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Colin Kaepernick Calls Out Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Hypocrisy, Says Donald Trump Is 'Openly Racist'



San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick became the country's latest collective objet d'obsession when he refused to stand for the national anthem at a pre-season game this weekend. Kaepernick said he had stopped standing for the anthem at the beginning of the pre-season but that it was only noticed now.

He said he had made the decision because the lack of accountability for police officers who kill in the line of duty. Kaepernick pointed to the fact that most officers are placed on paid leave in such situations (due in large part to collectively bargained union contracts), as well as to videos circulating of violent police encounters and violent encounters involving police officers and veterans (in response to a question about veterans who might feel "disrespected" by people not standing for a flag).

Later in the post-game interview, responding to questions about timing (some sports observers speculate Kaepernick is looking for an out at the tail-end of his contract while Kaepernick insists sitting for the anthem wasn't something he planned ahead of time), Kaepernick also pointed to the woeful 2016 presidential race. "I think the two presidential candidates that we currently have also represent the issues that we have in this country right now," Kaepernick told reporters.

Asked to elaborate, Kaepernick cited Hillary Clinton's reference to black teenagers as "super-predators" (in the context of pushing tough on crime measures while her husband was president in the 1990s) and called Donald Trump "openly racist" (although did not offer specifics). "I mean, we have a presidential candidate who deleted emails and done things illegally and is a presidential candidate," Kaepernick noted. "That doesn't make sense to me. Cuz if that was any other person you'd be in prison, so what is this country really standing for?"

It's heartening to see Kapernick avoid falling for the left's suggestion that the Clinton email scandal was no big deal or somehow a product of anti-Clinton sentiment and not of her own reckless actions. Federal prosecutors have already rejected a "Hillary defense" put up by a U.S. sailor facing charges for taking classified photos on a nuclear submarine. Democrats, meanwhile, killed criminal justice reform over their opposition to just the kind of mens rea deference the FBI afforded Clinton, declining to prosecute her because of a lack of clear criminal intent. Holding Democrats accountable for thwarting criminal justice reform would be an excellent place for Kaepernick to start what he says will be his continued advocacy.

Watch the entire interview (relative comments start at 16:33) below:

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  1. I like this guy. Standing up for a song is lame.

    1. Playing the goddam national anthem before a sports game is lame.

      1. The song itself is lame.

        (Why Obama didn’t take action on the petition to change it to Ignition Remix Part II, we shall never know)

        1. The very idea of national anthems is lame.

      2. What about the Army-Navy game?

    2. I’m a patriot, and I consider standing during performance of the Star-Spangled Banner an absolute obligation upon my honor. But I can also appreciate that Kaepernick is, at least, consistent in his criticism of the presidential nominees. He doesn’t seem to be any bigger on Hillary than he is on Trump.

      1. Is there any reason to play that shit before a practice game?

        1. NFL football openly wallows in American patriotism because vast majority of the game’s fans love it, and, for lack of better term, ‘classical’ values from the anthem to the jets flying over to Thanksgiving games to all the terrible beer bedeck the institution at every turn.

          Anthem is part of game’s ritual same way ‘Take me out to the ball game’ is part of 7th inning stretch.

          1. Fly overs are da bomb, unless you get helicopters. Jets though, they rock.

    3. Kaperdick is a nobody with cliche opinions, so who cares what he thinks . It is interesting that a low info jerk and an adulating press thinks criticizing groups of people without any facts or constructive suggestions whatsoever is heroic . Are millionaire second rate sports figures the latest oppressed class ? Another frankfurt school dupe . Soon everyone in the USA will be a member of an oppressed class , fighting each other for position as the most oppressed and whining incessantly .

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  2. Hmmm – No mention of his gf who is heavily involved with BLM?

    Not sure of the facts but I never seen it mentioned in print.

    1. What are you, some kind of sexist who thinks a man just gets his opinions from his wife or girlfriend? We have minds of our own ya know!

      1. “Objectify me, baby!”

  3. People just don’t understand the pressures that come with $54 million a year!

    By the way, this guy… looks kind of Tsarnaev-tserroristey. Anyone checked into his immigration status?

