Donald Trump

Donald Trump's Fat-Shaming Fetish

The GOP candidate embraces and exaggerates common prejudices against the overweight.


Donald Trump
Jeff Malet Photography/Newscom

Anyone remember Jon Corzine? He was a wealthy investment banker who went into politics, spent huge sums of his own money and got elected U.S. senator and then governor of New Jersey. But in 2009, facing a challenge from Republican Chris Christie, he decided to make an issue of his opponent's weight.

His campaign, reported The New York Times, ran ads showing Christie "stepping out of an SUV in extreme slow motion, his extra girth moving, just as slowly, in several different directions at once" while a narrator said Christie "threw his weight around" to get out of traffic tickets.

It was as funny as a heart attack, and it embarrassed Christie. He declined to reveal his weight to a reporter who asked and said with uncharacteristic humility, "It's one of the more difficult things I've had to deal with in my life."

Corzine ran 5k and 10k races to show off his own fitness. But the tactic may have backfired with voters struggling with their weight. On Election Day, it was Corzine's ballot total that was lean.

It's bad enough for a trim politician to mock the overweight, but this line of attack is even riskier for a candidate of corpulence. Donald Trump, who weighs 236 pounds and claims to be 6'3″, qualifies as overweight, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

His condition does not make him sympathetic to others with the same problem. Trump has a long record, which he lengthens every day, of disparaging people for what he regards as excess pounds.

One of those is the 1996 winner of the Trump-owned Miss Universe pageant, Alicia Machado, who dissatisfied him by gaining weight during her reign. It's not unreasonable to say that beauty pageant winners should adhere to the unrealistic standards of beauty pageants. But that's no excuse for publicly embarrassing her, as Trump did, lamenting, "This is somebody who likes to eat."

Hillary Clinton brought up his treatment of Machado in their debate, and Trump went into a self-destructive mania, fulminating against Machado day after day, including a flurry of tweets early Friday morning that claimed she had made a sex tape.

Maybe his overreaction stems from his fetish about slenderness. He has often insulted women who are not as thin as he prefers, from Rosie O'Donnell (a "pig") to Kim Kardashian (who has a "bad body"). At his golf club in Rancho Palos Verdes, California, the Los Angeles Times reported, one female employee was faulted for her weight and told repeatedly that "Mr. Trump doesn't like fat people."

A couple of months after Trump's wife gave birth, New York Post columnist Andrea Peyser marveled to him that she had lost all her baby weight—only for Trump to pointedly correct her, in front of Melania: "She's almost lost all the baby weight." What mattered to him, apparently, was not what her body had just gone through to produce a child but how soon that body would regain its original shape.

Women who don't meet his physical standards get the brunt of his contempt, but men are not safe. Trump has made fun of Christie's waistline—even though Christie had lap-band surgery to lose weight and even though Christie has been campaigning for him.

During the presidential debate with Clinton, Trump said the Democratic National Committee's computers may have been hacked not by the Russian government but by "somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds." Trump looks for any chance to remind us that overweight people are unattractive and deserving of derision.

He embraces and exaggerates a common prejudice in our society against the overweight, who are often seen as lazy, slobby and self-indulgent. We tend to treat excess weight and obesity as things these people blithely choose, instead of an unwanted condition that millions of them regard with shame and try constantly to overcome.

Trump, who has no evident regard for morality when it comes to marital commitments, business contracts or the treatment of detainees, has no trouble depicting fat as a sin and a disgrace.

This habit invites trouble at the polls. Two-thirds of American adults are overweight, according to the CDC, and 42 percent are obese. There are far more heavy people than there are Republicans, who make up 27 percent of the electorate.

Come Nov. 8, Trump should worry that they will get their revenge. Some of them may have trouble forgetting: Mr. Trump doesn't like fat people.


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  1. It’s not our fault – we’re addicted to food.

    1. You’re using the royal we now?

      1. He contains derpitudes.

        1. ‘Cause he ate them?

          1. You also have it backwards.

            1. I don’t think so.

            2. And if i do, you need to quit direction-shaming me, shitlord.

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      1. Do you even lift, ho?

    3. Obligatory: Addicted To Spuds

    4. This is a suicide pact. If he’s addicted to food, we all have to be.

    5. Do you even lift, bro?

    6. Commonsense Twinkie control.

  2. It’s good to see Chapman delving into our nation’s most pressing issues. We should take Trump’s calling a fat broad fat to the UN and see if we can get them to censure him. Jesus fucking Christ, this is just sad.

    1. I thought I was reading a Salon article here … Chapman regurgitates HuffPo talking points and gets paid to do so? How does he feel about smoker shaming? News flash: Rosie IS a pig, whorechada was told she NEEDED to lose weight in the most delicate way possible, Kim Kardashian IS a hobbit with a bad body, computer nerds generally ARE morbidly obese, and Melania probably did have a few pounds to go before getting back to her prenatal weight. So the truth is bad when it hurts somebody’s feelings? Shame on you Mangu Ward and Reason for posting this tripe being passed of as a real news article. Go back to apologizing for dudsville GayJay’s gaffe-o-Rama.

