Trump and Clinton Meet For Second Debate, Libertarians Try to Get Mike Pence to Endorse Gary Johnson, Airstrike in Yemen Kills 140+ at Funeral: A.M. Links


  • Local undecided voter

    Ken Bone won the second presidential debate, held in St. Louis last night. Donald Trump tried to sit Bill Clinton's sexual assault accusers in the family box but was overruled by the debate commission. 2008 presidential nominee John McCain was among a number of Republicans to withdraw their endorsement of Trump after the release on Friday of a tape of a lewd conversation with Access Hollywood's Billy Bush, who NBC suspended from Today yesterday. A Hillary Clinton foreign policy spokesperson tweeted that Trump should go fuck himself after Trump said at the debate that Captain Humayun Khan would have still been alive if Trump were president. The Libertarian National Committee urged Mike Pence in an open letter to drop out of the Republican ticket and endorse Gary Johnson.

  • Thousands protested in Yemen over a Saudi airstrike that killed at least 140 people at a funeral this weekend. Missiles shot from Yemen reportedly landed near a U.S. destroyer in international waters in the Red Sea.
  • Taiwan wants China to engage it in talks.
  • The Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to the Colombian president, Juan Manuel Santos, who said he would donate the prize money to victims of the FARC conflict.
  • At least 19 people in the U.S. have died in relation to Hurricane Matthew.
  • Samsung has suspended production of the Galaxy Note 7 after new reports of the device catching fire.

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  1. Local undecided voter Ken Bone won the second presidential debate, held in St. Louis last night.

    Trump grabbed that debate by the cooch!

    1. Hello.

    2. Question: Who the hell would watch the debate rather than post-season baseball, football, or watching paint dry?

      1. I’d rather have had to sit and read every one of SugarFree’s stories than watch that debate.

        1. You mean you don’t do that anyway?

        2. Whoa, hey now….lets not get too crazy about this.

      2. After it got too dark to watch the grass grow, I opted to watch a 2 hour documentary about paint drying.

        1. It was on the Golf Channel, wasn’t it? Sweeps week.

          1. That must have been the abridged version of the Slow TV T?rking maling – minutt for minutt special.

        2. If you couldn’t watch the grass grow, you could at least listen to it.

        3. And that documentary was still more exciting and satisfying than watching soccer. After all, at the end of the documentary, there is resolution and the paint is dry.

        4. I thought “Paint Drying” was a 10 hour documentary.

      3. I’d rather fuck my neighbor’s dog. That would be preferable to Hillary.

        1. Grab that bitch by the snatch and she’s yours!!

  2. 244) So what’s everybody looking forward to most about the upcoming Hillary presidency? The scolding national lectures or the endless Clinton scandals? Or maybe the fainting spells in international fora?

    1. The numerous disastrous nternational interventions that the left will somehow still manage to blame on Bush.

      1. “If only that damned Republican Congress would approve the funding that President Clinton needs to win the war and keep our military safe!”

      2. Everything will be Bush’s fault until the heat death of the universe, which will also be his fault (insofar as it isn’t the fault of environmental racism).

        1. Are you saying Bush didn’t invent environmental racism?

          Typical right wing excuse-maker.

      3. Gotta blame it on someone else. Except for me.

    2. Her SCOTUS appointments, leading to the abandonment of the pretense that we live in a constitutional republic.

      1. We haven’t abandoned that already?

        1. Just so we get to shoot someone, it’s all cool.


    3. I think Trump giving the House back to the Democrats will be his real lasting achievement.

      1. He’s already taken the tax write-off on that.

        1. The he flew away in a helicopter while Trump Giving The House Back To Democrats, Inc. filed for bankruptcy.

          1. Sixteen-year-old American citizens should be allowed to vote. Fuck the CPD.

    4. The expansion of suffrage to millions of heretofore illegal third world migrants that will reliably vote Democrat for generations. My kids are young now, but I hope I live long enough to tell my grandchildren about that time a non-Democrat was even close to getting elected to the presidency.

      1. They won’t believe the US was ever not a banana republic under one-party rule, gramps must just be getting senile.

      2. As long as you tell it without letting your guard down in the fear someone might steal the mangoes that are keeping you and your family alive.

      3. They won’t be voting democratic for generations. The dominant party will eventually split into two even shittier parties and that will the choice. Democracy, ain’t it grand.

        1. What happens when a socialist party splits into two? Because methinks political culture will have shifted much farther left if that were the case, you’d have the Democratic Socialist Party versus the Socialist Democratic Party every election. Under that shitty dichotomy, I dare say that property rights, the second amendment and basically everything else we care about are going to take some major hits.

          1. Judaean People’s Front!? Pfft.

      4. Taiwanese tourists say that they feel very free in the USA. I say that’s because you never lived here.

    5. The endless (unsuccessful) attempts by the GOP Congress to get together enough votes to veto a single one of the laws Hillary writes.

      My niece has this little rat terrier of some sort, more rat than terrier, and everytime she puts him outside he immediately runs to the end of his lead to start furiously barking and snarling at the neighbor dogs. I can’t tell what he’s saying but I know it’s an awful lot of curse words and outrageous threats about what exactly he’d do to those dogs if he had a chance. The neighbor dogs just lay there and look at him because they’re two big Labs and this little rat is about the size of a squirrel so they don’t even bother laughing at him, just look at him kinda puzzled-like like “Dude, you know we can see you, right? If you’re going to tell somebody you’re a fierce three-headed fire-breathing monster the size of a Clydesdale you can’t be doing it right where they can see you, idiot.”

      And there’s the GOP’s problem – they’re too stupid to realize everybody knows what yapping little weak pathetic rodents they are. You ain’t gonna stand up to Hillary – you couldn’t even stand up to Trump when he walked right in the door, called you a bunch of pussies, slapped you around, spit in your face, and walked off with your party. He’s a second-tier Democrat Hillary-supporter her minions in the media told you to nominate and you did as you were told. So shut the hell up with the whiny little bitch-baby act, it’s getting old. Go make me a sammich.

      1. *stands to applaud*

    6. The impeachment hearings. They don’t even need to wait for her to break the law, she’ll be the first president to go into office with an impeachable offense hanging over her head

      1. Doesn’t matter, the Democrats in the senate will never vote to convict.

        1. If Republicans held 100 Senate seats, I highly doubt they would convict.

      2. If they didn’t initiate hearings on Comey for his refusal to pursue obvious breaches of security law, they won’t do it on Her Majesty, either.

    7. Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, William Jefferson Clinton.

      1. Oh that would be a fun office to sell. I wouldn’t put it past the Clinton’s either.

    8. Just dawned on me this morning: a Clinton will (likely) have book-ended my military career from commission to retirement. Ugh

    9. I’m looking forward to a steady stream of “Hillary falling down the steps of air force one” videos, a’la Jerry Ford. If we’re extra lucky, maybe that rabbit that attacked Jimmy Carter has some great-great-grandbabies that can take her on, too.


      1. Nah. The press already does Herself’s bidding by not filming her anywhere she doesn’t want to be filmed. If she wins, that won’t change. Maybe a little “for security reasons . . . ” cover, but don’t get you hopes up.

      2. “I’m looking forward to a steady stream of “Hillary falling down the steps of air force one” videos, a’la Jerry Ford”

        Think SNL will feature that?


        Hahaha! In what world?

    10. The impeachment.

  3. Donald Trump tried to sit Bill Clinton’s sexual assault accusers in the family box but was overruled by the debate commission.

    Rape culture extends to the highest level!

    1. Trump thinks he can have his way with every box in the world, doesn’t he?

      1. *stands to begin thunderous ovation*

  4. Sharks like listening to AC/DC and heavy metal music, says new book

    Sharks don’t actually have ears, but the book’s co-authors, Radio X presenter Lliana Bird and neuroscientist Dr Jack Lewis, say they are drawn to the low frequency pulsing sounds prevalent in heavy metal songs.

    Matt Waller, a chartered boat operator in Southern Australia, first noticed in 2011 that sharks behaved in a much calmer manner when played heavy metal music.

