Democratic Convention 2016

Lena Dunham, Sushi Justice Warrior, Is Right About Trump's Sexism

The Democratic Party's approach to women's issues is flawed, but Trump is so vile it hardly matters.


Screenshot via Snappy TV

Actress and writer Lena Dunham took a break from decrying the amount of cultural appropriation going on in the Oberlin College cafeteria to deliver a speech at the Democratic National Convention Tuesday night. She was joined by fellow actress America Ferrera.

"I'm Lena Dunham, and according to Donald Trump, my body is probably like a two," said Dunham, beginning her speech.

"I'm America Ferrera, and according to Donald Trump, I'm probably a rapist," added Ferrera, referencing Trump's comments about Mexicans.

Dunham and Ferrera then recapped Trump's myriad sexist and racist remarks and urged voters to get behind Hillary Clinton, the candidate who is pro-choice, supportive of paid family leave, in favor of equal pay for equal work, and an advocate for sexual assault survivors.

"Donald Trump's not making America great again," said Ferrera. "He's make America hate again."

Dunham has been a pro-Clinton force of nature since age 9—or perhaps age 6 (various aspects of her biography are strangely disputed). Clinton is her childhood hero. Like Clinton, Dunham is a divisive figure—some call her the voice of the millennial generation, others accuse her of exaggerating one sexual assault and committing another. While her show, Girls, is frequently a fascinating indictment of the worst tendencies of her generation, her real-life politics are as one-dimensional as they come. Suffice it to say, Dunham wasn't winning any converts to Clinton's cause tonight.

My point is this: Dunham was always going to stand at the DNC podium and call the Republican Party's presidential candidate a rampant sexist. At the same time, the Republican Party chose as its candidate the person for whom that smear is completely and undeniably true: Donald Trump.

This does not reflect well on the GOP. There's much to criticize about Dunham and Clinton's brand of feminism: mandatory paid-leave is an ill-considered policy that undercuts women in the workforce, the wage gap is real but nowhere near as large as many activists believe, and the outcry over campus sexual assault is inflamed by misleading statistics. On each of these issues, there's a powerful case to be made that the federal government's heavy-handed approach to solving the problem—the approach supported by Clinton and Dunham—is wrong-headed.

But it's going to be hard for the Republican Party to make that case so long as its standard-bearer lives up to every stereotype about the GOP's War on Women. Trump is so vile, he proves Lena Dunham kind of right.

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  1. Puleeeeaaaasseeee, anyone who cares anything about what Len Dunham has to say is … really? LOL.

    Oh, back to the article. Please give some really good examples of Trump’s sexism Why is she right?

    1. Trump was rude to meghan kelly. he therefore is vile and hates all women. Its like you do not even speak logic. educate yourself.

      1. No, I mean, really. Is Reason going to become the next Salon or New Republic, or are they ever going to explain these accusations of Trump’s sexism? There’s a lot to not like about the guy, but at least explain why, because it’s not common knowledge outside of Democrat talking points.

        1. He has said highly unusual things about women in his life. Very unusual, inflammatory things. I mean, the things he said were common enough thoughts, but you’re not allowed to say them out loud without a bunch of media busybodies and various clingers-on playacting at being shocked and offended.

        2. are they ever going to explain these accusations of Trump’s sexism?

          What part of “educate yourself” did you not understand?

          It is not Robby’s obligation to explain everything to you and enact labors on your behalf.. there are millions of tweet-worths of proof out there on the internet. Trump is a vile sexist. your demands for evidence are a sign you are likely a sexist as well. and vile.

          1. He hass been sexist for a long vile, darlink.

        3. Hyp I think this entire article is some form of sarcasm. =D

        1. Truth hurts. Amsoc butthurt.

        2. I suggest you watch some Sex and the City and get examples of what women (and women writers) say about men.

          1. That’s different. Women, as an oppressed group, have a right to hate men, their oppressors.

            In all seriousness, here’s a question I’ve had for while: Why is Trump’s crude remarks about women a bigger issue than Hillary likely being a serial spouse abuse?


          2. That’s different. Women, as an oppressed group, have a right to hate men, their oppressors.

            In all seriousness, here’s a question I’ve had for while: Why is Trump’s crude remarks about women a bigger issue than Hillary likely being a serial spouse abuse?


    2. clearly, Trump’s comments about women are far far worse than Bill’s predatory behavior and Hills’ cover for it / trashing of the women involved.


        1. Yeah, man. The second those Monica Lewinsky accusations were made, Hillary should have divorced her husband and dragged her teenage kid through a divorce proceeding in front of the entire country. WHAT AN ENABLING BITCH!!!

          1. Well, that’s what a self-respecting woman would have done that wasn’t obsessed with political power.

          2. Or she could have done it when he assaulted Juanita Brodderick, or Paula Jones, or Kathleen Willey. Just spit balling here.

          3. Its called having principles you stupid progtwat. Either you have them and stick with them or you don’t. Hillary is all about “Do as I say, not as I do”.

