of the “wasted opportunity” almost brings tears to my eyes.

      1. Maybe, maybe not. I believe whole heartedly that McAfee would have corralled this years large protest vote,brought people in who usually don’t vote and most importantly focus his talents and profile to getting libertarians elected where they actually can win. It would have started the process of building the party. FROM THE GROUND up.

        I don’t hate Gary Johnson and disagreements with him are pretty mild but he’s been a fuck up who blew all his press coverage and has this hack Bill Weld as VP. So sad because assuming we make it to 2020 at least one of the major party monsters from this year won’t be there this was our chance to get into the public consciousness.

        We Blew It Man.

        1. Eh, mcAfee probably would’ve just been another Jill Stein, and done little better, seeming kooky and extreme to most people.

          They need someone who is reasonably smart, has accomplished something (corporate, nonprofit, whatever, doesn’t have to be public office), and doesn’t have a criminal record or a drug habit. Wouldn’t think that’s such a high bar.

          1. Anyone who bothers to listen to him knows he isn’t kooky. He is smart as hell and looks great on camera, a bold visionary. Let Life Live is libertarianism in three words it would have been a rallying cry against the depressing authoritarianism of this election cycle.

            1. Well, that’s just it — nobody bothers to listen to the words, they take in images. Words are boring. Give the MSM ten minutes and McAfee is the nut case fleeing a murder rap to half the country. You can’t give the MSM anything off point. If they get one stupid sounding moment in a long interview (Aleppo comes to mind) THAT’s the story they go with. A third party candidate can’t just be okay, or kind of good, they have to be better and sharper and always careful not to give the press something to discredit them with — because they are just waiting for that special something to destroy you. One dumbass stunt and McAfee would be toast. Trump was able to get away being an idiot by embracing idiots — and because, for a long time until it was too late, the Media thought he’d be easy prey for Hillary. Johnson got press because they thought he’d take votes from Trump by providing a contrast — but then he and Weld went liberal lite and started taking Hillary votes, too.

              1. I will have to disagree, I think John was smart enough and clever enough to play the MSM like a fiddle. Doesn’t matter now though. Johnson/Weld officially died yesterday and hopefully the party will learn from its mistake and not over correct with someone like AP.

      2. I don’t think McAfee would have been able to get nearly as much press in the early going as Johnson did, based on his having been a Gov. The press already had a crazy rich business guy in the election story, Trump, and they didn’t need another one. Johnson could have positioned himself as the serious, sane, experienced one in the room… but then he blew it. Aleppo, the Name a Foreign Leader thing, sticking his tongue out at a reporter like a moron… instead of staying disciplined he was all over the place and gave them everything they needed to paint him as a stoner goofball. He didn’t seem to have a plan B if he didn’t get in the debates. Weld came off as the serious one, and now he has stabbed Johnson in the back, no doubt hoping for an MSNBC gig, or a job from Hillary.

        I was all set to vote Johnson/Weld, but now… I don’t know. I have voted for the LP candidate in every election since Ed Clark in 1980 and kept hoping they could get their act together. If not President, maybe start getting your farm team together in State legislatures or the US Congress. But, no. Nothing to show. And, here we are, in the midst of the biggest opportunity the LP has ever had, facing two of the most disliked major party candidates ever… and we’ll be lucky to break 5%. Hell, after this, I wouldn’t bet we’ll break 3%. Maybe I have been wasting my vote.

        1. McAfee isn’t crazy and unlike Trump he is actually a smart man. He had social media savvy and is able to connect with the young. He also knows how to pull a stunt he would have kept himself in the headlines. And again he was going to focus on down ballo candidates where we could win.

          We went with the serious candidate and look what happened.

          1. I saw the debates. McAfee did not come off as particularly sane to me (especially when that unfortunate business down south came up), and stunts to get headlines was already Trump’s gimmick. We went with what should have been the serious candidate — but he didn’t show up when it mattered.

            1. Belize haunted him that is true. With out it I think he would have won. I have to disagree about the debates though. He won them all, hands down. He was the sanest of all. He also told some hard truths that people weren’t ready for. He was a realist. You can’t build a skyscraper from the top down.