    1. You know how those macacas are like. Him and his macaca friends.

  4. Anyone ask him about his Fidel shirt?

  5. C’mon guys, he’s just trolling. He wants attention.

    Don’t. Feed. The. Troll.

    1. That’s some inspired trolling tough, too bad it’s more’n’likely due to ignorance that wile. First disrespect the USA!! USA !! crowd then explain it by going full Brietbart on Hillary, the cognitive dissonance across the political duopoly would be epic.

      1. It’s almost as if people can’t be neatly categorized…

  6. He could, as a courtesy to the people who pay a lot of money to watch him pick bench splinters out of his ass, stand up for the minute and a half the music takes up.

    1. How is that courteous exactly?

      1. Following a long-time custom which a great many of the spectators seem to think worthwhile, for whatever reason. It’s a people thing.

      2. Its “When in Rome” courteous.

        1. Ah, so he should live as a slave and hail Caesar as befits a Roman gladiator.

          1. he should live as a slave and hail Caesar as befits a Roman gladiator.


            That is, if you’re so retarded as to consider “Being paid $20million a year” = Slavery, and ‘passively standing alongside your team-mates’ = “hailing Caesar”

            I suppose, following your logic…. “letting children attend 4th of July Fireworks” is tantamount to “Endorsing the murder villagers in Mai Lai”, or something.

            Because the most commonplace public-rituals in America are no different than Communist struggle-sessions, where mere attendance suggests affirmation and endorsement.

            1. Your preferences are not his preferences. Clearly, to him it is more important not to stand for the anthem. ItI might not seem rational to you, but spending all this time bitching about politics on the comment section of a website mighty not seem rational to other people.

              1. A person’s “preferences” don’t make ridiculous analogies less ridiculous.

          2. That’s more Hughtarded than the usual.

          3. Ah, so he should live as a slave and hail Caesar as befits a Roman gladiator.

            No, he should live as a whore: the clients paid for a good show, he took the money, and he should perform and pretend he likes it.

            A free man would simply walk out and leave the money on the table.

    2. And they could be courteous by not chastising the person who is out there to entertain them for failing to stand for a song.

      1. not chastising the person who is out there to entertain them

        Poor babies. Maybe they should be paid more?

        1. You laugh, but I hear the poor guy is already missing payments on his yacht.

  7. FFS, a lot of ink is being spilled over this. He didn’t stand up during the a freaking song; a poorly-written jingoistic song glorifying death and destruction at that. That people care about this is astounding.

    1. FFS, a lot of ink is being spilled over this.

      The media – especially ESPN – love to jump on topics like this. It is perfect for the talking head crowd. It is also completely uninteresting.

    2. He’s treading upon the long fabled “Conservative-PC”. I heard this morning how he’s basically giving the finger to every soldier ever.

      1. Yea, I love that argument. I’m a former Marine and it doesn’t bother me at all. I didn’t serve for the breathless American Exceptionalism crowd. Blind loyalty is never a good thing.

      2. Oh, there’s people posting dead soldiers pictures on his Facebook, saying stuff like ‘My son died for YOU asshole!’

        So basically every dead soldier is now Jesus, and collectively died for our civilian sins and not, you know, basic American rights.

        1. Like the right to futilely attempt to force fundamentalist desert savages to live like a modern Western society despite the lack of the hundreds of years of cultural capital needed.

        2. Correct. It’s illegitimate for you to have political opinions because somebody else’s son died after being shipped off to some foreign war.

          You hear this argument a lot in our supposedly free, civillian controlled country.

    3. Glorifying still standing strong in the face of death and destruction…it’s a little different being on the receiving end

      1. And glorifying killing slaves who dared defect to the British side in exchange for their freedom.

        And a stupid war.

        I am as patriotic as any libertarian, but its a shitty song and blindly reflexive outrage over a failure to comply with purely symbolic patriotism is nothing more than an example of the conservative equivalent of the SJW outrage culture.

        1. I am as patriotic as any libertarian

          Is this bar in the right place I’m ready to jump? No it needs to be way way lower.

