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Smith College Contracts Private Organization to Run 24/7 'Bias Response' Hotline

Anonymous reporting = potential for abuse


Smith College

Smith College has hired a third-party organization to run a misconduct "hotline," giving students the ability to report bias incidents 24/7.

EthicsPoint is already in use at Tufts University, Brown University, and Amherst College, according to The Sophian:

The Smith administration has made it clear that this program is not meant to replace the current system for reporting sexual assault, nor is it a 911 service for reporting emergencies. Rather, it is a way for students and staff to report instances of misconduct in a way that allows them to remain anonymous.

What kind of misconduct? Anything, really. There are more than two dozen kinds of violations, according to Smith's website—including bias incidents and harassment. The university defines harassment as "unfair treatment, uninvited or unwelcome verbal or physical conduct," because of "race, creed, color, religion, national/ethnic origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age," or disability status.

That's a fairly broad definition. Verbal conduct should have to be more than just "unwelcome" to count as harassment. Are Smith students not free to criticize other people's religious beliefs, even if it makes them uncomfortable?

Like other bias reporting systems, EthicsPoint allows students to report anonymously—furthering the potential for abuse.

"There is a considerable risk that this will be abused by students since virtually anything could be reported on," Kira Barrett, a junior at Smith, told Campus Reform.

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  1. Is this like the lion's mouth in ancient Venice?

    1. Oops, my Venice-phobia is showing:

      "While these lions' mouths were a pipeline to the State, they were not, despite popular lore, sinister snitching posts where your enemy could anonymously rat you out ? fairly or unfairly ? and wait for the Council of Ten's reps to pop by and drag you off to swing from a gibbet. On the contrary, there was a sophisticated process through which anonymous denunciations were considered. Serious evidence and investigation were always needed before any action was taken."

      1. IDK, "There are more than two dozen kinds of violations, according to Smith's website?including bias incidents and harassment. " makes it sound like your retribution arrives in 30 min. or it's free.

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  2. The good news is that when Hillary starts world war 3 people will have bigger problems to worry about than microaggressions.

    1. Well, a lot of those whiny college kids will get drafted. And equality will require that females be drafted as well as males.

      1. Ha! Good one!

  3. A Thought Police Officer is something to be . . .

  4. Good on someone for seeing a way to make money out of this microaggressions bullshit

    1. Markets in everything? LOL . . .

    2. "To address concerns about abuses, we will delete the record of the complaint as soon as we receive it. That will be two million dollars, please."

  5. "hello, hotline? I was hitting on a girl, but she told me she doesn't go for black guys. When can we get her kicked out of school?"

    1. Barry? Is that you?

  6. Isn't Smith a girl's college? *(Womyns?)

    I'm just trying to imagine the kind of girl-on-girl sexual harassment that would merit a 24/7 response team.

    excuse me, I believe i left something in my bunk

      1. you don't want to be tasting that

      1. And to think that some perverts actually get turned on by these catfights.

      2. If the cats aren't covered in shit it's not a real fight.

          1. Outnumbered and completely unfair. I cry fowl on that one.

    1. Yeah, still all female, I think.

      I wonder how much woman on woman harassment there is and how much is because UMASS sends over rape teams when they have parties, or something.

      1. I'm sure they all develop extremely healthy and realistic expectations of gender-comity during their college experiences

        (*continues work on iPhone App for "digital rape whistle")

      2. Uh, if you've ever worked in a nearly all-female office, you'd be amazed at how much harassment, both real and perceived there is.

        1. "Yes - he was doing 'that look' again. YOU KNOW WHAT LOOK I MEAN! "

        2. I've always worked with mostly men. From what I hear about workplaces with a lot of women, I'm pretty lucky. I've also been quite lucky (so far) to work with people who can take a joke and the occasional insult and don't mind that I say "fuck" a lot.

          1. I've had a range of environments, Zeb. Most recently I was in a place much like you describe, where the only female in our office cursed and made crude comments as much or with greater frequency than some of the men. It was very relaxed and a lot of fun for those of us who had thick skin.