      1. Melania- would/ wood. Even if she were a chubster.

        1. +1 branch

      2. Forget it Adam, it’s Chapmantown.


    1. I know, right? The right to fat-shame is right up there with ass sex, weed, and pet Mexicans in the pantheon of libertarian virtues.

      1. Slavic ass-sex is better. NTTAWW Mexican ass-sex.

    2. It’s Chapman, so either he isn’t or he’s playing a very long, running gag on all of us.

    3. No, not kidding, the important thing is that Trump has called people fat. No need to discuss the fact that Hillary Clinton is on record as SOS wanting to murder people who embarrassed her.

      1. And has ordered people murdered. Do not ever forget that!

      2. +1 Misery (the movie).

  4. Chapman’s hitting the hard topics again I see.

    1. Maybe Chapman’s feeling a little sensitive and bloated and maybe you shitlords SHOULD LEAVE STEVE ALONE!


        1. You eat shit for breakfast?

  5. Focusing on Trump’s fat-shaming is a distraction from the real issues of this campaign, like exactly what Hillary is coughing up and in what quantities.

    1. What Hillary is coughing up: bits of her own lungs, partially digested human infants, darkness like unto a cloud of locusts o’er the earth

      In what quantities: hogsheads

      1. That video of her pretending to drink water while spitting a massive amount of phlegm the glass nearly made me vomit.

        Tell me the media wouldn’t have run that on endless loop if someone else did it. Fucking nasty as shit.

        1. Remember Ted Cruz eating the booger?

          This seems to be a theme of this campaign.

          1. Stop, you’re making me hopeful.

        2. It was nasty. What gets me about it is the media’s refusal to even acknowledge it. It was very much not normal.

      2. Sounds like the recipe for Headcheese.

        1. Or scrapple.

      3. +1 Liposuction medical waste. Tyler Durden approves.

        1. Damn. I don’t remember posting these comments. Must be the Costco tequila-induced hangovers.

    2. like exactly what Hillary is coughing up and in what quantities.

      Let’s do talk about what Hillary has coughed up.

      I believe there are dozens of high level cabinet positions, some odd appointments to various security committees, quite a few high-level meetings and very likely favored state department treatment.

      What Hillary hasn’t coughed up: All the emails.

  6. 400 pound bloggers.

  7. Donald Trump, who weighs 236 pounds and claims to be 6’3″, qualifies as overweight, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    BMI: 29.5 – Verdict: Overweight

    Let’s put the numbers up so that the science deniers here can understand what we’re talking about. If there’s any reason to not vote Trump, THIS IS IT.

    1. I was athletic petty officer of my barracks while in “A” school in the Navy. The person’s who failed that ignorant BMI measurement the most were the gym-rat bodybuilders. BMI cannot differentiate between a pound of fat and a pound of muscle. I am the exact height and weight (5’10”, 185lbs.) as Antonio Brown (Steelers WR), but I look fat and out of shape compared to him.

      1. Don’t deny the science of the BMI.

      2. Trump- (95 % fat, 5.9995% muscle, 0005% penis. Hillary- 98% fat. 1.5% muscle, 0.5 % clitoris (estimated).

    2. Why won’t Hillary reveal her height and weight? What is she HIDING?!

      1. Besides a colostomy bag, some extra limbs, and an exoskeleton?

        1. Amphetamine and oxycodone dependence.

      2. The fact that her soul escaped into the ether over fifty years ago?

        1. “The fact that her soul escaped into the ether over fifty years ago?”

          Really? ….. I’ve never seen any evidence of her hiding this.

    3. What’s up with libertarians suddenly and unequivocally believing the government-run CDC?

      1. What’s up with adampeart not recognizing sarcasm?

        1. He believes that Libertarians believe the CDC. Can you believe it?

          1. At least they don’t believe in the CPD. But the Republicrats do.

    4. I can’t understand why Melania Trump tolerates this. She should be fucking me.

      1. I want in. Spitroast, or sandwich? Or we can include Ivanka.

      2. See above.

  8. Will I believe what happens next?

    1. You literally can’t even.

  9. This is beyond moronic and let’s just sum up the arguments real quick:
    1. Being fat is unhealthy. It is not positive. There’s nothing positive about it.
    2. The specific comments Trump made were about someone who entered and won the fucking Miss Universe contest. It was pretty much her job to keep herself in shape.

    No one bats an eye when a man’s appearance gets made fun of. Not a single god damn person.

    1. Your inexplicable rage at everyone and everything is becoming clearer. What did the kids call you back in school? Was it Fat Tits? I bet it was Fat Tits.

      1. Lard Ass. But the pie-eating contest afforded him his revenge.

        1. Either way no one calls him that now. He only hears it in the morning when he stares into the mirror and whispers it to himself, unable to see what a fat piggy lardo he is because he’s meticulously covered every mirror and reflective surface with masking tape.