        2. I seem somebody gets their history from Facebook.

    4. It would be interesting to see the reverse. Some sports person sits out the national anthem and then when asked why, he/she said, “When you have a complete lack of the Rule if Law favoring the political elitist scumbags in this country, then this nation has failed as a Republic so I won’t support it until something changes.”

      The R’s would be overjoyed and the D’s would be crucifing them. Not that it will ever happen that way.

      1. Hope Solo raises eyebrow…

  8. Is anyone in the media looking to the Obama administration for a response to this protest?

    1. They’ve responded with a ‘meh’: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics…..d=41727634

      1. You know, I’m surprised at two levels.

        1. Someone DID ask about it.
        2. The administration responded.

        As far as #2 goes, I suppose answering those questions is easier than answering about bombing in Syria.

        1. Of course someone asks*, and of course they responded. It is easy to respond to this nonsense. It is not easy to respond to any actual issue. That’s why they have no problem giving their side of the transgendered bathroom issue, but fuck me running if you get an answer about Syria or how they could not know about Hillary’s unsecured server, etc.

          *Beloved commenter John once said that political journalists have become celebrity journalists, and for the most part he is right. It is pretty awful.

          1. You know I was watching the Nora Ephron doc on HBO the other night– just channel flipping… like you do– anyhoo, there was a friend of Ephron’s talking about the trajectory of her career. How she started as a Journalist, was cuckholded by her husband, wrote a novel about it which became a best seller, had it optioned to a movie, and then became a full-time professional screenwriter, which is a transition so many journalists want to make.

            I stared at my screen for five minutes, not listening to the TV, and really thinking about that.

            It put me in mind of some of the journalists which have cooked stories so as to present a more cinematic take. It also makes me think of why so many journalists (who aren’t cooking stories) seem to be concerned with narrative than they are about they whys and whats of the story. And lastly, it brought me back to the Fifth Column Podcast (free plug!) where they discussed the modern phenomenon of “McGuffin reporting”. Who cares what the thing is– the narrative is the bad guys want this thing, the good guys want to keep them from getting it etc.. Once I heard modern journalism described that way, it all became so much more clear.

            1. Very good points. They seem to cover an issue like Obamacare the same way they cover Ryan Lochte or clown rapists, which is truly unfortunate.

              I don’t know why these cable news organizations – the ones that pay dime-a-dozen newsreaders and dingbat personalities at least six figures – don’t have some sort of investigative unit like the group portrayed in the movie Spotlight. Delve into a topic to try to find the truth, and be professional and impartial; it seems fairly simple.

              1. Facts don’t draw eyeballs to TV screens, so there is no need to employ people to check them.

            2. Of course journalists are in the business of narrative. They just prefer their narrative to feel realistic by setting it in real places with real people (albeit with only those real facts as are convenient), instead of in wizard’s towers or starships. It’s when they manage to sell the meta-narrative that journalists are truth-tellers and not storytellers that we have trouble.

      2. They’ve responded with a ‘meh’: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics…..d=41727634

        Considering Obumbles spent lots of campaign time distinctly *not* wearing a U.S. Flag lapel pin, I’m surprised the response isn’t ‘bae!’.

        1. -1 Kaepernick looks like my non-existent son.

  9. “I mean, we have a presidential candidate who deleted emails and done things illegally and is a presidential candidate,” Kaepernick noted.”That doesn’t make sense to me. Cuz if that was any other person you’d be in prison, so what is this country really standing for?”

    I got no problem with this assessment. It’s actually bang on.

    Been listening to Patriot radio – Wilkow, Levin etc. – their reaction is predictable. Absolutely no nuance there.

    1. I found even his first statement – about cops placed on paid leaves after they kill people – more right than wrong. Too racially-obsessed to my liking, but not much worse than we hear nowadays.

      Since Russia reintroduced the Soviet anthem in 2000 or so, I immediately sit down whenever I hear it. I recall sitting during the anthem after Russia defeated the Czech Republic during the ice hockey championship in 2008 in Quebec City. Not a big deal, nobody cared.

