Gary Johnson

Gary Johnson-Supporting PACs Ready TV Ads

Themes: "Americans deserve better," and Johnson and Weld's experience with and fealty to tax cutting, the Constitution, and civil liberties.


A newly launched PAC supporting the Libertarian Party's presidential ticket of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld is ready to run a TV ad starting today (as well as a radio one) in the state of Maine's 2nd congressional district.

The PAC has the major-party-baiting name of "Americans Deserve Better" and the web address of "Vote for the Adults."

In an email sent to Reason, Chad Crow, who works with the PAC that is managed by longtime Libertarian Party hands Geoff and Nancy Neale of Texas, said he believes this can have a big payoff since "Maine allocates their electoral votes by CD instead of winner-take-all for the whole state, and that they have a long history of supporting independents."

Crow says the PAC is very pleased with the luck that timed their rollout of the ads with Maine Sen. Susan Collins (R) publicly rejecting Trump.

The PAC intends to run the ad for two weeks, then poll to see if it seemed effective. They promise "a pretty robust buy on broadcast, cable, radio and online."

The ad stresses the governors' experience and tax cutting and unemployment records, and calls on an American desire to have the country be brought "together, to rise above as did President Eisenhower, President Reagan, make us all feel good about being Americans."

Another Johnson-supporting PAC has another potential TV ad in the works.

The below ad from PurplePac, the PAC run by Cato Institute co-founder Edward Crane, Crane said in an email this morning might run on Fox this Sunday. In general, "Nothing more planned until I get some money" though Crane believes that if Johnson can indeed get in the presidential debates that big money will flow.

The ad stresses, first, that Johnson is not Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, and also states that "America deserves better" than those major party choices. The ad stresses that Johnson stands for the Constitution, civil liberties, fiscal responsibility, and freedom, and calls him "the honorable choice."