Georgia Man Suing After Being Tased While His Face Was Against the Wall in a County Jail

Says county refuses to pay medical bills


via WSB-TV

Carlos Seals is suing the county of Richmond, Georgia, and two deputies who tased him while he was in custody at the county jail, seeking $20,000 to cover medical expenses from being tased in the head back, WSB-TV in Atlanta reports.

In their incident report, police claimed Seals was being combative and did not comply with their orders. Seals admitted to WSB-TV that he had cursed at the officers, but says he was complying when tased. The video shows Deputy Donnie Crawford tasing Seals while Seals was against the wall with his back facing the deputy. The other deputy had tried to tase Seals earlier but failed to connect. Two more deputies show up, and it takes more than a minute for any of them to check Seal's pulse.

The county says Crawford was fired but no action was taken against the other deputy. Neither does it appear that Crawford has been charged with a crime. Seals' attorneys filed a federal civil rights lawsuit. Why Seals was in custody in the first place is not being reported. The incident occurred on August 30.

Watch the WSB-TV segment, which includes footage of the tasing, below: