The Fifth Column

Kmele Foster Gets Menaced by Black Lives Matter Protesters: Your Latest Fifth Column

Matt Welch blasts Pat Buchanan on the Baltics, Michael Moynihan argues that presidential stupidity matters, and Kmele, bless his heart, tries to engage with BLMers in Lower Manhattan


Created by a fan just today! ||| Corbin Brown
Corbin Brown

For the first time in a month, The Fifth Column, which by now should be your very favorite podcast in the world, starring as it does myself, Michael C. Moynihan, and above all Kmele Foster, features all three talkers in the same crammed podcasting studio. Which if nothing else is a reminder that LOGISTICS BE DAMNED, the show will always go on.

Anyway, you might want to scroll to the end first on this one, as Foster, whose views on race and police abuse and Black Lives Matter are nothing if not unique, describes what happens when he makes an even bigger mistake than reading YouTube comments by waltzing outside his swank Lower Manhattan apartment to engage in dialogue with BLM activists. To the surprise of no one not named Kmele Foster, the interaction quickly goes pear-shaped, with the word "coon" being deployed, and some tuff-guy chest-thumping. It's all pretty funny.

Also certain to irritate some Hit & Run regulars is my red-faced critique of Pat Buchanan's column, "Is Trump the Peace Candidate?", in which the midwife of Trumpism suggest this ingenious "trade-off": "Russia ensures the independence of the Baltic republics that she let go. And NATO gets out of Russia's face." (BTW, here is my May-issue column, "Trump Is Not the Peace Candidate.")

Beyond that, there is a spirited argument about the so-called "respectability politics" surrounding opposition to Trump, plus some discussion of Gary Johnson. Oh just listen, damn you!

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