Hit & Run

Deadly Train Crash in NJ, Republicans Get Veto Override Regret, George W. Bush Nostalgia: P.M. Links


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  1. One person is dead and over 100 are injured in a commuter train crash in Hoboken, N.J....

    No word yet on which presidential candidate is to blame.

    1. It's your fault Fist, your time machine could still prevent this.

    2. "What's 'Hoboken'?"

      1. Imaginary town in Loony Tunes cartoons.

        1. No, you're thinking of Wall Walla, or Newport News, or maybe Albuquerque.

          1. I've been to Newport News. I'd hate to meet the person whose imagination spawned it.

            1. It truly is a cesspool. Vicious anti-porn laws. For years most distributors wouldn't ship anything racier than a "Playboy" to NN zip codes. Fortunately, the internet changed all that.

              1. I never noticed any shortages when I was a teen.

                Good connections I guess.

            2. I'd hate to meet the person whose imagination spawned it.

              It was this dude. Portly and stylish he was.

              1. SugarFreed the link.

                  1. I would think that stylin mofo is rolling over in his grave cause what them assholes turned his town into

            3. Newport News does get nicer the farther north you go. Well, at least it did when I passed through there about ten years or so ago. No idea what it is like now.

            1. Ha -- I was just there yesterday.
              A nice place to live, work and shop.

          2. Young America (in Minnesota)

      2. Hobroken, as the NYPost's headline will read.

        1. Nice. You could take on a job with their headline department.

          1. If they haven't used it already for any of the many systemic scandals the city's leadership has offered over the years then they don't deserve to be in print.

          2. Fist is the headline writer the NYPost deserves, but he's not the one it needs right now.

      3. The location of the Hoboken Chicken Emergency, of course.

      4. Some kind of transient community, not far from Trampville.

        1. Trampville, you say? Sounds . . . entertaining.

      5. The town holding Frank Sinatra's placenta in a pickled jar.

      6. Barbie's homeless boyfriend?

        1. Paging Swiss ....

          "Getting a job is *hard*!"

      7. I went to Hoboken once. There were a lot of bars. I don't remember much else.

        Oddly, my spellcheck doesn't seem to think it's real either.

        1. It's kind of like Park Slope in New Jersey - same sky-high rents but with more college kids and fewer strollers.

          1. Racist!
            The correct term is "Park Asian-American".

            1. Shouldn't it just be Koreatown?

      8. Hoboken is a special attack move in the Street Fighter video game franchise.

    3. "ISIS."

      -Curt Schilling

    4. Hello.

    5. GW Bush, of course. Unless/until tRump gets elected the default position JUST HAS to be boooooosh.

    6. No word yet on which presidential candidate is to blame.

      Early reports are the conductor pulled a "pneumonia Hillary."

    7. No word yet on which presidential candidate is to blame

      Whomever it is, I bet he won't be invited to the next debate.

    8. Chris Christie. It's his fault there's no funding for "positive train control".

      BTW, Positive Train Control is basically the opposite of a dead man's switch. That's how quality the union labor is in New Jersey.

      1. the opposite of a dead man's switch

        So if you let go of the controls, the train accelerates out of control?

        1. As long as there are no followup questions, yes, that's exactly what I meant.

        2. I think he's got it confused with the bus movie with Dennis Hopper and Keanu Reeves, River's Edge.

    9. Gary Johnson, since he doesn't support high-speed trains.

    10. Ayn Rand would have written an article on how all of these people deserved to be injured.

      1. "They bought their tickets. They knew what they were getting into. I say let them crash"

        Prob a bit too soon?

        1. Surely, you can't be cereal.

      2. Sure, because New Jersey.

  2. One of Donald Trump's companies reportedly violated the U.S. embargo of Cuba by doing business there.

    He's ahead of Obama on normalizing relations!

    1. Trump makes headlines, Obama reads them.

      1. He says he reads them, but I'm not even sure about that.

    2. Obama started it, Trump is ending it.

  3. The disturbing trend of George W. Bush nostalgia continues.

    Have you seen his successor and his successor's successors?

    1. They are truly crouching under the feet of midgets.

      1. Worming under the clown shoes of fools.

        1. OK, hold it. Let's look at the reason this schmoo is dissing Bush; Bush did a flyover of the New Orleans flood; he didn't land and bollox up the rescue efforts by distracting people with security measures, TV camera crews, and similar malarky. That's a good decision. Maybe he made it for the wrong reasons. I don't know.

          Bush reacted to the 9/11 attacks with two limited wars for limited ends, both of them aimed at outlaw States. Yes, we should have packed up and left, instead of trying to nation-build. I still think that, however he arrived at the choices, he chose the least disastrous of a set of lousy options.

          Bush tried (twice, if I recall correctly) to do something about the Federal programs that were driving the real estate bubble. Democrats blocked him, and then laid the blame on him when the bubble burst.

          Bush may have been a bit of a gomer, but look at what we got next; a nice, clean cut, well spoken, inept meddling bastard.

  4. I have a giant pork shoulder. Half is going to this.

    I'm open to suggestions on the other half. Anybody but Gojira, I'm looking for ideas.

    1. *raises hand and starts to open mouth, then shuts mouth, lowers hand, and walks away*

    2. Stars aligned. I made that in a slow cooker today for pulled pork.

      Now if you don't mind, I have to go shoot myself.

      1. "When given the choice between giving a hand job to a policeman or a convicted felon, she pulled pork."

    3. In honor of this thread, I should do something Cuban. Lechon, maybe, but that's more Puerto Rican.

        1. Very similar to mine, except for the bay leaf powder. It makes the dish.

        2. Thanks for that JB. I'm gonna try it.

            1. Will do.

      1. My local Cuban joint has lechon asado on the menu, so I think you're alright there. It's amazing, as are the 3 meals and a side of chicharron I get out of the leftovers.

