'This Is Your Brain on Drugs' Guy Supports Marijuana Legalization

John Roselius, who famously warned that drugs would fry your brain like an egg, says he has changed his mind about pot.



In a recent Pew Research Center survey, Americans born between 1928 and 1945 (a.k.a. the Silent Generation) were the only age cohort in which a majority still supported marijuana prohibition. But the survey also found that support for legalization within this group has quadrupled since the late 1980s, meaning that millions of Silent Generation members have changed their minds about marijuana since then. One of them, it turns out, is John Roselius, the actor best known to Americans who came of age during the Reagan administration for his role in the iconic, moronic "This Is Your Brain on Drugs" ad. Last week Roselius, now 72, told The Rooster, a Colorado magazine, he was "100 percent behind" legalization and had just voted for it in California (which has early voting).

Roselius said he was paid just $360 for his work on the 1987 public service announcement, which was produced by the Partnership for a Drug-Free America. The 30-second version shows Sebelius standing in a kitchen, his arms folded as he leans against a cabinet. "Is there anyone out there who still isn't clear about what doing drugs does?" he asks. "OK. Last time." He picks up an egg and announces, "This is your brain." He points at a hot frying pan on the stove and says, "This is drugs." He cracks the egg into the pan and as it sizzles holds the pan up, saying, "This is your brain on drugs. Any questions?"

There were in fact a lot of questions, starting with "WTF?" Also: "Does anyone really expect such over-the-top scare tactics to deter curious adolescents from trying drugs?" And: "Can I get that with a side of bacon?" In 2006 the Partnership for a Drug-Free America bragged that "the 'Fried Egg' TV message was so popular that it was satirized and spoofed on T-shirts, records labels, posters, and even on Saturday Night Live." If they're mocking us, we must be getting through to them!

Roselius told CBC Radio he was "very sincere" about the generic anti-drug message at the time, although he also acknowledged that he had a serious drinking problem back then. Now sober 28 years, Roselius said his in-laws, who used marijuana instead of opioids for pain and voted for legalization in Washington state, played a key role in persuading him that cannabis should be legal. He still accepts prohibitionist propaganda about other illegal drugs. He told The Rooster "mushrooms are bad" and LSD makes people "jump out the fifth-story window."

Roselius, who has appeared in movies such as Space Jam, Con Air, and The Truman Show, said he was dismayed that the fried-egg ad, which he expected to run for six months or so, was still being aired more than a decade later. "To this day," The Rooster notes, "people on the street still call him 'Egg Guy.'"

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  1. You think this guy who’s for so long been staunchly anti-drug has taken a look at Trump and Hillary and decided, “Fuck it, maybe drugs are the answer”?

  2. Acid Is Groovy, Kill the Pigs

    1. Leave me out of this, please, SIV.

    2. Wait you didn’t kill the pigs yet? How are we supposed to have bacon and brains on drugs?

  3. “he also acknowledged that he had a serious drinking problem back then.”

    What’s sanctimony without hypocrisy

    1. Is it hypocracy if the person goes “what a mess drugs have made of me, I should warn people off”? I’m going to give the benefit of the doubt until there is some proof of a double standard.

      1. *a double standard being exercised by the person in question not society at large.

        Shorter me – needs more evidence before convicting.

  4. “He told The Rooster “mushrooms are bad” and LSD makes people “jump out the fifth-story window.””

    That’s not idiotic at all.

    1. I never cared much for mushrooms but I really liked acid, never once had the urge to do anything stupid.

      I suspect AC might argue otherwise but I never got the people who thought there was something spiritual or deeply meaningful about psychedelics, it’s just messing with your brain and the way it processes information. Try sticking your tongue in a light socket or shooting a syringeful of Drano into your eyeball – that’ll mess with the way your brain works, too. I just liked the way acid shut down the part of my brain that makes me think about shit too much and just let me experience reality and enjoy it for what it is. Life is pretty amazing if you just look at it and try not to analyze it.

    1. She makes doing heroin look pretty awesome.

      1. It was the best role that plucky, All American girl, Rachel Leigh Cook ever played…

      2. I wish there were a way to find out the number of guys who tried heroin because of her.

        1. = the number of guys who tied her because of heroin. Commutative.

  5. I think the first line of the monologue might be misquoted. Too much weed?

    1. Yes, too much weed might have affected your memory if you merely think the first line might be misquoted. Sully’s just trying to pretend he’s not old enough to have seen these ads personally enough times to know the lines by heart. “This is your brain.” “This is drugs.” “This is your brain on drugs.” “Any questions?” (“Yeah, I got a question. How come I can’t go to the store and buy me a 12-pack of drugs the way I can buy eggs?”)

      1. Silly jerry, that’s a twelve pack of brains.

        Where are the reusable drugs like that frying pan?

  6. The 30-second version shows Sebelius standing in a kitchen…

    Typo? Or Fraudian Slip, there, Sullum?

    I’ve often said that Kathleen’s place really was in Crusty’s Basement in the kitchen; perhaps if she was, then all that ObamneyCare nonsense may never have happened. Let us not forget, Sullem, that a great many regs hold Ye Olde War Onna Droogs in place, no?

  7. He should be apologizing for Space Jam. But Con Air makes up for all of it.

  8. All of those Hollywood hep cats like George Clooney and Bill Maher got boners for Hillary. Maher had a bromance with Barak and even gave him a million bucks.

    But when all is said, and the facts examined, Clooney and Maher don’t seem so hip to me since Barak and Hillary are hard core drug warriors.

    I don’t know who is worse, Barak, for being a toker and still wanting the DEA to bust down your door, or Hillary, for saying Black Lives Matter while still supporting the racist war on drugs.

  9. The Rooster notes, “people on the street still call him ‘Egg Guy.'”

    John Roselius, putting the, “Men,” back in menstruation.

  10. Why is the debate always about how bad or not a particular substance may be for you. Why isn’t the debate – fuck you, it’s a plant! or fuck you, it’s my body! or fuck you, mind your own fucking business and worry about your own fucking life.

    1. Because it’s not really “Follow the Money”…

      It’s “Follow the Power and Ability To Control Other People.”

  11. One thing I’ll never understand is why people who know that prohibitionists have been lying for decades about pot still believe, without question, propaganda about other drugs.

  12. and just as I was flipping my over-easy, now it’s all ruined.

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