        2. Exactly, the best opportunity in my lifetime and they fucking blew on these two progtard shit stains. I will not vote LP, I will no longer ID as libertarian. Fuck them.

    2. Agreed that at this point the only principled thing for a Libertarian candidate to do would be to drop Weld from the ticket. Too bad Johnson is neither principled nor a Libertarian.

      1. ^THIS

      2. That is the only way he would get my vote.

    3. Agreed that at this point the only principled thing for a Libertarian candidate to do would be to drop Weld from the ticket. Too bad Johnson is neither principled nor a Libertarian.

      1. ^THIS. for the squirrels.

      2. The LP bylaws don’t allow for that apparently. Besides, all the ballots are printed already so you’re still technically voting for Weld, if that bothers you so much.

        1. If it were truly a libertarian party it wouldn’t have bylaws!

  35. Crap…I want my vote back. How the hell do you promote your party by giving into the shitbag duplex system? N

  36. Crap…I want my vote back. How the hell do you promote your party by giving into the shitbag duplex system? N

  37. Can we add Johnson/Weld to the list of self-immolating campaigns in 2016?

    Hillary could have easily beaten Trump is she…..well, if she wasn’t Hillary (i.e. blatantly corrupt).

    Trump could have easily beaten Hillary if he’d just acted more seriously about the issues.

    Johnson, despite his philosophical inconsistencies and despite coming in third, could have affected the outcome of the race and set a solid foundation for the LP in 2020 if he’d only tried to build on the Ron Paul enthusiasm of the past two elections.

    1. Trump could have easily beaten Hillary if he’d just acted more seriously about the issues.

      Trump has been serious about the issues. The mainstream media has not been serious about reporting Trump on the issues.

      1. Seriously? Did you watch the all about the ego debate show? Issues? Wrong!

      2. Trump has been serious about the issues.

        Yes, this is true. The Media has been silent about it, but El Trumpo has been very serious about issues. For instance, he’s going to defend every red-blooded American from Mexican butt-sex and he’s going to suspend the laws of economics in order to create 20 billion new jobs.

        He’s serious, I tell you.

  38. He’s just trying to get a job on MSNBC. Maddow is in love with him after all, so it’s a pretty good bet.

    1. If Maddow is in love with Weld, then I take that as evidence that Bill Weld has a vagina.

    1. Good question. After all – Weld willingly went on Maddow’s show. He willingly said he’s vouching for Clinton.

      No one put a gun to Billy’s head.

      This was his own doing.

  39. I, just yesterday, cast my ballot for the Johnson/Weld ticket…my first time voting libertarian. I’m furious and feel absolutely cheated. Throughout the campaign I did find their lighter-handedness with regard to Clinton irritating. Yeah Trump obviously sucks, but, HELLO! there’s also this other horrible candidate in the race whose ideas are equally as destructive. I was willing to overlook all this since I agreed with the Johnson/Weld campaign on most substantive issues but never expected them to be vouching for Clinton! What kind of circus is this where they can’t even keep their own campaign on the same page? Weld is a slime ball both for stabbing Gary in the back and running in a campaign he obviously doesn’t believe in…but in my opinion this is also damning of Johnson’s judgement in selecting such a poor running mate.

    I can’t stress enough my disappointment. I ventured over to the Libertarian ticket NOT to waste my vote but now feel the opposite.

    1. Why early voting is a bad thing.

    2. Seriously, I feel bad for you. That you wasted your first libertarian vote on these shit bags is truly regretful. These ass clowns can only be loosly called libertarian.

    1. “Sweep the leg…”

  40. Lol

    But we must vote the LP ticket anyway, even if we deeply disagree with the candidates, because reasons. It’s your duty. They might lose ballot access.

    Also, fuck those Democrats and Republicans. Presumptuous pricks thinking they can cajole you into voting for them by presenting you with apocalyptic alternative scenarios even as they put up shitty candidates.

    1. At this point fuck their ballot access. I will not vote for any of their candidates. If this is what they put up on the national level, why should I believe the local ones are any better? They are just prog lite and someone else pointed out. I truly hope they lose all of the support they have nation wide. Maybe it will teach them a lesson.

