Black Lives Matter Activists Block U.K. Roads, Jill Stein—Folk Rock Hero, Why London Fellatio Café Won't Happen: A.M. Links


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    British Black Lives Matter activists blocked the road to Heathrow airport, just outside London, Friday and held demonstrations in Manchester, Birmingham, and Nottingham.

  • An Indianapolis police officer shot a colleague in a jealous rage when he saw the man with his estranged wife —investigating a domestic violence incident between the unhappy couple.
  • Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein put out a few folk-rock albums in the 1990s as the lead singer of a band called Somebody's Sister. Songs include lines like "Gotta take your vote back from the corporation."

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  1. Howled them down: A couple has won a legal battle against the government to call their son Wolf, who called the name ‘offensive’ to the baby

    1. Let wolf children roam free

    2. Seriously? No one ever heard of anyone named Wolfgang?

      1. This happened in Spain, and they named their kid “Lobo” which is the Spanish word for a wolf.

        1. In Georgia Lobo is the word for Sheriff.

          1. Coming soon to inner cities,

            Kids named. Wooph

          2. I thought that was Boss Hogg?

          1. Shakira es una loba, pero solo en la noche.


            1. Ay, Mami!

        2. So the government was trying to a lobotomy on the kid’s name?

          1. [slowly shakes head, then covers eyes]

          2. Your penance will be finding a video and editing it for Robbo. The subject: fruit sushi.

    3. Somebody should probably check on Eugene.

      1. You check Heathrow, I’ll check Manchester.

    4. What a Dire situation

    5. Hello.

      1. Hello.

  2. They went after a man with no feet. No feet.


    1. Augustana found them in it’s mouth?

    2. At least they treat the differently abled the same as all other men?

      1. Live by the ADA, die by the ADA?

    3. This is one where you have to wonder if he has decent prosthetics, and the girl didn’t know he had no feet, hops into bed with him, and is so grossed out by it, then ashamed at her disgust reaction, she accuses him of rape.

      1. If anything, I think it was him who hopped into bed with her.

    4. Stump rape is the worst rape of all. And once you let those pervs get their foot in the door….

        1. I read that as boooot…

    5. They didn’t walk a mile in his shoes.

    6. Is he from South Africa?

    7. Well, I’m stumped.

  3. WaPo: New website allows white people to offer ‘reparations’ directly to people of color

    But the site isn’t about atoning for slavery, says its creator, Seattle-based artist Natasha Marin.

    “It’s about reparations for things that happened earlier today, for yesterday, for last Thursday,” she said. “This is for the present tense.”

    1. Got to keep the distant past payoff alive too.

    2. Why the hell didn’t I think of that. A website that just tales money from stupid white people.

      1. I thought that was called Etsy.

        1. No no, it’s called Kickstarter.

    3. We should all just have our PayPal accounts tattooed on our foreheads.

    4. This is absolutely the libertarian solution, no? If you feel like you owe something, give.

      1. Yes, it is a totally libertarian solution in practice. But this will not quell the demands for mandatory wealth redistribution justified as reparations for slavery.

        1. One government took their freedom, another takes your money. What’s the problem?

      2. Solution to what, exactly? This is libertarian like deciding to tie my own shoes together is libertarian. It’s not unlibertarian, but it’s not libertarian either. It’s people alleviating the guilt that was implanted in them at a young age. It’s a thing. Nothing more.

    5. I was served dinner the other day by an obsequious black man named George. How much do I owe?

      1. 40 acres and a mule.

    6. I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger from 170 years ago.

  4. Fellatio Cafe?

    Sounds like a very limited menu.

    1. +1 spotted dick

    2. Boom! Down goes Fist.

      1. What you did…

    3. Well-done, Switzy. [applauds heartily]

    4. +1 toad in the hole

    5. +1 neeps & tatties

  5. Why a proposed London “Fellatio Caf?” probably won’t happen.

    Spotted dick is on the menu?

      1. Well, you can’t have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat.

        1. +1 emphatically incredulous voice rising to hysteria

    1. Also bubble and squeak.

        1. And mash if you’re into that sort of thing.

  6. Songs include lines like “Gotta take your vote back from the corporation.”

    All lyrics sound bad outside the context of the music. Except for Joanna Newsom’s “Emily”.

    1. Some are legitimate poetry outside the music.

    2. Never make a politician a friend you favor,
      They will always want to control you forever.

      Admittedly not as moving without the bassline and backup singers.

    3. Joanna Newsom sounds terrible inside of music.

      (I don’t hate her, really, but I do wonder about her stunted pituitary.)

      Speaking of Joanna Newsom…

      1. You are wrong, as she is wonderful and lovely. I have it on good authority that if you listen to her music after eating one too many psychedelic mushrooms – especially if someone explains the lyrics of some of her songs to you – then you could end up shedding a few thousand manly tears.

      2. Too bad the video attributes a Nietzsche quote to Mark Twain.

          1. That’s more on MGMT than her.

            1. They did hand her a baby, not a mic.

  7. Why a proposed London “Fellatio Caf?” probably won’t happen.

    Because the wait staff refuses tips?

    1. Obligatory: Just the tips?

    2. *continues narrowed gaze*

      I have a feeling this link is going to wear me out.

      1. These jokes suck.

        1. Hard-ly

      2. ** narrows gaze at Swiss for using sausage-related word “link” **

        How’s it feel to be on the receiving end? Not so much fun, is it?

  8. Not terrified yet by Australia? Now you can get flesh-eating ulcers from possums via mosquitos

    1. I want to go to Australia. The things keeping me away are the 20 hours flying and the fear of a land that actively tries to kill its occupants.

      1. In the latter sense, no different than Texas.

        1. Or Florida.

        2. Even those of us who live in Texas have to admit that Australia is basically Texas x 2 in terms of sheer deadliness.

      2. Australia is a land shrouded in mystery and miasma, but I’m pretty sure it’s what Harry Harrison had in mind. Well, that or Israel.

        1. Look, you go to a place called Deathworld and I think what happens there is on you.

    2. As Ray Smuckles said, Australia is where all the bad stuff from Evolution went to live in a trailer with a shotgun.

    3. Armadillos carry leprosy. Shouldn’t we worry about mosquitos transmitting that to us?

  9. “British Black Lives Matter…”

    Seriously, what the fuck? The one country that did more to end slavery than all others combined. A country that would have a single black person if they weren’t open to immigration and equal opportunity.

