Brickbat: Too Much Exposure


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The European Court of Justice has ruled a news and entertainment website violated copyright law when it linked to photos of a Dutch TV personality that had been posted online without the permission of the copyright owner. The suit was brought by the owner of the Dutch edition of Playboy, which owns the copyright to the photos.

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  1. Linking to content someone else published is the same as publishing that work yourself?

    Who knew?

    1. Well in all fairness linking to content that is later edited by a third party with a Hitler mustache makes you racist so ya I’m onboard.

  2. When commercial media companies, such as GeenStijl “can no longer link freely and fearlessly, it becomes difficult to report on news based on leaked information.”

    Waiting with bated breath for the Snowden centerfold.

  3. After reading through the story, it looks like the basic argument is:

    1.) Playboy pays attractive women to show their tits.
    2.) Some people post the the Playboy tits on the internet.
    3.) Somebody tried to set up shop as an alternative to Playboy, where they basically just show Playboy tits cheaper than Playboy what playboy is offering.

    Playboy kind of has a solid case. It’s othing to just give others IP out for free. Once you start charging for somebody else’s IP, you can expect a lawsuit.

  4. Oh, you crafty bastards. Imbed a link in a story about nekkid pics and when I click the link it just goes to another news story and there ain’t no nekkid pics? I guess it could be worse – the story never did say it was a female TV personality. But how can I decide whether or not to be outraged if I don’t see all the evidence?

    1. reason does not want to become a co-defendant in the lawsuit for linking to the pics.

      There might even be some sort of kerffufle about cellulose shredding devices in there.

      1. “cellulose shredding”

        Or “liposuction”, as non-Europeans refer to it.

        1. Cellulose is a fiber found in trees and is the primary component of wood. A cellulose shredding device would be more commonly known as a ‘woodchipper’.

          You must have mixed it up with cellulite, which is a human body tissue.

    2. First thing I did was Google image her name + nude. You’re welcome.

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  6. No matter what the game, the lawyers always win.

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