Philippine President Defends Killing of Children in Drug War—Says They're 'Collateral Damage'

If you're hurting children, the president says he'll kill you.



Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte compared his country's war on drugs to the U.S. war on terrorism, suggesting children who were killed by government or vigilante forces were collateral damage, in an interview with Al-Jazeera. "When you bomb a village you intend to kill the militants but you kill the children there," Duterte offered. "Why do you say it is collateral damage to the West and to us it is murder?"

Duterte claimed the Philippines had 3 million drug addicts (about 3 percent of the population) and growing, and that the war on drugs his government has waged, which claimed 400 lives in its first month, including 150 by vigilante groups, was justified in the name of the "next generation" of Filipinos. Nearly 4,000 people have been killed since July, including up to 1,300 by vigilante groups, which Duterte has previously encouraged, as The Guardian reports.

The president also defended the killing of bystanders by police. When a suspect with a pistol and a police officer with an automatic rifle exchange fire, "with the policeman and the M16, it's one burst, brrr, and he hits 1,000 people there and they die." This, Duterte said, could be justified. "It could not be negligence because you have to save your life. It could not be recklessness because you have to defend yourself."

As Jacob Sullum noted in August, Duterte's strategy has been to "kill them all." Duterte doubled down in his Al-Jazeera interview. "You destroy my country, I'll kill you, and it's a legitimate thing," Duterte said. "If you destroy our young children, I will kill you,that is a very correct statement."

Before he was elected Duterte objected to comparisons to Donald Trump, insisting he was not a bigot. In the Al-Jazeera interview, he rejected suggestions he was dictatorial. (Duterte has sought emergency powers to fix traffic and praised the kleptocrats Ferdinand Marcos.) "For the life of me, I have yet to remember a thing that I did that would indicate that I have the traces of being dictatorial," Duterte complained. "From day one."

President Duterte, of course, is not alone in thinking drug offenders should be killed. So do American drug warriors.

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  1. He could run for president here, probably get a lot of votes.

    Someone should put a bullet between his fucking eyes and I mean like right now.

    1. Do they sell woodchippers in the Philippines?

    2. -many vacations in the Philippines. It used to be a popular place for Taiwanese tourists, until Duterte.

    3. As long as he was a major party candidate.

  2. Before he was elected Duterte objected to comparisons to Donald Trump, insisting he was not a bigot

    This can’t be shouted enough. Because remember, Pol Pot was fighting for Social Justice.

  3. And when Amy Grant chooses gays over God, you know the world is moving forward.

    1. Wut? Did I miss something?

      1. Sorry, I was doing stream of consciousness, it was one of the clickbait ads above the post.

  4. “Why do you say it is collateral damage to the West and to us it is murder?”

    The only people here saying that is ok, are monsters like you, Duturte. Whatever happens to you, it won’t be bad enough.

    1. The West is literally worse than Hitler.

  5. The only friend I ever lost over politics wasn’t a prog (I have precious few of those and we’re able to argue about politics amiably enough), but a staunch conservative over this exact issue.

    His brother killed himself with drugs, and now this guy has a, “All drug users are victims and all drug dealers should be killed on sight” mentality. After being friends for like 6 years he found out I favored legalization, and eventually wrote me this long screed email about how people can only really be free if they’re living moral life styles and it’s the job of the state to enforce morality, so that people can be free. Because if you take drugs, you’re a slave to your addiction. So the war on drugs isn’t oppression, it’s enabling freedom.

    1. So the war on drugs isn’t oppression, it’s enabling freedom.

      So is a lofty minimum wage and scheduling security.

      1. I didn’t use those exact examples, but I asked him how it’s different from any other progressive security net that he would otherwise oppose, and the answer is always because drugs are different and addiction makes you a slave, whereas people are poor by choice.

        I’ll give him credit for this; I brought up prohibition, and instead of giving some mealy-mouthed excuse about “cultural norms” that your typical National Review type conservative would spew, he said prohibition only failed because we didn’t crack down on the mob hard enough and it was probably time to give it another try.