        1. Cuban restaurants are one of the only good things about living in South Florida, and lechon asado is definitely a staple.

          And all of them have incredibly huge portion sizes. I have no clue why, but it makes me happy.

    4. Season it, brown it, then put in a crock pot or dutch oven and put sauerkraut on top for 6 or more hours. Add small potatoes also. Even if you don't like sauerkraut, this is a great dish(the pork fat and sauerkraut complement each other...the pork is less porky and the sauerkraut less sour).

      1. I'd throw a small rodent in there.

        1. I love the tree rodents or the wabbits. *salivates like a carnivore

          1. Duck season!

        2. Popeye's recipe?

      2. Some one posted a recipe for pork belly here some months ago.

        I have been experimenting with them in my pellet grill snd tjey are melt in your mouth pork fat delicious.

        I would like to try the recipe posted here though.

        Anyone remember who posted it or whst it was ?

        1. I had that bookmarked on a laptop that has since died. I do remember that you have to pierce it in several places after you roll it.

          1. That is what I remember about it as well.

            I experimented with one where I rolled it around a pork loin and brined it overnight. I crisscrossed the skin and then smoked it at 220 for 8 hours at 220 with 1/4 mesquite and 3/4 pecan pellets.

            It was tasty. Most of the fat renders out and what remains just melts in you mouth with flavor.

            Sliced crossways it made excellent sandwich fillers that even tasted good cold in spite of the fat ratio unlike a cold leftover rib would.

    5. I have a giant pork shoulder.

      With diet and exercise, you might be able to avoid the corrective surgery.

      1. LOL

        "Waiter, do you have frog legs?"


          /drops soup and runs off.

    6. Probably too pedestrian for you sous vide-ing gourmands but I did a test run of this last week and other than finding out that my roaster oven's temperature setting is off by about 37 degrees, it came out pretty tasty, at least the crew liked it, of course free pulled pork is always gonna go over well.

      1. When pork shoulder is on sale, I'm all about experimenting. Seems like a solid recipe.

    7. Pork carnitas made with orange juice.

      1. Beat me to it. I made some delicious carnitas on Monday.
        Salt, pepper, cumin, olive oil dry rub.
        Into the crock with the pork, chopped onion and jally.
        Half or three quarter cup OJ.
        9 hours later throw the pork in the skillet and my god is it fantastic.

        1. At the end, add a little orange liqueur.

    8. Aww, char siu. That was everywhere around me growing up, and I haven't sought it out since, and never thought of making it myself. But I'm still not sure if I want to invest in sous vide.

      The other half should go to me.

      1. When I go to the Jap market, they sell char siu in the "Hawaiian" section.

        You can do it stove top. Just put it in a ziplock bad in a pot of water on low.

        My stove holds a pot of water at exactly 150F on low.

        1. When I go to the Jap market, they sell char siu in the "Hawaiian" section.

          Exactly. I'm guessing it's the neon pink stuff.

          Think I'll do some tests this weekend. I don't trust my crappy gas stovetop to maintain a low heat temperature, but it's worth checking out.

            1. Probably has to do with shipping costs.

              1. Jones Act. Hawaii always gets fucked.

          1. In re: your gas stove, you're good anywhere between 140 and 185 for char siu.

            I wouldn't go higher than that without a food grade vacuum bag. Just try to keep the plastic from resting on the metal when the heat is on. Air bubbles should take care of that anyway.

        2. Will a regular freezer bag work ?

          1. Yeah, just keep it under 185 or you'll grow breasts.

            1. Oooh ! I better be careful then.

              I already have two.

    9. The cha siu recipe looks inauthentic but tasty. I will ask you later how it was. Not really sure i would characterise it as spicy or ancient, and I'm not totally sold on spicy mustard pairing well with it. Siu yik and mustard on the other hand.....drool. You ever tried making that?

      1. Nope. Don't have a whole pig on hand at the moment.

        Lee Kum Kee has never steered me wrong. Just the right amount of adventurous for me.

        If I want it any more authentic, I have to drive down to Sam Woo in Irvine, and my kids aren't really big on seeing inside-out rabbits.

    10. Cacoila.

  5. Today will require a little more work. We are re-purposing Shakespearean sonnets to be about government.

    From social order we desire increase,
    That thereby beauty's rose might never die,
    But as the riper should by time decease,
    His tender heir might bear his memory:
    But thou contracted to thine own bright eyes,
    Feed'st thy light's flame with self-substantial fuel,
    Making a famine where abundance lies,
    Thy self thy love, to thy citizens too cruel:
    Thou that art now the world's enforcement cop,
    And only herald to the Arab spring,
    Within thine own bud buriest thy content,
    And, tender churl, mak'st waste in niggarding:
    Pity the world, or else this glutton be,
    To eat the world's due, by the grave and thee.

    1. And, tender churl, mak'st waste in niggarding:

      You just had to go there, didn't you.

    2. Can this be translated into Canadian?

      1. a la Trudeau?

      2. From social order we desire increase, eh?
        That thereby beauty's rose might never die, eh?
        But as the riper should by time decease, eh?
        His tender heir might bear his memory, eh?:
        But thou contracted to thine own bright eyes, eh?
        Feed'st thy light's flame with self-substantial fuel, eh?
        Making a famine where abundance lies, eh?
        Thy self thy love, to thy citizens too cruel, eh?:
        Thou that art now the world's enforcement cop, eh?
        And only herald to the Arab spring, eh?
        Within thine own bud buriest thy content, eh?
        And, tender churl, mak'st waste in niggarding: eh?
        Pity the world, or else this glutton be, eh?
        To eat the world's due, by the grave and thee. eh?