    1. Only British black lives matter?

    2. BLM is nothing more than a shakedown scheme where they cause trouble and then demand graft (reparations!!) to make it go away.

      1. I don’t think this is quite true, at least not at the start.

        Honestly I see a lot of parallels between BLM and the Tea Party.

        Both started out as a legitimate single issue outrage movements targeting very real problems, both were leaderless grassroots movements, and both were quickly co-opted by established political movements

    3. A single black guy? You know Morgan Freeman palling around with Robin Hood was just a movie right? That wasn’t real?

      1. What about Dave Chappelle and Cary Elwes?

        1. We didn’t land on Sherwood Forest! Sherwood Forest landed on US!

    4. They say society doesn’t value their lives, so I guess they must be very brave to court certain death sitting in the road in front of all those racist motorists!


      1. …who are going to their racist jobs, picking up their racist children from racist school, shopping at the racist supermarket…

    5. There been a black British population fur a long time. Othello, while not set in Britain, definitely addresses some of racism of the 16th century

  10. Where is Fist? I sense a disturbance in the Force.

    1. I am bit concerned too.

    2. Maybe he’s spending time with a lady friend…

      Nope. Couldn’t say it without laughing. Dammit.

    3. I warned you people. You’re smack in the middle of another Day Without Fist of Etiquette. You brought it on yourselves. Take me for granted?

      1. People also notice when their toothache stops.


          1. Quaternary commenters union is pleased.

    1. Perhaps I’ve missed it, but I have yet to see it mentioned that this “artist’s” painting was just a copy of a photo-shopped pic that has been around the Internet for quite some time.

    1. Well obviously they want to save Palestinian children by killing all the Israelis, who exist just to kill Palestinian children!

    2. Shit. I used to sponsor a child in Tanzania through World Vision. That was about 6 years ago.

      I thought they were pretty cromulent as far as charity agencies go (according to Charity Navigator)

    1. Dammit, France. Why you making me support the Moslems?

      1. Muslims have been pulling that kind of shit for cenuries. Fuck them.

        1. Refusing to sell pork and alcohol? Yes, they have been doing that for centuries.

          Considering how hard it can be to get a liquor license in the US, this is pretty funny though.

          1. +1 “Liquor Commission”

          2. Reminded me of this:

            A guy goes into a restaurant and asks for a menu, but the waiter tells him, “We don’t have menus here. Our chef can make any dish you desire ? in fact, if he can’t, we’ll give you one thousand dollars.”

            The man sees a chance to make some money so he thinks of something impossible. “Bring me an order of hummingbird tongues on rye toast,” he tells the waiter, who returns fairly quickly with a plate. “One order of hummingbird tongues on rye toast. Will there be anything else?”

            The man thinks for a second, then says, “I’d like a bowl of lo mein made with rutabaga-flavored noodles that were imported from Bolivia by Paul Newman, accompanied by a croissant with exactly 429 caraway seeds and served on aquamarine-colored bone china from the Yuan Dynasty.” The waiter returns in a few minutes with a bowl. “One number eight. Will there be anything else?”

            The man thinks another second, then says, “Yes ? bring me an elephant ear sandwich.” The waiter says disappears into the kitchen and returns with a thousand dollars in cash. “You did it, sir. You beat us.” With a broad smile, the man pockets the money. “Didn’t have any elephant ears back there, huh?” “Oh no,” the waiter says. “We have plenty of elephant ears. We just ran out of the big rolls.”

            1. Apparently every grocery store in France is required to keep hummingbird tongue in stock.

            2. If there’s no menu, where is the “#8” codified?

              1. its the database id, duh.

                1. brings new meaning to “DROP TABLE”


              2. STOP ASKING QUESTIONS.

        2. Yes, John, how DARE they choose to not sell certain products. How DARE they!!

          Fuck off, statist. Free association means they can sell whatever they fucking want.

          1. Not sure this is really a free association issue since products are not people. It is a freedom of commerce issue, and a freedom of expression issue.

            1. Maybe, maybe not. If a baker doesn’t want to do a cake for a gay wedding, but will happily sell cupcakes to anyone who walks in, are they refusing a person or a product?

              1. In that case they are refusing to do business with a person.

                1. Or it you confusing what you want info with who you are. Refusing to do a particular kind of event is not refusing to do business with a person.

            2. And a “no one can carry everything for everyone” issue too.

          2. For John, free association is only for Christians.

      2. His lease said general grocery–not halal grocery. He signed it. Now he’s either gotta comply or leave.

  11. Saddest Bastard You’ve Ever Seen Almost Dies Waiting 10 Days In Airport For Internet Girlfriend
    I don’t know how any of your lives are going at the moment, but I’m pretty confident in saying that, whatever’s happening, you’re doing better than this poor pathetic Dutch guy, 41-year-old Alexander Cirk, who almost died while waiting ten days in a Chinese airport to meet a girl he’d been talking to online. Alex, buddy, you really need to rethink some things, pal….

    1. And Johnny here has been catfished more times than most people have hugged their mothers, so he knows from sad.

      1. It not catfishing if you go ahead and sleep with the big fat dude.

        1. Yeah, but even the big fat dude won’t sleep with Johnny.

        2. In that context catfishing is what you call using your fist to… you know what, you figure it out.

          1. I believe that’s called “fulping.”

              1. But with pudding.

    2. I am guessing that we were all doing better than this sad sack the day before he started his ten day odyssey.

    3. Los Doyers had the same experience in Brazil, but with a worse ending, involving chicks with dicks.

      1. Worse is a matter of opinion.

      2. Chicks with dicks is a thing in Brazil. I wouldn’t get on an airplane to meet any girls there without video evidence first.

  12. PSA: Doom is 1/2 price in the PlayStation store.

    1. I am not a number, I am a free man!

    2. I bought Mad Max for seventeen bucks last week, and I have to say it’s worth at least fifteen of that. Repetitive and obnoxious at times but has its highlights, like wading into a crowd of baddies and brawling till you’ve been the lot to death.

      1. Shadow of Mordor was great for wholesale ass whoopin’.

    3. And in Steam. $30 was the price I was waiting for, but I just started getting into Cities: Skylines, so that is probably gonna take up my gaming time a long, long while. May as well see if I can get it for $20 in a few months.

      1. Have you started messing with the terrain yet? Somehow I managed to overlook one of the coolest parts of the game for 6months.

        1. Can you bulldoze yourself an improbable stand-alone mad scientist pinnacle in the midst of suburbia, like Edward Scissorhands?

        2. Not really, focusing on traffic flows and just making a cool city for now. I’ve tried some basic terraforming, when a hill was too steep for a building, and the controls were kinda clunky. I assume you can go in and make your own maps, like in Sim City. I’ve never been terribly creative with that.

          1. I was last working on building a reservoir for hydropower.

  13. Good news: Police officer convicted of voluntary manslaughter after shooting his second unarmed victim.

    Good news: Woman only arrested and not injured for “resisting arrest” by calling 911 when being pulled over and confronted by an aggressive cop. That sort of disrespect of cop carries a maximum punishment of summary execution. She was only jailed for two days and had to throw bail.

    1. Will be interesting to see what type of sentence the cop gets and whether the conviction survives appeal. Remember the words of the great Yogi Berra…

      1. “When you come to a fork in the road, you take it.”

        1. You never know when you’re going to need an eating utensil.

      2. 2.5 years, instead of the 10 the prosecutors requested.

      3. “I never said all of those things that i said.”

      4. “No one goes there anymore. It’s too crowded.”

      5. “Cut that pizza into 6 slices because I am not hungry enough to eat 8”?

    2. I recently had a thought about “libertarianizing” the police force.

      Police offers, as a requirement for their job, should be insured/bonded. The more cases that are brought against them for death, excessive force, etc – the more their insurance rates go up, Eventually the “bad ones” would be priced out of a job.

      Of course this would assume a wholesale change to policing – no police unions would be a start.

      1. I’m sure my idea isn’t original though (living in a box)

        1. Here in Minneapolis, some activists tried to get a measure put on the ballot this November that, if passed, would require police to carry private liability insurance. City Council killed it off before it could go anywhere.

      2. Did you read the BLM wishlist? They specifically call for de-privatizing police forces and classrooms. Yes, the institutions which are socialized in the proper sense of the word need to have every vestige of private enterprise beaten out of them, because state control has done a bang-up job.

        They also call for de-privatizing prisons, which seems a little picayune given that by that point the arrests have already been made and sentences meted out, so WDATPDIM? Kudos for calling out cronyism, I guess, but then again the wishlist also call for massive transfer payments and public investments in black-only communes. Good job, guys.

      3. Or they should just be fired.

        1. I’ll obviously take that too.

    3. The judge also did not allow Rankin’s ex-wife to testify that he “fantasized about line-of-duty shootings,” according to assistant commonwealth attorney Brandon Wrobleski.

      I’m guessing such fantasies are not uncommon amongst officers.

  14. Your Camo Is Racist

    It’s no secret: Our individual fashion choices communicate a lot about us ? both intentionally and unintentionally ? from our gender identities and class backgrounds, to our personal beliefs and subcultural affiliations.

    Our personal fashion choices also affect the people around us deeply ? both intentionally and unintentionally as well.

    For every style-signifier that’s recognized and interpreted correctly, there are dozens of rapid-fire misinterpretations being silently catalogued in the minds of those around us all of the time.

    It can feel nearly impossible to anticipate the reactions that any given person might have to our personal aesthetics. But in situations where we do have enough information to anticipate certain reactions ? and especially trauma responses ? we have a responsibility to be thoughtful, intentional, and accountable for the messages we’re non-verbally communicating.

    But let’s have a conversation about the basic origin of camouflage, shall we?

    Camouflage is a dye pattern that was initially made to disguise the bodies of soldiers during combat, so that they could stealthily hunt people on opposing armies. Let me repeat this: Camo patterns were made for the purpose of human hunting.

    1. Uh, I see lots of black people wearing camo. Oh, wait, Feministing…LOL.

      1. Not Feministing – EverydayFeminism, which is even worse.

    2. “Camo patterns were made for the purpose of human hunting”

      More like “to not be seen and shot or blowed up”.

      1. “Swiss Servator.. Please stand up!”

        1. “Swiss Servator understands the importance of not being seen.”

          1. “But we happen to know his fondness for fondue has led him to THIS building”


    3. Yes it was developed for war. How does that make it racist? Do only white people fight wars?

      1. Probably because it’s mostly used for warring on black and brown and yeller people.

        With a couple major exceptions in the twentieth century, but… that happened like a long time ago, and it’s almost as old as the Constitution.

    4. Viewed a different way, it is also an aid to keep humans alive when being hunted by other humans.

      1. It’s Feministing, the derp knows no bounds.

        1. It’s actually Everyday Feminism, Feministing’s retarded little sister

      2. Women shouldn’t have to camo! Teach men not to camo!

        1. Women need to stick to what they know: camo toe.

          1. *Raises white flag…with red stain(too far?)

    5. Ok, people, was camo actually developed by the military, or was it developed for hunting and then adopted by the military?

      1. Depends on what your opinion of certain ancient woad-wearing types, bursting out to ambush Romans, other Celts, etc. In more modern times, I think hunters were first, then snipers adopted it, and then in general use.

        Totally off the cuff, first thoughts, however.

        1. I would say the same, it has long been a tactic of irregulars. I think use in the regular service came in with trench warfare, as that was really the first time you might send regular squads on reconnaissance and want to break up the outline of a soldier and stationing snipers to effective use.

        2. You are pretty close, modern military camouflage started with the introduction of rifles that were accurate to longer ranges. Before then, when most combat was at close range with muskets or hand to hand, unit cohesion and recognition were more important than trying to hide, so military uniforms were easily identifiable. There was a similar issue with hunting as well. Before longer range rifles, most hunting was done in drives, were a group of men would go through the woods in a pattern in an attempt to flush out prey, so there was no reason to hide. The same men who used improvised camo to hunt, would also use it when they were drafted into war as well. It really started to be used in the late 1700’s, especially the 7 years war and the American Revolution.

