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'Sex Trafficking Survivor' at Democratic Convention Not Actually Victim of Sex Trafficking

Ima Matul was a victim of forced labor, or labor trafficking. In the U.S. and around the world, it's as common if not more common than sex trafficking.



Today the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) announced the evening's roster of speakers, including "sex trafficking survivor" Ima Matul. On Tuesday evening, Matul spoke during the "Fight of Her Life: Secretary of State" portion of the night's remarks, between U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) and former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. 

There's just one problem: Matul isn't a sex-trafficking survivor. 

That's not to diminish what Matul went through—according to her bio, Matul was born and raised in Indonesia and took a job in the U.S. as a teenager. But the recruiter turned out to be a human trafficker. Matul was forced into domestic servitude, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, providing childcare, and performing other household tasks for a family in Los Angeles. She worked long days, seven days per week, and wasn't paid. 

Matul was a victim of forced labor, or what U.S. law tends to refer to as "labor trafficking." In the U.S. and around the world, labor trafficking is as common if not more common than sex trafficking.

DNCC email

Yet it's sex trafficking that gets all the media attention and government resources. It's sex trafficking that captures the public imagination as our next big boogeyman. It's sex trafficking that the DNCC chose to market tonight, regardless of the truth of Matul's situation. 

The DNCC didn't respond to my request for comment Tuesday. 

It may seem like a small slip-up, but it mirrors the way sex and labor trafficking are treated in general in America, and recalls how Hillary Clinton handled sex trafficking when she was secretary of state.

Under Clinton's lead, the State Department pursued prostitution raid and rescue policies that human rights groups like Amnesty International decry. (For more on this, see Magaret Corvid and Yasmin Nair's essays—"Hillary Screws Sex Workers" and "Marry the State, Jail the People: Hillary Clinton and the Rise of Carceral Feminism," respectively—in False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton.) And as Anne Elizabeth Moore Threadbare: Clothes, Sex, and Trafficking, sex work can provide an alternative to exploitative garment-factory labor for women in poor countries, yet the rescue-industry supported by U.S. officials—and the Clinton Foundation, a big backer of disgraced sex-trafficking advocate Somaly Mam—tends to send women back into these sorts of jobs.

During Sen. Klobuchar's convention speech, she focused largely on sex trafficking, citing questionable statistics about human trafficking being the "third largest" criminal economy in the world. 

h/t Bella Robinson

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  1. A women is kidnapped and works as a household slave, but without a sex angle - and the Democrats just put sex in there.

    It's like they have sex on the brain.

    1. Reminds me of an old joke in Playboy where a psychiatrist was giving Jerry Falwell a Rorschach test. So the doctor shows Falwell an ink blot, and every time Falwell would say that it looked like a naked lady. after about 10 pictures the Dr. Tells him, "You seem to be awfully preoccupied with naked ladies," and Falwell replies with, "Hey, you're the one with all the dirty pictures."

      1. That joke is a hardy perennial.

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      2. That's the third time I've seen that joke on a libertarian(ish) site in the past week.

        1. Like I said, it's an old joke. And it seemed obvious to this story.

          1. It's my favorite dad joke of all time along with the mathematician/statistician/economist one.

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    2. Was this even "forced" labor? I mean, was she imprisoned? What stopped her from running out of the house and going to the first cops she sees and saying "help, take me back to Indonesia"? Could it perhaps be that she preferred to stay in the U.S. and continue her services, rather than return to the shithole from whence she came.

      (Of course, if she really was imprisoned, I take it back. And I am not saying that what the employer did was right. What I am saying is that on some level, she chose this.)

      1. I also wonder about her employers were they white Americans or former Indonesians as well where the practice of servitude is still a common thing like it is any many east asian countries. Its not an excuse but does bring context to why.