          He also whispers it to himself to keep pace while he runs for hours on the treadmill, running until his legs buckle and he collapses on his face, vomiting up bile because he hasn’t eaten in a week. The gym attendants have to drag his incoherent body to the street because he can no longer walk under his own power. Then he calls an Uber to take him to the next gym, but he can barely stay conscious because the Uber driver is so disgustingly fat and he can’t look away.

          1. That…that was SugarFree-esque.

            Disturbing, but I was unable to stop reading.

  10. Sounds like Chapman has come down with a case of the ‘FEELZZ’. Take two Fuck Off’s and write a new article that is actually politically pertinent in the morning.

  11. So, it’s revealed today that the Secretary of State actually proposed assassinating Julian Assange by drone strike and Donald Trump saying mean things is the biggest story of the day?

    1. We must keep the narrative focused on the important things!

  12. New theory: Tony is Chapman’s account. Dissatisfied with levels of attention given, he’s decided to up the ante and start trolling above the cut.

    If so, a good start, but Robby has you beat, sir.

    1. You have it backwards.

      1. So Tony is real and Chapman is a sock puppet he uses to write for Reason? I could see that.

        1. You have no idea how far down the rabbit hole we are here.

        2. Nah, Chapman at least pretends to be libertarian while blowing smoke up Obama’s ass. Tony doesn’t even do that.

          1. Maybe that’s what he had to do to get the job. Think about it. [points to discolored ceiling tile]

            1. Maybe that’s what he had to do to get the job.

              At the Tribune?

              1. [points again at tile]

                1. +1 Anchorage smoking lounge

          2. Chapman has demonstrated at least some familiarity with what libertarianism is, while Tony has haunted Hit’n’Run like a bad smell since at least 2009 without learning a damn thing about it.

            1. Tony has haunted Hit’n’Run like a bad smell since at least 2009

              i think he was around when i showed up, and that was ~2003-2004 or so.

              Tho “joe” (now jackand ace) was sort of the more-consistent annoyance.

              1. MNG. Oh how I miss him.

                1. I remember when Tulpa was still sane.

                  1. You can’t remember something that never happened.

                2. God, what a smug, dishonest, irritating twat he was.

              2. Are we sure that joe from lowell and Jackass Ass are the same person? Jackass is more monomaniacal than i remember joe being, while joe possessed a certain smugness so immense that you wouldn’t think it could be borne by such a tiny man, whose like has not shaded our doings since.

                I started typing words onto this internet around 2006 or 2007 and i don’t remember coming across Tony immediately. I do remember that he was briefly obsessed with trains in about 2009.

                1. Tony dual posted as “Chad” for a while. The Chad persona might have been ascendant then.

                  1. we were all tony back then

                  2. He was hanging.

                2. Tony wasn’t around before 2009 or so. I still recall referring to him as a “new troll.” Perhaps SugarFree is right and Tony used to be Chad.

                  1. When you say “Chad” do you mean the person, nation, or ballot waste product?

                  2. A hanging chad?

                3. Jackass admitted as much some time back.

                  1. Huh. I somehow missed Jackass coming out as joe. From the cocoon hatcheth… the caterpillar!

                4. Are we sure that joe from lowell and Jackass Ass are the same person?

                  I thought he acknowledged it as much. (shrug)

                  i never pay much attention to handles. its the style of certain people that never changes.

            2. So who was Bo then? Was it actually Tulpa or not?

              1. I think Bo was in, like, middle school back then.

              2. Bo was always his own person. I never bought the “bo = tulpa”. Although by the time bo was being driven away, he acted much like tulpa.

                1. #WhereBoGo?

  13. LOL

    Just when you thought Shikha had plumbed new lows. Chapman FTW

    1. We can only pray this one isn’t based on a spoof Twitter account.

      1. I’m pretty sure Trump actually does call fat people fat.

        Which is apparently a horrible thing. We can’t have presidents actually acknowledging reality!? How would they be able to keep fighting wars in the middle east, then?

        1. Maybe he could make reparations by admitting that 90% of the population is transgender.

        2. If it’s true that US Armed Forces are fatter than ever, then clearly he cannot command their confidence!

          How does Preemptive Impeachment sound? Impeach him now for insulting the troops!

        3. Is it me, or does M. Obama call all of our children fat?

          Where is the fucking outrage?

          1. They are fat, except for his dope-smoking offspring.

  14. Donald Trump is a big, fat meanie!

    How many of Cankles’ pussy hairs did Chapman have to pluck out of his teeth this time? Does he think Her Highness is planning to bestow knighthood on him after she ascends the throne?

    This whole election has been the biggest electoral shit-show of my lifetime, not just because of the candidates themselves are so awful, but because the added fecality of the partisan hacks is so beyond the pale.

    1. Yipe, the pussy hairs. Next time throw me a trigger warning or something.

      1. I just invented a new word and that is what you comment on? I will have to come up with a different one.

        *sighs and scratches ‘fecality’ off of the list of new words*

        1. I like facality-good less offensive synonym for shittiness.

        2. Stop trying to make “fecality” happen! It isn’t going to happen!

  15. Alec Baldwin is being lauded for his Donald Trump impersonation. Alec Baldwin called his pre-teen daughter a little pig. It’s okay to fat shame when you’re cool.

