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Matt Kibbe of Johnson-Supporting AlternativePAC Talks About Gawker Report on $30,000 Spent on "Internet Memes"

Short internet videos make more sense to reaching a relevant audience than traditional TV ad buys, he says.


Gawker reported yesterday, with a clear intention to make the reader think the whole thing is silly, that AlternativePAC, an uncoordinated PAC supporting the Libertarian Party presidential campaign of Gary Johnson and William Weld, spent $30,000 on "internet web memes."

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The PAC has, as of its last legal filing at the end of June, pulled in $530,100, with $500,000 of it from California tomato magnate Chris Rufer.

Matt Kibbe, who runs the PAC, stresses that what they were paying for with that $30,000 is more like short viral-ready internet videos than "memes" in the common internet sense of poster images with slogans. He defends that tactic for PACs trying to run lean, nimble, and most importantly meaningful campaigns in the modern age of social networking.

"The way social media works is to microtarget audiences and test things," Kibbe said in a phone interview today. That $30,000 Gawker called attention to will result in "dozens" of such short videos over the next few months, using different imagery and different messages for different audiences, from "disaffected Sanders voters on war to disaffected Cruz voters on rule of law."

AlternativePAC's strategy will be to "leverage social media and make sure would-be libertarians in social space know Gary Johnson is on the ballot and understand what libertarianism is about. It doesn't make any sense to run TV ads to connect to that audience" and it is that audience his PAC wants to reach, Kibbe says. "People who report on media buys" as if it's still the 20th century and imply that mere "internet memes" are silly or pointless "don't quite get that," he says.

While Gawker claimed no such product yet existed, Kibbe directed me to his PACs website, where two of them can be found.

And here they are on YouTube, the first one saying a vote for Trump or Clinton puts blood on the voters' hands:

The second has no specific policy point to make, but analogizes the major party choices to just two narrow flavors, and points out there is a third choice:

UPDATE: And what can videos on the internet win you? Why, the support of actress Melissa Joan "Sabrina/Clarissa" Hart. (Though not either of these specific AlternativePAC vids.)

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34 responses to “Matt Kibbe of Johnson-Supporting AlternativePAC Talks About Gawker Report on $30,000 Spent on "Internet Memes"

  1. Isn’t Gawker bankrupt or something?

    1. Yeah, we finally found out what happens when Hulkamania runs wild on you.

      1. We always knew what happens when Hulkamania runs wild. That question was answered more than 30 years ago.

        The question is “What ya’ gonna do?” Apparently in Gawker’s case, it was “go down like Bobby the Weasel Heenan in that Hogan/Giant vs. Bundy/Studd/Heenan tag team match.”

        1. My last pay check was 9700 dollar working 12 hours a week online. My sisters friend has been averaging 15k for months now and she works about 20 hours a week. I can’t believe how easy it was once I tried it out.
          This is what I do,….

      2. BTW, the lesson here is that when you can still operate a website when you have negative hundreds of millions of dollars, this shit could in fact be run from a white-box PC in someone’s basement.

        1. Hillary Clinton resembles that remark!

  2. Who is the yellow dude?

    1. Got in a little national jam
      So they put a ballot in my hand
      Sent me off to a polling stand
      To go vote for the yellow man

  3. 30,000 bucks to create memes is pretty silly.

    “Johnson’s out for Harambe!”

    I just created a meme for free.

  4. Gawker and other sites are ones read by idiots who think they are smart

  5. I knew this would happen eventually.

    Sailor’s failed attempt to defend mishandling of classified info by citing Clinton’s emails

    Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier, a 29-year-old mechanic, admitted he used his personal cellphone on three occasions in 2009 to take six pictures of the submarine’s classified propulsion system while working in the engine room, according to court documents.
    In a court filing, Saucier’s lawyer compares the half-dozen classified photos Saucier had in his possession to the 110 classified emails the FBI determined were on Hillary Clinton’s personal server.
    “Mr. Saucier possessed six (6) photographs classified as ‘confidential/restricted,’ far less than Clinton’s 110 emails,” Derrick Hogan wrote to the US District Court in Bridgeport, Connecticut, in a story first reported by Politico.

    1. For fuck’s sake, Martha Stewart served time for a “crime” that has less of an impact, by orders of magnitude, than what Hillary did.

      1. A crime committed by Congress critters and staffers on a regular basis. Must be nice being able to manage your stock portfolio knowing whether that next piece of legislation that everyone thought would pass contains a poison pill clause, or having an inside track on which lobbyists helped craft the bill.

      2. Martha Stewart has no foundation.

        1. Bra-less Martha?


      3. What impact did Hillary’s crime have, exactly?

        1. Which crime? Making state secrets easily accessible to hostile powers or the whoring out of the State Department to those same hostile powers?

          1. “Attention shoppers! We have a blue light special on access to Bubba with some Obo tossed in! Hurry! Won’t last, on Aisle 6!”

    2. Mrs. Clinton, if elected President, do you elect to pardon Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier?

      Questions that will never get asked by the media.

    3. Petty Officer First Class Kristian Saucier, a 29-year-old mechanic, admitted he used his personal cellphone on three occasions in 2009 to take six pictures of the submarine’s classified propulsion system

      There’s his mistake. Should have played dumb and wondered (through his lawyer) if the photos were butt dialed.

  6. “California tomato magnate Chris Rufer.”

    So what? Get a load of these ripe, juice tomatoes, hubba hubba!

  7. I would take Matt Kibbe more seriously if not for those sideburns.

    1. Everything I know about hip, alt-politics chic I learned from Nick Gillespie.

    2. I’ve never seen Matt Kibbe and that guy who owns the barbecue restaurant in the same room together.

    3. Sadly, the sideburns are gone. He now has a full beard.

      Get it together.

  8. So is gawker trying to tell a libertarian group what to do with their money?

    1. What do you mean, the libertarian group’s money, or …. oh, wait.

  9. Meanwhile a Hillary Clinton super PAC is spending $6 million to spread propaganda and downvote anything negative about her on reddit.

  10. FUCK

    Melissa Joan Hart is a cosmotarian? I blame Penn Jillette for corrupting her during the first season of Sabrina: The Teenage Witch (the finest television show of its era)

  11. If Bernie had done something like this it would have been THE GREATEST THING EVAR!!!!!

  12. Those videos stunk. If you replaced “Gary” with “Cary” and “Libertarian” with “Librarian” you would have exactly the same effect – Nobody would know any more after viewing it than before.

  13. It is actually working with young people. He just needs to reach out to older people somehow to get up to the 15%.

  14. doesn’t the problem remain the pollsters rely on landlines, not cell phones, to reach potential voters? so target millenials with cool social media but remain unknown by the much larger percentage of voters who still rely on 20th century technology to form their political views. there’s a fine strategy to stay below 15% in the pools.

  15. Those are, without a doubt, the worst ads I’ve ever seen .. political or otherwise .. in 40 years as a marketing and advertising pro.. They will hurt us with independents who HATE that shit.

    Yes to short ads, but they must have a purpose and a message. These have nothing.

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