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The Presidential Election is Literally Destroying Friendships

One in 14 people say they have ended a friendship because of Clinton vs. Trump.


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Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump reportedly have remained close friends during this election season, even as their parents have been battling it out on the campaign trail.

If only the rest of America were so lucky.

A new poll from Monmouth University shows that the heated, ugly and thankfully-almost-over campaign is fraying the human bonds that hold society together. Things have gotten so bad that 1 in 14 Americans have ended a friendship because of a political disagreement during this electoral version of Celebrity Death Match.

Perhaps due to the schism within the Democratic Party exposed by Bernie Sanders' primary campaign, more Clinton supporters (9 percent) than Trump supporters (6 percent) say they have lost friends during the campaign.

Monmouth also reports that 70 percent of those polled said they believe the presidential election has brought out the worst in people. Only 4 percent say the election has brought out the best in people—and that seems a bit high, doesn't it?

If you're having the urge to end a friendship because one of your acquaintances is going to vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein (or Kanye West), here's some friendly advice: don't.

For starters, that person's vote doesn't matter any more than yours does—which is to say, neither counts for much at all, as Reason editor in chief Katherine Mangu-Ward explained in detail four years ago.

No, that vote isn't going to throw the election to the candidate you can't stand, either.

Instead of clicking "unfriend" over something as meaningless as a vote, try to remember that our differences are what really make us interesting. Ask yourself if you'd really like to spend your whole life surrounded by the talking heads of your preferred cable news station in a bubble of perpetual agreement—or within the cozy confines of a news feed that reinforces your beliefs and filters out the rest.

If none of that works, try focusing on the similarities instead of the differences—and when it comes to Trump and Clinton, there are plenty of those. Both want to run up more debt, and neither is serious about ending America's role as policeman of the world. That's just the start.

"What if the first priority of both is not to decrease the size and scope of government but to expand it?" asks Judge Andrew Napolitano. "What if they both believe that the federal government may lawfully and constitutionally right any wrong, tax any behavior and regulate any event? What if they both want to add a few thousand new employees to the federal payroll, give them badges and guns and black shirts, and engage them as federal police to insulate the federal government further from the people and the states?"

See, your Clinton/Trump supporting friend is actually more like your Trump/Clinton supporting self than you might have thought.

Of course none of this emotional therapy would be necessary if the presidential race didn't matter so much that people would be willing to throw away friendships over it. It would surely improve our interpersonal relationships if the country didn't have to go through an all-the-eggs-in-one-basket, nothing-will-ever-matter-as-much-as-this electoral slugfest once every four years.

Like, say, if the president's authority was limited in some way, maybe by a set of written rules? Guidelines, even.

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  1. Supporting Gary Johnson cost one friend of mine 20 Facebook friends in one day. That being said, I’m sure no actual friendships were damaged.

    1. Ive driven some people away. Ron paul in 2012 drove the most. Good riddance. These people are not my friends.

  2. I lost Tulpa. Now which one of you is Tulpa and will you forgive me?

    1. Friend, look inside you. Then you will realize you were Tulpa all along.

      1. It’s Fight Club all the way down.

        1. His name was Robert Paulsen Tulpa.

          1. Fuck everyone above me, who are all obviously Tulpa

            1. I see it like the end of Spartacus, except we’re all standing up and proclaiming ourselves to be Tulpa.

            2. Tulpa mania is why we need central banks.

              1. Get in touch with the inner Tulpa within you! It’s the only real solution!

                Daddy! Daddy! All my friends have a nuclear Tulpa! I need a nuclear Tulpa TooOOOooo!!!!

                Quietly, in the corner, he cuddled his nuclear Tulpa. He felt safe and secure.

    2. Comment reported as Tulpa. Mea Tulpa.

    3. I went to read the 4 year old KMW article again and, wouldn’t you know it, a good 50% of the comments are from Tulpa Doom, desperately shitting on the thread in a ham-handed cry for attention/validation. Twas ever thus. Sigh…

  3. Friendship. Noun. A 21st century term used to describe the amount of social media profiles of others currently within one’s Private viewing status on social media platforms; e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  4. I’ve stopped watching Friends because of this election. Does that count?

    1. No, admitting that you watched Friends IS the problem….

    2. Trump kills Joey at the end of season 8

      1. Oh, great. Thanks a lot, Derpy McSpoilerface.

        *deletes entire run of Friends from DVR*

        1. Oh, you’re missing out. The love scene between Lisa Kudrow and Hillary in the finale is repulsive yet heartwarmingly viscera l. It’s like a SugarFree post acted out with a late-90s adult-contemporary soundtrack.

          1. *takes sledgehammer to DVR*

    1. Although Konashenkov did not directly say Russia would shoot down American aircraft attacking Syrian government forces, his tone was clear.

      “I would recommend our colleagues in Washington to thoroughly consider the possible consequences of the realization of such plans,” Konashenkov said.

      “It follows to really be conscious that there will hardly be time in the calculations of the Russian air-defense units to clarify on the “direct line” the precise flight-plan of missiles and who they belong to,” Konashenkov said, referring to the hotline already established by the U.S. and Russia to prevent clashes between their aircraft conducting strikes in Syria.

      Konshenkov warned that Russia had deployed advanced S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to its bases in Syria, noting that their range “can be a surprise for any unidentified flying objects.”

      The ministry spokesman added: “The illusions of dilettantes about the existence of ‘stealth’ aircraft may encounter a disappointing reality.”

      1. Konshenkov warned that Russia had deployed advanced S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to its bases in Syria, noting that their range “can be a surprise for any unidentified flying objects.”

        “Seriously, remember that Dutch airliner? Now imagine if we were actually aiming at it…”

        1. ISIS has aircraft? Who knew?

        2. Great, now if Russia shoots down a UFO it’ll be up to us to convince the aliens not to eradicate us. Hillary will have her plate full.

          1. Krugman will be ecstatic!

          2. Are you kidding? That’d be so much cooler and quicker than SMOD!

      2. The 1980s called and wants its foreign policy back. /Obama

        1. Yup. We just had the Iranianian holding hostages… again. Trouble in the Middle East… again. Russian Bear flexing its muscles…. again.

      3. “And if zhat is not enough to fwighten zeez strange un-eedentiafied kravft, ve haff enough yellow kek to build anuvver Norff Kurrean dictaturr. Dvai, blyat.”

        Pic Related

      4. Konshenkov warned that Russia had deployed advanced S-300 and S-400 anti-aircraft missiles to its bases in Syria, noting that their range “can be a surprise for any unidentified flying objects.”

        The ministry spokesman added: “The illusions of dilettantes about the existence of ‘stealth’ aircraft may encounter a disappointing reality.”

        Anyone who talks like this about his nation’s military hardware and thinks the US is a ‘dilettante’ when it comes to stealthing (or air combat in general) either doesn’t know what he’s talking about or is seriously trying to start a war.

        That is some Baghdad Bob shit right there.

        1. Its for Russian domestic consumption.

        2. What do any military folks here think about the capabities of S-300 and S-400 batteries vs. our aircraft? I’ve read that the Russian stuff is pretty nasty.