    He told Australian news outlet ABC News at the time: “I was talking to a guy who had been diving in Guadeloupe and there were some divers there who just been playing music in the water. We got talking and they said there were some certain songs that saw an actual change in the behaviour of the sharks.”

    He continued: “I started going through my albums and AC/DC was something that really hit the mark. Their behaviour was more investigative, more inquisitive and a lot less aggressive. They actually came past on a couple of occasions when we had the speaker in the water and rubbed their face along the speaker which was really bizarre.”

    1. Fitting since sharks haven’t been popular since Jaws, either.

      1. Never heard of “shark week”?

    2. I can just see sharks circling to the opening of Thunderstruck and waiting for that opening “you been… Thunderstruck!” to take their first bite out of Australians.

    3. This explains Sharknado.

    4. Of course they do, who doesn’t?

    5. Who doesn’t like “Back in Black?”

      1. You know who…wait, nevermind.

      2. Not Rupaul.

      3. Whoever that is, they’ll probably go back.

    6. This is why AC/DC has always been my favorite band.

      But, this doesn’t mean they’ve jumped the shark does it? Oh wait, Angus did that when he installed Axl Rose on vocals.

      1. If you like AC/DC, check out Angel City

        or Rose Tattoo

        for more Aussie Rock goodness

        1. Thanks for tip Lord. Another AC/DC-like band I’ve always liked is Rhino Bucket.

          1. I’ll check that out.

    7. Heavy metal is best appreciated by beings without ears.

      /get off my lawn

    8. I started going through my albums and AC/DC was something that really hit the mark

      “…but only REAL AC/DC, not that Brian Johnson shit.”

      1. You just triggered me

  5. Police Officer Accused Of Masturbating In Car Says He Was Trying To Stay Awake

    A woman in a box truck was driving next to Woolard’s sedan as they both went south on Hamilton Boulevard in Lower Macungie Township and was shocked at what she saw, telling a state trooper who took her report, he was “waving it around” and fondling himself, court records say.

    The woman gave the sedan’s license plate number to police, who went to Woolard’s nearby house. At first, Woolard denied the accusation, but then confessed, authorities said.

    The 35-year-old patrolman admitted exposing himself Wednesday morning and also a week earlier in the parking lot of the Target store where a woman said he had his window down “as if he wanted to be seen,” the records say.

    In his defense, Woolard allegedly told the trooper, he wasn’t doing it for sexual gratification. He was just trying to stay awake while driving home, court records say.

    Tot of Circs!

    1. I do have to give points for creativity with that excuse.

      I’d say it won’t work, but he’s a cop, so of course it will work. He just needs more training in staying awake.

      1. Maybe he should bust up a meth ring and take some of the product for himself.

    2. Just go take a snoozer in the back of some parking lot. I would rather be be rested when called vs chasing speeders while falling asleep at the wheel.

    3. “””Woman in a box truck””

      He should have grabbed that box.

    4. Don’t you want our heroes in blue to make it home safely?

    5. I usually just lower the window to get a fresh breeze if I am feeling sleepy behind the wheel.

      1. *sexual euphemism overload*

    6. If he finishes, though, won’t it be even harder to stay awake?

      1. Either way we will find out in two minutes.

        1. Chances are you’re giving him too much credit.

      2. Depends on how much blood comes out.

  6. …Billy Bush, who NBC suspended from Today yesterday.

    I was beginning to wonder if anyone was even going to pay attention to the other side of that.

    1. “But it was locker room banter! Come on, guys!”

      “Who do you think you are, Billy? El Trumpo? Please. You don’t have an army of knuckle-draggers making excuses for you! Git goin’! Scat!”

      1. Billy’s an actual Bush family member and even they couldn’t save his job.

        1. The Goddess of PC feminism must have its sacrifices!

    2. I’m still wondering why anyone’s paying any attention to it at all.

      I heard the audio in context and my reaction was “So fucking what? It’s just crass banter, where’s the outrage material?”

      1. But that would be an honest and normal take on it, and we can’t have that, because women.

      2. As has been pointed out, the outrage leveled at the pussy discussion would be more convincing if it wasn’t the exact same level of outrage shown toward binders full of women.

      3. I’m still wondering why anyone’s paying any attention to it at all.

        Have you ever met anyone?

        1. Have you ever met anyone?


      4. basically, it’s an excuse to do what the media (and the establishment Blues and Reds) want to do anyway.

      5. Because it is an admission by Trump that he sexually assaults women!

    3. Its a fun little story, ain’t it? Oh, man, we just discovered five weeks before the election this footage we’ve had since 2005, that, if played a year ago, would have kept Trump from ever getting a toehold in the election.

      1. Just a wild coincidence to be sure…

        1. I’m leading all of my Clinton-feminist fans through it step-by-step.
          Isn’t it amazing that NBC was happy to make money off of Trump with The Apprentice. Given the scandals at Fox and the BBC over powerful men and sex, it seems like media companies are totally okay with his behavior. [Already getting positive comments and likes]

          If this is such an automatic disqualification, why didn’t NBC play it when Trump didn’t get destroyed in the Iowa caucus. Before that, he was joke candidate, after he did well enough not to drop out, he wasn’t.

          If the parent of NBC was Koch Industries instead of General Electric and they discovered disqualifying evidence about Mrs. Clinton they had on hand for 10+ years five weeks before the election, would you think it was just a coincidence?

          1. Sorry, they are not MY fans. They are fans of Clinton and vocal “feminists”.

          2. And they won’t care because TEAM.

          3. GE sold NBC to Comcast.

  7. The Libertarian National Committee urged Mike Pence in an open letter to drop out of the Republican ticket and endorse Gary Johnson.

    The balls!

    1. So they want the endorsement of a guy who is more warlike then either Trump or Johnson?

      1. An endorsement’s and endorsement. Seems extremely unlikely in any case.

  8. Best comment on FB about the debate so far:
    [Pic of Trump and Clinton in the same pic with mics to mouths]
    “Its much better if you just imagine them singing ‘Baby its Cold Outside’

    First comment: “Um, the original lyrics make that one a bit too real”

    Remember when you could write a song about sexual assault that gets played in tony places during the holidays?

    1. You can do anything when it is cold outside.

    2. It’s the implication.

    3. Best of twitter:
      “I got you to wipe emails
      I got you to shame females
      I got you to cough & faint
      I got you to grab a taint
      I got you, babe
      I got you, babe”

    1. I have a boat name suggestion . . . it’s White Privilege.

      1. The Seaward

      2. The Micro Agressor

    2. These are probably the same type of people who whine about “Idiocracy”, yet in real life, resemble the “smart” couple who end up never having kids.

  9. A Hillary Clinton foreign policy spokesperson tweeted that Trump should go fuck himself…

    Totally scripted.

    1. Are those ben wa balls or ellipses?

  10. Missiles Fired From Rebel-Held Territory in Yemen at U.S. Destroyer in Red Sea

    Two missiles were fired at the U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer USS Mason while it was in international waters off the coast of Yemen on Sunday. No one was hurt in the incident as both missiles did not strike the vessel and landed in the water.

    “At approximately 7 p.m. local time today (October 9), while conducting routine operations in international waters in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen, USS Mason detected two inbound missiles over a 60-minute period,” said Captain Jeff Davis, a Pentagon spokesman.

    “Both missiles impacted the water before reaching the ship,” said Davis. “There were no injuries to our sailors and no damage to the ship.”

    Bah. Autoplay.

    1. …and that’s already an official link.

      Needz moar cofeey.

    2. Don’t those morons know that boats are more expensive and require more maintenance than a baby!

      1. In some places, missiles are cheaper than books.

        1. And easier to get.

        2. Depends on the book. If the book is The Koran, Koran for Dummies, Islamic Apocryphal Writings, or The Koran, Deluxe Hardback Edition, then you can probably get them aplenty in Yemen.

  11. Samsung has suspended production of the Galaxy Note 7 after new reports of the device catching fire.

    Never drop a product line just when it’s getting hot!

