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Bernie or Bust Delegates Storm the DNC Media Center

Several hundred disgruntled Bernie Sanders delegates walk off convention floor and into media tent following Hillary Clinton's nomination.


Bernie or Bust Delegates
Reason/Anthony L. Fisher

The long-rumored protest by disgruntled Bernie Sanders delegates has appeared to have materialized on Day 2 of the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia. 

Following the DNC's official nomination of Hillary Clinton for president, the jam-packed crowd in Wells Fargo Arena started to filter out. One could have reasonably assumed they wanted to avoid hearing a dull, rote speech by long-time Clinton surrogate Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, but among the many convention attendees filtering out to use the restroom or wait in interminable lines for greasy sports arena food were several hundred Sanders delegates intent on making their anger known. 

Those Bernie of Bust delegates headed out of the arena and toward the media tent staged outside. About a hundred of them made it into the media center, while another two hundred held court outside the tent, arguing with Hillary Clinton supporters, talking to reporters, and holding up protest signs in support of Black Lives Matter, in opposition to the TPP, and in anger with the DNC. Some hugged and cried, others gave angry speeches for the media's benefit, others argued with each other over the wisdom of defying the endorsement of their preferred candidate. 

One delegate told Reason the walkout had been discussed "since the early hours of the morning," while another insisted it was a spontaneous action. 

Iowa delegate Chris Larson pressed an American flag against a window at the media tent and told Reason he was "sick and tired of participating in a corrupt political party in a corrupt system." Larson says "this whole thing is a four-day Hillary Clinton commercial. We're not debating platforms, we're not debating rules, we're supposed to sit on our chairs and we don't want to do it anymore." Larson says he has no plans to return to the convention floor, but will continue to protest on the grounds of the DNC, which as a delegate he has a right to be on.

Bernie or Bust Part Deux
Anthony L. Fisher

An Oregon delegate claimed "we were bullied, we were suppressed" during yesterday's "absurd" proceedings, which culminated in Bernie Sanders' pleading with his supporters to vote for Clinton in the general election. This delegate claimed that he and other Sanders supporters were told their homemade Bernie Sanders signs were forbidden from the convention floor, but that Hillary Clinton delegates from Oregon had been handed out homemade signs from DNC volunteers. 

John Geremiah of Nevada told Reason he's been a Democrat for 45 years and has "never seen such a corrupt election." He added that he wouldn't vote for Clinton any more than he'd vote for Donald Trump, it was simply out of the question, but that he'd consider voting for Jill Stein who he said "would embarrass both of them."

The occupation of the media tent lasted about an hour and a substantial crowd remains outside in the walkway between the arena and the media tent at the time this post was published. 

Bernie Bustin'
Reason/Anthony L. Fisher

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  1. A vote for Jill Stein is a vote for Hitlery!

    TRUMP is their best and only option to stop that corrupt criminal crone.

    1. I thought a vote for Jill Stein was a vote for Tritler.

      Damn, doing democracy is hard. I don’t want to be the vote that brings Tritler to power.

    2. That’s not how voting works.

    1. Brilliant!

  2. Europeans get to feel like Jews shouldering splattered realities in the desert and Democrats get to feel like goddamn Republicans shouldering angst roiling from rivers of unnerved throngs.

    Existential consolidation hosts monumental lessons that are guaranteed to be fucking ignored.

    1. And greens berate themselves for setting the crisper vent settings wrong: Lo the kalemageddon!

  3. “Some hugged and cried…”

    What kind of a pathetic loser invests so much emotion in a goddam politician? I get that politics is sports for people who don’t like sports, but come on.

    I’m a huge Buckeyes fan, Lakers, Raiders fan. I am happy when those teams win. When they lose, I’m also pretty happy; BECAUSE IT’S JUST A GODDAM SPORTS TEAM PLAYING A STUPID FUCKING GAME.

    Get a life you morans!!

    1. Worst of all, they didn’t learn anything! Their demented old socialist hero sold out, but yet none of their hissy fits are directed at *him*.

      1. That’s what I find hilarious. He is practically kneeling before Hillary and kissing her feet, and they seem pretty mum about it. Watch, they will come up with some explanation for his weakspine once their little hissy fit wears down, most likely claim that he graciously stepped down because Hillary will challenge Trump. In the mean time, sit back and watch the show.

    2. “What kind of a pathetic loser invests so much emotion in a goddam politician? I get that politics is sports for people who don’t like sports, but come on.”

      Hey, he represented the only way those twits were gonna get to bail on the $100K they owe for the Native Dance degree.