          4. She also made special arrangements to handle his bimbo eruptions. So, yes, an enabler.

            1. And let’s not forget how Hillary and her minions smeared Bill’s accusers.

          5. Chelsea was a fart away from being 18 when the Lewinsky story broke. Hardly a sob story. Besides, Hillary didn’t have to divorce Bill. She could have just cut his nuts off instead.

          6. Haha, are you kidding? Wouldn’t her kids be better off being pulled out of the media spotlight of being in the royal family, not to mention being pulled away from a potentially abusive father?

            Now you’re an old-fashioned family values kinda guy who thinks staying together ‘for the sale of the kids’ is good for anyone, let alone the actual kids?

      2. Also worse than fake rape accusations and finger banging your 7 year old sister.

    3. I’m sure that after she said Trump was a sexist, she went on to praise such feminist icons like Ted Kennedy and Alan Grayson.

      Let’s face it, if they had nominated Condi Rice, Republicans would still be the racist and sexist party.

      1. *Ted Kennedy*

        Fuck, man. Right-wingers can’t let it go. Psst, he’s dead, you know.

        1. And when did Bill Clinton and Alan Grayson die? Because I could have sworn he was on TV just a few minutes ago.

          1. Slick Willy looked and sounded like a ghost. He’ll be gone soon.

        2. You guys are still complaining about Reagan and Scalia, so why not?

    4. There’s a terrible rumor, but I hope it’s just something Sugarfree says to keep us in line. Every time you respond to a troll Lena Dunham films another nude scene. Don’t do it. Not worth the unspeakable horror.

      1. Yes, but I don’t watch her show. Every time she does another nude scene, ten SJW reviewers have to watch it, then write 2000 words about how daring it is.

        1. It is an unalterable rue of the universe that every time Lena Dunham take her clothes off, the internet will force you at some point to see it.

          1. “Unalterable rue of the universe”

            *stands and applauds*

            1. That is a damn fine typo, if I do say so myself.

    5. It’s like you guys can’t google or something:…

      1. Holy shit the left is a bunch of fucking beta pussies.

        None of those are examples of misogyny.

        The vary first one:

        1990: When he belittled his wife

        In an interview with Vanity Fair, while he was still married to Ivana, Trump said:

        “I would never buy Ivana any decent jewels or pictures. Why give her negotiable assets

        Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you people.

        1. Don’t you know that saying anything negative about a woman or her work is misogyny? Unless that woman is right wing, of course.

        2. You gotta love how the actual quotes they cite don’t support the headline claims.

        3. The only one of those quotes that could honestly be described as sexist was the one about types of women who won’t sign a prenup. And even that was just a vague generalization in which one of the types was ‘the good ones.’ Coarse, but frankly, almost every high profile woman has said something worse about men than anything he’s said about women.

      2. Rosie O’Donnell, lol!!! Everybody is thinking the same shit about a lot of the things he said, and some of it is fucking hilarious. Chet’s plastic surgery. That’s just good fun.

  2. “After midnight, we all tryin’ to bait John out…”

    Dun, dun dun dun-ham.

  3. So you’re comparing Hillary’s (& others’) sex-related policy stances with things The Donald said about an opponent for the nomination & of a member of the media covering him? Category error, much? Ridiculous false equivalency so you can always make Trump come out worse, much?

    1. Yes, Robby is and he’s been doing it for a while. It’s tedious. Yes, Trump says outlandish things but he’s yet to sexually harass/assault numerous women, have surrogates talk about ‘dragging a hundred dollar bill through a trailer park,” use a young woman as a humidor, have a campaign unit dedicated to bimbo eruptions, and have his wife involved in the trashing of the women.

      1. And definitely don’t mention that the women who have worked for him absolutely admire him and that he was putting women in charge of major construction projects back in the 80s when no one else was doing that.

  4. And “kind of right” is Okay, and definitely not Vile.

    So woke, much ally

  5. But did she show her tits?

    1. *barf*
      Reported as Spam!

    2. That is mature and you should not shame people for being comfortable with their bodies.

      1. Free the nipple!

        1. Put it ON!

  6. Donald Trump insulted a reporter and a political opponent? Great scoop Robbie, I hadn’t heard this before. I guess that’s why they call it news!

  7. Hey soave, try and get a quote from someone who has credibilty.

  8. Check the transcript. I think America F said rapist not racist.

    Funnier that way.

    1. That was a typo, thank you

      1. Which would be worse? At this point I’m not even sure.

        1. What difference does it make?

  9. Oh, Fruit Sushi, what hath thou wrought.

    I kind of feel like it was just a tad self-defensive to publish this at night, when you knew you wouldn’t get torn apart by the commentariat.

    1. Well, torn apart as badly.

      Or maybe it was an act of mercy. John would have died of an embolism if he had the twofer of this and the Dalmia article earlier today.

      1. Nah. Damia is a comedy act at this point. Hard to take her seriously enough to get too upset. And this one is so strange it is kind of funny in its own right. It is just Soave’s cry de coer. Trump is such a meanie that its okay to be SJW. I am sure it is Robby. I am sure it is.

