Brickbat: Out of Bounds


Andrew Cuomo
Bob Jagendorf / CC/SA

The State University of New York at Albany has canceled a basketball game at Duke University. Officials say the game would violate New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's ban on nonessential travel to North Carolina, a ban enacted because of a state law requiring individuals to use the bathroom matching the gender on their birth certificate in government buildings.

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  1. This really needs to end up in an Ouroboroslike Title IX discrimination suit against the university.

    1. I’m guessing it’s going to end up with a bunch of bookies testifying. Cuomo isn’t exactly the pope.

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  3. This is what got them to boycott Duke, not what the Gang of 88 wanted to do to due process.

  4. Cuomo’s a dick.

  5. I presume it is a ban only on *state employee* travel to NC, because otherwise I would expect the Governor to get his knuckles firmly rapped by a court of law.

    1. It is.

      But SUNY is a state-owned and operated system.

      1. so the students are gummint employees too?

  6. Albany men’s basketball coach Will Brown told ESPN on Thursday, “At this point in time I cannot comment on the matter other than we are looking forward to playing our new opening night opponent, Penn State.”

    It really seems like someone is being trolled here.

  7. Cuomo still striving for the title of world’s biggest jackass.

    1. ahead by a nose?

  8. yeah, why travel all that way to get your ass kicked when there’s a couple of schools for the blind nearby that can do it without impacting the environment.

  9. File under doing the right thing (isolating the Duke infection,) for the wrong reason (bathroom politics.)

  10. OT: Portland never disappoints.

    “An Oregon doughnut shop is hiring?just not any vegans or vegetarians. A job ad for Pip’s Original Doughnuts in Portland describes the ideal candidate as someone with “a friendly, outgoing personality,” but “no non-medical, non-religious dietary restrictions” that “would stop you from tasting, accurately representing our treats, and maintaining quality control.”

    “Won’t return now that I know you discriminate against vegetarians,” one customer writes on the bake shop’s Facebook page. But co-owner Nate Snell isn’t budging.

    “After receiving as much hate email as we have in the last two days, I’m more steadfast and sure of our position than ever,” he writes.”…..op-job-ad/

    1. He knows the boycott brigade can’t actually break their habits and forgets their outrage if they don’t gain ground.

      I like this guy.

    2. I bet veg[etari]ans make up a big part of his customer base.

  11. This’ll make some change!

    1. Except nobody cares about SUNY Albany sports except the people who play on the teams.

      1. You forgot the local news channels.

        1. You’re right, nobody cares about the local news channels either.

      2. and not even most of them

  12. Where the hell can I drop a duke?

    1. What does it say on your birth certificate?

      1. Donald Soetoro. Why?

  13. The NCAA this spring announced a policy to require sites hosting or bidding on both its predetermined and merit-based events to show how they will provide an environment that is “safe, healthy and free from discrimination.”

    Emphasis added. That is over-constrained and impossible.

    Unless, of course, those words have technical meanings.

  14. Two reactions:

    “”It’s most unfortunate. As an institution, if not personally, we have gone on the record indicating that our state position on this [HB2] is very troubling, if not embarrassing,” Duke athletic director Kevin White told ESPN on Thursday.”

    Waaah, it’s unfair that a bunch of fanatics who lash out mercilessly at perceived enemies should target *us,* we’re nice people, please like us!

    “In a statement, North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory called Cuomo’s executive order “ridiculous” and wants the game to be played.

    “”While Governor Cuomo has initiated a ridiculous boycott of our state, thousands of his citizens continue to move out of New York and now call North Carolina home,” he said. “Millions of dollars of misleading, taxpayer-subsidized commercials nor an executive order will not stop this exodus. Governor Cuomo, our North Carolina borders are open and our citizens are hospitable. Play ball!””

    Now *that’s* more like it.

    1. Complaining about misuse of tax dollars to subsidize things is rather ironic in context of intercollegiate sports at a public university.

    2. So much this. I am planning on being one of the mass exodus from NY within the next year. NC is the intended destination. More jobs, fewer taxes, fewer liberals, and better weather. Plus it would be hard to be worse than this part of upstate NY. Detroit and Chicago would be worse, but not much else.

      1. could be Philadelphia, all the shit & crime of NYC without any of the benefits

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