    1. Maybe he wants her to cut back on the Nutter-Butters and Doritos.

  16. When I saw the headline, I was sure this would be by Dalmia.

    There are lots of good reasons to vote against Trump.

    Anybody who votes against Donald Trump because of his fat shaming is a panty-waist.

    1. Couldn’t agree more.

      Was talking with a female colleague last week. I took what I thought would be a pretty safe angle, and said I couldn’t believe the amount of media cycles that were being consumed by Trump being mean to a woman.

      She said it was super-important and deserved all the attention because it shows what a misogynist he is, which is one of the most important reasons to vote against him.

      I gave up.

      1. I’m in Canada, and the Canadians are talking about Trump.

        And FUCK TIM HORTON’S!

        1. Oh, Paul. Did Rufus and JT and rts and others fail you? Of course idiots are talking Trump up here. He is simultaneously

          a) representation of everything they always accuse Americans of being
          b) an aberration that cannot be believed and clearly he will never win

          I dunno, grab a beaver tail or poutine and pretend to be Australian or something. At least beer is generally of good quality…

        2. If our prime minister looked like the Pajama Boy, we’d be miserable, too.

          1. Sadly, his Glorious Reign of Photo-Opping just ended and he decided to start doing shit. We’re fucked.

            1. I understand you got a big stimulus package!

              1. If by “stimulus” you mean “butt-fucking” and by package “his penis” then yes.

                Will elaborate in PM links, but JackassAce must be pleased by PM Zoolander.

                1. Trust democracy, Pan.

                  1. I do. I know what nation-wide referendum on Carbon Tax would have as a result.

      2. You made the same mistake I did in assuming anything except a fucktrumpimmovingtocanada statement would be an acceptable comment about this shit show.

      3. Whereas Clinton suggesting that women are the primary victims of war because they lose the men in their lives is, what?

      4. She said it was super-important and deserved all the attention because it shows what a misogynist he is, which is one of the most important reasons to vote against him.

        I was travelling and missed out on this one.

        Hillary is running a TV ad in heavy rotation that shows pre-teen girls being sweet and innocent and a little sad, while a somber piano plays in the background. Over the top of it, Trumps voice thunders “She’s a big fat pig”. One little girl looks right in the camera as he says “I’d tell her right to her fat face”.

        Hillary’s position: All grown women are actually 12 year old girls who must never be insulted. They must be protected from all disagreement.

        I tried to have the same discussion a couple of times. This ad works 100% of the time on women. Successful executives who make million dollar deals before lunch, or interns. It matters not. They all are susceptible to this campaign.

        I got one…. exactly one woman to agree that she didn’t have a defense for the misogynist message of Hillary’s ad campaign. And she still thought it worked in demonstrating that Trump is a pig.

        I couldn’t even get anyone to agree that Chris Christie had been directly made fun of for his weight by everyone on the left, including Hillary and her supporters.

        1. There was a universal trend though….. disagreeing with Clinton’s ad means you are a big Trump supporter. Even though I was on the Anti-Trump bandwagon about 20 years ago while they were all loving “The Apprentice”.

          I really hate the progressive left. They are just contemptible.. Their anti-Trump attacks are so stupid, so venal that I keep being forced into a defense of an indefensible boob.

          Can’t you idiots attack him for any of the hundreds of things he’s actually wrong about? Or are you worried that his stupid positions overlap Hillary’s stupid positions too much?

  17. Fat-Shaming

    These fill-in-the-blank shaming” terms are fucking ridiculous.

    1. Quit shaming-shaming, lafe.

    2. You are guilty of shame-shaming.

        1. Don’t jinx-shame yourself.

        2. [Rings shame bell three times]

    3. A one-way trip to Mars has never sounded so appealing.

      1. Quit earth-shaming, MF.

        1. *sit-com studio audience applause*

      1. Guilt = violation of one’s own values
        Shame = violation of societal values

        So, really, libertarians should be shameless.

        1. Libertarians are valuable.

        2. Louis C.K. style?

        3. +1 Louis C.K.

    4. Your shame-shaming is fucking ridiculous.

      1. Shame! Shame!

        /British MP voice

    5. Wasn’t the whole “Shaming” concept based around ‘social perceptions’, and not ‘objective facts’?

      I seem to recall the term being associated with “Calling women Sluts”.

      Because being “slutty” is just how women turn behavior that males celebrate into a ‘bad thing’.

      Whereas “Fat”? You ARE fat. There’s no contrived-social-perception involved. You’re heavy, you’re big, you’re carrying around too much you. You got junk in the trunk. You’re smuggling donuts. You’re Lord of The Buffet. You’re horizontally tall.

      There’s no “shame” involved unless you insist on denying reality.

      1. Thinking that fat is bad is the shame component. Fat is a feminist issue. Just as sluts are not sluts, fat is not fat. It is emotional armor against a patriarchal society.