        The reason coverage of the DNC is such a train wreck even I am kind of starting to feel uncomfortable for them. Jesus, how many more “Like pox on both their houses man” Nick Gillespie articles can they run?

        1. You know I disagree with the frightening number of commenters here who seem to believe that Reason is some kind of crypto-socialist far-leftist rag (which appellation apparently applies to anything not staunchly paleo, hard-line libertarian, as defined by the commenter in question).

          But holy shit man, Dalmia is just too much. She’s the one regular contributor that I’ve really, honestly written off, because it’s just…so…bad.

          1. The thing about Dalmia and Weigal before her is that the mistakes at reason only go one way. They never hire someone who goes off the Libertarian reservation to the right. Yet, they often hire staff who turn out to be leftists.

            It is not so much that individual staffers are cultural lefties. It is that all the staffers when they are biased are biased left that is the problem. Jesus would it kill reason to hire someone who isn’t a hipster SJW sympathizer? Just one.

            1. Now see, I think that’s a much more reasoned (no pun intended) and intelligent remark on the subject than, “ZOMG Reason doesn’t like Trump, that makes them exactly the same as Salon!

              I wonder, given how young people’s political preferences tend to pan out, how difficult it is (rather, how small the pool is) of qualified young people who might go off the reservation to the right.

              1. I think the ones who would go right just do so and end up at Breitbart or somewhere. Also, once you get a culture where all the people in an organization lean one way, they stop realizing they are doing it. This is made worse by reason being in Washington where the air and water journalists breath is leftism.

                It is an old joke but a valid one that when the Kochs took over the reason foundation, they should have moved it to Wichita. Just getting the reason staff the hell away from Washington and around some normal people would cure half of the bias problem by itself.

              2. I don’t like Trump.

                I still find some of the spittle-flinging kind of ridiculous. If you’re going to attack somebody for something you evade in somebody else (it isn’t universal), you’re pretty clearly taking a side. You might not be doing so intentionally, but you’re doing so.

            2. This is true. While Reason can be good at exposing PC bullshit, they are often way too quick to adopt the SJW worldview and vocabulary, and call people racist/sexist/xenophobes/homophobes.

              1. Also, since I have to go to Wichita on business often, perhaps I could finally attend one of those hipster parties at the Reason offices.

            3. Well, they are explicitly courting millenials (I see it mails from Nott et al.). I think that explains much of this.

              1. In that way, millennials are the fucking problem. The response should be to try to open their eyes to their illusions, not pander to them.

                1. I don’t think most millennials that frequent libertarian blogs are also SJWs. I think Reason might be misguided here.

                  But, what do I know? I don’t run a blog.

                  1. Young people lean left – everybody knows this.

                    1. Yes, that is why I voted Bush in 2004… I was such a leftist when I was 18.

                2. In my most optimistic moments, I suspect that there are two competing urges in the youth of today. One is the desire to be a hip, progressive, right-thinking person who knows everything and disdains all the right people and will bend over backwards to prove he loves all marginalized people.

                  The other urge is the desire to be a cynical, pessimistic naysayer who refuses to be told what to do who will do and say whatever he wants and all taboos be damned.

                  Reason appeals too much to the first aspiration, when it should be focusing on the second.

          2. Dalmia has gotten to be just scroll bait at this point. I see her byline and know to just keep moving on. Even when I agree with her, her arguments are vapid and inane. The funny thing is, I can usually give 2:1 odds that I can identify her when there’s a “Reason Contributor” bylined article by her. She’s just that bad.

  10. My point is this: Dunham was always going to stand at the DNC podium and call the Republican Party’s presidential candidate a rampant sexist.

    You could say this to her face and she’d take it as a compliment.

    1. Maybe part of the reason a lot of Republicans said “fuck it” and nominated the guy who would troll the hell out of the SJCs.

      1. Yup. The SJW sickness requires some strong and unpleasant medicine to defeat.

      2. SJW – Not San Juan Capistrano

      3. Actually, having someone as unpleasant and painful to look at as Lena Dunham try to make the case against Trump probably pushed a lot of voters to The Donald.

        I wonder if he’s paying her for this reverse psychology trick.

        1. The Clinton campaign has been filled with idiotic missteps. “Love trumps hate”? Bad persuasion.

          And now they’ve decided to put the word out that Trump’s speech was “dark.” Look at how many of the usual suspects are repeating that word. But think about it: the party of Obama and “anti-racism” and BLM is trying to smear an opponent by calling them “dark”…?

  11. I’m Lena Dunham, and according to Donald Trump, my body is probably like a two

    I’m Rebel Scum, and according to Donald Trump, my body is probably a 0.1

    …because he is, presumably not gay. I don’t “do it” for him, and neither do you. Get over it.

    1. If Trump thinks Dunham is a two, he is one horny bastard with some very low standards. Other than gay men looking for a beard, just exactly what men find Dunham attractive?

      1. All of this is what I was alluding to.

      2. Other than gay men looking for a beard

        I like my beards to be apolitical, thank you very much. She strikes me as someone who never. ever. shuts up about politics.