        1. Lol, you might get a Canadian "fuck you, eh" for that.

          1. All things be ready if our minds be so.

        2. We say 'there' more than 'eh'.

          As in.

          I was at the gas station, there, and I was pumping gas, there, and my debit card wasn't working, there, and then I began punching the machine, there, and then the cops, there, came and they asked me to stop, there, because I was freaking the clowns out, there.

          1. Take that there!

            1. What I remember hearing from a couple of visits to our Northern, slightly underachieving cousins was "yah".

              "Ooh yah. Sure thing, yah."

              1. We really should do better.

                But Canada is obsessed with mediocrity and stability. Because fairness and not American.

          2. Also cigarettes are darts, and yes, we do tend to call a lot of people buddy, buddy.


        3. Excellent.

      3. Trudeau Sr., eh?
        Kathryn Winnick, hoo boy!
        Kraft Dinner's late, hoser..
        Zoolander Jr., swoon!
        Zoolander's eyes, dreamy!
        Keystone pipeline, bitches!
        Tar sands & shale, unrequited...
        Jerking it to Timmy's Hoes, eh!
        Harper's War, fuck 'em yah?!
        Needing thah Rapefugees...
        And that killer bud, Trailer Park Newfie style, eh!
        So heinous, not sharing the wealth, hoser...
        Rob Ford! Rob Ford's crack, yah!
        *pours LaBatt's on Rob Ford's grave*

        1. How insulting! There's no French to pacify insecure Quebecois nationalist assholes!

          1. By design, my good man. By design. The thing those pesky Quebecois hate most?

            Being ignored.

    3. Wow. Very nice!

      1. That? He got it from Ned the sidewalk poet near Publix.

  6. The disturbing trend of George W. Bush nostalgia continues.

    You can look forward to fond memories of the Obama reign.

    1. Seriously, hands up if you miss President Bill Clinton. Peak presidential durp is unacheivable .

      1. I miss Richard Nixon.

        1. I miss George Washington.

        2. Has anyone seen the film Dick, with Michelle Williams and Kirsten Dunst? IMDB only rates it a 6.1, but it's really very funny.

      2. Hillary never missed Bill. That's why there's a White House shortage of lamps and ashtrays to this day.

    2. I've been looking forward to it for 7 long years.

    3. I'll miss Obama, every chance I get.

  7. "One of Donald Trump's companies reportedly violated the U.S. embargo of Cuba by doing business there."

    I thought we weren't following that law anymore.

    1. Quick scan of the article makes it look somewhat innocuous. It was a payment to a consulting company for relationship-building* they did in Cuba. Pretty dumb - there was a Euro consortium involved that I'm sure could have easily footed the $68K bill.

      Speaking of breaking the laws by spending money in foreign countries, I'm still wondering where Obama got the authority to send billions of dollars to Iran without a Congressional appropriation.

      *Yeah, bribes, I bet.

      1. Because he didn't send billions of dollars to Iran. He let Iran have access to the money they'd deposited in US banks 40 years ago.

        1. Yeah, just ignore the pallets of untraceable cash he delivered to the tarmac for the Iranians, in violation of the law.


  8. The Mitch's of the world aren't thinking ahead.

    You think other actual and potential sponsors of terror aren't looking at this law thinking "Fuck. If they'll do that to the Saudis, they'll damn sure do it to me. I better tell those jihadis we're paying off to lay off any attacks in America."

  9. One of Donald Trump's companies reportedly violated the U.S. embargo of Cuba by doing business there.


    Trump is lots of bad things but who cares about this? I might have hypothetically overnighted Cubans back to the US myself

    1. Sycophants will make themselves care. Trump's a lawbreaking loose cannon!

  10. McConnell is shocked...SHOCKED that he and other congresspeople hadn't considered "the potential consequences of a piece of legislation was obviously very popular"

    "We never claimed it was a perfect bill!"

  11. Some more lovely economic news: Germany 'prepares Deutsche Bank rescue'

    The German government and financial authorities are working on a rescue plan for Deutsche Bank in case it cannot pay fines in the US, according to Die Zeit newspaper.

    Germany's biggest lender is facing a $14bn (?10.8bn; ?12.5bn) bill for mis-selling mortgage-backed bonds before the financial crisis of 2008.

    In the worst-case scenario, the government would even take a 25% stake in the bank, according to the article.

    Deutsche Bank has denied the report.
    Shares in Deutsche are down by more than 50% this year. On Monday and Tuesday, they fell to new lows as a result of concerns about how it will manage the fine. But in Wednesday trading, they rose by more than 2.5%.

    If DB gets fucked, Europe (as a continent) is in deep shit, with shit waves splashing to American and Asian shores as well.

    1. Newsflash hoser.

      Europe is already in deep shit. Diarrhea in fact.

      Which is exactly why progressives - those brain dead retards - want to emulate it.

    2. DB is screwed even without the fines. They're leveraged to the hilt.

    3. yep. expect a run on cash this week before the seizure and freeze.

    4. U.S. has found a way to make the Germans pay their share for NATO defense ... sue their companies.

      1. Obama will turn around and send the 14 billion on another Iranian bribe.

    5. I'm happy I got my Oktoberfest trip in when I did.

  12. ?One of Donald Trump's companies reportedly violated the U.S. embargo of Cuba by doing business there.

    Obama lists normalizing relations with Cuba as part of his legacy. And the current administration sent four million dollars in cash to Iran. And they think anyone is going to give a shit about this?

    They really are desperate. I don't think there is going to be any Trump October surprise. The fact that they are running this and the story about the fat crazy beauty queen tells you they got nothing.