            Years ago I worked in a supervisory capacity with an almost all female staff. I was universally disliked partly because I was very strict about the policies we were supposed to follow. One day an employee and I were talking and she basically said "You know, Charles, you're an asshole and no one around here likes you, but the one thing we all agree on is that you don't play favorites: you're the same asshole to everyone." Even though they didn't like me she added that most of them preferred working on my shifts because I was consistent and predictable, unlike the other two supervisors who favored some employees over others and were often moody.

          2. Working in a majority female environment is a goddam nightmare. They are hard-wired to oppose each other.

      3. My wife worked for a women's college and the students had a saying that to fit in you had to be a LUG (Lesbian Until Graduation). If feeling social pressure to give in and have sex is "harassment", and last time I looked most feminists claimed it was, the answer to your question is a big old YES.

      4. I once worked for a company where about 90% of the employees were female. Daily cat fights. Women are far meaner to each other than men are.

        1. My wife HATES working with women. She'd prefer to be the only woman in an otherwise all-male environment, since men are much more likely to just confront her if they have a problem with her, while women just get really passive aggressive and bitchy.

          My department where I work, on the other hand, is about two-thirds women, but I lucked out and almost every one of them is easy to work with.

    2. I'm just trying to imagine the kind of girl-on-girl sexual harassment that would merit a 24/7 response team.

      What kind of misconduct? Anything, really.

      Do you think they realized they've framed it as porn fantasy? Suddenly every thrown pillow, spilled bottle of vegetable oil, and zucchini-sized cucumber is to be considered a potential 'situation'.

      I'm left to wonder if the phones ring off the hook there during a 'Cocks not glocks' rally or don't ring at all.

  7. Is it just me or are universities becoming the creepiest places on the planet?

    1. Obviously you've never been to a Trump rally, shitlord.
      /progressive millennial

      1. I'm sure I'd be creeped the fuck out by a Trump rally (or a Clinton rally or a Bernie rally. The fact that people go to political rallys at all is pretty fucking creepy, really.).

    2. I suspect that Reason is guilty of hyping it. My guess is the fringes get all the attention and 95% of the student population just ignore it all.

      Just a guess.

      1. They hired someone specifically to cover it. So I suspect it is a bit over-hyped. And at least some of the college professors around here seem to agree.

      2. Not really sure it's accurate to call them fringe when things like bias response teams have been institutionalized.

        1. Meh. Back in the day, Universities did stupid shit too. We, the majority of students, mocked them and did what we wanted anyway...because, fuck them.

          Maybe, kids today have been totes indoctrinated, but I suspect not. Or at least I hope not. If so, fuck them, they deserve everything they get/surrender to.

          1. The indoctrination is strong in this generation.
            There's a Pavlovian "b-b-but you can't do that, we need to tell someone" built in.

    3. No, they aren't becoming, they already are. The type of shit that goes on with these students will not be tolerated for a minute in most work places. They are being prepared for failure. Talk about a situation where a refund is well deserved, plus damages on top of it. This is 100% on the administrators for allowing this. I think a lot of the faculty has already ran away from this because now they're a victim of the monster they've helped create.

      1. Like the group of interns who presented the company with a petition protesting the company's dress code.

        Fortunately the boss' did them a favor and fired them all.

        I doubt the learned the lesson though. Instead of going back to class with a better understanding that protests petitions may work on a campus where you are paying to go but not so much in a job were you are being paid to produce work.

        They probably went back with horror stories of this one hate filled corporation that was probably all Republicans.

  8. "There is a considerable risk that this will be abused by students since virtually anything could be reported on," Kira Barrett, a junior at Smith, told Campus Reform.

    I find Kira Barrett's statement to be offensive. YOU'RE GOING DOWN BITCH

    1. *Shreeking Twitter mob descends...*

  9. BTW, is that building the whole college?

  10. "There is a considerable risk that this will be abused by students since virtually anything could be reported on," Kira Barrett, a junior at Smith, told Campus Reform.

    The sequel to "Three Felonies A Day" is going to be "Three Thousand Microaggressions A Day"

    1. 3000 microaggressions = 3 regular aggressions?

      1. No, fuck, that would take 3,000,000

        1. It's the deci-aggressions that you have to be mindful of.

  11. I am pretty sure the potential for abuse is the entire point of doing this.

    1. It's just confusing at a women's school. How are you supposed to know who is the abuser and who is the abused if you don't have sex to go on?