        1. Unless you live in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, I can’t imagine thinking that dating her was preferable to just coming out of the closet. I know there are some sad closet cases out there but holy cow.

          1. And there have to be women who have bodies like hers that at least have a good personality, and aren’t about political b.s. all the time.

      3. A 2 does seem generous for Lena, but she’s not spherically obese, which would be a 1 or 0.

        1. I’ll be polite and say she’s a Hollywood 2, but normal person 6. She could stand to lose a few pounds, but I’m in no position to rag on someone for that.

          1. It’s great how you are able to post using Braille.

            1. Based solely on listening to her she’d be a -3.

            2. I love the commentariat.

          2. You are incredibly generous, thrakkorzog. I’ll grant that she’s not actively ugly, but she has an almost supernatural plainness about her. You know a young actress is unfortunate when a young Jean Stapleton has more sex appeal….

            1. As a wise man once said, “Have you ever been to the DMV?” I consider 1 and 2 reserved for people who wouldn’t look out of place with the cast of Freaks. Yeah, Dunham’s plain, but I consider plain to be around a 5, plus or minus one.

              1. Jesus Christ, on a scale of 1-120, 5 is average in attractiveness. Lena Dunham is definitely a 2.

                1. 1-10, goddammit!

      4. Presumably Grudge-Fucking doesn’t require either party to be especially attractive….its all about the “I hate you so much I’m gonna make you scream my name in ecstasy!”

  12. I’m Lena Dunham, and according to Donald Trump, my body is probably like a two

    I’m Rebel Scum, and according to Donald Trump, my body is probably a 0.1

    …because he is, presumably not gay. I don’t “do it” for him, and neither do you. Get over it.

    1. Squirrlz bodies are better, I suppose.

      1. Squirrelz are twos for sure

  13. “Supporting a major political party while whining about your body is what makes me a modern Gloria Steinem.”

    Also, you Trump guys are fucking nuts. What’s wrong with you?

  14. You guys remember how I was saying that except for a couple of people, staff at Reason were straight up and calling it fair?

    Just one or two relatively recent additions seem off.

    Also, remember when people couldn’t understand why we thought it was stupid that the Washington Post hired The Weigel to explain the Tea Party to their readers–when those of us who read his crap everyday were fairly sure he hated both us and them?

    Have you gotten that kinda feeling again lately?

    1. Soave has been holding the “Dave Weigal SJW unconvincingly pretending to be a libertarian” chair at reason for a while now.

      1. I’m starting to think Anna Merlan’s attack on him actually broke the poor guy. Hell, I’d make the fact that she was dead wrong about the Virginia rape story part of my professional byline.

    2. Soave has been holding the “Dave Weigal SJW unconvincingly pretending to be a libertarian” chair at reason for a while now.

    3. Soave has been holding the “Dave Weigal SJW unconvincingly pretending to be a libertarian” chair at reason for a while now.

      1. Wow, the rare triple squirrel dare.

        1. I breached the etiquette by skipping over the double squirrel dare.

          1. +2 yellow eyes (so help me, God: YELLOW EYES)

          2. Pretty sure that’s just a bust.

  15. Where the fuck is ENB? They just did a whole white slavery segment at the DNC.

    1. Ironic considering that the D’s were the predominant slaveholders…

      1. Non-ideological, common-sense, evidence-based slavery.

    2. By “White Slavery” I assume they weren’t talking about indentured servants or Europeans being auctioned off in the Ottoman slave markets.

      1. They still had white privilege, so it’s not a big deal.

  16. Trump’s VP candidate signed a law to forbid sex-selective abortions (among other things). A court held that this law probably violates the autonomy of women to kill their unborn daughters.

    Hillary is the candidate of sex-selective abortions. Trump is the candidate who’s against them.

    Killing a baby because it’s a baby girl sure as hell sounds like sexism to me.

  17. But it’s going to be hard for the Republican Party to make that case so long as its standard-bearer lives up to every stereotype about the GOP’s War on Women.

    It should be no wonder — at some point, the only way to “win” against these people is to become the caricature. Even if only to have a bit of fun at their expense, since you know very well they’re incapable of getting the gag.

    Not saying that’s the case for many, but I’m sure it is a factor for some.

  18. Post something indicating that Trump is sexist. I’m waiting. I sure as fuck would not let a commenter embarrass me if I were a contributor on a site like this. I seriously doubt that Trump is a sexist. But I am open minded and my open mind can be changed. Just not by the opinion of a disingenuous hack like Dunham. Reason needs to exceed the morality and principles of shit rags like Huffpo.

    I am waiting.

    1. You don’t understand. Trump says mean things about Mexicans and Muslims. That means he must be a sexist. Don’t you see the violence in the system man?

      And I love how reason wants to import as many Muslim immigrants as possible, yet it is Trump who is waging a war on women, because he objects to that.

    2. Yeah, it’s getting old. If they make assertions like this they should either back them up or not make the assertion in the first place.