    1. They really are desperate. I don't think there is going to be any Trump October surprise. The fact that they are running this and the story about the fat crazy beauty queen tells you they got nothing.

      I wondered why Trump didn't assure everyone there was nothing dirty about his taxes, because they've undoubtedly been gone over forensically at least several times in the White House over the past six months or so, and any juicy bits would've been leaked by now.

      1. Pretty much. At most they say he doesn't pay any personal income taxes, which is no surprise. Most rich people do not. Let the Democrats make an issue of that. All it shows is how empty their promises to "tax the rich" actually are.

        1. Where does John Kerry park his yacht if you get my drift?

          1. An acceptably abstract euphemism.

    2. Perhaps Wikileaks will come through with a Hillary October surprise or three.

      1. I'm near certain Janet Reno is Chelsea's dad.

        1. I'm reminded of a joke.

          Hillary Clinton got tired of Bill Clinton trying to have sex with her. She noticed that Bill never had sex with Janet Reno. So, Hillary asked Janet what her secret was.

          "Oh, when Bill starts hitting on me", Janet said, "I just fart. Sends him running."

          That night, Hillary was lying in bed. Bill gets into bed and starts feeling her up. Hillary let out a fart.

          "Janet", Bill asked, "Is that you?"

          1. Reminds me of an oldie but goodie.

            Stoic football coach Tom Landry hears Too Tall Jones telling a rookie about how many women he gets as a professional football player. Coach Landry pulls Too Tall aside and asks him his secret. He said, " Coach, whenever a sense that a woman is going to turn me down I just pull out my dick and slap in on the dresser a few times. It works every time".

            Later that night after a resounding victory over the hated Washington Redskins feels frisky while he was getting undressed for bed. He walks over real close to the dresser and proceeds to slap his dick on the dresser as loud as he could.

            Mrs. Landry slowly wakens and asks, " Too Tall ? Is that you " ?

    3. The title of the top Atlantic piece today is Why Won't Trump Blame the DNC Hack on Russia? They are simply pathetic.

      1. If Russia really is intervening in the election that is close to an act of war. The same people who have been shitting their pants about Trump being so "irresponsible" are now making one of the most irresponsible public pronouncements I have ever seen. They are claiming Russia is engaging in acts of war against the United States with absolute no evidence it is true.

        They truly are pathetic.

        1. This.

          However, most of the "allegations" contain two or three levels of weasel-wording.

        2. Everything is stick to beat their internal opponents, nothing is a casus belli. It is, I think, a symptom of having no true security threats (in their minds).

          1. Reminds me of some sci-fi I've read (and I'm pretty sure, given the author, that it's intentional). Those in control of a powerful nation are so sure of their superiority that they can't imagine an outside power might take unkindly to being pushed around, and so ignore that third party in pursuing their own internal squabbles.

        3. If Russia really is intervening in the election that is close to an act of war.

          Would paying millions of dollars to one of the candidates count?

          1. Yes it would. But only a sexist talks about that.

      2. The title of the top Atlantic piece today is Why Won't Trump Blame the DNC Hack on Russia?

        I haven't been following in detail, but I don't recall anyone actually producing any evidence that it was Russia.

        1. evidence? we don't need no stinking evidence!

        2. There's evidence that Russia hacked them, but not evidence that no one other than Russia hacked them. Blaming Russia for the leaks is just the political establishment's way of distracting people from the content of the leaks.

    4. A fat crazy beauty queen accused of involvement in a murder, no less.

      1. More proof that none of this shit matters until he actually does shoot a guy on 5th Avenue.

      2. They let Michelle run the drone strikes?

      3. She don' wan' to speeek about dat. It's in da past.

      4. I have to agree with Gingrich. If you're the current Miss Universe and you go from 120 to 180 lbs, you're not doing your job.

    5. I thought we like Cubans now. This can't hurt him one bit.

    6. sent four million dollars in cash to Iran.

      $400 Million... plus another $1.3B in additional transfers.

  13. ...despite President Obama's long-standing warnings against passing the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act (JASTA)?which allows 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia and could also lead lawsuits against U.S. officials and military personnel.

    McConnell is either full of shit or the dumbest fuck in Dumbfuckistan. Could be either.

    1. Even if it did, so what? They were acting in their official capacity and the US government can defend them or pay any judgment.

    2. "I'm not a bad person, i'm just really incompetent at my job" seems to be this year's go-to excuse for political people, for some reason.

      1. Hillary's about to be elected President on that platform, and it's a copycat league.

        1. I don't think so. Trump is going to win. I always thought he could win but I am increasingly convinced he will.

          1. I remember thinking the same thing in 2012 when Romney was getting huge crowds at his rallies and Obama not so much.

            Then Obama got 100% of the vote in precincts that recorded 120% of the registered voter totals.

            It's gonna be hard for Trump to win when non citizen mass murders are allowed to vote.

            1. The difference is that when Mitt Romney loses due to fraud in a reasonably polite election, the elites whine and the masses shrug since they didn't really want him anyway. If a populist like Trump loses due to fraud... it might go differently.

      1. off topic, Swiss Servator, and this is more a ? for an Austrian, but what is the proper response to a greating for Servus! ?
        Do you respond with a Servus! of your own oder?

        1. Certainly - it can also be hello and goodbye - depending on where you are.

  14. 'Mitch McConnell is shocked...SHOCKED that he and other congresspeople hadn't considered "the potential consequences of a piece of legislation was obviously very popular,"'

    I have this weird theory that most of the politicians who voted for it wanted it to fail, but didn't want to have the optics of voting against a 9/11 bill. So they voted for it to look like they cared and just expected everyone else to have voted against it.