          1. Kinda correct.

            Most critters you can kill with a stick are color-blind. It will be a long, long time before more deer will have been taken by guys wearing camo than have already been killed by guys wearing red and black plaid over-shirts. The first million years of human hunting success had nothing to do with what folks were wearing.

            Kiling critters with cheap technology has been stupid-easy for at least four millennia.

    6. For every non-Arab woman subjected to an unnecessary pat-down at the airport by a male TSA agent, a dozen Muslim women are refused entry onto their flights because of other passengers’ complaints about feeling unsafe sharing an aircraft with certain racialized identities.

      Who is it again who insists on racializing Islam, when the rest of us keep pointing out that it’s no more a race than Christianity is?

      1. Quiet — that blind spot is the only amusing thing about these types.

      2. Females are not patted down by male TSA agents. Didn’t we have a story here a couple of months ago because the TSA was using the same male or female agent as the passenger appeared, not that they identified with?

    7. Camo has been around as long as people have been around. The first camo was some poor bastard wearing a ghillie suit made of grass and reeds sneaking up on large, dangerous herd animals with a stone tipped spear.

      So no, the origin is for hunting dangerous or easily spooked animals.

  15. British Black Lives Matter activists blocked the road to Heathrow airport, just outside London, Friday and held demonstrations in Manchester, Birmingham, and Nottingham.

    Are they demanding reparations for slavery?

    1. Or trying to see if they can get it back.

      1. The point is that there were never really that many African slaves in Britain and that they effectively abolished that in 1772, but the details are a bit more complicated.

        1. Of course they don’t care about that. If I wanted to create as much hatred and racism towards blacks as I could, I would create BLM.

    2. “We are presenting a bill to Her Majesty for three trillion pounds”

      1. *puts pinky at corner of mouth & smirks knowingly*

    3. They are demanding money to go away and stop obstructing the use of public property. The rationale is just an excuse to pretend that they’re something other than the criminals they are. Of course, it’s nothing an ice cream truck or two wouldn’t solve.

      1. Of course, it’s nothing an ice cream truck or two wouldn’t solve.

        You want to run over them with an ice cream truck? Racist!

        1. Yes, I am probably a racist. Thanks to progressivism, I no longer even give a shit whether I am or not. It’s racist to hate Muslims, which are a race, and Islam is a form of racism against other church-races (since adopting those beliefs means belonging to a group where the vast majority think their group is superior to the Other, a large minority or majority would, given unchecked power, make the Other second-class citizens, and a small minority carry out hate crimes and terrorist attacks against the worthless Other). Which means that being racist is racist, and hating racism is racist against the Racist community. So just fuck it.

  16. Observe MIT’s Professor Walter Lewins and his chalk skills [warning: this is slightly mesmerising]

    1. Welp, that is something i never expected to be impressed by.

    2. The answer is Gordon Wood.

    3. Isn’t he the guy who got fired for boinking coed? My hero.

      1. How you like them apples?

      2. And what woman wouldn’t be turned on by those skills?

      3. Without Dr. Lewin’s “TV show” (best show on MIT cable for years) I would have had to waste a lot of time helping freshman girlfriends with their physics work, so I definitely appreciate him. But while I don’t remember the specific details I think the story was a little less flattering than “he boinked a co-ed”.

  17. Wait a minute… “Black Lives Matter” has gone international?

    Why? I thought it was only here in racist AmeriKKKa that white pigs went around assassinating innocent black folks strcitly for fun.

    1. Your thinking is so pre-Brexit. Haven’t you been paying attention? Because of Brexit the UK is racist now too.

  18. ‘dem jiggly things…

    Clinton’s bounce is probably here to stay

    Trende asks whether the bounce will last. He notes that “second convention bounces tend to fade; it did for the Republicans in 2004 and 2008 (even before the Lehman Brothers collapse); it did for the Democrats in 1996.”

    On the other hand, George H.W. Bush’s 1988 second convention bounce did not fade. Down by nearly 20 points to Michael Dukakis going into the GOP convention, he came out of that event ahead and more or less cruised to a convincing victory.

    Clinton’s bounce may fade too, but I don’t think it will. Why? Because the bounce, like Bush’s, was built on the most obvious truth in this year’s election. Bounces based on half-truths well presented tend to fade. Bounces based on an obvious and crucial truth don’t.

    The obvious truth that sustained the senior Bush’s bounce was that Ronald Reagan’s presidency had been a big success, a point Reagan himself drove home brilliantly in his convention speech. The obvious truth in this year’s election is that Donald Trump isn’t fit for the presidency, a point driven home in several strong speeches last week and reinforced by Trump himself immediately after the convention.

    1. And people say I have a sick mind.

    2. So the bounce is here to stay because he likes it. That is nice but not very convincing.

    3. What does “being fit for the presidency” even mean?

      1. It’s mostly bullshit but in Trump’s case there is actual reason to doubt he has the emotional and mental capacity to be president.

        Maybe he is a genius con artist and his whole persona is an act to buffalo the stupid into voting for him but if that’s true it’s so effective that it’s convincing the not-so-stupid that he lacks the temperament to be president.

        Think of how easy to manipulate President Trump will be based on how he’s acting now.. Just insult him and he’ll go off on self-destructive feuds

        1. 2016 is probably the saddest election year in recent memory.

          Any chance of a constitutionalist barrier to federal overreach is shot.

          We could possibly end up with an 8-1 leftist majority if Clarence Thomas and Anthony Kennedy kick the bucket.

          You can’t trust John “PenalTax” Roberts, of course. This is going to have serious long-term ramifications of the sort not seen since the New Deal.

          And what’s makes it worse if you think of it is that Hillary was a totally beatable candidate. But the Stupid Party had to hand the nomination to a thin-skinned, short-dick, stupid man.

          1. Out of the original 17 GOP contenders, 16 of them could’ve beaten Hillary. Stupid Party nominated #17.

            1. If they weren’t stupid, the GOP would nominate Hillary anyways.

            2. I think my fears of an 8-1 leftist SCOTUS majority are based in reality.

              Thomas and Kennedy are old. And there is no guarantee that Hillary will lose in 2020. So you’re looking at 8 years of leftist SCOTUS nominations.

              This is really bad from a long-term perspective. We will all pay the price for the Trumpanzees’ hissy fit. The 1A and especially 2A could get gutted.

            3. Out of the original 17 GOP contenders, 16 of them could’ve beaten Hillary.

              Please. Jeb, Kasich, Fiorina, Carson, Jindal, Perry, and Paul would have had their ass handed to them. Especially the first four listed. Cruz, Huckabee, and Santorum didn’t excite anyone but the socons and would be dead meat in the general. Walker wasn’t ready for primetime. Graham is McCain’s neocon buttboy and Pataki’s a non-entity.

              The ones with a legitimate shot at beating her were Rubio and Christie. Rubio could have played the Hispanic card and Christie is a big-mouthed northeasterner who, like Trump, might have been able to troll Hillary into another stroke. But this idea that any of the other candidates could have defeated Hillary easily is sheer fantasy.

          2. Secession and, if necessary, a second war of independence seems like the preferable outcome to a Hillary presidency at this point.

          3. Though he was not always a friend of liberty, Scalia’s death (along with a Democrat victory) will pretty much be seen as the final nail in the coffin of American freedom (such as it was.)

      2. Lot’s of relevant experience, like Hillary has, with national security, successful foreign policy, honesty and transparency, public service above personal profit, etc.

        1. That doesn’t sound good at all then. Give me the unfit guy .

          1. Of course, Hillary has foreign policy and national security experience like Typhoid Mary had cooking experience.

    4. Is the “Clinton bounce” related to her brain damage?

  19. Warty to the white courtesy phone:

    Inside ‘Spornosexual Pride’: a Mecca for men who treat their bodies as temples

    Club music is pumping, the vibe is good, the crowd is friendly and not at all standoffish ? but everyone is sober and the lights are up, so we can all get a really good look.

    Officially called BodyPower, the UK’s largest expo for the UK fitness industry might be dubbed the Ideal Body Exhibition. Or Spornosexual Pride. It’s eye-poppingly clear that the gay love of the idealised male form has been adopted by a generation of (mostly) straight guys. And buffed up.

    Held over a weekend every May at the NEC, Birmingham, BodyPower fills six halls with exhibitors from the booming gym, supplement and sportswear sectors, represented by costly, elaborate stands for brands such as MyProtein, USN, Dynamix, Aesthetix Era and Gymshark. There’s also ‘healthy eating’ kitchens, a teeth-whitening booth, posing coaches and PowerPoint lectures in darkened rooms on the science of muscle-building.

    1. Coming next year, Real Dolls of one’s self. Featuring Buffalo Bill’s “I’d fuck me” in the ads.

      1. Your jib….while cut disturbingly, I must admit to liking it.

    2. So, a narcissist convention?

    3. the gay love of the idealised male form has been adopted by a generation of (mostly) straight guys

      Has anyone else noticed that a typical men’s sports team, in addition to all the tatts and primping that is de rigeur, is now mostly hairless from neck-to-toe at least on the visible parts?

  20. That story in ENB’s links about the Stockton mayor is jolly good – he hosts a youth camp for underprivileged kids, where his mentoring included giving them booze and teaching them strip poker. Which is probably more productive than endless rezoning, or whatever it is US mayors occupy themselves with normally

    1. Have we finally shored up our Rob Ford gap with Canadia?

  21. British Black Lives Matter activists blocked the road to Heathrow airport, just outside London, Friday and held demonstrations in Manchester, Birmingham, and Nottingham.

    How do you say “coon” in British?

    1. “Bumbershoot”

      1. “Hedgehog?”

    2. Correct answer: Gollywog.

      1. Nipple and jigger?

  22. For HM, Wherever He May Be Watching Twerk Videos

    In order to become a non-oppressive language learner, it’s important to really unpack your motivations for wanting to learn an Indigenous language.

    Common reasons include:

    required coursework (say, for an education degree);
    employment (you’ll be working within a tribal community, or you want to include the language in your linguistic business, like my friend above);
    white saviorism (the language is endangered and you think you can do a better job than tribal community members at saving it);
    you claim to have some kind of Native ancestry;
    and/or just because (it’s a free country!).

    Chances are one of these is you, to some extent.

    That’s just the way US society operates: Western culture feeds on capitalistic notions of individual success, so it’s a good bet the motivations of non-Natives learning Native languages are centered on personal gain, profit, and/or entitlement.

    The takeaway for white learners is this: No one can make you care ? that’s on you ? and until you prove it (probably over and over and over again), your motivations are suspect.

    That you as a white person can simply choose to learn a Native language however, wherever, and from whomever you like is the epitome of privilege.

    1. Chances are it isn’t. How foolish do you have to be to not have, “Bang foreign Chicks” on the list?

    2. white saviorism (the language is endangered and you think you can do a better job than tribal community members at saving it)

      Projection. If the language is indeed endangered it’s because the tribal community isn’t doing a very good job of keeping it alive or perhaps because their numbers have dwindled to the point that they are effectively extinct.

      And not necessarily a better job, but helping with something.

      That you as a white person can simply choose to learn a Native language however, wherever, and from whomever you like is the epitome of privilege.

      That’s right, because the shrinkwrap license on that Rosetta Stone software says “Whites Only.”

    3. No one can make you care ? that’s on you ? and until you prove it (probably over and over and over again), your motivations are suspect.

      I don’t really care what you think, pendejo.

    4. Western culture feeds on capitalistic notions of individual success

      Which implies that anti-capitalist notions are based on failure writ large. What refreshing honesty!

    5. The bizarro and self-destructive bullshit the left comes up with seems to be getting increasingly bizarre and dysfunctional.

      I tried to explain to my wife that all of their agitation is done for the sake of the agitation, the cause doesnt matter. Their goal is simply to create instability so they can tear down society, step in and rebuild the one they want, with them in total control of course. Their end is being in power and they dont give a shit about any of the causes they purport to support. In fact, many of those causes are complete fictions like Cankles hobby horse ‘income inequality’. All their causes and agitations are a smoke screen.

      Additionally the kind of derp coming from them is for the purposes of making people unable to think straight, and so cant see through the smoke or defend themselves.

      I think my wife is having a hard time getting her head around the fact that those kinds of people exist, as would any sane person.