  10. Been listening to Patriot radio

    You have XM/Sirius, you have to listen to Joe Madison on Urban View, one channel up from Patriot, He’s a liberal/progressive but fairer than most, but the he knows how to run a radio show, Typical caller-host interaction ends with Madison cursing out the caller and lamenting of at the stupidity he has to deal with. Hy-larious.

    1. Will give him a shot. Thanks. Would you happen to know when he’s on?

      1. Mornings, Eastern Standard Time, 6 to 9 maybe 7 to 10, I never catch his entire show just snippet when I’m on my way to work,

  11. Goddamit, America. We are so fucked if Colin Kapernick is the voice of reason.

  12. I am generally on his side when it comes to the cops. If he wants to do something about that, not standing up for the national anthem is a pretty stupid way to go about it. All not standing for the anthem does is let the cops portray anyone who is concerned about this as being against the entire country. It is totally pointless and counter productive.

    If Kapernick wants to help, he should do his own Peter Theil campaign and pay for legal representation of people who have been abused by the cops. He could fund a documentary about the issue. He could use his celebrity to bring attention to some of these cases. There are any number of things he could do that would actually make a difference. Yet, he chooses something that accomplishes nothing except alienate a huge chunk of people who might otherwise listen to what he has to say.

    Waht a fucking schmuck.

    1. he has brought attention to it by not standing for the anthem unfortunately the issue went from his point on police abuse to he’s not a patriot and insulted everyone. Just like BLM made the police abuse problem into a racial problem. Issues keep getting hijacked and sidetracked by competing groups or in both cases insulted groups who can’t see the meaning behind the problems. Now the choice of using the anthem for a political purpose is actually good for a real cause but in reality unless you tell someone, everyone before hand and your the only one who knows then I call BS and think Kapernick was just a lazy ass who looked for an excuse for being a lazy ass. Now if Kapernick does more than just sit during the anthem and takes real action outside of the stadium then he may garner back respect.

      1. If Kapernick had stood during the anthem and put his fist in the air like the real men did during the 1933 olympics had, men who had suffered real oppression, then I would have respected Kapernick

        1. Wasn’t that the 1968 or 72 Olympics (can’t recall off the top of my head)? There were no Olympics in 33 also.

          1. 1968 Mexico City Olympics

            1972 was Munich and I think you know how that turned out.

      2. The fact is though, if police abuse weren’t considered fundamentally a racial issue, he (or any progressive for that matter) wouldn’t give a shit. The only reason he cares is because it reaffirms his delusional belief that America is oppressing him.

        1. I won’t disagree with that but lots of people who would care now don’t care because its become about race and not about police brutality hence we get Trumps all police take on the issue.

  13. He looks like Bin Laden’s son


      1. He is the Orlando shooter’s wife. The NFL’s first tansgendered player.

        1. Boy, the FBI misplacing a suspected accomplice in a major terrorist attack sure went down the memory hole fast, didn’t it.

          1. “What’s that? Seize RC Dean’s phone!”

  14. So why can’t Republicans (who control the Senate) go along with the bill without Hatch’s mens rea clause? He can always bring that up separately. Democrats sincerely believe it’s a corporate giveaway, which of course it is because that’s all Republicans fucking do. Mitch McConnell controls the senate agenda. Blaming Democrats for this not getting passed is hacky in the extreme, not least because the mens rea stuff has Koch fingerprints all over it.

    No doubt you’ll give credit where it’s due should a Democratic-majority senate pass criminal justice reform after the election.

    1. Mens rea is a corporate giveaway. God you are sick and stupid little man.

      1. Orrin Hatch doesn’t care about poor criminal defendants. That’s not why he insisted on this clause. Don’t be stupid.

        1. Orrin Hatch’s motivations are irrelevant. Corporations benefit from the 4th Amendment. Should we toss that out as well?

          1. I’ve been told by progressives I know that none of the Constitution, including the 4th amendment, should apply to corporations.