        3. What do any military folks here think about the capabities of S-300 and S-400 batteries vs. our aircraft? I’ve read that the Russian stuff is pretty nasty.

          1. Squirrels got me.

          2. Hopefully, the US has secretly purchased examples of the missiles from parties who bought them from Russia. This way the US can identify weaknesses and counter them.

            I am not aware of the US selling high end US military aircraft on the open market, so the Russians might not know everything about our aircraft.

            One thing about Russian military protocol is to swarm a target with missiles, if necessary.

          3. Old USSR technology for the S-300 is clearly evident with the screens etc.
            S-400 video

    2. You know its kinda of funny – people are worried that *Trump* will start a nuclear war while completely ignoring what the current President has been doing.

      If President Trump is involved in WWIII it will be directly related to the shit-sandwich Obama has put on the table.

      1. ^This. I don’t think it matters who gets to be President now, that shit sandwich is already on the table and drawing flies.

      2. Are we supposed to be worried that Trump likes Putin or is going to start a war with him? Or both?

        1. Just a friendly little war.

    3. I see.

      Hillary/Obama have started a war before she even gets in office. I see good times ahead.

      1. WarBama
        1st day in office = war
        last day in office = war

        1. Yup. Obama is right up there with Washington and LBJ as the only President whose entire terms in office had the US involved in war. Lincoln only had 1 month between inauguration and the attack on Fort Sumter and 5 days between the CSA surrender and assassination.

    1. Schnapps!

    1. +1 Cannon ball run. RIP.

      (I had the good luck to be about 16 when Car and Driver (and Road and Track) were in their heyday in the mid 70s.)

      1. Me too, back when the internet was just a twinkle in Al Gore’s eyes…

    2. OT: Arnold Palmer 1929- 2016

      He was a good guy. My buddy and I were hitchhiking from Pittsburgh to Long Island and he picked us up. He had golfing stuff in his car, a big plush Olds,and talked about golfing with Arnold Palmer and how great a golfer Arnold Palmer was. Not being golf fans, we knew his name, but not his face. A couple of times he said that Arnold Palmer was “his kind of golfer”, but we just thought he was bullshitting us. I was sitting in the front seat and memorized his face. When we got to my cousin’s house, I looked in a Sports Illustrated magazine and it was him. That being said, we enjoyed the ride with the guy with Thai sticks more.

      1. Nice story.

  5. Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump reportedly have remained close friends during this election season, even as their parents have been battling it out on the campaign trail.

    If only the rest of America were so lucky.

    How does “being at least as smart as Chelsea Clinton/Ivanka Trump” qualify as ‘good luck’?

    1. Who said they were smart?

      1. “as smart as” – if daughters of two principals in the election don’t let it ruin their friendship, who stupid do you have to be to let it ruin yours?

        1. You keep putting that in quotes like you’re quoting the article. It referred to luck, not smarts.

    2. Friends with Ivanka? You bet.

      With Chelsea? That’s not what I would call “lucky”.

      1. On ivanka, it seriously depends on whether it comes with benefits.

  6. This is why Donald Trump needs to win.

    Everyone, the press, congress, the courts, will fight, actually FIGHT, against his abuse of power.

    If Hillary wins, everyone who disagrees with the left’s new design of the everything free except association and conscience, will be steamrolled by the newer, more powerful state that she, the media, and the courts will build….

    1. That is one of the reasons, yes.

    2. That’s pretty much the only reason.

      1. Judges. 2nd Amendment. Regulation. Obamacare. Stopping the SJWs. That’s five more, off the top of my head.

        1. So PapayaSF will not be one of the people fighting Trump’s abuses of power.

          1. Logic fail for you, Hugh.

            1. Just be patient. Daddy will save you from me.

              1. It will also give Hugh a sad , and since he’s a retard whose posts contribute literally nothing but more evidence that he’s a cunt, that’s one more reason to vote Trump.

                Cry about Trump more weehughey.

                    1. True story: Two weeks ago I did a closing for a lady named Mary Stack. I was going over the survey and asked if there was enough room to gambol in the back yard.

                    2. Wait, I thought “gamboling” was a White Indian thing? Or were they the same person? I can’t keep all the trolls straight.

                    3. “I can’t keep all the trolls straight”

                      Neither can any of the other fucking idiots here who think they can.

                  1. Just like that.

        2. Stopping the SJWs.

          Yeah, empowering Trump and legitimizing the alt-right is not gonna accomplish that.

          1. Compared to Hillary, it will.

        3. On at least three of those Trump is likely as not to be worse than Hil.

          1. Nonsense. He’s taken explicit positions on all them (except the SJW thing), Hillary has taken opposing positions, and his are more liberty-oriented than hers.

    3. Absolutely agree.

    4. Sadly, you’re probably right.

  7. What, no “Beauty and The Beast” reference in the alt-text?

    1. Or at least a “My dad’s richer than your mom”, “Oh yeah? My mom’s had more pussy than your dad”?

      1. Chelsea can probably say that of both of her parents.

  8. That first paragraph is why I’m almost certain we’re all being had.

    Trump is the illusion of choice.

    1. [slaps self on forehead]

      Yes, and it goes to show how easily people are duped. Even many libertarians, who are supposed to be suspicious of authority.

  9. So Chelsea is still going by “Clinton” and not her husband’s name?

    1. Well, which do you think is more lucrative?

      1. Chelsea McCronyHedgeFund sounds pretty lucrative to me.

        1. What about Hubbell?

          1. She really is the spitting image.

        2. As a matter of fact she did. She offered to do a porno for 15,000, and porn watching community agreed to pay her a thousand times that not to do it.

          1. Ah fuck. That was meant for the comment below about her being worth 15 million

  10. Did you know Chelsea Clinton is worth $15 million?

      1. Yes she did. She gave a speech.

    1. “Hey lady, wanna earn $15 the hard way?”

        1. And you are no lady.

  11. I’ve lost nine friends in the last week since making it known that I’m voting for Trump. The people who de-friended me were all hardcore Clinton supporters fully entrenched in the “a woman must be elected” cult, who literally do not care that she may have committed actual treason (if the stories about Bill Clinton acting as an agent for the Chinese government in 2010 are true).

    I don’t miss a single one of them and won’t be taking them back as friends after the election. Way I see it, if they’re that obsessed with gender that they don’t care about criminal activity and massive corruption, I don’t need people that dishonest in my life. And most of them were pretty marginal contributors before.

    1. I also disagree that this election has brought out the worst in people. I believe it has simply caused people to reveal who they truly are…and that’s just fine by me. I’ve been open all along about my beliefs. If people don’t like that, oh well…that’s their problem, not mine.

    2. who literally do not care that she may have committed actual treason (if the stories about Bill Clinton acting as an agent for the Chinese government in 2010 are true).

      Couple of things here.

      1. What Bill Clinton did or did not do is what Bill Clinton did or did not do – not Hillary Clinton. You can *assume* collusion, but that’s all that it is, an assumption. You can’t commit treason just because you’re related to or close to someone who has.

      2. Even the President of the US ‘acting as an agent for the Chinese’ is not treason.

      Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
      The Congress shall have Power to declare the Punishment of Treason, but no Attainder of Treason shall work Corruption of Blood, or Forfeiture except during the Life of the Person attainted.

