Brickbat: Taking a Bullet


judgepera / CC BY

A judge sentenced former Delaware County, Indiana, sheriff's deputy Arlan Johnson to six months home confinement after Johnson pleaded guilty to stealing $8,550 in ammunition from the sheriff's office and selling it.

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  1. Morning, Never steal form the state.He should have just seized property from ‘civilians’ as any ‘normal’ cop would.

    1. Mornin’. Bet he did. I love to be able to see a list of complaints people may have made against him in the past. Prosecutors won’t shake that tree, though.

      1. That’s not stealing,that’s confiscation.

  2. I remember two or three times we have had cops arrested/prosecuted around here for stealing guns from civilians. I guess cops don’t like black market guns on the street as the kinds of people who buy and carry them are the ones most likely to use it against them.

    Funny that.

    $8500 in ammo? Let me guess…either 38spl or 40s&w reloads from the stash they keep for their pistol team. Good grief, what a dumbass. ‘If you are going to do it, do it big’ only applies to stealing if you plan on getting caught.

    1. Exactly,a little here ,a little there,no one will miss it. Of course ,that takes patience and some intelligence. Both of which are in short supply in ‘law enforcement’.

      1. It’s been quite some years back, but do you remember the guy who stole 100B from one of the Asian stock market exchanges? I laughed my ass off when I heard about that. Instantly it popped in my head “Well, he’s dead.” He crashed the damned market and within 24 hours everyone knew who had done it.

        Where the fuck are you going to hide 100B dollars? If I remember correctly he ‘accidentally fell’ out of a helicopter somewhere over New Guinea.

        1. I remember that..What a idiot. He may have stole from the Yakuza or some such group.

          1. I find the motive in such a case to be fascinating. Would your life be appreciably different if you had “only” one billion dollars as opposed to 100 billion dollars? I don’t think so. I guess it’s more of a psychological game to such people — not something based on selfishness, per se. Ditto for billionaires who still work hard at making more money. They consider all those zeroes in their bank accounts as a “high score” and/or they have pride such as they want to create something, perhaps a legacy.

  3. Where’s the mug shot? When it’s a cop getting arrested, suddenly you don’t see the mug shot.

    (If that is the mug shot, then his fellow cops must have taken a whole bunch to get him to look as presentable as possible.)

    1. ‘officer safety’

  4. Was this during the time Obama was running up the price of ammo? Because this maybe would have just been one 250 round box.

    1. It’s really Obama’s fault.

  5. The real theft is that he “retires” at 56, but we all get to keep paying him to not work.

    1. I was feeling a bit of compassion for the guy (due to his gambling addiction) until I read that part of his explanation was:

      ‘He said his own addiction had for a time left him homeless. “It made me sleep in my car,” he said. “It made me live in my office.”‘

      That’s a fine piece of hyperbole there, I tell ya.

      1. he had a fucking office?

  6. six months home confinement after Johnson pleaded guilty to stealing $8,550 in ammunition from the sheriff’s office

    Because Johnson “showed remorse”?

  7. “Ow, my wrist stings from that slap you gave it!”

  8. If he lost $100,000, he better have had more irons in the fire than four figures worth of stolen ammo. And I imagine he did.

    1. don’t put stolen ammo in the fire!!!!

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