        So at least he’s consistent, I guess.

        1. Does he realize that Prohibition II: Electric Boogaloo would basically be the final nail in the coffin of gun rights in this country?

        2. My favorite from the conservotards is:

          “But you can’t enjoy some marijuana with your dinner”

          Food, Wine, and Cannabis tour

          Is that fucking right, dickheads?

        3. your typical National Review type conservative

          You realize Buckley was a hardcore anti-prohibitionist, right? Many writers there are openly opposed to drug-war statism, and have been for a long time.

          1. He BECAME a hardcore anti-prohibitionist long after millions had been apprehended, arrested, and caged, all applauded by a guy who had more trouble putting subject to predicate to object than even the Kenyan born (according to him) bolzhevik in the WH.

            BTW, ever listen to Obama trying to speak without the aid of a teleprompter?

            1. WFB’s sentences diagrammed beautifully, though one has to have a certain familiar, nay, intime comfort with clauses, be they dependent, subordinate, or relative, in order to appreciate their condign symmetry. In print, it was very poetry. In conversation, it could be a bit much

              The man had style. To avoid breaking the law, he sailed his yacht outside the 12-mile limit before trying weed for the first time.

      2. The “Martha Stewart Of Meth Labs” is blaming the heroin “epidemic” on marijuana legalization.

        Correlation is not causation, lady.

    2. Because if you take drugs, you’re a slave to your addiction.

      God, I am so tired of hearing this shit. Your friend/relative/lover wants to get fucking high and if he/she/xe discards you in their quest to get high, it’s not because they’ve got a “good heart” that’s been repressed by the evil drug pushers, it’s because you are less important to them than getting high.

      Accept it, live with it, find something to do with your own life, and move the fuck on.

      1. I tried to tell him exactly this, but it’s his brother, man and he loved him because FAMILY and his brother wouldn’t have done something like this if it wasn’t for an evil drug pusher!

        1. I don’t understand. Why he didn’t find his brother’s drug dealers and kill them himself? I mean, if that’s what it takes to save a life from the scourge of drugs…

          1. The real question is “why didn’t he help his brother out when he needed it most?”, that maybe why he wants to throw blame around.

            1. It’s hard to help somebody who doesn’t want to help himself.

              … but killing drug dealers (and all the “collateral damage”) ain’t gonna fix that.

              1. Was it Newkeler Newt who suggested giving drug dealers the death sentence here? I mean that falls a little short of allowing vigilante groups to randomly kill their neighbors, but…

          2. This. Stop being a chicken shit who wants everybody else to suffer in order to sate his conscience.

        2. I have a brother who is an enormous fuck-up. Alcoholic, on and off drug issues, can barely hold down a job, in massive debt. Every single problem in his life is a product of his own choices, he’s been given plenty of opportunities to improve and has failed every time. I cannot fathom people who are unwilling to recognize when members of their family are fuck-ups.

          1. I have/had multiple cousins like that. Of 4 kids in one family, 3 are dead from drugs or drug related incidents. The 4 th is a total loser who blames everyone else for his problems. Their mother passed away last night in hospice because he was so aggressive to the home care workers that they wouldn’t come care for her at home anymore.

            I hope they sieze the house to pay the hospice bills. He’s an asshole lunatic.

            1. Sorry for your loss.

          2. I have my fair share of family members and former friends who are like that. I’ve tried, but ultimately, it’s up to the person to care. I mean when you cannot hold down a job because of drugs/alcohol, then it’s clearly a problem you should deal with. Only they don’t.

            1. If you can’t hold down a job, it’s likely not “because” of drugs. It’s likely a character flaw responsible for both.

              1. Not really, doing drugs isn’t a character flaw, but it doesn’t surprise me that a stupid asshole like you thinks they are.

                1. It’s the character flaw that allows the drugs to become a problem. But I wouldn’t expect a fucking idiot, such as yourself, to understand my implication.