        1. Thinking that fat is bad is the shame component

          The scale doesn’t measure shame, baby.

          And “Shameless” isn’t a dress-size.

      2. Pretending the world is what they wish it was is a hallmark of progressivism. Their habit of manipulating language has inevitably drifted over into magical thinking: that they can change the nature of the world by changing the way they talk about it. It is akin to magic spells.

        1. Don’t forget the *power* of positive thinking. If they just believe progressivism will work….

      3. +1 (or minus) boner test

    6. Jeezuz guys… proving my point by shaming shaming shaming me.

    7. The fact that “fat-shaming’ appears in a serious context on this site is a new low.

  18. Private Pyle has dishonored himself and dishonored the platoon! I have tried to help him, but I have failed! I have failed because you have not helped me! You people have not given Private Pyle the proper motivation! So from now on, whenever Private Pyle fucks up, I will not punish him. I will punish all of you, and the way I see it, ladies, you owe me for one jelly donut! Now, get on your faces!

    1. If only Trump were R. Lee Ermey, I’d vote for him in multiple polling places.

      1. Trump’s too fat. And a big pussy (five draft deferments).Plus he’s not a steer.

    2. Get your ass up there, Pyle! Oh, that’s it Pyle, don’t make any fucking effort to get over the fucking obstacle! If God wanted you up there he would have miracled your ass up there, wouldn’t he? Your ass looks like a hundred and fifty pounds of chewed bubble gum, you know that Pyle? I bet if there was some pussy up there you could get up there!

      1. Are you quitting on me? Well, are you? Then quit, you slimy fucking walrus-looking piece of shit! Get the fuck off of my obstacle! Get the fuck down off of my obstacle! NOW! MOVE IT! Or I’m going to rip your balls off, so you cannot contaminate the rest of the world! I will motivate you, IF IT SHORT-DICKS EVERY CANNIBAL ON THE CONGO!

        1. Private Pyle, whatever you do, don’t fall off my obstacle – that would break my fucking heart! You climb obstacles like old people fuck, you know that?

          1. Its all fun and games until they push the black sheep too far and he exercises his 2nd Amendment rights to possess a firearm.

      2. I bet if there was some pussy up there you could get up there!

        Of course. Especially in boot camp. Even Maryjane Rottencrotch in her pretty pink panties.

  19. Trump looks for any chance to remind us that overweight people are unattractive and deserving of derision.

    Who does he think he is, Michelle Obama?

  20. I am glad he is fat shaming. I am tired of looking at all these fat fucks. Go to the fucking gym and do some squats for fucks sake.

    1. I take it that Chapman is a fat fuck and this is just projection on his part.

    2. Now you did it, you just hurt Chapman’s feelings. I hope you’re proud of yourself!

    3. Right on Chublord. You tell those other fat people!

  21. Kim Kardsashian’s ass is so big, he could sit on a cheeseburger, lose, and not find it again until she took a shower.


    1. Well, it just starts with fat shaming, but before you know it, he’ll be saying bad things about welfare queens and terrorists.

      P.S. No fat chicks!

    2. Well, you could always just crib whatever CNN is saying.

      Christ, they’ve become nothing but a 24/7 Trump-Frothing machine. Or at least you’d think so from the headlines they pump on Google News.

      1. I just don’t get this thing at work where everybody watches cnn in the break room and gets so upset at the day’s trumpsteria. I made an innocuous comment about it once and now the leaders of the break room don’t say a word when I go in there.

        1. leaders of the break room

          Wait … what?

          1. There’s a group of 4 who sit at the table nearest the tv. They control the remote. Only cnn can be on when they’re in there.
            In all of my hours spent in this lord of the flies “scene”, I haven’t heard one negative comment about hillary from either cnn or the lords.
            If they start in on bashing Gary Johnson and libertarians for ruining it for hillary my mild mannered mask will probably come off.

            1. That’s better than purple Teletubbies.

      2. Is that “Frothy” frothing?

        1. Or just Santorum?

  23. Kim Kardashian’s ass is so big, when you climb on top of it, your ears pop.

    1. Kim Kardashian’s ass is so big, it has smaller fat asses orbiting it.

      1. Kim Kardashian’s ass is so big it has a black hole at the center of it.

        1. Under certain circumstances it has been known to eject dark matter.

          1. And white matter.

            1. Jelly babies? You are talking about jelly babies.

        2. KK’s azz is so fine I slapped it hard.

        3. It’s black but it ain’t a hole!

      2. I’m serious, that ass has got its own weather system!

    2. Kim Kardashian’s ass is so big it gets group insurance.

      1. And has handrails to the top.

  24. As if my MIL didn’t have enough things to bitch about with Trump
    /hopes she doesn’t read this

  25. The GOP candidate embraces and exaggerates common prejudices against the overweight.

    And that’s NOT OK!

  26. “Donald Trump, who weighs 236 pounds and claims to be 6’3″, qualifies as overweight, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

    Are you making the argument that BMI is a useful metric here?

