"Bulletproof Warrior" Police Training Canceled in Santa Clara

Officer who killed Philando Castile had been trained in the program which emphasizes that hesitation can be fatal for police.


Bulletproof Warrior
Screenshot via Diamond Reynolds / Facebook

A workshop for Bay Area police officers in Santa Clara (Calif.) called "Bulletproof" was abruptly canceled last week after outcry from local activists who claimed the program "trains cops to be paranoid and to assume everyone is out to get them" and to "shoot first and ask questions later," according to East Bay Express.

Formerly titled "The Bulletproof Warrior" — a name which was shortened after complaints from a number of police departments — the program is a product of Calibre Press, and has been under particular scrutiny after it was revealed that Jeronimo Yanez, the suburban Minneapolis police officer who fatally shot Philando Castille last month, had attended one of its seminars in May 2014.

According to the New York Times:

The "Bulletproof Warrior" booklet handed out at the company's seminars addresses warfare as much as police work. A copy of the booklet was obtained by The New York Times. It has charts and graphs on "Combat Efficiency" and "Perceptual Distortions in Combat."

The booklet portrays a world of constant and increased threat to officers, despite more than two decades of declining violent crime in the United States, and the fact that the last few years have been among the safest to be an American police officer.

One section is titled "Pre-attack Indicators." It says, "Unfortunately, the will to survive is all too often trained out of the psyches of our police officers," and warns of "predators" and "adversaries" who are younger than officers and who have "been in more gunfights and violent encounters." It advises: "An attack on you is a violent act! What is the only way to overcome that violence?"

In addition to the 20 hours of "Bulletproof" training Yanez received, the Star-Tribune reports he also took a 20-hour course on "Officer Survival" from an unnamed organization in 2012. He received just two hours of "de-escalation" training through his department in May of this year.

East Bay Express also reports that one "Bulletproof" instructor is retired Army Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman, who runs the Killology Research Group and Warrior Science Group. His bio on the Killology website says Grossman has "made revolutionary new contributions to our understanding of killing in war, the psychological costs of war, the root causes of the current 'virus' of violent crime that is raging around the world, and the process of healing the victims of violence, in war and peace."

One of the training booklets handed out at "Bulletproof" seminars contains a section titled "Thou Shalt Not Kill?," which according to the Star-Tribune "cites Bible verses that emphasize prohibitions on murder, not all killing." Jim Glennon, a co-owner of Calibre and an instructor at the seminars, says the Bible portions are intended to help officers struggling with guilt following a fatal shooting.

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  1. Courage, above all things, is the first quality of a warrior.

    – Carl von Clausewitz

  2. This is a lawyer’s wet dream.

  3. Look, he was trained by a professional kill-ologist, why are you people so anti-science?

  4. Minnesota refers to police as peace officers, not “warriors.”

  5. Not that I care, but the Killology people are right about the Bible. The proscription in both versions of the Decalogue (The Ten Commandments) in ancient Hebrew refers to murder, not killing. Of course, an officer that pulls someone over for a busted tail light, and then proceeds to shoot the driver who posed zero danger to the officer IS GUILTY OF MURDER!

    1. Only if you leave out the New Testament. Your not as well read as you think you are. I’m not a religious man,but,Jesus was a pacifist. Unlike Mohammad.

        1. Does Not Fit Narrative

        2. Let’s just say there’s been a bit of debate on that whole issue of Christianity and pacifism.


      1. As I said, I don’t have a dog in this fight. My gods are warrior gods, so killing isn’t the issue (though murder is).

        But I specifically was referring to the Hebrew bible, since the title of the pamphlet in question was “Thou shalt not kill?” referring to one of the 10 Commandments. I don’t care a whit about Mennonites or other pacifists think.

        And to the husband of the seminary student, she is wrong. The commandment states (transliterated into English):
        Lo tirtzach

        The 3 letter root of that word is R-Tz-Ch (again transliterated). Everywhere else this word is used, unless it is specifically modified, it refers to pre-meditated murder.

        There are other word roots, specifically H-R-G and M-O-T that are used throughout the Hebrew bible that are used for righteous killing or accidental killing. As a side note, Numbers 35:16-18 refers to the “murderer” (R-Tz-Ch) is to be “killed” (M-O-T) in other words, put to death.

        This is your friendly neighborhood Germanic Neopagan, just out to instruct the masses on their own fucking religion.

    2. This thread is probably dead, but I checked with my wife who is a seminary grad. She said that the Hebrew of that commandment is “kill” not “murder”

  6. “Killology”. But no, they don’t WANT to kill, mind you. They’re just fighting for their lives against the scourge of officers killed by wallets and cell phones and PS3 controllers.

    1. And puppies,old people and children in cribs.

      1. And toy trucks.

    2. And little girls watching TV in their own homes behind closed doors. Are they NOT supposed to shoot in that dangerous situation???

    3. Just dropped by to toss a WTF into the mix for that naming idea. That is some fucked up shit.

  7. Unfortunately, the will to survive is all too often trained out of the psyches of our police officers,” and warns of “predators” and “adversaries” who are younger than officers and who have “been in more gunfights and violent encounters.” It advises: “An attack on you is a violent act! What is the only way to overcome that violence?”

    The first statement is laughably false. I would challenge any of these morons to provide a single piece of evidence for that statement. And, are there a few gang bangers who have been in more violent encounters than some rookie cops? Sure. But I would imagine only in some of the worst inner city environments in this country. And since a number of these police are combat veterans, I can’t imagine this statement carries much truth either.

    And I certainly agree that you do fight violence with violence. But, it sure seems we have lowered the bar on the definition of violence (toy guns, toy trucks, having a CCW permit and NOT reaching for the gun, selling loosies).

    1. Being a old man at the wrong address of a 911 call.

      1. Oh come on, when strange men are shining flashlights in your window and pounding on the door claiming they’re police responding to a 911 call (when you didn’t call 911), you should believe them, right?

        (I hope that they don’t do a main story about that here, because then Dunphy will show up with his “don’t go to the door with a gun” bullshit again and I’ll want to throw my computer against the wall)

  8. It is a lot easier than learning bjj or spending more time on the gun range, that’s for sure.

    1. Dare I ask what Crusty means by “bjj”?

      1. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, get your mind out of the gutter Eddie.

        1. Thank you, JT. Eddie is a such a weirdo pervert.

          1. Yeah, well, it takes one to know one.

  9. Funny the completely different, but very effective methods of The Threat Management Center and Mr Killologist.

    Tom Woods interviewed Dale Brown on his podcast. It is incredibly interesting, and definitely worth listening to.

    1. Damn it

      Funny to compare the completely different, but very effective non-lethal methods of The Threat Management Center and vs Mr Killologist.

  10. Good. Maybe they’ll choose my “How to feed the scumbags into woodchippers” seminar series instead.

    1. Woodchipper 101 – Headfirst.

      Woodchipper 201 (Advanced) – Feetfirst

      1. Woodchippers 301 – Leaving no evidence

  11. What do they call the training where they teach them to shoot dogs?

    1. All Dogs Go to Heaven

    2. Old Yeller

  12. The Killologist sounds like lame-ass supervillain from the 1950s.

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