      2. My brother also died of a heroin overdose. If not for the insane war on drugs, he could have purchased a commodity of known strength and consistent quality from an established business firm in a free market. The dangers of combining opioids and alcohol would be clearly stated in the packaging. If the firm sold a defective product, or otherwise failed in its responsibility to advise users of the dangers inherent in using its products, our family would have been able to sue the firm for damages. If the firm was grossly negligent or fraudulent in supplying defective product, it could be prosecuted for criminal offenses. As it stands, no such action is practical because the business is conducted in the shadows. And, since the shadows effectively conceal the business, its suppliers have strong incentives to sell adulterated products even though the raw materials and processing costs for making final products are next to nothing compared to the retail price of product. And its retailers don’t really know what they’re selling and have no incentives to provide warnings with respect to the dangers of using their products.

    3. I either own myself or I don’t. It gets pretty straightforward when viewed like that.

  6. It’s a good thing kids have never been killed in the US because of the drug war.

    1. Does being maimed by a flashbang to the crib count?

      1. Only if our heroes made it home safely.

        1. Not only did they make it home safely, they got medals.

      2. How about the missionary family whose plane was shot down on DEA orders in South America?

    2. Don’t forget that whole Waco Massacre was based on trumped up charges about owning guns and manufacturing drugs.

  7. “Duterte said. If you destroy our young children, I will kill you,that is a very correct statement.”

    We might have to kill the children in order to save them. I think this guy got his logic from the US government.

    1. I’m sure he’s one of those who believes every child killed is on the head of the evildoers, even if the bullet came straight from one of his goons’ guns.

      1. “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

        C.S. Lewis

        1. Trudat. The Philippines was a lot more fun under Marcos. My buddies got busted for pot and paid the cops off with a Timex watch and a handful of pesos. Much better than six years in prison.

      2. Shit, you should have read some of the comments made in news articles about the crib flash-bang. People were blaming everybody except the cops. It was the drug dealer’s fault for putting the family at risk. It was the family’s fault for staying with a drug dealer. Ad nauseum.

        1. I don’t see how these people think that acting like cops have no agency is going to lead to good places.

          1. The average American is dumber than a box of shit and cannot think past the next episode of America’s got talent. That’s how.

            1. Myopic self-interest is a hell of a drug.

        2. If I remember correctly, the drug dealer they were looking for did not even live there. But that’s the drug dealers fault too for not living where the cops thought he did.

          1. Apparently, “some hoodlum says a drug dealer lives there” is good enough in perpetuity for a no-knock SWAT raid on any house.

            1. Ask Ryan Frederick

              1. Or Corey Maye.

                It’s amazing to me how defending your home against invasion is a crime, depending on the unknowable-in-advance factor of who’s doing the invading.

                1. And the threshold for invasion is getting lower every day. They raided an 80 something guys house here because they thought he had too many prescriptions.

                  1. If you’re over 80 in America, you probably have a whole pharmacy in the medicine cabinet, so it’s Bush’s fault.

                    1. Well, Medicare Part D, so, yeah.

                2. Slightly different topic, but I was walking to a restaurant from my office in the city a few days ago, and there was this person standing on the street asking everyone who passed if they had a cigarette. As I approached closer, I heard him say to one guy ‘come on, bro, I’ll pay you for a cigarette if you got one’, and the guy said ‘The cops kill people for selling cigarettes!’.

                  1. +1 choke hold

                  2. Then it worked. The citizen declined to break the law. That’s a win.

                    Mega City One can rest easy knowing the citizens are law-abiding.

                  3. ‘The cops kill people for selling cigarettes!’

                    I’ll have to remember that one.

                3. It isn’t always like that.


                  But more often than not.

                  1. Advertising sex for a carton of cigarettes is more believable than a quarter pounder and fries.

        3. And yet, you think that there is a place for the monopolization of the administration of justice, anywhere?

  8. including up to 1,300 [killed] by vigilante groups

    How many by Charles Bronson?

    (Or, less famously but more topically, Richard Harrison)

  9. This guy is planning to kill 3 million people and how many more as collateral damage? And then what? Surely there will be a new boogey man, because not having a scary boogey man is just so meh. The guy is approaching Pol Pot like evil here.