        1. We would have known if it was a white family, the DNC can't help but push the false race war agenda, they would have figured out how to squeeze in the white family

      2. I suppose you also ask why victims of domestic abuse don't just pack up and leave? It's not so simple.

        Labor trafficking (forced labor) labor abuses is a huge global problem. So huge we are all supporting it. Do you eat chocolate? Anything with palm oil in it? (Lots of food and cosmetics), drink coffee? Smoke tobacco? Wear gold? Diamonds? Etc. etc. etc. The U.S. State department estimated (2014 data) that nearly 70% of the forced labor on the globe is non sex related.

        Begs the question why forced sex labor has dominated the discussion.


    3. Ima tool? It's like they're not even trying.

      1. Better than Ima Dumbitch, I guess.

    4. Did Democrats put sex in there? Where did they do that? Amy Klobuchar talked about both sex and human trafficking, and referred to Ima as a human trafficking survivor. Ima herself didn't mention sex - just forced labor and human trafficking. Where is this claim coming from?

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  2. It's not a "small slip-up." It's intentional mendacity for which the mainstream media would never call out the Dems.

    1. Yep, the ***SEX*** makes it front page material, and there's no way an editor is gonna let that pass.

  3. "Matul was forced into domestic servitude, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, providing childcare, and performing other household tasks for a family in Los Angeles. She worked long days, seven days per week, and wasn't paid."

    I'm presuming that "forced" means she relied on the recruiter for sustenance, but I've also got to presume that she learned enough English to function in those activities.
    At that point, what kept her? Even if she was here illegally, she could go to the (LSMFT) and at worst be deported.

      1. "A few days later, her neighbor arranged Ima's escape. They drove far from the house where she had been held captive for three years. Ima didn't ask where they were going ? she was just happy and relieved to have escaped.
        Ima's neighbor took her to the offices of the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) in Los Angeles, where they provided Ima with counseling, support groups, legal assistance, and job skills training."

        Isn't that amazing?! The neighbor knew exactly who to contact after seeing this woman for three years and doing nothing!!!

        1. I'm not saying I believe it.

        2. They drove far from the house where she had been held captive for three years. Ima didn't ask where they were going ? she was just happy and relieved to have escaped

          She's been held captive for three years and she just gets in a car with a stranger, no idea where she's going, and "Danger Danger Will Robinson!" wasn't playing in her head? Yeah right.

  4. reposting from previous thread, because Germane-ish-ness... or something

    ""Common Core is a political third rail we should not be touching at all."""

    You ever notice that the things that democrats consider "the Third Rail" most often tend to be *their own policies*?

    e.g. "Things Democrats Don't Want to Talk About"

    - Healthcare (Obamacare)
    - Education (Common Core)
    - Criminal justice reform (& Clinton's 'tough on crime' legacy)
    - Foreign Policy (Like Clinton's "reset button failure", or clamoring to intervene in Libya or Syria)


    what DO they want to talk about? "I have a vagina, and those men with red ties are racists"?

    re: the latter - I suppose we've learned what they want to talk about tonight

    "many of us have vaginas = and trumps hates all of them
    and all republicans want to let pimps trade them like pokemon"

  5. I think they're working up to Bill Clinton's speech.

    "My fellow Americans, I am deeply troubled at the thought of all these nubile girls chained up and enslaved...their ripe bosoms heaving in distress as they...anyway, if this were one of my $100,000 speeches I'd go into more detail..."

    1. Speaking of Clinton speech:

      "And I believe that we can be entering into an era of fruitful cooperation between the United States and the United Arab Emirates"

      ("Psst...Mr. Clinton, your speech in the United Arab Emirates is *next* week.")

      "...between the United States and your great nation..."

      ("Psst, this is the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia, they're nominating Hillary.")

      "...and God Bless America!"

  6. "There's just one problem: Matul isn't a sex-trafficking survivor."

    Elizabeth, why do you insist on fucking with the narrative. Shut up, move along, and get in line.

    1. Because she's a self-hating gender traitor who doesn't sufficiently abhor rape and believes that because some women can trade sex for money without their poor little feminine brains realizing it's just paid-for rape, then all prostitution should be legal.