      China certainly isn’t our friend, but there’s no way it could be considered an enemy.

      1. Tell that (1) to the ghost of Ethel Rosenberg.

        1. Things have changed a bit since then as far as relations with China go.

          1. The reason relations with the Chinese have changed is because of their military expansion (such as the artificial islands they’ve built) allowing them to expand their military power further in the Pacific. These negotiations were part of why our relations with the Chinese have taken a turn for the worse…because it helped put them in a stronger position while weakening ours.

        2. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were American citizens who spied for the Soviet Union and were tried, convicted, and executed for conspiracy to commit espionage.

          Espionage =/= Treason. At least not in the United States.

          1. 18 U.S. Code ? 2381 – Treason
            Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

            The US Government could have charged them with both, either or something else.

            The Rosenbergs spied and helped a tyrannical Soviet regime gain a military advantage, threaten Americans with nuclear annihilation countless times and killed thousands of Americans. Traitorous pigs, the Rosenbergs were.

      2. It’s treason if they disclosed classified information to the Chinese about national security or military affairs in a manner that threatens to undermine or weaken U.S. interests. The 2010 intervention was over our potential military intervention regarding Chinese expansion in and hegemony over the South China Sea. Clinton was apparently feeding them information about what position President Obama would take in the negotiations. His wife was the top diplomat at the time. He was serving in no official capacity for our government, he was taking payments from China and advising them (making him an agent of their government), and his wife did not disclose this. Failing to disclose foreign contacts, particularly foreign contacts in the active employ of foreign governments, is grounds for prosecution for people with security clearances. When they’re actively working against U.S. interests in the negotiation and you’re aware of this and don’t disclose it, it’s treason.

        1. And just to be clear, any information about U.S. bargaining positions in a negotiation with the Chinese that was not publicly disclosed by the federal government would be classified information. So if Bill Clinton was privy to that, it means he got it from his wife (since he was not serving in any official capacity for our government and would not have a read-on for access to classified information). If he obtained it and disclosed it to the Chinese to help their negotiations with the U.S., that’s espionage.

        2. No its not. Just as disclosing classified information to *anyone* is not treason. Its espionage.

          1. Nothing that you’ve described is treason.

            1. Fine, whatever…I have no respect for people who will vote for someone who committed or abetted espionage against the U.S. either. I consider someone like that a traitor. If you want to quibble over the semantics, you’re missing the point. I’m talking about the character, not what specific code Clinton should be charged with.

          2. 18 U.S. Code ? 2381 – Treason
            Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.

    3. Most of my friends really don’t care. They know that whoever wins, it will suck. They all agree that that Clinton and Trump are the worst candidates ever, and think that I’m an optimist by being a Libertarian because I think that there’s a shred of hope.

  12. If you’re having the urge to end a friendship because one of your acquaintances is going to vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein (or Kanye West), here’s some friendly advice: don’t shit or get off the pot.

    If you’re a guy, in the October before Hillary Clinton’s election, hemming and hawing about your male friend(s) voting for Hillary, you really are beyond hope and probably need to be put down.

    The focus on the voting aspect of this is pretty weak. The men I know who are voting for Hillary, I wouldn’t call friends and have a decidedly victim-oriented mentality that I prefer to stay in their lives rather than encroach on mine if at all possible.

    1. Agreed…same thing I’ve seen, although it goes for a lot of the women as well.

      1. I should’ve said victim-*oriented* or victim-worship mentality.

        I know women who’ve been victims of various forms of abuse. I can understand them taking a lop-sided stance on gender and can, vis-a-vis, rationalize women who aren’t known/knowingly victims biting the bullet to ‘support’ their gender (not saying I agree or that I think it’s smart). They have different priorities that aren’t intrinsically bad.

        Men doing it doesn’t make any sense and any sense that can be made of it is men undermining women. They have different priorities and any/all arrangements of them are bad intrinsically.

        1. The men do it largely because the women in their lives badger them into it.

          For all the talk of male chauvinism, from what I’ve seen, the manliest of jocks will usually let a woman walk all over him, get him to apologize for everything men have ever done (and haven’t done), vow to be ‘allies’ and give their lives for any woman who cries for help ever and anywhere.

          Most men will pretty much let women dictate their gender issues platform. They’re easy marks.

          1. Luckily, voting booths are private.

        2. I should’ve said victim-*oriented* or victim-worship mentality.

          I should have specified that I’m not talking about someone who is actually victimized in a crime, I was referring to someone who perpetually sees themselves as a victim, whether they were a victim of a crime or a victim of their own poor choices.

          I’m sympathetic to people who are actually victims of crimes. I’m not sympathetic to people who concoct stories of victimization in their own heads as a means to dodge responsibility for their own lives. I’ve found the latter to make up a significant portion of Hillary Clinton’s voting base.

      2. Not to say that there are *no* women in the boat, just that their blind statism can’t be distinguished from their misguided genderism as easily.

    2. One of the problems is that it feels like an aesthetics vs. principle argument.

      When I tell people that I’ll never vote for Hillary because she accepted money from foreign governments while she was the Secretary of State, that’s principle to me.

      Hillary supporters hear it as some kind aesthetic thing. They’ll talk about how ugly Donald Trump is in so many way–as if it were a beauty contest between rednecks and Trump, on one side, and Hillary and company on the other.

      I tell them that Hillary abused a public office to enrich herself and her family, so not only can I not vote for her–I can’t ever accept her as the legitimate President.

      They respond that Donald Trump is a misogynist–as if, again, we were talking about an ugliness contest.

      This election isn’t about issues. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump only differ on a couple of issues that matter to me. And the left isn’t even trying to defend Hillary on the issues. The election just isn’t about issues.

      It’s about principle to me. You can’t argue principle with people who have none and are only talking about aesthetics.

      “Donald Trump wants to kill brown babies” just isn’t a legitimate response to “Hillary Clinton abused her office as Secretary of State and took money from foreign governments”. And, yeah, I question the character of people who can’t see why those two things are different. One of them is about a beauty contest. The other one isn’t.

      1. People on the left have no principles other than might makes right.

      2. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump only differ on a couple of issues that matter to me. And the left isn’t even trying to defend Hillary on the issues. The election just isn’t about issues.

        ^ This.

      3. I think you’re right, Ken. The few very brief and tentative conversations I’ve had have gone pretty much like that, as if Trump’s notional misogyny (I remain to be convinced) somehow offsets or refutes Hillary’s criminality.

        To the point where one woman told me that she didn’t think a solid week of coverage about Trump insulting fat chick was disproportionate at all, on account of his misogyny is apparently the most important issue facing this country.

        I’ve given up. People in the grip of partisanship are stupid, and I won’t waste my time engaging with them.

        1. And yet a recent CNN poll had 53% of women supporting Hillary. 53%

          1. 53% of women Democrats supporting Hillary is not a big deal and actually quite bad.

            Its not 53% of ALL women in the USA.

        2. I had a Hillary Clinton supporter adamantly insist that Donald Trump calling a woman fat and ugly was worse than rape…because she’d been raped twice but it hurt her feelings more when some guy called her fat and ugly.