    Say it. I want you to shit on what little credibility you have left.

    1. “Donald Trump who looks more like an aging walrus than an adult man.”
      “Donald Trump who has so much neck fat he’s achieved an infinite number of chins”
      “Donald Trump who’s most physical recent activity was watching golf”

      Sounds less professional though.

      1. Donald Trump says he mostly eats fast food because he “knows what’s in it.”

        Think about that. But not too hard.

        1. Well, he is a people person.

          1. Or a *person*, people. Sort of.

  27. Called it…Chapman!!!

  28. I did a couple of slot canyons during my trip to Utah. Was that fat shaming?

    1. Dude, that’s barely even a euphemism.

      1. I hiked in narrow sandstone canyons that have been carved by millions of years of erosion!

        1. Hey, nobody’s judging your granny fetish, Lynch.

          1. That would be the greatest fetish ever. Especially in Florida.

          2. It is a dry, arid environment.

            1. Hillary’s canyon?

  29. Serious question: Should weight be a protected class under the civil rights laws?

    Just for fun, start with the premise that it’s not politically feasible to repeal the laws against race discrimination in the private sector.

    OK, then, are there any principled arguments for not adding weight?

    1. (to the list of suspect classifications)

    2. Sure, weight is determined by behavior.

      1. What about being a practicing homosexual? Isn’t that determined by behavior?

        1. What about an employer who forbids employees to have sex outside of marriage, with marriage being defined as the union of a man and a woman?

          1. What about an employer who forbids employees to have an obsession with their many hobbyhorses?

            1. *snicker*


              *runs off sobbing*

        2. Arguable either way.

          Regardless, what you do in your bedroom doesn’t directly impact an employer. Your weight, however, can. If employers can discriminate against smokers then they can discriminate against fatties.

          1. I am fine with adding weight as a protected class, but only up to 300 lbs.

          2. Forcing an employer to put a male employees “husband” and their adopted kids on the company’s family benefit plan could affect the bottom line.

            1. You’re not obligated to cover spouses. Removing that benefit is an option.


                (except by having your employer cancel your marital benefit plan)

                1. By analogy with weight, if fat employees drain too much money from the company health plan, then cancel the company health plan, problem solved.

                  1. then cancel the company health plan

                    You can’t if you have more than 50 employees.

                    1. Oh, then it’s fine, you’re permitted to cancel the spousal-benefit plan, but not the health plan.

                      So there’re totally different things.

                      And the simply device of cancelling the marital benefit plan will solve all problems.

                    2. “It’s OK to have different laws, because the laws are different, QED.”

                    3. Cancel all employees GT #49.

                    4. Keep your number of employees below 50.

                    5. (By the way, I Googled “GT #49” and this is what I got.

                    6. The clap?

      2. So is religion.

        To me, there is an interesting issue raised by religion as a protected class and gender as a protected class. Both are purely internal subjective states that can be changed on a whim. In sharp contrast to race, age, and sex.

        1. Good point

        2. Both are purely internal subjective states that can be changed on a whim.

          Gender? I think you are giving too much credit to the most extreme views on the subject.

          1. I mean, as currently presented by those demanding privileges for gender-identification, yes, it is an entirely subjective state.

            I distinguish it from sex, which is a biological fact.

      3. You are shaming my thyroid toomah, shitlord!

    3. I would love to see it become such just to see the tragic comic results that it would entail. “Fat” is a relative term. As we all know from the joke that gets told on here like 10 times a week, what is “fat” to me is necessarily what is “fat” to someone else. Is the average sized person who has sarcasmic as a boss part of the protected class? Is the super thin one who has me for a boss part of it too even though she is being discriminated against for being to thin?

      Would there be a for lack of a better name “John” defense where the manager claimed that “sure the person was fat by your standards but I really worked for me” as a defense against the charge he discriminated? Such lawsuits would be high comedy.

      1. So you’re saying you like fatties.

        1. Not really. But that is the claim and using it allows me to speak in a way that can be easily understood on this board.

          1. Well, what’s wrong with fatties then?

            1. No, you misunderstand. They are not fatties to him. Stop projecting your values onto John.

              1. So… he does like fatties?

                1. “That’s the fact, Jack!”

          2. can be easily understood on this board.

            You give “this board” too much credit.

      2. What you are talking about is the death of the rule of law which necessitates objective standards. That, I contend, is the end game for proggies; the reign of subjective judgement by the right people. They are on par with teenage cliques. They operate by the same principles and for the same reasons.

        1. So, you’re saying John like fatties?

          1. He likes the fat ones, but he’s not ashamed of it.

            1. Nor should he be, fat girls throw a good bang, at least until they get winded.

          2. That is exactly what I am saying Frilly.

        2. I think you are probably right. They want everything judged by politics. That is why a complete homely overweight pig like Lena Dumham is supposed to be a sex symbol according to them. She has the right politics.

          I think they are going to fail in this however. Reality has a way of winning out over fantasy.