      1. I think you missed his sarcasm.

        1. I did, too much rage.

  41. So glad i decided to not vote and stay home to drink nov 8th

    1. Don’t leave us hanging. Who won?

  42. So. Someone in the Clinton campaign just dropped off a large suitcase full of cash at the Weld residence.

      1. Or an application to be the next FBI Director.

    1. Oh, wait, I didn’t vote for them.

      1. Well I hope your smug moral superiority comforts you when Kang takes office now. Sure, Kodos may have been evil, but definitely the lesser. Wait, is Kang the Giant Douche or the Turd Sandwich? I get the candidates confused sometimes.

        1. The Pope is the only leader that matters Jerry

  43. I’ll have to see if CNN or anybody bothers to mention Weld today. Back when GJ was riding high in the polls and a threat to Hillary he was worth mentioning but not so much lately. If Weld’s endorsement of Hillary doesn’t generate some media mentions, it suggests the media sees the LP as safely irrelevant and maybe somebody needs to step up and denounce him, start some movement to kick him off the ticket, just to get out the message to the NeverTrumpers that the LP is still a safe haven for them. Jesus Christ, the only reason the LP had a shot at relevancy was because Trump was an unacceptable alternative to Clinton and Weld goes and deliberately stomps that idea right in the dick? WTF? How could he possibly do anything more damaging to the LP?

    1. Weld is a saboteur.

      1. True, I’ve seen him hobbling around the village in wooden shoes. Most gay.

  44. I wonder what the phrase “great character” means in Weld’s mind. At the very least insisting that Clinton has it makes me question Weld’s character.

    1. Character – hell! I’d question his mental competence!

    2. Maybe he means “great character in a political thriller about breathtaking incompetence and corruption”

  45. Times like this, I really, really miss Rand Paul

  46. Fuck you fuck you fuck you, and the ‘leppo you rode in on.

    The LP needs to have a good hard look at itself before the sounds of woodchippers fill the air.

  47. But expending valuable time and energy on defending his running-mate’s chief opponent one week before Election Day will likely be the final straw among Libertarians and libertarians who never trusted the former Massachusetts governor in the first place.

    Yeah, I think it is for me, frankly. I think I’m going with my earlier burn-it-all-down vote for Trump. This sonofabitch is just a bridge too far for me. This is why the LP never gets anywhere at the national level. Talk about a missed opportunity.

  48. Johnson needs to fire this fuck. If he does he’s got my vote, if not then Trumpenstein’s getting it. What a sorry state of affairs this is turning out to be.

  49. Libertarian Party – the Charlie Brown of political parties. Losertarian Moment!

  50. Did Weld have a run in with the LP or something? This is absolutely nuts. Sorry Gary, I’m Out.

  51. It’s too bad Johnson can’t keep Weld under control. Actually Johnson could learn a lot from Trump. Johnson needs to be able to stand up and say outrageous stuff with some charisma. Especially against Clinton to offset his wishy-washy VP who apparently has no back bone and no sense of integrity. Apparently Weld doesn’t realize he’d have won the election if it wasn’t for Democratic party machinery controlling the press. Johnson though can’t even put together a decent website listing the reasons to vote for him and which addresses the bullshit the horse shit the Democrats throw at him. I can’t help but wonder if Johnson is so stupid that if somebody hired a PR firm to keep him on point so he won whether he’d even realize that was why he won…

  52. This site needs to use disqus to handle the comment section.

  53. Not voting for Johnson anymore. And will probably never vote ‘Libertarian’ (a party which keeps nominating people that aren’t very libertarian) again.

    I don’t understand why Reason is so surprised by this? You cosmos wanted a watered down mushy moderate libertarian ticket and now you got it. Own it.

  54. What the fucking fuck? “Vouching” for Clinton. Fuck.

    1. Why are the libertarian proles more libertarian than their party’s nominees?
      GJ, WW – what the hell is going on?

  55. Weld’s a team player. He’s just not on our team.

    1. Who knows WHOSE team he’s batting for.

    2. #ImWithHer Yep.

      1. She’s got the whoooole Weld, in her hands…

        It’s funny because Weld actually means world in German.

