Police Abuse

'Highly Decorated' Field Training Officer Kicks Prostrate Suspect in the Head

The officer, who is an instructor at the police academy, has been the subject of previous lawsuits that led to payouts but no admissions of wrongdoing.


dashcam video

A robbery suspect has filed a lawsuit in federal court over a kick in the head he received from an Allentown, Pa. police officer while on all fours on the ground. Attorneys for Hector Medina-Pena, who is suing, got a hold of video as part of the discovery in his criminal trial. One attorney called the actions of the officer, Joseph Iannetta, "absolute aggression."

The city disagrees. "The actions of officer Iannetta have been thoroughly reviewed by command staff and the solicitor's office and found to be appropriate under the circumstances," Allentown's city solicitor, Susan Ellis Wild, told the Call. "We look forward to the evidence in this case demonstrating that his actions were appropriate."

In a statement to the Washington Post, Wild called Iannetta, who has worked for the department for 14 years, a "highly decorated" police academy instructor with "training far above and beyond the required training."

"Get your fucking hands up," an officer is heard screaming at Medina-Pena, followed by "get down on the fucking ground," and later, "get down on the ground or I'm going to fucking shoot you." Medina-Pena then dropped to the ground and got kicked in the head. Ianetta's kick broke Medina-Pena's jaw and sent him to the hospital for three days, according to the lawsuit, which also claims the officer kneed Medina-Pena in the back of the head, smashing his face into the road.

The lawsuit alleges city officials failed to properly train Iannetta and other officers and allowed misconduct to become part of the police department's customs and policies. According to the lawsuit, Iannetta was the subject of more than a dozen investigations related to violence in the last decade, and the subject of a 2013 federal lawsuit that the city settled in September for $350,000.

Medina-Pena was in an SUV that matched the description of a getaway vehicle in an armed robbery. He was seen on surveillance camera breaking mirrors in the bathroom of the establishment before it was robbed. According to the Call, the other three men were released when they said they didn't know anything. Medina-Pena's lawsuit claims police found no weapons or other contraband on him.

Watch a portion of the video below:

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  1. What’s the point of being a cop if you can’t kick somebody in the head every once in a while?

    1. Free stop-‘n-frisk weed?

  2. They only decorate each other so press releases can include terms like “highly decorated” whenever answering an incident like this.

    1. Sort of like christmas trees of pain?

  3. The kick happens at the 1:05 mark on the video, and it is so beyond the pale it isn’t even worth a snarky effort.

    1. “We look forward to the evidence in this case demonstrating that his actions were appropriate.”

      Which would be impossible.

      1. I saw that yesterday. If you are “looking forward to the evidence”, it means you don’t have it yet. So, they have no/little evidence that his actions were appropriate, yet they have already concluded as follows:

        The actions of officer Iannetta have been thoroughly reviewed by command staff and the solicitor’s office and found to be appropriate under the circumstances.

        1. Patience, R C, it takes time to manufacture evidence.

          1. Nothing to manufacture. If you were a trained professional you’d see the video and find his actions appropriate.

            1. The legal reviewer’s seeing-eye-dog did not alert to the video.

              Therefore, nothing to see here.

              Totality of circs.

        2. It’s reasonable that the city solicitor does know what the outcome will be. Past performance and all that.

        3. Start taking these no-admission-of-guilt settlement payouts out of the police pension fund and I bet they’d start singing a different tune.

        4. His actions were appropriate because he’s a cop. Can’t say that they were not appropriate because that might harm the public trust. Government is a deity. It can’t be wrong. Ever.

          1. You want people to start thinking their government is actually run by a bunch of lower than average intelligence thugs and their union ? That we actually live in a de facto police state ?

        5. The actions of officer Iannetta have been thoroughly reviewed by command staff and the solicitor’s office

          I’m guessing that’s cop parlance for “watched it over and over while masturbating.”