      1. I’m gonna throw the veto on this one. That was a perfectly good zinger

        1. Veto?! I don’t care how many orbital blaster cannon you reptiles are packing…veto?!

          1. Don’t complain Switzy or a refrigerated truck will be visiting you soon. *shivers and thinks warm blooded thoughts

            1. Bacon, Swiss, and Lizard… mmm…

  12. *surprised face*

    Scientists gave squirrels fitness trackers and found that males are lazy and females do all the work

    Arctic squirrels spend much of their time hibernating from the end of the summer to late spring in order to survive the cold winter months. During the few months above ground, they have a hefty to-do list: They have to eat to replenish energy stores lost to hibernation, store energy for next season, and mate.

    During the time when they are not hibernating, female squirrels not only have to consume enough to keep themselves going, they have to produce enough energy to gestate and produce milk for their babies during the first few summer months of the active season. When they’re not foraging for food, they’re in the nest caring for their young. This means that when they are active, they’re busy?much more so than their male counterparts.

    “It is not clear what [the males] are doing while above ground,” the authors write. “The additional time spent above ground may be simply to loaf/bask in the sun.”

    1. I’m picturing the male squirrels lying around with their belly facing the sun and “Taking Care of Business” playing in the background.

    2. Just wait until they get cable TV!

    3. “It is not clear what [the males] are doing while above ground,” the authors write.

      Most likely than not, they’re engaging in colorful locker room banter about grabbing female squirrels by their beavers.

    4. See, nature is sexist. This is unacceptable. We need some laws about squirrel sex equality.

      1. What’s worse, the females only get to eat 78% of what the males do.

    5. “It is not clear what [the males] are doing while above ground,” the authors write. “The additional time spent above ground may be simply to loaf/bask in the sun.”

      I’m pretty sure it is something nut related.

    6. Does the study cover all squirrels or just certain elements of squirrel culture?

      /runs for cover

    7. “Males are lazy and females do all the work”

      Ends up being “Males require less energy so forage for less than females”. But that wouldn’t fit MUH NARRATIVE.

      Squirrel narrative.

    8. “Males are lazy and females do all the work”

      Ends up being “Males require less energy so forage for less than females”. But that wouldn’t fit MUH NARRATIVE.

      Squirrel narrative.

    9. This is why there are no female libertarian squirrels

    10. So server squirrels are female?

      1. Do you think a bro would second post your comments? It’s backseat driving by the squirrel bitches!

      2. Considering it is the male squirrels that have unaccounted for time above ground, according to the study, I think they are the better candidate for the behavior of the server squirrels.

    11. They are busy screwing up the Reason servers.

  13. On This Day, Peak Florida Has Been Reached

    According to court complaints, Columbus Henderson fled from a Walmart Supercenter in Fort Lauderdale on September 26 with a pair of 40-inch Hisense televisions. Henderson, seen at right, bolted with the merchandise after he allowed a cashier to scan the $298 items.

    As he scooted through the parking lot, the 45-year-old Henderson’s pants “fell off as he ran away,” according to Officer Scott Brandow. It appears that after Henderson’s pants fell to his ankles, he proceeded to run right out of the garment.

    Police later determined that Henderson’s abandoned pants contained the suspect’s “medical identification.” Investigators added, “The entire incident was captured on video.”

    It took cops about a week to catch up with Henderson, who was nabbed early Tuesday morning for grand theft, a felony.

    1. Pshaw. No meth or animal molestation?

      1. If you read the article he also had a crack pipe hiding in his ass so that covers the meth requirement. However you are correct about the lack of animal involvement, and thus I too dispute peak Florida (but it ain’t far)

        1. Where else do you keep your crack pipe?

          1. Salad fork, Meat fork, Crack pipe. You are unschooled in how to set a table?

            Jesus, the heathen around here are insufferable.

            1. I mean, if you kept it in your cheek, it would be a cheek pipe, amirite?

    2. “cashier to scan the [pair of] $298 items”….nabbed early Tuesday morning for grand theft, a felony”

      But, doesn’t grand theft in most states require at least $1000?

      1. $300 in FL. We po’.

      2. $300 in Florida

      3. $300 in Florida passes for a grand. I see a future in money-changing!

    3. Henderson, seen at right, bolted with the merchandise after he allowed a cashier to scan the $298 items.

      It took cops about a week to catch up with Henderson, who was nabbed early Tuesday morning for grand theft, a felony.

      I think we’ve had this discussion before but I don’t know if it was resolved: Let’s assume the line for grand theft is $500, if those TVs were price-tagged at $298, he has an argument that he didn’t steal two $298 TVs, he stole two TVs worth whatever Walmart’s wholesale price was and that almost certainly is less than $500. If the TVs had somehow been damaged, Walmart’s insurance company wouldn’t re-imburse them the retail price and the IRS I know for damn sure doesn’t let you write off inventory at anything other than cost. So is there some sort of court case that’s settled this issue? I can’t believe no lawyer has never brought up just such an issue before to get a felony marked down to a misdemeanor.

    4. “It took cops about a week to catch up with Henderson..”

      Impressive, considering he was running with not one, but two TVs.

  14. the tweet referenced above:

    Jesse Lehrich
    hey, @realDonaldTrump ? regarding your claim that Captain Khan would be alive if you were president:

    go fuck yourself.


      1. “They go low, we get high.”

        Oh wait, that’s the Johnson/Weld campaign slogan.

  15. lol:

    Hillary PR Team ?@OnMessageForHer 12h12 hours ago
    If you like hearing Hillary’s public positions tonight, remember that for only $250,000 in speaking fees you can hear her private ones too!
    2,682 retweets 3,951 likes

    1. I wonder if that’s done by the same dude that did the @DemsRRealRacist twitter for a while.

  16. How dare Krayewski dishonor whatever the subject of today’s holiday is by posting links.

    1. Canadian Thanksgiving. Nobody likes Canada and mid-October is a stupid time to have Thanksgiving.

      Now on Wednesday morning, posting links will be anti-Semitic.

      1. Mid October is practically winter up there in America’s Hat.

    2. The Great Miss of India and colliding with the Americas.

    3. Ooops, I almost missed it again. Time to take breath spray and go visit my neighbors from Friendly Manitoba.

      *If you didn’t order ahead you can get the same effect by licking a beaver…

      1. *If you didn’t order ahead you can get the same effect by licking a beaver…”
        said Bill to Donald on the 16th hole.

    4. whatever the subject of today’s holiday

      Yesterday was Leif Erickson day. That’s what I’m observing today.

  17. From the BBC article on the Nobel Peace Prize:

    He was awarded the prize for reaching a peace agreement with the Farc rebel group last month.
    The deal was rejected a few days later by Colombian voters in a referendum.
    About 260,000 people have been killed and more than six million internally displaced in Colombia.
    “Last night, I met with my family and we have decided to donate those eight million Swedish krona ($925,000) to the victims,” said Mr Santos.

    In the grand tradition of President Obama, and Yasser Arafat, we have our new Nobel Prize winner, who oversaw a war that killed 260,000 people….so far.

    Remember when the Nobel Peace Prize actually meant something?
    Yeah,.. me neither.

    1. Unlike Obama and Arafat, the vast majority of those deaths occurred before Santos became president, or even defense minister in Uribe’s administration (2006).

    2. I don’t, but the Peace Prize Committee recognized the problems in that region, and acknowledged that while his efforts were heroic, they may not make much of a difference.

    3. Unlike Obama, Santos actually accomplished something before getting the award.

      That accomplishment may turn out to be pointless in the long term, but it’s something.

  18. damm…..

    Kathy Shelton ?@KathyShelton_ 12h12 hours ago
    Hillary if you want to help the children so much? Why didn’t you help me when I was 12 and let my rapist go free? #debate
    8,168 retweets 10,840 likes

    1. Is that real? If so, holy shit. And if real, expect the media to bury it.

      1. Re: WTF,

        Yes, it is real. HillRod was a young-ish attorney and what she did to defend her client was to attack the little girl’s integrity by paining her as a little minx whi was looking for sex with an older man. One has to be told that the girl alleged she was kidnapped. She was also brutally assaulted and left for dead.

