Hillary Clinton

'We Have Two Parties Right Now That Have Abandoned All Pretenses at Realism About Our $20 Trillion National Debt and About Our Entitlements'

Matt Welch assesses Hillary Clinton's absurd "I do not add a penny to the national debt" claim on Stossel


Last Friday I appeared for the full episode of Fox Business Network's great weekly program Stossel, on which I was joined in conversation with the libertarian legend by Trump supporter Betsy McCaughey and Clintonite Jessica Tarlov for a full hour on the election, the final presidential debate, and the issues that no longer get discussed intelligently because the major parties have both coughed up unreconstructed statists. Among those issues are entitlements and the massive national debt, the latter of which, Hillary Clinton claimed at the debate, she would not "add a penny to." Here is my response to that nonsense:

For more on this not-insignificant topic, please see my recent article "Debt Denialists: Democrats and Republicans fiddle while the balance sheet burns."