      1. The way-ay-ting is the hardest part.

    3. Yeah, I’m getting pretty damn sick of the “Trump is sexist/racist/bigot” angle that some of the writers here seem to need to constantly put in their articles. As people who claim to be libertarians, there are plenty of real, solid things to take issue with Trump over. So why the constant need to promote the bullshit nonsense “reasons” the left says about EVERY FUCKING REPUBLICAN!? He even says in the article that this stupid cunt would say that about whichever Republican got the nomination. So why even talk about it other than to say what a disingenuous sack of shit she is?

  19. Hmm. Okay, last week it sort of made sense that Reason was anti-Trump 24/7, but this week? There’s nothing to say about a party that just nominated a serial criminal who can’t be trusted with classified information to the presidency? Okay, I think I saw a Nick Gillespie article on how bad Clinton was, but Soave can’t dedicate an article to the sad phenomenon of celebrities pledging their political faith to a crook without the obligatory “but Trump is worse”?

    There are other libertarian websites, right? Gotta remember to remove this one from my bookmarks.

    1. There’s always, where you can read informative pieces like “Is Angela Merkel in the Illuminati? After the Devil worship at the Swiss tunnel opening, who knows?”

      1. That ceremony was freaking bizarre wasn’t it? Hopefully whoever gave it the green light has been shitcanned.

        1. the Devil worship at the Swiss tunnel opening

          Wait, wut?

          1. Any non-Christian ceremony is devil worship, you heathen.

            1. I can’t stop laughing.

            2. WTF.

              And think about this: productions like that have dress-rehearsals.

            3. Couldn’t they have just let a large truck drive in and back out a few times? Maybe with some fireworks at the end.

            4. Holy shit, that looks like a parody. Couldn’t they just cut a ribbon and have a marching band like normal people?

      2. That actually sounds entertaining.

  20. Every goddamn time I hear from some two-bit media dealer, who grew up wealthy and parlayed it into scolding others about their shortcomings, using their soapboxes to complain about Trump’s deficiencies, I’m that much closer to coming around.

    1. I therefore predict that by October, you’ll be a Trump block captain.

      1. Untersturmf?hrer

  21. “Donald Trump’s not making America great again,” said Ferrera. “He’s make America hate again.”

    Hey! That’s *Cthulhu’s* line, plagiarist!

    1. Meanwhile, Obama has spent eight years turning race relations back four decades.

    2. I wonder how many DNC speech writers it took to come up with that brilliant rhyme?

      1. Ten – one to think of it, nine to high-five the one who thought of it, then high-five each other for being so awesome.

      2. Depends on how many of them are Polacks.

    3. Cthulhu does not hate. Do you hate fungus gnats?

      1. ^^^this^^^

  22. Why is Trump so goddamn awful? Was it because he was quoted as saying without large boobs, a woman would have a hard time being rated a ten? What kind of PC rag is Reason becoming? Is Reason going to come out against construction workers whistling at pretty girls next?
    The only thing that galls me more is the continuing slander on this site against Putin. A couple of days ago they once again said his take back of the Crimea was awful, and for heaven’s sake, he is getting friendly with Hungary too! Meanwhile, our allies in Poland have arrested the opposition party leader, and Turkey is arresting thousands, and Russia has all of 3 confirmed journalists in jail! Estonia denies citizenship to Russian ethnics unless they moved there before 1940. Can anyone on this rag stop pushing Victoria Nuland’s world view while pretending to be libertarian on foreign policy?

    1. I know the Chinese give 50 cents for every pro-China comment, what are the Russians paying you?

      1. In Russia, spam reports you!

  23. My point is this:

    Oh, whew! Thought we’d never get there.

    Now that that’s out of the way, maybe start talking about what Libertarians can do, and not focus so much on just the two main parties…?

    1. Wow, I am eating a chicken Caesar salad, and then I read a post by Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.

      It’s like when you’re thinking about a plate of shrimp, and somebody says “shrimp ” or “plate of shrimp “.

  24. Everyone is still waiting for an example of Trump’s vile sexism.

    Anything? Anything at all?

    And it’s hilarious how many millions are looking at those 2 women and laughing and feeling, “Fuck you, everyones tired of your shit at this point, don’t you fucking get it?”

    1. Does Robby ever notice that a good number of the AM and PM links comments are links to the Daily Mail? This is not exactly the crowd to pull the “he objectifies women” card with.

  25. am i the only one that thinks that both parties do a horrible job criticizing one another? what i mean is that there’s so much room, especially in this election, for effective and legitimate criticism, but all i usually hear are lines that are funnier, etc. only if you’re already a team member. i guess it boils down to the fact that if they didn’t do a poll, they wouldn’t know what actual human beings think if their life depended on it.

    the best example of that may be the little girl that spoke at the dnc whose parents were illegals.

    1. They’re kind of like a one hit wonder band stuck working the state fair circuit. Nobody wants to hear stuff off of their new album. Nobody wants to hear “Let high school kids shower in whatever locker room they want”, play “Racism”.

    2. It’s because Kultur war plays better than issues that actually matter.

  26. The criticism of Trump that bugs me most is that he wants to stifle free speech. By far the biggest danger to liberty is the “hate speech”
    legislation being pushed by SJWs. Much of Europe is already under the boot of this clear violation of a basic human right.