      2. Not in Allentown it’s not. The old school PA Dutch locals give the cops a pretty free hand against the relatively recent influx of NY/NJ transplants, mostly Hispanic. This dude should take the fact that he did in fact commit the robbery (pled guilty) and walked away without some newly installed orifices and call it good. He’s not getting shit at trial.

    2. The kick happens at the 1:05 mark on the video

      Thank you Crusty! After 2s, I realized the officers and suspects weren’t holding up name placards and tried to skip to the end where I assumed the kick or some obvious outcome of kicking would be. At which point, it seemed that it was like likely *a* kick rather than *the* kick. Anyway, for doing his job for him, I award you the portion of Ed’s paycheck I actually control.

    3. “The kick happens at the 1:05 mark on the video”

      Also, a pretty brutal knee-smash @1:42

  4. Stay classy, piglets.

  5. Well we’re living here in Allentown
    And the cops are kicking us to the ground
    “I’ll fucking kill you” ‘s what the officer said
    Pavement was stained, blood turned it red
    And we’re living here in Allentown

    1. +1 innocent man

  6. The officer, who is an instructor at the police academy, has been the subject of previous lawsuits that led to payouts but no admissions of wrongdoing.

    Payouts are admission of wrongdoing.

    1. Not technically, but in practice they sure look suspicious.

      1. No different than pleading the 5th. Isn’t anyone pleading the 5th assumed guilty?

    2. Well, not really.

      1. If they settled without judgement, then it’s an admission of wrongdoing. Now, if they lost in court while fighting all the way… meh.

  7. Oh man that must have felt so good, so satisfying. Guy was on his knees, then down on all fours, totally obedient and vulnerable. To plant a solid kick to another person’s face so viciously and easily must have been thrilling. I mean goddam the sex that night must have been pretty good. Not, you know, killing-a-person good. But still.

    1. totally obedient

      Wrong – he was not totally obedient, he was only 3/4 obedient, which is why he was viciously kicked in the jaw.

      1. Look, he was going to jail anyway – what difference, at this point, does it make?

    2. The guy obviously loves his job. What’s wrong with that?

      1. A fine job for a bloke of job age.

        1. Well, well, well. Little Alex. You thought it was dramatic license when your former droogs became police.

    3. Oh man that must have felt so good, so satisfying.

      Says you! If you’re gonna kick a guy on the ground, his head has to be on or near the pavement so it either absorbs all your energy or bounces. If he’s kneeling, you really wanna kick upward so his jaw, neck, and bodyweight absorb as much of your energy as possible.

      Downward kicks on kneeling suspects are for pro-wrestlers and Hollywood stuntmen. This was just field training porn.

  8. the next class he’ll teach at the academy will be on how to turn off your dash cam.

    1. Is that before or after they teach you how to turn off your humanity?

      1. After, of course. Turning off humanity is day one stuff.

        1. More like a prerequisite.

          1. True, it probably starts with the torturing small animals as kids.

            1. http://www.theonion.com/articl…..ove–33427

              Insecure, Frustrated Bully With Something To Prove Considering Career In Law Enforcement

  9. @00:46, one wonder if Medina-Pena realized just how close to dying he was. When you’re surrounded by angry, unhinged cops who you know will shoot someone who’s utterly unarmed, not a good idea to keep reaching into your pockets and dropping your hands out of site.

    Oh, and fuck that officer. Medina-Pena was a bit slow to comply, but posed ZERO threat to the officers involved. None whatsoever.

    1. Rewatching that now and it kind of does make my stomach hurt to see his body language. I count 4 time where the cops would have been “justified” in killing him. Furtive movements, reaching for his waistband. He’s actually lucky to survive with a broken jaw.

      1. Yep. Considering that so many have been shot for so much less, the instant he turned his back and reached towards his waistband, I was half expecting shots to ring out.

      2. I thought the reaching for the waistband thing looked like he was showing that he didn’t have a weapon there. He was kind of oddly slow to react to a bunch of meat heads screaming at him to get on the ground, though.