          You’re just not going to win with logic with some people.

      4. There was absolutely zero chance the democrats were ever going to run on issues and their recent policy record, regardless of whoever their republican opponent was.

        How the hell can anyone put a positive spin on $9 trillion in debt, the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, the Obamacare debacle, the expansion of ISIS and the global explosion of radical Islamic terrorism, the utterly failed “reset” with Russia, Benghazi, and cities being burned down in riots?

        1. Don’t forget the intimidation via the IRS of enemy political organizations, Fast and Furious, unlawful and secret surveillance of the public’s email and internet usage, and institutionalized violation of people’s religious liberty.

          Come on, Mike. Give credit where it’s due.

      5. Didn’t Virginia Postrel write an entire book about aesthetics? She must have seen this coming.

      6. I’m with you. I also tend to shy away from being “friends” with stupid people, and said months ago that there is zero defense for Clinton’s actions as SOS and then her lies to try and cover them up. She is unfit to be President, and if people want to overlook that because she is a “democrat” or a “woman” then they are people I choose not to associate with.

  13. A friend’s wife, who I’ve known for about 20 years, defriended me a while back after accusing me of actively wanting children to be massacred by assault weapons. I just checked her Facebook, and she’s a full on Hillary shill, natch, and there was a post at the top linking to a WSJ article that shows the difference between a liberal’s FB feed, and a conservative’s.

    Her comment on the article: “This is a side by side comparison of a liberal facebook feed and a conservative facebook feed. Really interesting for those of us who have unfriended all Trump supporters by now.”


    1. Just don’t lead them as much

    2. Progressives keep using that word liberal. I don’t think it means what they think it means.

  14. Unfriended.
    “That’s not how this works…” -partial quote of a funny commercial

    1. Yeah, that commercial makes me chuckle

  15. That’s the funny thing about this election- the two major party candidates are more similar than any opposing pair since the internet, and so people get really overexcited about the minor details between them.

    1. It’s a way of pretending their complacency with the system is principled rebellion.

    2. But one (probably) has a penis, and one (probably) does not! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!

    3. That’s when it gets most vicious.

  16. …more Clinton supporters (9 percent) than Trump supporters (6 percent) say they have lost friends during the campaign.

    If you are friends with someone who turned out to be a Trumpeter, you likely knew what you were getting into long before now. But when your affiliation was mostly based on the danger of an other, once the ugly head of dissension shows itself and the incorrect thinking other ends up in your own house, things get ugly.

    1. Wait, aren’t both parties basically just built on the danger of baskets of Others?

      1. Spoken like a Lyndon LaRouche voter. We’re done.

        1. When Andre Marrou was running, the few people I knew that actually cared about the election thought I was talking about Lyndon LaRouche.

  17. Why? Because of the failures of George W. Bush, followed by the despicable eight year reign of the virulent, hateful Obama, the most intentionally divisive and polarizing president to disgrace the office since Richard Nixon.

    He has more or less succeeded in his terrible goal of tearing the country apart and pitting decent Americans against each other. And it’s a God-damned shame, because I’m not sure there’s any going back after what he has done.

    1. There’s no going back after what anyone has done, Mike. Time only moves in the one direction. Unless you’re Warty.

      1. Maybe he could go back and Doomcock the lot of ’em?

        1. Warty is Mr. Garrison?

  18. I know some people who are like that. If who I vote for convinces you to not be friends with me, then we really didn’t have a friendship in the first place.


  19. Chelsea Clinton bought an apartment for $9.25 million two years ago.…..her-class/

    Most of that money seems to have come from cushy jobs she got from her mother’s political supporters.

    She’s also on the board of the Clinton Foundation.

    1. But but but….Trump called a former beauty pageant queen a pig. That is why he can’t ever go into the White House.

    2. Like for example MSNBC, who pays her the rather staggering sum of $600,000 a year to do a couple of hours worth of work. The entire year. Nice gig if you can get it!

      1. MSNBC was a part of General Electric.

        General Electric donated $1 million to the Clinton Foundation while Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State.…..arms-deals

        GE is a big defense contractor via supplying jet engines to Boeing, and they had a bunch of pending arms sales to together to foreign countries (with nasty human rights records) that only the Secretary of State could approve.

        I’m sure that $1 million donation to the Clinton Foundation was just a coincidence.

        General Electric sold its NBC assets to Comcast in 2013, but that was after Chelsea was working for MSNBC. When Chelsea got that big deal at MSNBC, it was still part of General Electric–and Hillary was still the Secretary of State.

        1. Nothing to see here

        2. GE still owns 49% of both Comcast and NBC. They sold control to Comcast, not the whole shebang.

  20. IJ is going after Arizona’s asset forfeiture system.

    It needs to be destroyed and all those that make it work need to be jailed for life.

    1. The forfeiture system, not IJ in case anyone was confused.

      1. Terry and Ria got a notice in the mail a few weeks after the seizure telling them that the prosecutors would be trying to forfeit the car. “We’re not lawyers and we’d never heard of civil forfeiture,” said Terry. “This has been a nightmare,” said Ria. “This should never happen to anyone in the United States.”

        1. “This should never happen to anyone in the United States.”


  21. I lost all of my friends in the 2008 election. Haven’t bothered to make any more. They’re overrated.

    1. Plus eventually you’ll get caught offing your friends.

    2. What sarcasmic said.

  22. I don’t know anyone who would drop a friend over politics. They might unfollow someones social media feed if they’re posting nonstop political derp but that’s not the same as ending a friendship. That’s so shallow. I have friends and relatives voting for all four of the main candidates. It’s ok.

    1. I know at least one or two but my dealings with them are so limited that I wouldn’t care if they stopped being friends with me.

    2. I have a beer buddy who is a democrat and thinks my politics are “out there” but I have gotten him to root for gridlock which is something.

    3. I had this happen once, and it was so flabbergasting to me that someone would do such a thing, that it took me a few days to wrap my head around it.

      The kicker? It was because of my stance on drug legalization. The guy is a hard-core traditional republican, and his brother was an addict and died of an overdose. He wants to execute all drug dealers ala Newt Gingrich, is super religious, blah blah blah, and wrote me this long email about how people have an obligation to live morally and etc. I’ve got hardcore proggie friends that I can have good arguments with, but shit, we don’t let it affect being friends. It was so weird to me that I still think about it from time to time.

      1. It’s funny you say that because drug legalization, which seems pretty a rational concept especially given the alcohol prohibition parellels, seems to flabbergast more people than just about any other issue. It’s not just that they disagree, it’s that their brain can’t even process it. That’s what decades of propaganda will do.

      2. I was going to quit being Jimbo’s friend when he was doing his unflinching ubercon metacharacter a while back. But then I realized how stupid it would be to stop liking him over that when I’ve never actually liked him to begin with.

        1. SIV kind of took it over and went in the direction that I was wanting to take it, except with less ranting and blaming of minorities. That, and the actual infusion of an absurd number of paleocons kind of took the fun out of it.

          Still, I don’t get it when people poo-poo doing all kinds of stupid commenting stuff, creating characters, etc. It’s not like this is the fucking McLaughlin Group here, where we’re supposed to be super cereal and only talk about totes important stuff. It’s just another form of entertainment.