  56. While Johnson isn’t super hard core libertarian (personally I am a Perry fan) what has concerned me most about him from early 2016 was his insistence that he only stood a chance of making waves if Weld was his running mate. Ultimately, his most important choice as a presidential candidate for the LP, is who he backs as the VP since the party delegates need to put that person on the ticket. So, Johnson showed pretty early on he had poor decision making skills when it came to choosing the people with whom he surrounds himself.

    I was on the fence, voting-wise this year, because of the Weld choice, although I have thrown a little money their way. But last night cinched it for me, I am sitting this one out unless Johnson takes Weld off the ticket. Which, having read the LP bylaws I can’t determine is even possible. also, with voting already started it could be argued taking someone off the ballot may make the votes not count. Not even really sure what ballot access rules are across the country if the ticket is changed this close to an election (that doesn’t involve a death, anyway).

    1. I understand your frustration.

      The ticket holds the standard for six more days, but the Libertarian Party vote totals help determine how strong a voice the party has going into 2018 and 2020.

      The wise move is to vote to make the party stronger and show up in 2020 to choose the best candidates possible.

      1. So, not vote your conscience? Hmmmm . . ..

        1. Given the choice between a ticket that has someone on it who has given tepid praise for a shitty old party candidate and two shitty old party candidates, my conscience tells me to vote for Gary Johnson.

          1. If your conscience tells you to do that then fine. Just know that a vote for Johnson is a vote for Weld which is a vote for someone who has betrayed the trust of everyone who has worked to advance libertarianism, big and small l, this cycle. If Johnson drops him, which I’m not sure is even realistically possible at this point, he’ll get my vote even though I’ll have to hold my nose to do it.

          2. Carl Bernstein had Billy Weld pegged all along . . . And I’m voting for Calvin Coolidge.

          3. You have given me something to think about but I do take voting very seriously as it is an endorsement of the State. There are times when I have a moral obligation not to vote. While I do support the LP platform I do have to search my conscience about whether Johnson/Weld ticket would actually follow through on supporting the LP platform. I do believe that Johnson will endeavor to do so, Weld will not. There is not a single area where Clinton supports libertarian goals and Weld by supporting her, has turned his back on all people who work for liberty.

            While the money and the backing from a good turn out may be good for future LP candidates, a good shit-kicking from the state on its citizenry for the next few years might also be good for the LP

          4. Fuck You Asshole. It was NOT “tepid” praise. It was as much as a fucking endorsement. Kill yourself.

            1. Thanks for the repeated invitation to kill myself, but I’m still going to decline.

              I’m sure you will do great things for whatever political party you end up in. Such charm, you ought to be in outreach.

              Best of luck in your future endeavors.

              1. Fuck You Asshole. Here is another invitation, Do the honorable thing and eat a fucking gun barrel. You and the others stooges of the LP have set Libertarinism back decades with your douche baggery. All you had to do was put up a decent and competent representative of Libertarianism against the two most despicable, disgusting candidates in my lifetime and you could have changed the national conversation. Instead, the LP is now just the JV team for the democrats. Again you are either corrupt, stupid or incompetent. None of these are admirable qualities.

          5. Given the complete lack of choice amongst all the candidates when it comes to THE existential threat to the country, i.e. entitlements, I can safely say no thanks. But you can go ahead and try to convince me that a less than 1% cut to only SS mostly by making it an even more explicit welfare program is ‘progress.’

            Go anti-team team!

      2. Agreed. I’ve always voted for the party and the platform, rather than for Browne, Badnarik, Barr, etc. I’m not going to undermine the cause just to protest our VP candidate undermining the cause. That makes no sense. He’s not going to be rewarded by winning, he’s not going to be on the ballot again, and no other ticket is within a mile of my political beliefs.

          1. Fuck You Asshole. The long game would have been to take advantage of the two most despicable candidate in modern history instead of nominating a tepid milquetoast and a Clintonista. Do the honorable thing, kill yourself.