    1. Nah. They give zero fucks because no Saudi royalty is going to show up in a US court in response to a civil summons, and no Federal judge is going to issue a legally enforceable summons that the State department won't quash.

  15. To repeat my suggestion from another thread, the U.S. and Saudi Arabia should make a treaty (as in, requiring 2/3 Senate conformation) by which Americans claiming that Saudi Arabia committed terrorism against them could take their claims to a panel of arbitrators, and allowing the U.S. to seize Saudi property if the Saudi's don't pay any awards granted by the arbitrators.

    In exchange, we would agree that our own courts would not be allowed to hear cases against Saudi Arabia. Such a treaty, being the supreme law of the land, would supersede prior statutes, since in cases of conflict (IIRC) if a treaty and a statute conflict the more recent instrument governs.

    So the victims would get their day in court, and we wouldn't have to start a whole battle over each country summoning other countries into their own courts.

    1. Send that idea to the State Department. Do you know the email address? 🙂


          1. So you didn't like the part of the joke which I considered funniest?

            1. Don't quit your day job, Eddie.

              1. This is his day job.

            2. I occasionally get an email from someone with an @aol.com account.
              I assume it was sent by someone whose DeLorean has broken down and they are fishing for sports scores or stock prices and treat it as spam.

            3. No, cuz it's @CompuServe

  16. ISIS prepares for FINAL BATTLE: US troops 3 MILES from site of ancient APOCALYPSE prophecy

    According to the prophecy, one third of the Islamist fighters will flee the town while another third will be killed. But the group believes the remaining third will survive the battle and triumph against the Western forces.

    But what does *Nostradamus* have to say?

    1. Oh shit, it's ALL CAPS time.

    2. I thought it was the Armageddon prophecy?

    3. So, there's some sort of final countdown?

      1. Casey Kasem is disappointed.

        1. To say nothing of Europe....

          1. My work here is done.

        2. I hear Lou Reed is getting a humanitarian award next week and Casey is the presenter at the ceremony.

    4. Sec of State Kerry just threatened to cut off all channels of communication, including diplomatic, with Russia if they didn't call back their dogs of war at Aleppo.

      That's a good way to start a war.

  17. Not sure whether this was previously covered (if so, i missed it and it certainly has not received the coverage it deserves), but apparently Obama not only knew about Hilldog's server, but emailed her classified info himself, using a pseudonym.

    1. I suggested that his code name was Big Brother, but that's open to a racist interpretation.

      1. "White Power" would be counterintuitive, yet correct at the same time. Far too clever for the likes of Shrillz.

        1. "Half White Power"?

      2. How long before the pseudonym is *alleged* to be found within the hacked Ashley Madison accounts?

    2. The actual JV team.
      It really sounds that projection explains almost everything with the Obama people.

    3. If the media doesn't cover it, it never happened

  18. One of Donald Trump's companies reportedly violated the U.S. embargo of Cuba by doing business there.

    Would a reasonable prosecutor press charges?

    1. That is just it Juice, they are powerless at this point. Even if they did find evidence of Trump being guilty of a real crime like serious tax evasion or fraud and indicted him for it as an October surprise, the double standard when compared to how they treated Hillary would be so obvious and appalling that it would likely raise his standing with the country and make him more likely to win the election.

  19. World's oldest library gets a facelift

    The al-Qarawiyyin Library has long been a source of fascination for residents in Fez, Morocco, as few of them have ever passed through its doors. Opened in 859, it is thought to be the world's oldest library, and the maze of rooms were closed off to all but a few scholars and students of the university where it was housed.
    "We knew where it was more or less, but could not enter. It was this big, mysterious place," recalls Aziza Chaouni, a Fez native and the architect who has overseen al-Qarawiyyin's restoration. "I had no idea what lay behind its gigantic iron doors."
    In 2012, a woman from Morocco's Ministry of Culture contacted Chaouni for an assessment. When the Toronto-based architect and engineer stepped inside the building, however, she was shocked to discover it was rotting.
    "It was exquisite, but it was in a very bad state," she recalls. Over the centuries, rain water poured off the roof of the neighboring mosque and infiltrated the library. After excavating, Chaouni discovered what she described as a river running underneath the floors. To rescue the structure from further damage, she built an underground canal system to lead the water into the sewer.

    1. In 2012, a woman from Morocco's Ministry of Culture contacted Chaouni for an assessment. When the Toronto-based architect and engineer stepped inside the building, however, she was shocked to discover it was rotting.

      Shocked that an ancient building in a third world craphole is rotting? She needs to get out more.

  20. Ferrari unveils a pair of cars

    Ferrari went to extremes when it unveiled two new cars at the Paris Motor Show Thursday.

    One was a less expensive version of the practical GTC4Lusso model, which is a four-seater. The other was a convertible version of the LaFerrari hybrid extreme supercar.

    The convertible supercar, called the LaFerrari Aperta, costs $2.2 million. But it was still sold out even before Ferrari (RACE) announced, back in July, that it would debut in Paris this month.

    The Aperta is available with a standard cloth top plus an optional removable carbon fiber hard top. It has the same V12 hybrid drive system as the hardtop coupe version. With an output of 750 horsepower, the V12 engine is the most powerful engine ever used in a Ferrari road car. And that's not even including the additional power from electric motors. All together, the system produces 950 horsepower.


    Ferrari also unveiled Thursday the GTC4Lusso T, a car meant for practical daily use. It's a V8-powered version of a car that had previously been available only with Ferrari's famed V12 engine. The turbocharged V8 produces 602 horsepower compared to the V12's 680 horsepower. But it will still get the car from zero to 60 miles an hour in under 3.5 seconds, only slightly slower than the V12.

