Election 2016

Matt Welch Talks Trump, Clinton, Iran, and Obama-Commutations on Tonight's Kennedy

Fox Business Network broadcast at 8 p.m. ET also includes discussion of Clint Eastwood and the benefits of drinking while married


It's like precognition. ||| Our friends at the Kennedy program
Our friends at the Kennedy program

Tonight's Kennedy (Fox Business Network at 8 p.m. ET, with a repeat at midnight) features, as you may expect, discussion about the insane 2016 presidential election, but also conversation about the Summer Olympics, President Barack Obama's record-breaking commutations, Clint Eastwood, the Iran hostages deal, and the crucial marital importance of drink-a-linking. I will be co-Party Panelizing along with comedian/American hero and Jimmy Failla, and also former White House security official Gillian Turner.

Speaking of Kennedy and Jimmy Failla, they ambushed me sad-drinking at the Democratic National Convention last week, which you can see in a pretty funny video at this link.