        But the problem I have with this is that HillRod’s job was to defend her client. People who attack her conveniently forget that it was the JURY who decided to let the rapist go.

        1. I know the story is real, I was wondering if the tweet was genuine, from the actual victim.

          1. Considering Trump had her and several of the women who were allegedly abused by Bill Clinton in the audience for the debate last night, it could be a genuine tweet.

        2. I’m a little skeptical about the source of the tweet.

          And she was effectively doing her job, albeit in a scuzzy and perhaps unethical way. She probably should have just stuck with being a sleazy defense attorney as it seems she was pretty good at it.

          1. “he probably should have just stuck with being a sleazy defense attorney as it seems she was pretty good at it.”

            Did you miss the 90’s?

        3. It was her job, yes. We live in a society that takes all sorts. It’s good that clients can get representation. Some of those sorts however, are pieces of shit without a moral bone in their body. That sort, her sort, make exceptionally good politicians in the same way that tape worms are exceptionally good parasites. But I see no reason that what at best could be described as a ‘professional responsibility’, should sit above basic moral obligations to other people when reviewing that person’s moral character. The fact that she did her job may make what she did perfectly reasonable under the circumstances, but it doesn’t make what she did moral.

          1. Sure it does. And she probably has an excellent and totally acceptable response prepared and ready to go along the lines of “an attorney’s job is to represent their client…this is how I learned from the experience, etc, etc.”, which is why Trump knows not to bother with it.

          2. I think it’s an excellent argument for never electing lawyers.

        4. To me it wasn’t the fact she got her client off, it was using tactics she now decries and the laughing and gloating about the fact she knew her client was guilty and still got him off.

        5. She got the prosecutor to drop most of the charges by lying about a hotshot forensic expert witness that was coming to town. She then did interviews wth the press where she laughed about getting the guy off, despite knowing for certain that he was guilty and she further attacked the victims character.

    2. Wasn’t it the jury’s job to decide that?

      Sure, what HillRod did as a defense attorney was sleazy and awful, but that is what she’s paid for. The job of the jury is to look at the evidence and decide on the charges. It’s easy to blame the attorney.

      1. Yeah, of all the things to bash Hillary for, giving that guy representation isn’t one of them.

        1. It’s not so much about the representation, it’s more about how she cackled on tape about how she got the guy off even though she thought he was guilty.

          1. NBC Fact Checked the cackle and found it was more of a mild, vague chuckle.

            1. Gosh, that makes it so much better.

              A completely worthless person will be elected to our highest office, and all we get are shrugs.

          2. Can someone find where she laughs about getting the guy off? A timecode on that youtube clip?

            All I recall is her laughing about polygraphs being useless and how merely dropping the name of a good forensic expert scared the prosecutor.

      2. From my understanding, it was less the “doing the job as a defense attorney” than “Fitting the stereotype of an evil defense attorney by laughing about getting someone she knew to be guilty off while being recorded”. It doesn’t help that it fits a pattern of behaviour.

        1. Great. I don’t refresh and wind up sounding like UnCiv.

          1. Don’t sweat it straffin. Your comment sounded better because of your better enunciation. UnCiv’s comment was marred by the fact that he is missing so many teeth. Totemo jozu desu.

          2. No worries, straffinrun. Unless you go on a tear about how you don’t like coffee, beer, liquor, ice cream flavors other than vanilla, non-earthtone colors, or music, you still don’t sound like UCS.

      3. What was sleazy and awful was her fabricating a contention that the victim had an affinity of attraction for older men, and somehow provoked the attack upon her, as well as Hillary’s later cavalier attitude and laughter about getting the guy off with basically time served by employing those sleazy tactics.

        1. ^This. Plus, it doesn’t fit into the “women never lie about rape” narrative.

          1. She was 12. It’s OK to think little girls lie about rape.

            1. OMWC alert!!

              1. Such outrage as exists is partly based on “OMG she represented an evil rapist and got him off” (no pun intended).

                If she acted illegally or unethically while doing so, then that’s the *real* scandal to me, but to some in the general public, “representing a guilty rapist” is all they need to know to realize she’s awful.

                And, sorry to say, it’s human nature to rejoice over a victory. And if your victory is winning a difficult case – a case of a guilty client, no less – then human nature is such that this is going to give anyone a woody. Maybe she should have been more ashamed of her excited feelings?

                1. Side note: you can’t just get out of representing people. I got four domestic violence cases in a row in the same court, and I think some non-lawyer friends are like “eww, you represented abusers.” I get what I get and I don’t throw a fit.

                  1. Did you laugh about how you got the bastards off later too?

                    1. I have not gotten a “not guilty” verdict on them yet. They have all either pleaded guilty or been tried and found guilty.

                    2. “I have not gotten a “not guilty” verdict on them yet. They have all either pleaded guilty or been tried and found guilty.”

                      Did you honestly try your best? Maybe these were jobs for Hildog. She’d do anything to win.

                2. If she acted illegally or unethically while doing so,

                  It is certainly very strange that she signed an affidavit (presumably under oath) that unnamed persons said that the little girl was a slut who lied a lot and came onto men.

            2. Someone get this man a cocktail.

      4. If we can disparage Trump for a week for paying accountants who followed the tax code, why not?

    3. LOL, Jesus Christ.

  19. Libyan forces push into last Islamic State area in Sirte

    TRIPOLI (Reuters) – Libyan pro-government forces are advancing into the last area controlled by Islamic State in the coastal city of Sirte, surrounding the militants after a five-month campaign backed by U.S. air strikes, military officials say.

    At least eight pro-government fighters were killed over the weekend as their forces pushed into the 600 block, an area in central Sirte, with snipers and boobytraps posing the main obstacles to their advance, the officials said.

    A Reuters reporter on the ground said forces advanced across two streets on Sunday, but were facing resistance and discovering explosive devices in many buildings.

    Islamic State took over Sirte a year ago, exploiting the chaos and violence that have dogged Libya since the overthrow of leader Muammar Gaddafi in 2011 in order to carve out a new base, far from its main territory in Iraq and Syria.

    1. Another Hillary success story.

    1. tl;dr: It is good to be white and rich, even if you are going through a divorce.

      1. T-Model had been through more heartache and horror than I could possibly imagine. His father beat him so brutally as a child that he lost a testicle. Later on, his father stole T-Model’s first wife, and what really hurt was how willingly she went. T-Model watched another wife die on the kitchen floor after drinking poison to induce a miscarriage. He had been shot, stabbed, pinned under a fallen tree, beaten senseless with a chair by one of his sons, poisoned by the woman he had loved the most.

        Paul “Wine” Jones advised going to a whorehouse in Memphis where the women could do tricks with ping-pong balls and shoot them through miniature basketball hoops. “If you got money, that place will fix any man’s blues,” he said.

        Spam, who was setting out on a tour of Europe with one pair of boxer shorts and a can of Vienna sausages, warned me to be careful of sporting women. He held up his hand and I saw the fingertips were missing. A prostitute named Francine had sliced them off with a box-cutter. “And you still ain’t broke up with her!” yelled an incensed T-Model Ford. Spam and Francine, it turned out, were in the worst co-dependent relationship I had ever heard of.

        1. The article was, in fact, full of great anecdotes. But the writer is like Steve Martin in The Jerk.

    2. Here’s some good post-divorce blues advice:

      When everybody’s tryin’ to sleep
      I’m somewhere making my midnight creep
      Yes in the morning, when the rooster crow
      Something tell me, I got to go

      I am a back door man
      I am a back door man
      Well the men don’t know, but little girls understand

      1. Anal! Jimmy, we miss you!

      2. Love the version of this by Howlin” Wolf.

        1. Who the fuck is Jimmy? And I don’t think he’s talking about “anal”, but I am not a lawyer. I thought Howlin’ Wolf’s was THE version. I’m sure I heard somebody else do it sometime, but I forgot, since it must only get bleached out by comparison.