          2. The socialists took over team blue. You’ll get maybe 3% this cycle and then fall back into oblivion. Great strategy.

            1. Here’s hoping Paul runs again in 2020. If nothing else the Hihn comments will be glorious us.

      3. Fuck You Asshole. The wise move is give you and your idiot cohorts the fucking finger good and hard. You morons couldn’t put a decent candidate up against Trump/Clinton. The two most despicable candidates in modern times and I am supposed to believe that somehow, magically, after the election you and your troop of ignoramii will be able to move the party forward? FUUUUUCCKK YYOOOUUU!. Do the honorable thing you fuck.

  57. I think it is clear now that Donald Trump is the only presidential candidate with balls…let that sink in for a minute

  58. Dear Governor Weld,
    Please go suck a bag of donkey dicks.

    1. He just did one donkey.

      1. Suck it? Noooo. He rode it. Rode it like a champ he did. Won’t be walking straight till after the election.

  59. Who knows WHOSE team he’s batting for.

    Maybe Hillary promised to make him head of Health and Human Services in one of those “tarmac chats” her campaign likes so much.

  60. And Reasonites wonder why Libertarians are not taken seriously. Hell, their own CANDIDATES do not take the Libertarian Party seriously. Anybody that donated money to the Party (or the Johnson/Weld campaign) should sue for seeking donations under fraudulent circumstances. Neither one of them ever obviously ran as a serious candidate, or as a Libertarian.

    I wonder if an analysis of the donors would reveal a lot of HRC/Democrat donations to the Libertarians this year? Seeking to split the vote of the willing dupes, perhaps?? It is a pity, really, as (regardless of who is elected) we are going to be searching for some political credibility, and the Libertarians will not be able to provide it.

  61. ps-

    Rachel Maddow is a smarmy, sanctimonious cunt. She is one of the least self-aware people out there. People swoon over her because “she’s so smart” but I just don’t see it at all. I think she operates on the level of a precocious high school junior.

    1. Name calling, really?
      Your statement says more about you than Rachel Maddow.

      1. That you Rachel?

        No, really, what redeeming quality does she have? Basically she just restated caricatures of opposing viewpoints in a sarcastic tone meant to convey that they’re self-evidently wrong. And then occasionally she just lies.

        She makes Hannity look thoughtful.

    2. That weld did this on maddow’s show on the heels of the FBI announcement is the kicker. It’d be the equivalent of Stein’s VP going on Hannity to praise trump’s view of women right after pussygate. Let that sink in

  62. Bill Weld did a courageous thing

    1. Nick Gillespie, is that you?

    2. Bill Weld dishonored himself and betrayed his party.

      1. He’s an alcoholic Judas, a fool, an asshole, and a political opportunist of the worst kind.

    3. It takes courage to screw over the person who chose you as his running mate? Using the words “character” and “Clinton” in the same sentence without a strong negative is not a sign of courage, it’s a sign of begging forgiveness from your master.

  63. Weld thinks Clinton a person of Moral character. I think this closes any chances of GJ 2020 bid for LP Nominee. Mcmullin might beat LP vote percentage after this.

    1. McMuffin is 1000x more libertarian than Weld.

      1. Yes. Yes he is.

        How sad for the Libertarian Party. How very sad indeed.

    2. Johnson has publicly stated that this is his last run for public office.

      1. Oh, hallelujah!

      2. Do the honorable thing asshole. Kill yourself.

  64. The LP would have done better just picking a random person.

    1. The fat guy who stripped at the convention would have been an improvement over Weld.

  65. I too am having early voters’ remorse for having cast a ballot for Johnson/Weld, especially after hearing this…I never thought much of Weld to be honest-he had a very cozy relationship with the proggies when he was governor of Mass. which should have been a red flag right there. The only area where they disagreed was that Weld really wanted to bring back the death penalty at the time (not at all a libertarian cause)-otherwise he and the proggies took turns fellating each other over everything else. Weld is also responsible for the Big Dig-perhaps the biggest waste of taxpayer money ever.

    If I could vote again, it would be for McMuffin or maybe even Trump at this point. Fuck it! I knew I should have waited until election day…Looks like Virginia will go for Hillary anyway and we all here know that our individual votes are worth essentially zilch.