        1. I wonder how quickly I would react to people screaming conflicting orders at me. It is like a high stress game of Simon Says. You have to pick out which person is most angry, figure out that they are saying “get on the ground” while other people are yelling “get your hands up”, and then figure out that by “get on the ground” he means “I know that you are technically on the ground now, but what I really mean to say is that I want your stomach to be touching the pavement.”

          It isn’t as though the guy was standing on the car.

  10. I used to think that all police were “award winning” because they needed something to feel good about themselves. Now I realize that all police are “award winning” so that when they abuse people, the union can say “Look at all these awards he’s won! He’s a good cop! He wouldn’t do anything wrong!”

    1. It does seem remarkably common that these few bad apples have been officer of the year.

      1. Every police department in the country is required by union contracts to award Officer of the Year to 75% of their department.

        1. sarcasm ? hard to tell.

  11. I’m really surprised they didn’t just shoot him between 0:35 and 0:40 when he turns his back to the camera, reaches for the bag slung over his shoulder and then his waist. Just guessing where each of the cops is standing, I don’t think any of them could see what he was doing with his hands.

    He didn’t need to be kicked in the head, obviously, but that guy’s a damned idiot. Not complying with an order to get on the ground immediately (like the others did) or keeping your hands visible at all times is how you get shot, no matter how slowly you’re moving or how much you nod to the cops like you’re complying.

    It’s a good thing that video is becoming so much more common. Being a dumbshit while the cops are apprehending you used to be a beating offense back before they knew they’d be caught doing it.

    1. Looks to me like it still is a beating offense, because the cops are justifiablyu confident that, no matter what is caught on camera, their actions will be deemed “justified” by the only people who matter – the union rep, the police chief, and the prosecutor.

      1. I don’t think many would be brazen enough to try a Rodney King style beating nowadays, not until they get you out of sight of any possible cameras anyway.

        A single kick to the head and they can just make up some technical sounding term to justify themselves. That was just a “compliance maneuver” or somesuch BS, not that ugly thing we call “police brutality.”

      2. It’s become pretty clear that catching this stuff on video hasn’t done a damn thing to stop it. We had two cops up here in NH beat a guy after a high speed chase. He was out of the car and on the ground when they just started wailing on him. And most people’s reaction was, scumbag deserved it. I heard one radio call in person say the cops had short term PTSD due to the chase so they just couldn’t be blamed for beating a man prone on the ground. For alot of people, if a cop did it, it’s justified.

  12. Did the officer go home safe, though?

    1. Safe, and hard as a rock.

      1. Are you sure? I would think kicking a scumbag in the face like that would be a sure-fire climax.

        1. He’d get his second wind on the drive home. Then he’d be ready to go a third time when they all get together later on, sit in a circle, and “get their story straight.”

          1. Yeah, Medina-Pena, involuntary fluffer.

      2. I’ll be in my bunk.

  13. Let’s not go jumping to conclusions here. Remember we’re only hearing one side of the story. We don’t actually know what happened before the video. These good officers may very well have had reason to fear for their safety, and had to make a split-second decision in a life-or-death situation. If you’ve never worn the uniform, you have no idea what it’s like and really have no business spreading misinformation and your misguided opinions about matters you know nothing about. Let’s grow up and just wait for a full and fair investigation, which will conclude that the police were following standard procedure, even if unfortunate mistakes were made in this tragic situation. These brave heroes are, after all, under-staffed, under-paid, and under-appreciated and their training budget was severely slashed in the latest round of budget-cutting.

    (I call that police brutality duct tape. It’s good for any of these stories.)

    1. Yes, that is the standard “Blue Lives Matter” boilerplate.

  14. “The lawsuit alleges city officials failed to properly train Iannetta . . . ”

    Failed to fire him for previous behavior, is more like it.

  15. Also, I don’t want to nitpick, but to nitpick, I believe the title of this blogpost is technically inaccurate. Medina-Pena was not ‘prostrate’ upon the ground when officer meathead kicked him, he was really on all fours which is the justification for Meathead to kick him… it was the kick that resulted in Medina-Pena being prostrate upon the ground.

