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Gary Johnson Campaign's July Financials Analyzed

62 percent of July's $1.6 million take went to consultants; August intake already announced as at least $3 million.


George Phillies, longtime Libertarian Party (L.P.) member, activist, and frequent candidate likes to analyze the financial comings and goings of L.P. candidates in great detail. As I reported back in May, he was dissatisfied with how Gary Johnson's 2012 presidential campaign with the L.P. decided to spend its lucre.

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The summation of his book-length analysis/complaint regarding Johnson '12:

His campaign raised two and a quarter million dollars in private donations, $632,017 in Federal campaign matching funds, and ended $1,538,118 in debt, a total over 4.4 million dollars. Of that, $627,000 went for general election outreach and $240,000 went for nominating outreach. That's under 20% of campaign dollars earned or borrowed on outreach.

Phillies has issued a similar analysis of the July numbers for Johnson's current campaign, based on a close read of its Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings.

From Phillies' analysis, regarding just July's spending and intake:

The campaign had cash on hand at the start of the month of $459.063. Its Receipts This Period were $1,602,810. It spent $856,518, leaving it at the end of July with Cash on Hand of $1,205,355.

$64,741 or 7.6% went to classical advertising.
$111,877 or 13.1% went to printing and mailing houses.
$530,699 or 62% went to consultants.

….Governor Weld promised $100,000 for ballot access. Between ballot access, ballot access consulting, and a $2500 Presidential Election Filing Fee in West Virginia, we see a total of $12,946…..

The campaign traveled a great deal. Air fares came to $34,295 for 92 flights. That's an impressive amount of air travel for one month. Lodging came to only $4324. Car rental, cab fare, train fares, and fuel for car travel came to nearly $2995. $346 was spent on travel insurance.

….Campaign Consulting came to nearly $490,000. That includes $445,000 to Liberty Consulting Services, $13,000 to Carlos Sierra, $10,000 to Joseph Hunter, $5650 to Chris Thrasher, $4193 to Phil Kregel, $3000 to Pojunis Communications, $2666 to Steve Kerbel, $2600 to Tom Mahon, $2032 to Lou Jasikoff, and $480 to David Valente.

What Phillies characterizes as "other sorts of consulting," including media, digital, and social media monitoring, add up to another approximately $40,000.

The Johnson campaign has done even better for itself with money in August, from the information already public, though not official FEC reports.

The campaign announced on August 18 that it had raised $3 million in what it called the last two weeks, so total August numbers should be even higher than that, as compared to July's $1.6 million in receipts.

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  1. ZOMG!!!111!!! Gary Johnson took federal matching funds!!!


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    2. He took them in 2012, but said in one interview (I can’t remember which) that he’s not taking them this year because it was too much of a hassle.

      1. He’s more an off-road kind of guy anyway.

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  2. In other ‘Johnson is a limp disappointment’ news:
    If government can provide the same goods and same services for less money, that’s good government. Really good government.”

    He said this on the subject of private prisons and a general statement on privatization.

    He’s adopted full on utilitarianism.

    1. If government can provide the same goods and same services for less money, I’d call that magical government. Which would be far better than the mundane-run government we got now.

      1. I didn’t catch his full answer, and the link just has a snippet, but it seems like he was making some ham handed explanation as to why private prisons are bad as Fox News types questioned him on it. So the answer is really just retarded on all levels. Conservatives are just going to walk away rolling their eyes more than anything.

        So I may be a weird screwball who wants my politicians to be able to talk about principles first, even in terms of just selling himself to the normies, Johnson’s answer sucks.

        1. So you don’t like any politician.

  3. Trump Cucks Himself, Backs Off On Deporting Everyone

    During a town-hall interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity, set to air on Wednesday night, Trump suggested that he would not look to deport all of the 11 million-plus immigrants in the country illegally.

    “No citizenship,” he said, according to a partial transcript. “Let me go a step further ? they’ll pay back-taxes, they have to pay taxes, there’s no amnesty, as such, there’s no amnesty, but we work with them.”

    “Now, everybody agrees we get the bad ones out,” he continued. “But when I go through and I meet thousands and thousands of people on this subject, and I’ve had very strong people come up to me, really great, great people come up to me, and they’ve said, ‘Mr. Trump, I love you, but to take a person who’s been here for 15 or 20 years and throw them and their family out, it’s so tough, Mr. Trump.’ I have it all the time! It’s a very, very hard thing.”

