What Should We Do About Suspicious Muslims?

Tom Shillue asks, Matt Welch answers, on Fox News' Red Eye at 3 a.m.


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What can we learn from the fact that a half-dozen Muslim terrorists on American soil had gotten onto the radar screen of U.S. law enforcement before committing their foul deeds? One lesson, as Scott Shackford has observed in these pages, is that the seeming detection failures of targeted investigations render absurd all the time wasted on dumb, constitutionally questionable mass surveillance. But that still leaves the Monday-morning quarterback questions of did the FBI blow it, and what could law enforcement do differently?

We chew on these subjects and more on tonight's Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue at 3 a.m. on Fox News, where I will be panelizing along with comedians Alli Breen and Sam Roberts, and Fox News contributor Pete Hegseth. Other topics include whether Jack Shafer is an American hero or anti-hysteria hysteric (or both), and whether this barftastic Joss Whedon celebrity vote-against-Trump ad will turn us all into alt-righties sooner rather than later.

To whet your late-night appetite, here's the last time I appeared on Red Eye:

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  1. Depends on what they find suspicious, I guess.

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      1. I find your pitch suspicious!

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    1. Meh. Now you’re just trying too hard. Whatever.

    1. I laughed at that pretty intensely. Would posting it on Facebook earn one a ban?

    2. Uh, that depicted an act of mass murder done by the government of King’s Landing.

      1. That’s what they want you to think.


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    1. “Freedom has no angels.”

      Goddamn that is beautiful, Agile. All angels have ulterior motives.

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  5. I just watched that cringy anti-Trump ad. How embarrassing. And then I realized I haven’t been to the movie theater in a loooong time. None of these people matter to me in any way, except for Keegan-Michael Key, who used to make me laugh. Eh, fuck him, too.

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  8. What to do with Muslims?

    I thought we settled this problem here in the world’s best comments section.

    Serve pork and allow pigs to roam free.

    Now can we get back to OUR own problems? We have a few issues we need to iron out around here.

    Starting with…

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    2. Starting with…


  9. treat fucking all humans like bitches stepping across the goddamn garden line.
    ask, inquire, press, ponder, and then only fucking get physical when the infringer steals your
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    or, oops. did this free country forget that manners are sort of required when bitches wish
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    First off, what does suspicious even fucking mean if one is prone toward gentle languid? Or if one is prone to sylvester/alien bitches with blue metal anger? an anger generally geared toward low IQ cops and lost boys but I won’t stall that ship with extra details because if that book isn’t written I see no reason to introduce the world to this exercise in odd closets.

    1. did this free country forget that manners are sort of required when bitches wish
      to survive on your hard jazz?

  10. What should we do about the police? What should we do about the rabble rousers in the anti-police demonstrations? What should we do about the kids we teach to shoot and then they just want to show off their skillz? And who will protect me from the illegalz gonna rape me?

  11. What Should We Do About Suspicious Muslims?

    How about:

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    …I think I’m answering the wrong question

    1. Wait. We’re supposed to shave their beards with a rusty razor? I thought we were supposed to shave their bellies with a rusty razor.

      Sea shanties probably aren’t the best form of communication. Although I can recognize that

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      Is a video game invention. Probably.

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  14. What Should We Do About Suspicious Muslims?

    What should we do about maintaining liberty, citizens of freedom?
    What should we do about lowering the insanity of government incursions into normal life, citizen?
    What should we do about fucking making the police state not act like a dick like it did on the Dana Loesch show earlier tonight? Because she is evidently a fucking cunt that cannot handle a Super Dooper Black John Wayne tripping on Hell juice. FUcking dumb fuck radio shit eater.

  15. I laughed at “Mormon Colonel Sanders,” and I am stealing it.

  16. I don’t think anything needs to be done to suspicious Muslims. However, there ought to be stern warning that the response to the next jihadi attack will be bombing Mecca off the face of the earth with a cobalt-60 bomb so no living thing will be able to go near it for 50 years, then burying the ruins under 100 ft of pig shit.

    I realize my views are not popular…

    1. Meh, the Saudis have already turned Mecca into the Muslim version of Las Vegas, and demolished everything of historic significance in order to prevent idolatry, and build a new hotel over a previously sacred landmark.

      If we nuked Mecca, half the Islamic world would cheer us on, while the other half would use it as a reason to justify killing Americans.

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  19. In fact, our own military who served in Iraq and Syria are more dangerous than ‘suspicious Muslims’. We must accept both.

    1. American military is a fuck ton of goddamn problems, son- but Islam the hardcore state is nothing no one should accept as legit. And agile states this full aware of the failings of the fucking socialists and Christians constantly shredding the free state.

      Never fucking pretend to post shit and own it like a full philosopher unless your goddamn words scream freedom, bitch.

      I accept nothing you state without revealed truth, dawa.

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        2. That piece of shit book you’ve been working on for five years isn’t going to just magically finish itself, fuckface.

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  23. I’m interested in this statement I just read at the WSJ:

    “Over the last two years the FBI has thwarted attacks by more than 90 HVEs [Homegrown Violent Extremists]”.


    Where did they get that number?

    Does that include the Bundy’s and their associates in Oregon?

    1. FBI is a ship of fools run by the deity alarm of any fuck admin current to now.

      1. FBI solves convenient shit serving nominal purposes and glides like a foolish dancer on the bodies of those it failed to protect when the cameras get nation-like and alone. FBI is a modern trajectory prince lofted on seminal moments and drifted without aim or courage after the falls.

          1. waffles for the kill shot. What a square thing to do for such a prolific Burning Man attendee.

    2. FBI’s Troubling History of Missing Terrorists (June 2016)


      At the end of this piece, the authors writes: “There is a troubling pattern of the FBI knowing about terrorists, and doing very little to keep tabs on them or stop them. In the aftermath of Orlando, perhaps enough pressure will be placed on the bureau to take these threats more seriously.”

      The events leading up to last week’s terrorist attacks along the east coast we’ve learned that the FBI continue to not take these types of threats seriously.

  24. Stephen Decatur can handle them.

  25. That’s one less TV program I need to worry about.

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