    1. He’s going after the drug dealers not the users per se. Although, if somebody explains to him the market dynamics of demand and supply…

      1. I thought he was going after the users too?

        1. This is from Reuters:

          Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte appeared to liken himself to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler on Friday and said he would “be happy” to exterminate 3 million drug users and peddlers in the country.

          “Noting that Hitler had murdered millions of Jews, Duterte said, “There are 3 million drug addicts (in the Philippines). I’d be happy to slaughter them.”

          1. Ah, I misread.


          2. No he’s really a good guy deep down –

            “Duterte, while presiding over an anti-drug campaign that he has himself referred to as “bloody,” has repeatedly asserted that his government will provide rehabilitation services for any drug-addicted person who surrenders to police. As part of his campaign against drugs, he is working to fundraise to build more rehabilitation services, even suggesting converting a newly-discovered methamphetamine lab into a rehabilitation facility.”

            From Breitbart.

            1. I was just thinking this whole thing was missing a few good concentration “rehabilitation” camps.

  10. OT: S7 or S7 Edge?

    1. As and edge user, I say go with the S7. That curved screen is no damn good for tempered glass or screen protector films (when using a case).

      1. I hate films anyway. If you weren’t using one, would you still prefer the S7?

        1. As I recall, my edge got somewhat better speeds that my wife’s S7 (bought on the same day), so there may be a performance boost.

          That said, my tech-lame ass doesn’t care much for the feel of the phone/screen. It’s that much harder to be objective now, since I have a tempered glass protector, and it makes typing almost impossible.

          I almost never use my phone as a phone; it’s a pocket Google machine/news reader at best, so, take all this with a grain of salt.

          1. Thanks

    2. I’ve had both.

      I hate the edge. The curved screen is a pain in the butt. It will changed screens seemingly at will just because of your grip.

      It dropped all my contacts once.

      It has stopped opening certain documents that it once opened.

      1. No one cares.

        Is this the part where your moron ass tells me I do, after you were told otherwise?

        I like that part, you’re an idiot and I enjoy proving it to people.

        1. I have an old small cell phone and people always comment about how small it is. I tell them that that’s the main idea.

  11. Based upon a conversation I was unfortunately part of today, there are plenty of people who think the universe is out to fuck their child (usually in a bathroom), and they would gladly accept a death sentence that was given to anyone even remotely connected to a supposed child fucker.

    These were people who think of themselves as forward thinking, too.

    1. And now all of those child molesters under the bed are dressing up as scary clowns! We need a new war, War on Clowns! WOC!

      1. Fuck the clowns, who will protect us from the children?

    2. You should have told then that you’ve seen their kids and they have nothing to worry about.

    3. These were people who think of themselves as forward thinking, too.

      Maybe it’s you who needs to re-calibrate what forward is.

      1. Okay fine, I will not let my nine-year-old use a public bathroom alone, either.

        1. I thought it was you who won’t let other people’s nine year olds use the public bathroom alone.

          1. No, I think it is ridiculous for people to escort their children into restrooms everywhere they go because of the evil lurking inside those restroom walls. I get it for younger kids, but bringing a nine-year-old girl into the men’s room because of the danger that she is surely going to face (from a man hiding) if she goes into a women’s restroom seems like a stretch to me.

            1. Do I HAVE to start using /sarc tags? That’s like narration in film.

              1. No, you do not – I was in a bitchy, preachy mood. It is nothing pushups and cheap Scotch can’t fix.

                1. We’re all entitled to be bitchy and preachy. But I need to note that bitchy and preachy is a multi-billion dollar industry… and it’s totally unregulated.

            2. You mean you’re not afraid of a violent prison bull dyke doing things to your daughter in the ladies room??????

    4. Tell them about Martha Coakley.

    5. there are plenty of people who think the universe is out to fuck their child (usually in a bathroom),

      To be fair, creepy crazy pervs exist.