    1. Not to mention “campaign finance reform” i.e. overturning Citizens United. The anti-free speech charge against Trump is based on what? Wanting to shut down Muslim terrorists, and changing libel laws? I won’t say he’s right on either of those, but compared to the SJW left, that is indeed small potatoes.

  27. I’m going to have to pile on here.

    This article is just retarded.

    And I don’t even like Donald Trump.

    The guy’s company has more female than male executives. The women make, on average, more than the men.

    And he’s a sexist?!?!

    He says mean things about women he’s running against. What, are we supposed to believe that women are such delicate flowers that they can’t take the rough and tumble of politics? Maybe they should stay home and bake cookies.

    He uses salty language? Hell, I’ve known men and women who use saltier in talking about the opposite sex. And still treat them as peers and equals. By the standard this imbecilic argument is holding out, we should believe that SugarFree is the worst, most misogynistic bastard ever to befoul the internet.

    God Damn You, Robbie, for making me defend Donald Trump.

    1. Well said. And for some reason people seem to forget that Trump is a New Yorker. They often really do talk is a rather blunt and offensive way. But please, let’s not go along with the SJW bullshit that all offensiveness is a horrible “ism” or “phobia.”

      1. Well said. And for some reason people seem to forget that Trump is a New Yorker. They often really do talk is a rather blunt and offensive way.

        What? The language of New Yorkers isn’t the epitome of gentility and grace? What the fuck are you talkin’ about? Get the fuck out of here, you fuckin’ stunad! 😉

        1. (Paraphrased bit from The Critic)

          Newsman: “Scientists have discovered the gene that makes New Yorkers irritable and rude.”

          *Cuts to lab*

          Scientist: “Whadda doin’ here? Get out before I fuckin’ stomp ya!”

          Newsman: “I’ll stomp ya, you little fuckin’ punk.”

        2. I’m walkin’ heah!

      2. Agreed. Maybe Trump should add “*juvenile bluster” at the end of his tweets.

        1. Unlike here where the “*juvenile bluster” is implied by default.

      3. They often really do talk is a rather blunt and offensive way.

        I don’t know where you might have gotten this impression

        i personally try to be deeply-offensive in an elegant, biting, acidic-wit-sort of way.

        1. That’s the Algonquin Round Table strain of New York. I approve.

    2. Also he has multiple children and the only one he wants to have sex with is his daughter. Clearly he likes women.

      1. He’s such a heteronormativist.

    3. we should believe that SugarFree is the worst, most misogynistic bastard ever to befoul the internet.

      [smiles sheepishly]

  28. Lena Dunham, Sushi Justice Warrior, Is Right About Trump’s Sexism

    Now i understand the connection

    1. Robby would be ‘Fruit Sushi Justice Warrior’.
      ENB for the win!

  29. Also:

    My point is this: Dunham was always going to stand at the DNC podium and call the Republican Party’s presidential candidate a rampant sexist.

    Then why should they care? Remember how Mitt Romney was cast as a rampant sexist? Mitt Romney?

    The fact is that the media is going to go along with the characterization of any Republican as a racist and a sexist. So, nominating a racist and a sexist (not that the case has been made that DT is at least the latter) really doesn’t have a shred of cost to it.

    1. Good point.

      One of the many things robby might have noted if he wasn’t so busy echoing the bullshit consensus.

      The fact Trump’s sneering remarks to carly or meg kelly have so little impact with the voting public is exactly because the accusation of ‘sexism’ is so threadworn and over-used to the point of absurdity. Why bother trying to be politically correct if you’re going to be called a vile-sexist-racist-something-phobe no matter what you do?

      1. It’s just like you’re going to be kicked off campus no matter what you do, so you might as well have a toga party.

        1. EXACTLY! Trump is the Animal House candidate. He’s Bluto smashing the folk singer’s guitar. Just as Brexit is the most punk thing to have happened in years in the UK: Trump is the punk rock candidate. He’s the Ramones, and Hillary is Tracy Flick.

          1. Stephen Bishop fans triggered!

    2. Democrats have, in general, failed to understand the story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf.

      And now the wolves are hungry.

      1. Exactly. I’ve made the point to friends before. We’ve pretty much arrived at the point where if the GOP leadership had a choice between two candidates – an otherwise stronger candidate who was a rabid racist and sexis and an otherwise weaker candidate who was not – their rational self-interest would favor the rabid racist and sexist. Whoever they pick will be branded as such. So, in practical terms, actually being one has no political cost.

  30. Much as I can’t stand Trump, I’m starting to get sick of hearing him being accused of things he is not. How is he sexist? How is he racist? (Mexican is a nationality and Islam is a religion and neither one is a race.)

    My main issue with Trump is that he is an authoritarian and he hates free trade. Those are also attributes shared by Hillary, and even Bernie for that matter.

    Hillary is even worse than the other two by virture of being more of a war-monger and a confirmed criminal.

    I’m just not buying this bullshit of Trump as a racist, or sexist, or homophobe. Even Ted Cruz, another vile authoritarian, accused Trump of having “New York values,” which was understood to mean left-leaning viewpoints.