          1. And why Amy Schumer keeps posing either nude or in skimpy clothing.

            1. Schumer is better than Duhham at least. Schumer just looks like an average woman. Her problem is that she dresses and acts like such a pig, she seems a lot more unattractive than she is.

              If you see her on the Bud Light commercials, where they put some make up on her and make her wear hose and decent outfit, she isn’t horrible. She is not some raving beauty but at least she isn’t Dunham.

              1. True dat. Schumer’s an average looking chubby woman. Dunham is just plain busted, and would be even at a better weight.

              2. Schumer is a cabbage patch human.

      3. What some call ‘fat-shaming’, John calls ‘sexual harrassment’!

    4. Fuel charges should still apply.

    5. News Flash: the morbidly obese are in fact a protected class under the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (as are alcoholics).

  30. How did he “fat shame” her? Is calling someone fat now count as “fat shaming”? If so, someone might want to tell Chapman about Reason calling Chris Christy “fat” several dozen or more times over the years. I don’t recall Chapman being too concerned about that.

    Beyond that, the woman was a beauty queen. You are not supposed to get the crown and then balloon up. Staying thin and hot for the year you own the crown is part of the job and something every winner accepts.

    By Chapman’s logic, athletic coaches who complain about their players who come back from the off season overweight and out of shape are just “fat shaming”. It is not “shaming” when being thin is part of your job description.

    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Chapman? I don’t think he is just being a hack here. I think he actually believes this shit.

    1. By Chapman’s logic, athletic coaches who complain about their players who come back from the off season overweight and out of shape are just “fat shaming”. It is not “shaming” when being thin is part of your job description.

      I’ve been fat-shamed! – Eddie Lacy

      1. Shawn Kemp was the victim of the most egregious fat shamming in the history of sports. Chapman is just standing up for the Shawn Kemps, Eddie Lacys and other big boned athletes of the world. What a guy he is.

        1. Shawn Kemp looks like he ate his salary this year.

          1. My favorite Shawn Kemp joke was that during the lock out Kemp, who had something close to ten illegitimate children by six or seven women, had finally succeeded in getting himself pregnant.

            1. You want to see a basketball player who REALLY blew up? Look up Michael Sweetney, who was a star at Georgetown and a Knicks lottery pick before he gained over 100 pounds and ended up playing in Puerto Rico at something like 350 pounds.

              1. I will never understand how a professional athlete can let themselves go like that. Sure, not all of them have the insane work ethic it takes to get into the kind of shape someone like Kobe Bryant or Paul Pierce were in when they were in their prime. That takes a different level of dedication. But you get paid to work out. You can hire a private chef. All you have to do is eat what is given to you and go work out every day and do what they tell you to do and you are at least going to be in okay shape. How hard could that be? It is your living. You don’t have to do anything else.

                1. Sweetney had severe clinical depression which manifested itself in compulsive eating. It’s a sad story, by all accounts he was a talented guy who was well-liked by his teammates and played hard.

                  1. That is a sad story. Other guys like Oliver Miller were just lazy.

    2. I don’t think he is just being a hack here. I think he actually believes this shit.

      Which is even worse, of course.

    3. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with Chapman?

      I gave up on that question long ago.

    4. I think reasonable people have a choice of two things to do in the comments of an article like this:

      1) Indulge in fat shaming.

      2) Use it as an example of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      Trump Derangement Syndrome is real, and it’s contagious.

      Seriously, if Chapman stayed up all night trying to think of a way to make Shikha Dalmia’s Trump Derangement Syndrome symptoms seem mild by comparison, he could hardly have done better than this.

      1. Man, all these lardos in here trying to pick on other people’s weight like we won’t see the sad deflection it is.

        1. Either that or it’s such a non-issue as to be ridiculous.

          1. Fat Man likes to insult fat people, some fat people dislike this, fat people get to vote. It’s fairly straightforward. It’s also fairly revealing of his personality which makes it entertaining.

            1. These voters you speak of have to get off their fat asses.

              Never make threats you cannot back up!

              1. Clearly someone’s not from a blue state.

  31. I remember when Bill Parcells used to call Leonard Marshall “Shamoo” during training camp when he was less than pleased with his weight. Probably both racist AND fat shaming!

    1. If fat shaming is the new racism, isn’t South Park now no different than the original Birth of a Nation? At least a quarter of the jokes made on that show involved fat shaming Cartman. Eric Cartman is now one of the great victims in the history of television. Who knew?

    2. My favorite NBA player …. John “Hot Plate” Williams. He ate himself out of the NBA.

      1. Remember Oliver Miller from Arkansas? He actually was very talented. He liked eating more than he liked being in the NBA sadly.

        1. Eddy Curry is another guy like that. He had All-Star potential but ate his way out of the league before he was 30, and his career had been stalled for years at that point anyway.