          1. You said the same thing about Star Trek, which is the real reason we could never be friends.

            1. I like Star Trek significantly more than I do Star Wars.

              1. *friends Gojira, sticks tongue out at RC*

                1. Unfriends Switzy

          2. Still, I don’t get it when people poo-poo doing all kinds of stupid commenting stuff, creating characters, etc. It’s not like this is the fucking McLaughlin Group here, where we’re supposed to be super cereal and only talk about totes important stuff. It’s just another form of entertainment.

            Are you not entertained?

                1. I am.

                  I almost lost a friend who was angry that I was taking a knee during the national anthem. I explained that I was doing it in protest over the murder of Harambe.

                  She is now carrying my child.

              1. wow. I wish I had that kind of time.

    4. Younger generations have a much looser definition of “friend”.

    5. I’ve lost friends over my not supporting Democrats, over my not supporting the redefinition of marriage, over my not supporting gun control, over my not supporting a higher minimum wage…

      Now that I think about it, I do retain a couple conservative friends, despite my refusal to support Republicans.

      1. Sarcasmic and John 4-eva.

    6. I don’t know anyone who would drop a friend over politics.

      I haven’t dropped a friend per se, but I have distanced myself to an extreme from a friend for worldview issues. The guy has always been a little bit of a bleeding heart, but his stints with Mormonism and now New Age San Fran Buddhism have replaced all of his sarcastic humor with trigger warnings, whiny rants about suffering, and similar bullshit.

      I was out in the Bay Area all summer and expected to do a lot with him since we were less than 2 miles away from each other. Instead, we hung out 2 or 3 times and I found other stuff to do. Wearing your politics (or your worldview) on your sleeve gets really annoying really fast.

      1. That’s an interesting transition, from Mormonism to New Age Buddhism…

  23. I’ve thought long and hard about this and came to the conclusion that I only know one person who I know actually votes. And he’s dithering back and forth about voting for Johnson or writing in WDATPDIM.

    Just as an aside, I saw my first Trump sign on my way into town the other day. I’ve seen zero Hillary signs and two Johnson signs*, all along a route where I would normally expect to see a couple dozen signs at least. I’m not even seeing very many of the local race signs, like maybe everybody’s too embarrassed to admit they’re even paying any attention to politics. It’s very weird.

    *There are a couple of Libertarians in town and one of them owns a store up the road from me so he always puts up a couple of big homemade LP signs. The other owns the weekly alternative newspaper and has a crackpot buddy who videotapes all the government meetings he can for broadcast on the local-access cable channel so I guess we qualify as a hotbed of Libertarian activism.

  24. Every time a writer uses “Literally” in a headline, somewhere an innocent kitten is shredded by a lawnmower.

    1. Thank you for that. Literally.

      1. ^This…and thanks for the loud belly laughs.

  25. Like, say, if the president’s authority was limited in some way, maybe by a set of written rules? Guidelines, even.

    Libertarians are fucking insane.

    1. “limited in some way”

      Buried alive?

  26. Ok, I had some friends that I clearly didn’t know that well (or one who changed when she married that crazy-ass, man hating, super SJW woman) , insist that the constitution really didn’t matter and founding fathers were ( fill in the narrative we have heard before, white, property, slave owners) not representative and so don’t matter. This all came out in this election. I won’t be around them anymore; I think there is only so much you can take.

    1. Is your friend aware that the laws prohibiting rape and murder were written by white males? And is she ok if we start ignoring those?

      1. Even the lyrics about rape and murder were written by rich white men.

  27. Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump reportedly have remained close friends during this election season, even as their parents have been battling it out on the campaign trail.

    I bet Donald and Bill and Hillary are still good friends, too. Angering each other, perhaps, but that’s all in the game.

    1. Chelsea/Ivanka twofer? Yes? I would.

      1. Would wouldn’t wouldn’t.

        1. Bullshit.

          Look at that fucking tiger.

          1. What have they done to its poor mane?

            1. Sergio.

              500 dollars of Sergio at the tiger mane salon.

  28. But has 1 in 14 Americans quit Twitter?

    1. According to this, their US monthly active users is flat vs 2015

      I don’t follow these type of companies, but i generally assume topline data like this hides more than it tells; i.e. how often are those “Flat” monthly average users actually utilizing the system compared to 2yrs ago?

      I assume the real story is in the average user-pattern; where many will sign up and be relatively active in the first 12-18 months; but within 2 years, most are reduced to checking ‘once a day’ and no longer actually actively tweets themselves, and mostly just fwd/rtweets stuff.

      IOW – mere ‘number of users’ as opposed to actual ‘measured behavior’ can be used to hide a very rapid-maturity-curve.

      1. I never understood their business model. It’s like the underwear gnomes:
        1. Invent commenting system and offer it for free
        2. ?
        3. Profit

        1. Services offered to free to consumers are typically marketed as ad-platforms for companies (a la facebook). The more eyeballs using the service, the more guaranteed (and targeted) exposure they can offer an advertiser.

          Twitter does most of its advertising (AFAIK) on mobile devices. If you’re a user on PC, you probably never notice their ad-content. If you’re a mobile user i think its more prevalent

          then there’s the pure ‘consumer-tracking’ value of their data. As a means to measure the relative impact of different types of branding exercises, how quickly different ideas trend, what ‘kids these days are focused on’… etc. Just as a window into how various consumer demographics think/behave, that has some marketable value.

  29. I had a female friend who attended Vassar, so she was already a little nuts, but now she has become full-on Team Bernie, left-wing, whiney feminist Celiac having manaic.

    She also complained a lot while having sex with me, but not the typical “stop touching me, please bathe, stop looking at me, turn the lights off, wow I’m going to kill myself after this experience,” I’m used to.

    1. Celiac having manaic.

      I always thought Toyotas were sensible cars.

      1. Here in Taiwan they give cars names that sound like diseases or medicines, like Cefira and Excima. The Germans beat that, though. I saw a food processor called the Zyklon. I wonder if the new model will have the suffix B.

    2. Try this next time. It’s better if she’s a vegetarian which I assume she is.…

      1. I thought you were going to link to this.

      2. Bookmarked, and soon I shall include it in an inappropriate text.


    3. Was it just general complaints? Like having sex with Woody Allen?

  30. And try not to mock people who burn and loot minority-owned businesses for the sake of “social justice.”

    Because that’s racist.

    Not the part about burning and looting minority owned business, but the part about mocking the high-minded pretensions of those who do. Because that kind of mockery is racist.

  31. You break up a friendship over a two full of shit people and their parties who couldn’t care less about you?


    I had a nice conversation during a meal after a funeral yesterday with a couple from NY. They don’t talk at all to each other about politics given on is a Dem. and the other Rep.

    Canadians haven’t reached that point of polarization but I think it’s creeping up and in.

    1. …but I think it’s creeping up and in.

      Surprise butt sex!

    2. My fiance is a liberal and at times we have heated discussions (gun control being one of them) but overall we never let politics damper our day.

      1. Took my wife shooting once. Never had to have that discussion again.

        1. A good wife shooting will do that.

        2. I know I sound sexist as fuck right now, but I do not know what it is with women and gun control. Even when you present them with cold hard facts and show them that gun shootings have decreased over time, they still say, “We ought to do something.”