    1. I’m willing to be generous and assume that ‘racism’ includes prejudice against ethnic groups (by which I suppose someone who hated Danes could also then be categorized as racist) and Trump may be fairly called racist against Mexicans.

      Otherwise, when it comes to sexism, he’s just vulgar. Ironically, if this were a female candidate who got caught talking about men’s dick sizes or physical attractiveness or whatever (I think something like that happened a couple years ago actually though I forget the details) feminists would be celebrating it as empowering and celebrating feminine sexuality.

      Well, here we are. Men are attracted to attractive women, and not to unattractive ones. Indeed, with the exception a few related ones, they generally want to screw attractive women. That’s biology, not misogyny. Sometimes they state these facts rather crudely. That’s about all. I loathe Trump, but this ‘misogyny’ nonsense just shows a lack of understanding of what ‘hatred’ actually is among SJWs.

  31. Trump is a sexist because he says that ugly chicks are ugly…the horror!

    1. What you do to Rosie O’Donnell, you do to all women!

  32. Ya know, Jacob about convinced me my gripe about Reason drifting in to the DemOp herd was paranoid confirmation bias, but then I read this. . . .

  33. Soave Justice Warriors always double down.

  34. Bill’s Reality Distortion Field is on full blast tonight.

  35. a two?

    the man doesn’t drink. what the hell is she talking about?

  36. Too much Trump apologia to count here on a libertarian website. How many examples of Trump’s sexism do you want? The only thing commenters have going for them is tu quoque– and this about Clinton’s husband. This is the brave and principled argument of the Gary Johnson crowd? What a fucking joke!

    1. Nice to see that the so-called socialist settling nicely into his role shilling for the corporatist bitch, you fucking joke.

    2. AmSoc, go back to your corner, you’re still grounded for the whole ‘I miss mass murdering Muslims with forced labour’ incident.

    3. Oh, hi there.

      How ya doing, racist?

      1. Hi. It’s getting a little obvious that you are in love with me. Don’t worry… I’m a libertarian so I don’t judge.

        Can you tell me in 140 characters or less how Trump is going to make America great again?

        1. So you’re a racist too?


        2. Hmmmm.

          Trump presidency: it’s probably better than full-blown socialism, which still sucks no matter how much Trump does, too.


          How’s that?

          1. It sucks: An example of right-wingers conflating HRC with real socialism. If only. That’s why you all shouldn’t be trusted with any political power.

            You’re better off using 40 year old accusations from Juanita broaderrick about HRC’s husband.

            1. I’m not saying that HRC is socialism, silly.

              I’m just pointing out how much socialism sucks. Period.

              HRC’s probably better than full-blown socialism, too.

              I mean, Bernie Sanders is great, and it’s real awesome how you guys brought so much energy and life to the democrat party. But, now it’s time to sit down and shut up. The queen’s been crowned, and you commie atheist jewboys smell funny, apparently.

              Put the “SOCIALIZM NOW!” signs down, take a shower, and pick up your H-arrow sign. Unity, brother. Unity.

    4. Clinton’s husband, who is still a massive presence in the Democratic Party, giving a convention speech this same fucking night? You’re right, where would anyone ever get the idea that guy is relevant?

    5. Forget it. The sexism, homophobia, racism shtick has been so overused for so long that it has lost all meaning to anybody but SJW nutters like yourself. Sane people are starting to laugh at it; give it a rest.

      1. Well, if Bill Clinton does it, and you know he has to be a nice guy….

        Then boys will be boys, right? Can’t hold that against a guy, now, can we?

      2. That’s the only way to address it. Especially since they can never form an argument to defend their position.

    6. You’re absolutely right – these people should follow Mao’s example and only sleep with pubescent girls and leave the grown women alone.

    7. Wow, you are obviously a bigot.

    8. Well, one example would be nice. So far all you’ve got is lewd remarks about particular women being ugly. By that standard Lena Dunham hates both women and men a lot more than Trump hates either.

      Does Trump hate Mexicans? Likely. Does he hate women? Doubtful. If you want to accuse OJ of murder, fine, if you accuse him of rape, I’d feel obligated to correct you. Of course, socialists have a habit of making up crimes when they’re accusing people so I can’t hold you to a high standard now can I.

  37. In which H&R loses all of its dignity to stick it to those gaddamn cosmos. How dare they point out a guy who called Fiorina ugly and implied Megan Kelly was having her period is sexist! HOW. DARE. THEY.

    1. I would think they could handle pointing out the hypocrisy of a party that celebrates men who actually assaulted women losing their shit over a guy who says mean things about women, but then we’re talking about Weigel Jr here.

    2. How is commenting on physical appearance sexist?

      Men can’t be ugly?

      1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that if you check any of the Rob Ford or Chris Christie threads around here you can more than a few jokes about their appearance.

        1. And Trump’s.

          His short, vulgar fingers and the weird mold he carries around on his head are not exactly uncommon topics here.