    1. How to scream "I have too much money and a tiny dick!" to the world.

      1. Yeh, but the GTC4Lusso is handsome and sweet looking.

        1. Porsche sells more Panameras and Cayennes than any other model. Making a "family" car is smart and the money from it will support future supercar shenanigans.

        2. I don't understand why people think the Gtc4 is handsome, and that the Mcoupe looks like "a clown shoe"

          to me they're both 'ass heavy' designs, not unlike a viper - and i'm ok with dat ass.... just that, why lust over the lusso when you can actually get cars much like it for cheaper, but yet people call them ugly.

          1. M Coupe is awful. The GTC4 isn't that great but the Lusso is much better.

            1. The GTC4 isn't that great but the Lusso is much better

              ...? that's just 1 car

              And i'm comparing this to this

              they BOTH look like a Station Wagon butt-fucked a Corvette.

              My point was that if you admire the basic design approach of one, then you have no business dissing the design approach of the other = they're basically the same concept.

              1. Uh, no?

                The ratios on the BMW are off. It's too 'top heavy' which lessens the aggressiveness of its stance. The Ferrari is not a heck of a lot better, but they didn't make the back all square window which is a design improvement. It's also a longer wheelbase, which makes it look more powerful than the BMW.

                1. *this* The BMW looks like a stretched out AMC Pacer. Too much on the glass-to-body ratio.

      2. You are a Philistine.

        1. There are much better ways to flaunt your obscene wealth than a completely illogical and impractical car.

          1. Like running for President?

          2. The fact that you think cars have to be logical or practical means you think in a way that is utterly alien to me. There is more to life than eating your vegetables and wearing sensible shoes.

          3. Right, because the only reason to buy a Ferrari is because you want to rub your neighbors' noses in it.

            1. the only reason to buy a Ferrari is because you want to rub your neighbors' noses in it pull major strange!

              1. You're thinking of Jaguar.

          4. Sorry to pile on, but people who buy those cars either just love the cars, or see it as an investment.

            It's the mid-range supercars that are about flaunting your wealth. And even there, I bet most who buy them actually care about the car. It's like collecting anything. Only really expensive.

            1. In my experience it is some of both. A lot of people buy them to look at them and talk about them or just show them off. There is a lot of that. Some buy the high end ones as an investment. Some people buy them because they really love them and drive the shit out of them. People who do that tend to buy the mid range super cars because those are going to depreciate anyway, so driving them doesn't really matter. The high end cars, if they are not driven and kept as garage art, will appreciate, though not driving them is really bad for the cars.

              1. If I had a billion dollars kicking around I'd think of buying a 7 figure car. Though I think I'd probably end up going for one of the incredibly beautiful classics like one of the classic Feraris or a Jaguar E type or something. If I were looking at a new supercar, I'd probably go for something more off the wall than a Ferari. I think Pagani is pretty neat.

                But that's not going to happen.

                1. BECAUSE THE SYSTEM IS RIGGED!

                2. I think I would go for a classic as well. The thing about today's cars is that all of them are insanely fast by any reasonable standard. Hell a decent sedan would leave some of the super cars from the 70s and 80s for dead on the track. So if you just want a crazy fast car to raise hell with or take to the track, there is really no reason to buy one of the super cars even if you have the money. You are not going to get that much more enjoyment if any driving a Pagani on a track than you will a 911 or F Type or Corvette, that can be had for 1/10th the price. A base 2016 911, not an S or turbo or a GT3 or anything but a base one will get you from 0 to 60 in four seconds and has a top speed of 188 miles an hour. That is insanely quick by any standard and faster than the most expensive super cars of even 15 years ago.

                  I can't wait until those cars are used and have depreciated.

                  1. There are reasons to buy rare ones. If I had the money, I'd get a Ferrari P3 and a staff of full time orphans to wipe my drool off the paint.

                    1. My orphans would spend their time waxing my 250 LM or 250 Testarosa.

                    2. Both are fine choices.

                    3. Never figured you one to spoil your orphans.

                3. It wouldn't take a whole billion for me to have a warehouse full of cars.

                  If you call your warehouse a museum and charge $1 to the general public to come in and look at them they become a tax advantage rather than just a hobby.

          5. Fuck off, slaver?

      3. The first part yes, the second part, no.

      4. Neither part is true for me.

      5. The Le Ferari and other super-expensive hypercars cars are beyond that, even. I think with those it's closer to art collecting. (Not necessarily saying that the cars are great art, but that the motivations are similar).

    2. "The convertible supercar, called the LaFerrari Aperta, costs $2.2 million. But it was still sold out even before Ferrari (RACE) announced, back in July, that it would debut in Paris this month."

      Tesla wishes they had real pre-orders like this.

    3. That Lusso is beautiful. The Le Ferrari is crazy over the top but not very tasteful. The Lusso is wonderful and understated.

      1. Extreme sports cars sometimes are opulent in their design.

        1. I know. I am just not a fan of them. I like a more classic look. It is why I like Porsches. They never really change.

          1. Zagato and Pininfarina - Masters of classic design.

      2. Maybe. But one appreciates in value while the other depreciates.

  21. Mall shooter illegally voted in 3 elections

    The Cascade Mall shooting suspect, Arcan Cetin, may face an additional investigation related to his voting record and citizenship status.

    Federal sources confirm to KING 5 that Cetin was not a U.S. citizen, meaning legally he cannot vote. However, state records show Cetin registered to vote in 2014 and participated in three election cycles, including the May presidential primary.