      Its just that treating your child as though Pedomurderers are omnipresent is more likely to fuck the kid’s brain and life up worse than actually having to kick some creepy-gropey-stranger in the ‘nads and call for the cops.

      1. Calling for the cops will far more likely “fuck the kid’s brain and life up” than just about anything else. Same for the parents.

        1. Exactly what I’d expect a serial pedophile-kidnapper to say

          1. Taking refuge in progressive propaganda, are we? Or is it your dutiful observance of “[read] something, [type] something.”?

            1. Sooner or later, entropy makes us all her bitch.

          2. I heard that Glen Beck raped and murdered a young girl in 1990… in a public bathroom.

  12. “Before he was elected Duterte objected to comparisons to Donald Trump, insisting he was not a bigot.”

    “I’m not a bigot, I’m just a mass murderer, that’s so much better!”

    1. Well, look at Hillary vs. Donald. In America, being perceived as a bigot really is worse than actually murdering people (as long as those people weren’t murdered due to bigotry).

      1. So, to sum up, on the scale of awfulness, from least-to-worst, it goes: ordering the deaths of others in the name of national interest – ordering the deaths of random people for no reason – being a common mass murdered with no discernible pattern to your victims – expressing bigoted views – being labeled a “sex offender” – killing people for being part of some oppressed group that you hate.

        1. The first 2 are not accessible to me. I haz a sad.

  13. Wait, who the hell is Ken Bone?

    1. Porn star who wears a signature red sweater

    2. Fat dude who wore a red sweater and said some strange things on the internet. You know, other than the red sweater he is everyone who has used the internet.

    3. He asked a question at the town hall debate and became internet-famous because the social media hive mind is vapid and worthless. Then people found out he wrote some “problematic” things on Reddit before he became well-known so now the social media hive mind hates him.

      1. Huh… I first learned of him from the SNL parody(?) of the debates. So that funny part at the end where the moderators “hoped” he didn’t turn out to be creepy wasn’t far from the truth?

        1. Yeah, it’s an allusion to some of his posts, e.g. one where he admits to looking at Jennifer Lawrence’s nude photos (shocking!).

          1. Jennifer Lawrence nude?


  14. Is he brown enough for Hillary to bomb?

    1. Canadians are brown enough in a pinch.

  15. So we’re all good here, right?

    US policing leader apologizes for historical racial abuse

    Terrence Cunningham, president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, told officials at the group’s annual conference that police have historically been a face of oppression in enforcing laws that ensure legalized discrimination and denial of basic rights.

    While apologizing for past actions, Cunningham said today’s officers are not to blame for those injustices. He did not speak in detail about modern policing, but said events over the past several years have undermined public trust.

    1. There’s enough modern-day examples of abuse without having to hang past abuses around their necks.

      Yes, pass an unjust law and the cops will enforce it zealously. We’ve learned that. That particular problem can be addressed by either (a) repealing the unjust laws or (b) getting a better class of cop who refuses to enforce unjust laws.

      I’m going with (a) rather than (b).

      1. There’s option (c) get flexible cops who, for a consideration, will overlook certain legislatively-defined crimes.

        1. Oh fer chrissakes – now we’ve got to import Mexican cops too?

      2. The situation with regards to (b) is by design. They won’t take you in the military over 27 yo (last I heard) because anyone over that is presumed to be unwilling to do as they are told (See those guys with machine guns over there? Yeah, them. Run across the open ground and take them out”) and they won’t hire you as a cop if you have an IQ over 105 (last I heard) for the same reason (Kick the door open on this family home and toss a stun grenade inside. Yeah, I know it is 4 am and they are asleep and never mind the yard full of children’s toys, just do it.”)

    2. Today’s police officers are not to blame. Today’s taxpayers? Absolutely.

      1. Do you shed tears when of the state’s privileged purveyors of violence gets his or hers?

  16. RE: Philippine President Defends Killing of Children in Drug War?Says They’re ‘Collateral Damage’
    If you’re hurting children, the president says he’ll kill you.