    This isn’t to suggest that Officer Meathead was justified, but that when you describe things that aren’t, people predisposed to disagree with your point will find it easier to do so.

    1. Well pedanted, Paulperiod.

  16. city officials failed to properly train Iannetta and other officers

    Excuse me sirs/madames, I’ve never had “don’t kick people in the head” training either. You’ll let me get away with it a few times, won’t you?

    1. The gov’t always says that training procedures were followed. The lap dog press never asks, “well, then, why aren’t you going to change the training or approved procedures?”

      1. “So you train them to kick people in the head?

        Maybe that’s the problem?”

    2. you received that training when you were a toddler.

      1. I wish my brother had also been given the same training.

        1. I wish that “restless leg syndrome” had been a thing when I was a kid. Imagine the fun.

          “Stop kicking your sister !”
          “I can’t help it Mom, I have restless leg syndrome.”

          1. I think it used to be called “ants in the pants”.

            1. You’re right….my mom would have seen right through my self-diagnosed RLS.

  17. if they had the wrong guy who didn’t just rob a strip club, then would police still support the kicking and breaking of this guy’s jaw? of course they would.

    1. The procedure doesn’t change because you have the wrong guy.

  18. Yes, there are plenty of police brutality instances to get enraged about.

    No, this is not one of them in my opinion.

    suspects in ARMED robbery. the idiot gets out of the car and twice reaches for his waist band. He made every appearance to be “assessing if he should draw a weapon”. Then, the dumass only half-obeys the order to get on the ground, not going prone and staring at the officer. FFS, he is extremely lucky they didn’t shoot him.
    The kick is questionable….perhaps the officer didn’t intend it to be that hard…maybe he did. Take his badge if appropriate, but also note in the video that there was still someone in the car. There was still an active threat that was not secured (armed robbery suspects afterall). That officer had to bypass dumass to determine if the person in the car was a threat. No way he should be expected to bypass dumass in that position. He had to be secured….kick is rough…but something had to happen. He didn’t get shot.

    If the officer is normally brutal…yeh, take his badge. But really….here…..we should be applauding the Allentown police for not shooting this dumass. Relatively professional in the national scheme these days.

    1. Tulpa?

      1. I read it as decent parody.

        1. If so, good work, MikeP2. I normally have a good eye for sarcasm.

          1. Assuming it’s parody keep the blood pressure down. The others posting are going pop a blood vessel or stroke out.

            1. Hope they have EMS on speed dial.

      2. Why the ‘?’, Bro?

        1. Just in case it’s sarcasm. MikeP2 may be keeping up the Tulpa charade, or he may be Tulpa. Pretty much the only possibilities.

    2. “get down on the ground or I’m going to fucking shoot you”

      Yeah, that’s professional.

    3. so he closed the distance and acted like a one-man assault team instead of keeping his distance and verbally instructing that last dumbass to exit the vehicle? that’s what he’s teaching recruits?

    4. There was still an active threat that was not secured

      Bzzt. Wrong. Did you miss the part where the victim was complying, albeit slowly, and was on his hands and knees.

      Unless, of course, you mean that any suspect not yet a corpse is an active threat.

      1. You expected the cop to walk past dumass in that position and turn his back on him? With all his reaching to waistband?


        I’m not saying the kick was justified. But this situation barely registers on the “police brutality” index relative to the rest of the crap we’re seeing. He didn’t get shot. He won the lottery.

    5. Fuck off, cop-sucker.

      It terrifies me that you can view the same video that I did and see a justified … boot stomping on a face forever.

      1. Stay classy, loser.

        Law enforcement is by its very definition, forceful and often violent.

        Police brutality is a problem when the violence is employed when unnecessary or unwarranted.