    6. That you as a white person can simply choose to learn a Native language however, wherever, and from whomever you like is the epitome of privilege.

      I would call that ‘ability’ not ‘privilege’. My kids are growing up learning English, Dutch and eventually German. I intend to make my children so damn privileged that proggies’ heads will explode. These people are insane.

      1. Verdomme!

  23. Job Market Surge

    In the home stretch of the 2012 presidential campaign, from August to
    September, the unemployment rate fell sharply ? raising eyebrows from
    Wall Street to Washington.

    The decline ? from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 percent in September ? might not have been all it seemed. The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated.

    And the Census Bureau, which does the unemployment survey, knew it.

    Just two years before the presidential election, the Census Bureau
    had caught an employee fabricating data that went into the unemployment
    report, which is one of the most closely watched measures of the

    And a knowledgeable source says the deception went beyond
    that one employee ? that it escalated at the time President Obama was
    seeking reelection in 2012 and continues today.

    1. BLS statistics are rife with fabrication

      1. If the stats are disconnected from reality, reality will win.

    2. And it is happening again. Unbelievable

      1. Not so much unbelievable as totally to be expected.

      2. Why unbelievable?

        We have a government that refuses to prosecute a blatantly corrupt,politician and that just gave 400mn to an enemy terrorist state.

    3. “The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated.”

      No shit?

  24. Can someone click on Jill’s singing for me and critique it? I’m already hungover.

    1. Choir member at your local Catholic church.

    2. Her voice is decent enough.

      The lyrics are a ludicrous soup of hippie BS.

  25. Two amazing facts about recent polls: despite having a 15 point lead, Hillary still can’t crack 50%. This is absolutely about Team Retard committing suicide with the most incompetent candidate to ever run for president as a major party nominee.

    Two, Trump is now losing Georgia by 4 points. Meaning Team Clinton can actually pull resources out of defending Colorado and Virginia and put them in new swing states like Georgia, Arizona, and Utah. Fuckin’ Utah.

    Anyone who thinks Trump can win is now officially in a state of delusion. It’s going to be a massacre that may or may not take down the Senate for Republicans. If they’re smart they’ll ditch Trump and urge voters not to give President Hillary a Senate majority to work with.

    1. I’m more amazed by Question 21: “Do you think Hillary Clinton has ties to Lucifer, or not?”

    2. If they’re smart they’ll ditch Trump

      They’re not, so no.

    3. Lol!

      Hillary won’t spend a dime in GA.

    4. Meh. It would be hard for either of the major party candidates to crack 50% what with Johnson reliably polling above 5% and Stein maintaining a steady 2-3%.

      1. Johnson takes about equal from both nationally but in Georgia he’s at 11% in a four-way race. Have to think those are mostly Republicans.

        1. “Have to think those are mostly Republicans.” Maybe, but don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the major parties “own” those votes.

    5. The Dems getting Clinton in the WH and taking the Senate is just about the worst scenario. Well, after the Dems also taking the House, which…

  26. What the FUCKETY-FUCK is going on?

    This story isn’t the lede on today’s AM links?

    This should be covered at near TRUMP levels. UFFDA BABE IS DOWN!!!!

    Up North in Brainerd, one mighty gust of wind slammed into the 60-year-old Babe the Blue Ox statue that stands watch over Paul Bunyan Land and sent it tumbling across the parking lot.

    1. Damn. Did the giant Muskellunge in Hayward survive?

    2. *pours out a little hotdish*

        1. Seconded!

  27. Why a proposed London “Fellatio Caf?” probably won’t happen.

    “More cream in your coffee?”

  28. “British Black Lives Matter activists blocked the road to Heathrow airport, just outside London, Friday and held demonstrations in Manchester, Birmingham, and Nottingham.”

    Are there even enough black people in England for the British cops to kill??

    1. Wow, I take it you’ve never been to London.

    2. Blacks are 3% of the UK population. So in London absolutely.

      1. I think to the English, anyone who isn’t white is “black,” so the category would include people of Asian descent.

        1. “Asians” in the UK are Pakistani, Indians and others from that region. Not sure what word they use for East Asians like the Chinese.

          1. The term “Paki” (pron: packy) is a UK slur for people of South Asian descent, ie Pakistanis.

        2. No, Eddie, they’ve had Chinese, South Asians and Africans (both direct and Caribbean reimports) for centuries. Remember that they used to own Hong Kong, India (which then included what is now Pakistan and Bangladesh) and much of Africa and the Carribean; and with that came large populations of colonials in London.

          1. And IIRC their criminal stats and incarceration rates are similar to blacks in the US…

            1. International justice system oppression conspiracy, duh.

            2. I don’t think that’s proof of what some might think it’s proof of.

  29. New York’s top detective warns ‘joggers are at severe risk’ after woman, 30, was raped and strangled while running in broad daylight

    NYPD Chief of Detectives Robert Boyce said the department believes there is a ‘severe community threat’ in the wake of the 30-year-old’s killing in Howard beach, Queens, during her daily afternoon jog on Tuesday

    It is a gruesome story, but is this guy helping?

    1. Why do people jog in NY? It’s like they don’t even Law and Order.

      1. Law and Order teaches you that you’re going to find a body if you go out jogging, not that you’ll be killed.

      2. Why do people jog on streets with traffic lights? Talk about breaking rhythm.

      3. Did the bratty rich white kid of the successful egomaniac hedge fund manager rape and strangle her?


      1. I’m disappointed. I was expecting a photoshop of Trump in a Guardian Angels outfit next to Curtis Sliwa.

    2. But see, if NYC allowed the jogger to arm herself with a gun or a taser, the attacker would have used it against her. (Tasers are banned in New York afaik.)

    3. Why didn’t she just take out her self defense carry and….oh, wait. Did that say NYC? Nevermind.

  30. And your daily dose of smug brought to you by none other than the New Yorker. (I know it’s an old article but smug on this scale deserves another trip aroind the horn)

    1. Infuriating. On the upside though, stuff like this can only motivate people to fight the caricaturization harder.

    2. This alternative reality, that no one is advocating, compared to very real Venezuela. The New Yorker is nuts.

  31. David Huddleston: Actor Who Played Title Role in 1998 Film, ‘The Big Lebowski,’ Dies at Age 85

    Huddleston’s wife, Sarah Koeppe, said he died of advanced heart and kidney disease Tuesday in Santa Fe, N.M. Huddleston, known mainly as a character actor, was also in “Blazing Saddles.”

