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'Movement for Black Lives' Releases Agenda in Attempt to Hijack Black Lives Matter/Police Reform Movement

"Ooh, people are interested in an issue? Here's a list of the things I always wanted"



Two years after efforts to reduce police violence began to be grouped under the "Black Lives Matter" banner, organizations that have also attached themselves to the banner are appropriating it for their own sectarian agendas. More than 50 political groups operating under the "Movement for Black Lives" (MBL) banner (which outlets like Vox.com appear to be trying to imply is another way to say 'Black Lives Matter' and not a new grouping) have released an "agenda" that's only tangentially related to the issue of police violence. The agenda consists of standard left to far-left policy planks—things like re-instating Glass-Steagal, reparations, getting rid of body cameras, and even supporting boycotts of Israel.

Unfortunately, this agenda appears to be getting more play than Campaign Zero, an initiative launched by several leaders of Black Lives Matter a year ago that offered a number of policy proposals meant specifically to address the issue of police violence. Outlets like Time magazine incorrectly describe the MBL's agenda as the "first time" Black Lives Matter has released an agenda—Reuters similarly incorrectly called the MBL agenda a "first" Outlets like Fusion called it "unprecedented" when it wasn't. The coverage of the MBL agenda suggests many reporters who cover Black Lives Matter were unaware of Campaign Zero. The MBL agenda has the effect of making black lives "matter less" by marginalizing the issue of police violence which has captured the attention of the nation in favor of a pre-existing sectarian, far-left agenda that was not created specifically to reduce police violence and which, through its demand for more government power, could actually increase it.

I spoke with one member of the Congressional Black Caucus at the DNC last week who told me he'd never heard of Campaign Zero and was surprised that a movement defined largely on street action had a serious policy agenda. They do, but it's not the one released by the MBL. Campaign Zero's policy platforms include ending broken windows policing, more community oversight, limiting the use of force, independent investigations and prosecutions, community representation, body cameras, new training, an end to asset forfeiture and for-profit policing, demilitarization, and fair police union contracts—policies that can variously be implemented at the local, state, or federal levels and that address specific issues that contribute directly to the problem of police violence. But Campaign Zero will only be effective if more people push more politicians to take it seriously. The far-left agenda of the MBL, instead, discourages coalition-building and works against the idea that a Black Lives Matter agenda can find broad support. Campaign Zero has a candidate tracker for the presidential election. It's a shame more of the candidates don't support more of the platform, and that Gary Johnson doesn't appear at all, but a big part of that falls on the activists themselves too. When Black Lives Matter protesters were asked by Hillary Clinton what they wanted, they did not articulate the proposals of Campaign Zero. Now MBL has offered an agenda that will make it easy for politicians to dismiss.

The MBL's attempt to attach their agenda to the police reform movement would be the equivalent of offering up the idea of dismantling government, and the policy proposals to make it happen, as a solution. There's, of course, a powerful argument to be made that government is the greatest oppressor and does the most damage to marginalized people. But it would be unhelpful to attach it to a movement focused specifically on police violence because such broader arguments are largely preaching to the choir. And that's what the "Movement for Black Lives" agenda does. It's worse than suggesting ending government in order to end police violence and improve the lives of black people, because many of the ideas require vesting power in government or, in other words, permitting government to use even more violence.

The MBL agenda also pollutes an important conversation about police reform, one that went national with Ferguson in 2014 but did not star there. The 2011 killing of the homeless Kelly Thomas by police officers in Fullerton, California, led to a "citizen's revolt" and bipartisan reforms. Residents in Albuquerque were protesting police—even trying to arrest the police chief—before Ferguson was put on the map and without ever receiving the same kind of attention. Such efforts will continue even if the Black Lives Matter banner is hijacked completely by a far-left interested in advancing its own agenda more than reducing police violence. While the Obama administration has tried to advance some police reforms (although it appears to be rolling back demilitarization already), because police departments are local institutions many of the most significant reforms will have to happen at the state and local level. So the good news is a lot of the noise generated at the national level, like the MBL agenda, is irrelevant to the important work of advancing reforms that would reduce police violence. The bad news is that in our current news cycle culture, an agenda like MBL's can still go a long way in poisoning the well and making real reforms easier to dismiss by defenders of the status quo.

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  1. Just wait until they get hold of MLB’s demands.

    1. +1 Designated Hitter

      1. Designated… You know who else’s plans were encroached on by the Far Left?

        1. My Alma Mater?

      2. I read that as “Designated Hitler

        1. You know who else…hey, wait a minute?

        2. Me too…

      3. So tell us, Lee: Who is today’s Designated Hitler??

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  2. Why would MBL be in favor of “getting rid of body cameras”? The push for police body cameras came in tandem with scrutiny of police violence.

    1. Because they’ve been reduced to useful idiots.

    2. Imagine a hypothetical world where you could replay any interaction with the police in a court room. The jurors would see the truth. Interested parties would see the truth. The truly guilty would be perdectly separated from the not guilty.

      Now, for most people, this is ideal (assuming agreement on what constitutes genuine crimes). However, for people who thrive on activism it’s a disaster. Because this perfect system creates no outrage.