    Trump has hinted at a “softening” in his hard-line immigration stance in recent days…

    Trump’s deportation shift on Wednesday sounded similar to rhetoric used throughout the primary season by Republican candidates such as former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, whose immigration platforms Trump criticized during the contest.

    I just felt a great disturbance in the Alt-Right, as if millions of trolls cried out in terror…and were suddenly silenced.

    1. I don’t know if you can say he’s backed off anything. I’m putting way more thought into what is just incoherent garble than I should, but if there’s no citizenship, you are basically saying to people you are going to pay taxes – to include back taxes – or face deportation. There’s really no other cudgel I see that would get anyone to pay. This is why Reagan’s compromise…yea, I’m done. That’s all the serious attempt at analysis of Trump I can muster.

      It doesn’t seem like there’s a coherent definition of what citizenship means any longer in the modern world.

  4. Did you give Gary Johnson any $$$?


    Doherty provided that link but you really should read about the scam campaign GayJay is running and the comments from libertarians.

    1. I saw a piece that pointed out Johnson is really a right-wing extremist (except for wanting pot – and ONLY pot – legalized) and is really just a stalking horse for those evil Koch Brothers trying to siphon off Democrat votes and thereby get right-wing extremist Republicans elected. Like noted right-wing extremist Mitt Romney.

  5. It sounds like one big ass blast.

  6. the guy with no name recognition spends only 20% on outreach. brilliant strategy

    1. McAfee had all the name recognition then the LP pissed it all away on a “Republican governor” no one has ever heard of.

      1. They chose a guy who didn’t look as corrupt at the rep and dem. he wouldn’t have gotten off the ground and the convention knew it.

      2. I guess if by “name recognition” you mean “isn’t that my virus software?”, then you have a point.

  7. Have any of you attended LP National Conventions, or followed internal LP politics, over the years?
    George Phillies is certainly Mensa intelligent, but to take his evaluative judgments at face value, is overly credulous.

    1. Bingo.

      Phillies is a notorious Johnson hater. He’s spent months trying to tell Libertarians it’s some sort of scandal that Johnson pays his campaign staff. He sent this exact same sort of crap— using “categories” of spending that are entirely his own inventions and with his own definitions— to every Orlando delegate. To say that most found it unconvincing is putting mildly.

      Why his rantings are worth covering at all is dubious, but it should absolutely be made clear that he’s a dedicated Johnson-hater. Some sort of disinterested objective observer he ain’t.

  8. Let’s see, he has the largest following of any Libertarian ever, and yet his own people are whining and bitching? He is the first libertarian to get major network time and that’s not enough? We used to be as popular as the greens and now we are in the top three. I have to wonder if anyone who calls themselves Libertarian really ever wanted to win, rather than be forever seen as fringe idealists.

    1. I think the issue people have is he’s not a libertarian.

      1. He’s not as libertarian as I would like. He’s certainly more libertarian than Trump and Clinton.

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  10. The truth is, as much as it’s not my “perfect world” scenario, is that the whole Libertarian Party needs to be filled with Johnson’s and not hardcore Libertarians. A squishy, slightly more pragmatic Libertarian Party is exactly what the country needs… Because electability. In other words it needs a Republican party without the hardcore Christian right positions on social issues, and the associated baggage.

    The sad thing is I think the very term “Libertarian” is almost too tainted in the minds of many middle of the road folks to even have it be the Libertarian Party that does this. I’ve known people that literally freaked out on me when I said I was basically libertarian. “YOU WANT TO GET RID OF ROOOOOOADS??? That’s CRAZY!!!” So it’s either reframe the term libertarian as something more mild in the public mind, ooor just come up with a different party name. The “Not Bat Shit Crazy Like The Other Two Parties Moderate Party” or something to that effect would work. LOL

    A party that ACTUALLY tries to implement small government reforms (unlike the Republicans), and respects individual rights, with plenty of wiggle room for politicking is what is needed. We need to adopt incrementalism like the lefties used to destroy freedom, but to expand freedom. Hard line positions don’t win elections because most people are moderate, even if they believe in the general principle of a thing. How so many people fail to get this obvious concept is mind boggling.

  11. Hard line positions don’t win elections because most people are moderate, even if they believe in the general principle of a thing.

    If you’re listening to Clinton and Trump and thinking “these are squishy centrist ideas they’re pushing”, you might want to pay a bit more attention to all that hard line rhetoric.

  12. Apparently I am a low priced political consultant… but now that I have appeared in Reason expect those rates to go up!

    1. Hopefully higher than working from home on a Facebook opportunity…

      1. Better not, It will piss George Phillies off…

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