          1. Fair enough, we do tend to joke about his obviously fake toupee, and his spray on tan around here.

  38. Isn’t Dunham a child molester?

  39. This has to be the biggest “Dog bites man” story I’ve ever seen,

  40. I asked my (Japanese) what she thought about the horrors of cafeteria-sushi cultural appropriation.

    It took several minutes to convince her that I wasn’t just fucking with her, after which her only comment was “that’s stupid.”

    1. “Your” Japanese?

      God, sex trafficking everywhere.

      What? You have some collection of Asians at home? Did she complete your set?

      You’re all animals. ANIMALS!

      1. What? You have some collection of Asians at home?

        See, this is why I was for Bernie — he was gonna make we’d all be given an equal allotment of asians. But it’s all wrecked now.

        1. Nobody needs 10+ different kinds of Asians.

          1. Bernie’s fellow traveler Pol Pot agrees.

          2. They do if you want to collect them all.

      2. “Wife” would have been cultural appropriation, so the squirrels censored it!

  41. Wow, I expect BS like “Trump is sexist” from the ignorant SJWs on my Facebook who get their news from memes and comedy shows. I can’t tell is the writer is just joking but it doesn’t sound like it. Reason should get out of the gutter.

    And this was written by a man too? It sounds like feminist jibberish.

    I, along with every woman in my family, are voting for Trump. And none of see anything “vile” he’s done.

    I hope next I see an article about how Hillary is a racist, because there’s actually proof for that.

    1. I love this quote. It’s from Mahatma Gandhi. He ran a gas station down in St. Louis for a couple of years. Mr. Gandhi, do you still go to the gas station? A lot of wisdom comes out of that gas station.

      Gotta love the quick switcheroo.

      “As if millions of speechwriters suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced.”

  42. To be fair, Trump is an equal opportunity hater. He’s made penis references on his primary opponents.

    In some ways, Donald Trump is the most transparent candidate that I’ve ever seen. He never stopped being this outrageous NY millionaire who just sort of says whatever’s on his mind. He’s a celebrity, and public will tolerate (or even expect) a certain level of “larger than life” personality from him. Reality shows are ripe with “mean” judges who confront delusional contestants. Donald Trump starred in an TV series in which he flippantly told people that they were fired.

    It’s either all an act, or Trump is just being his celebrity self. If you’re sexist because you make sexist jokes, then half of Hollywood is way worse than Trump. Ron Paul managed a racist newsletter (and famously refused to return donations by racists) and made some unflattering remarks about Israel, but I don’t think he was truly a bigot. Trump was a progressive most of life and was pro choice forever, so…… sexist for making crude jokes?

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    1. You’re fired!

  44. It’s not that I disagree with the assessment that Trump would be a terrible, anti-liberty president. My objection is two-fold:

    1) It does not logically follow from “Don’t vote for Trump” that one should vote for Hillary. They are both terrible, sometimes in different ways, sometimes in the same way. Each candidate’s strongest argument seems to be “Hey, at least I’m not the other guy!”

    2) Hillary supporters’ concerns about the horrors of a Trump presidency would be a lot more credible if they didn’t keep their mouths shut while Obama spent the past eight years doing exactly what they are afraid Trump might do. This is just Red Team vs. Blue Team bullshit. Their problem isn’t authoritarianism; they are just afraid of authoritarians who don’t like them.

  45. And I should care about whether Trump is a sexist… why?

    I mean if “Honey, get down on your knees and give me a blowjob” was OK for Clinton, is “Honey, go into the kitchen and make me a sandwich” so much worse?

    As for America Ferrera, she’s the American child of legal immigrants from Honduras, not an illegal immigrant from Mexico; she speaks English without an accent and doesn’t even speak Spanish.

    Lena Dunham and America Ferrera are typical of the Democratic party: privileged, spoiled self-righteous racists and sexists who wallow in imaginary victimhood. That’s far more offensive than anything Trump has said.

  46. “I’m Lena Dunham, and according to Donald Trump, my body is probably like a two,”

    The poor little dear.

    “I’m America Ferrera, and according to Donald Trump, I’m probably a rapist,”

    So she’s falsely claiming to be an illegal alien from Mexico?

    According to feminists supporting Clintoon, most or many men are probably rapists, e.g. “outcry over campus sexual assault”.

    My point is

    …that you’re a classic SJW.

  47. Fruit Sushi, you are fired. Wait a minute, that head of hair is fabulous! It’s almost hypnotic…ok you get a raise! *struts away clucking like a chicken

  48. Dunham is a moronic skank and a total whore. By whore of course I mean promiscuous slut and publicity prostitute.

    Is that sexist?

  49. This is so pathetic.

    Donald Trump is running on the ‘I’m a giant orange asshole’ ticket. He’s saying .I’m a pompous fuck, vote for me and I won’t kowtow to the PC shitheads who are destroying everything they get near. Vote for me and I guarantee that you will not get the status quo. Vote for me and we’ll show these fuckers that Americans are not gonna take it anymore’

    Policy? Who knows? plans? it’s possible, I suppose.

    He’s a freak. Maybe, to zero out the tare, a freak is what we need.

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