      To people who want to be perpetual activists, the problem should be insoluble, guaranteeing that the sweet controversy persists forever.

      1. Before that world appears, the jury will already have been reduced to include only boot licking statists.

  3. I hereby announce the creation of the Official Black Lives Matter Movement Association for the Advancement of Traditional and Non-traditional Black Lives in Association with the LGBTQ Movement for Black Lives.


    It’ll stick.

    1. It practically flows off the tongue.

  4. Whatever part of BLM was legit to start out with, got hijacked by the race hustlers early on. Just like the tea party got hijacked by the religious right, Just like the LP got hijacked by a Johnson Weld.

    Anytime any group in this country makes a legit attempt to organize against an out of control government, the state’s lackeys swoop in and hijack the movement and the sycophant media runs with it. The majority in the country watches the teevee news and forms their opinion about anything, on what they see and hear on the teevee news, without any effort or research on their own. Research and thinking are hard. Thoughtless acceptance of state sponsored propaganda is easy.

    1. Pew says the majority of people (62%) get their news from Social Media, father of the Sun.

      I would have believed you ten years ago, but I am inclined to believe Pew over some overthrown Titan.

      1. All Derpbook and Twitter do is echo the mainstream media and add their own level of derp to it.

        1. That is derped up man. What the derp is wrong with this derping country?

          1. Derp grows exponentially?

            1. The Derp singularity is near.

              1. It’s only 20 years away.

        2. If someone is getting most of their news from Facebook or Twitter that’s actually far, far worse if Pew is to believed. I only ever bother sharing things that have at least 2-4 citations at the bottom, but lets not pretend that many things bother with even one citation. It’s feelz top to bottom.

          Also, last I checked, the majority of Millennials get most of their news from outlets like Comedy Central. How is that a good thing?

          1. Inevitably, increased internet exposure leads to ease-of-contradiction, no?

            Say, in the 90s, you hear something you disagree with. It may be weeks before you hear a contrasting viewpoint broadcast during primetime, or printed in a periodical.

            Now, I can fact-check and cross-reference with less than 1 calorie spent, while naked, during a bender at 3 A.M.

          2. “Comedy Central. How is that a good thing?”

            Eh. Really, what’s better. The chaos and anarchy of information of the internet, or the narrative-forgers of the MSM and Comedy Central??

          3. I get my news from YouTube commenters.

    2. That’s because every position is owned by either the “left” or the “right”. You can’t muscle in on their territory w some other alignment for your issues.

  5. And thus the danger of leaderless movements. The TEA Party was hijacked in exactly the same way. Libertarianism too.

    Not that led movements fare much better. Then the movement becomes wedded to the leaders themselves.

    1. Yeah, remember the 5 minutes during which the Tea Party was a legitimate movement, Taxed Enough Already? The 5 minutes right before Palin, Glenn Beck, Marco Rubio, and Paul Ryan?

      1. Or when Dondero called himself a libertarian?

        1. After Beck was done with that Tea Party rally of his in DC, there was nothing left to do.

        2. Donderooooooo!

    2. It’s got to be a solvable problem, though. Creating purposeful communities whose members are able to retain control of their own membership. Can’t be top down, because leaders will decide to replace their members. Probably an ad hoc system where individuals maintain relationships to other individuals and tighter clusters become better coordinated and able to self-govern and create a sense of identity.

    3. And thus the danger of leaderless movements.

      I’ve seen this in practice more than once. You have a group of people trying to find consensus. Someone who is charismatic, or energetic, or knows what they want just swoops in and decides they’re the leader.
      And many people really kind of crave having a leader to follow. Self-appointed leader takes over and eventually drive away anyone who objects. Followers declare that the leader “gets things done” unlike previous consensus-based approach.

      1. We are wired to be led.

        Loki’s speech to the Parisians in the Avengers is sadly very insightful:

        Loki: Kneel before me. I said, KNEEL!
        [Loki stamps his scepter on the ground, causing a shockwave that intimidates the crowd into silence as they all kneel before him]
        Loki: Is not this simpler? Is this not your natural state? It’s the unspoken truth of humanity, that you crave subjugation. The bright lure of freedom diminishes your life’s joy in a mad scramble for power, for identity. You were made to be ruled. In the end, you will always kneel.

        1. But Loki loses.

          He loses because he does not understand that humans only accept leaders that they choose. Without that vital part of the equation, humans chafe and fight and rebel.

          And some humans cannot look up. They can look across–they can be made to look down, but, they cannot look up.