        This isn’t a non-violent guy choked to death for selling cigarettes. This isn’t a kid killed with a plastic gun.

        this is an armed robbery suspect (later convict) who was passively resisting in an armed confrontation with LEOs. FFS. there are times when officers must shoot people. The job requires it and the public expects it.

        the question is where the line is. If you can’t recognize that this situation is far closer to the line than other instances that are absurdly over the line than frankly you are just a moron.
        Dumass is damn lucky he wasn’t shot. When he reached to his waistband (armed robbery suspect…remember) and the officer didn’t shoot, he won the friggin lottery.

        1. Dumass is damn lucky he wasn’t shot. When he reached to his waistband (armed robbery suspect…remember) and the officer didn’t shoot, he won the friggin lottery.

          It was only 10 against 4 with weapons drawn. I mean hell, he could have quick drawn and killed those 10 cops. You never know when you’re going to face down the next Josey Wales.

        2. this is an armed robbery suspect (later convict) who was passively resisting in an armed confrontation with LEOs.

          Is it really an armed confrontation when only the cops have guns? If so, I’m lucky to be alive after my last speeding ticket, as it was, by this definition, an armed confrontation with a cop.

          1. Yeh….next time you get pulled over for speeding, feel free to act the way dumass did.

            I personally choose to avoid getting shot by getting on the friggin ground and not reaching for my waistband before doing so.
            I personally choose to avoid a boot to the face by not playing some idiotic aggression game with a cop pointing a gun at me.

            but then I personally avoid committing armed robbery of strip clubs.

            take his badge if he has a history of this crap. But this is a very poor example of police brutality.

            1. but then I personally avoid committing armed robbery of strip clubs.

              This is really it, isn’t it. He’s guilty so he got what was coming to him?

              I know this is a really complicated to comprehend, but here in this country we have something called a legal system which establishes guilt via a thing called a trial. At the time he was kicked in the face (losing 3 teeth in the process) the police officer (Our Hero!) does not know whether he is guilty or not. All the police officer knows is that he matches the description of a criminal; he has not, for example, just been threatened by the suspect.

              You cannot use the fact that he later conceded his guilt as a justification for the behavior of the police officer, unless you are asserting that the officer is also judge and jury. It seems you consider him an appropriate executioner, as that kick to the face could have resulted in fatal injury…

              1. It’s sad how many William Ropers we have.

            2. I think it’s a fine example. The reason is that police brutality isn’t a problem only because it happens to innocent people sometimes. It’s a problem because it becomes standard reaction to people failing to obey quickly enough.
              If this guy was the suspect they were looking for, he probably should have known to be more quickly compliant. But what if he had been the wrong guy and had no idea the cops were looking for an armed robbery suspect? How does he know that the police think he might be armed and dangerous?
              It’s the police who have the responsibility to think these things through and be calm and professional, not the people they detain. There were a lot of cops there. There is no reason they couldn’t have controlled the situation without screaming “fuck” a lot and kicking people in the head. They should always be expected to use the least violent means possible in any situation.

        3. So being “suspected” of a crime justifies state violence against you?

          Stay classless, cop-sucker.

          this is an armed robbery suspect (later convict)

          Laws against unnecessary brutality protect the guilty as well as the innocent. Being suspected of waving a gun around does not necessarily justify face stomping.

          I’m frankly confused as to the particulars of this event. The police statement is notable for what it does not say. It does not say that they recovered the robbery weapon from the scene. It does not say that the suspect pled guilty to this particular robbery. It says nothing about the other people at the scene.

          The article we are commenting on says :

          Medina-Pena’s lawsuit claims police found no weapons or other contraband on him.

          So… which is it? If we had a news media that actually reports on facts, maybe we’d know.

            1. The meat is in the last paragraph:

              Medina-Pena’s lawsuit cites an incident involving Iannetta allegedly using excessive force against a suspect in 2013. The city recently settled the federal claim for $350,000, after admitting that the police officers involved smashed a suspect’s head into a sidewalk and stomped his ribs after he admitted to possessing drug paraphernalia.