  66. I’ll agree with Weld that Clinton is reliable. However, she’s reliably DIShonest. It boggles the mind how Weld, or anyone else, could still hold onto a belief that Clinton is honest. Maybe the definition of honesty has changed. I really don’t know. Was Weld’s interview with Maddow approved by the Johnson campaign, and did they know he was going to endorse Clinton? Does Weld have no shame?

    Maybe he’s looking for a sweet ambassadorship appointment under Clinton. That’s about all I can think of.

    1. He doesn’t think she’s honest, he’s lying and his alcoholic encephalopathy is telling him we’re falling for it. If Johnson is approving of this behind the scenes then it’s an enormous betrayal.

  67. Fuck Weld. I voted for Gary the last round and there is now no way I am voting for him again. I’m now choosing the orange middle finger to all three parties.

    1. There is no better revenge than voting Libertarian, especially in the close states where people suggest otherwise.

      1. Fuck You Asshole. There is no better revenge than taking all of your support so you stupid fucks learn to actually nominate libertarians instead of tired retreads from the statist parties. Do the honorable thing and kill yourself.

  68. As a delegate from NC to the 2016 National Convention – DO NOT blame the rank and file of the Libertarian Party for this mess. The party made a mistake in nominating Johnson – someone who was at best a wishy-washy Libertarian. But they were enamored with the fact that Gary Johnson had some name recognition. I, like many, voted for 2nd place Austin Petersen, while others voted for McAfee and other real Libertarians.

    Unlike other parties, the LP actually selects its own Vice Presidential nominee. I can tell you – Weld was VERY unpopular at the Convention. He barely got a majority on the 2nd ballot. Even those who voted for Weld, did so with grave reservations, and did so because Weld was the running mate Gary Johnson wanted.

    When the LP reconvenes for its National Convention in 2018, it needs to admit its mistakes and clean house! Weld, most definitely needs to have his membership in the LP permanently revoked, and I would encourage us to do the same for Johnson. Not only have these two blown a golden opportunity to promote our party and its positions by their ineptitude; they have also misrepresented the LP’s platform and values. If we are going to move forward in 2020 we need to accept responsibility for the bad choices we made in 2016, and grow from them.

    1. Johnson’s a well meaning (and not overly bright) goofball who isn’t able to articulate his positions very well and revocation of his LP membership seems a bit harsh. Weld, on the other hand, is a snake in the grass and a loathsome political opportunist who should never have been a member in the first place.

      If Weld is speaking with Johnson’s approval, however, revocation of both of their memberships is called for.

    2. We haven’t revoked the membership of the 2008 nominees, but they also haven’t (and wouldn’t) come nosing around for any future positions within the Libertarian Party.

      Learning from mistakes does not require excommunication, just clear-eyed analysis of what went wrong.

      Also, thank you for taking the time and effort to be involved in the nomination process as a delegate. You’ve distinguished yourself from the vast majority of people complaining about this latest bump in the road.

      1. “Learning from mistakes does not require excommunication, just clear-eyed analysis of what went wrong.”

        Sometimes people misjudge others. It’s especially easy for those who tend to see the good in everyone. Ask anyone who ever went through a bitter divorce, or invested in a business with a partner who did not nothing but alienate customers and bleed the business dry. It happens. The best thing is to own your mistakes and try to rectify them, even if it seems too late.

        I wish Johnson would give a speech where he acknowledges his faith in Weld was misplaced and it was a stupid move. He could say that everyone has made some stupid moves at some point — just look at the two major parties. But, while they always double down on stupid, as sure as the sun rises, he at least can admit a blunder and learn from it.

      2. Thanks Nicholas for your kind thanks. Once this election is over, hopefully you and the rest of the national leadership team can brief the membership on what we can learn from this year’s election, and to suggest institutional changes to avoid mistakes in the future.

        🙂 David

        1. Here is an institutional change you can make. Get rid of the national leadership. They are obviously corrupt, incompetent or stupid. None of these are thing that will help the LP.

      3. Fuck You Asshole. Do the honorable thing and kill yourself.

    3. It seems that Johnson picked Weld so they could say two Republican governors from blue states.

      The sad part is that Johnson could have tapped Petersen as his VP so at least someone could espouse libertarian values on that campaign trail.