  7. h/t Bella Robinson

    Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.

    1. It took me a while to realize that in the song, it seems that Mrs. Robinson is being committed to an institution for the insane.


      1. Considering the h/t leads to Bella's twitter account, it seems fitting.

        1. I don't mean her, but the subject of the song.

          1. Nah, twitter is an asylum. No idea about the song. Never sawr the movie.

            1. Well, basically this girl freaks out because her fiancee used to be her mother's lover...

              oh, and "plastics."

              1. The asylum stuff wasn't in the movie, but was a conceit of the song.

                We'd like to know a little bit about you for our files
                We'd like to help you learn to help yourself.
                Look around you all you see are sympathetic eyes,
                Stroll around the grounds until you feel at home.

      2. Nymphomania? Probably not. Rehab for alcohol dependency.

        1. OK, that makes much more sense.

        2. Could it be for an eating disorder? Cupcakes in her pantry.

  8. There is something patently ridiculous about the fact that the lead up to Bill Clinton....

    ...is going to be a parade of people speaking about the importance of "Women's issues" and the vile vileness of the opposition.

    Let me repeat = BILL. CLINTON.

    being preceded by lots of *woman*. Talking about being 'mistreated and exploited' and stuff. and how women need to be treated seriously.



    If there is no dissonance it is because there are no thoughts.

    i mean it almost makes you think that if there were someone out there who was like, I don't know.... a writer? covering the convention? they might actually take note of the inherent tension of ideas going on.

    Because nothing says, "We're the party that's going to usher in a new age in women's rights" like putting the most philandering president of the last half-century - a man who was impeached for 'abusing subordinates' in the oval office - up at the podium.

    Nothing symbolic there. NAAAAAH. crazy talk.

    1. Why do you believe Roger Stone? "Literally everything he has ever said is a lie". -My favorite Young Turk quote.

        1. Yes, it was. Cenk's response video is where I got that quote. 4 people sitting in a half circle, swearing as they stroke each other's ruffled feathers. Delicious.

      1. everything he has ever said is a lie

        I thought you were referencing the book about Bill

        i don't grok the roger stone connect

        1. IIRC, it's in here.

          1. Asking me to watch The Young Turks is more of a punishment rather than an explanation

            1. You know who else couldn't entertain an idea without accepting it?

              1. I want to say "Sammy Davis Jr.", but i think he could entertain anything.

                I watched about half of the video before my brain demanded i move on to other things.

            2. You don't care about Patty's 10-pound baby?

    2. If he was still alive, would you prefer Ted Kennedy?

      1. I'd think anyone who didn't "blantantly undermine their own theme" would be an improvement.

        Ted, even if he were alive, i suspect would be too drunk to stand at this point in the evening.

        1. He's only had a few, he's still good to drive.

          1. "He's only had a few, he's still good to drive."

            Not with me in he car, but then he'd never ask.

      2. I'd prefer JFK. Lowered taxes. Said, "Ask not what your country can do for you ...", a thought that no modern democrat - or republican - entertains.

    3. Why? Bill Clinton is a great ally of women. Who would think anything different?

      1. You mispelled 'lay'.

    4. "Let me repeat = BILL. CLINTON."

      But let's put that all behind us.
      Have you seen how the GOP is trying to make people believe Hillary isn't to be trusted?! Have you seen that?!

    5. I was under the impression he was impeached for perjury. You know, that whole lying while under oath thing. Maybe I'm wrong.

  9. "There's just one problem: Matul isn't a sex-trafficking survivor"
    Well, she's speaking to people who think Elizabeth Warren is a Cherokee, Al Gore is a Scientist, and Bernie Sanders is honest, so "what difference...?" and all that.

    1. Sanders is honest. deluded, ignorant, yes.... but honest.

      i think it might have worked better if you said, "brilliant economist"

      1. I stand corrected.

      2. "isn't a doddering old commie in denial"

  10. I know well some flaming proggies who paid far less than a living wage to nannies they brought over from Central Asian countries and did not report a dime of it. Not exactly forced labor and it was a fortune compared to what they would have made if they didn't come to the US. I could rat out their employers, but they are related to me...