        4. This is a minor point but it’s spelled “dumb ass”

          “Dumass” wrote The Three Musketeers

    6. It doesn’t matter. No more violence than is absolutely necessary should ever be used by the police and kicking him in the face was absolutely not necessary. And if the cop wants him face down in the dirt, maybe he should be more specific than “get on the ground”.

    7. Fuck off Tulpa.

      Just in case.

  19. I guess Medina-Pena must be Black, because from what I hear, the only people abuse by asshole violent cops are Black.

    1. Black Hispanic ?

      1. He could be Obama’s son.

    1. Susan Ellis Wild

      Someone please bring me food.

      1. She makes $55,000 as the city solicitor, which seems like a low amount for selling your soul to the devil (well, sell it again – she did go to law school).

        1. 55K? There are kindergarten teachers in NYC who make more.

    2. You’re off your game today, HM. That’s the first link you’ve ever posted that did NOT fill me with joy.

      1. It’s the first one without a clown rap or incoherent rant about Israel.

        1. Pointing out that you are a vicious antisemite does not a “rant about Israel” make, habibi.

          But you knew that already.

          1. Wow you haven’t railed against the JOOS and New WORLD ORDER for over 15 minutes. Progress! Keep up the good work!

            1. AddictionMyth = narcissism and psychopathy

              1. Heroic Mulatto = Trump U Psychology graduate

                1. That’s Dr. Mulatto to you, habibi

  20. Poor Trumpkins. This could have been their daily routine. Where’d you go wrong, you stupid Trumpkins?

    1. I think the average Trumpkin’s daily routine involves are getting kicked in the head (figuratively, mostly). Unless they are completely ignoring all the coverage of the campaign, of course.

    2. “Pay attention to meee!” the troll explained.

      1. Where oh where did you go wrong, you stupid, stupid Trumpkin.

        1. You’re feisty today. Was the cafeteria out of hot dogs?

          1. Aw snap, Trumpkin. If only you had flung those zingers a few months ago.

            1. Obese, Mentally Ill Jackanapes Keeps Calling Anarchist “Trumpkin;” Film At Your Mom’s House

              1. Trumpkin-in-Denial Calls True Libertarian “Mentally Ill”. Reasonoids Remain Silent. Another Film About How Nazis Never Win at 11.

                1. Hilarious! It sucks for you that having delusions doesn’t burn very many calories.

                  1. AM/dajjal’s intentionally obstinate shtick is quite tedious, no?

                  2. So now you are pivoting to ‘mental illness’, thinking Hillary will be more sympathetic to that attack. Actually that will be even easier to debunk than Trumpkinism-in-Denial.

                    1. Yes. Keep on being intentionally obstinate. It’s so fun to play you like a harp from hell.

                      Keep dancing that jig, boy.

                    2. “intentionally obstinate” – Is this one of Trump’s regal offenses? Do you think Hillary will go for it? Maybe you can criminalize clown dancing.

                    3. What the fuck does Hillary have to do with it, you maniac? Or Trump, for that matter? Neither of them have anything to do with your continual posting of inane, rambling, borderline-schizoid shit.

                    4. It thinks it’s “disrupting.”

                      You see, it’s attempting to disrupt our conversation by jumping up on the table, pulling it’s pants down and taking a shit while screaming “LOOK AT ME!”

                      In reality, it has no idea that we engage with it purely for our own amusement.

                      When it ceases to amuse us, the utility of interacting with it shall cease.

                    5. It’s starting to copy and paste responses now. Do you think it’s time to bring up how sugar is worse for you than fat and REALLY freak it out?

                    6. Did you forget your meds today, CX?

                    7. Yes, keep taking the bait. You can’t help yourself can you?

                      You have absolutely no self-agency.

                      I bet you you can’t stop responding in this thread.

                      Prove me wrong. Stop posting.

                      I know you can’t.

                      You are a slave to your own narcissism and psychopathy.

                    8. Wow, it’s been at least 20 minutes without a clown rap or paranoid rant about “international banksters”. Are you feeling ok, hero?