      1. That is a good point. My guess is they go by race.

    2. "I saw Goody Ratchford with the devil"

  12. Off topic, Otto for the Win!

    Don't call me stupid.

    1. I got all excited for a Repo Man reference but was only mildly let down that it was actually an Airplane! reference instead.

      1. A Fish Called Wanda you moron 😉

      2. mean the Fish Called Wanda ref?

        1. You two fucks (you and kinnath). Why wouldn't an "Otto" reference for a self-driving mode of transportation just as easily be an "Airplane!" Reference?


          1. Because, "don't call me stupid" is one of the greatest lines of dialog ever written. 😉

      3. The lights are growing dim Otto...and though I know a life of crime led me to this sorry fate, I still blame society. Society made me what I am!

        -That's bullshit, Duke, you're a white suburban punk, just like me.

        Yeah, but it...still....hurts....

        -You're gonna be OK *Duke starts death rattle* ......maybe not

  13. Kind of an overreaction, some of Creed's stuff isn't that bad.

  14. Huh, I went to the EthicsPoint webpage and attempted to enter "The State Department" in the "organization name" to submit a report. They gave me a list of companies, but the State Department wasn't a valid option.

    1. "Smith College Administration"?

  15. I would like to report the abuse of the student body by the administration.

  16. "There is a considerable risk that this will be abused by students since virtually anything could be reported on," Kira Barrett, a junior at Smith, told Campus Reform.

    Holy shit, the amount of fun that I could have with this. Almost makes me wish I was back in college. If the hotline isn't soon flooded with complaints about the Vice President of Diversity (or whatever bullshit make-work grievance monger the university employees), I will be sorely disappointed.

    1. That is what I think when I see these things. You could call in a new complaint every day. And since it is anonymous, how would they ever stop you?

      The fact that these things are not overloaded by crank calls makes me wonder if kids today really don't believe in this shit. That is pretty terrifying to contemplate.

    2. You can go to the website right now!

    3. That was my thought as well. "Hello, hotline? Yeah, well anyway, there's this really fat ugly chick and she keeps leering at me, like she wants to do me. I'm not really into that 'roll 'em in flour and look for the wet spot' stuff, ya know? This is harassment, right?"

  17. Kaine holds rally, 30 people show up

    In the meantime, Trump holds a rally in same state and thousands are lined up 12 hours early.

    Trump rally in FL

    I'm not seeing the enthusiasm for team blue. Talk about landslides all you want, I don't see it. They'll need massive election fraud to pull that off.

    And no, this is not an endorsement for Trump. It's just unbiased commenting. Something we don't get enough around here. Yeah, I know, I'm gonna boycott the comments section until all my demands are met.

      1. So you think the only Trump vote s are the people that spend half a day waiting to see him speak...

        ...yet think people will vote en masse for Hillary when she nor her running mate can fill anything bigger than a donor's living room?

        1. Yes, that's exactly what is happening. People are just so enthusiastic about Hillary that they're worn out from it and don't have any energy left to attend a rally.

          1. Most have already voted twice, so...

    1. I'm not seeing the enthusiasm for team blue. Talk about landslides all you want, I don't see it. They'll need massive election fraud to pull that off.

      They don't need enthusiasm. They merely need compliance.

      1. hey don't need enthusiasm. They merely need compliance.

        That is a great way to put it. I am not sure how much compliance they are going to get. But we will find out.

        1. Lots of compliance from the dead and illegal immigrants I suppose.

          1. Dead men never disobey orders.

    2. I hope so. I can think of few things more satisfying than seeing Hilary fail to achieve her life's ambition. She's been campaigning for the presidency for well over a decade and she's an unparalleled piece of shit. What could be better than seeing her dreams go down in flames? (aside from seeing her receive life imprisonment)


      This guy says what I suspect is happening. The election is very close and they are going to have to depend on fraud and turnout to win. So, they are running polls that over sample Democrats and getting the media to put out a coordinated message that Hillary has already won to depress Republican turnout. I honestly don't think that will work because I think people want to vote for Trump as a symbolic fuck you to the media and Hillary more than anything else and thus won't be deterred by claims their votes won't change the result. But we will find out on election day.