    1. See above, below, and beside.
      The woman bought into an illegal entrance scheme, and there is no reason to presume she didn't know it: "Get jobs in America with not waiting!"
      Right and since she's a female, there's no way she could have possible understood the issues involved, poor dear! Wymens are just such precious, unconscious humans!
      Damn, I'm tired of the hypocrisy!

    2. If it wasn't for double standards, the left would have none at all. It's no coincidence that my Progressive friends will say one thing is a good idea for everyone, and do an entirely different thing for themselves. You see, the rules they want to install are for other people. They know better, so the rules for the unwashed masses don't apply to them. It's for the masses own good, after all. They are entirely in the bag for big government making everyone's decisions for them, except for themselves, because they are enlightened.

  11. For First Time, Trump's Image on Par With Clinton's

    The numbers for both candidates, based on interviewing conducted July 18-25, are 37% favorable and 58% unfavorable.

    This is the most hilarious election of my lifetime. Maybe ever. One reason I can get annoyed at all the anti-Trump frothing around here is that it misses the punk/anarchist joke level of Trump. You guys are always blabbing about how people put too much faith in politicians. Well, President Trump is a chance to make your point. If he does blemish the office of President forever, that will have made a libertarian point, no? Libertarians aren't supposed to put so much faith in government.

    But ideology gets in the way. Somehow the "freedom of movement" plank must overrule all others. So when a politician finally gives voice to the common (and common sense) position that not everyone in the world has the right to come here, especially not if they're criminals or jihadis or destined for welfare, then you freak out....

    1. it misses the punk/anarchist joke level of Trump.

      the lack of sense of humor about trump, and the lack of glee at the damage he would do to the overly-deified executive-branch, is certainly one of the worst things about the younger writers here.

      they're so utterly boring in their insistence in echoing every little boring emoto-meme of the mainstream media

      1. the lack of sense of humor about trump, and the lack of glee at the damage he would do to the overly-deified executive-branch, is certainly one of the worst things about the younger writers here.

        As always, I'm left to pick up the slack.

        1. you've got a lot of work ahead of you, there's slack all over the place

    2. Hey - no offense but you're way too focused on immigration here. Trump's anti-immigration stance is only a small part of the total package. People here aren't screaming about Trump because he wants to build a wall, there's a lot more to it.

      Sadly, the magazine itself has spent that last several weeks going over Trumps faults in *exquisite* detail - all the way down to his 'vulgarness' (as if libertarians as a whole would actually care about that) while Clinton's faults are (until the DNC convention started) apparently limited to warmongering and 'something, something server leaks'.

      But you're right in that this election is the most hilarious of my lifetime - possibly in the existence of the US. So many pixels spilt to parse the difference between two candidates that are so similar that the differences they do have are irrelevant.

      1. I think Trump's success is mostly based on immigration (and perhaps because that's what I get the most abuse for in the comments, I do tend to think it's a big part of the package). You're right, there are many other objectionable things about Trump, but some of them are minor. Yeah, I don't like Kelo either, but among issues a President decides, where is eminent domain on the list? Maybe #173? And who here thinks Hillary is going to be to a defender of private property rights?

        1. You don't have to agree with Trump's immigration policy to think that it was a large part of his popularity. The 'elites' on both sides embraced an open border policy that was deeply unpopular with the base, at least on the Republican side. (Although I'm sure there are also plenty of working class Democrats out there that aren't thrilled about it either.) And when reasonable people refuse to handle an issue, that leaves the door open for unreasonable people.

          As for Hillary, I don't know how free trade she would probably be slightly more trade than Trump, based on TPP, which was a horrible trade bill, especially on IP but which is a start. And as for how she feels about Kelo, I'm sure some hard hitting journalist will get her opinion on that shortly after I get my hunting permit for flying hogs.

