Floridians Flee from Matthew, Ryan to Finally Campaign for Trump, Theranos Closing Labs: P.M. Links


  • Hurricane Matthew

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott is telling residents in the areas of Florida being evacuated due to Hurricane Matthew (all 1.5 million of them) to get the heck out of there. The eye of the storm is expected to hit the coast Friday morning. The death toll in Haiti over the hurricane is greater than 100.

  • House Speaker Paul Ryan will finally start campaigning for Donald Trump this weekend. Meanwhile a pack of former GOP lawmakers signed a letter rejecting Trump.
  • Scandal-tainted blood-testing company Theranos is closing all its labs and eliminating 40 percent of its staff.
  • There are plans under consideration in the United Kingdom to force all businesses there to list all foreign workers they employ or do business with.
  • This is what gets reported out of debates when Californians are left with two Democrats to choose from for a Senate seat. (Hint: It's not about policy)
  • Twitter's stock values plunged after sources indicated that several major companies, like Apple, Google, and Disney, were not interested in purchasing the social media service.

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