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Trump's 'Issues,' Weekly Standard's 'Garbage,' and Weiner's 'Mongoose'

Matt Welch talks issues of the day on FNC's Red Eye at 3 a.m.


At 3 a.m. tonight/this morning I will be appearing on Red Eye w/ Tom Shillue with co-panelists Mike Baker (former CIA), and comedians Madison Malloy and Paul Oddo. Among the topics to be discussed:

* This garbage article in The Weekly Standard, which I describe as "garbage," claiming that "All the Issues Favor Trump."

* This New York Times trend piece about New York marriages being riven apart by the 2016 presidential election, which I characterize as one of the very "worst" aspects of our modern condition: The politicization of everything.

* Something something Anthony Weiner texting something.

Last week I was also on Red Eye, for the final episode of longtime cast member Joanne Nosuchinsky, who I improbably try to channel tonight. You can watch that episode below:

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  1. Even Matt has beloved Reason commentor Riven on his mind.

    A presidential candidate’s most trusted adviser is married to a guy who can’t stop chatting with strange. It’s the beginning of a rejected Homeland plot.

    1. What is this I don’t even

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  2. [quote]Mike Baker[/quote]

    Fuck that cunt. You could have three Kmeles, Ed Snowden and Larry David and I still wouldn’t watch if fucking Mike Baker were there.

    1. I forgot my BLOCKs

      1. Oh, and the proper brackets. Good grief.

        1. [Points at Robby’s #1 fan]


    2. Mike Baker was always sort of awful. he had a way of always suggesting “take it from me; i have sources” as though having once worked in the CIA mailroom meant he’s now privy to Assad’s secret twitter feed or something.

      that said-

      are you what happened to “Robby’s Hair”?

      1. Didn’t you see him with his MP-5, you hater?

        That’s what the CIA does. Selfies.

        1. You’re kidding, right? that would be too perfect.

  3. Kennedy AND Red-Eye?

    No rest for the wicked.

    This garbage article in The Weekly Standard, which I describe as “garbage,

    So, what i gather here is that the Weekly Standard is pro-Trump, and the Nat Review is Anti? I wonder what the Team Red cocktail parties are like.

    If its so garbage-y, why talk about it? What do they actually say?
    (i suspect there needs to be a song about “If Trump on the issues is right, i’d so much rather be wrong“)

    Issue 1 = Immigration

    The article doesn’t really say why Trump is “right”, other than to say Obama did bad things, and Trump won’t do that.

    Trump: He’s Not Obama on Immigration!

    Issue 2 = the ACA

    Trump says, “We will repeal and replace disastrous Obamacare,” and he has been briefed on the House GOP alternative and likes it.

    “There are some good ideas out there, and i like those”. Controversial!

    Issue 3 = The Economy

    Clinton wants to increase taxes, government spending, and regulation. She was for the Trans-Pacific Partnership

    So, Trump! = he’s also not Hillary. ++

    They then close with an extended paragraph lumping “all the other” issues into one big compare-contrast….

    1. ….To wit…

      t a time when violent crime has begun to rise again, Trump is focused on restoring law and order, while Clinton is focused on increasing leniency in criminal sentencing. At a time when new terrorist attacks are occurring every few days or weeks, Trump isn’t skittish about saying “Islamic terrorism” and can’t be held responsible for ISIS’s ascendancy, while Clinton is and can. At a time when we are approaching $20 trillion in national debt?nearly double what the tally was when Obama took office?Clinton is calling for “free” college. At a time when the vast majority of Americans oppose providing taxpayer funding for abortion, Clinton is calling for killing off the Hyde Amendment, the longstanding protection against such practices that for decades enjoyed bipartisan support. (What’s more, then-senator Clinton repeatedly voted against what is now the federal ban on partial-birth abortions.)

      All in all, i don’t see what’s so garbage about the piece, other than to say its sort of substanceless and more focused on simplifying and trashing the opposition more than touting the nuances of Trump’s-non-policy grab-bag of postures.

      I mean, seriously welch = are we really going to start throwing stones about “people writing throw-away Trump-related articles”? HealEdit Thyself, …editor! at large! thing.

    2. oh, that was fisher on Kennedy.

      I guess Matt drew the short straw.

      1. What happened to Dennis?

        1. He got taken to pound town. Jail style.

          1. Crimeny. Can’t we go one day without talking about Crusty’s butthole?

            1. “Taken to”.

              Wrong butthole. Crusty was the dealer. For once.

            2. Your free speech does not supersede my safety. Reason, please remove the comments that make me feel unsafe.

              1. While you’re in your bunk.

        2. That guy was an asshole

  4. this is like the worst chat room ever.

  5. “The politicization of everything.”


    Worst political class since the Fort Sumter incident.

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