          1. The hoi polloi are in a nationalist, anti-globalist mood. Trade is part of it, and it's too bad that it's caught up in the fever, but that's only part of it. It's the revolt of people who were never consulted about flooding the country with the Third World, be they Latin American peasants or practitioners of the most dangerous, backward, and anti-American religion on the planet.

            This is what other countries are for: to hold foreigners. Sure, a little cross-pollination may be fine, and trade is usually good, but "diversity" as some sort of absolute virtue? Bull. It's the Golden Calf of today, one we are forced to worship. It's idealism at its very worst, and a weapon against liberty. More poor people? It proves the need for more government to help them! More racial strife? It proves the need for more government to train the racism out of people! More Islamic terror? It proves the need for more surveillance and gun control to stop it! I'm astonished that more libertarians do not see this process.

            1. Grammar nazi:
              "hoi" = "the"

              1. true, but writing style-guides have been calling usage with "the" good since... well, forever.

                english usage of foreign phrases rarely integrates them in a way that is technically-accurate for both at the same time.

            2. I think you're right in that the GOP base is in a *protectionist* mood - of which immigration is just one part of a package that includes genuine idiocy like trade barriers and anti-globalization (I'm willing to concede that immigration has down as well as upsides - as the ME is showing - though I still think that on net immigration from Mexico and parts south is a benefit to us) and along with that comes a scary amount of nationalism.

              Unfortunately the right's answer to 'more government intervention' seems to consist solely of 'more government intervention - but in different areas'.

              1. (I'm willing to concede that immigration has down as well as upsides - as the ME is showing - though I still think that on net immigration from Mexico and parts south is a benefit to us) and along with that comes a scary amount of nationalism.

                Unfortunately the right's answer to 'more government intervention' seems to consist solely of 'more government intervention - but in different areas'.

                I quite like this. Nice delineation here, Ag.

                We've gone from, "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, and we offer them opportunity. If any among them have problems which can be cured by nothing but hard work, success dwells for such a one here."

                To, "Ghettos! And there are few jobs, nor can you make any new ones, but please look into our full range of expensive social services, for which your neighbors will pay dearly and despise you."

                The only class enriched by the latter is the ruling class. All else are punished for participation both voluntary and otherwise.

                1. ^^^^^^^ I'm fucking stealing this shit.........

            3. This is what other countries are for: to hold foreigners.

              I like that line. 🙂

  12. http://tinyurl.com/hch44ys

    Cash-strapped drinker is caught on camera strolling NAKED through the streets after leaving his clothes as collateral for an unpaid bar tab in Czech pub

    Something you'd never see in the US - the cops briefly stopped and questioned the guy, then let him go about his business. Not even a single holster was loosened let alone a gun drawn.

    1. after leaving his clothes as collateral for an unpaid bar tab in Czech pub

      He left them with the coat Czech girl.

      1. Very nice. Pour yourself a drink, and take the rest of the night off.

      2. I thought it was the Croat Czech girl, but it could be Greek to me.

        1. No worries if you're wrong, you won't find me Russian to judgment.

          1. It's OK, Yugoslavia for all you're worth, though it appears Ukraine your neck too much and are suffering a Slovak from it. Romanian across the Steppes may help loosen your neck.

      3. I'm Belgian to make make a pun here.

        1. You're too Slovenia for punnery...))))

          1. I will admit, I'm a bit slow when it comes to clever retorts. It's almost like I'm trapped in EStonia.

    2. Talk about a Bohemian lifestyle...

    3. Ok, I've got one for you, or at least as close as I can get in the US.

      On a divided highway, I turned into the opposing direction's turn lane except that it was blocked off with traffic cones due to road construction. While figuring out how to turn around and get out of it, a car swoops up behind and turns on the flashing lights. I'm driving a rental so I thought I had it in park and take my foot off the brake, car was still in reverse. Cop (actually sheriff deputy) honks his horn.