    1. That's going to be difficult to progsplain away...

      1. I'm sure they'll find a way.

    2. Hmm. Who could he have voted for I wonder. Total mystery.

      1. He looks like a Romney man if I have ever seen one. Bitter clinger that guy.

        1. His gun had an "aftermarket magazine" - gotta be a Libertarian.

          1. Most of the 25 round 10/22 mags I've seen are factory Ruger, that's not really aftermarket.

    3. Voter id is racist... and now shootist.

      1. While voters must attest to citizenship upon registering online or registering to vote at the Department of Licensing Office, Washington state doesn't require proof of citizenship. Therefore elections officials say the state's elections system operates, more or less, under an honor system.

        Why are the even bothering to investigate? What can possibly be gained?

      2. Huh:

        Wyman says while it's impossible to determine an exact number, she does not believe this case points to a larger issue.

        "Our hands are kind of tied, but make no mistake, we want to make sure that everybody has confidence that people casting ballots are eligible. This is certainly going to be a topic at next legislation."

        Ok then, carry on.

    4. And here I thought voter fraud never happened, and there was no need to worry about immigrants affecting our politics because they can't vote anyway.

      1. See above. There is no broad fraud problem, and there's no way to be sure or know. These are two concepts that we can hold in our heads at the same time, I guess.

  22. The disturbing trend of George W. Bush nostalgia continues.

    Linked articles from July, February, February, November 2015, today. You'd need Michael Mann to make a "trend" out of so few data points over such a period of time.

  23. The disturbing trend of George W. Bush nostalgia continues.

    Hmm... Barak Obama made me miss George W. Bush. George W. Bush made me miss Bill Clinton. I hate Bill Clinton.

    1. Mister, we could use a man like Herbert Hoover again.

      1. What about Hitler?

      2. For our den?

    2. I have a horrible feeling that Hillary in the White House would make me miss Barack Obama.

      1. Wait until Michelle Obama runs in 2024.

        1. Against Chelsea?

    3. I don't get it. While Obama sucks balls, he was definitely an improvement over Bush.

      1. /me scratches head

        Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

        1. What about Obama is worse than Bush?

          1. I almost answered that but then a voice inside my head screamed DON"T FEED THE TROLL.

      2. I don't see how. He ran up twice as much debt. He is going back into Iraq. And he fucked up the health insurance of millions of people. Moreover, Obama continued every single policy of Bush's and in fact extended a lot of them. Name one bad thing Bush did that Obama didn't continue? For a while you could say Obama got us out of Iraq, but you can't say that anymore.

        I can't think of a single thing that Obama hasn't made worse. Anything you want to pin on Bush, Obama continued and then added his own bad things on top of it.

        1. Anything you want to pin on Bush, Obama continued and then added his own bad things on top of it.

          Pretty much. At first I expected he'd be better than Bush in some ways. But he really just doubled down on pretty much all the awful stuff that Bush did and added some more.

        2. Well, he "evolved" on gay marriage while still in office (but after 2nd election).

          And...er...when he bombed an Arab country, he got the French on side?

        3. Name one bad thing Bush did that Obama didn't continue?

          You didn't torture three terror suspects under the Obama Administration.

          Instead you just blow them and their nearby family members up. Which is better. Somehow.

        4. Name one bad thing Bush did that Obama didn't continue?

          I can't prove that it has all ended, but the torture and extraordinary rendition regime is no longer officially ok.

          Also, the belligerence toward Iran has been much diminished under Obama. Conservatives and Republicans might not like it, but tough shit. It's way better under Obama than it was under Bush.

          I can't think of a single thing that Obama hasn't made worse. Anything you want to pin on Bush, Obama continued and then added his own bad things on top of it.

          That doesn't make him worse than Bush. Bush (well, the government while he was president) started 2 (or more) full on motherfucking wars, the PATRIOT Act, a torture regime, terror alerts, etc. and an entire new federal department for fuck's sake. This country took a pretty hard right turn into fascist territory under Bush. I doubt any president could scale all of it back, but Obama managed to scale some of it back here and there. I'm not saying Obama wants to end all of it, but shit, it was all ushered in under Bush.

          Like I said, Obama sucks ass, but he's nothing compared to Bush's shittiness.

          1. "Also, the belligerence toward Iran has been much diminished under Obama"

            ha ha ha HAHAHAHAHA

            Too bad the Iranian belligerence toward the US didn't end as well.

            Plus they get nukes, 150 billion on paper, and 1.3 billion in cash and gold.

          2. I can't prove that it has all ended, but the torture and extraordinary rendition regime is no longer officially ok.

            Well, not exactly.

            Most--not all(they kept what they could)--of the 'extraordinary rendition' stuff has gone away. And remember--all you ever saw was 'extraordinary rendition'. You never saw torture. Torture is illegal.

            Which makes the next part bad.

            Since 'extraordinary rendition'. is off the table, more people are getting to the actual torturers. You won't know their names. You won't know what was gotten from them.

            And they never survive.

      3. He is Bush squared.

      4. I'm tired of Bronc Obama

      5. Uh, I kind of miss the rule of law.

  24. The disturbing trend of George W. Bush nostalgia continues.

    It's ok, Dog, Obama made me miss Bill Clinton.

  25. I've been watching too much dumb alt-right youtube Trump propaganda, I'm starting to be unable to tell what is real and what are Poes. Like this, this is probably alt-right propaganda, it's got played a little too straight and the creator's profile pic seems to make a big deal out of Superman's Jewish creators.But this...is this too much anime, or not enough?

    1. Why John? Really why? Why don't you try something more healthy like Sugar Free's porn or something.

      1. 12 out of 8 dentists agree.

        1. Those dentists are trying to thin the herd.

      2. Some people here love to dive into the social justice derp. Alt-right derp, being the product of years of horrible internet inbreeding, is just more interesting to dissect to me. It's like those Chinese rivers of trash except the trash is dumb internet bullshit.