          It’s maddening.

          1. Take her shooting. Problem solved.

          2. Women tend to be more emotional than logical when it comes to politics.

            1. Shh you can’t say that around here, the SJWtarians don’t like it when you make generalizations based on sex.

          3. I know I sound sexist as fuck right now, but I do not know what it is with women and gun control.

            My general experience has been that women are less interested in the “geeky” parts of politics (i.e. economics, statistics, philosophy), and they’re more interested in the identity parts of politics (even if they’re not on the identity-whoring SJW side). Men tend to try to refute me by saying “well that won’t work because XYZ.” Women tend to try to refute me by saying “well that seems to hurt ABC group.”

            Using the generalization about identity, it would make sense that women are more predisposed to want to regulate something (like guns) that is traditionally associated with men (and is thus unappealing in the first place, especially in combination with the fact that they’re portrayed as scary).

      2. My partner and I have consciously avoided discussing the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the last 10 years. But other than that we don’t disagree much on politics.

        1. Which one of you hates Jews?

          1. That’s easy — he studied for several years in Western Europe. But seriously, he’s very pro-Jewish but was rather critical of Israel. I wouldn’t be surprised that his take now is much closer to mine — that certainly happened with other issues — but we don’t discuss it.

            1. What is it with you faggots and “partner”?

              1. What is it with this sock and assholishness?

                1. Narrow your eyes at me some more bitch.

              2. Tennis partner. But the mind sees what it wants to, Tipper.

                1. Tennis is what I was talking about guy.

                  But, your mind sees what it wants to, I’m told.

                  1. You said faggots, but you were talking about tennis. Interesting.

                  2. Bridge partner.

    3. Isn’t the Quebec thing an automatic polarization event for people?

    4. Canadians haven’t reached that point of polarization but I think it’s creeping up and in.

      When will the Anglophones finally get sick of Quebec and try to kick them oot?

      1. They pretend they want to leave, and we pretend we want them to stay. If you know a healthier base for a relationship, I’d love to hear it!

      2. English-French relations in Canada is basically the political equivalent of a hate-fuck. And like it or not that relationship is basically the only unique and core aspect of historical Canadian nationalism.

    5. I have yet to meet a Canadian that didn’t think Trump was figuratively Voldemort but then again there is a selection bias for the Canadians I meet in California.

    6. My parents are political opposites; they occasionally make tongue in cheek remarks at each other’s expense but almost never argue about politics.

      I think that helps. People who grow up in politically homogeneous and hardcore households likely try to replicate that bubble in their social lives.

      1. Those of us who are political minorities have no choice but to tolerate utter stupidity.

  32. I avoid such unpleasantness by not having friends.

    1. I’ve tried that strategy, but weirdos keep glomming on to me.


    2. I killed all mine for precisely that reason.

  33. What would be interesting is to see who decided to do the unfriendening. I mean, there is a certain side of the political spectrum that is all for safe space and censorship…

    I didn’t unfriend any acquaintances from my derpbook, even tough there is some hard left people in there. I like to troll them a bit when I’m drunk. I think they like the attention too ’cause most canadians aren’t much political. I never hid the fact that I’m a member of some evil libertarian sect so maybe they what they where getting on when they invited me.

    Personally, I enjoy debating for the sake of it, and would find this earth way much more boring if we all agreed on everything (and there would be way much more risk of falling to totalitarian regimes). If you’re ever in the “But I don’t know anyone who voted for him!” it’s says way much more about you as a person than about the other people that voted for that candidate.

    1. The last bit. Yes.

    2. Out of the friends I lost I didn’t defriend any of them, they all defriended me for the crime or saying things like tax deductions aren’t bad just because Trump takes them, or that the press is really pulling out all the stops to shill for Hillary.

      Had one on Facebook who decided to call me an immoral piece of of shit for defending Trump taking a legal tax deduction and arguing with one of her friends about it (the friend was screaming at me that I was a racist for defending the tax deduction…I just stuck to the issue and didn’t attack him, which made him angrier). My friend defriended me, so I blocked her just so I don’t have to see any of her bullshit ever again via mutual friends…figure if she’s going to attack me over that, she can take her bile elsewhere.

    1. I always thought that song would make a great Band-Aid brand bandages commercial:

      (Scene of mom putting a Band-Aid on her son’s arm)

      Cut in the arm
      With none to blame
      You give love
      With Band-Aids

      1. Good one…maybe someone in their ad department will “independently arrive at” that idea.

      2. Was on the way home from the park the other day and Rebel Yell and then Bad Medicine came on the radio. If your accelerator doesn’t find it’s way closer to the floor when those come on I feel sorry for you.

    1. I don’t know about recently, but Dilbert used to have some good moments.

      1. Not really.

        And fuck Garfield.

        Heathcliff was the true bad ass cat.

        1. How about Fritz?

          1. When my parents left for Europe back in the 80s I rented Fritz the Cat when I was 14. My then future brother in law walked into the room and told my sister (they’re 10 and 8 years older than us) ‘they’re watching cartoon porn.’ She replied, ‘that’s my stupid brother.’

            Like I said, HM. HC rules. Thanks for those!

    2. The Rainbow Squid1 month ago
      Not my proudest fap…?

      Best. Post Ever.

  34. I don’t have any friends to lose. 8 years of Obumbles has taken care of that.

    I will let y’all in on a secret. I hate pinkos. I know you never would have known that from my comments here, but it is true. I hate them with a passion.

    1. Ditto. But all of the friends I’ve lost have been my choice. I’m the one who gets tired of their shit.

      There’s literally nothing anyone can say or do that would upset or offend me. I, on the other hand, can easily upset other people. It’s effortless. I usually choose not to, but sometimes I just can’t help myself.

  35. Before clicking the link below, please initial and sign this form to certify that you won’t complain about me suckering you into clicking or getting all mad because of my choice of link, etc.


    Here you go

    1. That’s really well done.

      One problem I have with the song is that “you know the rules, and so do I” well I don’t! Are these rules specific to only those two or are they more general in nature?

  36. So I’m in DC for a couple of days, and on the cab ride back to the hotel just now, I see that the Reason DC office is just a block from my hotel! Big orange sign and everything.

    Question: As someone who actually donates a small annual sum to the Reason Foundation, and who is an active HnR commenter, am I allowed to go over their tomorrow morning and knock on the door?

    1. Use the service entrance in the back. Leave your envelope with the guy there. Avoid eye contact.

    2. Allowed? I’m not sure what that word means. You should take them doughnuts though.

      1. This.

        Show up with a few dozen doughnuts and just walk right in. I would. Bring coffee too. Just be pleasant and forward. They would probably be glad to see you.

        Or y ou could be a smartass and show up with a tray of fruit sushi.

    3. I hope you know the password.

    4. Knock twice and use the phrase “The Eagle flies at midnight”.

      1. “It’s a cold night for pontooning.”

    5. am I allowed to go over their tomorrow morning and knock on the door?

      Go and knock on their door. They’ve been waiting for you.