      1. Peterson was running on the Pres. ticket, not the VP ticket. Unless Johnson would have talked to Peterson and they reached a deal that Peterson would declare as a VP candidate as soon as he did not win the nomination on the pres ticket, I don’t think that Peterson could have been nominated by the delegates for VP. I am no expert on how the nominations work but the Pres and the VP run separately, although the Pres candidate usually has a VP candidate that is their choice.

    4. Yep Weld won by 0.5% on a second ballot, that’s hardly worth throwing the entire party under the bus for. It’s not like the LP was falling all over itself to nominate him.

    5. Everything you say in this comment shows that we should, indeed, blame the rank and file of the LP for this mess. These were the candidate that the majority of the LP thought best represented them. WTF? This is why I will no longer vote or ID LP.

  69. So. Weld was a shill for the DNC this whole time? A plant to disrupt the LP?


    1. “Weld was a shill for the DNC this whole time? A plant to disrupt the LP?”

      If that’s the case, then it was GJs fault for inviting him in with open arms. I really wonder if GJ actively sought Weld as his VP, or if Weld was presented to him by someone posing as a libertarian. Whatever the case, I think GJ might have early stage dementia.

    2. Carl Bernstein was right after all.

      1. Maybe he planned the whole thing… dundundun

  70. We knew about this ages ago. Remember when he called her a great public servant?

    1. Great public serpent is more like it.

    2. That was Gary Johnson who called Hillary a great public servant.

    3. Remember when Weld said handguns are the real problem with gun ownership?

      1. I remember he called for an assault weapons ban too.

  71. So, Carl Bernstein AND Evan McMullin were right.

  72. Fuck Weld for forcing me to vote for Trump. Fuck him now and for all eternity.

  73. i think voting for Trump is probably best at this time. He will destroy whats left of republican party with his 4 year term. He might not even complete his 4 year term as he will be impeached and will have a pence presidency. I think Dems will not nominate Hilary again. So there is a hope for fresh start in 2020

  74. Like I said on the last “Bill Weld is a traitor” thread, I have no particular issue with him personally feeling like Clinton is better, or even personally voting for Clinton. (Though I disagree)

    But when you sign on to run for VP as a Libertarian, you damn well better campaign for the Libertarians, not for a completely anti-Libertarian big-government hack just because she’s nicer and less scary than the other big-government hack.

    He deserves all the scorn and “fuck offs” he’s getting.

  75. Wait a minute…

    It just occurred to me that Weld may have been trolling Maddow and the Dems. He said that Shitlery has “high moral character,” right? Who says that, when even her most fervent supporters don’t think that?

    I have a couple of coworkers who, sadly, are actually pro-Clinton and not only anti-Trump. We’re talking hard-line, “it’s her turn,” progs. I hear them saying things like, “She’s experienced and level-headed, but Trump is crazy.” One of them likes to say, “What people don’t realize is that Trump is 10 times more corrupt than she is.”

    But NO ONE denies her being corrupt, or at best “ethically challenged.”

    I don’t know Weld that well, and I like him even less, but is it possible that he was totally pulling Maddow’s leg and she didn’t get the joke — and the rest of us didn’t get it either?

  76. “You get more of what you subsidize.”

    I must have heard this a hundred times from the economic geniuses who populate libertarian websites.

    So the LP nominates some truly execrable piece of dog shit who is literally stumping for Hillary Clinton on national TV a week before the election, and so-called libertarians are still going to vote for him?

    I guess the logic is that if we push their showing to the highest levels ever, then in four years the assholes who run the LP will reward our blind loyalty with a better candidate?

    How exactly will that LP committee meting go? “Well, in 2016 we nominated a real piece of shit for VP, but we still got 5% and a ton of federal money because our supporters were kind enough to reward us with their votes anyway. So this time let’s nominate somebody totally different.”

    And this is different than the ‘magical thinking’ of progressive asshole who libertarians are constantly decrying how, exactly?

    I’ll pledge this favor to the so-called Libertarian Party: if Bill Weld and the entire LP leadership structure die painfully in a housefire while celebrating Queen Hillary’s coronation, I will make a genuine effort not to smile or laugh.