    Well, you might as well start them out young.
    It would be cruel to make them wait to get shot when these kids get older.

  17. Here’s another link for the story I mentioned in the previous thread –

    “Libertarian presidential candidate and former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson advised students at Liberty University Convocation on Monday to leverage America’s free market system to pave their own destinies….

    “President Jerry Falwell [Jr.] welcomed Johnson to Liberty for the first time, recognizing his supporters who were seated near the front and noting that Libertarian candidates tend to do well in Liberty’s own campus voting precinct.

    “Josh Rutledge, vice president of Spiritual Programs, introduced Johnson…

    “After his message, Johnson sat down with Liberty’s Senior Vice President for Spiritual Development David Nasser to answer questions that the Student Government Association compiled from the student body….

    “As an institution, Liberty does not endorse anyone for political office and invites all presidential candidates to speak in Convocation. The platform has become a popular stop for those seeking political office ? among them, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, Republican vice presidential candidate Mike Pence, and presidential candidates Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Bernie Sanders.”

    Those closed-minded religious nuts, am I right, guys?

    (PS – also, Ken Bone)

    1. And in response to a comment on the other thread, Liberty students attendance at Convocation seems to be required, not simply when Ted Cruz is the speaker:

      “Is Convocation mandatory?

      “Attendance at Convocation is an agreed upon expectation that is clearly communicated to all applicants who desire to be a residential, undergraduate student at Liberty University.”

      1. Here’s a story from last month about Bernie Sanders speaking at their Convocation it’s from MSNBC, so I can’t imagine they’re biased in LU’s favor:

        “While Sen. Bernie Sanders, a candidate for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, likely picked up few supporters with his speech to thousands of students at Liberty University here, he received a courteous welcome and helped all parties demonstrate their willingness to respect the other side.”

        Compare and contrast a Republican speaking at a college where the SJWs are allowed to run amok.

  18. Who knows how high up the commands actually came from and O’Keefe isn’t 100% reliable, but he has some good video here on Clinton people practicing the ol’ Ends-Justify-The-Means.…..ump-rally/

    1. “Who knows how high up the commands actually come from…”

      One of those on tape admits to being in daily contact with Clintons campaign manager and is a weekly guest in the white house. O’keefes own undercover reporter working with the agitators was invited to the white house. I think we know the answer to your initial question. This is par for the course for an alinskyite radical agitator. I cant imagine anyone being surprised by it or finding it unbelievable. I would be skeptical if someone claimed it didn’t come from the oval office.

  19. You’re doing a heck of a job, brownie!

  20. Too depressing. Here’s a guy in a dinosaur costume doing tricks on a jet ski to monster truck rally music:

    1. God bless America.

    2. It’s a beautiful world, ennit?

  21. Relevant book: Drug Warriors and Their Prey

    The war on drugs is a war on ordinary people. Using that premise, historian Richard Lawrence Miller analyzes America’s drug war with passion seldom encountered in scholarly writing. Miller presents numerous examples of drug law enforcement gone amok, as police and courts threaten the happiness, property, and even lives of victims?some of whom are never charged with a drug crime, let alone convicted of one. Miller not only argues that criminal justice zealots are harming the democracy they are sworn to protect, but that authoritarians unfriendly to democracy are stoking public fear in order to convince citizens to relinquish traditional legal rights. Those are the very rights that thwart implementation of an agenda of social control through government power. Miller contends that an imaginary drug crisis has been manufactured by authoritarians in order to mask their war on democracy. He not only examines numerous civil rights sacrificed in the name of drugs, but demonstrates how their loss harms ordinary Americans in their everyday lives. Showing how the war on drug users fits into a destruction process that can lead to mass murder, Miller calls for an end to the war before it proceeds deeper into the destruction process.

  22. Third-Party Voting is the Height of White Privilege

    I can afford to throw away my vote.

    I’m a middle-class, straight, white American Christian man.

    I have a lot of margin for error. I can afford to throw away my vote.