          1. Also Stanley roberts

  32. Mollie Hemingway provided some background for the “fat-shaming” story.

    The backstory to this hugely important news story is provided by CNN in a 1997 report:

    NEW YORK (CNN) ? When Alicia Machado of Venezuela was named Miss Universe nine months ago, no one could accuse her of being the size of the universe. But as her universe expanded, so did she, putting on nearly 60 pounds.
    Indeed, the reigning Miss Universe learned the hard way that an extra 15 or 20 pounds can gain you a ton of publicity. But now she’s determined to shed at least 15 pounds, though the loss of her Miss Universe crown is no longer an issue.
    ‘Some people when they have pressure eat too much. Like me. Like Alicia,’ said Donald Trump, the executive producer of the Miss Universe Pageant.
    Since winning the crown, the former Miss Venezuela went from 118 pounds to ? well ? a number that kept growing like the size of the fish that got away.

    1. She apparently got up to 160 pounds in just a couple of months. The whole thing with winning the pageant is that you play the role of being Miss Universe and go out and do a bunch of public appearances. To do that, the winner is supposed to look like they did when they won the crown.

      Of all the made up scandals the media has trotted out over the years, this might be the dumbest one. I think it is likely to not be very effective. Even the lowest information voter knows beatify queens can’t get fat and keep their crown.

    2. Wow. Mollie made it to the third sentence before lying. That might be a record for her.

      1. What in that is a lie? I don’t see where she is lying at all, but I haven’t been paying much attention to this. What did she say that is wrong?

        1. Wait. I retract that. I read the sentence wrong. I thought she was talking about the Obamacare mandate in the 3rd sentence not Fluke’s testimony (which I don’t know the full range of.)

          (I’m talking also about the linked article not the quoted portion.)

          1. I haven’t followed the fat beauty queen closely enough to judge.

      2. This is a lie?–

        “Democrats on the committee wanted to have a Georgetown Law student testify in favor of forcing religious groups that provide student health plans to violate their consciences if they don’t sponsor abortifacients and birth control”

        1. What did you read wrong?

          And damn me for dead threading and not even reading the dead thread first.

  33. “Donald Trump, who weighs 236 pounds and claims to be 6’3″, qualifies as overweight, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Reason scribblers are reaching peak Pepe.

    1. It just makes his cock look smaller.

  34. Can we idiot-shame Chapman?

    1. Nope, that’s punching down.

  35. The other point is that the New York Attorney General (who’s also going after the oil companies for not being climate alarmists) is shutting down the Trump Foundation–refusing to let them raise any more money in New York.

    It appears to be an “October surprise” publicity stunt–maybe meant to distract people from Assange’s release of Hillary’s emails tomorrow, but still. If you want to go after Trump for something today, why not go after him on that?



    Trump fat-shaming could be in The Onion as a spoof!

  36. I was wondering what sucked the air out of the other afternoon threads.

    Trump. Of course it was Trump.

  37. So is this what Gillespie thinks of as a “serious matter” or a diversion?

    It stinks when a coworker undermines your killer point.

  38. Women have routinely fat-shamed my penis. Fact.

    1. My choad-olences, Paul.

  39. Reason turned into Feministing so slowly that I didn’t notice until now.

        1. It’s spelled “fag.”

  40. Leave this bullshit clickbait nonsense to Buzzfeed.

    What the fuck Reason?

  41. What the fuck Reason?

    Chapmantown, this stop. All out for Chapmantown.

  42. I am curious how Trump’s fat shaming compares to Cankles cursing whitehouse staff, insisting that they never be seen, and calling SS agents ‘motherfucker’ and demanding that they act as porters when she travelled.

    1. How about busting the POTUS in the head with an ashtray?

      1. M1911A1 would be better.

  43. Meanwhile, elsewhere at Reason:

    “If you care about substantive policy debate, it’s not good for Donald Trump that The New York Times has published a few pages of 21-year-old state-tax returns showing he declared a $916-million loss in 1995.

    Cue another week wasted with trivial distractions from what we should be talking about in the final month-plus of a presidential campaign. Care about foreign policy, government spending, and more? Maybe we’ll get around to hashing all that out after the election. But don’t hold your breath.” — Nick Gillespie…

    1. Yet no mention of both Hillary and the NYT using exactly the same tax strategy to avoid paying taxes.

  44. RE: Donald Trump’s Fat-Shaming Fetish
    The GOP candidate embraces and exaggerates common prejudices against the overweight.

    We should all applaud the fascist Trump the Grump for inventing a new form of discrimination.
    Le’ts give credit where credit is due.
    None of us here would’ve thought of that.

  45. That’s it. There is no way I can vote Trump after reading this article. He is like literally a Nazi.

  46. This’ll show him, eh Steve-O?

  47. So, I’m bookmarking this article. Then, the next time some tries to claim there is no Trump Derangement Syndrome, I’m going to link them back here. There is no other explanation for such a fucking vapid, idiotic article as this.

  48. Who. Fucking. Cares?

  49. The USA is full of gyms and gym advertisements. It is pretty clear that we don’t want to be fat. Fat shaming is a good thing. Since when do we think shaming bad things is problem? Stupidity shaming is the next proscription, I suppose. To be followed by elevator-farting shaming.

    1. No way! Not my favorite passtime.

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