  20. Two days old:

    Cary’s MLK celebration to include former NAACP leader Dolezal


    Organizers want the town’s annual MLK Dreamfest Celebration in January to highlight Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s values through discussions on race relations and racial identity. They hope nationally known speakers like former NAACP leader Rachel Dolezal of Washington state will facilitate the dialogue.

    The theme of the annual celebration, which will run Jan. 14 to 16, is “Healing Race Relations through Conversation and Participation.” Attendees will be able to delve into this theme through a variety of events, including an International Diversity Summit at the Cary Arts Center, featuring panel discussions with community and religious leaders.

    Dolezal, who was born to white parents, drew national attention last year after resigning as president of the NAACP chapter in Spokane, Wash., following allegations that she lied about her racial identity.

    “We chose a person like Rachel Dolezal that has been depicted as a major villain through media because of her preference of racial identity,” said Al Cohen, CEO of Jireh Management Group. “And yet, she didn’t steal from anybody. She didn’t murder anybody. She didn’t rob anybody. She only had an affinity for a group of people, and she served her community well.”

    1. Someone finally endorses transracialism.

      1. I’ve been endorsing it for years.

      2. Us whiteys need to have an out somewhere….

    2. And yet, she didn’t steal from anybody.

      Suddenly appropriation isn’t synonymous with theft.

    3. She did commit fraud, but hey: that’s standard procedure for SJWs.


    4. I’m confused…. She is white, but identifies as black; but it’s not cultural appropriation?

      1. blackness is not a culture

    5. Healing Race Relations through Conversation and Participation

      Because endless yammering about race has accomplished so much in the last few years.

  21. Although it was Bone’s name that initially caught the attention of Twitter memesters, it was his cheerful and somewhat nervous demeanor, his effortless charm, and his amazing red cardigan that solidified the love affair.

    That is a fucking depressing line to read. And these people wonder why we are stuck with Trump and Clinton…IT’S BECAUSE YOU PEOPLE ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO OBSESS OVER A SWEATER!

    1. I read that link and I still have no idea what he actually said.

      1. I don’t know either. You would have had to pay me as much as Granmaw Felony makes for an hour and a half to sit through that thing.

      2. Me either. Something about reclaiming the mustache for heterosexuals?

        1. Most important election of our lives.

        2. *stunned – pauses stroking luxurious mustache*

          What? Tell me more about this supposed mustache ban for us cis-shitlords. You know that some of us have had to cut back on the beard department because global warming has caused our chins to become covered in grey hair?

          * goes back to stroking mustache*

          1. It wasn’t a ban, exactly, but ever since the days of Freddy Mercury, the mustache has been largely the de facto province of homosexuals (and honorary homosexuals, e.g. hipsters).

            Certain dudes – here i am thinking of Tom Selleck and Sam Elliott – got grandfathered in.

            1. What about cops? Oh, they are covered under closeted homos?

      3. It was some planted nonsense about unicorn farts.

        1. How will Hillary and Trump let us power our cars and homes with unicorn farts without anyone losing their job?

    2. Can you have a “nervous demeanor” yet “effortless charm”? Shouldn’t the nervousness provoke some effort on this feller’s part?

  22. A close look at the FBI’s file on Wu Tang Clan

    From the descriptions of one of the records in the file:

    5. The last paragraph on this page contains the most explosive bits. NYPD detectives sought the FBI’s assistance in order to mount a RICO prosecution against the Wu-Tang Clan “organization.” Congress passed this legislation, the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, in the 1970s to make it easier for federal prosecutors to dismantle Mafia families.

    The file notes that Ben Campbell, then the assistant US attorney for the Eastern District of New York (the office that prosecuted infamous Cosa Nostra figures and al Qaeda terrorists), “is willing to seek prosecution of the WTC.” In other words, according to these files and the FBI’s and NYPD’s preliminary investigation, Wu-Tang Clan, a highly regarded hip-hop group that had sold millions of records, was also a criminal organization engaged in conspiracies such as drug running and executions.

    1. Wu-Tang Clan, a highly regarded hip-hop group that had sold millions of records, was also a criminal organization engaged in conspiracies such as drug running and executions.

      Peace to all the crooks, & all the niggas with bad looks

    2. Well no wonder they don’t have the time and resources to devote to investigating Hillary!

    3. Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nuthin’ ta fuck wit’!!

    4. Wu Tang Clan has been drafted by the Asian delegation!

  23. I have Samsung Galaxy 5. One of the first things I noticed about it was that it would hold a charge for 3 days with a bright screen I think Samsung has been pushing the envelope on battery power storage for a while. A libertarian question: is it the government’s job to stop me from buying a Galaxy 7 that might explode? Can I take it with me on an airplane? I think I know the answers but not all the nuances.

    1. With the free flow of information we have, the “exploding battery” problem is self-correcting (not in that way) and people will be driven away from exploding models.

    2. Governments job is to provide a place to sue. And enforce the judgement.

    3. To be clear, the problems affect the Note 7, not the Samsung 7. I have a 7 and an Edge and both haven’t tried to kill us yet.

    4. Is there not yet a rumor that the exploding battery is caused by the NSA running their spyware on the phone and causing it to overheat due to the unexpected load? We should totally start that rumor.

    5. Can I take it with me on an airplane? — Only if the airline lets you.

  24. I’m surprised the Hillary Clinton is a shithead story didn’t make AM links.

    Turns out that Hillary Clinton is a shithead, according to sources, all of her supporters are shitheads, and they all reportedly plan to go to work this morning and act like shitheads.

    1. So Hillary is the Turd Sandwich this time around.

      1. Well, Trump certainly is a giant douche.

      2. That was confirmed a few weeks ago.

  25. What if Twitter held a sale and nobody came?

    Next up, giving it away?

    1. Could they even do that? How does Twitter ever monetize enough to make themselves profitable?

      1. They don’t. Peak twit is behind them. Someone here, maybe you, suggested a media or advertising company would take them in and use the platform, perhaps making it part of a more attractive package deal to advertisers. It looks like they might have missed their window.

    2. Uh. Yup.

      Because this divestment of assets crap is not going to fly. It’s not like Twitter is a car maker or anything of the sort.

  26. Imam divorces eighth wife after she catches him red-handed with minor inside mosque

    LAHORE ? An imam from Punjab has divorced his eighth wife after she caught him red-handed somomizing a minor inside the mosque in Burewala city of Punjab.

    Mussarat Bibi, who hails from neighboring Habib Colony, was married to Qari Muhammad Aslam some 15 years ago.

    Aslam is an imam at Gulshan Raza Town mosque and an Arabic teacher at the city’s Govt. MC Model High School.

    Mussarat told the media that she was his fifth wife, but Aslam “who can’t overcome his lust for sex” married two more women without her consent under the pretext of “giving them shelter”.

    Both the other women were, later on, divorced Aslam while Mussarat stayed with him due to her poor financial conditions.

    However, two months ago, she caught him red-handed while sodomizing a madrassa student inside the mosque where Aslam teaches. She was badly beaten by the imam who threatened her to keep her mouth shut over the sexual abuse.

    Despite the woman kept mum over the immoral act, Aslam divorced her five days later.

    Mussarat says she reached Model Town Police Station and filed a complaint against him. But no action has been taken so far.

    1. Looks like the GOP has finally found someone to run against Hillary in 2020.

      1. I thought it was Hillary. I was wondering what Bill was doing in Lahore. But then I thought he must have been giving a speech to Goldman Sachs.

    2. An imam from Punjab has divorced his eighth wife after she caught him red-handed somomizing a minor inside the mosque in Burewala city of Punjab.

      I’m have trouble parsing that sentence. The imam is the actor and subject of that sentence?

      1. It should really be broken down into two or more shorter sentences.

        Story is – imam was sodomizing a minor of undefined ssex inside the mosque. The imam’s 8th wife catches him in the act. Imam divorces wife. I wonder what happened with the first seven, since the limit in islam is 4 at a time.

