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Anti-Drug War Philly DNC Protesters March Giant Joint

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Ed Krayewski

A small group of protesters with the No More Drug War Coalition separately marched two giant inflatable joints in Philadelphia in a hundred degree heat on the first day of the Democratic convention, calling on presumptive Democratic nominee to deschedule marijuana.

The inflatable jawn that was marched near CIty Hall  was 51-feet long, in support of statehood for D.C., where it wass created by Cesar, an artist, and was inflated by a $120 leafblower from Home Depot. The other giant joint was held up by fans that required batteries and carts to hold the batteries.

JoMo, who orchestrated the march, said he wanted something more mobile when he and other activists from New York City, where he lives, refurbished the giant joint to put back in use, and decided to power it with a leafblower. He say the demonstrators who helped carry the giant joint came entirely from volunteers in the general vicinity.

Ed Krayewski

JoMo said Philly's approach to marijuana, which has more or less been decriminalized in small amounts, was "a century ahead of Manhattan, and that's sad because we have real reasons to be paranoid, and it is so stupid."

He says the giant joint will eventually return to D.C., when they get around to it.

Although in November Bernie Sanders became the first major party presidential candidate to endorse legalizing marijuana at the federal level, it did not become much of an issue in the Democratic primary. Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson and presumptive Green presidential nominee Jill Stein both support legalizing marijuana.

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  1. RE: Anti-Drug War Philly DNC Protesters March Giant Joint

    Is this what they call a joint resolution?

  2. Ripping off Dave Barry stories now, Ed?

    This guy’s crotch has a message … and it’s not what you think

    I spoke with the leaf-blower guy, whose name is Jonathan Morpurgo, a.k.a. JoMo. He agreed that there was a strong Freudian element to the leaf-blower setup. He told me he was born on a kibbutz in Israel, where his father ran a crocodile farm. (I am not making any of this up. And no, I did not smoke any marijuana.)

    JoMo and I shared a heartwarming moment: He told me that when he moved to the United States as a child, his teachers taught him English by having him read some of my writing.

    1. And they taught the guy English using Dave Barry columns, but he says he liked Garrison Keillor better.

      What on *earth* was Mr. Morpurgo smoking>

  3. I feel like a lot of Bernie supporters only care about a few things. The Drug War is one of them. They know nothing about economics and could honestly care less about socialism, because they don’t even know what it is. That is why I feel Johnson can win them over. At least the idiot millennial ones. The only arguments I’m seeing among my Dem friends against voting for Gary Johnson is that it will give the presidency to Trump. Nobody is complaining about Gary’s economic views.

    1. Socialists and libertarians, what’s the difference really? We just want to get high, man.

    2. The Bernie people I know are full-blown proggies. Free shit for all. Business bad. $15 minimum wage. Repeal Citizens United….etc, etc, etc, Of course econ is not their strong suit,

      1. Arguing about it with my GF last night. Specifically re birth control insurance mandates and Chick Filette. Burger one of us currently has health insurance through work, and I told her that if somebody paid for my insurance for me, I shouldn’t bitch because there is something not covered, I should be grateful for what they are paying for. She started off on some bullshit about the patriarchy and Viagra being covered.
        Are which point I pulled out my phone and started reading H&R.

        1. My plan doesn’t cover Viagra.

          1. Not to criticize anyone’s girlfriend or anything, but consider the logical implications of a woman saying that Viagra is a patriarchal device which only benefits men…

            1. Good point. More evidence that they are all a bunch of frigid old bitties.

        2. Ask her if fertility is a disease in her mind, or just a disorder.

        3. Burger one of us currently has health insurance through work

          Mmmm. Burger.

        4. DJ, I feelz ya pain, with a proggy for a GF.

          My first wife went pretty proggy in grad school. Now that I think about it, right before the divorce. Huh.

    3. They know that socialism = free stuff, and that the free stuff will be gotten by taxing the rich.

  4. Anti-Drug War Philly DNC Protesters March Giant Joint

    This is Philly, don’t you mean “Jawnt”?

    1. I am originally from the Philly area and never heard anyone say “jawnt”. Wooder, yes…jawnt, no.

      1. Check out this old head over here that doesn’t know how to use “jawn” to refer to literally every thing under the sun.

  5. calling on presumptive Democratic nominee to deschedule marijuana.

    Right after she signs off on the plan to let the Fed impose wage* controls on banks and hedge funds.

    *price controls are already in effect.

    1. Shouldn’t they be calling on the current WH resident to do that???

  6. Make a donation to the Foundation and maybe she’ll think about it.

  7. He says the giant joint will eventually return to D.C., when they get around to it.

    Spoken like a true stoner.

  8. two giant inflatable jobs

    Just what those stoners really want. A jobs program.

  9. Looks like a condom, really.

  10. Sure, she’ll reschedule Marijuana, right after you donate $1.4M to the Clinton Foundation and hire bill to give a speech for $700,000, otherwise, go fuck yourselves.

  11. Also “grassroots issues” – I see what you did there.

  12. ” Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson and presumptive Green presidential nominee Jill Stein both support legalizing marijuana.”

    Well, let’s see what Constitution Party nominee Darrell Castle has to say:

    “I view the drug war as a total failure and would stop it immediately. The United States certainly has a right to determine what crosses its borders but in general drug policy should be on the state level. I personally favor decriminalization of drugs.”

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