Hillary Clinton

Hillary's Emails and Trump's Deportation Reboot: Matt Welch on Tonight's Kennedy

Fox Business Network broadcast at 8 p.m. ET also includes discussion of pot-scare studies and Colin Powell's advices


#ItBegins ||| Kennedy

Tonight's Kennedy (Fox Business Network at 8 p.m. ET, with a repeat at midnight) starts off with discussion on the new batch of 15,000 Hillary Clinton emails, some of which have given off a preliminary whiff of pay-to-playism between the Clinton Foundation and the Hillary-led State Department. Her backfiring attempts to throw Colin Powell under that bus also comes up. On the Trump side, the Party Panel—featuring comedian Anthony Cumia, progressive activist/radio host Nomiki Konst, and myself—get into the GOP nominee's rumored pivot on deportation, whether he is or is not too crazy to run U.S. foreign policy (especially vis-à-vis Mrs. "Smart power at its best"), and also who would be the ideal actor to play him in Clinton's debate-prep. And there will also be a group acknowledgment of how legalizing pot is just a scam by upper-class #normcores to doom the poors into playing video games all day, or something.

Here's a clip from the last time I was on the program, back before I fell back in love with the Olympics!