    3. They just found out that their party, who they thought was working to solve all their problems and take care of them, actually only cares about power at their expense… give them a break.

    4. Some of the super Bernie supporters apparently took out mortgages to donate to his campaign. I imagine they’d be the type to be crying at the conventions.

      1. That’s right up their with the idiots who donated their savings to that Harold Camping’s Rapture-prediction failure, or cashed out and splurged before the 2012 end of the world. How soon until they beg for campaign donation forgiveness?

      2. Illocust|7.26.16 @ 9:42PM|#
        “Some of the super Bernie supporters apparently took out mortgages to donate to his campaign”

        So commie-kid is gonna burn another lender?

    5. People looking for a messiah.

      This is worse than when they killed Jesus.


      IMPOSTER !!!!!

    2. (snicker)

  4. The more people who get disillusioned with politicians, and government. The better off this country will be I say. =D

  5. Seems to me that now would be a good time to build that wall. Around Philly. Then fill it with water. Nations collective IQ would go up a few points.

    1. Hell extend it to DC

      1. Build a single wall around Hillary, just make it a few hundred feet high.

        1. You know that bitch can fly right? Need a house to drop on her. Maybe Ivanka can steal her ruby slippers and come to my house wearing them and nothing else.

  6. So the party unity narrative of yesterday got busted up again? Wonder how the Dem supporters are going to spin this to make it look like less of a clownshow.

    1. They weren’t Berniebots, they were Russian operatives planted to disrupt the convention?

      1. Well, they were commies, weren’t they?

    2. Wonder how the Dem supporters are going to spin this to make it look like less of a clownshow.

      Perhaps they can try to divert attention to their team’s opponent, Trump.

      Perhaps Trump himself will divert their attention to his idiomatic clown show.

      I can see both happening simultaneously, Illocust.

    3. “…Wonder how the Dem supporters are going to spin this to make it look like less of a clownshow….”

      The GOP made ’em do it.

    4. They can point out that Bernie bent the knee, which is really all that matters.

  7. Okay this one is for all you Bernie Sanders supporters out there. I kinda feel sorry for you all after that scurvy ridden, lousy, syphilitic bastard sold you all out to the Crown. =D

    1. What about It’s Her Turn don’t they get??

      1. Yeah! What are they, misogynistic?


  8. I can’t watch more than a couple of minutes of any crowd acting even semi-spontaneously anymore. The ratio of any kind of protester to people filming the protesters is now like 25 to 1.
    People argue or debate or do anything else in a crowd and they are surrounded by hundreds of phone cameras pushing into every available space. Its unwatchable.

  9. These people are really going to be disappointed when they twist Bernie’s whithered old arm enough to get him to directly disavow them. Better put some suicide counselors on standby.

  10. Did the Russians cause this, too? Of all the memes and talking points partisans have tried to advance, that one has kept me laughing all day. It’s a level of derp so spectacularly epic that DerpBook was likely teetering on the brink of collapse.

    1. If it was the Russians did this they did everyone a favor. The messenger doesn’t invalidate the message.

      1. I know; it’s just been amusing to the extreme to watch these folks pretend that the leaked emails are the work of Igor and Svetlana.

    2. The Russians aren’t responsible — Julian Assange is. Always been a good friend of the Republicans, he has.

      1. which of those emails did Assange write?

        1. None — the point was: someone who can swallow this “it’s the Russians” misdirection hasn’t given it much thought, beyond trying to deflect the issue until it blows over. And really, they have an identifiable reason for wanting to do that, however subconsciously, in that they know they would likely regret, at some point, having denounced wikileaks — say, were Trump to be elected.

  11. he’d consider voting for Jill Stein who he said “would embarrass both of them.”

    In how many states where the Green Party is named on the ballot will Jill Stein “embarrass both of them”?

    (The answer is between 0 and 21, heavily weighted toward 0.)

  12. Just heard on the TeeVee;

    “Bernie is exhausted. He is an old man who is tired. He wants to go home and go to bed.” – Donald Trump

    I laughed heartily.

    1. if nothing else, the theater that has been Trump has been entertaining. I still maintain that while reasons to oppose him are easy to state, reasons for supporting Hills are impossible to produce.

      1. reasons for supporting Hills are impossible to produce.

        The DNC is offering up more reasons than Bill, uh, than *you* can shake a stick at!

        1. reasons like carelessness, bad judgment, and easily confused?

        2. Their primary reason seems to be “people were mean to her”.

    2. That is a gem.

      1. Yeah but not a great way to win over Bernie supporters, or even discourage them.

        1. Yeah, that’s true.

          I’m not sure he’s going to get hardcore Bernie supporters.