        1. a minor of undefined ssex

          But let’s be honest…

        2. I wonder what happened with the first seven, since the limit in islam is 4 at a time.

          He could just be a serial quadrogamist

        3. Imam divorces wife.

          But not the other way around. That’s what threw me. Sign me up for that religion. Not. I’m light on moral judgements but that’s fucked up.

        4. Five or more preferably.

    3. Mussarat says she reached Model Town Police Station and filed a complaint against him. But no action has been taken so far.

      We ARE at war with Islam. And any other religion that would tolerate things like this. At least the Catholic Church elected a Marxist as pope to atone for its sins. I guess they felt self-flagellation was just too mild.

    4. “Imam divorces eighth wife”

      Quran 4:3 “then marry those that please you of [other] women, two or three or four.”

      8 > 4

      Do you even hallal??

      1. “after she caught him red-handed somomizing a minor inside the mosque in Burewala city of Punjab.”

        Actually I guess the answer to my question is rather obvious…

        1. Yeah, rape (a minor) and homosexuality (madrassa student = male) are probably more haram than having an excess of wives. If he actually believes his religion he probably figured he was already going to hell, so might as well double down on the sins.

  27. 2008 presidential nominee John McCain was among a number of Republicans to withdraw their endorsement of Trump…


    1. What is the count, has McCain supported more Democrats then Republicans in his life time?

  28. Clown panic spreads to Australia:……0acc87935a

    Clown panic spreads to the UK: creepy-clown-sightings-craze-speads-britain

    And that’s just the beginning.

    There’s no stopping the Creepy Clown Menace. It’s going world-wide.

    1. The hysteria will burn out sooner or later.

      1. But it still has a looooooooooooooooong way to go.

    2. WORLD WAR C

    3. “There’s the potential for retaliation or people could be seriously hurt or could die by trying to get away,” she said. “You also don’t know if the person has a physical condition or mental condition where this behaviour could have disastrous effect.

      “There is absolutely nothing funny about [these clowns].”

      —-Campbelltown police Inspector Tara Norton

      1. I think it’s funny.

    4. What about those clowns in Congress?

      1. “Looks like those clowns in Congress did it again. What a bunch of clowns.”

  29. Missiles shot from Yemen reportedly landed near a U.S. destroyer in international waters in the Red Sea.

    That’s an interesting phrasing.

    1. “They’re international because we say they’re international.”

    2. It’s a hell of a usage of passive voice.

      “Missiles were fired; several fish became deceased.”

  30. Four days old:

    ‘Evil Sodomites’ Now Being Blamed For Hurricane Matthew

    You just can’t win in the eyes of right-wing conservatives if you’re an “evil sodomite.”

    The latest disaster the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community is being blamed for is Hurricane Matthew, which has already hit Haiti and the Dominican Republic is gearing up to pound Florida and the Carolinas over the coming days.

    1. Moar:

      Right Wing Watch reports that Andrew Bieszad, a contributor for, recently wrote that Orlando and Savannah may be responsible for the massive storm and the damage that the cities will soon incur, as they both planned Pride parades this month. Bieszad cites the Biblical Old Testament tales of God punishing the Hebrews with natural disasters to back up his claims. He wrote:

      “Now we know that Florida is an area that is infected with sin, especially cities such as Miami and Orlando, which are veritable dens of sodomy.

      But instead of looking at mere particularities, I thought I would ask a broader question- Is there any “homosexual” activities going on this month in either the Orlando or Savannah areas? Sure enough, I found that both Orlando and Savannah are having massive sodomite pride parades this month, especially in Orlando, which is sponsoring this very weekend as the hurricane is about to hit a massive “coming out” parade sponsored no less than with the major support of the city itself and major corporate backers.”

      Jinkies! He’s figured it out!

      1. Makes as much sense as blaming it on the Republicans because global wa climate change.

        1. But can we blame homosexuals for climate change because they drive cars?

          1. Not since 2003. They all drive Prius’s now.

            1. Lots of Jeep Wranglers in beach towns, still.

      2. “”””””

        I am suppose to take seriously about someone who writes for What next, do I have to take seriously the ravings of the NYT?

        1. Should be

          1. Do you mean the NYT, JB?

        2. Shouldn’t the Post’s headline read, “MATTHEW POUNDS SODOMITES”?

    2. Why did it miss Orlando and Miami and strike at the Gray Coast? Maybe God really hates old people who like to ride motorcycles.

      1. Because the Alphabet Soup brigade really caused it using a weather control machine and threw it at the snowbirds.

    3. All weather is actually caused by anal sex.

      This year’s droughts were the result of not enough ass-sex in certain regions of the country.

      1. Needz moar pot and Mexicans!

  31. That’s because I’ve invested in cartons of Marlboro Reds and girl magazines:

    Nearly 7 in 10 Americans have less than $1,000 in savings

    Breaking the survey data down a bit further, we find that 34% of Americans don’t have a dime in their savings account, while another 35% have less than $1,000. Of the remaining survey-takers, 11% have between $1,000 and $4,999, 4% have between $5,000 and $9,999, and 15% have more than $10,000.

    Furthermore, even though lower-income adults struggle with saving money more than middle- and upper-income folks, no income group did particularly well. Some 29% of adults earning more than $150,000 a year, and 44% making between $100,000 and $149,999, had less than $1,000 in savings. Comparatively, 73% of the lowest income adults (those earnings $24,999 or less annually) had less than $1,000 in their savings account.

    There was even minimal difference between multiple generations of Americans. From seniors aged 65 and up to young millennials aged 18 to 24, between 62% and 72% of Americans had less than $1,000 in a savings account.

    1. It sounds like they are strictly talking about bank savings accounts which is misleading.

      1. I have $1.30 in my savings account. It had been higher, but that was because I stored the money I used as a down payment for my house there.

      2. Who keeps large amounts of money in an account that pays 1% interest?

        1. Who could possibly imagine that punishing savings by keeping interest rates artificially low would result in less saving?

        2. Look at Mr. High roller, who can put so much in that they bump his rate up to 1 percent.

          1. Yeah, even most of the good CDs these days are barely over 1%, unless you are locking your money down for a decade. To get a decent return you have to actually invest, not store money in a bank, and that comes with the risk of negative returns.

            1. And of course, let’s not forget that the Fed POLICY is to create a ‘modest level’ of inflation, which is above 1%, even if you discount the 9+ trillion dollar elephant in the room of future (obvious) inflation.

              Lead and brass, chile’ … lead and brass.

    2. With bail-ins coming, can you blame them?

    3. Savings accounts which pay a negative real rate of return? Why would you keep more money there than you need to cover an overdraft?

      1. ooh, look at Mr. Accountant here

        1. This is why you have to keep pillaging – you don’t properly manage your spoils.

          1. It’s not a hobby but a way of life.

      2. Cover an overdraft with savings? I have a zero fee line of credit for that. So long as I don’t have an outstanding balance, it costs me nothing to have in case of overdraft. Why should I let perfectly good money rot at a negative rate of return when I have even cheaper insurance?

        1. Its a fair cop. Some of us just loathe credit.

    4. $165,000 a year in Household income. Take Home Pay is $7500 a month. 2 working parents and 4 kids.

      Rent – $2500
      Groceries – $2100
      Car Payments – $1200
      Utilities – $300
      Communications – $350
      Insurance – $150
      Clothing/Shoes – $300
      Medical (copays, prescriptions, etc.) – $100
      Total – $7000

      That leaves about $500 a month for EVERYTHING else, from savings to holidays to birthdays to entertainment to any kind of unexpected expense.

      The reason why more Americans who earn more than $150,000 a year is because of the glories of our progressive tax code. Yeah Singles and DINKS who make that much should have no problem saving, but if you have kids you’re going to have just about the same disposable income on $150,000 a year as someone with kids and earning $75k a year and barely more than someone earning $45,000 a year.
      Gas – $250
      Vehicle Maintenance – $100
      Misc Government (license places, license renewal, inspection, excise taxes, etc.) – $50

      1. 2 working parents and 4 kids

        There’s your problem. It should be “2 working parents and 4 working kids”. Do you even libertarian?
        But seriously, 4 kids is super expensive if you are doing anything more than feeding them beans & rice and clothing them in hand-me-downs/thrift shop wear.