        1. I enjoy the major media paranoia over the alt right. The alt right is a few thousand dorks on 4chan, Youtube and a few other places. The average American has no idea what the term even means and doesn't care. But the douchebag beltway media is convinced it is like the worst thing since the Nazis. It is sad and pathetic but also funny.

          1. I am willing to bet money that there's more active KKK and Aryan Brotherhood members in the United States than legit alt-righters internationally.

            1. That is probably not a bad bet.

          2. While simultaneously condemning worries about the people who would happily exterminate Jews, gays, and other minorities in the pursuit of world domination under a rigid patriarchal system of harsh rules and extreme militaristic violence.

    2. I have a feeling they're both "real". The second one's lazy, and is just Trump images over the theme song from a 20 year old anime.

      1. No shit but I'm running out of actually competently made propaganda, they're too few in number to have an active stream of garbage content like the social justice movement.

    3. Feel like pseudo-intellectual torture?



      1. Wrong, wrong, wrong.

        Governments are pretty much the only entities who do either of those things with any regularity.

      2. See, that's just boring though, it's not some dumb mash of weird cultural nonsense brought on by the information age coupled with weird conspiracy theories, it's just some self-aggrandizing moron who takes himself way too seriously repeating EAT THE RICH over and over again.

    4. Probably genuine in both cases. I love the author's note on second video:

      i realize its not a perfect video, enjoy anyway,
      i also realize it should be 'TOO' instead of 'TO' at the end, but whatever, too lazy to re-export

      I mean, what do you say to that?

      1. The fucking master race, ladies and gentlemen.

        1. A major element of their tricknology are techniques intended to lull you into a false sense of security so you drop your guard. And then pow!!!! They take your stuff.

          1. Least the Nazis had Wagner, Hugo Boss and Nietzsche misquotes. These sumbitches can't even make a half decent Evangelion parody.

        2. "i realize it's not a perfect death camp, send in Jews anyway.
          i also realize that gas room isn't sealed, but whatever, too lazy to re-caulk"

      2. I suspect white privilege.

    5. I thought this one was cool.

      For the record I think most of the anime Trump ads are satire. But truthfully, what difference, at this point, does it make?

      1. With Trump, it really makes no difference at all. The most ridiculous parody of the man is exactly what his fervent supporters want to see.

  26. South Park's take on last Monday's debate between Hillary Clinton and Mr. Garrison is pretty great.

    That was pretty awesome.

    "My opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted."

    "I am giving you this, lady!

    "My opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted."

    "What the fuck are you doing?!"

    "My opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted."

    "Get out of your own way!

    "My opponent is a liar and cannot be trusted."

    "Why the fuck did it have to be her? I am so fucked!"

    1. "Get out of your own way!" is probably the best thing that can be said for the Clinton campaign.

    2. I PVR'd it and watched it at midnight. Nothing like snickering in the dark when everyone is asleep.

      1. Nothing like snickering in the dark when everyone is asleep.


      2. Do you even euphemism, bro?

    3. I've only seen the first ep so far, but I love everything it's established. I'm glad Matt and Trey are working off the "Trump doesn't really want this job, but his opponent is Hillary Clinton" narrative.

      1. I've suspected for a while now that Trump isn't really that interested in having the job of being POTUS. He wants the lifestyle. He sees how presidents are treated practically like royalty with everyone puckering up to kiss their asses wherever they go, living in a yuuuuuge mansion and jetting all over the world with their entourage in a yuuuuuge jet, all at taxpayer expense. If he wins, I suspect most of the work of actually governing will fall to Pence and his cabinet officials. Which probably isn't really any better, but oh well.

        1. He'll be like the queen.

        2. I've suspected for a while now that Trump isn't really that interested in having the job of being POTUS. He wants the lifestyle.

          So basically he will be like Obama only without Valarie and Michelle actually running everything. There are worse things you could say about a candidate.

  27. In classier news: don't have sex with Jim Carrey.

    The morning after pill text was allegedly sent by Carrey to White on February 13, 2013, just one week before White went in for an STD test that came back positive for Herpes 1, Herpes 2 and gonorrhea.

    It had been alleged in the lawsuit against Carrey that he infected White with those three diseases.

    'I just got a warm loving feeling running through me,' writes White after seeing a photo of the candle.

    She then sends three heart emojis to which Carey responds: 'Have you thought about my c*** today?'

        1. Ah, Daily Fail. I'll have to check it at home. Still at the office. Sometimes The Daily Fail has pictures of famous women not wearing very much.

    1. Ah.

    2. Link Sf'ed.

    3. Jim Carrey has a cunt?

      1. It seems more likely he's talking about his "clap."

    4. IIRC Herpes 1 isn't an STD and most people end up eventually getting it.

      1. This is what carriers will tell you.

        1. According to the stats, 70% of people have an HSV-1 infection by the time they're 50.

  28. The disturbing trend of George W. Bush nostalgia continues.

    You Fisher. It's way past February.

    1. I Fisher? I hardly know 'er...

  29. The disturbing trend of George W. Bush nostalgia continues.

    And in four years they'll be pimping Trump nostalgia. Even if it were the second coming of Jesus Christ running on the GOP ticket. It's a cheap way to make themselves look reasonable without actually running the risk of giving credit to a political opponent. They've already started warming up the Romney nostalgia.

    1. Exactly that. Once a Republican is no longer a danger to win an election, they immediately become acceptable. The "why can't the new Republicans be reasonable like the old ones" is one of their favorite methods of trolling.

      And yes, if Trump loses the election, come 2020, there will be a bunch of articles about how reasonable he was. they are that fucking shameless and pathetic.

  30. One of Donald Trump's companies reportedly violated the U.S. embargo of Cuba by doing business there.

    Stop it. I'm trying not to find anything I like about him or what he does.

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