Two New Studies Discredit the CDC's Dire Warnings About E-Cigarettes and Teenagers

Very few nonsmoking teenagers vape regularly, and even fewer vape nicotine.



For several years now, the CDC has been freaking out about adolescent e-cigarette use, which it warns will boost smoking by getting teenagers hooked on nicotine in a more palatable form. But as I explain in my latest Forbes column, that does not seem to be happening, and new research suggests it probably never will:

Three years ago, Thomas Frieden, director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC),warned that "many kids are starting out with e-cigarettes and then going on to smoke conventional cigarettes." That fear is one of the main justifications for the CDC's hostility toward vaping and the Food and Drug Administration's onerous new e-cigarette regulations, which are expected to cripple the industry. Yet there is no evidence that Frieden's claim is true and considerable evidence that it's not, especially since smoking rates among teenagers have fallen to record lows even as more and more of them experiment with vaping. Two new studies cast further doubt on the idea that e-cigarettes are a "gateway" to the real thing.

Read the whole thing.

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  1. Vaping looks like smoking. That is all that matters. Oh, and fuck Forbes. I am not turning off Addblock.

    1. For the average person, they hate it because it looks like smoking and they have been trained to hate people who vape even while they won’t bat an eye at someone wearing half a can of Axe body spray which is easily 10x more offensive.

      However, for the government, it’s a multifaceted issue where they want Tobacco cash and know they can absolutely rely on idiots to rally behind the ‘for the children’ argument that’s constantly bandied about.

      The idea anyone would switch from vaping to a cigarette is absurd. It would be like going from eating Cherry Jolly Ranchers to eating dog shit.

  2. We can’t let facts get in the way of common sense regulation.

  3. Maybe the CDC should focus on diseases instead of things that aren’t diseases.

    1. Hey! It’s “Public Health” all the way down!

  4. Many fear that e-cigarette use by non-smoking students will lead many to nicotine addiction and subsequent cigarette smoking,” notes University of Michigan health economist Kenneth Warner

    Emphases added. Many need to light, er, *lighten* up.

  5. I always figured the supposed concern for vaping being a ‘gateway drug’ to smoking was really a stalking horse for a drug warrior’s worse nightmare: vaping fluids that act as delivery devices for meth or heroin or whatever. I mean, if 90% of e-cig users walking around in the park are getting nicotine, 5% are getting flavor only, and 5% are getting a real high, what’s a drug warrior to do?

    /I assume this is already a thing

    1. It’s not a thing, as far as I’m aware, for things like meth or heroin but I believe there are already versions with THC so ultimately I think you’re exactly right. The government can’t instantly tell what you’re inhaling, therefore it must be banned.

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