    To me personally, a Donald Trump presidency would be ? moderately annoying. I’d roll my eyes at the cowboy bluster he calls “foreign policy.” I’d be irritated that rich people get more tax breaks than I do. I’d take to Facebook to denounce the right-wing justices he appoints to the Supreme Court, ultimately knowing that their decisions won’t have that much effect on me personally, since I’m a middle-class, straight white American Christian man.


    1. Theyre gonna put yall back in chains.

      1. “White nationalist thugs will feel empowered to assault and berate African Americans, gays, Muslims, and anyone else not like them. Housing discrimination will run rampant. (After all, if the president can decide not to rent to minorities, so can everyone else, right?) The police will feel more empowered than ever to profile and harass people of color. Gender equity will be set back decades as fat-shaming and slut-shaming will become acceptable in everyday discourse.”

        Plus men get paid more than women!

        OMG, that sounds *awesome!* Why would a middle-class, straight American Christian man be annoyed by this, it’s all fulfillment of all their dreams!


        1. “I won’t worry about my village being bombed because my mom’s second cousin was maybe photographed near someone who said something critical about the United States.”

          Yes, that could all happen unless you vote for the peace candidate, who is Hil…Hil…[bursts into uncontrollable laughter]…sorry, I couldn’t finish.

    2. “…I’d take to Facebook to denounce the right-wing justices he appoints to the Supreme Court, ultimately knowing that their decisions won’t have that much effect on me personally, since I’m a middle-class, straight white American Christian man….”

      By comparison, that lying hag certainly WILL effect your life; just wait ’till you see what she does to O-care to “fix” it.

  23. OT: Howard Stern is classier than the MSM.

    “I had a guy who loved to evaluate women on a scale of 1 to 10. These are avenues I went down because I knew it would entertain the audience,” he said.

    1. She has a kind of bounce in her version. Would.

  24. The same artist, with her band, covering Pat Benatar’s Heartbreaker.

  25. Eddie’s Cover Countdown gets political, as I show you a combination of the best elements of rap and metal:


  26. The national embrace of madness unhinged and sanguinely deployed upon itself is a crowd-suicide strain of governance.

    Logic has been seized and disemboweled glibly on the fucking altar of vacuums by a caustic shit splatter posing as savior to the addled and horrified who disturbingly dig the Macabre as reformation.

  27. Lou Reed cover – for some reason Lou himself didn’t show up.

    1. I guess Lou must have overslept, so in lieu of him here’s an even better cover.

  28. Extremely high approval rating. Way to go Philippines voters, you’re the worst.

    1. If the people think they face a choice between anarchy and tyranny, they generally go for tyranny. 🙁

  29. This Duterte guy sounds really awful, but tell me, did he accept money from foreign governments while he was the Secretary of State?

    1. Hey, he’s not THAT bad!

    2. A guy like that? Of course he did. Using either as a measure of character is sound. Also, doing one is a good way to gauge the likelihood of one doing the other as well. They are both indicative of a high functioning sociopath with an insatiable hunger for power.

  30. Has this been posted yet?

    “In this explosive new video from Project Veritas Action, a Democratic dirty tricks operative unwittingly provides a dark money trail to the DNC and Clinton campaign. The video documents violence at Trump rallies that is traced to the Clinton campaign and the DNC through a process called birddogging. “

  31. until I looked at the paycheck saying $4730 , I did not believe that…my… brother woz like actualy bringing in money part time from there computar. . there friend brother started doing this for less than 7 months and resently paid for the morgage on there home and bought a new Cadillac …….


  32. Gary says Virginia should be for Johnson

    Highlights of his remarks at Liberty University and other Virginia venues:

    -Abortion a personal choice

    -Tear down the wall

    -He’s inclined to pardon Snowden

    -Justice Thomas “has probably been at the forefront of the kind of a judge that I would like to appoint”

    -If elected, he’ll be the first President since Grover Cleveland to get married in the White House

    -The roots of today’s racial problems are the War on Drugs

    1. -Also he’s like the Chicago Cubs

    1. Commie-kid approves of this lie!

    2. Ah, the Millennials…soon you won’t be able to tell them to get off your lawn, because they will have appropriated your lawn in the name of The People.

