Criminal Justice

'Woman' Offering Sex in Exchange for McDonald's Meal Was Part of FBI-Led Ploy to Stop Sex-Trafficking

"Hooking for cheeseburgers isn't normal," says detective from department that pretended to do so.


Police in Casper, Wyoming, arrested four sex workers, including one who was homeless, and posed as a woman offering sex in exchange for McDonald's as part of an FBI-initiated vice sting. Detective Dan Dundas told Wyoming's K2 radio that the purpose of the initiative, called Operation Cross Country, "is to conduct vice operations to hopefully recover juveniles who have been sex trafficked, who have essentially been brought into the world of prostitution against their will and basically held in indentured servitude by pimps and other people who are involved in the sex trade."

No victims were discovered during the Casper sting.

But Casper cops did arrest four women, including one "who was listed as homeless," according to K2 radio. The women were booked on prostitution charges.

In addition, one man was charged in the Casper sting, for soliciting prostitution. He had responded to an ad posted by Casper police in which they pretended to be a woman offering sex in exchange for a quarter-pounder cheeseburger and french fries from McDonalds. When the man showed up with the food, he was arrested.

"Hooking for cheeseburgers isn't normal," Detective Dundas said.

And yet… pretending to be a woman offering sex in exchange for a freaking cheeseburger is something Casper police and the FBI did as part of an operation to "recover juveniles who have been sex trafficked."

This year's Operation Cross Country included 135 stings across the country. I'll post about the sting more broadly once I find out more information.