    6. Bring fruit sushi and you’re in, no questions asked.

    7. Yes. Sloopy did it. Got a nice tour and everything.

  37. I consider all of you be my friends. To prove that I’m going to give you all, though one at a time, a ride in my windowless van to a magical destination.

    Okay, who’s first?

    1. Will there be clowns?

      1. One. He’s known as Mr Giggle Puss.

        1. As long as it isn’t Warty I’m in.

          1. So’s the clown.

        2. Giggle Puss! I want to meet Giggle Puss!

          1. And he so much wants to meet you! He has a special playroom and everything!

    2. First of Etiquette is always first.

    1. I watched Soul Trek as a kid all the time.

        1. If that’s not a video of cornelius from soul train dancing on the line, I’m not clicking.

            1. Yep, that’s my recurring dream…

    2. That was pretty good

  38. One in 14 people say they have ended a friendship because of Clinton vs. Trump are mouth breathing morons who take political bullshit way too seriously.


  39. If you’re having the urge to end a friendship because one of your acquaintances is going to vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein (or Kanye West), here’s some friendly advice: don’t.

    Fair enough. However, I think this misses that some people, under pressure, reveal their true colors. If people resort to honest, goodwill, arguments with mockery and derision, that says something about the person responding. If people resort to personal attacks, that says something about the attacker. Honestly, I know a lot of people with different political views from me. And I’m happy to argue with them. Or not. Hell, my late wife and I used to argue politics somewhat regularly. Even if I didn’t agree with her, I respected her for how she argued. In this election, I’ve lost a lot of respect for people for the same reason.

    1. I have noticed that for many people on the left, ad hominems, switching the burden of proof, and other fallacies are considered to be compelling arguments. For example if you don’t support Hillary then you hate women. Prove that you don’t hate women. The burden of proof is now on you. You can’t do it other than by supporting Hillary. So if you don’t declare your support for her then you hate women, and if you hate women then you are a bad person. Because you are a bad person, all of your arguments are wrong (ad hominem). Now you’ve just lost a friend. After all, who wants to be friends with a bad person? All because you won’t declare your love for the Giant Douche. Or is she the Turd Sandwich? I can’t tell the difference.

      1. If you don’t want to redefine marriage then you hate gays. You’re a bad person. If you don’t support raising the minimum wage then you hate the poor. You are a bad person. If you don’t support Democrats then you hate people with good intentions. You are a bad person.

        1. People with good intentions are legitimately deserving of all the opprobrium a man can muster.

        2. I suppose this makes sense after thinking about it. If you tolerant intolerance, then you are not tolerant. You are participating in and encouraging intolerance when you tolerate it. Tolerant people don’t tolerate intolerance. Anything else is immoral, and should be illegal.

          Conservatives tend to be more tolerant of intolerance, as opposed to tolerant people who show righteous outrage at the first sign of intolerance.

          That means that tolerant people should shun conservatives. After all, they are more intolerant as evidenced by their greater tolerance for intolerance.

        3. If you don’t vote for Hillary, you’re voting for Trump.

          And vice versa.

          That’s just math reality.

      2. Now you’ve just lost a friend. After all, who wants to be friends with a bad person?

        Except they don’t seem to realize that they’ve lost a friend. If you’re willing to resort to that kind of thing, you’ve just established yourself in my eyes as a bullying piece of shit. And this election will come and go. But my opinion of you is now pretty much locked in.

      3. Most of the time when people want to do something “for the children”, they’re doing it in support of actions that teach the children that using the bully power of the state to go after people they dislike is a good thing. I fail to see how that can be a good lesson for the children.

      4. Hint to sarcasmic:

        A douche is a bottle of dilute acetic acid (vinegar). Some people actually find this taste pleasant.

        A turd sandwich on the other hand….

        1. People eat intestines which take like shit to me.

      5. I believe that Matt and Trey have designated Trump as the giant douche and Hillary as the turd sandwich.



  40. The head of Planned Parenthood campaigns for Hillary Clinton

    The reporter gushes: “Voters young and old agreed with Richards’ assessment that the long history of women’s healthcare should not be left in the hands of Donald Trump.”

    One representative voter interviewed by the reporter was “Tony Currin, an automobile manufacturer in Iowa City and a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, [who] said Planned Parenthood is essential to healthcare access in general. Currin currently works full-time with the lobbying arm of his union.

    “”I grew up in a place where we had no planned parenthood,” he said. “Not in the dark ages, but in the ghetto there weren’t the resources being brought there.”

    “Currin added that he trusted the medical products developed from Planned Parenthood’s research more than those from big pharmaceutical companies.

    “”[The organization] helps with R & D so the pill doesn’t cost a fortune, like it would if GlaxoSmithKline made it,” he said.”

    1. Now there is no way I am voting for her. Hrrumph.

    2. That is bullshit Eddie. You made that up. No way that is real and I am not clicking the link to find out. It is a parody of leftist stereotypes and lack of self awareness.

      1. I’m not saying it’s not made up, just that if it was, it was the reporter not me who did the making up.

    3. but in the ghetto there weren’t the resources being brought there.

      What a shame. Maybe you would have been aborted if only Planned Parenthood had been there to pay for your mom’s reproductive choices.

  41. Hasn’t happened to me so far. I shared a disclaimer early on stating that I loathed all candidates and would post and share anything rude and/or funny regardless of who it was. Message got through, I think.

  42. Meanwhile, Democratic writer Eric Sapp Pisses on your leg and tells you it’s raining

    “…if your concern for the unborn determines your vote, Hillary Clinton should be your candidate….

    “Abortions rose steadily during the tenure of the first “pro-life” Republican President, Ronald Reagan. They reached their highest level under President H. W. Bush. Abortions then dropped dramatically under President Clinton, falling to 60% of the high under his pro-life Republican predecessor. That downward trend stalled during most of President W. Bush’s tenure, and remained basically flat until the final two years of his term when Democrats retook Congress. And then abortions plunged again under Obama, falling to their lowest point in 40 years….

    “It’s no coincidence that abortions go up when Republicans are in charge and down when Democrats are. The two biggest indicators a woman will have an abortion are that she is poor (75% of women who have abortions make less than $23,000 and half make less than $11,000), and had an unintended pregnancy (half of U.S. pregnancies are unintended, and 43% end in abortion).

    “Want to guess which political party is more effective at reducing poverty and unwanted pregnancies?”

    1. The Nazi Party?

    2. Ugh. Reducing long-term generational cycles to partisan goalkeeping is just gross. You might also suggest that Democrats sit pretty during periods of largess produced by Republican administrations, at the end of which another Republican has to spend hard years resuscitating the economy. But you’d sound just as vapid.

    3. that war on poverty LBJ started pretty well answers the question about reducing it, no?

      1. Poverty won the war.

  43. This cycle and Brexit finally pushed me off Facebook. It’s one thing to see a little party solidarity on social media. I get it, people want to believe in something, and voting is low-rent civic involvement. People watch American Idol and Survivor, too, but I’m not bothered.

    But to see the profound ignorance of responses to both of these scenarios virtually drip-fed by MSM exposure was just too much. I can’t take seeing people I like and respect and in some cases admire sink to a gradeschool level of political comprehension, whatever their personal politics. And correcting any misapprehensions gets one tarred as being pro-other guy. It’s not a good look for anyone. Maybe I’ll reactivate sometime next year, but chances are I won’t.