          2. KKKorporashunz r not peepl1!

        2. Orrin Hatch doesn’t care about poor criminal defendants.

          And neither do the Democrats, the biggest crony capitalists on the planet. Don’t be stupid.

    2. Democrats, meanwhile, killed criminal justice reform over their opposition to just the kind of mens rea deference the FBI afforded Clinton, declining to prosecute her because of a lack of clear criminal intent.

      So its the Republican’s fault the Dems killed the bill, because they didn’t give the Dems everything they wanted?

      This is the kind of “logic” that enables you to put all the blame on one party, and no blame ever on the other party, regardless of the facts. See, also, its the Repub’s fault that OCare is such a clusterfuck.

      I believe the technical term for this mode of thought is “impenetrable stupidity”.

      1. If Republicans cared about universal healthcare, we wouldn’t have Obamacare but something much better. But they don’t. They believe in letting the sick and poor die, unless they’re a reliable voting bloc like the oldies.

        Some Dems backed off the bill because of Hatch’s poison pill mens rea clause, which was interpreted as an effort to make it harder to prosecute white-collar crime. You tell me with a straight face that Orrin fucking Hatch was willing to let criminal justice reform die because he didn’t get to help indigent defendants. Like that’s ever been at the top of his agenda.

        1. Some Dems backed off the bill because of Hatch’s poison pill mens rea clause, which was interpreted as an effort to make it harder to prosecute white-collar crime.

          This despite the fact that it’s well known that the criminal justice system falls hardest on the poor and minorities. It’s good to see progressives laid bare like this. They’d rather 1,000 people go to jail for picking up an eagle feather than see 1 white collar defendant go free.

          1. Tony, like all progressives (see the campus ‘rape crisis’ response) abides by the inverted Blackstone ratio: better 100 innocents hang than 1 guilty man go free.

            And of course, never mind that possibly the most common white collar crime, insider trading, is effectively a victimless crime.

        2. Alright, please tell me why mens rea should not be a part of criminal justice reform without using the word “Republican” or “Corporation”. Please. FUCKING PLEASE.

          1. Also forbidden: “GOP”, “Conglomerates”, “Elephants”, or “companies”.

            1. The party of Lincoln want poor people to die in prison while leaders of for-profit rape Gia with impunity.

              What’d I win?

              1. Damnit “for-profit combines”

        3. If Republicans cared about universal healthcare, we wouldn’t have Obamacare but something much better.

          Nobody should “care about universal health care” because it’s a broken concept. Universal health care is a huge giveaway to corporations, nothing more.

          What we should care about is affordable healthcare, and Obama was utterly unwilling to pass anything that would have actually lowered healthcare costs, because it wouldn’t have suited the corporate cronies of the Democratic masters.

        4. Why didn’t democrats pass universal healthcAre?

          Can you help me out since I am poor?

    3. No doubt you’ll give credit where it’s due should a Democratic-majority senate pass criminal justice reform after the election.

      And no doubt Tony will blame the Republican minority if criminal justice reform doesn’t pass a Dem-majority Senate.

      See, its the Repub’s fault when they are in the majority and don’t give the Dems what they want to pass a bill, and the Repub’s fault when they are in the minority and don’t get what they want from the Dems to pass a bill.

      1. It was the Republican’s fault for anything that went wrong in California when the Democrats had a supermajority in the state legislature.

        Republicans: Not even one or the government falls apart.

      2. Republicans usually are at fault. They are not there to improve society. They haven’t indicated that they are in any of our lifetimes. They’re there to give shit to corporations.

        1. When Democrats are in power – it’s the Rep fault. When they’re not in power – it’s the Rep. fault.

          Get outta here with that tripe. Go spew it at DU where the dumb go to die.

        2. “They are not there to improve society. ”

          Neither do the Democrats.

          If you bother to read any History, Government never improves society, only society improves society.

        3. Huh, is that what they call what happened to Detroit, “improving society?” I think I prefer a politician who does nothing to one whose economic philosophy mirrors that of Hugo Chavez. One would think people would have learned by now with the history of the 20th century and all that there are worse things than robber barons. And usually, it comes from those altruists who want to “improve society” by any means necessary.