    1. He was one of my favorite characters in the Big Lebowski.

      RIP, our dear urban achiever.

      1. For God’s sake what are you blathering about??

        One of my favorite lines of all time

      2. Did I micturate on your carpet?

      3. Absolutely. *Pisses on rug*

      4. And did a memorable turn in another wonderful comedy, Blazing Saddles:

        Not only was it authentic frontier gibberish…

        1. “What are we made of? Our fathers came across the prairies, fought Indians, fought drought, fought locusts, fought Dix… remember when Richard Dix came in here and tried to take over this town? Well, we didn’t give up then, and by gum, we’re not going to give up now!”

          Sort of applies to this year’s Presidential election.

  32. I suspect you’ll already have seen this if you have proggie friends/relatives.

    “Neoliberalism ? the ideology at the root of all our problems…

    “Attempts to limit competition are treated as inimical to liberty…Inequality is recast as virtuous…Efforts to create a more equal society are both counterproductive and morally corrosive. The market ensures that everyone gets what they deserve….

    “Among the results, as Paul Verhaeghe documents in his book What About Me? are epidemics of self-harm, eating disorders, depression, loneliness, performance anxiety and social phobia. Perhaps it’s unsurprising that Britain, in which neoliberal ideology has been most rigorously applied, is the loneliness capital of Europe. We are all neoliberals now….

    “After Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan took power, the rest of the package soon followed: massive tax cuts for the rich, the crushing of trade unions, deregulation, privatisation, outsourcing and competition in public services. Through the IMF, the World Bank, the Maastricht treaty and the World Trade Organisation, neoliberal policies were imposed ? often without democratic consent ? on much of the world. Most remarkable was its adoption among parties that once belonged to the left: Labour and the Democrats, for example. As Stedman Jones notes, “it is hard to think of another utopia to have been as fully realised.””

    1. massive tax cuts for the rich, the crushing of trade unions, deregulation, privatisation, outsourcing and competition in public services. Through the IMF, the World Bank, the Maastricht treaty and the World Trade Organisation, neoliberal policies were impose

      Funny how they leave out the 400 million people of India who were pulled out from desperate poverty by neoliberal policies imposed at the behest of the IMF.

      Better poor and equal than not-poor and unequal, right?

      1. You and your vulgar facts…

    2. The extension of leftism to include medical quackery fits right in alongside its economic quackery.


  34. OK, Harsanyi’s article did it. I have had just too much of the H&R fixation/overload on Trump. See y’all next week.

    I suspect I will be around a lot less in the coming weeks.

    1. So…you want to remain neutral?

      1. [narrows gaze at Eddie]

    2. It is funny, though, watching the commentariat ridicule every Trump article.

      1. I thought so too. Then I watched that atrocious debate in it’s entirety and realized how absolutely unhinged Gillespie became how poorly Tucker and Welch conducted themselves. At least for Welch and Tucker it was their debate to fuck up. Gillespie has no excuse for being such a tremendous asshole. For me, I basically lost all remaining respect for Gillespie when he threw a temper tantrum after a third or fourth audience member criticized his moderating.

    3. *trumps gaze*

    4. Knarf Yenrab already took a leave of absence for the same reason. Don’t leave us alone here with these animals!

    5. Getting there myself Swiss.

      I am increasingly getting the idea that many at Reason are just closet pinkos and I have about had enough of their horseshit.

      1. The ones that write for pinko outlets are probably pinkos. Even if they were when they started, the shit’s infectious.

        Harsanyi writes for the federalist, so he’s not-so-closeted conservative nevertrumper.

      2. see, now me, I’m gettin’ my surfboard ready.

        there’s gonna be oceans of tears around here come November and beachfront property is best gotten while it’s still cheap.

        of course, after the election, they’re gonna lose the mask and have a ban-hammer as easily wielded as any lefty rag.

  35. Sounds like an elaborate publicity stunt for bumpix.

  36. ANC shaken to core as South African voters look beyond race

    On the surface, white South African ex-farmer Athol Trollip seems an unlikely candidate for mayor of a metropolitan district named after the ANC’s great liberation hero, Nelson Mandela.

    Yet local elections this week have shown a shift in South African society and politics, which have been dominated by race since Mandela swept to power in 1994.

    The results may even mark the start of a new era, distinct from the ‘post-apartheid’ period that immediately followed the end of white-minority rule, as the African National Congress wakes up to the changed reality that it can no longer rely on the unquestioning support of poor black voters.

    1. “ANC shaken to core as communism is once again proven a disaster”

    2. African National Congress wakes up to the changed reality that it can no longer rely on the unquestioning support of poor black voters.

      The DNC however faces no such reality.

  37. Ugandan police storm Gay Pride event, arrest at least 15 – activist

    Uganda’s Police raided a night club where a Gay Pride event was underway and arrested at least 15 people, accusing them of staging an illegal gathering and promoting homosexuality, a rights activist told Reuters on Friday.

    1. Uganda triggered widespread western criticism after it enacted a harsh anti-gay law that handed out life sentences for some homosexual offences.

      Uganda is behind on it’s Clinton Foundation donations.

  38. BLM in London.

    Does that count as part of U.S. exports?

  39. HELP WANTED: Are there any Hindi speakers here?

    I’ve been toying with the idea of putting English subtitles on Flop Show” – an old Indian TV show that mocked socialism. 10 episodes, about 20-25 minutes each.

    If you can help, let me know. Thanks.

    1. I don’t speak hindi (or any other language useful to this endeavor), but I applaud your efforts. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

    2. So, a couple of questions for you, buddy. Did you grow up as a Hindi speaker or were you from a family which spoke a different language (I remember that English is not your first language)? Was there an Indian equivalent of the BBC, or was broadcasting more privatized than in the UK? I’m guessing that most Indian broadcasting was done in Hindi or English, but how common was it to dub/subtitle shows in other languages?