  32. I”m looking at the polls online, and they all have Hillary winning the debate last night.

    I don’t know if that’s voters expressing outrage over pussygate or the media skewing the results, but there’s no way Trump lost that debate last night.

    1. I haven’t watched any of the debates and don’t plan to, but as I said a while back, these aren’t really debates that either person is going to win or lose. People who like Trump will say he won because he’ll just keep doing the things that made him popular. People who like Clinton will say she won because they are either attracted to her more traditional style or because they simply can’t tolerate Trump ‘winning’. It’s a giant exercise in confirmation, nothing more.

      1. If you were going to watch any debate, you should watch that one.

        Trump said things to Hillary’s face that her practice team is probably too scared to say where she can hear them.

        He walked in reeling but walked out with her ass all over his shoes.

        1. But people who support Clinton will take that as evidence that Trump lost – they’ll say he was being unpresidential, unhinged, engaging in conspiracy theories, etc. People see what they want to see.

          As for me, I already know who I’m voting for and it’s not Clinton or Trump. I gain nothing by watching, and seeing the state of discourse just makes me uncomfortable. I’ll pass.

          1. For pure entertainment value, the debate is worth a watch.

            It was magnificent.

            1. I think we are just entertained by different things.

              1. An angry Donald Trump with nothing to lose speaking truth to power, and the presumptive Mafiosa-in-Chief sputtering back about nothing?

                Donald Trump looking Hillary in the eye and telling her that if he’s elected President, he’s gonna put her in jail?

                How can that not be entertaining?

                1. Trump was serious about that, BTW. It was not a debate talking point. I think it unnerved the media crew more than Hillary.

                  1. Trump was serious about that, BTW.

                    I wouldn’t hold my breath. I’m sure the Clintons could afford to buy him off.


                    1. I’m sure the Clintons could afford to buy him off.

                      Unless they can generate cheering stadiums worth of crowds fawning over him for letting her off the hook, I don’t think they could buy him off. Considering the financials of this election, him losing business deals and expending money to run for president, I think it can confidently be said that his ego values adoring fans over money (which is not to say he doesn’t love money, just that he loves fame more). I think the emotional high of jailing his opponent while crowds of his fans cheer him on is probably worth more to him than whatever cash the Clintons could scrounge up.

          2. Remember that time The Undertaker threw Mankind off the top of the cage?

            It was fun like that.

            1. Oh God, the glory days of WWE! How I miss it.



        3. My theory is that Trump won the primary precisely because people wanted someone to get into Hillary’s grill and say exactly the mean things he said.

          Primary voters were smart enough to know that no other pol in the GOP would ever work up the nerve to say mean things to her.

          I’m not saying Trump is good, just that he was the only one willing to not tow the lion when it came to “respectable” politics.

    2. Post debate analysis by your betters is part of the debate. Trump took swings at Hillary and connected at times proving what a hater of women he truly is. Seriously, what cracks me up is all the hay the media made about the RNC(?) writing a piece about how Trump won the first election before it even started. The lack of self awareness is numbing.

      1. I’m sure that’s a big part of it.

        I’m sure, too, that people watched that debate like they used to watch Evel Knievel make a jump–hoping that he would crash and burn. Everyone wanted to see Trump fall to pieces. It was supposed to be an inquisition.

        It’s hard to break people’s expectations, and they saw what they expected to see–rather than what happened.

        They thought he was a misogynist coming in, and they still think he’s a misogynist–so they think he won the debate.

        That’s my interpretation.

        The score of the game says otherwise, but what do they care?

        1. They thought he was a misogynist coming in, and they still think he’s a misogynist–so they think he won [lost] the debate.

          1. Wouldn’t sports be so much better if the team we like always won? Politics is magic and defies logic until math comes in a pounds you in the face for ignoring it for so long.

    3. I personally enjoyed the constant invocation of baseless conspiracy theories on the part of Clinton. And the moderators feeling the need to debate Trump for being too anti-war.

  33. I heard a new one on NPR this morning, a guy complaining about the double standard on display with regards to Trump. All the outrageous things Trump has done and said about women and somehow he’s still qualified to be a candidate for President? But Bill Cosby does a few things with women back in the ’60’s and ’70’s and suddenly a black man ain’t qualified to even show his face in public? C’mon man. what’s a brother gotta do to catch a break from whitey?

    1. So is this guy supporting Cosby as a write in candidate for President?

    2. Progressives can’t seem to tell the difference between talking about things and doing them.

      Saying bad things is actually worse, in their minds, than doing bad things.

      Stealing can be forgiven. Saying something homophobic? There’s no coming back from that.

      1. Is that like when Trump raped that 13-year old girl, ken?

        1. The allegations you’re talking about, if I remember correctly, are against some billionaire named Epstein raping a 13 year old girl after a party that Trump supposedly attended.

          I believe Trump is being sued as some kind of accessory (during an election)–not for actual statutory rape of a 13 year old girl himself.

          But that’s an excellent example of what I’m talking about with progressives!

          Can you tell the difference between Trump being accused of rape–and him actually being guilty of rape?

          It doesn’t look like you can.

          1. Look in the mirror, ken. It’s you who can’t distinguish an accusation from proof. Fortunately, you are a hairdresser and not a lawyer. You’d suck.

            1. Right, you answer the accusation that progressives can’t tell the difference between speech and action with an observation showing that you can’t differentiate between talk and the real thing–and when you’re called out for that, your only response is blah, blah, blah?


              What’s this stuff about me being a hairdresser? Is there a hairdresser named Ken Shultz somewhere?

              You fuckin’ weirdo.

              1. Hey ken, when is Melania going to apologize for enabling a child rapist?

                1. Hey amsoc, when are you going to apologize for giving retards a bad name?

                2. About the same time Hillary does for her and her husband taking donations from one, you silly bitch.

                3. “Hey ken, when is Melania going to apologize for enabling a child rapist?”

                  You don’t need to be a lawyer to tell the difference between being accused of something and actually having done that thing.

                  But I guess you can’t be a progressive and understand that–at least you can’t understand it.

                  This is getting funnier!

                  P.S. Do you still not get that Trump is being accused as something of an accessory in a civil case?

                4. Hey ken, when is Melania going to apologize for enabling a child rapist?

                  When is Hillary?

              2. Amsoc is a fuckin’ retard.

            2. “Nuh uh, YOU suck,” the troll explained.

              1. I’m trying to explain to Ken the difference between someone being accused of something and proof of an allegation. He doesn’t get it.

                1. You guys wanna know what’s really funny?

                  Yesterday, I said I was afraid that voting for Johnson instead of Trump wouldn’t get my middle finger high enough in the air to where the authoritarian socialists who run Sacramento can see it.

                  American Socialist seems to think that means I live in Sacramento. He seems to have googled up some hairdresser named Ken Shultz that lives in Sacramento, and he thinks it’s me!

                  HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!

                  What a dumb puppy.

                  1. Well, if american socialist had any capacity whatsoever for critical thought, he wouldn’t be self-describing as a socialist.

                  2. Hey ken, I’m sorry I got your profession wrong. You’re a computer programmer, right?

                    I strive to use the same level of evidence that SJWs like yourself does when I label someone a rapist. So, if someone–anyone, really– accuses a public figure of rape I’m ok with labeling that person a rapist in perpetuity. Ok with you? In solidarity,

                    American Socialist

                    1. I’m not a computer programmer, but you’re a fuckin’ weirdo.

                  3. Creepy, if true.

                2. How can you explain something you don’t understand?

              2. Oh, well you’re a hairdresser!

                *Drops mic, fingers himself*

        2. Maybe he can hire Hillary to be his defense attorney.

        3. Trump raped a 13 year-old? That’s outrageous! Who does he think he is, Mao Tse-Tung?


    3. It’s a silly premise to begin with. Lots of people don’t think Trump is qualified to be president. I’m guessing Crosby still has his fair share of supporters. I’d expect there to be some overlap between the two groups.

