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Hey Republicans! "Refusing to support Donald Trump does not leave you without a candidate"

Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Bill Weld, a former two-term GOP governor of Massachusetts, has something to say to you.



Will the bleeding stop for GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump? I thought he handily won last night's debate on most grounds, but that 2005 audio tape on which he outlines a groping strategy for picking up women has proven to be the last straw for an ever-growing list of Republicans.

At Red State, Bill Weld, the Libertarian Party vice-presidential candidate and a former two-term Republican governor of Massachusetts, makes a pitch for members of his old party who are grossed out and disgusted both with Trump and a party that has failed to advance a limited-government agenda even when it controlled every branch of the federal government. He writes:

Of the three tickets that will be on the ballot in all 50 states, and which have the potential to win this election, only Gary Johnson and I will be able to mend partisan fences.

Despite all the side-show distractions, the issues voters care about are jobs and the economy. We have pledged to submit a balanced budget to Congress within 100 days of taking office, and our records prove we will support tax and regulatory reforms that will put Americans back to work.

We're not going to avoid making the hard choices. Everything, including military spending and entitlement spending, will be on the table so that we as a nation can begin to live within our means….

We need Honest Gary Johnson—a man who is utterly without guile—standing up for the everyday interests and needs of American citizens.

Here's the question that Americans need to ask themselves: If you needed someone to take care of your household while you went on a vacation, to whom would you trust that responsibility: Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton or Gary Johnson?

To ask the question is to answer it. Refusing to support Donald Trump does not leave you without a candidate.

Read the whole thing here.

In the wake of the Trump tape's release, Johnson told Albuquerque's KOAT that "he's received an overwhelming amount of support from dozens of GOP officials since the video was released."

"It's such a massive amount that the campaign can't even begin to deal with it at the moment," Johnson said. "They're wanting to know how they can lend their support, and what's the best way they can communicate their support because they're done."

More here.

Stay tuned to Reason for more on this. I'll be talking with Johnson later today and we'll post the interview here at Reason.com, on Soundcloud, and iTunes. Let's see if he'll name some of the Republicans who want to take a chance on him after the past few days' events.

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