      1. Hey Tonio. I grew up in India and can read/write/speak Hindi.

        And yes, we had an Indian equivalent of the BBC. It was called Doordarshan (literally translates to Distance Viewing). There was ZERO privatization. The air waves were controlled by the government. Even radio was a government monopoly with All-India Radio (AIR).

        We got about 2-4 hours of TV programming each day, and some weekend programming. It was awful. Subtitles were non-existent. You were expected to learn Hindi even if you spoke one of the other 17 languages in the country. Kind of how all the Soviet states taught Russian to their kids.

        The media market was opened up in 1991. I was shocked when all of a sudden we got 65+ TV channels via cable. It was incredible.

        We had a telecom monopoly too. (Single payer telecom). It used to take 7-8 years on average to get a landline. Seriously.

        One of the episodes in Flop Show criticizes the telephone department. The episode starts out with a party hosted by a guy who got his phone in 7 years, which is the on faster side of average. And ends with him disconnecting his phone line because he pisses off a government lineman who rigs his phone line and gives him a huge phone bill.

        1. So coming from a background like that, you can probably understand why I am so avowedly capitalist. I am fairly optimistic too because if India and China and the Soviet Union could be reformed, I think the US can be pulled back without large-scale violence if it turns in the wrong direction.

          I know I sound more like a cynic here, but good things are possible even when you are faced with bleakness. But of course, it’s better to not screw up and avoid serfdom in the first place, which is why we must fight on for freedom.

          1. I think we could be pulled back, but I think things might have to get even worse, first. :-/

        2. Thanks, Injun. Fascinating.

          Your perspective on things is particularly treasured because of your unique experiences. And the potential to outrage proggies.

  40. Google Celebrates the Start of the Olympics with a Very Fruity Doodle

    The Rio de Janeiro Olympics begin today ? and to celebrate the launch of the world’s biggest sporting event, Google have released a new, fruit-themed interactive doodle.

    1. a Very Fruity Doodle.

      One might assume in UK slang-english that means a “very fragrant poop”

    2. Fruit Sushi approves.(or are we going with Frooshi?)

  41. Has anyone posted this yet?

    I know that the phrase is overused, but sometimes the jokes just write themselves…

    1. Obama added, “I hope Donald Trump doesn’t post the details on a private email server that is hackable by Russians.”

      What an a$$hole. This is our POTUS. And he is popular?

      1. He makes Trump and Cankles look like honest geniuses and yes, he has been elected twice.

    2. Obama said Trump would get the top secret briefings on world crises and security threats to which he, Clinton and their respective vice presidential running mates are entitled.

      But not Johnson, of course.

  42. The city of Orlando may purchase Pulse nightclub and turn it into a memorial to the 49 people killed there in June.

    Worst. Idea. Ever.

  43. Government and law enforcement has started to cannibalize itself. Don’t they know that zombies are supposed to go after the living?

  44. I do not believe this has been shared: Glamour Exclusive: President Barack Obama Says, “This Is What a Feminist Looks Like”

    Back in my day Glamour was a magazine your mother caught you masturbating to, not a publishing platform for the president.

    1. Most progs masturbate to images of the president.

      1. Including the president.

    2. I know people for whom those are not mutually exclusive ideas.

    3. I saw a Hollywood Reporter (in the trash, natch) with a cover that said, “Hillary Strikes Back”

      Everything’s political.

  45. People on Tinder are more likely to think of themselves as sex objects than people who don’t use the app

    So suggests a new study about the psychological effects of the popular dating app, presented at the annual convention of the American Psychological Association. In the study, researchers asked a group of 1,300 mostly college kids to rate how they generally felt about themselves through questionnaires and self-reports. Questions like How satisfied are you with your thighs? and How likely are you to make physical comparisons to others? clued the researchers into their body image and self esteem.

    At the very end of the questionnaire, people were asked if they used Tinder.

    1. At the very end of the questionnaire, people were asked if they used Tinder

      So it was just an elaborate pick-up tactic

      1. “How you like your thighs, girl?”

        1. Open, hopefully.

  46. British Black Lives Matter activists blocked the road to Heathrow airport, just outside London

    For fuck’s sake, when are the fucking brutish going to make amends for the hundreds of year that they forced slave to work the cotton plantations of London.

    If ever there was an example that BLM is AstroTurf, this is it.

  47. “The city of Orlando may purchase Pulse nightclub and turn it into a memorial to the 49 people killed there in June.” Fuckin seriously?

    1. Those people do deserve a memorial, but “deserve” is a moral judgement not a mandate for government to provide that. I imagine that many people would not want to continue to drink and party in that space. This would seem to be more a thing between the club owners and their insurance company – somebody shoots up your business and we buy the building and demolish it. If the insurance company wants to donate that as a memorial, on the grounds that nobody would open another business on that space, then it would be appropriate for the city to turn it into a park. I would hope that the actual memorial (sculpture) or whatever would be privately funded.

  48. London is clearly behind the times…..-the-world

  49. This morning we #Shutdown major transport hubs because the conventional avenues to justice have been shutdown to us.

    Get your justice in Nambia, Zimbabwe or Ghana. Blacks in the west live longer, more productive and more valued lives in the west than literally anywhere else they’ve been in their entire history. So go obstruct some dirt roads in South Sudan if blacks not receiving justice is really your grievance.

    1. This morning we #Shutdown major transport hubs because the conventional avenues to justice have been shutdown to us.

      Wasn’t aware English classes are an avenue of justice, but I applaud their effort to rectify the issue.

      1. Should do them some good.

  50. Xavier University to get North America’s first Pizza ATM

    Xavier University in Cincinnati has partnered with a French company to install the first Pizza ATM in North America.

    The company, Paline, says the machine will hold 70 pizzas at once. Customers will be able to use a touch screen to pick one of the $10 pizzas, which will be heated for several minutes, placed in a cardboard box and ejected through a slot.

      1. And what about the slot angle???


      3. I’m relieved it’s only pizza. With all the lefty Jesuits out there, who knows what they might allow in their vending machines?

        1. Japan just called for you, Eddie. They have some ideas…

    1. What, this has been up for over thirty minutes and nobody has made a deep dish reference yet?

  51. Songs include lines like “Gotta take your vote back from the corporation.”

    oh, enb, you’ve won my heart forever for this.

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