                    9. It held off for three whole minutes, HM.

                    10. It’s obviously on coke, X. Like it’s PB persona before.

                      The bet with Playa ruined him. Look how far he’s fallen.

                    11. Are we sure AM is shreek? The timing works out, but i’ve yet to see this one call anybody “Christfag.”

                    12. Orange is the new black.

                      Trumpkin is the new Christfag.

                    13. Keep taking the bait.

                      I think it’s hilarious when you take something someone accuses you of doing/being and hurl it back at them.

                      Call me an antisemite now. That’s how your illness works, right?

                      Do it. You can’t help yourself.

                      I have you hook, line, and sinker.

  21. Is the cop ok?

  22. Apart from the violence, I always wince when I hear a cop say fuck this fuck that. Real professional.

    1. Why, what do YOU yell when you’ve got a bloodstream full of testosterone and adrenaline and a license to kill?

      1. I just get the impression that, say, British bobbies manage to maintain law and order with little more than some good quips.

        1. They didn’t have coked up messicans to deal with.

          1. Or “superpredators,” for that matter.

  23. You think Hillary’s gonna restore law and order to the inner cities? Don’t make me laugh.

    1. Seems like a local problem, not a national problem.

    2. What is this inner cities bullshit? Add the rhetoric of Trump and the Berniebots and it’s like we’re in a timewarp to the 90s.

      Gay people have gentrified the inner cities since then, and it’s now where people go to have craft cocktails. The gangs are in the areas outside the inner city or the far suburbs.

      1. Gay people have gentrified the inner cities

        Is that why you hate yourself, Tony? Hard to be a good progressive without being opposed to gentrification.

        1. I’m not opposed to gentrification. Where would I live without it, a ranch house?

      2. What is this inner cities bullshit?

        Make me wanna holler.

  24. http://www.mcall.com/news/brea…..story.html

    “Medina-Pena, 33, of Allentown pleaded guilty to robbery before Lehigh County Judge Maria L. Dantos in May and was sentenced on June 27 to 41/2 to 10 years in a state prison.

    The robbery at Platinum Plus on Airport Road occurred shortly before Medina-Pena’s arrest. According to a police report, staff at the club called police around 6:30 p.m. to report that a man showed the cashier what appeared to be a gun in his waistband and said “give me all the money or I’ll kill you.” The cashier handed over $1,594, the report said.”

    This guy is a robber (reported by the victim as an armed robber) fleeing the scene of the crime. The cop knows that he’s pulling over a legit suspect, and if he didn’t know it when he pulled him over, he definitely knew it when the black bag got thrown into the bushes (0:15). The armed robbery suspect is ordered to get on the ground. After reaching for his waistband multiple times while disregarding orders, he gets down on all fours — still in a position to reach for the gun or break off running. The cop cracks him in the head, which succeeds in getting him into a compliant position, and then proceeds to secure the vehicle.

    1. The cop cracks him in the head, which succeeds in getting him into a compliant position, and then proceeds to secure the vehicle.

      That’s why they need rocket launchers on police cruisers. Police aren’t paid to take risk. They’re paid to go home safe. So what if a few innocents get nuked. It’s the only way to be sure.

    2. The cop knows that he’s pulling over a legit suspect

      How would he know that? Cop intuition?

      he definitely knew it when the black bag got thrown into the bushes (0:15)

      Throwing a bag out a window means a cop knows a person is guilty of armed robbery?

      The cop cracks him in the head, which succeeds in getting him into a compliant position, and then proceeds to secure the vehicle.


      1. “How would he know that? Cop intuition?”

        -They were looking for a specific make/model of a getaway vehicle having an alleged armed robber and found it. And when bags go flying out of it, that suggests that this is THE getaway vehicle rather than a My-Cousin-Vinny scenario. So really, any level of intuition will suffice.

        “Throwing a bag out a window means a cop knows a person is guilty of armed robbery?”

        -Considering the context provided in the article I linked to, I would say it means that Medina-Pena is reasonably suspected to be an armed robber in flight, and a strong candidate for lawful arrest.