    4. I’ll vote for Cosby as president. Unless it means bringing back New Coke.

  34. I got cited last night for loitering cuz I was allegedly parked outside the library watching the debates on the wifi. A fucking misdemeanor. This banana republic isn’t free and I am gonna enjoy watching it burn when Clinton is elected. Good job ‘murica, you deserve Clinton, Inc.

    1. That’s pretty messed up. Were you dressed as a clown?

    2. I’m sorry that happened, Troy. Fuck that controlling asshat and the society that armed and paid him.

    3. Fuck that shit. You were just touching yourself to the debates like a real American.

      1. He was only trying to keep from falling asleep behind the wheel!

    4. That’s horseshit.

      I bet it’s dismissed.

      I hope you fight it even if they offer you a simple fine.

      P.S. Libraries are made for “loitering”. It shouldn’t be possible to loiter outside a public library with a public wifi connection. That’s what the damn connection is there for! To encourage people to come to the library parking lot and “loiter”. Some people “loiter” by reading books in their cars, I’m sure. That’s what the library is there for!

      Maybe sue the library for maintaining an attractive nuisance.

  35. The mood here amongst the Reason commentariat, who are never ever going to cast a vote for Trump, is decidedly lighter this morning. Someone should tell them it’s Monday.

    1. Shouldn’t you be packing to move to Venezuela right now?

      1. Just pack a few suitcases of TP.

        1. That would be sensible. American socialist is not a sensible person.

        2. Let him wipe his ass with a rock if that’s what he wants so much.

          1. Hey! That rock is going in the stew!

      2. Do Venezuelans believe that voting for an asshole douchebag plutocrat is striking a blow against elitism? If not, that might make a refreshing change.

        1. Is Clinton running for office there? I missed that.

        2. They vote for leftist idiots like you. That’s why their country is in ruins. You really should move there. Why wait for utopia when it’s just a few hours away?

        3. Do Venezuelans believe that voting for an asshole douchebag plutocrat is striking a blow against elitism?

          Nope. Their government put all of your preferred policies into effect, though, so you’ll love it anyway.

        4. Do Venezuelans believe that voting for an asshole douchebag plutocrat is striking a blow against elitism?

          Chavez was elected, wasn’t he?

  36. New Email Leak Reveals Clinton Campaign’s Cozy Press Relationship

    Worth reading just to see more evidence of my theory that Clinton Campaign Press Secretary Nick Merrill is a Reason editor.

    1. What Clinton leak? Do you even pussygate bro?

  37. Gig workforce larger than thought; regulators frustrated!

    “The debate over the size of the gig economy and its impact on employment continued Oct. 6, as a new estimate showed that more than one-third of American workers make at least some of their money in contingent jobs.
    Most gig workers are classified as independent contractors, like those who work in other staffing and contract relationships. Those workers usually don’t get benefits. They generally aren’t entitled to minimum wage and overtime protections, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance and aren’t subject to tax withholdings.”…..982078231/

    1. Those workers usually don’t get benefits. They generally aren’t entitled to minimum wage and overtime protections, workers’ compensation and unemployment insurance and aren’t subject to tax withholdings.”

      Yeah, those poor schmucks are only getting a job that financially comfortable moochers can’t grab a share of their paycheck. That’s all. Those poor people. WHAT A TRAVESTY.

    2. Stockman’s categorizing “breadwinner” jobs as a counter to the govt’s Unemployment numbers is brilliant.

        1. In the Keynesian world of 30 days at a time, in fact, the predicate is just the opposite. That is, don’t even begin to address the implied fiscal crisis of jobless dependency because the resulting “fiscal drag” might shave a tenths off the quarterly GDP print.


        2. That’s the one. That guy’s brain should be bronzed. Wait…

    3. and aren’t subject to tax withholdings

      There’s the meat.

      1. That’s power we all should have.

    4. My youngest daughter contracts web related services and loves the flexibility. She can pick and choose what she wants to do.

  38. Thousands protested in Yemen over a Saudi airstrike that killed at least 140 people at a funeral this weekend. Missiles shot from Yemen reportedly landed near a U.S. destroyer in international waters in the Red Sea.

    If anyone sees a single story noting that the US has been openly aiding in the Saudi bombing campaign for over a year now, let me know.

    The first story on CNN i saw basically tried reiterating the history of the Yemeni civil war. Sort of a ‘obfuscation-by-exhaustive-detail’.

    USA Today simply repeated this cute line: “a spokesman for U.S. Navy Forces Central Command, said it was unclear if the USS Mason ? a guided missile destroyer ? was specifically targeted””

    “WHAT? WHO, ME?” Is there some other ‘coalition’ navy right behind you?

    The New York Times has merely downplayed the US role. Here’s the NYT in August of this year =

    The American assistance for Saudi Arabia that Mr. Obama authorized last March includes aerial refueling for coalition jets, intelligence and targeting assistance.

    Here’s their new gloss

    The United States does not provide the Saudi-led coalition with targeting information for strikes within Yemen, but it does help Saudi Arabia guard its borders and provides training and refueling….

    I presume it wasn’t mentioned in the debate. *too serious*

    1. but it does help Saudi Arabia guard its borders and provides training and refueling

      It’s stuff like this that confirms my long-standing decision to not vote. I cannot in good conscience lend legitimacy to this shit.

      The thought came to me again as I was reading about our tortuin’ ways in the GITMO story in this month’s mag.

      We torture people without even telling them why. We give substantial aid to what in any sane universe should be our emenies. And nobody in America gives a shit.

    2. I have a pretty good guess as to where those refueling tankers are coming from.

  39. Oh, USA Today was backing up NBC on the ‘fact checking’ the “Acid Washed” line.

    Trump also said Clinton’s emails were “acid washed,” calling it a “very expensive process.” Neither statement is true. The emails were deleted using a free software program that does not involve the use of chemicals.

    They of course took out naming “Bleach Bit”, because that makes their niggle sound stupid.

    It almost gives the impression they were each being *told* what to ‘Fact Check’ by some very-retarded 3rd party. Because are we really to believe that multiple people independently concluded that was somehow an important and relevant ‘misstatement’?

    1. It’s hilarious how effectively the media is own-goaling itself on this one. Trump throws out a metaphor on Hillary’s illegal activity and the media spergs out with its typical pedantry.

      1. I think this sort of thing along with rigging the debates only reinforces the reason his followers support him. They’re helping him everytime they try to help Hillary.

    2. Is this actually a criticism?

      I think I’ve punched people for saying things less stupid.

  40. someone needs to tell the Reason staff to turn off the “Live Tweets”. Its still going.

    1. Oh great, now the front yard is flooded with tweets.

      1. At least they’re not making everything italic.

    2. Let me know if ENB accidently leaves her web cam on.

      1. Sooner or later she will have to shower.

        1. I’ll wait as long as it takes:)

          1. Give me a nudge to make sure I don’t miss it!

        2. Sooner or later she will have to shower.

          You’re saying she’s not French?

      2. go on…

  41. From the Billy Bush link:

    On “Today,” Bush is not expected to be a Matt Lauer or a George Stephanopoulos. His role is in the third hour of the show, which is traditionally strictly confectionery entertainment. He was chosen for the role after spending years fluffing up famous folks for “Access Hollywood,” where his job was to put celebrities at ease and get them to say or do something interesting for the camera.

    Yeah, George is a serious journalist. Not a political hack in the slightest. Not that Matt Lauer is a serious journalist either, but trying to paint Stephanopoulos as one… fuck you Wapo and your DC circle jerk.

    1. his job was to put celebrities at ease and get them to say or do something interesting for the camera.

      Sounds like what he was doing with Trump in the naughty tape.

    2. fluffing up famous folks

      Oh my.

  42. his job was to put celebrities at ease and get them to say or do something interesting for the camera.

    Well, he certainly accomplished that with Trump. Makes you wonder why NBC tolerated such a sexist, misogynist monster on its payroll for so many years.

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