      I put it in park, he get gets out, I explain I was looking for the left turn to get back to the hotel but turned into the wrong way. He looks at me for a half second and goes "Yeah, it's the next one up ahead. Be careful getting out of here." And drives away. Out of state rental. Doesn't ask for license or anything. Doesnt arrest me for trying to ram his cruiser.

      1. Something recently put him in a good mood, and he was still feeling the afterglow. I decline to speculate further.

      2. Was it near the first of the month? So maybe he had time to meet his quota?

    4. Maybe the cops left their ammo as surety for THEIR bar tabs...
      Wait! In Czechoslovakia the cops stand up for individual rights. In Amerikkka they are executioners of those who "violate the ethical and moral feelings of the Germanic race."

  13. Suggestions for music for the Convention

    Love the one you're with

    1. Money (Pink Floyd)
      Tell Me Lies (Fleetwood Mac)
      War! What is It Good for? Just About Everything!
      Billion Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper)

    2. That "victim" the Dems trotted out looks a lot like a contestant in one of those photo sequences where you're supposed to say which one is the ladyboy and which is the real girl... just sayin'...
      At a Libertarian convention we'd be trying to get her out of jail and into a freelancer work permit.

  14. Someone help me: I got sucked into some cute nerd woman's review of Ghostbusters, and now I'm watching other cute nerd women movie reviews/reactions. This is not the kind of man I want to be.

    1. That's horrible, but I need more information, where is this Web site you're looking at?

        1. Wow, sounds like an intellectually-stimulating site.

          1. Let me suggest you either take a cold shower or watch this.

    2. Nothing wrong with a cute nerd woman. Especially ones you see on that site.

  15. "Clinton wins historic nomination, emotional boost from Bill"
    Did he promise not to pork the next intern walking by? Or did he say "Hillary's a TEN!"
    Which lies did the trick?

    1. He's loved her everyday just as much as the first time he saw her. It was an excellent speech

      1. When he first laid eyes on her, he thought to himself, "this is the woman I want to cheat on for the rest of my life."

  16. While Bill is talking, this is the song going through his head.

  17. In honor of the founder of the Democratic Party, here's something from Thomas Jefferson's playlist.

  18. "Matul was forced into domestic servitude, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, providing childcare, and performing other household tasks for a family in Los Angeles. She worked long days, seven days per week, and wasn't paid."

    Progressive and reliably Democrat no doubt.

  19. Promoted comments are only used by shills that can, or will pay for the promoted comment system. =D
    As an Agorist I applaud Reason IF they are making money on the deal. =D

  20. #2
    44 points
    "At least this is a convention with substance. That was a total disorganized mess in Cleveland last week. A convention of divisiveness, hate,and doom. Did not hear one thing Donald Trump has done good in his life for anyone. It's because he only cares about The Donald."

    Sarc? Stupidity?

    1. How It Works

      SolidOpinion is a fully customizable program that works ontop of your existing comment section, like Disqus or WordPress comments. It gives commenters the ability to vote comments up or down

      Here's where the fun comes in. Commenters earn points for participating in the conversation. These points can then be redeemed for rewards, like merchandise, gift cards or higher placement within the conversation. Those users who want to achieve rewards faster can purchase points to move their comment to the top, with you receiving a share of the revenue.

      So, I'm going with: an actual shill.

        1. I can't really blame blame Reason for trying to pick up a bit of extra cash. Those monocle mines aren't paying off like they used to. The promoted comments are presented as promoted comments that somebody paid to put at the top of the comments, and everybody pretty much ignores.

          If some sucker thinks they have some genius insightful comment that they have to pay people to go,"Hey I have to mull that over," then they're probably not saying anything we haven't heard before. But whatever, it helps pay the staff's salaries.

  21. Today in "stuff I wish I didn't know:"

    Remember Sophie B. Hawkins' song Damn I Wish I was Your Lover? According to Wikipedia, she did a version aimed at Hillary Clinton called "Damn, We Wish You Were President."