        1. Is it unreasonable to ask an armed robbery suspect to “get on the ground”? I would say no.
        2. Did the suspect comply with the order? I would say no.
        3. How long are you supposed to repeat the lawful order before resorting to force? I would say ’30 seconds’ is not unreasonable. What is your answer? 90 seconds? Forever, i.e., never resort to force?
        4. Once you decide to resort to force, what exactly do you do? The cop didn’t shoot him, which is good. You might argue that he could have tackled him, but depending on the cop’s wrestling skills, that could result in a struggle-for-the-gun scenario. I don’t think a stomp is unreasonable. I would say that it’s too bad the guy spent three days in the hospital, but deep down I wouldn’t mean it.

        1. Cool story, Tulpa.

        2. Dear prs130,

          I hope your child is involved in a vehicular traffic stop and is so anxious that he or she makes a ‘furtive gesture’ towards the glove box or waistband. Furthermore, I hope the law enforcement office involved fears for his life and acts accordingly.


          Heroic Mulatto

          1. I’ll be sure to teach my children how to follow directions, especially if people with guns are involved.

            As for the case at hand, to which my present comments are directed, the officer did not appear to fear for his own life; otherwise, he would have shot the suspect. That didn’t happen.

            1. A kick to the face was fine, though. Got it.

    3. Look, you can’t expect a group of police to get four people out of a vehicle and under control without getting amped up and yelling profanities and kicking the shit of someone. The police are not there to create disorder, they are there to maintain disorder.

    4. Yeah, I am having trouble getting too worked up over this particular case.

      If the cops only broke the jaws of actual armed robbers, there would be no outrage.

      For example, if the owner of the establishment had walked up to this asshole and kicked him in the face, I’d cheer.

      When the cops do it, I admit to being conflicted. THIS is the example that cops use to justify shooting little old ladies. And that gives me a sad.

  25. Bow ye down low to my shtick.

    1. It’s so funny that you think you’re being self-aware.

      You’re just an ass.

      1. Stupid, stupid Trumpkin. Where oh where did you go wrong???

        1. Hey look, ctrl-c ctrl-p works on your computer still. Better try it a few more times, though.

      2. I mean, it’s kinda funny. Sort of.

        1. Come on, man. It calling me, out of all people, a Trump supporter is some hilarious shit.

          1. Yeah, that’s what sort of rescues it, ultimately.

          2. Come to think of it, i’ve been called both a leftist AND a Trump supporter in the comments today, so i must be doing something right.

              1. Girl, you smart.

  26. Ok, I watched the video. That kick seemed intended to get him on the ground, not punish him.

    Pena is a dumbass who seemed way too concerned about pulling up his sagging shorts and not getting dirty by laying on the asphalt.

    The chick on the bike was amusing.

    I admit that “get on the ground” might be confusing to someone who is already kneeling with 3 other perps in the car. He might not have understood that they wanted HIM to PROSTRATE himself on the ground.

    I am not outraged by this particular example. Armed robbery suspect was not shot while furtively sticking his hands in his pants.

    1. Agreed as to non-outrage.

      I agree that “get on the ground” and “lie prostrate on the ground” might be construed differently. Once your hands are on the ground, you’re kinda-sorta “on the ground”. On the other hand, this guy’s buddies were doing a textbook compliance and they were directly in his line of vision, leading by example.

      “lie prostrate” is a better order, but uses vocab that not all suspects will understand. maybe “put your chest and face on the ground” would be the best order.

      It also wouldn’t be bad to repeat the order in Spanish if English isn’t working. But I’m not sure that was a difference maker in this scenario. This guy was apparently able to argue with a stripper and rob the club using English.

      See, we’re all about constructive criticism here in the reason comments section.

      1. “lie prostrate” is a better order, but uses vocab that not all suspects will understand

        Not too many cops will understand it, either.

        1. If this was in Texas, his prostate may have been searched.

  27. New Professionalism, my ass.

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