  44. Bust a move

    (caution: cultural appropriation)

  45. I haven’t ended any friendships over the election, mostly because I’m not likely to make friends with anyone who’s that interested in party politics. I’ve probably unfollowed about 200 people on Twitter in the past year for election-related reasons (it’s tedious to read the same crap from the same people every day), but I don’t consider any of those people real friends.

    1. If I had any friends, I’d have ended them all.

  46. My support for Jill Stein has cost me friends, relationships, job and family. But I do it for you, Jill. All for you.

    Jill Stein approves this message.

    1. Bryan, Canadians aren’t even allowed to vote in US elections.

    2. Don’t lie shriek. You had none of those things before.

  47. ‘, more Clinton supporters (9 percent) than Trump supporters (6 percent) say they have lost friends during the campaign.’

    If a previous Pew study is any guide, it’s clinton supporters being intolerant of those that think differently, and are ‘losing’ friends by rejecting them.

  48. To think all I had to do to get rid of Sugar free showing up at my doorstep slobbering melted Snickers bars and Granny porn was to vote for Trump, I,d have done it a long time ago.

    Seriously though, what Ken said…. I will not recognize Hillary as a legitimate President.

  49. “I am not capable of close friendship: of two close friends, one is always the slave of the other, although frequently neither of them will admit it. I cannot be a slave, and to command in such circumstances is a tiresome business, because one must deceive at the same time.” —Mikhail Lermontov, A Hero of Our Time

    1. Mikhail Lermontov must be fun at parties.

  50. Caption contest:

    “They’re all falling for it.”

    1. “And they looked from Chelsea to Ivanka, and from Ivanka to Chelsea, and from Chelsea to Ivanka again, and they just couldn’t tell which was which.”

  51. The unwavering progressive front that is turning us into Venezuela is beginning to crack.…..r-anybody/

    1. Hey, it’s not real socialism without some internecine squabbling, purges and treason trials!

    2. Leftists always eat each other and keep doing so until some strong figure comes i n with an iron fist and takes over. That, of course, is the whole point of leftist endeavors – to establish a dictatorship. It is kinda fun to watch the idiots scramble towards their own demise at least until the iron fist stage. That is when things get dark.

    3. At issue, a proposal crafted by the ACLU and other advocacy groups to make it extremely difficult to remove homeless encampments, and require the homeless are provided housing if they are removed from public places.

      So what you’re saying is, go set up a tent in the middle of Seattle, and someone will come along and give me an apartment. Sweet.

  52. Musical Facts =

    Heavy Metal without Distortion ? Is just poorly-executed, moody Surf-Rock.

    1. Isn’t Psychobilly basically just that? Moody, horror themed surf rock?

  53. I ended a friendship over politics. Not because the person in question is voting for Trump, but because every time I’d post anything remotely negative on Trump he’d post his dumb fucking memes in response and link infowars shit all over my post. It made me realize how much of a fucking idiot he is and that I’d rather not associate with him anyway. Idgaf who he votes for. Could care less. The state is going Trump regardless.

  54. Chelsea and Ivanka are friends? Gosh, isn’t it a wonderful world when two spoiled brats who will never have to do an honest day’s work in their lives thanks to their parents’ criminal enterprises can get along?

    I wonder how the daughters of the Gambino and Genovese families like each other.


    1. What is Trump’s criminal enterprise ?

      1. Use of eminent domain to build his properties.

  55. File Under= Right Message, Wrong Messenger

    Prager U. sums up the declining credibility of major news-media over 2 decades, reflected in both the steady decline in newspaper revenues, as well as reader perceptions of major news outlets (% w/”trust/confidence in news media” – down from 60% in 1990s, to ~40% today)

    The process seems to have become a vicious cycle… where as revenues fall, news-outlets increasingly rely on far more junior staff, which in turn further degrades people’s perception of their credibility… as well as increasingly focusing on tabloid-style content- breathlessly chasing whatever story of the split-second happens to be trending in a desperate attempt to attract eyeballs…

    Mergers with larger corporate entities also means almost all are regularly re-purposing entertainment-industry PR/Marketing as “news product”.

    And of course there has been the steady blending of Editorial content within news-reporting itself; while some still pretend to some theoretical journalistic objectivity, the degree of partisan spin now routine in the smallest of stories has reached comical levels.

    All 100% true. The only odd part? is that they got “aluminum tubes” Judith Miller to be the narrator of this story.

  56. “If you’re having the urge to end a friendship because one of your acquaintances is going to vote for Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein (or Kanye West), here’s some friendly advice: don’t.

    For starters, that person’s vote doesn’t matter any more than yours does?which is to say, neither counts for much at all, as Reason editor in chief Katherine Mangu-Ward explained in detail four years ago.”

    I don’t talk politics with family or friends whom I know to be progs. Why antagonize and belittle them?

    1. I mostly correct them, and move on. My uncle is a very smart guy (3 Masters and 4 Bachelor’s degrees, don’t really know why he never bothered with a doctorate), but horribly lefty (likely a rebellion against my staunch conservative grandfather).

  57. my friend’s mom makes $67 an hour on the internet . She has been fired for five months but last month her pay check was $20360 just working on the internet for a few hours. view….

  58. yeah, i don’t usually talk about politics that much, and certainly not at great length for this very reason. i’m reasonable, but most people couldn’t define the word. i’m experiencing a lot of that right now on a discussion board for the new sandy hook movie.

    i’ve had relatives of mine, who pretend to be rather enlightened, say on multiple occasions that if you don’t believe such and such, then they can’t be friends with you anymore because, while they respect disagreement, certain opinions apparently don’t count.

    i love them, but we don’t talk except for the “semi”-annual family gatherings. i honestly don’t know what happened to being able to call someone an idiot and still be able to get a beer with them too.

    1. i honestly don’t know what happened to being able to call someone an idiot and still be able to get a beer with them too.

      The personal has become the political. When the first reaction to an idiot spouting their idiocy is to enshrine the idiocy in law and force all the normal people to act like idiots, politics goes from being a fun discussion to a high stakes situation. Liberty gives people the breathing room to have differing opinions without stepping on one another’s toes. Tyranny forces conflict because somebody’s idea gets made into the law, and somebody else’s idea becomes illegal.

      1. Good point.

  59. Got the first reported “I’m leaving for Canada if Trump wins” in SF last week.
    I didn’t ask if it was a promise…

    1. Offer to help them pack.

    2. Offer to help them pack.

  60. not to mention that i’m not sure it’s inspiring that two self absorbed rich girls who think they’ve accomplished a lot b/c their parents gave them everything, and who probably don’t really take seriously anything that’s being said or done by their parents when it will actually affect a lot of people’s life, is the best measurement of how to avoid losing friends due to political disagreements.

    seriously, if i have to hear ivanka tell us one more time how her father is a feminist and loves women b/c she’s an executive in his company, i’m going to still want to have sex with her….but also get very upset.

  61. Chalk this up to another reason that the idea of government sucks, and should be forgotten as a social institution.

    No Gods.

    No Masters.

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