      1. Look at my post below, John. It seems to show something else besides what the polls are showing. And Hillary is falling in the polls again despite their best efforts.

        1. Oops, I mean post above.

        2. I think the truth about what she did to Bernie and Trump finally going after her in the second debate has really hurt her. I know a fair number of Bernie supporters and whatever else they were they were all true believers. I know most will comply and go vote for Hillary but I think a fair number of them will either not vote or vote for Stein or even gasp Trump in a few cases. Hillary has to have the entire Obama coalition to win. I find it hard to believe it is anything like a sure thing she is going to get it.

          1. I think what's really hurting her is the last debate and that maniacal plastic smile. People are creeped out by her. Damn, I swear if she wins I'm not turning on the TV for the next 4 years.

    4. Wouldn't a Pence rally be a better comparison to the Kaine rally?

      1. Maybe a Hillary rally would be. Then you'll have 50 bused in people in a private auditorium.

        1. I heard she's making no further appearances before the election. In the lab for repairs, I guess.

          1. They have to change the embalming fluid and shoot her full of a new round of plastisol to keep the creepy smile going. Maybe change the cankle gaskets.

      2. The first link has the comparison with Pence's rally.

        1. I'm a little skeptical. I couldn't find numbers for Pence rally in FL. They showed a few hundred people in a different state. I think Hilary Fl vs Trump Fl turn out would be more predictive.

          1. Biggest number I heard Hillary get at a rally was 3k. That was her record highest.

          2. Apparently she's already got it in the bag and doesn't need anymore appearances.

    5. Talk about landslides all you want, I don't see it. They'll need massive election fraud to pull that off.

      Do you not see it because you do not think they can commit massive election fraud?

      1. If you want to put on your conspiracy theory hat; the reason why they conduct such biased polling is so they can explain their fraud. If the polling were honest, people would see the results being different from the polling and after a while start to wonder. Make sure the polls are dishonest and they don't do that. Wikileaks has shown that the entire media will do or say anything the DNC tells them. So why wouldn't they conduct fraudulent polls to cover up for a fraudulent election?

        1. Exit polls are a wee bit more accurate for detecting fraud. Pre-election polling is more rife with social signalling.

      2. I don't know how massive the fraud would have to be. They would only need to shave a few votes in a few key states. They wouldn't have to bother in states like California.

      3. Early voters in Texas are already complaining that voting machines are registering all the down ballot votes correctly for straight ballot Republican voters but not the top of the ticket vote.

        There have been numerous complaints that people had to get help from election workers to make the Trump vote register before casting the ballot.

        I have no idea if it's true.

    6. I don't know anyone who voted for Nixon

      1. Well, my parents were too young, I don't know if I want to bug my grandparents about the matter...

        /end intentionally missing the reference.

    7. So, what the hell is the Republicans' problem? Why don't they get with the program on this fraud stuff?

    8. You don't need enthusiasm for team blue (though there is more of that than you think, I suspect). There is plenty of enthusiastic hate for Trump which is going to motivate a lot of voters.

  18. Remember when the right was the morality police and the left clamored for free expression?

    Do you think these idiots will ever realize, on their own, they've come full circle?

  19. I've gotten to the point of just shaking my head at all of this silliness and wondering how long it will take to collapse under its own weight.

    1. Well they have Trigglypuff so it can't be much longer.

  20. Looks like the kiddies are being prepared to be good little fascists and rat out all of their neighbors to big brother. Nice job, academia.

  21. Reason needs its own version of a bias response hotline.

      1. Counter-reported! Queen captures Pawn, Check your privilege.

  22. The proper response to any call should be "grow a pair, child".

    1. At an all-womyns school? That would be awesome.

  23. OT:

    The daily Podesta dump seems to have a bona fide smoking gun in it, with Podesta and Cheryl Mills discussing Obama's lies about not knowing Hillary was using a private email account:

    Punchline: Cheryl Mills telling Podesta "we need to clean this up - he has emails from her - they do not say"

    1. Who the fuck creates their gmail address with their first and last name, especially when you're a juicy hacking target?

      1. I couldn't get the gmail addres that was my first and last name - it was already taken.

        1. Good point, maybe this isn't THE John.Podesta?

          1. There is that, but I was actually just lamenting that some other bastard got my address.

      2. Read the emails. They reveal Jon Podesta to be a Joe from Lowell level moron. The guy is just dumb. Remember, he got hacked twice; the second time after he had been told his account was compromised but still didn't change his password.