    3. Most

  33. OT:

    “Shipbuilders worried about jobs while Navy celebrates ship”
    “Nolan, president of Machinists Union Local S6, said it’s frustrating that the Navy is focused so heavily on costs rather than the best product for sailors.
    “The Navy used to be willing to pay a little bit more for the quality we gave them. Now it’s all about the bottom line, and the low bidder wins,” Nolan said.”…..976621.php

    Boo, hoo, but you won’t find the name of the outfit that outbid them.
    And as a taxpayer, I’m all for looking for low bids.

    1. “Now it’s all about the bottom line, and the low bidder wins,” Nolan said.”

      Nolan is full of shit. It’s about who gets the bid, not what the bid is.…..f-biofuels

      “One of the targets involved the deployment, by 2016, of what he called the Great Green Fleet, a carrier strike group “composed of nuclear ships, surface combatants equipped with hybrid electric alternative power systems running biofuel, and aircraft flying only [on] biofuels.”

      Three years later, following a vicious battle with Republican legislators over the initiative, a 50/50 blend of chicken fat and conventional petroleum successfully powered two destroyers and a cruiser for two days during a month-long warfare exercise in Hawaii. The feat required 450,000 gallons of biofuel at a cost of $12 million; at the time, it was the largest-ever single purchase of biofuel.

      The Navy paid $2.05 per gallon, which is roughly in line with the cost of regular marine diesel thanks to robust biofuel subsidies from the US government,”

      No mention of who the purchases were made from or who is receiving those subsidies. My money says the recipients were financial supporters o fa certain history making candidate for president in 2008.

  34. OT (stupid SF gov’t tricks)

    “SF supervisor would give tenants access to all Internet providers”
    “The property manager for the 453-unit building told Hsiung he could sign up only with AT&T or Comcast.
    On Tuesday, Supervisor Mark Farrell will introduce legislation that would require property owners to give building access to all state-licensed providers.”…..979280.php

    No, the imbecile acting as supervisor will do nothing of the sort. He will require the building owner to provide access to the other suppliers, and since this is not a rent-controlled unit, Mr. Hsiung (the stupid shit) will see it reflected in his new rental rate next year.
    Hope reality gob-smacks you Hsiung! You deserve it!

  35. Returning to the topic of the post for a moment…

    I see that the Philippines is one of the parties to the treaty setting up the International Criminal Court.

    That Court is empowered to hear accusations of crimes against humanity, which include murder on a mass scale.

    There is a Prosecutor attached to the Court, who has the power to start an investigation.

    Time for the United Nations to prove its relevance!

    1. It seems they’re on it

      “My Office, in accordance with its mandate under the Rome Statute, will be closely following developments in the Philippines in the weeks to come and record any instance of incitement or resort to violence with a view to assessing whether a preliminary examination into the situation of the Philippines needs to be opened.”

      1. (I suppose they’re not in any rush…they won’t be able to arrest anyone until Duterte gets overthrown, and even then there may be enough sympathizers to block his extradition)

  36. Say what you will about the drugs policy of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte, at least it has an ethos. And a chance of being effective when evaluated on its own metrics.

    Both of which distinguish it from the US War on Drugs, which also has numerous examples of so-called collateral damage.

    Duterte’s policy may even be less anti-liberty, even though it’s been somewhat more harsh on about 3000 who have been killed for their connection to the drugs trade and offers only somewhat less due process. Death is only somewhat more harsh than a life sentence in a US prison for a victimless crime like Ross Ulbricht’s, and summary execution offers only somewhat less due process than plea bargaining strategies of US prosecutors. Duterte’s war seems to be focused on drugs, whereas the US War on Drugs seems designed to curtail the individual liberties of all Americans.

    Of course, both suck, but it is absurd for the US government to complain about how the Phillippines conducts its War on Drugs.

  37. This guy is insane. Still, not far off from US politicians.

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