        2. That’s not like the Loki I know, nor like the Avengers I know.

        3. Loki was talking to people in Stuttgart, not Paris.

  6. While this platform is focused on domestic policies, we know that patriarchy, exploitative capitalism, militarism, and white supremacy know no borders. We stand in solidarity with our international family against the ravages of global capitalism and anti-Black racism, human-made climate change, war, and exploitation. We also stand with descendants of African people all over the world in an ongoing call and struggle for reparations for the historic and continuing harms of colonialism and slavery. We also recognize and honor the rights and struggle of our Indigenous family for land and self-determination.

    i.e. they want to turn the world into Zimbabwe

    1. The state sponsored race hustlers work is all too easy. All they have to do is get into the fold, and start rabble rousing and inflaming the crowd into a bunch of babbling screeching idiots. ‘Forget about calling for police reform! Whites are the enemy! Capitalism is the enemy! Demand reparations!’. And in 5 easy minutes, they’ve made the movement irrelevant. Mission accomplished. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    2. +100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollars

  7. …which outlets like Vox.com appear to be trying to imply…

    Stop right there.

    1. They’ve been working overtime to become the worst of the worst in the liberal echo chamber

  8. We believe in elevating the experiences and leadership of the most marginalized Black people, including but not limited to those who are women, queer, trans, femmes, gender nonconforming, Muslim, formerly and currently incarcerated, cash poor and working class, differently-abled, undocumented, and immigrant.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that’s going to fly with your typical black Southern preacher that controls a lot of the black political influence.

    This is obviously aimed at proggie whites.

    1. They may grouse about it, but if they’ll go with it if the alternative is to abandon the Democratic Party with its glorious history of standing up for black lives.

      1. If they aren’t alive they can’t work the fields Fusionist, duh!

    2. Tom Wolfe wrote Radical Chic and Mau Mauing the Flak Catchers back in 1970.

      Seems like we’ve come full circle.

  9. Two years after efforts to reduce police violence began to be grouped under the “Black Lives Matter” banner, organizations that have also attached themselves to the banner are appropriating it for their own sectarian agendas. More than 50 political groups operating under the “Movement for Black Lives” (MBL) banner…


    1. “People’s Front of Judea” not the “Judean People’s Front.”

      1. I’m with the Popular Front of Judea, not any of those other traitors!

    2. Coincidentally, just yesterday I was watching the South Park episode with the United Atheist Alliance, the Unified Atheist League, and the Allied Atheist Alliance battling over the answer to the Great Question.

  10. “fair police union contracts”

    How about firing any cop who joins a union and invalidating all “contracts” between the government and such unions?

    1. And Eddie got added to a watchlist, just like that.

    2. But we have a fundamental right to Unions, right?

      Or is that marriage? Or,… now I am confused…

  11. This just in: The far left coopts semi-valid race movement for own agenda. Shocking!

    1. They should invent their own movement. Sad!

  12. “…getting rid of body cameras,”?

    Are the few cops who leave them on hurting narratives or something?

  13. Leftists co-opting blacks for their own political agenda? This is unheard of.

  14. Black Lives Matter has always advanced a racialist radical agenda. It was never about justice, or reducing police violence, but rather about exploiting injustices to advance its agenda. In other words, racialist critical theory. BLM signed onto the MBL manifesto and, before that, the BLM website was already full of the same radical leftwing claptrap.

    MBL did not hijack BLM. BLM hijacked the police reform movement.

    1. BLM hijacked the police reform movement.


  15. This sounds like the Bernies. The Glass-Steagall thing is a dead giveaway. I don’t know how many of you participated in that little conversation, but they were obsessed with emphasizing economic issues and criticized other liberals for ever talking about “distracting” “SJW” stuff like race or gay or women’s issues. Probably because it was a bunch of skinny white dudes with a penchant for lecturing. They’re a lot like libertarians.

    1. “with a penchant for lecturing”

      I’d say that was rich in irony, coming from “Tony” – but I think it more hectoring and whining we see from it.

      1. Fair enough, but I didn’t finish the thought, which was “a penchant for lecturing women and minorities about what’s best for them.”

        1. I’m sure there are people somewhere who call themselves libertarian and try and tell women and minorities what to do, but that’s hardly the defining characteristic.

    2. “skinny white dudes with a penchant for lecturing. They’re a lot like libertarians.”

      I don’t know about the rest of these guys, but I have grown fat on the largess afforded to me by my inherent whiteness. I crush at least one poor orphan a week when they carry me down to the platinum mine.

      1. “skinny”

        And there’s the tell that Tony has never met a libertarian in person.

  16. BLM don’t need your whitesplaining, ED. You need to shut your mouth, sit in the back and only speak when spoken to. And then only to point to a PoC who can do the talking for your ofay ass. Got it?

  17. The far-left agenda of the MBL, instead, discourages coalition-building and works against the idea that a Black Lives Matter agenda can find broad support. Campaign Zero has a candidate tracker for the presidential election. It’s a shame more of the candidates don’t support more of the platform, and that Gary Johnson doesn’t appear at all, but a big part of that falls on the activists themselves too. When Black Lives Matter protesters were asked by Hillary Clinton what they wanted, they did not articulate the proposals of Campaign Zero. Now MBL has offered an agenda that will make it easy for politicians to dismiss.

    One of us doesn’t know how coalition-bldg. works. It’s about log rolling. You support my interest, I’ll support yours. The “left” & the “right” have been doing that for…uh…ever. That’s how an identifiable “left” & “right” exist.

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  19. Are any of them demanding an end to the War on Drugs? Morons.

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