        1. "...the second time after he had been told his account was compromised but still didn't change his password."

          Not sure that's "getting hacked" so much as "handing it out".

        2. John, that's harsh!

          Do you know how difficult it is to change the combination on all your luggage, particularly if, as a frequent flyer, you have a lot of it?

          You expect him to remember two sets of passwords? He isn't some illiterate businessman from the middle ages! There is only so much he can memorize!

    2. Now you know why Cheryl Mills took the 5th. She is guilty of obstruction of justice for deleting those emails. I don't know what to say about this anymore. The criminality is all there for everyone to see. The media refuses to talk about it, but the proof of it is out there for anyone who wants to look. There really is nothing else to debate about it. it is as they say what it is.

    3. For those that get snippy when there's not a direct Wikileaks link *looking at Tarran*

      1. No. That wasn't why I was snippy.

        I get pissed off when people interact with the useless waste of space who in meat space is known as Dr Russell Sietz of Harvard university, but calls himself entelechy here (because people stopped to interacting with him when he posted as Russell becasue they figured out he was a worthless piece of shit).

        Of course, I would get snippy when, for the first time in my experience, he actually posts a link to something worthwhile as opposed to the usual bullshit that pervades his horrid little stalky blog.


      1. The fact that the Virginia governor and Clinton crony gave the wife of one of the senior agent in charge of the investigation $500,000 for her state senate campaign is just a coincidence.

      2. And the great right wing conspiracy continues 2 decades after.

    5. Like it matters. Nothing is going to stick with Hillary. The only way anything happens to her is if she loses the election. If she wins, the mask comes off and we'll see what true corruption looks like, Latin American style.

      1. The grandma suit comes off, too.

      2. This, sadly. Most of the media is far too busy covering every dumbass thing Trump says to report on the mounting evidence of Hillary's corruption. Sort of a conspiracy of silence: If you all just decide not to cover a story, it won't go anywhere.

  24. "uninvited or unwelcome verbal or physical conduct"

    All Jehovah's Witnesses are pre-reported. So don't bother.

    From the Sophian article: "Despite this, EthicsPoint and the Smith administration encourage students to make reports even if they are unsure if it is really worth documenting."

    Just in case any of you are unsure if it is really worth documenting: /domain/ en/default_reporter.asp

    1. This is straight up Orwellian.

  25. "...verbal contact..."

    I think someone needs some instruction in the English language.

    1. I see "verbal conduct" Where are you seeing this?

      (also there is a context where 'verbal contact', as in a communications link, is valid English)

      1. My mistake; should have copied and pasted...

  26. An anonymous bias hotline on a college campus is just begging for some smart-ass prank calls.

  27. "Where were you thinking about going to college, my non-binarian?"
    "Gross dad, your possessives are antiquated and oppressive."
    "Just trying to relate to you, offspring..."
    "Well stop. In fact, I'm calling mom right now and telling her about my choice instead of you."
    "Is it Smith College?"
    "How did you find out? Why the fuck did mom tell you!?"
    "The better question is, will they let a non-binarian into their ranks, offspring."

    1. In RE: 'non-binarian': Any parent who humors their kid when they claim shit like that is a negligent parent.

  28. first person to get reported for complaining that this system was created by a fucking moron gets my everlasting respect.

  29. EthicsPoint is already in use at Tufts University, Brown University, and Amherst College

    Not exactly what I envision as "building a better mouse trap" but the market apparently exists.

  30. it is a way for students and staff to report instances of misconduct in a way that allows them to remain anonymous.

    What could possibly go wrong?


    And- as for "unwanted verbal advances" or whatever the fuck they call it:

    I can easily see 20 year old collegiate me initiating a lot of conversations with, "Have you accepted Jesus as your personal saviour?"

    1. You'd be reported, Brooks.

      Examples of potential harassment:

      "Stalking or persecuting a person with unwanted attentions, gifts, or messages ."

  31. I'm so triggered I'll have to firebomb the hotline

  32. "Big Brother is watching you" becomes "Everyone is watching you."

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