          Maybe swing voters who sympathized with Bernie.

          You’re right, though. He probably shouldn’t have said it.

          1. I wonder if he thinks he has some other strategy, or if he doesn’t care, or just can’t help himself.

            But several of us have pointed out that there was a fair bit of overlap between Trump and Sanders on policy, and even in tone, if not in targets. You’re right that he isn’t going to get the committed socialists, but he really should be making overtures to the less ideological Sanders supporters.

          2. Bernie supporters were never going to vote Trump.

  13. Now that Obama is on his way out the door, there’s no way Hillary can hold the Democratic Party together.

    That’s the problem with an unprincipled cult of personality. Once the personality is gone, you got bupkis.

    It was a unified party when disagreeing with Obama meant you were a racist, but those days are over.

    Her lipstick is smeared. She’s oinking. The Democratic pig is out of her dress, and she ain’t no Miss America.

    Now the Democratic Party is LGBT, militant environmentalists, SJWs, and BLM–all led by a crook, trying to figure out how to sell their nasty shit to the masses.

    LO freakin’ L

    1. Next up, disagreeing with Hillary means you are a “sexist.” It remains to be seen if that will be as effective as “racist.”

      1. Doesn’t have the same sting or feel at all.

      2. You can only play the guilt card once. After that the Law of Diminishing Returns kicks in. =D

    2. And they’re still on track to win 2016.

      The Dems have a perfect boogy man, and a lock on new demographics-millenials, blacks, hispanics-to keep them in power.

  14. There are still two more days of this thing, right? It was already ridiculous to see a bunch of Democrats last night insist that, no, it was the GOP convention that was a real shit show! This is nothing like that and never would be!

    I’ve been giving Bernie fans a hard time, but if you guys can organize some interruption for Clinton’s acceptance speech, it may well be the best moment of 2016.

  15. Berniebots realize that there is a problem. But they don’t know what it is, and even less what to do about it.

    Liberty is not gained by a stronger/bigger state, it is lost.

    Here’s a couple of guys who know what libertarianism is about, but oh my, they may have done some drugs or something, and that’s all that counts.

    Let Life Live

    1. That guy holding up the “rigged” sign.

      That’s what Trump told America was going to happen to the Bernie supporters.

    2. “Berniebots realize that there is a problem. But they don’t know what it is, and even less what to do about it.”

      There’s something happening here, but what it is isn’t exactly clear

    3. Logic and reason can easily be deterred with a popular scapegoat and the promise of free shit. As for liberty, the leftists appear to have no problems with liberty in the form of gov. issued permission slips so long as the two aforementioned conditions are met.

  16. iowahawk:

    Inside: Nickelodeon Kid’s Choice Awards
    Outside: Fall of Saigon

    1. Dude, you’re summoning Crusty…

      1. Of course, it is easy to argue that “equality of opportunity” is incoherent and impossible, but not when you’re also arguing for the coherency and legitimacy of “equality of outcomes.” I especially like the claim of a totalitarian society to ensure equality of opportunity; what the fuck does he think a real attempt at equality of outcomes would require?

        Though, sure, we’re not that literal about “equality of outcomes.” Only “equality of opportunity,” that one we take very literally.

    2. Well Vox just got exactly what they wanted. An inequality of opportunity, and it did not work out exactly as they wanted. =D

  17. I can’t find it, but apparently some political science professor wrote a really condescending pro-Hillary, anti-Sanders “it’s her turn” article which is pissing off a Sanders supporter I know – who had previously been in the “oh, well, might as well vote for Hillary” camp, but now, who knows…

  18. I bet Tony’s think-bone is about to overheat right about now.

    I wonder if he’s ever had to think for himself about politics before.

    Does he hate the Bernie people?

    Does he blame Russia?

    Does he blame libertarians for reading emails from Russia?

    But who to follow?

    I guess he’ll just wait for Obama to tell him what to think.

    1. I imagine his answers something like:

      Only the fake Bernie pod people the evil Monsanto created.



      Anyone but himself.

    1. Holy shit that was funny. I NEED more of that show.


  19. Is it me or does Bill Clinton look like Odo from DS9 ??? =D

  20. You have to admit: the democrat establishment taking heads have sure sent these people a mixed message:

    “Bernie may have lost the nomination, but he won the future! Look at the popular, common man, grass roots excitement in our democrat party, of which nothing can compare on the GOP side! Now, you all sit down and shit the fuck up or get out; you commie Jew atheists look funny.”

  21. Spoiler alert: they’re almost to a man going to fall in line with Hillary. She got the old commie’s ring-kiss and that’s all that matters.

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