    1. ^THIS

  77. Based on every thing I’ve seen this year no party not the gop the dems or the lp’s or even th 4th parties put forward anyone worthy of president. can we go without a president this time.

  78. Damn, what a freakin pussy. He couldn’t even make it until voting day without selling out and betraying all the people that supported him? I already voted for him, now I wish I didn’t. And Clinton is honest? WTF! I guess you’re angling for some kind of reward from President Clinton? A new job? You’ll need it now.

  79. Is this guy for real?

    What a joke.

  80. Ground the motherfucker. Not one more penny for air travel, lunch, nothing. Fuck that.

  81. A Libertarian vouching for a vile Statist? SMH

  82. Gary Johnson to Weld, “hey we are on the same team, why did you shank me in the buttocks”
    Weld to Johnson, “Why what do you mean?”
    Gary “There is a bloody shank in your hand dripping blood and a hole with blood streaming out of might left cheek”
    Weld “Oh that, that’s not mine”

    The lesson is kids, be careful who it is you choose to watch your back. You may end up asking silly questions like ole Gary.

  83. i’m not a libertarian. i did however vote for johnson/weld early, and while i’ve had cause to think twice before voting early ever again, because of what we’ve seen since i voted, i don’t regret voting that way.

    that said, when i see this, all i can think of is that seinfeld episode where george lunges for the phone with his pants down, and jerry just looks at him and says: “you wanted to be my latex salesman…” with a mixture of contempt and wonder.

    this man wanted to be the libertarian vp?!?!

    i wish johnson would dump him, but politically it’s better to keep him in the tent, b/c who knows what he’d say if he was cut loose. i am embarrassed…i just hope that before it’s all done, i don’t wind up embarrassed about my actual vote, but it’s getting harder to defend it to my own conscience. i don’t give a damn really if trump or hillary wins, but i do care about my conscience.

  84. John Dillinger was also “a person of high moral character”, he was just, sad to note, seriously misunderstood by society.

  85. We used to have candidates that we could admire who have no chance of winning. Now we have candidates who have no chance of winning who also moronic assholes.

  86. From the outset I was unhappy with Weld as a running mate. Weld was never a Libertarian he has always been a progressive. How can a thinking person claim that Hillary is anything other than vile and duplicitous. She must have kept his FBI file from the Filegate days. This election cycle has screwed the American people. I wanted to vote for Gary even though I thought there might be stronger candidates but his pick of the liberal hack Weld proved he was not serious. Gary should be run out of the party.

  87. There is a tremendous opportunity with the fiscal realities that are going to hit Washington for libertarians to unite and coelesce with the constitutionalists and conservatives who believe in constitutional limitations.

    We need a national coalition party that sets aside local differences in a platform to returns domestic issue control to the states. The party also needs to adopt a cold hard realist approach to both the world and a leaner more adaptable military.

    Such party must respect the role of immigration but realize the dangers associated with allowing citizenship to those who do not share general classical liberal views or federalism.

    SS and medicare must be honored as contracts while at the same time devolving such programs to the states. A 14th amendment revision eliminating incorporation is needed to attract those of all stripes who will come to the inevitable conclusion that their pet issues require going beyond the gridlock of federal legislative rule and that their sovereignty shouldn’t be suppressed in favor of a 9 man super-legislature.

    This coalition would advance libertarian goals significantly at the state and local levels as everything must be reevaluated and reassert the beauty of diversity of federalism in a republic where free movement of people and goods is guaranteed, and culture and that government levels and control can be established by sovereign free people subject to the protections of their rights in their own state constitutions.

  88. Of all the times to have a bad choice for the Libertarian ticket this was not it. Two highly despised people running, this was our chance. Johnson has come off like a goofball with some of the crap he comes up with. Looks like a deer in the headlight when ask a question. Can’t expound open his answer when ask.You don’t keep saying it’s open for discussion.

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  93. Hello

    I have to disagree about the debates though. He won them all, hands down. He was the sanest of all. He also told some hard truths that people weren’t ready for. He was a realist.

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