        4. Republicans usually are at fault. They are not there to improve society.

          Correct. I don’t vote for parties that exist to “improve society”. Government exists to secure basic liberties, not to “improve society”.

          They’re there to give shit to corporations.

          No, I’m afraid that’s where you’re wrong. It’s the Democrats that run on a platform of “giving tax dollars to corporations”; Republicans generally run on platforms of taxing corporations and people less.

      3. Damn RC those Republicans are badass !!!! They can do anything !!!! =D

  15. “Holding Democrats accountable for thwarting criminal justice reform would be an excellent place for Kaepernick to start what he says will be his continued advocacy”

    If that is what he does, I will have respect for him. Otherwise, my only comment is that he should worry about his own job first.

  16. “Quarterback is a poorly informed moron, news at 11.”

  17. I would say that the patriot is the guy trying to make his country better, and a patriot should respect his country’s symbols.

    For the sake of consistency, it’s the people messing up this country with bad policies who should sit during the national anthem – if they’re going to disrespect the country with their actions they may as well do it symbolically too.

  18. Democrats sincerely believe it’s a corporate giveaway, which of course it is because that’s all Republicans fucking do.

    Hi-yo, Hobbyhorse! Away!

  19. Who the fuck is this stool-bucket? Stand, sit, I don’t give a fuck, but really, who is this fuck? Does he even have a Superbowl ring?

    1. His team is owned by Jed York. He could be the second coming of Brady, Manning, Elway, Marino, Montana, and Young combined, and he wouldn’t have a Super Bowl ring because his team is owned by Jed York.

    2. He’s a phenomenal athlete who isn’t so good at playing QB. He could get away with it when teams really didn’t know how to account for his speed, but once they managed to adjust and make him win with his arm, he couldn’t really do it.

      1. “He’s a phenomenal athlete”

        He was, not anymore.
        He’s blown his physical and head training. He was spoiled by Harbaugh and got no ‘push’ at all to improve; he thought he was good enough to ignore improvement.
        His late arrival to victim status probably signals his understanding he’d got no future in football.

      2. The list of one hit wonder running quarterbacks who have come and gone in the blink of an eye is about as long as your arm!

  20. You can only use the Hillary Defense if you have the support of the Democratic party and the major media. Otherwise, you’re going to Leavenworth.

  21. Gotta hand it to him he is basking in this

  22. Let’s see, he converts to Islam and will marry his BLM and Muslim girlfriend, and now he’s protesting the national anthem. Big surprise there because Islam is the religion of peace!

  23. “Radicalized” by his GF…

    I think Whitlock makes some good points about it probably being somewhat of an identity crisis. Kaepernick doesn’t embody the made-it-from-the-hood story that is popularized for black athletes. Kaepernick probably can’t remember struggling for the basics, and he’s probably received some teasing for it from teammates who have eaten bread and ketchup sandwiches for dinner.

    He’s free to sit. Some of the points he’s bringing up are very broad and possibly inflammatory, some are more focused. Let’s see what he does to help solve the issues he’s bringing up.

    As Dizzee Rascal once said, “Everybody wanna be ghetto, but nobody wanna be poor; All you follow fashion dummies ain’t eating no more”

  24. Please, Mr. Kaepernick, continue with your fascinating analysis! I am RIVETED. Tell us more about your plight as a black man growing up in poverty on the streets, and all of the injustice you’ve experienced!

  25. Who gives a flying fuck what this pea brain thinks? He’s borderline retarded.

    1. The real reason he has started doing this crap is because he’s just smart enough to understand that he sucks, and that soon he’ll be out of the show and looking for work in Canada or the Arena League.

      Now, when that happens, he can cloak himself in the mantle of victimhood and claim that he’s not out of the league because he sucks, but that he’s being persecuted for his political beliefs. It’s actually pretty clever, in a sick way.

  26. Kappernick belongs to the NFL Players Union, which is OK, but those cops who are paid to spend time hunting down black folks to kill cannot have a Police Union. it’s a perfectly logical position for any eight-year old, who thinks he is black.

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