      1. Speaking of SugarFreeing the link, I think reality just topped SugarFree again.

    1. Ugh. I like her singing voice but her normal speaking voice makes her sound retarded.


      In February 2011, Hawkins performed at the Big Gay Party event staged by GOProud, an organization of gay conservatives, as part of the year's Conservative Political Action Conference festivities. In an after-show interview in the reason.tv documentary "Liberal in Bed, Conservative in the Head: Sophie B. Hawkins", Hawkins gave her views on issues such as gun ownership, the free market, limited government and identity politics.

    2. You have obviously never watched Community, where she performed I wish Abed was Batman.

    1. I have a 12" of that, signed by the entire band. One of the great songs of the '80s.

      And Patty Smyth... so would, and still would.

      1. If nobody else is commenting on your phrasing, I guess I won't either.

  22. Why is ENB stressing over this? The goals of social justice are noble even though their tactics are dishonest, right?

    1. Reality is a mere speed bump on the road of narrative reification.

  23. Sex trafficking is common around the world but this propaganda is verging on 80's drug war hysteria. There are so many things wrong here. First of all if someone hires you in Indonesia for a 'job' then obviously it's sex and they all know that. Normally the parents sell their own children. Sure, horrible, but very rare that it would come to the US. Then Klobuchar used it as an excuse to bomb ISIS - because they are sex trafficking women. No, you can't bomb people because they sell themselves into international sex trafficking rings. Sorry. And finally Klobuchar told the story of the pimp but it's actually a one-time thing and not a 'ring' (and I suspect the mother was involved but of course details are sketchy). It's all nonsense and hysteria. Fool me once. #NeverAgain

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  25. Well, she is if she identifies at one at that particular moment. Afterward, she can identify as something entirely different, say, a mom of a thug? See, it's fabulous in the squishy, nebulous world of liberalism.

  26. Where did the DNC refer to her as a "sex trafficking survivor"? This article is entirely based on that claim, but I can't find any reference to that happening. Amy Klobuchar talked about both forced labor and sexual servitude, and brought up Ima as a "human trafficking survivor" and Ima's speech never mentioned sex - it talked about human trafficking and forced labor. Can the author please back up his claim that she was being presented as a sex trafficking survivor? It may have happened, but no evidence of that is presented here or in the transcripts of the speeches.

  27. Presidential nominee at DNC not actually presidential

  28. What difference, at this point, does it make?!

  29. Sucn an overblown piece of nitpicking. If they did mention it by mistake , it must have been one time out of many. Because I am seeing other places where she was introduced as a human trafficking victim. I don't see anywhere where she is referred to as a sex trafficking victim. If they did mention,it, some careless asisstant must have screwed up the title.

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  31. The Democratic party, like its Republican looter buddies, wants girls put in prison and their savings confiscated for sex work or just relaxing with a reefer after a hard day in those Cleveland motels. Both want the IRS to send men with guns to hound your heels and confiscate your bank account. Only the Dems want to make sure working girls can have contraceptives and prophylaxis lest some DNA test make it difficult for one of their officeholders to issue slick and evasive denials.

  32. Perhaps a better title would have been, "Reason Reporter Can't Be Arsed to Watch Speech - something something Hunter Thompson".

  33. Why invent the term "labor trafficking" when the word "slavery" is already available and accurate?

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  35. "Under Clinton's lead, the State Department pursued prostitution raid and rescue policies that human rights groups like Amnesty International decry."

    I see Hillary is still enabling Bill and his friend, billionaire convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. It's a good thing none of the Clintons are in office. I hope their $2 billion slush fund masquerading as a charity first loses its IRS status as a charity (but I bet Trump does nothing about it), and second they end up spending the money on politics to get no one elected.

    We can at least celebrate that Clinton spent 2X what Trump did (and also that Jeb spent quite a lot for nothing), yielding no favors for their rich friends who provided the money. Now we'll get to see if Trump avoids conflicts between his personal financial interests, and his interest in making America great again. I'm not too hopeful, because I've not seen any indication that he knows it was the freedom we used to have, that made America great.

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